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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  May 2, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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osama bin laden. his dna was confirmed. >> this is a good day for america. >> reporter: a team of elite u.s. forces stormed the million dollar home and ended new a fire time of the bin laden was shot in the head. two couriers and one woman used as a shield were also killed. >> putting other people out there while he carried on attacks, speaks to the nature of the individual he was. >> reporter: the u.s. team left in a helicopter 45 minutes aflt the raid -- after the raid. he was buried in the arabian sea. no members of the u.s. team were injured. president obama gave the order on friday but preparations had been going on for months. >> they did it flawlessly. >> reporter: u.s. officials are quick to point out that the fight against vie lent extremism
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isn't over because more attacks could come from yemen. that's the group that attempted to blow up a plane over christmas day two years ago. and we are told that there are photographs of osama bin laden's body. it will be up to president obama as to whether to release them to the public. i touched on how an emotional day it has been, especially for those touched by 9/11. mike hellgren has more reaction from relatives and victims of the 9/11 attack, mike? >> reporter: maryland's own 9/11 memorial will be dedicated later this year. the killing has generated so much passion from survivors to those who lost loved ones. >> usa! usa! usa! >> reporter: raw emotion was unleashed as hundreds of
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students packed the streets, chanting and jubilant. for others it caused more of a reflection than celebration. >> i have a brother-in-law who was killed at the pentagon. it's something everybody wanted to see happen. >> a friend of mine's daughter was killed. >> reporter: what does it men to you as an american? >> if you mess with us we'll get you. >> reporter: steve spent the morning of 9/11 on tower one on the 63rd floor. >> everybody remembers what they were doing that day. i happened to be 200 feet away from where the plane hit first. when i watch my kids grow up, it's been phenomenal to me that i've had the opportunity to witness it. and the world is a less evil place today. >> reporter: while marylanders feel a sense of relief. >> i'm not a mean person but i didn't like what he did to my
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fellow americans. >> reporter: they know bin laden's capture hasn't ended the war on terror. >> we can feel a sense of justice being delivered but in no way let down our guards. everyone will remember when they first heard about it. >> reporter: more than 50 people with maryland ties died on 9/11. mary, back to you in washington. >> okay, mike, thank you very much. so much relax pouring in tonight, including from our lawmakers here in washington, d.c. my colleague adam may spent the day talking with them. even their reaction is emotional. >> reporter: it's mixed. there are a lot of questions last to what is next in the war in afghanistan and new concerns on homeland security. it was no surprise to some maryland lawmakers aware of the operation for months.
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congressman dutch ruppersberger spoke. you're the ranking meme bemplet what can you tell us about the preparations? >> we had to get in there quick. the whole operation took 40 minutes to go in, take care of him, to get his body. get back in the helicopter and take off. >> reporter: representative elijah cummings sees it as a turning point. do you think the death of osama bin laden will accelerate our efforts to get out of afghanistan? >> i think it probably will. i think the president will set things carefully, talk to his new defense secretary, leon panetta. that may involve getting out faster. i think people are more likely to trust his judgment. >> reporter: security has been stepped up at military installations and airports, including bwi-marshall. >> we still have to be ready for
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other attacks. al qaeda is sending a message that they're still strong and will continue attacking americans. >> reporter: an unforgettable moment in history for senator barbara mikulski. >> i must tell you i feel a great sense of relief. i had that same feeling when i was a little girl with my parents when we heard that hitler had died during world war ii and my response was good riddance to bin laden and good riddance to the evil he's unleashed in the world. >> reporter: late this afternoon congress ruppersberger had information. >> a lot of that information is classified. congressman cummings has a meeting with president obama. >> many are saying this is a moment of victory for president obama. >> the political implication are yet to be seen.
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his approval rating is hovering under 50%. no new polls yet but congressman cummings believe this could put him above 80% and seal up the election for 2012. >> reporter: there's an alert for travelers. we'll take a look at that coming up in the next half hour. back to you, denise, on tv hill. >> the relax in new york tonight is mixed -- reaction in new york tonight is mixed. >> it has been nearly 10 years since the 9/11 attacks that destroyed the twin cities and killed nearly 3,000 people. many who lost loved ones stopped by ground zero after learning of bin laden's death. >> it's a victory for the rest of the world, but for us it's personal. >> not like i'm happy that somebody died, you understand,
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but it was my brother's killer. >> some new yorkers said they are nervous about retaliation but officials said they're stepping up security. back to you. >> here's the latest. osama bin laden killed during a firefight with u.s. necessary -- navy seals. spontaneous celebrations breck out, including ground zero in new york. and there are no plans to raise the terror level but americans abroad are being warned to remain cautious. for more on the killing of osama bin laden, log on to our website at tonight stay with wjz for a special edition with katie couric, live from ground zero ground zero. extended coverage of the killing of osama bin laden begins tonight. another developing story. a man is found dead inside a
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howard county home. his 5-year-old son alive right by his side. they're trying to determine why the victim was in a local that was not his and high he died. >> reporter: hen side this jess -- inside this jessup home a stranger was found dead along with his five-year-old son. >> he started talking immediately. he wanted something to drink. his hand was con torted. he kept saying my daddy's dead. >> reporter: police identified the victim as 26-year-old ab jeeb abdullah. his home is located a mile from his own house. >> he assaulted a family member and left the home with a child. he was charged in a warrant for that assault and we were actively looking for him. >> reporter: barbara white believes he had been in the house since last tuesday when she noticed a broken window.
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police did not find the man and his son hiding in a closet. the father-in-law owns the home but passed away. >> my son went down there because the smell was so awful. we wanted to know if a dead animal crawled in. if they hadn't gone in, the little boy could have died. >> reporter: as for abdullah police said there were no signs of trauma but they found drugs on his body. now they're waiting for toxicology reports to determine a clause of death. police say the little boy was take tonight hospital for a checkup. now he's staying with his mother in good health. >> court records reveal abdullah has a long criminal past. police are investigating. we have an update on an accident we brought to you at 4:00. we go to the peninsula expressway. police said an suv overturned after colliding with a flatbed. there are no injuries and
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peninsula highway is closed. we enjoyed mild spring weather. a live look outside. the sun is peek out. wjz is live with first warning weather coverage. bob turk and meteorologist bernadette woods has the forecast. take a look at the temperatures. it's been a mild afternoon. the sun did help. 73 now. 67 ocean city and 70. the dew point is at 60 but that's going to be increasing over the next day or two. we have a lot of rain out to the west once again along the frontal boundary. it will get through here late, late tomorrow night. we'll have warm humid conditions and a chance of more showers and yes some thundershowers. what about the risk of severe weather? we'll have a look at that? >> the storm predisix system has parts of maryland for a slight risk of severe storms tomorrow.
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the thing is this is the first in this three-tier system. this means there's a decent chance of severe weather. damaging hail. if any watches or warnings come out, we'll let you know. back to you. still ahead, food labor confusion. what does natural really mean. noon the in healthwatch a closer look at what you're buying. an incredible honor for a maryland teacher. i'm jessica kartalija at urbana high school in frederick. that story next. another mayoral candidate declares his candidacy to run. a comfortable start to the workweek. bob has the updated forecast.
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from the school house to the white house, tomorrow a chemistry teacher from frederick county will be honored boit president. >> reporter: at urbana high school in frederick county. >> you have to make your own call. >> reporter: chemistry teacher michelle cher is in a class of her own. she has been named 2011 national teacher of the year. >> she invests so much time and energy and is anal to motivate everyone. >> reporter: her colleague, jerry walker, nominated her. >> it was difficult not to go on too long. she really -- she is truly the
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epitome of an excellent teacher. >> reporter: she's also fluent in sign language. she taught at the maryland school of the deaf. >> over three, evaluated from two to three. >> reporter: greg chapman had cher as a teacher. he said thanks to her advice, he became one. >> students want to do well, do well for her. the whole process she taught us, everything about science made me want to study more science and go into something, possibly chemistry. >> reporter: cher was named cher's teach are of the year. cher will spend the entire week in washington, d.c. in frederick county, i'm jessica kartalija, wjz eyewitness news. >> cher earned her masters degree from mcdaniels college in 1996. if you're waiting for someone to get home from work, let's check in with kristy
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breslin. hi, kristy. >> another hat in the ring, the field for mayor candidates rose. frank conaway declared his decision to warren. pat warren tells us the incumbent mayor gets a powerful endorsement. >> reporter: mayor stephanie rawlings-blake gets the endorsement of a major senator. >> i think she has leadership, know-how, dedication and integrity. >> reporter: frank conaway stands with his supporters before filing. >> i'm ready to g some of them -- go. some of them that are running are younger but i doubt as
5:18 pm
energetic. >> reporter: otis rolling said he's not surprised by the competition. >> you see a lot of people jumping in the race because they think the bar is low. they think i'm honest, so i can be mayor. it needs competency skim and -- skill and experience. >> reporter: mayor stephanie rawlings-blake assumed the role after sheila dixon left. the field also includes jodi landers, but mayor stephanie rawlings-blake is expected to have a clear advantage. >> senator mikulski taught me that if you think you can get -- that being a woman you're afforded any extra woman, it's tougher for a woman and you have to be tough in order to succeed. >> reporter: there's still plenty of time for additional candidates to file before the
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deadline. i'm pat warren. now back to you on television hill. >> the registration deadline to vote in the primary is august 23rd. >> we had a beautiful saturday. >> saturday was lovely. >> it went down the tubes a bit. hope you got some outside work done. we're at a mile 73 with a light southeast wind. the barometer is holding steady. we'll come back and take a look at the risk of more showers and storms right after this.
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good evening. i'm mary bubala, reporting live from washington, d.c. it has been a busy day here in the nation's capital with the death of osama bin laden. that has not stopped plenty of tourists from coming to the nation's capital. it has been more muggy than most expected. we'll go to bob turk on tv hill. it's a little warmer, a little brighter in d.c. take a look at temperatures around the region.
5:23 pm
washington's up to 75 degrees right now. locally we're at 73. 0 in oakland. 67 ocean city. elkton 71679 the dew point is at 60 degrees. it should be coming up tonight. more humidity coming into the area. that means increased moisture. by this time tomorrow afternoon scattered showers and some thunderstorm activity. they could be locally strong in a couple spots. take a look at the temperatures locally, low to mid-70s, so a pleasant evening. then a couple showers up across northern central portions of pennsylvania. south into johns town, that's about it. it's moving off to the east. we're not going to see that. a southeast wind. that's bringing moisture from the atlantic ocean. warmer tomorrow, maybe above 80s and with warm temperatures, higher dew points, a front approaching the row john, what that means usually is the combination of colder air with the front coming to that warm
5:24 pm
humid air mass. look for showers and storms. a lot of activity, a lot of rain. some thunderstorms. it doesn't look like an outbreak of severe weather will be anything, but there will be showers and thunderstorms. there's a slight, slight chance of one or two strong storms, maybe some hail as well late tomorrow afternoon, early evening. the bulk of the activity, as you can see from baltimore, d.c., all that rain. looks like the rex of thundershowers and late into wednesday just plain old rain before it timely clears out. it's going to be a slow mover but wednesday we should see sunshine and temps below normal. a small craft advisory. it's warming up. tonight plenty clouds but a mild
5:25 pm
night. low 60s. tomorrow a warm day. any sun will get to 80, 83 and scattered showers, maybe a thunderstorm, could be locally strong. denise? >> let's check on the roads with kristy breslin. he is ease live with wjz traffic control. >> reporter: the beltway is still slowing down. you're looking at least 15 minutes. that's from the jones fall expressway to harford road. if you're traveling on the west side heavy from baltimore national pike. and some new delays to watch out northbound on the harrisberg from shawan to belfast. city accidents include meek -- mcmeken. not a bad drive. 95 top of the ft. mchenry tunnel. this traffic report is brought to you by the cochran firm.
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if you or someone you know have suffered a personal injury, visit them online at 1-800-the firm. america celebrates the killing of osama bin laden, but how does the rest of the world feel? i'm alex demetrick. another huge find of poached striped bass. the show house. don't miss the tour coming up
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it is 73 degrees at 5:27. thank you for staying with wjz eyewitness news. we are reporting live from washington, d.c., just a stunning day of developments. osama bin laden is dead. the entire world from washington, d.c. to overseas is reacting. here's charlie d'agata with more. >> reporter: the killing of osama bin laden sent muslims dancing in the streets of yemen. others denounced his death saying it will strengthen those who support him. this man said al qaeda and his followers will take revenge but america's allies lined new
5:30 pm
support. >> i would like to congratulate the u.s. forces who carried out this brave action. >> i welcome the death of osama bin laden. i welcome this news. >> reporter: israel's prime minister israeli prime benjamin netanyahu called it an historic day. the vatican said bin laden will have top answer to god for killing so many. now that bin laden is gone some groups are pushing for u.s. soldiers it with draw from the region. >> there's no need to stay in afghanistan and no need to stay in iraq. >> reporter: but u.s. troops say their job isn't done. >> just because osama bin laden is dead now doesn't mean the taliban will stop fighting us. >> reporter: european governments are tightening security. >> osama bin laden will no longer be able to bring terror and murder and mayhem to the world and that does not mean that the terrorist threats from al qaeda is at an end.
5:31 pm
>> reporter: u.s. officials said al qaeda will certainly try to avenge bin laden's death. charlie d'agata, wjz, eyewitness news. >> reporter: we're back lear live in washington, d.c. u.s. senator ben cardin has joined us. just your reaction to the death of osama bin laden. >> well it brings enclosure to the families of the fames of -- victims of 9/11. it's a great day for america. >> reporter: i know people are concerned about retaliatory attacks. should we be that concerned? >> we're safer today than we were 24 hours ago getting rid of the number one terrorist, the person responsible for recruiting people to the al qaeda organization. will there be attempts, yes. i tell you, we always have to be watchful. we were know this is a dangerous world but we're safer today. >> is that a call for the u.s. public to stay vigilant?
5:32 pm
>> absolutely, you have to help us. obviously, we're still at risk. we will find the terrorist and we will keep the nation safe. >> in your opinion where is the risk now? is there a new name, a new osama bin laden name, a new terrorist that you will focus on? >> the al qaeda organization is the organization we need to go after. it's still a dangerous part of the world. yemen there are terrorist activities. so the epicenter is still in that part of the world. we have to do everything we can. >> thank you for stopping by. you have a vote that will take place soon. thank you. again, we have increased security. we were at the white house this afternoon. we saw an armored tank. many are coming to the nation's capital. many people came to the white house. we saw a lot of people holding
5:33 pm
signs. there was one man from maryland that held a shine that simply said thank you and that was media from all over the world covering people like him and again very heavy security there. >> basically thank you. i'm just coming out to say thank you for taking care of osama bin ladened bringing this little piece of the puzzle to a close. >> tell me your reaction to the news and why you're out here. >> i'm out here. now that osama bin laden has been killed, i think it's time for president obama to pull our troops out of iraq and afghanistan. >> reporter: a lot of people we spoke with outside the white house have talk b. ending the wars in iraq and afghanistan and they hope the soldiers will come home soon and there's concern over retaliatory attacks. back to you. >> tonight stay with wjz for a special edition of the "cbs
5:34 pm
evening news" with katie couric, live from ground zero extended coverage of the killing of osama bin laden begins tonight at 7:00. the other big international story a massive crowd gathers in libya to mourn the death of moammar gadhafi's son. >> reporter: about 2,000 people turned out for the funeral of his youngest son. he was killed in a nato air strike. gadhafi did not atent but his son was there. the killing triggered attacks by crowds. three of gadhafi's grandchildren were also killed. back to you. >> nato denies the air strike was pan attempt to assassinate gadhafi. baltimore police are looking for your help to identify a suspect in an attempted robbery. this woman had a hand gunn and demanded money from the cashier.
5:35 pm
she fled when someone entered. it will be several months before michael jackson's doctor heads to trial l.a. los angeles judge agreed to push back dr. conrad murray's trial until september. the judge made the decision after murray said they need more time to prepare. murray has pleaded not guilty. a major break in the investigation in the 2009 air france crash which killed all 228 people on board. the plane's black box has been recovered in the south atlantic. it was located about a month after a large portion of the plane's body was discovered. investigators say the casing looks intact but they couldn't speculate or wouldn't speculate on the condition of the recording. an un's reminder of the mass -- unpleasant reminder of the poaching of bass.
5:36 pm
tons of dead fish and rotting fish have turned up. >> reporter: striped bass season is on for sports fishermen. natural resources police were called when an angler snagged an underwater net. >> it was estimated to be at least 600 feet long. this was so full of dead and decaying fish they were unable to bring it to their boat. >> reporter: rough water made it impossible. even with winches and a heavy duty boom, only about 10 yards could be dragged up. >> we couldn't safely pull the net up. >> reporter: from what could be seen, tons of fish. >> couple hundred pounds in that 10 yards.
5:37 pm
>> reporter: last winter natural resource police found 12 1/2 tons of illegally netted firchlt strict quotas are set to protect them. it cuts the commercial season short. even though this net is believed to be a leftover from winter it could hurt watermen again. >> this would be applied to the december quota. >> reporter: so the watermen could lose more days. >> certainly could. >> reporter: calmer weather will reveal how much. >> the search for the suspects in the poaching remain ongoing. southwest airlines has closed on a deal to purchase low cost roy val air tran. it would compete in areas like atlanta. nothing will change immediately for travelers. the airlines will remain separate until sometime next year. southwest is the leading carrier
5:38 pm
at bwi-marshall airport. time for a look at some of the stories you'll find tomorrow in the baltimore sun, more local reaction to the killing of osama bin laden and meet the local baseball player putting to the a beg season des -- big season despite missing time from a broken neck. one of baltimore's most popular fund-raisers and this year it will take place in a unique setting. it's moving downtown with a water fronts view. >> reporter: the views from the ritz-carlton residences are spec tack you can lamplet two luxury condos. this is the ritzy restreet. >> my inspiration was the water. i wanted soft blue green for
5:39 pm
something relaxing and calming. >> reporter: starting saturday you'll have the chance to see the works of 25 designers and check out both condos. >> this is an opportunity for us to be a good corporate citizen with the bso and a good opportunity to showcase the life-style in downtown living. >> reporter: living it up on the water, enjoying susan's purple passion bedroom. >> it's called purple passion because that's what a bedroom should be b this should be passion, rich, luxurious, sophisticated. >> reporter: one of the great things, most of the furnishings and accessories are for sale. like this light text churr or this -- fixture or this sofa. >> we are so, so happy and proud to be part of this and part of
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this event. ron matz, wjz. >> tickets are $24. for more, log on to our website and click on seen on tv. still to come tonight wild crash. what happened just before this deadly accident in miami. baltimore lawmakerrers are working on a bill for the deer hunting. more of those spring showers headed our way. i'll have the forecast. here's today's report from ,@
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the deer population has lawmakers looking for last-minute solutions. >> reporter: currently most deer are hunted in rural areas. in maryland managed hunts are being staged closer to developments and for public safety reasons late at night. they are looking to amend the
5:44 pm
current bill. why? >> to basically thin out the herds because we do have a big issue with car accidents. the biggest issue is the environment. unfortunately, the deer are destroying our environment. >> reporter: baltimore county council man todd huff are among those promoting the measure of herd control. >> sterilization has been mentioned as a an option. the problem; it's here and now. >> wanted to bring something to suburban communities, weapons and guns and bows and arrows aren't appropriate. >> reporter: this opponent supports sterilization and said proposed changes don't address her con dearn -- the slaughter of deer. >> even if they had one fawn each, that's 32 fawns that wouldn't be born.
5:45 pm
over a deer's life eight days to five years. now you have another 200 to 300 that won't be born. >> reporter: it will man dade advanced notice. from towson reporting. anne arundel county considered a similar measure two years ago. howard and montgomery county have will measures in place for 15 years. wjz is live with first warning weather coverage. bob turk and meteorologist bernadette woods has the forecast. we'll start out with a mix of sunshine and clouds. as we head through the afternoon we really warm up. we go into the low 80s. late afternoon a strong cold front comes our way. we'll have potentially severe thunderstorms. if mane watches or warnings come out, we'll pass those along. for the rest of the forecast, here's bob. >> there's a chance some could be locally strong. on wednesday morning we see rain but look how much cooler it gets, 64, 42. the sunshine comes back on thursday with some clouds.
5:46 pm
friday looks like chilly hair coming in. a risk of a shower, particularly in the afternoon and partly cloudy back up to 70. >> today's energy saver is all about getting your home ready. you san save by installing solar window screens to shade your home from the sun. expect to save 5% to 10% this summer. you can qualify for a federal tax credit for up to $500 by installing solar window screens. for more information on how to become an energy saver, go to and click on our special section. >> very surprising scene in miami. an airplane crashed a few feet from a house. this shows the twin engine plane engulfed in flames after landing in the backyard of a home. the pilot radioed shortly after takeoff saying he was going
5:47 pm
down. he died in the crash. no one on the ground was injured. a helicopter carrying a film crew crashed near the university of pennsylvania. three people in the chopper were seriously injured when the chopper tried to land on the roof. the aircraft engine went out and was spinning out of control. the crew was filming a reality show. live cof rarnlg of the -- coverage of the killing of osama bin laden and the people affected by his horrific attack ?oots major obstacle for the group trying to nurse these horses back to health. all the breaking news coming up at 6:00. now back to you. this was the biggest secret of the royal wedding. >> now kate middleton's wedding gown may go mon public display.
5:48 pm
>> a spokesman said a number of options are being considered. >> if you can't make it to see the real thing this is expected that knockoffs will begin apeering next month. >> or sooner, just in time for june weddings. still to come, the ravens
5:49 pm
5:50 pm
5:51 pm
the twelve h-well, it -- 2011 is over and the ravens are talking about their selection. >> the ravens picked eight players over three days of the draft. they'll bring in five new owe tensive players and three on defense. baltimore is getting high grades for the players they picked, especially their top two. those two were in owings mills this week surrounded by the front office staff. defense sigh back jimmy smith and torrey smith. they felt like they got great
5:52 pm
value. torrey smith from the university of maryland, and jimmy smith out of colorado evaluated a top 15, ravens get him in the 27th. i spoke with both players and asked jimmy smith what he knows about the raven. >> you think of ray lewis and defense, me personally being from the west coast. one of the best defenses in the league. that was my first thought. >> tell me about the challenge. you've done it in college. as you sit here, you look forward and she what? >> i see opportunity, you know, stepping in with a bunch of veteran guys, great leadership, great ownership, great coaching. i got to take advantage of it and find my role with the team and help this team wayne super bowl. >> reporter: none of the newly
5:53 pm
drafted workers can work out and the team continues to fight over the collective bargaining agreement. the judge is expect food rule this week on the owner's request to keep the players locked out. plus, the o's troy to make it four in a row in chicago. details at six. back to you. in our healthwatch, shoppers who keep an eye out for the word natural on food labels may be in for a surprise. as manuel gallegus reports, the word probably doesn't mean what you think it does. >> reporter: the natural label is all over the supermarket but checking the ingredients -- >> corn syrup, sugar, salt. i'm not sure what this is. >> reporter: she is a labeling expert. she said the term natural has lit toll do with nature. >> the natural claim is one of the most vague and misleading
5:54 pm
green claims we see. >> reporter: the food and drug administration admits it's never defined the term natural. it doesn't object to the labor as long as there are no artificial flavors or substances, which leaves plenty of room for unappetizing ingredients. >> citric acid can be made by bacteria. red dye can come from crushed beetles. >> reporter: frustrating for shoppers. >> i want to know what's going into my body. >> reporter: this nutrition expert said natural loophole shows the political powshz -- poured of the food industry. >> until that changes our federal agencies will be concerned. >> reporter: natural may be a marketing magnet, but the truth is in the fine print. manuel gallegus reporting for wjz news.
5:55 pm
>> some consumer advocates say the best way to avoid confusion is to buy from sustainable farms. the risk of tanning has not stopped many. a third of young women use tanning beds. 80% still tan outside doors. the american academy of dermatology said they have seen a spike in melanomas which may come from indoor tan ?ooght old-fashioned family dinner is good for your children. major benefits for children who eat three or meals awoke with their family are more likely to eat healthier and suffer from fewer weight problems or health prob ems. still ahead tonight -- >> the most wanted man in the world is taken out. i'm mary bubala from the
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
osama bin laden hunted down in afghanistan. the reaction his death is having around the world. maryland's reaction to the death of osama bin laden. what local victim's families are saying about justice and the war on terror. howard county homeowners make a gruesome discovery inside their own house. a man dead in the basement.
5:59 pm
you won't believe what else they found with the corpse. we are seeing sun today but now we are tracking rain in the first warning forecast. check in for these stories and all the day's latest news at wjz at 6:00 starts now. justice served. osama bin laden finally hunted down. >> the world is safe and it is a better place because of the death of osama bin laden. the joyous celebrations. and what happens next in the war on terror. hello. here's what people are


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