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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  December 15, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EST

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hello again, we're bottoming out with the cold. it's been in the upper teens. sharon continues with the way to work. let's start with the watch and warning graphic after we look at the day part. the windchill is about 8. 31 at lunch will feel like 18,
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25 at dinner and you get the idea. the watch, warning and advisory is cig can't. significant. don't kid yourself, as we go back to the day part, we'll still have a breeze/light wind to make it 18.8. yesterday, we had a gust of 30. we haven't had a wind gust on tv hill. no one would say today is comfortable, but not as harsh as yesterday. >> overall, not so bad, we have issues you could run into. this is an accident in the city on south monroe street at ohio avenue. we have police activity in woodlawn and plannerly lane. we have fire activity at pinewood.
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wind warnings on the eastside. there's a live look outside at 895. that's south of 95, running smoothly. no issues at maryland, 41 or at the topside at harford road. remember, wjz-13 is always on, for traffic information any time, go to don, back to you. >> the breaking news of this time yesterday is being talked about today. the deadliest fire in baltimore city so far this year. six people, half of them children died in a house fire. we learned more information. andrea fujii has more. >> reporter: good morning, don and everyone. three generations of the family were in the home at the time of the fire. the flames spread so quickly, they didn't have time to escape.
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>> we got the phone call, it hasn't hit me yet. >> reporter: her older sister, they called her l, died yesterday alongside her husband of 50 years and their 26-year- old granddaughter and her three children. >> she was like everyone's second mom. you always went to l. that's where everyone went. that was the meeting place. >> there are not words to describe how devastating this is for their family. the holidays make this difficult. >> i had more smoke in my house than fire, the other two houses were flamed from the roof and the front door. >> reporter: the family always gathered at the house on homewood avenue. now, memories are all they have left.
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we try to get together when we can. >> we spent summers together. >> so many at one time! >> reporter: it's not clear if they had working smoke detectors inside the home. the spokesman says that the rolling station closiers didn't affect the response time. >> investigators aren't sure what started the fire. >> arlington, virginia man who threatened to bomb the metro station has been arrested. he's facing charges of communicating threats across state lines. >> the soul surviver of the deadliest medevac crash in this state's history is demanding tens of millions of dollars.
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>> reporter: jordan wells was the surviver of the crash that killed four people. she's filed a lawsuit against the faa and air traffic controllers. they were on their way home from a carnival and crashed. >> everything is in slow motion, i thought, i'm going to die here. >> reporter: they were air lifted to a hospital and never made it. >> it's fogged in and we're unable to land there. >> andrews called in and they lost the radar. >> reporter: the helicopter crashed and killed a pilot, and three others. jordan layed there alone. >> i looked up at the sky and the stars, i said, god, please let them save me. >> reporter: she underwent 20 surgeries and they underwent intense scrutiny. they had out dated weather
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information and the pilot wasn't proficient in landings. her attorney's asking in $15 million in damages. >> reporter: the state has demanded second pilots and paramedics be added. the attorneys haven't returned our calls for comment. author tom clancy is the proud owner of more property -- at the harner. -- harbor. all six condos have been joined as a penthouse. he spent $2 million on the properties. the number of shopping days before christmas is now down into the single digits. just nine more days to get the gifts ready for the tree. things are looking brighter. >> crowded malls and bags in hand are signs of shopping.
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christmas is a week away. even before the last is counted, retailers have reason to smile. >> we've expected a great holiday season. we just opened a better location in the mall. >> it was predicted that sales would teeter around 2.3%. now, the organization advocating is more on optimistic, increasing that to 3.3%. we're in a recession. >> the national retail federation says that holiday shopping has done well. they're seeing evidence that customers are spending more money. there's a focus on spending, many remind retailers they cannot spend what they don't have. >> we're doing okay. we cut it back last year. we're staying on the same level
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field this year as well. >> there's hope that the pending tax cuts will help people keep jobs in the coming year. i'm kai jackson reporting, back to you. >> and for another stat -- 96 million americans shopped online. now, the next time you turn on the computer, history could be stairing you in theface. microsoft included a security bulletin bigger than any other in the history of microsoft. your computer will download the updates automatically, go to their website for more. and in sports, a win is a win, accept when the ravens are doing the winnings. fans are still grumbling for the too close for comfort game. you're never satisfied. you always want to get better.
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we're in a suit of perfection now. we know it's hard to obtain. along the way, you know, you catch excellence. >> struggling to get there! >> reporter: the raven's head coach talks about defending the against -- against the saints. there could be a bit of a weather issue in the mid- atlantic on sunday. sunday's going to a -- hold on, let me back up here. i think i can, i think i can. here's the forecast. sunday, we'll go for a high of 38 and an overnight low of 26. there's a low coming up the coast. the first significant low, if it got into the perfect spot, it would show accumulating snowfall. that is undetermined.
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one way or another, even if it goes offshore, we're leaning towards that solution. even if it goes offshore, we could have a few inches of snow around sunday. the timing will be later on in the afternoon and evening. that remains to be seen. >> do understand, the. [ indiscernible ] >> welcome to the afc north. we play football outside the way it's meant to be. >> this sunday's the 19th. wasn't that last year also, december 19th? >> no, the first measurable snowfall was around the 7th or the 8th. i missed it and i was sitting in the tropics, thinking, we're getting snow and then, i get back and i'm saying, senator barbara mikulski contacted the faa -- >> yeah, i think it was the
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19th. yeah, measurable, dude? two flights made it into bwi. one with the bear and one had aid. yeah, we got that game in. >> we'll watch it closely for you. we have an 8-degree windchill now. it will feel more like 18. it feels windy and cold. however, the strong gusty wind advisory ended at 10:00 last night. we have a standard wind at 14. by tonight, a standard breeze at 10, by tomorrow, your normal five to ten miles per hour condition in the area. ronster, smart guy, he's upside again.
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good morning, how are you? >> i'm great. it's stories like this that make me feel so good. this story is as cool as the other side of the pillow, ladies and gentlemen! eddy from flowers and fancies -- we'll tell you how to buy a floral bouquet and help the shelters in the area. that's a great story, coming up when the eyewitness news when the eyewitness news morning edition rolls on. ,,,,
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i knew i needed to find a better way to support my daughter. [ male announcer ] at age forty, greg flowers went back to school. [ greg ] i got a job as a computer applications engineer. [ male announcer ] but now, some in washington want regulations restricting access to career colleges and universities, denying opportunity to millions of people like greg, letting government decide who can go to college. it's my education, my job, it should be my choice. [ male announcer ] don't let washington get in the way.
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>> ? it's. it's 6:16. >> there's what we're talking about. it's hard to say the wind at 10 when we're talking about the winds of 25 miles per hour two days ago. the westerly component at 10. barometer at 29.91. slowly and surely, as the barometer rises, as the great likes low gets out of here, the winds will diminish. two days ago. it was at 29.28. that was storm.
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20 hagerstown and 21 elkton and easton. 23 in d.c. and 19 in cumberland and 9 degrees in oakland. and westminster's up from 19 to 20. 20 in minneapolis and -- annapolis and rock hall. i'm saying it, it's not like we had the gusty winds in the area. we haven't had a gust in the past hour on tv hill. the strongest wind is over in d.c.. look at the windchills. d.c. 11 and 8 elkton and easton. minus 10 degrees in oakland. there's the great lake's low. the high pressure builds in. i'm throwing the computer model in. i want to show you this.
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we're going to see a little low moving south of the area. here it goes. now, watch! this low could bring us as it hits, runs and goes -- a snowfall unlike friday. these road surfaces are chilly. imagine friday, possibly again tomorrow afternoon. 32 is the high this day and windchill, 18 to 21. 16 tonight and we'll see a 9, 10-degree windchill. we'll have a high of 30 rolling through the five day. 33, a significant jump up to 40 friday and saturday. here's the issue sunday. the new orleans saints will be standing at the russell street coliseum saying, what dat? >> here's sharon are traffic control. hi, don, good morning. we're looking at fire activity, we cleared up the accidents
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though. two of the spots coming in from the city. fire activity on south caton and wilkens. meantime, fire activity on harford road. wind warnings on the eastside of the beltway. that's on the key bridge. there's a live look at the topside of the beltway. this is brought to you by your toyota dealer. buy right the first time and save more in the long run. sending it out to the ronster. good morning, we're live at the maryland spca fall's road. flowers and fancies. this is such a marvelous idea. you have dogs and i know you're
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concerned about the shelters and the overflow. there are so many homeless dogs. this is a pet bouquet. you came up with this idea? >> we bring our dogs to work. we have shelter dogs that we bring. we wanted to help the shelters and we made these kinds of pets from flowers. we have bears, dogs and cities. -- kitties. we said, let's give back to the shelters. we got together with the humane society and barks. they were all in on the project and we said okay. we made the animals from flowers. a portion of each sale goes back to the shelters. >> what's a great idea. and that's 20%. yes, 20%. that's just wonderful. >> you all know aileene. this is lover boy right here.
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hey, lover boy. >> this is great for you, eddie's idea here? >> yes, we have an alliance of the shelters in the area. the apca works together and we were thrilled to hear from eddie. it gets the community involved. >> the shelters have the problems of overcrowding, too. overcrowding? >> well, we work together to save more animals. it helps to have us working together and working with the community businesses and people in the community. we need all of the help we can get. mr.eddie. you have a website people can go to? >> flowers and or you can order on the telephone. let's put the telephone number up there. remember, every part of every sale goes back to the shelters.
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they need your help. especially this time of the year. >> this is the number. give them a call. let's show the other one you brought. that's a beauty, too. how inventive is this? >> this is the perfect pair. a momma and his daughter. >> look at loverrer boy! he wants in. >> that's why they call him lover boy. >> any way, thank you. >> thank you for what you do. flowers and fancies. >> thank you. >> lover boy, it's been a pleasure. hey, ron! i think it should be pointed out. you're really stepping up. next year will be the 40th anniversary of flowers and fancies.
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>> congratulations, 40 years coming up. >> thank you. >> you have a great family and a great place. eddy, thank you. don and marty? >> i love this guy. have a great day. by the way, lover boy is up for adoption. what's the maryland -- spca number -- give them a call. >> thank you, guys, thank you for what you do. don and marty, have a great day. that's a shelter dog who's name may not be changed. >> we're taking and break and we'll be back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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six family members including a toddler are killed in east baltimore house fires. how are loved ones remembering them? we'll have a live report, just ahead. house democrats consider changes to the tax cut proposal despite warnings it could unravel the deal.
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i'll have the story, coming up. i'm sharon gibala here with traffic control. if you're about to head out, we have fire activity in three spots. that's straight ahead. it's single digits until the christmas eve holiday weekend. how about that! it's a weekend this year. coming up, iron chef, michael simon. a little bit of this and that. anyone here think he's trying to sell cook ware? well, that was unanimous. we'll be back with more of the eyewitness news morning edition. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's 6:30. we'll have a pretty sunrise. we're very cold at the moment. it's 18 degrees now.
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25 at dinner. it will feel more like 12 or 13. the really bad news, heavy duty winds of the past few days are diminishing as we speak. it's breezy enough to give us the windchill. >> what awaits you on the way to work and school, here's sharon. hi, don, good morning. if you're heading outside, we have an accident working. it's not a major one. that's in gwynn oak. we have a fire at baker's street and one at south catons and a third at pine road avenue. you'll want to take bel air to get around that one. meantime, watch for wind warnings on the eastside of the beltway. that's on the bay bridge. we have a disabled vehicle blocking the left lane. we can take a live look outside. fortunately, everything on the roadways are running at full speed.
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there's 795 at cockeysville. this is brought to you by your toyota dealer. at the top of the news, video you may not want your children to see or you may not want to see. it's a school board meeting where a man pulls a gun and fired on the councilmen -- but no one's hurt. >> reporter: the council pleads with the man. he refuses to back down. please don't, please don't. please. >> i'm going to kill you. he doesn't hit anyone. he keeps shooting, exchanging fire with the security chief before turning the gun on himself. >> on the ground! >> by the time that the
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s.w.a.t. officers come into the room, he was lying on the ground. a television reporter ran to safety and kept her camera rolling. >> i saw him coming out, spray paint a big circle with a line or a v through it. he said, i was a motion for you and pulled out the gun. i hit the floor, i like ducked. >> shortly after the reporter left the room, this school board member attacked the gunman with her purse. he had a clear shot and left her alone. the 56-year-old served four years in prison from 2000 to 2004 for aggravated stalking and other charges. his wife was fired from the district. district officials call the security chief a hero for
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stopping the shooting. before his arrest in 1999, he was a licensed massage therapist. good afternoon. >> here, a boy convicted in a murder is stay anything a detention facility. his family's pressing to keep him locked up rather than letting him out early. he can be kept in michigan until age 21. yesterday's horrible and heart wrenching story out of mideast in baltimore city where three adults and three children were all killed in a house fire. we're hearing more from the family's relatives this morning. andrea? >> nearly everyone knew the satter fields who lived in the home. they were known for their hearts and hospitality. >> you look at them and -- we
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got the phone call -- and it still hasn't hit me yet. >> her older sister -- l died yesterday morning alongside her husband of 50 years and their granddaughter and her three children. >> she was just like everyone's second mom. you always went to their home. that's where everyone went. that was the meeting place. there are not words to describe how devastating this is for their family. there's not a good time of the year to lose family. the holidays make it harder. >> i had more smoke in my house than fire. the other two houses were in flames. everything was on fire. >> the family always gathered at the home. now, memories are all they have left.
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we try to get together. we spent summers together. they're gone, so many at one time. >> it started in their highways and destroyed the end row home. everyone got out safely. ten, it moved to the next two row homes. thank you, it's not clear if they were working smoke detectors in the house. >> an army doctor refused to go to afghanistan because he questions where barack obama is eligible to be president. he questions whether the president was born in the united states. will the taxes go up? the answer could rest in what the senate chooses to do today.
6:37 am
there's uncertainty about what will happen in the house today. republicans are urging house democrats not to mess with president obama's tax cut deal. >> this agreement is not subject to being reopened. >> tuesday, mitch mcconnell warned that changing the bill could warn in no bill at all and taxes going occupy. the-- going up. >> i don't think we're basing what we want to do on threats. >> following a meeting tuesday night, the democrats worry that the plan favors the rich. they want provisions including what some see as an overly generouss skate tax. -- estate tax. the white house is -- open manity mystic. we're on the math of getting the agreement through
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the house and ultimately through the president's desk. some house democrats admit, they can't make the big changes. still, that won't stop them from trying. i'm hoping that the bill is improved and i'm hoping it passes before the end of the year. the vote is expected within days. >> in washington, wjz, eyewitness news. and if congress doesn't act before the end of the year, the federal income taxes will rise about $3000 per household. we're starting to see the results from the census and maryland leads the pack in wealth. the median household income in this state is nearly $70,000 above the average of $51,000. and in maryland, howard county is the wealthiest subdivision. one thing is for certain, the game monday night won't be played at the metrodome.
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the roof was torn last sunday vikings/bears game could be at the university of minnesota -- but it's also covered with snow. brett favre could also be back this weekend. let's take a look outside. i've been watching the sunrise over your shoulder. how about that, huh? >> yeah, that's pretty. that really is a beautiful day start. all be it, 8 degrees and a bit of a windchill. for the record, it's 18 degrees now and what you see is what you get throughout the day. by the afternoon, we'll be at 31 and 32. the real thing is 18 to 21 degrees. man, that's beautiful. it really, honestly is. >> my eyes go to the deck of
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the freighter. imagine working there this morning. my eyes go to the tiki bar. i wonder if it's still there or towed into a nice warm shelter? i was thinking about that. i was thinking of afternoons on the barge this summer. okay, back to reality. coming up on coffee with -- that's michael simon. see him on food network. he's an iron chef guy. we're talking about traditional holiday recipes with a twist. you did the interview. >> that looks like lamb chops, but those are pork chops. really? >> yeah, he's a master. >> remember, hogs smell better barbecued. >> tiki bar! >> is that one of the trees! it's still there?
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it hasn't frozen its bark off? i can't wait to see that. >> i it may bronze. we'll take a break and come back and we'll see how the wind's moving the palm trees by the inner harbor this morning. ,
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two days ago, this was the barometer. this is a great lake storm that's moving away. we have a big dome of high pressure that's ridging in. 9 in oakland and 20 in hagerstown and elkton and easton. 21 in westminster and annapolis and kent island. there's no real gusting wind outside. i'm kind of using graphic to
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show you the high pressure is ridging in. we have an 8-degree windchill here. here's the great lake's storm. this is an area of low pressure coming into the screen now. that could spread snow to. , not unlike we saw friday. not a big winter weather event. unlike friday, grounds will be colder and there's not a flash freeze areawide. 32degrees today. 16 tonight. the breeze diminishes and tomorrow, 30, don't worry about the wind. keep it in the low 30s thursday. friday, saturday, 40. sunday, 38. there's a chance for a period of snow on sunday. that will be more defined by the time we get to friday and look into the weekend's
6:46 am
forecast. the computer models are talking about an area of low pressure forming over the louisiana/texas coast. i'll bring the photographic in. -- the photographic in. the jet stream is in -- we have fire activity at the city at baker's street. we have fire activity at south, caton's avenue. fire activity is on harford road. you'll want to take bel air instead. wind warnings on the beltway. there's the drive times and the speeds on the beltway.
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the westside outer lupe is slow. 44miles per hour is the average with a 14 minute drive time. we can take a live look at the topside. slowing down there as well on the outer lupe at harford road. stop and go from harford and providence. this is brought to you by your toyota dealer. toyota, moving forward. thank you. >> well, she did that -- >> our celebrity chef is pushing pork and showing you how to present it in unique ways. this is furnished by the international pork board. >> please welcome in michael simon from the food network. great to see you in the kitchen, as always. >> it's great to be here, thank you, don. >> your appearance is timely, the holidays are coming up in full swing. you're kind of looking at a
6:48 am
traditional holiday food? >> well, for me, there was a great survey done by the national pork board. the one thing that people don't like is the food is predictable. i like to take ingredients people are used to and get flavors people know. i like to take pumpkin and gran berries -- cranberries and twist them. i slow roasted pumpkin and i toasted the seeds and puried the pumpkin up with the five spice and put it underneath the pork. it's beautiful. you get the sweet, earthiness of the pumpkin and the richness of the pork chops. and those are toasted pumpkin seeds. that's flavors that will surprise people. those are the somethings that people come to expect around
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the holidays. those look like lamb chops. i didn't think pork chops in the least. well, i'm greek, it's magic! i take a lamb and make it look like a pork. i have a lot of nephews and little kids that come over. you want to introduce them to new ingredients. you pound this out thin and bread it. bread it with ginger snap so it has a nice little sweetness. the kids will try it and if you want to make it for adults, we have a start cranberry chutney i can put on top with a arugula. that's always what it's about. people know cranberries and ginger snaps. it's about sneaking things in. great pork dish. long and grazed. put it in the oven and forget about it.
6:50 am
it has a little bit of heat there. that's what you want. >> what are the nuts on there. >> yeah, i have some toasted almonds and scallions over the rice. you can find these recipes on the website. you can see what people are taught to make for the holidays. at the holidays, you want to chill with your families and you want delicious foods. >> what else you got? >> well, you know, this is kind of, some of the different dishes that i did. like some of the things that you can do, great tips to bring out more flavors in your food. if you're going to roast a wrack of lamb, season it the night before, put on it any spice you like. wrap it up and all of the flavors will get down deep into the meet. you'll have a roast the next
6:51 am
day. save fats and stuff when you cook. i save the bacon drippings. if i'm crisping up a cutlet, i do it in the bacon fat. it adds another depth of flavor. i love doing the slow cooked things around the holidays. you can put them in the oven and cook them. if you go over, they'll get more tender. they're great tips you can use around the holidays. make it fun to enjoy your family. >> also, it's unbare digittable the, it's unpredictable by the presentation, also. >> people eat with their eyes first. i try to treat it like the restaurant. i like to wipe down the plate and give it a clean presentation. we get judged on presentation, you want to build things up and create different levels of
6:52 am
flavor and texture. that makes it exciting for people to eat. i see your current book. i don't know if we've gotten a clear shot of that yet. this is called live to cook, recipes from my childhood until now. things that i made with my grandparents and mom and dad and on iron chef or at home. >> it would be a great holiday gift. >> thank you. >> thank you, live to cook. the other white meat's website has more recipes. thank you, have a great holiday. you, too. stay tuned for an update on traffic, of course and first warning weather. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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there's a live look at the traffic to morning -- this morning. it's cleared out and there's a live look at 895 and o'donnell street and 295 in the southbound lanes between the beltway and west nursery road. this is brought to you by lexus. it's the lexus sales event. for a limited time, they're offering the greatest deals of the year. the heart break continues in an east baltimore neighborhood where six were killed in a neighborhood. the flames broke out along homewood avenue. they were killed along with their 26-year-old granddaughter and her three young children. investigators don't know how the fire started. there's a code blue.
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the shelters' hours are now extended. also, more on the school board shooting in florida, that's comimi,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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