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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  May 2, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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master mind of the september 11th terrorists attacks is dead. osama bin laden killed in a top secret raid binet industry by my they -- by navy seals. we'll take you inside the ring to kill the terrorist leader and we'll get reaction from members of congress and mike will talk to survivors of the9/11 attacks. >> reporter: president obama, from the white house today, said it is a good day for america. and many from the nation's capitol across the world agree. u.s. officials say they have proof that navy seals killed al queda's leader. his dead body was identified by a wife as well as dna and
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facial recognition technology. >> this is a good day for america. >> reporter: a team of elite u.s. forces stormed the million dollar home and ended up in a firing fight. bin laden was shot in the head, one of his sons, two cure yours and a woman used as a human shield were killed in the attacks. the u.s. team left in the helicopter 45 minutes after the raid began with bin ladens body on board. he was later buried. his body released from an aircraft carrier in the arabian sea. no member of the u.s. team were injured. president obama gave the order to go ahead on friday. preparations had been going on for months. >> they planned for all the contingencies and did it flaw élesleyéleslie. >> -- law flaw lessless.
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>> reporter: and managed to get explosives on board u.s. cargo planes last year. the threat of retaliation the focus or maryland's congressional leaders. we spoke with many of them toe. they had reaction. >> reporter: they certainly did. the death of osama bin laden was not a secret to everyone. there were some members on capitol hill who knew this operation was going to go down. now today there is questions about how that impacts foreign policy, wars and homeland security. the definite of osama bin laden planned since last august was no surprise to some maryland lawmakers aware of the operation for months. the congressman spoke to wjz between top security briefing. >> what can you tell me about the preparations that went to the raid? >> we had to get in there quick. i believe the whole operation
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took 40 minutes to go in, take care of him, get his body, get back into the helicopter and take off. 40 minutes. >> reporter: congresswoman cummings used bin laden's death as a turning point on the war on terror. >> do you think the death of osama bin laden will accelerate our efforts to get out of afghanistan? >> i think it probably will. i think the president will assess things carefully he'll talk to his new defense secretary. they may involve getting out faster. it may involve staying in longer. i think people now are more likely to trust his judgment. >> reporter: meanwhile security has been stepped up at military bases across maryland and airports including bwi marshall. >> we have to be ready for other attacks. as a result of this al queda wants to send a message that they are strong and they'll continue to attack americans and other people. they don't believe the ways
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they believe. >> i must show you i have had the same feeling as when i was a little girl with my parents when we heard that hitler had died during world war ii. my response was, good riddance to bin laden and the evil he's unleashed in the world. >> reporter: you don't come to washington, d.c. and not hear people talk about political implications. pryor to today president obama only had an approval rating of less than 50% when it came to the way he was handling the war on terror. many people on both sides of the aisle expect that number to rise with this new development. >> some people were saying it was the gutsiest move they have seen in a long time. definitely emotional day. lots of people are celebrating. for the many victims and relatives of the 9/11 attacks it was truly just a bittersweet day. mike is live in baltimore's
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world trade center with more from 9/11 relatives and victims. >> reporter: this is where maryland's own 9/11 memorial will be dedicated later this year. people were passionate about this, including thoses who lost loved ones and those who survived the attacks. emotion was unleashed as hundreds of university of maryland students packed the streets over the death of a man who personified evil. for others the killing of osama bin laden caused more reflection than celebration. >> i have a brother-in-law that was killed at the pentagon. it is something everybody wanted to see happen. >> a friend of mine's daughter was killed. >> what does it mean to you as an american? >> if you mess with us, we'll eventually get you. >> reporter: steve hunt spent the morning of 9/11 in tower one of the world trade center 63rd floor.
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>> everybody remembers what they were doing that. i happen to be 200 feet away from where the plane hit. when i think about the decade watching my kids grow up it is me noal that i have been able to witness this. all of a sudden they got him item world is certainly a less evil place today. >> reporter: while many marylanders feel a sense of relief and accomplishment. >> i'm not a mean person but i didn't like what he did to my fellow americans. >> reporter: they know bin laden's capture hasn't ended the war on terror. >> we in no way can let down our guard. it is a history-making moment. everybody will remember when they first heard about it. >> reporter: more than 50 people with maryland ties died on 9/11. back to you in washington. >> thank you very much. we are told there are photographs of osama bin laden's body. it is up to president obama as to whether we'll ever see
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those. live in washington, d.c. now back to you. >> thank you. the news of bin laden's death spread quickly around the world. >> reporter: the scene from ground zero was incredible. it minutes it went from a hollowed ground to celebration. thousands of people packed the site of the world trade center to cheer bin laden's death. they chanted u.s.a. and sang the star spangled banner. >> it is bitter sweet. our friends or or family whatever we may have lost, they are still dead. however the person who is responsible for it is gone. >> reporter: the situation played out at the white house where people flocked after hearing the president's announce. many people brought flowers to
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ground zero today. a new memorial at ground zero will be dedicated this september 11th. similar celebrations played out across the country including at the u.s. naval academy in annapolis. >> we all thought there would be an opportunity for justice and it came today! >> midshipmen erupted in cheer after getting the news of bin laden's death. video from the rocket's rally was posted on youtube. they took extra pride in his death because a group of navy seals killed him. the white house says it is 99.99% sure that bin laden was in fact killed in yesterday's raid. they used dna to confirm. officials are trying to decide if they'll release pictures of his body. the body was buried in the arabian sea according to muslim customs. we'll have more on the killing of oz can coming up at 6:30
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including the person who alerted the world of the raid. a gruesome discovery. a 5-year-old boy was found living with his dead father. >> reporter: inside this house family members made a gruesome discovery over the weekend. a stranger dead inside the basement alongside his 5-year- old son who was alive. >> his hands were contorted as if he was holding something. he said my dad is dead. >> reporter: police identified the victim as a 26-year-old. he was on the run from authorities last week when he broke into the home to got away. it is located less than a mile from his own house.
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>> he assaulted a family member and left the home with the child. he was charged in a warrant for that assault. we were actively looking for him. >> reporter: barbara white believed he had been inside the house since last tuesday when she noticed a broken back window. police officers responded but did not find the two inside a closet. her father-in-law owns the house but passed away two weeks ago. >> my son and husband went down stairs because the smell was so awful. we wanted to know if a dead animal had crawled in the house or died. if they had not gone in there this boy could have died. he was all those days without any water. >> reporter: there were no signs of trauma but they found drugs on his body. then waiting for toxicology reports to determine a cause of death. >> police say the boy was taken to the hospital for a check up. now he is with his mother in good health. court records reveal he had a long criminal past. police are investigating if it
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had anything to do with his death. take a live look outside. nice, mild may day with the sun peaking in and out of the clouds. wjz we have your first warning weather forecast. we have a look at what's in store for the rest of the night. >> temperatures temperature pleasant. -- temperatures are pleasant. cool spot is by the ocean. ocean city 66. there have been a couple showers across pennsylvania. looks like they'll pass to the north. maybe a brief speckle later on. the bulk of the rain we are expecting in the next day or so is coming from this area. showers all over the place. heavy rain down there and flooding. the bulk of that will pass to our northwest. the front approaching us, we have a chance of getting some thunderstorm activity. some of it could be strong.
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with more on that bernadette woods is joining me. >> maryland is once again in a slight risk area for possible severe storms tomorrow. it is not all of maryland but a good portion of maryland. as we head through the late afternoon and evening tomorrow any thunderstorm that gets going could get to the point where it produces damaging winds or hail or maybe more. if any watches or warnings come out we'll let you know about it. bob will have the rest of the five-day forecast and everything else coming up shortly. >> thank you. head of the class, a frederick teacher named the national teacher of the year. jessica talked to students about what makes their teacher so special. >> reporter: in frederick county michelle share is in a class of her own. the white house just named the
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14-year classroom veteran 2011 national teacher of the year. >> she invests all her time and energy into education. >> reporter: her colleague jerry walker nominated her. >> it was difficult not go on too long. she is just truly the epitome of an excellent teacher. she just knows how to teach. >> reporter: she is also fluent in sign language. pryor to coming here he taught at the maryland school for the deaf. greg chapman had share as a teacher. he said thanks to her advice he became one. >> students really want do well in the class and want to do well for her. the whole process and everything about science she taught us made we want to go into chemistry. >> reporter: she was named maryland teacher of the year before receiving the honor of a
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lifetime. she'll spend the entire week in washington, d.c. ing. still to come. backing the mayor. the new challenger she'll face. coming up, another huge find of poached striped bass. that story as eyewitness news continues.
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mayor blake picks up a key endorsement. her support comes as the new
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challenger enters the race. >> reporter: mayor stephanie rawlings blake is getting an endorsement. >> i think she has leadership, know how, dedication and integrity. >> reporter: greg conway filed his candidacy for mayor. >> i'm ready to go. some are ready but i doubt they're as energetic as i am. >> reporter: it also includes ottis rolling who is not surprised by the competition. >> i took the scandal that occurred in the city, you see a lot of people jumping in the race. they think the bar is low. they think i'm honest so i can be mayor. it takes more than that. you need competency and skill and experience. >> reporter: this is his first run for office.
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mayor rawlings blake was elected mayor after sheila dixon was forced to leave office after using gift cards for the poor. rawlings blake is expected to have a clear advantage. >> i was taught, not being by taught, by by being shown that if you think by being a woman you are afforded any extra benefit, it is tougher for a woman. you have to be tough in order to succeed. >> reporter: there is still plenty of time for additional candidates to declare before the filing deadline. >> you have until august 23rd to register to vote in the baltimore primary, tuesday september 13th. baltimore county police need your help to find a missing man. eddie jones is his name. he disappeared from his home
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this morning. he has alzheimer's. he was last seen wearing a tan or gray jacket with an orange stripe. if you see him call police. >> a reminder of the massive poaching of bass was found in the bay. this new find turned up tons of dead fish and they were rotting. >> reporter: striped bass season is on for sport fishman. no one was expecting to catch bait sunday all tilman island. that's where police were called when an angler snagged an underwater net. >> they estimated it to be 600 yards long. it was so full of dead and decaying fish. they were unable to bring it up on their boat. >> reporter: police put up a buoy to raise the net but rough water made it impossible. only ten yards of net could be
6:21 pm
dragged up off the bottom. >> we could not safely pull the net up without putting somebody's life in jeopardy. >> reporter: for what could be saved tons of rotting fish are likely snagged in the net. >> a couple hundred pound of fish in just ten yards. it is hard to tell how much is down there. >> reporter: last winter natural resources police found 12 and a half tons of illegal ly netted striped bass. even though this net is believed to be a left over from winter, this poaching could hurt waterman again. >> this will be applied to the december quota. >> waterman could lose more days? >> they could. >> reporter: caller weather will reveal by how much. a search for suspects in the poaching remains an on- going investigation. some rain could be coming
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or way soon again. >> showers are popping up. maybe a couple strong thunderstorms. right now it is quiet. 72. east southeast winds at 5. barometer holding steady.
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winds are southeast east. tomorrow 80 degrees ahead of a front. the front will slowly cross the region tomorrow evening. maybe after 8:00 or 9:00 or later. with that warm air coming up from the south. cool front crossing the region. it sets up a chance of showers and thunderstorm activity that
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could be widely scattered. severe weather in some areas. biggest threat will be gusty winds and maybe small hail. we'll watch that. add to the shower and thundershowers threat we'll probably get into steady rain tomorrow night and wednesday before it clears up. the front will slow down as low pressure develops to our west passing across the region. it will cool down. temperatures will be in the low 60s, maybe if that warm. definitely cooler. looks like we'll dry out on thursday. south winds gusting up to 20 miles per hour. cloudy mild upper 50s tomorrow. tomorrow warm afternoon clouds and sunshine. chance of showers and a strong gusty thunderstorm after 5:00. with temperatures in the low 80s that's conducive of that. tomorrow evening it cools down. showers give way to plain, old rain as temperatures drop back into the 50s. on wednesday morning some rain
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early but they clear it by the afternoon. still to come, the killing of of osama bin laden al queda's master mind's final moments and play-by-play of the deadly raid. >> stepped up security at bwi marshall and airports around the country. i'm your biggest fan. you know that.
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here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. justice served. osama bin laden finally hunted down.
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>> reporter: president obama, from the white house today, said it is a good day for america. and many from the nation's capitol across the world agree. u.s. officials say they have proof that navy seals killed al queda's leader. it is a devastating blow to the terrorist network he found and helped build. >> reporter: u.s. officials say the body of bin laden was buried at sea on monday. president obama announced bin laden's death to the american people sunday night. officials say monday dna text confirms that the al queda leader you killed by u.s. forces in a raid on a mansion about 30-miles north top pakastani capital of islamabad. >> we'll try to take advantage of the opportunity to demonstrate to the pakastani people and the people of the
6:32 pm
area that al queda is a thing of the past. we are hoping to bury them all. >> reporter: secretary of state hillary clinton said cooperation with pakistan helped find bin ladens hideout. >> this was an enemy of the united states and pakistan. it was important for us to work as closely as we could with our pakastani counter parts. >> reporter: after celebrations at the white house and here at ground zero sunday night, visitors on monday continued to pass by the site where the world trade center once stood. for some who lost loved ones on september 11, 2001 the occasion is more about reflection after a decade of waiting. >> it is a day of remembrance and honor. hopefully this world will be a better place without bin laden in it. >> reporter: the day after the news a about bin laden the mood is more subdued. more reflection about what this head line means. reporting from ground zero in new york.
6:33 pm
back here live in washington, d.c. we know bin laden's death does not mark the end of the terrorist threat for the united states. in fact u.s. congressman spoke with me today outside of the u.s. capitol and said he is focusing, as part of his roll, on the next enemy. >> we had information in march that we had good leads. i have been in the intelligence committee for ten years. we received a lot of leads on bin laden. >> now that bin laden is out where should the focus of the u.s. be? >> is there a new name? >> i just came back from yemen two weeks ago. i felt that we needed to go to yemen to deal with our intelligence and military people because of the threat coming from yemen. yemen has certain high value targets that are attempting to
6:34 pm
attack the united states. one is an american. he understands our culture. he is recruiting other americans to perform attacks in the united states. their focus is not a major attack but smaller attacks but successful. >> reporter: the congressman left our interview and headed straight to the cia where he was further briefed on the death of osama bin laden and he said he will also share what he learned on his recent trip to yemen. live in washington, d.c. back to you. maryland senator carter said we can feel safer now that bin laden is dead but we must remain vigilant.
6:35 pm
this is a day of victory for justice and freedom. >> some muslim scholars complained that bin laden's sea bear yell breaks islamic law. al queda expected to retaliate. as a spokesperson tells us he does not expect the extra security will slow you down if you are flying out of the airport. military bases are tightened up. army tightened security after bin laden was killed. visitors can expect extra security screenings. they are quick to point out there were no specific threats against any military bases. it took top secret operation to kill bin laden but a pakastani man informed the
6:36 pm
world about the mission. he lives near the compound. he wrote on his twittering feed. he was referring to the u.s. military compound. after bin laden's death was confirmed he says i'm the guy who live blogged the osama bin laden raid without knowing it. new developments about the killing of osama bin laden keep coming in the news room. for the latest updates log on to a huge show of support for moammar kadafi. 2,000 people packed the streets of tripoli today. they were there for a funeral of a kadafi son. he was killed in a nato bombing over the weekend. kadafi was in the same compound when the bombing happened. he escaped without getting hurt. excessive force. five correctional officers are accused of beating up an
6:37 pm
inmate. they are accused of beating up a woman after she was brought into the jail. three other works who were not charged would also lose their jobs. a jury just convicted two baltimore city police officers of misconducted. they abducted two teens and left one in a howard county park. the judge is deciding the fate of another officer charged in the case. we'll let you know when that verdict is announced. >> a missing baltimore county man has been found. we showed you this picture of eddie jones a few minutes ago in baltimore city. he suffers from alzheimer's. we are told he is safe and with authorities. home for abused horses is the mission after 100 horses were rescued last week. neglected animals were taken from a farm in centerville. as we explain, the rescue group also needs help now, too. or >> reporter: zodiac is proof an
6:38 pm
abused horse can be saved. >> he was the six horse we have had in 20 years. >> reporter: he was rescued in www.we have at day's enamors farm rescue. he has a bill of clean health. that's the hope for these arabian horses seized on friday from canterbury farm on the eastern shore. >> the horses are significantly underweight. parasites. >> reporter: six horses had to be put down. the rest were placed in four secret facilities around the state. their care will be administers by day's end. the non-profit group is already caring for 60 other abused horses and providing the new group with medication and food will be expensive. it costs $2500 per horse per month to rehabilitate them. for the month of may they'll need $330,000. >> it gets to be a big
6:39 pm
undertaking. funding is a big deal. >> reporter: horses are said to be adjusting well. with the proper health workers say they may all make a come back. >> animal control says the owners will face criminal charges. if you would like to donate or volunteer log on to and click on the news tab on the home page. time for a quick look at the stories you'll find in the baltimore sun tomorrow morning. more local reaction to the category osama bin laden. how the southwest air-tran merger will affect the bottom line. these stories and more in tomorrow's baltimore sun. remember to look for the updated forecast from the first morning weather team. still to come, a fiery crash. the airplane accident in a neighborhood and the pilot's final words to air traffic controllers.
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the 64-year-old died in the crash. no one was around. one person was dead flood weary arkansas. it is above six feet above. the rain will not likely stop
6:44 pm
in arkansas. a los angeles judge is giving more time to conrad murray's attorneys. it will allow them to dispute testimony for the prosecution. murray is facing involuntary manslaughter charges in michael jackson's death. he is pleading not guilty. police at a dui check point in connecticut had their hands full over the weekend. they were headed to the hospital when they hit a dui check point. they didn't have much time to talk. police let them pass. the couple didn't make it far before he had to step up. >> they rushed over. they were wonderful. i had to take everything off. my feet were on the dash board. i was holding on. >> after two pain staking minutes inside the tiny car they delivered the brand new baby boy. he is beautiful. he is their second child. and the first for a few proud
6:45 pm
policeman. >> so that's what the handle is for
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bob is here with a look at what's in store tomorrow. >> maybe a brief sprinkle or shower west of us. tomorrow it is going to be warm. up to the low 80s. late in the afternoon into the evening is when we'll get a chance of getting showers and thunderstorms. some could be strong to severe. we'll keep an eye on that. keep tuned tomorrow afternoon. next five days cooling down quite a bit on wednesday with morning rain. look at that 42 wednesday night. 68 with sun and clouds on thursday. probably a shower or two on friday afternoon with the cool temperatures of 67. warming up with partly cloudy skies on saturday. back up to 70. in today's health watch new research suggests fewer women in their 40s are getting mammograms after a government panel recommended against screening most women in the group.
6:49 pm
>> reporter: lia had her first mammogram at 40. she never expected her doctor would find cancer. under current government recommendation she would not have been screened for years. in 2009 a task force recommended women do not need a mammogram until they are 50 years old. new research suggests fewer women in their 40s are getting them. a university of colorado research found a drop in women in nine months after the guidelines were issued. >> we have seen an overall reduction in the eligible american women who are having annual screenings. this had been a trend. it may be that the trend is exsense waited by the guidelines. >> reporter: american cancer society isn't embracing the guidelines and still recommends most women should get regular mammograms at age 40. a second study of breast cancer patients in their 40s shows
6:50 pm
those who got mammograms often caught the disease at an earlier, more treatable stage. >> the strives we have made in america by reducing the rate of breast cancer have been in part due to early detection. >> reporter: thanks to her mammogram her cancer was caught early. >> i feel look my case is a perfect example of someone that is totally health and risk- free. did have a cancer. >> reporter: if she had waited to get her mammogram she might not be alive today. >> the guidelines have not changed for women with high risk of breast cancer. still to come, ravens welcome their rookie. dry mouth is uncomfortable.
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they are going to play ravens football. let's get ready. >> they have a good crop of
6:54 pm
players coming in. they'll bring in five new offensive players. three on defense. baltimore is getting high grades for the players they picked. the top two were at owens mills this week. defensive back jimmy smith on the right. torre smith on the left. ravens first two picks. tony smith out of maryland projected to be a first rounder. ravens get him in the second round. jimmy smith out of colorado evaluated as top 20 talent. i asked jimmy smith what he knows about the ravens? >> you think of defense. that's all you think of is defense. when they call on him it is like it is one of the best defenses in the league. >> tell me about the challenge. you didn't it in college, of doing it in the nfl. as you is it here now and look
6:55 pm
forward you see what? >> opportunity. stepping in with a bunch of veteran guys with a great foundation, leadership, ownership and coach. it puts me in a great situation. i have to take advantage of it. and help the team win a superbowl. >> none of the newly drafted rookies can work out with the team as the league and players fight in court over the collective bargaining agreement. appeals court in st. louis heard arguments on both sides to keep the players locked out. in baseball the orioles are on the road and on a roll. three wins on the road against chicago. buck showalter scoring runs in the windy city. got a big hit from nick markakis. he clears basis double to the gap. markakis helped power the o's to a 6-4 win.
6:56 pm
quest for a fourth straight win begins with jeremy guthrie. chicago throwing lefty mark burley who pitched well you suffered a loss in the last start in new york. game time 8:10. see it on masn 2. in basketball the northern california city will be given another year to make good on a promise of a new arena. the team was prepared to move to anaheim. they'll give sacramento more time. sacramento has been the home of the king 26 years. nba playoffs begin tonight. tomorrow
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join us at 11:00. these it for us right now. we'll be back at 11:00. thank you for watching wjz maryland's news station. there is more ahead on the cbs evening news. including inside the operations that brought down bin laden.


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