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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  December 16, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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interstate 895, where driving conditions are tough. let's begin with bob turk for the latest on this system. bob. >> you can see, 1:00, 2:00, moderate snow in the region. but quickly, by 3:00, 4:00, it's beginning to thin out. and right now, as we look at the live shot, from the city on north, practically no snow showing now. low eastern shore, with temperatures still below freezing. but as you head up north, across northern sections of maryland. denton over to dover. it's pretty much done. there's still flurries. we really don't see anything more accumulating yet this evening. temperatures low, freezing again. that means things that are out there will continue to be frozen. take a look at advisories. we still have an effect until had evening. -- this evening. winter weather advisory.
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3 to 4 inches in some spots. they still have a electric at a -- look at a winter storm warning. >> tim is in the outback. tim has a look at the storm involved. tim? >> bob, as you mentioned, this storm is starting to thin out now. but the problem really has been the temperatures all morning long. everything has come down in the form of snow. snow sleet mixed in. this is all snow. temperatures in the 20s all day long. and as our satellite composite shows, the icy mixes that you've seen down south of the region, that pink that you see down at the bottom of the screen, it's in virginia, where the temperatures have mixed in just a little bit. a little bit of a marine layer. some of the ocean moisture pulled in. our temperatures have been in the 20s. and in the teens now, from hagerstown to oakland. 22 in oakland. and we're going to go down from there. and anything else is going to stay frozen on anything untreated. as for our totals, frostburg seeing the most so far.
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2.3 in frederick. rockville toward montgomery county. then seeing st. mary's near 2. and here on television hill, just a little over half an inch. a little more to the south. and as we have been seeing around the area, heavier amounts down toward d.c. bob will have your updated forecast coming up in a moment. >> thank you very much, tim and bob. wjz continues with kelly mcpherson. but let's continue with mike hellgren. >> denise, the roads are the real story. and traffic is slowing down significantly this rush hour. it is slow going wherever you're going. and if we come back here, you can see this is fleet street that i'm standing on. it is snow packed right now. the city tells me they have 130 pieces of equipment here. but it could be sometime before they get these sides cleared.
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>> reporter: snow and ice quickly packed roads across maryland, making travel a mess. >> as soon as i got out to like start my day, it was just like everywhere. i've already driven everywhere on the road. >> it's pretty bad if you don't. >> the worst is south of baltimore. but roads were snow-packed. mta buses got stuck on snow avenue. even walking proved difficult. >> it looks like a blizzard to me. but i don't know what to call it. >> the state highway administration did not pretreat the roads in baltimore. around 11:00 this morning. >> we won't let anybody leave until we have everything absolutely taken care of. >> i thought it would be an inch. and i'm thinking it might still be an inch. but it's just that it was so cold. and it stuck right away. >> those traveling by air should check their flights with some delays reported. several countiesies have declared snow emergencies. >> reporter: upon compared to
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last year, you would think this was like the blizzard. everybody is being careful. cautious. as of right now, i was okay getting here. but it is slippery. so i hope everybody is safe. >> reporter: we knew we would have some event. so we continue to monitor wherever we hear or see. here we are. and we are planning accordingly, throughout the rest of the day. >> they've got equipment out here, trying to get these side streets uncovered. but the real priority is going to be the main streets. and of course, you can see the difference over here on 895. there's not snow on 895. but there is a lot of traffic, which is backed up right now. and that's the story around the state. this is the same storm system that proved deadly in other parts of the country, killing five people in car accidents on icy roads in alabama and mississippi. reporting live in southeast baltimore, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news.
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>> lots of schools are forced to close early because of activity because of the snow. wjz is live in baltimore. kelly mcpherson explains how the system has parents scrambling to get their children home safely. >> reporter: you can see in this west baltimore neighborhood, that the roads are still covered in snow. and the sidewalks are covered, too. and that's a problem here. because a lot of families walk to and from school. we met up with a bunch of baltimore city parents who were surprised that school was not let out early here in the city. >> reporter: there's a little more excitement in the air at the end of the school day in west baltimore. >> how is the snow impacting you guys? >> great. >> great. >> scrambling. and of course, you gotta take your time. and it's snowing outside. so it's fun. i think it's fun. >> it's not that bad out here. it actually feels good. >> today's wake-up to winter is bringing out slow-moving traffic. and cautious walking home from school.
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>> i came back to pick her up. >> i'm trying to get all of my kids together to get back home to my day care parents. because i know they're going to be late, too. >> a lot of people are taking it slow here. everyone is going slowly. arriving to their appointments a little late. especially the day care parents who we spoke to today. as far as delays tomorrow, we'll be getting them into the newsroom. and we'll let you know how schools will be impacted tomorrow because of the snowfall. reporting live from baltimore. kelly mcpherson. wjz eyewitness news. >> you probably noticed the impact of the snow on your commute. kristy breslin has the latest on road conditions. >> basically, the best way to say it is if you don't have to travel outside, don't. the roads are treacherous. especially the back roads. take a look at the beltway system. we have delays all the way around. for example, look here. the delay here from 295 to eastern avenue. it is all the way around.
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you're looking at 154 minutes. moving over and taking a look at the top side of the beltway. northbound there, as you can see there, from 95 to charles street, a good 45 minutes to get through. as far as 95 goes, the delay is back from 152 mountain road up to whitemarsh, past the beltway on that northeast side. now, let's take a live look, as you can see plenty of brake lights there at greenspring avenue. that will take you a good bit to get through. another look here, bumper to bumper on the west side at liberty road. and our other camera here shows, 83 north of the harrisburg expressway. it is just bumper to bumper in both directions. stars the jones falls expressway goes, moving. southbound it will take you a good 25 minutes to get from the beltway to cold spring. remember, the most accurate and up-to-date information available, you can always log onto back over to you. >> thank you, kristy. we'd like to see your pictures from the first real snowfall of the season.
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you can send them to wjz web alert at and look for them on a slide show at and remember, wjz 13 is always on. for updates on the forecast, live doppler radar, and information on closings and delays, log onto a stranger at school. tonight, parents at a dundalk middle school are concerned after learning that a man tried to sexually assault a student. many are wondering how this man got inside the school without being detected. >> reporter: parents come to school today to get their children early due to snow. but they come out with a surprising letter from the assistant principal, about an assault with a student. a source familiar with the case tells wjz, the suspect dragged the boy into a stalled bathroom, trying to sexually assault him. it's believed the stranger slipped in with a crowd of school children, entering early this morning. >> i'm sure he was scared to death. and i have a son who goes to this school. and it concerns me a lot. >> reporter: luckily, the boy
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escaped unharmed. and the suspect was quickly arrested. >> a school staff member heard the child yelling. went to the bathroom to investigate. and found the suspect with the victim in this case. >> aren't they checked when they go in? you know what i mean? how do they get past here? they have a police officer in here constantly. >> reporter: normally, the school dor door -- doors are locked, and visitors must buzz to get in. but today, because of the cold, students were allowed into the lobby. >> we're told that two people confronted the intruder, told him that they shouldn't be in the building and should go right into the main office. apparently they didn't escort him to the door. >> they asked him what his business was, told him to report to the office, which is what they were supposed to do. and unfortunately, however, he did not do that. >> police say that they remained watchful. the suspect entered the bathroom but a police officer was close when the boy called for help. >> if the police officer and
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security guard actually saw this individual, they should have taken them off the premises. >> late today, security was very tight, even for parents who were highly scrutinized at the door. >> reporter: and the suspect has not yet been identified. he's in his 20s and he lives in the dundalk area. back to you, kai. >> the suspect is getting a bail hearing tonight. a nightmare train ride. passengers stranded on a marc train, in imagine this, swelling heat. the federal railroad administration says the incident reflects a series of organizational failures at multiple levels. about 1,000 commuters were left stranded in the heat last june on a marc train near new carrollton. they criticized marc management for failing to recognize the seriousness of the incident and respond aggressively. the report has shorter strains. hard to remember what it felt like. >> oh, my goodness. seems like a distant memory, a
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lifetime ago. still ahead. moments of terror. >> oh, my gosh. he's firing. >> okay. >> he's firing. [ gunshots ] >> a man opens fire on a school board meeting. now, new information on why he did it. >> i'm alex demetrick. coming up, why investigating big fires like the one on the block often come down to lab work. that story as eyewitness news continues. think summer. i'm pat warren, coming up. baltimore city has a plan so big you won't recognize the place. and maryland coated in snow. bob turk is tracking live doppler radar coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a live look outside now. snowfall is falling down. are there still some flakes out
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there. we'll check in with bob in a few minute. but first, bge employees are now just hours from an historic move. workers are voting on unionizing for the first time ever. the two-day election wraps up friday. this will be the first union in its 194-day history. bge remains one of the few in history who remain nonunion. baltimore is off to the races. tickets are now on sale for the labor day weekend baltimore grand prix. wjz is live. pat warren has more on what is available. pat, i'd like to go. >> well, you can, kai. well, you know what? i'm not going to tell you now. i'll make you wait for that. but i can tell you that the presale has already netted a million dollars from racing enthusiasts who think the baltimore grand prix is the next big thing. >> reporter: baltimore tradition leaves more to horses than horse power.
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but racing enthusiasts think adding a prix to preakness is just the right thing. >> we have sold now just about 15,000 tickets. and you know, we're over $1 million in terms of what we've generated from the ticket sales. so we've had a very enthusiastic response. >> reporter: tickets range in price from $12 to $1200 depends on what you want from your racing event. >> you can purchase reserve grandstands for a day. and they're $65. that's your seat. and you can sit there just like you're at a ravens game or o's game, and that's where you get to sit. if you want, you can also do between $130 and $160. and that will give you reserved, grand stand seating for the three-day festival speed. if you want to be there every day and you want that seat, you can have it for three days. >> reporter: and with more than 100,000 people expected to come to town for it, organizers expect it to be a windfall for
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the city. >> i have friends who associate baltimore with the water. and baltimore is so much more than that. i think this is going to be an opportunity to showcase baltimore to the world. it will be seen in 216 different countries. >> the race takes place and circles cand of camd -- circles camden yards. that's the reason for the roadwork you see there. >> reporter: and you'll also find there are so many different events planned around the race. and it's really a festival with the grand prix as a draw. back to you, kai. see anything you like? >> i see a lot. absolutely. thank you, pat. 2011 is the first grand bree -- grand prix, by the way. it will run for five years. today is not a good day. >> that's for sure. some people were speeding along. although some of the roads were slick. some were just wet. got to take it easy in this kind of weather. and put your lights on. when it's snowing or raining. and use your wipers. put your lights on.
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it's the law. let's take a look at temps now. that always seems to happen, doesn't it? 24 now. it's been below freezing all day long. low to mid-20s. no winds at all. that's the good news. barometer on the way back up. but looking at a big improvement tomorrow after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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first warning weather. complete forecast. and the first severe weather. >> snow is slick. especially on the back roads, bob. >> roads that have not been treated and have been ridden over with cars. get like a layer. very slick. some of the hills in the city that have not been treated are very dangerous. be careful. most of the main roads that we saw are really, really in good shape. this wasn't like a snow squall. everybody knew it was coming. still, some snow moving on. take a look at radar real quick. reel run it through here this morning. we saw moderate snow moving across virginia. just the last few hours, it's all moved on down to the south as you can see now. southern bay, extreme southern portions of saint mary's opportunitiy. and now, modern snow to salisbury and ocean city.
5:22 pm
and snow hill, appropriately enough. getting? snow down there. they may pick up another half inch. to the west of us, i can really barely find any snow. a few stray flakes around the baltimore metro. i don't see anything except for a skinny line of a few stray flakes from about severna park to the northern d.c. suburbs. that is about it for this storm, as far as we're concerned. it's kind of disappointing. we have all of these cold temps and didn't get a whole lot out of it. we'll talk about those totals in just a minute. 24. certainly cold enough. 28, 28. 20, 18. any snow that fell today, will not be melting. at least not tonight. when the sun comes out tomorrow, it will melt. 3 1/2 inches frostburg. 2.3, frederick area. rockville about 2. st. mary's, under 2. here on tv hill, just a tad more than a half inch. and bwi, officially today, only had 4/10ths of an inch of snow.
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winds just about nonexistent. and they have been out of the east most of the day. this storm, such as it is, moved quick lie out of the midwest. now it's moving offshore, taking the moisture with it. down south, where it's warmer. they have a little freezing rain issues down across the carolinas. and some rain for the southeast. you can still see the rain across the north carolina- virginia border. but to the west, it's pretty much done. this slow quickly moving -- low quickly moving out. sunday, or late saturday night. the system we're talking about looks like it's going to move offshore. may give a glancing blow to the eastern shore saturday night. here in the baltimore region, maybe a 20% chance may see a little snow saturday night. northwest winds, 5 to 10 knots on the bay. bay temp around 39 degrees. it will clear out pretty shortly. 18. watch out. it will still be way below freezing. tomorrow, brisk, chilly day. 34, which is warmer than today.
5:24 pm
be careful tonight if you're heading out. >> okay. >> will do. thank you, bob. many of you have been taking pictures. snow as it fell. wjz is live with photos. >> we know you don't have time to go out and take pictures yourself. many of our viewers have been sending pictures all day long. carrie sent us this picture of her dog cola playing in the snow. jackie sent in this picture of millington. looks like a christmas card there. more serious picture. two cars and a bus, and a police car. everyone, thankfully, is okay. she said her neighborhood, though, is very slippery, as we know many of them are, all around the region. if you have a picture you want to send to us, please be careful. go out and take it. send it to wjz web then look for it on the slide show here on still ahead on wjz eyewitness news at 5:00. a man accused of kidnapping a 12-year-old is back in
5:25 pm
virginia. what's next in the complex investigation. they're headed up again. the airlines raising ticket prices. i'm mike schuh, wjz eyewitness news. the volunteer fire department in dundalk. it is the granddaddy of all train gardens. well worth a look when eyewitness news continues. ,,,,,
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it's 5:27. 42 degrees and cloudy. good evening. here are some of the stories
5:28 pm
people are talking about tonight. maryland is coping with its first significant snowfall of the season. wjz crews are at the baltimore county salt dome. crews there have been working hard to keep roads clear and safe as snow continues to fall. tonight, wjz is live with first warning weather coverage. bob turk and meteorologist tim williams have the latest updates on this system. >> reporter: we said it will probably snow from about noon to 5:00 or 6:00. guess what? it started around 11:30, or 12:00. now, it's just beginning to wind down. it still continues to snow across extreme southern portions. and that's the heaviest amounts. and that's what we indicated earlier, last night and this morning. as you can see, it's all moved off to the east and southeast. some heavier echoes way down here across maryland. and between cambridge and salisbury. snow hill could pick up another inch of snow in the next hour or two, before it finally moves out. that's where the heaviest of the snow has been today.
5:29 pm
across southern virginia, some spots picking up 3 or 4 inches or so. take a look at the advisory. we still have until late tonight, officially, although it may drop, a winter weather advisory for the entire state of maryland, way down to the south. because they had heavier amounts and ice. a winter storm warning continues for a few hours. tim williams is in the outback. >> reporter: totals are coming in, as bob mentioned. and they will continue to come in through the night. and they will have a better idea of the complete total of the storms as we get into tomorrow. for now, the smallest amount we've seen, ironically, is that the official reporting station at bwi marshall, which is just at 4/10ths of an inch of snow. but tv hill will move up from there. dundalk at about an inch and a half. as is columbia. st. mary's, around 2 inches, getting into the higher amounts. rockville in frederick. and the highest amount we've found so far on the map, 3 1/2 inches out toward frostburg. of course, garrett county,
5:30 pm
allegheny county, always get hit with these storms when they come through. we'll continue to keep it updated. >> wjz is also live in southeast baltimore. mike hellgren continues to monitor the road conditions. mike? >> denise, the snow has stopped here. it's cold. thankfully not as windy as it has been in recent days. and the city has about 130 pieces of equipment, trying to get the side streets cleared. and as you can see here on fleet, it is still packed with ice and snow. and it's hard getting around for a number of drivers. let's take a look at the video that we shot at the height of this storm. it really started coming down fast and furious. just after 11:00 today. and continued. throughout the afternoon. for many people, just walking around, was quite a challenge. several counties had declared snow emergencies. if we can take it back live here to southeast baltimore, we want to show you a picture of traffic moving on interstate 895. sometimes it snarls up. it's moving actually pretty
5:31 pm
well right now. the interstates are wet. but they're passable, which is good news. but you should allow extra time to get where you're going. reporting live in southeast baltimore, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> mike, thank you. first warning weather coverage continues with kristy breslin. she has an update on the roads from wjz traffic control. hi, kristy. plenty of congestion out there. especially if you're traveling on the beltway. take a look at the inner loop. over an hour to get through that. on the outer loop of the beltway, heavy 95 to southwestern boulevard. another 70 minutes to get through that delay. as far as 795 goes. southbound heavy there to the beltway. and on 70, westbound. we have an accident there. at patapsco river bridge. that is causing traffic to tie up quite a bit. and 20 minutes to get through. as far as the harrisburg expressway goes, 20 minutes southbound there if warren road to the beltway. and 95, still quite a struggle in that southbound direction. the delay is backed from mountain road up to whitemarsh
5:32 pm
boulevard. plenty of accidents in the region. just to name a few. old eastern avenue, at back river neck. loch raven boulevard at cromwell. and also 895, southbound. we have an accident on the toll plaza at lane 4. 83 north of the beltway. and also plenty of brake lights there in the beltway at liberty road. this traffic report is brought to you by len the plumber. experts in plumbing, drain cleaning, waters and wells. call len the plumber. we'd like to see some of your pictures from the first area wide snowfall of the season. you can send your pictures to wjz web alert at then look for them on a slide show at remember, wjz 13 is always on. for instant updates on the forecast, live doppler radar, and information on closings and delays, log onto a major blaze microscoping. detective work. it was in the lab that the
5:33 pm
cause of a five-alarm fire on the block was found to be the result of human action. that meant something that could burn was either deliberately or accidentally set. alex demetrick has a look at the lab that cracked the case. >> last week's five-alarm fire on the block eventually found its way down this long hallway in beltsville, home to the atf's forensics science lab. >> the chances of finding something is relatively slim, due to the burning process. >> reporter: that's why atf fire investigators came to baltimore with chemists. tracing the fire to the peep show booth. evidence was sealed into cans like these. essential for keeping vapors trapped. >> since we live in a petroleum- based society, most of the things we have, will give off petroleum vapors. and that's what you're looking for. something like gas leaks. >> reporter: and this is what it takes to do the looking. >> you absolutely need a gas to
5:34 pm
do the analysis. >> what it does is separate the vapors into their components. then they tell which of the components come from an ignitable liquid. but time, as well as fire and water is a challenge. that's because volatile fuel and its fumes evaporate. >> finding a tel tail look at -- telltale look at this. >> we weren't losing things as rapidly as we would, say, in the middle of july. >> reporter: alex demetrick, wjz eyewitness news. >> the atf lab in beltsville is one of only three in the nation that do intense fire forensics. a kidnapping case examined. tonight, the man accused of abducting a 12-year-old girl is back in virginia. vic is in the newsroom with the latest on this case. turns out the weather is having an impact on jeffly easley. he's -- jeffrey easley. oozily faces charges of
5:35 pm
abducting -- easley faces charges of abducting 12-year- old brittany smith. because of the storm moving over the region, his arraignment scheduled for today was postponed to tomorrow afternoon. brittany disappeared shortly after the mother was found dead. it is unclear if brittany left her home willingly. >> the death of brittany's mother is being investigated as a homicide. to the latest on the school board shooting in panama. we're learning more about the gunman who shot him as he fired point blank. mark strausman has more for wjz from panama city. >> can we talk for a minute? >> clay dukes startled everyone else. but he planned this. he circle the the date. and once he held members of the bay district school board hostage, he ignored their pleas. >> i've got a lot with my wife and family.
5:36 pm
i don't need to die. >> reporter: ginger littleton, the only woman on the board, snuck back inside, and tried to disarm duke with her purse. >> reporter: duke let her live. but no one could talk him down. >> please don't. please don't. please. [ gunshot ] >> i'm going to kill you. >> i'm not a pansy, but i will tell you, i was very afraid. i was scared to death. >> this is going to happen. he was going to do this. there was nothing we could have done to stop him. >> reporter: on wednesday, an emotional rebecca duke told reporters she was hoping to give her husband some good news. >> i was trying to fill out applications and trying to get in some interviews so that i could actually say, honey, guess what, i got a job, you know, everything is going to be okay. but evidently i didn't get that chance. i love my husband. he is really a gentle giant. >> reporter: by the time he opened fire, missing even at point blank range, duke was a
5:37 pm
troubled and broke ex-con, angry the school system had fired his wife, a special needs teacher. his lawyer said duke was also bipolar, which kept him jobless, so he couldn't afford his medications. and by the time somebody called 911. >> oh, my gosh. he's firing. >> okay. >> he's firing. >> reporter: mike jones couldn't afford to wait. in the board room, here off camera, the school district security chief returned fire and dropped duke. >> i'm telling you, mike saved our lives. now, it doesn't get any more real than that. and you don't have to believe that or whatever. but we were in there. and i'm telling you that that gentleman was not going to stop shooting. >> reporter: the gunman's widow described her husband as an excellent marksman. she believes he missed all of his targets, even at close range because he wanted to. 500 miles or more. other carriers are quickly
5:38 pm
matching it. shorter trips are seeing hikes. no increases are expected after the new year. lawyers representing 20 states are in the florida courtroom today. arguing to overturn the federal healthcare act. it was just one force in the overall legal opposition. manuel gallegus reports for wjz from pensacola, florida. >> reporter: the attorneys general from 20 states have a message for the president. >> obama care should be stricken down as violating the constitution. >> reporter: attorneys gentleman from texas, florida and alabama, argued in a federal court that congress does not have the constitutional authority to force all americans to buy health insurance or penalize them if they don't. >> what the judge said if congress can force you to go out and purchase a product such as healthcare insurance, congress can force you to go out and eat brockol tebecause that would be better for your health. >> reporter: they also told the judge, if states are forced to expand medicare programs under the new law, they'll go broke.
5:39 pm
>> where are we going to get the money? are we going to raise taxes enormously this week? >> earlier, a judge ruled that people cannot be forced to buy healthcare insurance. and supporters here want to go even further, to stop the federal government from enacting healthcare reform. >> but two are the judges have upheld the law. >> there's a lot at stake. because there are tens of millions of people who are going to gain coverage as a result of this legislation. >> reporter: outside the courthouse, some showed their distrust of the government. but others want to see more healthcare stick. >> i would have suffered less, not only financially, but medically, had i been eligible for medicaid. >> reporter: lawyers for the federal government say ultimately, states don't have the authority to interfere. legal analysts say the issue will undoubtedly end up before the supreme court. >> reporter: manuel gallegus,
5:40 pm
wjz eyewitness news. >> more than 30 million people would gain coverage in 2019, when the law is phased in. but another 20 million or so would remain uninsured. time now for a quick look at some of the stories you'll find in the baltimore sun. a preliminary cost estimate to expand the convention center and build an arena next to it. an outreach organization now finds itself home little or at least headquarterless. and the man double parked because he was scared to walk home. for these stories and more, read tomorrow's baltimore sun. and remember to look for the updated first warning forecast from the first warning weather team. our area is full of tradition. few are stronger than for those who love their christmas train gardens. now, mike schuh shows us the most elaborate changing garden in our area is right in dundalk. >> reporter: pull over for the most elaborate, temporary train garden in town. >> basically, it's 10 of us. >> 10 working since october.
5:41 pm
>> we may end up working here from 2:00 to 3:00 in the morning. >> reporter: easy to understand when you realize, each year there is a different theme, layout in trains. watch regular changeovers from night to day. with 200 moving displays. new, topical additions each year. like a casino and wind turbine. and the special things that let you know you're in baltimore. like this guy. or this, direct from the inner harbor. the bromo tower. a wink from bow. i-95 into the tunnels. see the ranks fight pittsburgh. accurate down to the blown calls by the referees. >> our reward is seeing the children. and when their faces light up. and some children are older. >> i love trains. the high point for me is that my wife is not going to be yelling at me for setting one up at the house. so i have it here and she doesn't have to worry about
5:42 pm
that. >> in dundalk, i'm ron matz. wjz eyewitness news. >> and it's open. the train garden, weeknights 6 to 9:00, and noon to 9:00 on weekends. >> you bet you're not, ron matz. shipwreck tragedy. how powerful waves caused this disaster. a celebrity expecting. what mariah carey just found out about her pregnancy. bob turk, first warning weather center. sun returning, at least for a little while. i'll have the exclusive first warning five-day forecast. first, here's today's report from wall street. ,,,,,,,
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sidewalks. below freezing temperature. if it's not been treated. take a look at the forecast. for tomorrow, it will be sunny. we'll see melting out there tomorrow. temperatures just getting above the freezing mark. but back in the 20s tonight. tim williams in the outback.
5:46 pm
the five-day forecast. tomorrow, 34 degrees. saturday. still watching a storm system that will be formed. there is a potential for another snowfall sunday. we'll keep you. and another chance for another snow shower on tuesday. 36 degrees. now, as you're roasting your chestnuts on an open fire. keep the flu damage closed. unless a fire is going. make sure the seal on the fireplace damper is as snug as possible. and install temper glass and a blower redirects warmer air back. generated from the fireplace, keeping your home warm. for a list of other ways you can become an energy saver, you
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can go to, and click on the special section on the home page. back inside. >> thank you, tim. wikileaks found are julian assange appeared today. >> reporter: wikileaks founder julian assange walked free after a week in prison in london. >> it's great to smell fresh air again. >> reporter: a british judge released him on bail. the 39-year-old australian thanked celebrities who put up the cash and also thanked -- >> to all the people around the world who have had faith in me, who have supported my team while i've been away. >> reporter: assange is wanted in sweden for questioning over rape allegations. he's not been formally charged. and he denies the accusations. the judge rejected an appeal by
5:48 pm
prosecutors that assange would flee britain. he was ordered to wear an electronic tag and report to the police every evening. >> reporter: the decision to grant bail here at the high court is just the beginning of a long legal process. assange will be back in court for an extradition hearing early in the new year. >> i hope to continue my work and continue to protest my innocence in this matter. >> reporter: even while assange was locked up, his wikileaks website has been free to release hundreds of thousands of secret u.s. diplomatic documents. federal prosecutors in america are reportedly trying to build a conspiracy case against him. in london, charlie d'agata, wjz eyewitness news. >> and again, assange is now staying at an english country house, owned by a wikileaks supporter. more than two dozen
5:49 pm
refugees are confirmed dead in a ship wreck. that is likely to rise. it carried 100 people on sharp rocks. rescue officials say only 44 people have been saved from the water so far. authorities say the shipwreck is believed to be indonesian, carrying iraqi passengers. it will be a double-blessed event for singer mariah carey. her publicist confirms, she's having twins. nick cannon first broke the news on his radio show. he told the audience, he didn't have his wife's permission, but he was doing it anyway. he also said both babies are healthy, but he did not reveal their sex. sad news tonight. legendary director and writer, blake edwards has died at the age of 88. this is video of edwards, after achieving the lifetime awards at the oscar. he's best known for breakfast at tiffany's, 10, the pink panther series. he was married for 42 years to
5:50 pm
actress julie andrews. edwards died from complications of pneumonia. and we invite you to stay tuned. >> first, the cold. now the snow. a live look outside right now. snow continues to fall in some areas. causing some headaches on the roads. first warning weather continues at 6:00. and... 50 years on the job. delivering mail. rain or shine. this postal carrier loves his job. but he says lots change in that time. i'm andrea fujii. that story is just ahead on wjz eyewitness news. check in for these stories and all the day's breaking news. all new at 6:00 now. back to you. still ahead tonight. ravens look to build momentum toward the play-offs. >> mark has the latest from the team coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:51 pm
5:52 pm
5:53 pm
ravens are getting ready to play the saints. are they building any momentum to the play-offs, mark? >> kai, that's certainly the goal. but as ray rice told us today, the ravens are making the
5:54 pm
journey interesting. the wild win was as much nerve- racking as it was interesting. back to the practice field. but the snowfall this morning. led the ravens to move today's preparations indoors. cold and snow could be to the ravens' advantage when they take on the ravens sunday. they can improve their own play. there have been inconsistencies on offense. and defense. regarding the offense. i asked joe flacco whether it's possible to make significant changes this late into a season. >> i'm not a big guy that likes to change things. i think you play with what you have and you do what you're good at. and you're 13 games in the year, you should know what you're good at. and you should run those things. and you shouldn't change your offense or what your identity is or what you feel it is. i think we have played, like i said, 13 games. we're 9-4 football team. and we should feel good about that. and we should continue to go out there and play the football we have. and have confidence that that's going to win us football games.
5:55 pm
>> receiver derrick mason missed practice with an ankle injury. todd heap and lacause key also sat out. coming up next, the ravens get a surprise visitor today. you have to see how willis mcgahee responded to a challenge, in a sport other than football. i'll explain. plus, more movement in the baseball off season. detailptailp -- details ahead in sports. in tonight's healthwatch, the government has issued a warning to dietary supplement makers. the fda sent a letter, saying companies could face criminal charges, if they sell deceptively labeled products. weight loss, bodybuilding, andex -- and sexual enhancement are the most popular products. tainted products could cause organ failure and even death. i'm mike hellgren, at the salt dome, with all of the preparations. what you can expect for the evening rush hour, complete
5:56 pm
first warning weather, winter coverage. coming up. ,,,,,,,,
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
first warning weather team is tracking it all. trapped on the train. a harsh new report on marc's breakdown in extreme summer heat. what's being changed? i'm suzanne collins in dundalk. it's a frightening moment for a middle schooler here when he
5:59 pm
was in the boys bathroom and is assaulted by a perfect stranger, an adult. i'll have more on that crime coming up next. check in for has stories and all the day's breaking news. wjz at 6:00 starts now. drivers caught offguard by the first significant snow of the season. >> tonight, the rough conditions continue. and how much snow we'll get. >> hello, everyone. i'm vic carter. >> and i'm denise koch. here's what everyone is talking about. the stow is causing problems. it's really bad on many roads. wjz is live with first warning weather coverage. meteorologist tim williams and bob turk ever tracking


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