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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  December 27, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EST

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in new york city, a foot of snow has fallen. we're on the topside of the beltway, it's all clear, we
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could have icy conditions. sharon gibala has more, first, we'll go to marty. thank you, gigi, welcome back to studio a. we'll look at the first warning doppler weather radar. we're noticing the low pressure that's pulling away as we speak. now, blizzard warnings were dropped anywhere east. that's an hour and two minutes ago. taking a look at the graphics, what we're seeing here now, to be honest about the deal. wind advisories now are taking the place of any other colors on the display. we'll have a wind advisory through about 9:00 tonight. what we're talking about is a quick clear out. 23, 31 and 27 are the day parts. that's 31 on its way to a high of 33. right now, with windchills riding on the coat tails of the steady winds.
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it feels like 13 degrees. all right, while the snow in your area may not be deep, it could be anything but smooth sailing. we'll update the situation on bwi in a moment, first, over to traffic control and shawn sharon -- sharon gibala. i know i saw icy spots on my way in, but most of the roads are clear. we have accidents that have come and gone. we have picked up a new one and we have one on winnerstrom road. there's a look at the speeds around the beltway. speeds are slightly slower than normal. people are being cautious as they should be this morning. there's a look at 50 and sandy point. we have wind warnings there. 97 and 100, that's running
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smoothly. remember, wjz-13 is always on, for traffic information any time, go to gigi, back to you. thank you, sharon. the after math of the snow is what the people are talking about today. much of the area was spared the worst of it. wjz is live with the complete coverage. ron matz will join us with more on the worst hit areas. first, here's andrea fujii with more. >> reporter: good morning, gigi and everyone. a hand full of flights are already canceled. some planes have kept away from the east coast all together. >> we may have missed the worst of the snow, but we have the winds. >> you have to deal with it, you know. since i've been here, we've
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checked the forecast. >> some are forced to stay the night in our area after a fate of cancellations. >> the airlines are aware of the scope of the storm. the airlines have acted proactively to position away from the areas affected by the storm. >> reporter: it's also been rough going at penn station after amtrak canceled all service from maine to new york. your morning commute could possibly get dicey. >> you never know, there's always the potential for icy slick conditions. if you have a flight today, check our airline's website ahead of time. gigi, back to you. >> while your neighborhood may have been spared, the drive to work may still be a mess on the eastern shore. ron matz has more. >> reporter: hey, gigi, once
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again, from a windy and cold fells point. the roads were in excellent shape. the salt trucks were out and jfx is clear. that's good news for anyone heading downtown or whatever. however, it's a treacherous commute. a sound track of scraping shovels filling the morning air on the shore. the storm brought snow and strong winds creating conditions so bad that the humvees are out to help the fire departments and state troopers. >> last winter, it was many severe. if the wind picks up, we'll get the same conditions. >> the snowfall was lighter in the baltimore area. still, crews are preparing for days and pretreating some roads well ahead of time. salt trucks were out while you were sleeping. >> side roads are bad a little
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bit. so far, what we drove are great. >> drive less than normally, don't do anything crazy and you'll be fine. >> we're back live, gigi, the winds, the gusts have picked up this morning. we checked the windchill, it's about 12 degrees. that's exactly what it was yesterday, on the field when the cleveland browns got pelted be i the ravens yesterday. that gives you an idea of how cold it is outside. bundle up if you're going out. >> the snow is still falling now in parts of new england creating impassable streets in the bronx. parts of the north east will be buried under a foot of snow. jfk and laguardia and newark will be opened later on today. these are new pictures from the
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inside of lincoln field where the eagles were supposed to host the vikings. the league says that the decision was to make sure that the fans wither safe. that will be played on tomorrow night. remember, wjz is always on, for updates on the weather forecast and a live look at the radar and the latest area clothings and delays, go to it's a baltimore i con that's been around for 47 years, in an hour, it will be gone for good. the visitor's center at fort mchenry will be torn down only for a new, greener visitor's center to take its place. it will be opening march 3rd 80 years after the congress made the star spangled banner the national anthem. mike singletary is fired from his job in san francisco. he's been at the helm for two disappointing seasons winning
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just five games this year. he coached his last game yesterday afternoon at the same time that the ravens won in cleveland. mark viviano has a look at that game. good morning, the ravens went to cleveland and delivered on a promise. they vowed to stop the brown's running back who had a big game here in september. the ravins have secured a spot in the post season. before the kick off, some players jogged with lewis. he put the word out there that he would stop hilly. then, cleveland kicks off and it got tricky. it goes out of bounds. it was great field position for the ravens that quickly converted. flacco will find mason on the connection, that will make it 20-10. that score held up for the final.
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the raven's 11th victory earns them another play off. >> we're in. it's just the beginning, that's what i told them. we have a opportunity to accomplish what we've dreamed of and worked for. it may be one of the things we think of down the road. we're not wanting to be in the play offs. we want to be a threat. that's what we're trying to do this year. >> as it stappeds, the raven's play off pass are all road games. they require that pittsburgh lose at cleveland in the final game sunday. all right, mark, check this out. ed read tried to keep warm yesterday. he ventured too close to the sideline heater. his jacket caught on fire. his performance on the field
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was also hot. he grabbed two interceptions. the ravens wrap it up sunday afternoon at home. you can see all of the live action here at wjz-13. it begins at 1:00. give the team -- give raven nation a huge round of applause. we've made post season again. three years in a row. we have established ourselves through all of the mental ups and downs, all of the hand ringing and consternations. we're one of the elite teams. it's a beautiful thing. i was telling bulldog this yesterday on the show. live in the moment. i think that the most words we've spoken them, right now. we live in the right now right now, we're going to the play offs. it's a beautiful thing. it really is. >> it's always better to be looked over than to be overlooked.
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and the ravens aren't overlooked. >> next game will be the bengals. the community comes together one more time. i don't see the steelers losing to the browns. really, do you? the community comes together again. the studio's in the audience and you folks in your basements, wherever you watch the game, coming together one last time. darn it, it's just a beautiful thing. hey, listen, i want to show you how tough ron matz and crowd have it. i'm surprised you're not in jimmies. we'll look at the graphics. winds are along the coast gusting to 50 miles per hour. i mean, really, what's the difference between a 40 and 50 miles per hour wind gust. none that i can figure out. we started the show with a 22 miles per hour steady wind.
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we'll ping-pong back and forth on the numbers. we're getting a windchill of 16 degrees here. our address is essentially the jones falls expressway. that's the 41st street bridge, you're a hearty group of souls this morning. how are you? >> great, the photographer says we're a hard core. >> they'll be quoted throughout the day. >> the windchill this morning, by the way, it's equivalent to what it was on the field yesterday when the ravens played cleveland. >> i don't want to obsess on this, what's your thought on the canceling of the game in philadelphia yesterday when in fact, in minneapolis, the conditions were worse. >> i understand the weather conditions, i was shocked by
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it. i went to every colts' game when i was a kid. my dad took me to every game in the worst of conditions. i've never heard of a football game being canceled. it's very, very strange -- and the super bowl in 2014 is going to be played in the meadow lands in february. figure that one out. >> what if a storm like this comes roaring up in february. it's interesting, the announce is, both at the beginning of the nbc broadcast bit their lip and they said, wow, this is opened up a pandora's box. well, i think it has. >> all right, it's manic monday in fells point. we have a great group, boy scout 100 united, heritage church! that's when the eyewitness news
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morning edition rolls on. ,,,, ,,,,
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well, hi, gigi, good morning, everyone. we'll show you the area in brooklynville near 83. the roads are looking good. that's not to say we don't have icy spots. we'll have large spots where there's a lot of salt and ice on the road. you'll want to be careful. we've had accidents working this morning. one is working on 100 eastbound at 97. you'll also want to watch for a crash at white marsh. that's coming into us. and also, wind warnings on the bay bridge. that's at the key bridge. there's a look at the speeds around the beltway. closer to full speed there. people are being cautious in some areas. taking a live look outside, that's 50 and sandy point.
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and theres a 97 and 100. remember, wjz-13 is always on, for traffic information any time. go to all right, thank you, it's 28 degrees and we've talked about the windchill in the low teens. we'll get the windchills again here in a second. we have wind warnings in effect almost areawide through 9:00 tonight. we last spoke on friday. the barometer was at 30 inches of mercury. this knocked us down half an inch. the windchill right now, 16 degrees on tv hill. for the record, you can look at the temperatures and to be honest, wherever you are, it doesn't matter. everyone's feeling like they're in the low teens now. this low is pulling away quickly, we'll have a fast clear out by the time we get to rush hour. sunshine will be in the area and wind will temper the
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sunshine all day long. did you notice the high. the big feature is, it's going to get mild this week. 33degrees and windy and windchill, 19 to 20. tomorrow, we're going to see it still breezy and mostly sunny. we'll finally lose a will the of the breeze wednesday. look at thursday, friday, saturday. how we end and start the year. 45, 45 and 50. it seems like for ever since it's been that mild. we're sending it to the intro to manic monday. ♪ note >> now, we'll send it to the ronster in fells point. >> hey, marty and gigi. it's fells point and it's manic monday. it's the hard core edition of manic monday.
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we have a great group down here, we thank them for coming down. it's boy scout group 100 united heritage church. by the way, they responded. we didn't have a group, originally, we got about 12 phone calls and e-mails, they were first in, we have a bunch of other people, we'll get to them, i promise you. it's matzr to e-mail. >> i've got to get me one of those hats. >> yes, we have an event today. we have an eagle project. that's sponsored by the american red drive, it's a blood drive today at the community center on resource drive besides the home depot.
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multipurpose room. the fred t. gad d.c.y blood drive. >> you're doing good work. thank you. >> thank you for coming down. we appreciate it. >> got to show you this, guys. >> you think they're ready? >> that's what i'm talking about. >> yeah! that's right. >> oh, man. >> all right, let me give you an update on the gang down here. luther's here, the coach is in new jersey. i guess he's stuck. he'll be back in time for spring straining and slots hairy is stuck at the deli in pikesville. maestro, the music if you please. >> i love it. it's manic monday in fells point. >> we're ready to rock 'n' roll. >> they're showing up like
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ravens. this is a tough morning and you have them outside, pal. >> we're ready to rock. here we go, stand by. ♪ 6:00 already, i was just in the middle of a dream. >> oh, yeah. ♪ i was kissing valentino by a crystal blue italian stream, i can't be late because then i guess i just won't get paid. >> show me the money, honey! ♪ these are the days when you wish your bed was already made. it's just another manic much. ♪whoo, i wish it was sunday, cause that's my fund, my i don't have to run day, just another manic monday ♪ . >> give yourselves a big hand.
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>> man, that was good. what a great job, once again, that's the fred. the gaddy blood drive today. >> right next to the home depot. >> thank you for coming down. great job, great to see you. excellent, excellent in deed. go ravens, that's right. marty and gigi, back to you with the warm, toasty tv hill. >> say what you want, we got good air-conditioning in the summer. >> you can hear the wind. good luck on his project, that's really tough. >> we're taking a break and coming back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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lots more ahead in the next half hour, a raven is faces -- facing charms and posting bond. we didn't get the snow, but we got the delays. how the storm may affect your travel plans today. i'm live in fells point. the roads are treated in the city, they're in good shape. we'll have the story coming up. and if you're wondering about the roads this morning,
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we'll show you a live look at the speed sensors and the traffic cameras. let's send it to marty. we're proteching kids against drugs. dr.drew joining us at 6:45 talking about the stuff in the medicine cabinet. stay tuned, the morning edition returns after this. ,,,,,,,,,,
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after the holiday weekend, it's back to work for some folks. we have weather and traffic together. we'll begin with marty and the updated numbers. good morning, gigi, let me tell you how intense the weather has been up the east coast over the past 24 hours. when i'm done with youing i'm doing a live talk with kdka in pittsburgh. the east coast weather is one of their big stories. we'll look at the first warning doppler weather radar. this low is getting out of
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here, we're going to see the clouds breaking. it's 5:00 this morning. blizzard conditions are dropped for the eastern shore, before not too long, other than coastal issues, all of the colors are going to be tan, indicating a winter weather advisory into 9:00 tonight. that's just for the record. 31 at lunch and going to a high of 33. it will feel like 20 or 21. it will feel like it's in the teens. it will be a windy, tough, cold day thank you, let's go to sharon gibala who's going to look at the roads and the traffic control. hi, there, gigi, good morning. if you're bonding about the roads after the snow, we'll show you the topside of the beltway, that's 83 and the main roads are clear. you'll find slick spots on the side streets. there's a lot of salt on the
6:33 am
road. it's hard to skier between the salts -- discipher between the salts and light snow. we've had a lot of fender benders. one on 100 eastbound and 97. we have wind warnings in effect on route 50 and the bay bridge. the same thing for the key bridge. there's the speeds around the beltway, not because of the volume, but because people are being cautious. 49miles per hour. we can take a live look at 97 and 100, that's where we have the accident. everything's running smoothly there despite the accidents and the weather. this is brought to you by your toyota dealer. buy right the first time and you'll save more in the long run. baltimore may have dodged a direct hit. that doesn't mean we missed the problem. we have you covered from the county to the city. ron matz is taking you around
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the region, we'll begin with andrea fujii. good morning, gigi and everyone. across the east coast, 1400 flights have been canceled. bwi canceled a handful of flights today. >> reporter: we may have missed the worst of the snow, we've still got the wind. >> you have to deal with it. i've been checking, you know, the forecast. >> reporter: some travelers are forced to stay the night in the area after a fate of cancellations that started saturday. >> the airlines are aware of the scope of the storm in terms of the size effecting the east coast. they've positioned the aircraft away from the areas affected by the storm. >> reporter: it's rough going at penn station. even if you're not planning on hopping on a train or plane, your morning commute could get dicey. >> you may see pavement, but
6:35 am
there's always the potential for icy slick conditions. >> we just got word from amtrak, the crews are working and clearing the snow from the tracks. they've resumed the service from boston and new york. all right, thank you, andrea, as you head out, you'll notice that some areas are harder hit than others. that's true in our area and along the eastern sea board. we have more on that. well, good morning, once again, gigi. feeling the winds down here at 35 miles per hour. we can tell you, the roads here in fells point, downtown, canton, inner harbor, they're all in good shape. the jfx is clear. the big problems are north of baltimore and big problems there are. two deadly accidents in new england are blamed on the weather and blizzards in effect in that area and the snow's still falling.
6:36 am
overon maryland's eastern shore, the maryland national guard is called in to help out with the weather related emergencies. >> it's a unique name. i assumed it was created because we weren't supposed to get a lot of snow and it came from nowhere. >> we're back live in fells point. we can tell you, the windchill here is 12 degrees right now. that's equal to what it was in cleveland yesterday for the ravens/browns game. windchill in new york city is 3 below zero and our folks on "the early show" will check that out in a little while. for now, we're live in a windy fells point. slick roads in road island caused a car to plow into a plow. this car spun out of control, the plow clipped the bumper and
6:37 am
it ended up on the side. no one was injured in the accident. remember, wjz is always on, for updates on the weather forecast, a live look at the doppler radar and the latest area closings and delays, go to two baltimore city firefighters are recovering this morning fallowing a two alarm blaze in north east baltimore. both injuries were minor and the fire was under control within an hour. five at home at the time weren't injured seriously. a raven's rookie is facing drunk driving charges this morning. the police pulled him over in ellicott city because he was driving erratically, he thought he was okay to drive. he hadn't had much to drink. he was free on a $10,000 bond. he's been out the spire season because of injuries. it's better news this morning for the rest of the ravens waking up with a win.
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here's mark viviano with more. good morning, the ravens went to cleveland and delivered on a promise. they wowed to stop payton hillis who had a big game in september, it's mission accomplished and the ravens secured a spot in the post season. some players jogged with ray lewis, he put the word out that the ravens would stop hillis. the ravens were up by three at half time and cleveland got tricky attempting an off sides kick, it was a good idea, but poorly executed. the ravens converted. flacco will find mason on the connection, that will make it 20-10. that held up for the final. the raven's victory earns them another play off trip. >> we're in. we're in. and it's just the beginning. this is where it starts.
6:39 am
we have a opportunity to accomplish what we've worked for. >> i'm sure it's not something i'll think about now, but maybe down the road, we're looking beyond that. we don't want to just be in the play offs, but a threat to be in the super bowl. that's what we're trying to do this year. the raven's will be in all road games. the only hope at a home game would be if pittsburgh loses sunday. back to you. thank you, mark. as far as the play offs go, only the new england patriots have clenched their division and also their home field advantage throughout the play off. they added another win to the record, topping buffalo yesterday, 34 to 3. the ravens wrap it up next sunday afternoon at home. you can see all of the action
6:40 am
here on wjz-13. we had an interesting conversation with kdka in pittsburgh. they wanted to find out about the weather and windchills and conditions. he said, hey, i do raven talk with them when the ravens play the steelers. rep accepting you -- representing you, by the way, he say, congratulations, third year in a row they're in the play offs. you guys are class. feel great this morning! you all, give ration nation a pat on the back and our own round of applause. third year in a row. three years straight. forget the division championship. that would be nice. but the fact of the matter is, three years in a row, we go to post season. don't kid yourself. when raven nation and the
6:41 am
raven's team itself marchs in to play kansas city or seattle or green bay, we kick the door in and swing a big stick. we're one of the elites and a feared team and it's come with a lot of hard work on and off of the field. >> how do we do it? we're loud, huh? >> billic deflected the attention off of the team and put it on him. he said, we're going to kick in the door, we're going to walk in screaming and carrying a big stick and a few other choice words which department endeer himself to the titans or his fans. the team was left alone. it was beautiful. it was beautiful. >> and everyone else says, here
6:42 am
comes the folks of baltimore. >> and pittsburgh just acknowledged it. >> your medicine cabinet, can it be as dangerous as the street corner? yes. you would be surprised at the items that people are putting together. and it's kids doing it. >> and it's dangerous. dr.drew is joining us to talk about just that. this is good news you can use. sharon gibala has the wjz-13 tv traffic control. i have your windchills and the winds. did we forecast three inches of salt? that's what we're seeing on the roads. three inches of salt. >> right. >> and 2010 is coming to a close on friday. that's new year's eve. you can see all of baltimore's fireworks and celebrations live here on wjz-13, we'll celebrate the spectacular show. it starts 11:00 friday here on
6:43 am
wjz-13. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning, this tells the story, the snowstorm is pulling away and we're left with residual winds. this is left to the far north east, can you tell the difference between the 50 miles per hour dust and the 40 miles per hour potential gust? i cannot. it will be windy through 9:00 tonight. we've done news stories on this, bge and all of the associates have been on a real mission to trim back trees and keeping the limbs from keeping the power lines down. by 9:00, you've seen the fruits of their labors. and that's a 28 miles per hour gust over the past half hour. it's been stronger over the early hours. some of the same mornings will continue throughout 9:0 0 tonight. for the record, that's 28 degrees and barometer at 29.51.
6:47 am
all of the temperatures, cumberland and pax river and elkton and columbia and annapolis, everyone's looking at windchills in the mid-teens now. once the storm continues to really make big progress out of here, we'll start to see the skies clearing by the end of rush hour. high pressure comes in and notice how it's slipping to the south. it's getting into the position where we're getting a mild flow on the western edge. it's feeling more like 20 and 18 tonight, feeling more like single digits. still a strong breeze around. 37degrees feeling like the 20s. we'll calm down wednesday, 38, thursday, friday, saturday, and sunday, here's how we start this -- it's been a long time since it's been that mild and that calm. gigi, take it away. well, we didn't get that
6:48 am
much snow here and the holiday weekend is over. folks are heading back to work. we'll check the roads with sharon gibala and traffic control. judging from the roads, people are taking an extended holiday. traffic is light out there. we don't have many problems either partially because the traffic is light and people are being cautious because of the snow. you'll find some ice on the roads. we've had a bunch of fender benders and fortunately, nothing serious. only one accident working on 100 eastbound at 97. we have wind warnings in effect on the bay and key bridge. there's a look at the drive times and the speed zones. the top and the west are running at full speeds. there's a look at 97 and 100. still, no problems despite the accidents nearby. there's a live look at the key bridge. this is brought to you by your toyota dealer.
6:49 am
toyota, moving forward. back to you. all right, thank you. this morning's coffee with is withdrew pinski. and please welcome dr. drew. he's a nationally renowned addiction specialist. most of us have seen you on celebrity rehab and sober house. you're here to talk about something different. not illegal drugs on the street, but something close to home, correct? >> right, well, in fact, it's not something different now. if you watch celebrity rehab four on vh1, we're dealing with prescription drug abuse. that's the problem of our time. in young people, in teens,
6:50 am
we're really losing ground when it comes to abuse. the fact is that the medication abuse is second to marijuana. one out of five high school kids abuse them and 65 kids that abuse them get them from family and friends. there's something we can do as parents and educators to stem the tie. >> are we talking about drugs for the teens themselves or what we leave in the medicine chest after we're done? >> it's the things we're leaving behind. 65% of the kids get them from family and friends. it's the pain medications and the antianxiety and the psych co-stimulants. kids see their parents manage these carelessly. the kids pick up on the casualty and they don't see the harm. the med cakes aren't bad, just
6:51 am
they have to be used responsibly or there can be adverse out comes. if you're playing devil's advocate. i would notice if something was missing. even if it was a tablet or two. >> well, then you have a problem. if you notice something's missing, if you're checking every day your medication, hope to heck they didn't get in a car accident or mix it with alcohol or something else and stop breathing. the fact is, we need to send a message before there's trouble to the kids. get rid of the substances that shouldn't be sitting there. your doctor didn't give you the medication to sit there for a long time. it was for a specific time and then after that, get rid of the medications. and, or begin to talk to your
6:52 am
kids about i. on the website we have, we've shown tips and resources for parents on how to begin the conversations and resources for educators to begin the lesson plans. we're really losing ground. consider this, 2512 to 17-year- olds are going to abuse a prescription opiate for the first time today. this is going on each and every day. this is a massive, massive problem. >> if we don't notice something missing, are there signs we can tell that someone's taking something ashouldn't? >> i can't imagine how -- if you have 30 pills, do you count them every day. i can't imagine -- particularly something in the back of the cabinet. you have not used them in a year, but yes, different than other mental health issues -- changing sleep patterns and sleep, dure res, they're all areas where you could be in
6:53 am
trouble. if it goes on more than two weeks, don't say, not my kid. the school nurse and a school partner is great in helping you determining there's a problem. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:55 am
it feels like 13 degrees. clouds give way to sun. the reality is more like 20 or 21. a windchill feeling this day. now, over to sharon gibala, wjz
6:56 am
tv traffic control. hey, there, party, the road -- marty, the roads aren't that bad. we have icy patches and you'll find a lot of salt. we've had fender benders. one at 97. wind warnings on the bay and key bridge. volume's light on the top and westside. there's 97 and 1 hub and the eastside. this is brought to you by lexus. it's the december to remember sales event. for a limited time, we're offering the greatest deals of the year. stay with wjz-13, maryland's news station, complete news, weather and traffic still ahead. another live look at the top of the beltway. things are smooth sailing there, that's not the case further north. new england is slammed with a
6:57 am
foot of snow, more in some places. a live updated look from new york, next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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