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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  December 14, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EST

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hello again. it is 6:00.
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it is extremely cold outside this morning. there has been a fatal fire in the last couple of hours in baltimore city. the scene is also affecting traffic. let's take a look at first warning doppler radar. we're still in this strong lake-effect flow. steady winds with a gust at 30 and a 7-degree wind chill. on the northwest flow we're seeing a little bit of moisture. take a look at the day part. we're going to be in the low 20s. morning and evening, going to a high of 31. 7-degree wind chill. by lunch more like the mid to upper teens, maybe. this evening the winds are still not going to have abated, so we could, after dinner, be looking at wind chills from 10 to 14
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degrees. wow. watch, warning and advisory graphic shows lake effect snows in garrett and allegany county. frederick has a winter weather advisory in effect. take it away, pal. >> thank you. what else, other than the fire, causing problems? that fire in the city is going to be the biggest issue news wise and traffic wise at this time. it is on homewood avenue. it is blocking all lanes. it's a two-alarm fire with two adjoining houses between st. anne's and cokesbury. your alternate will be loch raven. watch for wind warnings on the east side of the beltway. taking a live look outside, na is the west -- that is the with
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the side. no issues at joppa road. remember, wjz 13 is always on. so for traffic information, log on to there is a school advisory to tell you b frederick county public schools are operating two hours late. breaking news right now, it is being reported five people have been killed in a house fire that sharon mentioned it. is a two-alarm fire fire near cokesbury avenue. two houses have caught fire and five fatalities are being reported at this hour. we have a crew working the story. we'll bring you the latest from the scene. he's accused of trying to kill local soldiers but antonio martinez's attorney said the plot to bomb local recruitment centers were not his.
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>> reporter: 21-year-old antonio martinez faces life in prison for plotting to blow up this military recruitment center. his mother spoke high know him. i'm the only one who knows him. i believe it's entrapment. >> reporter: that's also what the public defender says. he will argue that the informant may not be credible. asking in court. is the informant combing through mosques in baltimore to find susceptible young men? he said his client was entrapped. >> our argument is whether mr. hussein should be detained. the court made their decision and didn't go the way we wanted. >> reporter: martinez remains in custody. the prosecutor describes him as a young man who had been dreaming of violence floor years. in his confession he said he went through with it because this was the right cause and his duty to wage jihad. he also said he thought this might be a setup until he
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smelled the gas fumes from the bomb inside the suv. prosecutors say they have martinez' notebook that talks about dying for a cause as early last last spring. >> the next step in martinez' case is either a grand jury indictment or pretrial hearings next week. we were have new information in the case of the la crosse player accused of killing yeardley love. according to the washington examer newspaper prosecutors are not seeking the death penalty for jeernlg george hug -- for george huguely. instead a plea bargain is in the works. he admitted to slamming her head into the wall but said it was accidental. a 12-year-old virginia girl wakes up at home. she was missing for a week after found on friday in san francisco with her mother's boyfriend, jeffery easily. brittany's mother was found dead
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last week in her virginia home. her death is being investigated as a homicide. easily is the chief suspect. four people, including a firefighter are recovering from a fire. the flames breck out after 8 in a three-story arm building. one firefighter quickly helped someone get out. two other people were trapped but managed to jump to sai. the cause of the fire is still under investigation this morning. once again, bwi-marshall is reporting another record-setting month. nearly 2 million passenger used our airport in october. that's a 17% increase compared to last year. october traffic also set a monthly record for the sixth straight month. july was the busiest month in our airport's history. turning to sports and monday night football. it was a fight to the bitter end in houston. has mark viviano reports, they came out with a win in overtime.
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good morning. leading up to football football, the ravens had been speaking of working out of the pain of that pittsburgh loss, but in houston on monday night that pain almost became worse with a monumental ravens collapse but three who save them self-unless the and. the defense dominated. houston was hapless. up 21-7 at half, the ravens received the second half economicoff. rookie david reed a kick return for a touchdown it. 's the longest in ravens history, break being tack -- breaking tackles. the ravens led 28-7. inis your mountable, no. comeback. the shot to andre johnson. they added a two-point conversion to that. houston tied it.
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that forced overtime. the ravens defense was demoralized but not done. then the pass was picked off, carries it in for the game winner. overtime heroics. the ravens win 34-28. >> our guys found a way to win. yes. do we have things we're worried about, do we have things to work on, absolutely. at this point you are what are. >> did we win or did we lose. as long as we keep winning. if we keep winning we're super bowl clamps. >> the ravens remain in prime playoff position. their ninth win clinches their third straight winning season and the super bowl champions, new orleans saints are coming to baltimore for a showdown mon
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sunday. back to you. the new york jets coach has been suspended for tripping a player on sunday. the jets coach small alosi intentionally tripped nolan car roll. he has been suspended without pay for the rest of the season and also fined $25,000. he apologized afterwards and said he accepted full responsibility for the action. carroll was not seer crossly hurt by the trip. >> well, a w is a w. >> yep. >> i'm sure a lot of you may have gone to bed once we got into the fourth quarter and seeing a pretty good lead. here's the end of the game. interception. game over now we welcome the new
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orleans saints to the russell street klly see yum on -- coliseum on sunday. so that's the setup for the weekend. >> okay. it's interesting from here on out. >> continues to be interesting. how about that? speaking of interesting, let's talk a let weather before we go to ron. this picture was sent to us from craig at frostburg. got an email from gerritsville. this is a strong flow. it's all lake-effect stuff we're seeing. that's what's giving us snow showers or in the case of the shot from frederick, that's about an inch of snowfall. wind chills this morning are
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stunning. it's been as cold has minus 18 in oakland. we've now scooted up to eight degrees on tv hill. today we're going for a high of 31. windy and cold. that's going to feel more like the upper teens. the winds get mild again, oh, around preakness. the ronster is inside this morning. that's good. this is a beautiful story. take it away, pal. >> reporter: it really s we're -- is. we're live in mt. washington. royal things is the name of the store. she is doing something extraordinary for the holidays, helping those in need. we got the story when the eyewitness news morning edition rolls on. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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we continue to follow a fatal fear wheretive people were killed it. brook out about five this morning. two houses within the up in flames. we'll have a live report coming
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up shortly. marty is in the first -- is in the first warning weather center. >> a steady 12-mile-an-hour wind. barometer has risen. yesterday morning, treemly low, 29.2, extremely low, 29.2. 21 easton and pax river. 2 ocean city. 23 rock all and d.c. and these are the current wind gusts, 30 miles an hour. wind chill, your neighborhood around the city 8-degree wind chill right now. man it is cold this morning. it's because of the lake effect. still that -- it's interesting we're talking about that windier storm. in the studio yesterday, not on the air we were discussing all
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the headlines about a foot of snow and harkening back one winter where we topped all of that. it's a matter of perspective. that will let you know how severe our windier was last year when what's bringing this cold is being called a major, in any year, windier storm. 31 degrees. it will feel more like 19 or 230. the wind become as breeze which lingers into tomorrow with a high of 32 and keep wind chills in the low to mid-20s. dry and flurries. we watch the saints play. 40 friday and saturday. back into the upper 30s. 32 and 33 day side. 16, 24 at neat -- night. don, take it away.
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>> here's sharon with traffic control. there is a fire in the city that will be block homewood between st. anne's and cokesbury. the alternate is loch raven road. watch for wind warnings if are a traveling on the east side of the beltway that's on the key bridge. we do have a look at some drive times and some speeds on the beltway, some minor delays between 795 and 95. 12-minute ride. taking a live look outside, everything running smoothly in and out of the tunnel at ft. mchenry. joppa road, no problem there. this traffic report is brought to you by your toyota dealer. toyota, moving forward, back off to you. we want to repeat our school advisory. frederick county schools are
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operating on a two-our delay. >> there's another picture. it's a cold morning. ron is take -- things have taken a fatal turn with that house fire. this is a really beautiful story. it's a great effort. take it away. >> reporter: we're live. we're in mt. washington falls road near peppy's. it's called the pop-up store and the brainchild of am bemplet this is styling to fight hung are. tell us how this started. >> it started a few years ago when my mom and myself started with vintage jewelry and started making it. that's how everything started when it came to the inventory.
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twee came with the pop-up shop we wanted to have an hear where we could show our friends and family the jewelry that we had. so we want lad low scags initially for -- wanted a location for that reason. at the same time i'm reallyd in nonprofit and being able to help people. that's really my mission and something i enjoy doing with volunteering with different organizations and abundant life and i wanted to bring that over into baltimore after graduating from school. the one thing i realized was hung are. there's some people in baltimore where i went to school that are really hungry. the numbers are growing with the economy and different things affecting the united states. for each item that we sell, one bag will be given to a family. >> you've know nateed to the be
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a -- donated to the be a gaddy organization. >> we have a lot of estate and vintage pieces and also we have some of the things that i've made that are made of vintage components and contemporary ones. we want to bring the best of the past together with the things that are current, really current. so we have a lot of modern things that are coming in. so our inventory does have a large sletion for all age groups. >> when a person buys something here -- >> one meal bag is given to an individual or family in need. >> you want to show us one of your beautiful necklaces here? bring it over, amber. >> okay. so here we have one of my original necklaces. >> very good. >> so this has crystal beads and wooden beads and turquoise and
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on a gold pleated chain. most of these components are vintage, so especially the crystal. you can see a lot of crystal used in vintage pieces. so i'm -- so if a adapted -- i've adapted that style. so it has a vintagey type of feel. >> it's beautiful. you have a website. >> yes. the website is styling royal that website has a good amount of our pieces. we have a good amount of inventory in the store. we would loof to have you in person. >> thank you. good luck to you into thank you, ron. >> it's royal things. we're right near peppy's on falls road. you cran do some holiday shopping and help those in need. thank you, amber. >> thank you so much. >> don and marty, we'll send it back to you on tv hill.
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>> great story, ron. thanks a lot. >> pop-up shop. i love the sound of the phrase. the holiday spirit lives on. we're asking for photos. email them to and look for them has part of a big slideshow at ,,,,,,
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oh, i see. a throne for the tv... room for movies... your workout gear... non-stop football... it's a man cave! the boys next door will never leave. who says we want them to?
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breaking news in baltimore city. five people have been killed in a two-alarm fire. a live report is coming up. this is mark viviano. monday flight football for the-- monday night football for the ravens goes from heartbreak to celebration. a house fire in baltimore city is blocking lanes. we'll tell you how to get around it. we'll send it over to marty. we've got a fantastic coffee with jim berry. jim is with the consumer electronics association and jim has brought us the big toys for big boys and big girls. he's talking about will you waste your money to buy a big tv or an e book? it is a tremendous information
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pack. you can also catch it at we're taking a break but coming right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, when my husband got sick and couldn't work anymore,
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hello again. it's 6:29. once again a cold day start is being combined with a fire in baltimore city, this time a fatal fire on homewood avenue. it's also affecting traffic. >> here's first warning doppler radar. there's a couple flurries moving around. we're still in the strong northwest flow. it's not going to be a big deal. picture of clouds and sun. the headlines windy and cold. we're in the low 20s with a wind chill slightly below 10. 30 at lunch, going to a high of 31 which will probably feel like
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the upper teens. >> frederick county schools are operating two hours late because of snow on the roads. here's sharon at wjz traffic control. we started off this fire at 5 a.m. it. is still blocking lanes a two-alarm fire blaze. we have a reporter on the scene. it's blocking homewood between saint ann's and cokesbury. an accident on 95 at 198. we have wind warnings on the key bridge. there's a look at your drive times and speeds much the west side is sluggish. 50 miles an hour between 795 and 95. there's a look at 95 and 198. that's the closest camera we have. you see everything is running
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smoothly. is that snow on the side of the road? there's a look at 95 south of 695. everything is running smoothly there. no issues on 95 at spaghetti junction. this traffic report is brought to you by your toyota dealer. toyota, buy right the first time and you'll save in the long run. back to you. breaking news happening in baltimore city. five people have been killed in a house fire. wjz and andrea fujii live along homewood avenue. >> reporter: we just arrived on the scene. fire investigators have confirmed that five people are dead inside this home in the 2300 block of homewood avenue. i just spoke with a neighbor who said she managed to get out of her home. she says an elderly couple live unless the home, and -- lives in the home and the grandchildren come to visit. the victims have not been
6:32 am
identified. their ages have not been relievessed, but the neighbors say they assume at least some of the victims are young children. the fire started shortly before 5 a.m., started in one of the homes and spread to two others. one of the second homes that it spread to is completely destroyed. when they first went in the winds were so strong, they were told to evacuate. when they went back inside, they found the five bodies. they said they were consumed by fire and smoafnlgt arson investigators are -- smoke. arson investigators are on the scene. it's not clear whether smoke detectors were working. back to you. >> thank you. we'll continue to follow the breaking news story. there's no word on what caused a carbon monoxide like
6:33 am
that tooked the lives of two people in baltimore county last weekend in peeksville on colby road. both men were from guatemala. they worked construction and lived with the family who employed them. they were rushed to shock trauma along with seven other people. >> were quickly overcome by some type of unknown substance. >> at first i thought maybe there was a gas leak. it couldn't have been a fire because i didn't smell anything. >> it's in the known what lay lines could have leaked the carbon monoxide. tracing the source and fixing it is the responsibility of the property owner. there were no carbon mon -- carbon monoxide detectors that we know of. the tax cut cleared a key
6:34 am
hurdle and could head off to the house. preeti arla has the latest for wjz oar -- >> apologized for that. a federal judge ruled that the president's health care plan is unconstitutional. yesterday u.s. district judge henry hudson rejected a key provision. two other judges have upheld the law that's expected to and up in the supreme court. mrs. in washington, d.c. he has seen his fair share of problems in office but he says he's not giving up just yet. gop chairman chairman michael steele said he's going to run for reelection. the rnc will vote on whether to grant him another two-year term.
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this time next year slot machines will be ringing loud in anne arundel. the company announced plans to build a temporary casino. it will be located oned ground there are of a new parking garage. it will hold about 2,000 slot machines and will keep gamblers entertained until the permanent casino opens in late 2012. the rave went head to head with the hue stones. mark viviano reports this morning. the game at one point seemed to be going great for the ravens but turned into a real nail biter. the ravens had been speaking of working out of the pain of that pittsburgh loss, but in houston on monday night that pain almost became worse with a monumental ravens collapse but three who save themselves in the
6:36 am
end. ray lewis and the defense dominated. houston was hapless. up 21-7 at half. the ravens received the kickoff. rookie david reed, a kick return for a touchdown. it's the longest in ravens history, breaking tackles, reed goes 103 yards. the ravens led 28-7. inis your mountable, no in the texans stunned baltimore. no. they had a two-point conversion. houston tied it 28-28. the ravens defense was demoralized, but they weren't done. josh wilkins, picks it up, carries it. a fourth quarter collapse followed by overtime heroics. the ravens wen 34-28. >> our guys overcame a tough
6:37 am
situation. yes. do we have things we're worried about, absolutely. but at this point in the season you are what you are. >> it's all about winning. that's all we care about, did we win or lose. it doesn't matter what the score is as long last we keep winning. if we keep winning, we're super bowl champs. >> it's a thriller in prime-time. the ravens remain in prime playoff position. their ninth win clinches their third straight winning season and the super bowl champs new orleans saints are coming to baltimore. the vikings taking on the giants a day after the roof of the metrodome collapsed moving the game to detroit. brett favre was out with a shoulder injury, ending his 197 consecutive starts. the giants came out and only
6:38 am
allowed the vikings a field goal. the giants win 21-3 in front of the detroit crowd, most of whom who got in for free. there were some people who made it over from minneapolis with their tickets. >> they were -- before the game on scene scene, on esp -- on espn, there was a lot of discussion about cal ripken and ac green who holds the record hoops for the nba. favre's number also be smaller than ripkens because of the amount of games per season but when you're hearing discussion of favre and throw in ripken, you look back and see how significant the number eight streak was. absolutely incredible that we got to watch it here in
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baltimore. coming up in coffee, jim berry joins us. he's with the consume electronics association. they're in nobody's pocket. they look at everything and judge. jim brings in the big toys for the big boys and big girls. we'll look into the future. what is going to be at the consumer electronics show. you buy something now, you'll be wasting your money. sharon's got traffic. we have first warning weather. i'll just give you a hint. the wind chill at tv hill is 8 the wind chill at tv hill is 8 degrees, who,,,,,,
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we're going back to breaking news. five people were killed in a blaze. >> reporter: the neighbor said the fire touched her home but she managed to get out. she said the elderly couple who lived in the home where the fire started has a granddaughter and three great grandchildren who come to visit regularly. so she tbleefs some of the five victims inside the home are small children, one of the youngest as young as one. again, the victims have not been
6:43 am
identified. firefighters said when they did manage to get inside the home, they did find five victims who were overcome with fire and smoke. this happened just before 5 a.m. in the 2300 block of homewood avenue. two homes are complete ti destroyed. firefighters said the wind kept them from going inside. when they did go inside they managed to put fire out. arson investigators are on the scene trying to figure out how the fire started and whether there were smoking -- there were working smoke detectors. back to you. gawk. we'll continue to follow the evaluation and the story throughout the day. >> 20 degrees right now. humidity 70%. winds west, northwest at 12. the barometer 29.63. let's look at actual temperatures. in the low to low to mid-20s. 18 cumberland.
6:44 am
five in oakland. 20 columbia. 23 rock hall and d.c. look at the winds gusting right now. we have the least gusts of the reporting stations on tv hill. 30-mile-an-hour gusts. hagerstown 36. 33 oakland. 20 cumberland. 33-mile-an-hour wind gusts give as minus 17-degree wind chill. two-degree wind chill in hagerstown. 10 d.c. 10 ocean city. cumberland a 7-degree wind chill. it's because of that major storm, deep area of low pressure now directly up to the north. we're seeing lake effect moisture. that will convert to a few flurries. general sky conditions, a mixture of skies and sun. the bulk of the day the upper teens. the wind goes to a breeze
6:45 am
tonight. 16 in overnight lows. 32 tomorrow, still breezy. it will knock temperatures back in the low to mid-20s. dry until sunday. 32, 33, sunday 38 degrees. don, take it away. >> the commute is being impacted by the fire. here's sharon. >> that two-alarm fire had been blocking lanes and will continue. it is on homewood avenue and it is between saint ann's and cokesbury. an accident on pulaski highway. it's shut down between hot see go and lewis. take revolution as an alternate. an accident on 95 southbound approaching 198. there is a look at the east side of the beltway where we still have wind warnings in effect
6:46 am
there. take lag live look -- taking a live look outside. that's a look at u.s. if the -- 40. wood lawn high school in baltimore county closed today because this has no heat. as we have been telling you, frederick county public schools are on a two-our delay because of the -- two hour delay because of the weather there. >> we have long are time to discuss bigger picture issues. >> we're going right to your pocket book. jim berry is with the consumer electronics association, his 16th appearance on coffee with. you'll find out why we love him. take it away. jim berry welcome back. >> how are you, don? >> there's going to be a web
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extra at you always come in with more than we can possibly get to on air so we'll continue it online. >> receipt after peace and happiness we want our notebook computers, note pads and e book readers. i brought ipad, which is, of course, the hot touch screen tablet computer. they start at $500. they've sold millions already this year. there is a competitor. this is the samsung gal lacksy -- gal lacks sigh. this uses the android which google runs and this has been giving the other as run.
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the touch screens are terrific. one thing this has that the i-mad doesn't have yet is a camera or cameras front and back. so for video and for snapshots. that's something that a lot of people say i really like that with the ipad, especially for applications like skype that personal video conferencing system we use. notebook computers were at the top. this is the new one from hp. it has a cool amd vegs processor. they combine the processor with high speed and the graphics. if you like to watch a lot of videos that you download if you like to play games, this is a terrific inexpensive notebook computer. it starts at $450. we remember if you were going to buy a new netbook you would spend $2,000 or more. >> how much is the samsung?
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>> $600. some of the care rivers are selling it for $399 if you sign up for a two-year service. here's a kindle. the kindle is the lead e book reader. you have the sony e readers. this uses -- this is a cool cover. it has a light on it. the other good thing about this, very easy on the eyes. doesn't have that back lighting. you can read outdoors in bright sunlight. this one is $189. this is 3g. they start at $139. the prices are down from last year f you just want to read books you may want to think about the e book reader.
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let me show you this other reader. this is the v reader from v tech. >> my first computer was there. >> this one is great. the v reader. it's got games, got a dictionary and a lot of interaction and books it. 's only $59.95. the average age of gamers, up in the 30s even before the wii phenomenon. we know the wii uses a wand. the keeked, this is the control -- connect, this is the controller. you become the controller, so this is the sensor, both video sound and memory. it's about $150. if you have the xbox 360.
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>> $50 -- $150 for that. >> astonishing. you become the controller. >> let's do one more on the air. by the way, online, we'll tell you a great story as to how tough that phone is. >> john cameron. we talked about pads, ipads and the need thing about this one, this will fold over. it will turn no a touch screen tablet computer. this is about $550. so it gives you the best of both. that is the idea pad touch screen tablet. >> tell you what. we're grinning to take a brake.
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it's always great to have you come through. we'll continue to talk about electronic gadgets for the holiday season. we have first warning weather and traffic control. and traffic control. the,,,,
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and powerful antioxidants. refreshingly good. we'll stay at 31 degrees. right now we're in the low 20s with a single digit wind chill.
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there's a real feel this afternoon. mixture of clouds and sun. let's send it over to sharon gibala. good morning. so far, the fatal fire is blocking things on homewood avenue. it's at saint ann's and cokesbury. an turned between otsego street and lewis. take revolution and 95 southbound approaching right 198. otherwise, we have wind warnings in effect and minor delays on the outside site of the beltway. we can take a live look at u.s. 40. that's the closest camera to the didn't scene. this traffic report is brought to you by lexus. they have a sales event.
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visit your lex -- lexus dealer today. we just found out that section -- six people died in the house fire. two row homes went up in flames. firefighters said the wind played a huge part in fanning the flames. the ages of the six people killed have not been released. the core dish company announced it plans to build a new casino in anne arundel mills. the permanent one will hope in late 2012. stay with wjz, maryland's news station. still ahead, a look at windier
6:57 am
weather. a powerful storm system has unleashed snow across the upper midwest all the way to new england. here we've got a wind chill tha,
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