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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  December 17, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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around the northern sections of the louisiana area. and east tection tex -- texas and oklahoma. this is expected to make a move off to the east and northeast. the problem is, exactly where does it go is still a bit of a question mark. although the latest models have it further out to sea. take a look at this graphic. two or three different things have to come together for this to become a major snowmaker for the northeast. it looks like it will be out over the region. with cold air in our region. if we get some moisture over the land, we will see some precip. tim has a look at what we probably will see this weekend and in the next weekend. we finally are starting to get some clarity on this system. let's see the system develop. over the next 24 to 48 hours. basically, the timing, late saturday night into sunday morning, i should say. about 1:00 a.m. crossing really along the eastern seaboard. and blanketing the state with at least cloud cover and some moisture by about 6:00 or so.
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what that means for us, with cold air in place, is that we could see maybe a coating or a trace, around much of the state, from around 95 corridor to the east. likely not going to see much of anything. and 1 to 3 inches, potentially down on the eastern shore. again, and that is going to be determined by how close that system comes. looks like we are dodging a big bullet here with the majority of the snow that will be developed by this storm. bob will have your complete updated first warning forecast coming up. >> remember, wjz is always on. for instant updates on the forecast, live doppler radar, and information on closings and delays, log onto tonight, there are new horrifying details about the experience for a middle school boy attacked by a total stranger in the bathroom of his dundalk school. wjz is live at towson. suzanne collins spoke to police who say the suspects entered the school, intent on a sexual assault.
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suzanne? >> reporter: well, denise, the suspect told me that he selected this child, the 12- year-old, based purely on his looks. and also, that child was courageous. he struggled and fought and got out of the man's grasp. and his assailant was arrested. this is sean schleigh, the man police say admitted to breaking into a middle school, with the hopes of having sex with a child. the details are released in these court papers. and they were terrify any parent or child. >> reporter: he was first seen outside the school. they thought he was a student. inside, he told a teacher, he was there to to see his little brother. and she sent him to the office. but instead, in a confession to police, schleigh, said he hung out in the bathroom for more than an hour, watching children come and go, until he could select his prey. >> he was looking for specific a small blonde child.
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>> the 12-year-old victim said schleigh began to punch him, threw a blue mouth in his sock. parents are angered over how easily anyone can get in. >> i think we need it more secure for the kids. because my son is right there. so i don't know. what can i say? because i'm in shock right now. >> reporter: new rules are in place right now at halliburton middle. more questions will be asked at the door, any strangers seen inside will be escorted to the office. >> one of the issues i've noticed there, their office is down at the end, down here. you have to go through these doors and go basically all the way down the hall to get to the main office. >> reporter: schleigh's address is this in havre de grace. he used to live in dundalk. and police think recently, he's been living there again, near where the attack occurred. >> reporter: now, schleigh does not have any sex offense arrests since he turned 18 in
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maryland. but he does have arrests for marijuana. >> a judge refused to reduce schleigh's million dollar bail. family members had a wake for richard and eleanor satterfield, their granddaughter, tiara, and her three children, will be held the 22nd, at empowerment prim rose church. at 10:00 a.m. the funeral will be at 11:00 a.m. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. for information on how to donate to the satterfield family, log onto, and click on news and the local tab. there will be no tax increase for most americans on new year's day. president obama and congress worked out a deal to extend the bush-era tax cuts for another two years. joel brown reports for wjz. the president made the agreement with republican leaders, even though it passed. not everyone in washington is happy about it.
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>> here we go. [ applause ] >> reporter: this president signature turns the tax cut compromise into law. the deal is hammered out with republicans. prevents a new year's day tax hike for millions of americans. >> this is real money. it's going to make a real difference in people's lives. >> reporter: the house approved the plan late thursday, after a marathon of debate in closed- door deal making. the biggest critics were from the president's own party. >> the president has to understand that if he reaches out without a finger of bipartisanship, he's going to lose a pound of flesh in what he's going to have to give up. >> reporter: but liberals. >> the motion is adopted. >> reporter: and in the end, the deal went through, without changes. everyone will get the bush tax cuts for another two years. and most workers will get a one- year cut in social security taxes. >> with complaints that the deals favored the rich, the president was counting on republican votes more than
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ever. it's likely to be a sign of things to come, as the gop flexes its newfound strength. >> reporter: the soon to be speaker of the house praised the bipartisanship. >> two years is better than a tax hike on january 1st, but it will not end the uncertainty. >> reporter: both sides are sharpening their knives over the next tax cut, two years from now, at the height of the next presidential campaign. >> that was joel brown reporting. the social security tax cut. is that someone making $50,000 a year, will have an extra $1,000 by this time next year. but some democratic lawmakers worry it will make things even worse for the retirement plan. new jobs in maryland, not having an impact on the state's unemployment rate. the state's unemployment rate remains steady in november, at 7.4%. although maryland added more than 2,000 jobs last month, it wasn't enough to keep up with
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the number of people joining in the job search. >> maryland is still better off than the national day, however. a bigger and better convention center. that's the plans making the rounds in baltimore. as the city seeks to capitalize on the popularity of first mariner arena. pat warren has more. >> reporter: that's right. it's long been considered that first marijuanaer arein -- mariner arena is past its prime. and some of the city's most prominent leaders have decided, why not go whole hog. >> reporter: there's a billion- dollar idea, budding in government. an expansion of the baltimore convention center with a new arena alongside. there are a few hurdles to clear. the money, the timing. and the space. >> i don't think there's anything we've ever done that everyone on board. it's a democracy. and for every three people, there are eight opinions. >> this was the big news in 1996. the last expansion of the
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convention center. and it wowed newcomers. >> i couldn't believe how large it is. >> you would not believe. until you actually come inside and see for yourself. >> reporter: mostly, the city made news by building on itself. as you can see, there's not a lot of space to work with. so they would change the space and rebuilding. >> i anticipate having feedback, both positive and negative. my goal is to make sure that we capitalize on the momentum that has been growing with the success of first mariner. we have a great operation that is bringing world class talent to baltimore. and i think with the new facility, we could even do more. >> the plan is so fresh, renderings of the proposal have not yet been released. >> reporter: and the financing still has to be worked out. we're talking about $934 million. and it could be funded by some sort of public-private
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partnership. back to you, denise. >> thank you, pat. the project would take around 6 1/2 years to complete. pressure is on the ravens tonight, after nearly losing their last game. the question is, can a team pull out a win this weekend, against the defending super bowl champion? san stan saunders is live at with predictions from the experts. >> reporter: hello, kai. my colleagues here have mix feelings on how this baby is going to turn out sunday. let me tell you, first of all. personally, i say the ravens are going to win with 24-20. and that's going with my head, not exactly my heart. mark has the same score, but has the saints coming out. damon bulldog yavy has it 23-21 saints. and scott garceau has the saints winning. and ed norris has the ravens winning, a close one, 24-23. and steve davis says the saints will come out on top.
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27-24. we've got a lot more to talk about that game, comingum in sports later on. back to you. >> thank you, stan. it's not often that they say the other team. >> no. i pointed out to tim, i don't think i've heard that all season. >> maybe they'll be wrong. we hope so. >> we hope so. still ahead on wjz eyewitness news. on the loose. police link another death to a serial killer. the people he's targeting. i'm alex demetrick. coming up, no good deed goes unpunished. that story as eyewitness news continues. i'm mike schuh, wjz eyewitness news. in towson, one day after the first snowfall, the county unveils new technology to keep track of how clean the streets are where you live. the story when we return. more snow this weekend. bob turk has your updated first warning forecast. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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they fought to save a life. and now, they say they will fight the fine. it all revolves around the rescue of a deer, trapped in icy water last alex demetrick reports that, good deed was rewarded with tickets. >> strangers banded together to pull a deer out of the freezing water of the patapsco river last night. >> we have seen the deer going under. we it was starting to freeze and really getting bad. >> we had oars and shovels and excited to get it out. >> reporter: but in the aftermath of the rescue, a natural resources officer on the scene wrote both men a ticket. >> he didn't say anything. we went in and out of the water, numerous times. he didn't stop us at all. >> reporter: they say they were ticketed for not wearing life vests, although both are over the age for mandatory use of life vests.
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>> no, we didn't have life vests on, but we are not 16 years old. >> they tell wjz, the rescuers were warned they were violating maryland law. >> they could have grabbed that boat and said, i told you, take it or you'll get ticketed. no. >> they are going to fight in court. >> when we released the deer, it felt really good. and you can't ever replace the feeling. >> reporter: now, the two men ticketed say they will fight the citation at a court hearing in annapolis, set for february 18th. this story has many of you logging onto he says, quote, you can beat puppies to death in maryland. but you save a deer and you get a ticket. way to go, maryland. and as a former county cop, say say if this guy got a
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ticket for no vest, it's absurd. >> log onto post your comments. if you're waiting for someone to get home from work, let's check with kristy breslin at wjz traffic control. still pretty busy out there. 95 southbound. brake lights there from whitemarsh boulevard on the northeast corner. as far as the inner loop goes, it's just jammed there from park heights. average speed, 21 miles an hour. over on the west side of the outer loop, delays there from 795 to security boulevard. and we have a car fire attracting plenty of attention. that's northbound on the jones falls expressway at ruxton road. the delay is back to the beltway. as far as accidents go, we have a crash 100 eastbound at oakland road. bel air road at sunshine road for another crash. and a few in baltimore city. falls road at smith avenue. claire lane at goodman street. and utah place at wilson. now, let's take a live look. you can see, some brake lights
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there on the beltway. that delay about 15 minutes long. this traffic report is brought to you by len the plumber. they're experts in drain cleaning, water heating and wells. call len the plumber. every year, local governments like to remind us that they're ready for the snow. mike schuh explains, baltimore county is unveiling the new tool to keep residents up to date on their snow plowing efforts in the area. it's already arrived ahead of schedule. >> apparently winter does not officially begin until next tuesday. >> but as we found out, mother nature can't read. the county has been planning for just this kind of day and worse. >> whenever it arrives, we are ready. >> reporter: today, the talk is of enough money and salt to last the year. and a new website called snow fighter. >> and if you go take a look at the site, and it's up there now. we use the site to communicate with those now. and we're currently updating as
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we speak. >> reporter: residents cannot only tell the county what areas are needed. but the county can tell how much snow is needed. >> it's a combined information from what we have available. >> also a baltimore tradition of shoveling out a parking lot on a road. he says, you don't own that spot. but we have to work together. >> be courteous, respectful of others that dig themselves out of a parking spot. there's no ownership of that spot. however, refrain from altercation. >> this is the new county executive's first winter. he knows mismanaging snow cleanup has ruined political careers. >> believe me, i understand that. picking up the trash and clearing the streets of snow is an important example of a successful elected official. >> one final tip from the county. if we have blizzards like we did last year. they're suggesting you have at least a week of medications hand. in towson, mike schuh, we'll eyewitness news. >> to see the county's new web page, we have linked it to our
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website, click on local news. all right. we keep saying it all afternoon. could we get some more snow? could we get more snow? >> eventually, yes. >> some place negligence maryland will get some snow this weekend. we'll tell you where in just a minute. take a look at snow now. 32. more important, the dew point, that's where the snow is made 15 degrees up there. humidity 49%. west winds at 7. and the barometer, 30.interior 9. -- 30.09. it's rising. we'll take a look at the weekend after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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all right. cold. and will we get more snow this weekend, bob? >> do you really want to know? >> yes. we do. >> this these computer models that we use have been going back and forth, and back and forth. finally, late this afternoon, they're pretty much in agreement that this low pressure that is going to form down to our south will be just a little too far to do much to our region. if you live in ocean city or
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salisbury, maybe cambridge, you'll probably see some snow. west of the bay, may see a few stray flakes flakes and cloudy skies. that's about all we're expecting. take a look at temps and conditions. most places, 32. 36 in washington. ocean city at the airport there. 31 degrees. i think ocean city might pick up a couple of inches of snow saturday night and sunday morning. boy, look at that. ever changing bob turk. 19 in oakland. 32 in cumberland. the dew point is at 15 degrees. still pretty dry. but yesterday and the day before, the temperatures were in the -- low. right now, west winds rather light. 4, 5, 6, 7 miles an hour. dead calm in easton. and it will be chilly tonight. with generally clear conditions, down around 20 degrees, which is below our normal, which is mid-20s. here in the east, still a
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little lake-effect stuff going on in ohio, pennsylvania. this area of low pressure, you can see the snow in portions of colorado and new mexico. nup amarillo. this is moving to the east/southeast. it's going to join up with a little low pressure, beginning to go up in the gulf. typically, these systems can cause havoc in the gulf coast. the problem is, there's a northern jet stream. and this southern. this is more of a tropical jet. it doesn't look like they're going to join up together at the right time to make this storm explode at the right place to give us heavy amounts of precipitation. we expect this to head down to the south and east. and eventually out to sea. however, it's going to probably make a recurve up toward extreme eastern new england sunday. and from about new hampshire, boston area. maybe eastern road road. connecticut area could see some snow on sunday. for our region, it looks like it's probably going to stay right along the coast. look at this next model. you can see what's going on. it will stay cold all weekend.
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you can see how close it comes, right along the coast. norfolk area, probably see a rain snow mix. ocean city. maybe atlantic city. and portions of long island. will probably see some snow. late saturday night into sunday. west of the bay, i think really west of the beltway, you may not see anything at all. the city may be just a little bit of snowflake activity. southeast winds, the bay, 5 knots. bay temp around 39. tonight, let's call it around 20. average low is still at 27. then tomorrow, we'll see a mixture of clouds and sunshine. temperatures in the mid-30s once again. not a lot of wind tomorrow. so it won't be a terrible day. but then it clouds up and stays cloudy and chilly for the ravens on sunday. probably game time, low 30s. so dress for some pretty chilly temps. okay. >> should be dry. >> good. >> should be. >> okay. >> i'll watch it at home. thank you, bob. still ahead at 5:00. a nightmare commute. passengers react to the cause
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of that marc train delay in the sweltering heat. killer cop. but are there more victims. the evidence that has los angeles police shifting their investigation? the best of the best schools are announced. at the maryland state blue ribbon awards. who made the list this year? i'm andrea fujii. thth,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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auto 5:-- the -- 5 children 28.
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32 and clouds. stuck on a train in the sweltering heat. now the mta has a long list of problems that detail what happened in june. but not all marylanders are on board with the answers. >> reporter: on a sweltering day in june this year, marc commuter train 538 broke down. also broken was this system a whole. and rider confidence. >> it was 100 something degrees on this train. and it took two hours before the police would come on and remove the windows? what was marc doing? >> reporter: this new report says marc wasn't doing nearly enough. a consulting company compiled months of data. >> amtrak is the contractor for us. but it's our service. and at the end of the day, we're responsible for how it's run and the well being of our passengers. and on that night, we let them down. >> reporter: the report details several several problems, including a major equipment failure with the train. and lack of communication with amtrak and especiallies. >> we also started to talk to
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amtrak about possibly changing the schedules and moving away from the longer train sets, 7, 8, or 9 cars to perhaps six or 7 cars and adding more service. >> what's their responsibility to us as passengers. >> oh. to keep us notified. let us know anything that's happening. you know, any kind of change. >> reporter: among the suggested improvements, having shorter trains on hot days. better communication with amtrak staff. and the focus on passenger comfort during emergencies. >> reporter: this report is 53 pages long. still some riders. >> my reaction was, it took six months to figure out that you didn't communicate very well. gosh. way to go. >> one of the thing we heard was customer comfort. you've got a train that is 90 degrees and no air conditioning. you want to make sure there's some water on board. so we began that almost immediately. >> the mta says it's
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implemented many of the recommends as in the report. police in philadelphia, working to get a serial killer off the streets tonight. and they say the kensington strangler may have just killed again. he is already linked to the deaths of two women. and attacks on three others. and now, detectives say a woman found dead wednesday was strangled and sexually assaulted just like the other victims. >> now, women say they are afraid to leave the house, because police have few leads. in los angeles, a different serial killer is in custody, accused of murdering 10 women. but now, police wonder if there are more victims. ben tracy has the latest on this case. >> reporter: for more than two decades, a string of murders went unsolved. most of the victims thought to be prostitutes and drug users, all from a gritty section of south los angeles. police say the killer is this man. local mechanic, lonnie franklin, jr., who may have even more victims. >> reporter: lonnie franklin's reign of terror, in the city of
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los angeles, was spanned well over two decades. and we certainly do not believe that we are so lucky or so good as to know all of his victims? >> franklin has been dubbed the grim sleeper because police believe he took a 14-year hiatus on his sleeping. when police finally arrested him and, they made an alarming discovery. hundreds of photos of women. no clue what happened to them. >> our main concern is individuals and their identity. >> on thursday, l.a. police posted the photos photo the website. >> there is something we need to establish. there is some family in this city that goes without justice. and you will help us in achieving that for them. >> reporter: franklin could get the death penalty if convicted of the 10 murders he's already charged with. those cases may soon be solved
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but now, detectives are concerned most about the women seen in these 180 photographs and in finding out whether they are still alive. >> these suspects are victims -- the public must remember, these photos go back 20 years. people will have changed their looks. they will have aged. >> and lapd detectives say they've already received hundreds of calls since releasing those pictures. >> word of an historic settlement. the widow of a florida philanthropist, who was the largest beneficiary of a madoff scheme has agreed to refund to the fraud. the settlement means a sizable number of madoff victims could get at least half of their money back. a day after being on bail.
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jewel julian assange insists his website continues to work. charlie d'agata reports this reports this is the latest. >> he says he is preparing for the u.s. to try him as a spy. >> we heard the report yesterday that a secret indictment has been made against me in the united states. >> reporter: the wikileaks founder is under what he calls high-tech house arrest at a friend's country mansion, three hours outside london, after being freed from a prittish jail on bail. >> very nice to be amongst good friends. fresh snow on the english countryside. to have my first martini in a long time. >> he'll remain on a sprawling 600-acre estate, as he fights extradition to sweden. to face charges he raped and molested two wikileaks volunteers. assange says he's been set up. and has text messages between
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the two women to prove it. he says he's the target of a smear campaign. backlash over his whistle- blowing website, and its release of hundreds of thousands of secret delay di plomattic documents. >> assange says he is far less worried about being extradited from britain to sweden than being extradited from sweden to the u.s. >> the big concern is onward extradition to the united states. and that seems to be increasingly serious and increasingly likely. >> reporter: assange says now that he's back at the helm, he will speed up the release of documents that have caused so much embarrassment and outrage in the u.s. >> while under house arrest, asawmpleg has to wir an electronic tag ask report to police daily. washington is trying to crack down on debit card fees. the federal reserve proposed a 12-cent tax. every time they swipe a credit
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card. currently, banks charge at least a dollar for each transaction. the proposal is still being debated. honda is recalling suvs. the brackets on the rear suspension could detach. it involves passports from 1998 to 2002 model years. honda says a small number of incidents have been reported but there have been no injuries. online shoppers have extra incentive today. more than 1500 retailers are taking part in the third annual free shipping day. the company's guaranteed free delivery by christmas eve, if you order today. more than 60% have no restrictions or minimum purchases. maryland's controller is promoting holiday shoppers. >> visited local stores. by supporting local businesses during the holiday shopping
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season. >> every do dollar that is spent in your store, 70 cents stays in baltimore. >> absolutely. >> and if you go to wal-mart, 30 cent stays here. >> so far, the group has made stops in bethesda, cumberland, laurel, and st. michael's, as part of the shop local tour. get ready to pay more at the supermarket. grocery prices grew. economists say things are going to get worse. higher cost for wheat, sugar, soy and corn. the best of the best. six maryland schools are awarded the procedure's blue ribbon today. in tonight's school watch, andrea fujii explains what this means to students. children at mount washington elementary are just some of the students at a newly awarded blue ribbon school.
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>> reporter: state superintendent dr. nancy grasmick presented the certificate. >> it's a fabulous time. and it's a recognition of the parents' hard work, the students' hard work, but most of all, the ded exaigz and commitment of the teachers. >> reporter: winners include severna park high school, lime kiln middle, bel air elementary, and mount washington elementary. it was based on the requirements requirements and most dramatic improvement. >> each school will receive more than $7,000 in cash. >> i have technology-drink teachers. it will be used for instructional use. whatever we can do with it, they'll be so excited. >> reporter: this senior is proud, she'll have graduated from a blue ribbon school. >> i know that my basic education is very firmly grounded. i hope it will take me far in college. >> reporter: since the awards were a surprise, some principals called their schools
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to fill them in. >> congratulations. and you better be celebrating. >> reporter: andrea fujii, wjz eyewitness news. >> and the blue ribbon awards schools will now go on to compete for the national awards, which will be announced next september. time now for a look at some of the stories you'll find in the baltimore sun. edgar allen poe's poem, the raven, made it into a hollywood action thriller. bge workers voted overwhelmingly not to unionize. commercial property workers filed suit. and expect it to be built over the next decade. for these stories and more, read tomorrow's baltimore sun. and remember to look for the updated forecast from wjz's first warning weather team. it is the end of an era for tv viewers. last night, cnn's larry king ended his nightly talk show, after a hugely successful 25- year run. over the years, king interviewed world leaders and celebrities among may be others. -- many others.
5:40 pm
a parade of guests stopped by to bid the tv host farewell. >> interviewing people, he makes you feel safe, which means you might reveal things that you might not normally reveal. which is clever. and he's funny and a good listener. and he's a pal. >> one of the few journalists in this industry that i trust. >> reporter: set for an agreement to host a new year's eve special, it is not clear what his future holds. he's talked of doing comedy or going back to radio work. >> he will be just fine. >> i would imagine so. treatments designed just for you, down to your dna. tonight, in healthwatch, the medical breakthrough, saving lives. christmas parade shut down by flames. why firefighters are calling it the end result, a miracle. bob turk, the first warning weather center. more of these continued cold temperatures. maybe some snow. i'll have the exclusive first warning five-day forecast.
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and here's's tonight -- here's tonight's report from ,,,
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much of the eastern half of the united states remains in the grips of an arctic blast. the snow caused chaos on the roads here yesterday. but we got off easy, compared to some other areas. whit johnson has a look at the weather woes. >> reporter: from maryland, down through much of the southeast, snow, freezing rain, and ice made travel treacherous. >> you know, i'm trying to make it here the best i can. and trying to make my time. >> reporter: slick roads cause hundreds of accidents. in north carolina, at least three people were killed. in virginia yesterday, state police responded to more than 1500 crashes. crews were out in full force. as many as 700 plowed the roads in northern virginia alone. in one georgia neighborhood, simply crossing the street was dangerous. >> you could walk up the grass. but everybody had to crawl across the driveways. >> reporter: and this morning, the 100-year-old, cleveland
5:45 pm
harbor west lighthouse is feeling the chill. completely encased in ice. >> unbelievable. that picture is just unbelievable, bob. the big question tonight. should we prepare for snow in maryland? bob is here with your forecast. >> always pays to be prepared. take a look at tomorrow's forecast. no snow tomorrow. maybe late, late tonight. after midnight. and if you're heading down across the lower eastern shore. 20, 34, 30. basically, staying just above freezing in the daytype. -- daytime. tim has a look at the five-day forecast. more cold temps. >> reporter: definitely more cold temps. but a decidedly -- i'll just say improved forecast for tornado. -- sunday. as we look to see a trace or so. but most of the state, in the clear on sunday. 35 degrees. 34 on monday. 36 on tuesday, with another chance of maybe a mixed rain- snow shower event. we'll keep you posted.
5:46 pm
and then 38 wednesday. overnight lows down in the 20s. now, here's a way to keep your home warm, or at least contribute to the warm you may not worry about. turn off the ventilating fan. stopping the warm and humid air from bathing will allow you to retain the heat and cut down on heating costs. for more information on how you can become an energy saver, go to and click on the home page. mark strausman has details on the security guard's action. >> reporter: from his security door, mark jones showed me what he saw. the security guard -- gunman no noticed the security guard standing here. >> you got a gun there? come on here. >> he probably doesn't have a
5:47 pm
gun. >> jones tried but failed to lure duke out of the room. so he ran to his car, grabbed his big gun, more ammo, and his bulletproof vest. then he slowly opened the boardroom door. >> and when i did that, he squared his back to me and i knew he was going to shoot. fired my first shot. boom. i saw him flimp. and i -- flinch. and i knew it hit him in the back. but he kept shooting. so i came to this position. and i fired another shot. and i got to about here, i fired another shot. finally, he went down. >> reporter: jones hit duke at least three times. >> and when he went down, his arm came up and he started shooting at me. >> reporter: so jones crawled for cover, behind a back row of chairs. >> i was firing shotsoth like this, trying to keep -- shots like this, trying to keep him pinned down. and i looked and he wasn't moving. and i thought, okay, he's dead and the gunfight is over.
5:48 pm
about that time, he pulled the gun to his head. >> duke was dead. >> when he came up out of that chair, i lost it. i went to my knees and started crying. and i thought, oh, my god, he's alive. >> reporter: alive because of mike jones. >> reporter: mark strausman, cbs news, panama florida. >> duke's wife said that duke likely missed all of the people on purpose. but police contend that his intent was to injure or kill. five people escape a boat fire unharmed. the owner of the christmas submarine ship said her generator exploded, sending shock and flames everywhere. a brave woman grabbed a fire extinguisher, and kept the flames contained until fire crews arrived. we invite you to check in with eyewitness news at 6:00. for today's big stories, including attacked in school. the details after a stranger tries to sexually assault a boy
5:49 pm
in a middle school bathroom. and the security changes being made at the school. and a bigger and better convention center. the billion dollar idea that could transform baltimore. check in for these stories and all the breaking news. coming up all new at 6:00. still ahead on eyewitness news tonight. the ravens make final tuneups for their showdown with the defending super bowl champs. stan has more coming g ,,,,,
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can the ravens make it two in a row? stan is here. what do you think? >> it's going to be a good one. i can tell you that. but there's just one obstacle, wedging itself between the ravens and two straight victores. that -- victories. that would be the new orleans saints. they have rolled in intent on rolling over the ravens. today, indoor at the castle, the purple birds continued polishing their armor for sunday's great outdoor chill downtown. former coach brian billick, team owner, bill ver satchy.
5:53 pm
and 9-4 ravens take on the champs. and 8-6 saints, whose quarterback today, drew brees, was named male athlete of the year by associated press. >> he's definitely one of the quarterbacks in the league. >> you kind of watch him on tv see the defense. and they got reggie bush, back from injuries. so they're coming back and doing it at a right time. >> ravens favored by 1 1/2. coming up. the among other things. the latest on offensive coordinator, james franklin. that and more on 50 minutes, on eyewitness news sports at 6:00. in wjz's health watch report, personalized medicine.
5:54 pm
it's being used to fight. but how does it work? just over a year ago, kyle madden was planning his wedding. >> i had zero symptoms, day 1. then the following day, i couldn't walk a flight of steps. >> hehe was so short of breath, the 39-year-old went to a doctor. shockingly, kyle, who had never smoked, was diagnosed with lung cancer. >> the outlook at that time was grim. >> reporter: he headed to cedars-sinai in los angeles, where doctors took a biopsy of his lungs. >> we're going into the tumor itself. >> researchers tested kyle's tumors for a mutation. when he tested positive, it gives the tumor something to
5:55 pm
stop the growth. >> this is the right drug, for the right patient, at the right dose. >> reporter: personalized medicine takes the genetics of a specific patient into account. >> the implications are incredible. it's almost like science fiction, but it's real. >> reporter: within three weeks of personalized treatment, kyle's tumors melted away. >> half the patients are dead within a year of the diagnosis. so here we are now, in kyle's case, we're out 15 months. with really no evidence of active cancer in his body at all. >> reporter: it hasn't cured kyle madden. but he was able to get married. and every day, he has reason to celebrate. sandra hughes, cbs news, los angeles. >> reporter: major drug companies are now developing new drugs with companion diagnostic tests and submitting them to the fda for approval. >> that's nice. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,
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coming up on eyewitness news at 6:00. the wintry weather. we're uncovering new information about the man accused of the crime. i'm alex demetrick. coming up, no good deed goes unpunished. that story as eyewitness news continues. a billion dollar idea is budding. i'm pat warren, coming up on eyewitness news. find out what some top city leaders have in mind for the
5:59 pm
baltimore convention center. and first mariner arena. check in for these stories and all the day's breaking news. >> wjz at 6:00 starts now. hello, everybody. i'm denise koch. >> i'm kai jackson. here's what people are talking about tonight. more snow on the horizon. that's what we're keeping our eye on. some side streets and sidewalks are still covered in snow, after yesterday's storm. will we see some more snow this weekend. wjz has first warning weather. bob turk and meteorologist tim williams have been tracking the path of the storm all day. bob, where is this one headed? >> we have been tracking this the last three or four days. the models have been going back and forth, back and


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