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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  May 2, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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bringing down osama bin laden. forces bring down osama bin laden killing him. >> we made a decision that last night because we felt confident to go out to the american people and the rest of the world to say, we got him. good evening i'm denise koch. >> and i'm vic carter. here is what people are talking about. osama bin laden was found hiding not in a cave but in a
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sprawling compound in pakistan. tonight we're staying on this story with complete coverage. kai jackson explains how osama bin laden was found. >> reporter: after a methodical investigation, officials became suspicious of no phone, or internet to his compound. once president oe obama knew it was him, he gave the go. they arrived at a million dollars compound of osama bin
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laden. >> there was a woman who shielded osama bin laden from the oncoming fire. >> reporter: navy seal forced shot osama bin laden to the head. >> all of a sudden you had to go into plan b and they did it flawlessly. >> reporter: no contact was pakistani officials. osama bin laden was quickly buried at sea but he was identified by one of his wives, dna and facial recognition technology. news of bin been's death spawned celebrations across america. crowds gathered in front of the white house and at annapolis. >> when i think about a decade
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of watching my kids grow up. it's been phenomenal to be here to witness it. it's a history changing moment. everybody is going to remember for sure. the remaining detainees were turned over to pakistani officials. the united states is trying to determine what if anything pakistan may have known about osama bin laden's compound. the president will visit the world trade center site on thursday and meet with victim's families. and security leaders are calling it a treasure-trove of information on al-qaida. there are concerns of retaliatory attacks. that's why maryland officials say america must remain vigilant. >> reporter: the death of osama bin laden planned since last august was no surprise of
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maryland lawmakers aware of the operation for months. congressman ruthesburger talked to wjz during briefings. >> you're the top member, what did you know about the operation. >> we had to get out quick. we had to get in, it took only 40 minutes. >> i think the president is going to assess things very carefully. that may mean involved getting out faster, may mean staying there longer. but i think now people will trust his judgment.
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>> reporter: security has stepped up at airports. including vwi airport. >> we have to be ready of're attacks. al-qaida needs to send a message that they are still strong and that if they are going to continue attacking americans and other people, that they don't believe what they believe. >> reporter: adam may, wjz news. wjz is always on, for the latest on the killing of osama bin laden, log on to our website the deadly storms that tore through the southeast have set a new records as the worse tornados in history. 312 tornadoes touched down. from 8:00 a.m. last wednesday to thursday, 340 people died. most of them in alabama. and still tonight hundreds more are still missing. the same day a tornado touched down in prince george's county maryland caught on video. the record set last week was
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more than double the previous record set back in 1974. fists fly, knives were drawn at a family carnival. two people were stabbed and cameras were rolling. wjz was live where it happened near the square mall. the changes the carnal is not making, kelly mcpherson has the story. >> reporter: this carnival has been here at the parking lot for five years. and now owners have to step up security after two people were stabbed. thousands of young men are beating on, hitting on and even stomping on each other. the melee forced the family event to shut down. >> it depends on what time of day. if you go early, you take the little kids to go to the ride. in the evening it's an outlet for teenagers. >> it looked like they were throwing things and fighting all over the place. i saw the police came and maced
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everybody. that's sad when you can't even take your family out and enjoy a nice carnival. >> reporter: in the end two young men were stabbed. four arrested. >> at this time, our investigators continue to work on identifying suspects in the stabbing in this case. >> reporter: to stay in business, the carnival is enhancing security. >> this is the fifth year we have been here never with any incident at all. never had to have a fence before. >> reporter: jolly choice out of annapolis runs this carnival. the spokesperson told me that during the fight they had four off duty officers here and there will be more this weekend. >> we're looking for the type of patrons that are going to bring their children, have fun and we're going to try to make this as secure as possible for those type of families. >> reporter: four young men were arrested for the stabbing. police are still trying to piece together how this fight
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started. reporting live, kelly mcpherson. >> thank you, kelly. one stabbing victim is out of the hospital tonight but another is still at shock trauma in critical condition. two baltimore city officers accused of kidnapping two west baltimore teenagers. tonight a judge find the officers guilty of misconduct but did not charge them with the kidnapping. a third officer opted for a bench trial. a judge will hear those arguments today. shocking discovery inside a home. a little boys and his father's huddled inside a closet. what police think happened to the man. >> reporter: inside this house, family members made a gruesome discovery over the weekend. a stranger dead in the basement along his five-year-old son who was still alive. >> he kept saying, my daddy is dead, my daddy is dead. >> reporter: police identified
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the victim at abdula. they said he was on the run from authorities last week when he likely broke into the home to get away. it's located less than a mile from his house. >> he assaulted a family member then left the home with the child. >> reporter: barbara wise thought abdula may have been in the home since last tuesday when she found a broken window. officers investigated but did not find abdula. >> my son and dad went downstairs because the smell was so bad. the little boy could have died too, he had no food and water. >> reporter: police say the little boy was taken to the hospital for a check up and he's now staying with his mother in good health. weijia jiang, wjz eyewitness
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news. court records show that abdula had a long criminal past. police are investigating whether it had anything to do with his death. tonight the baltimore county council approved a bill to curb the over flowing deer population. but that bill will include both hunt to thin the herd and sterilelyization to keep them from reproducing. the bill would not allow open season, instead the hunts will be to be done at night under dnr supervision. our media partner the baltimore sun are investigating staff at west high school. they failed to send the applications for review. one maryland teacher will get little sleep tonight. that's because urbana high's michelle sheer is about to meet
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the president. michelle teaches chemistry with so much passion and skill she has been named the 2011 national teacher of the year. sheer is also fluent in sign language and thought at the maryland school for the deaf. tomorrow i will be at the white house when michelle is honored by president obama. we'll have a live report. the torpedo of truth meets the tornado devastation. actor charlie sheen tours the hardest hit areas of alabama. just minutes away why he was there and what victims are saying about his visit. two people are brutally stabbed. the mistake that led to their attack. showers and storms later tomorrow. i'm bob turk, i'll have your complete forecast next.
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it's 65 degrees, partly cloudy in central maryland right now. a miami neighborhood is terrified after a twin engine
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cargo plane crashes. white was on its way to the bahamas. two hearing impaired men are stabbed at a florida nightclub after their sign language was misinterpreted for gang language. the two hearing impaired men were taken to the hospital. a club security guard was seriously cut during the melee. it is a humanitarian role for actor charlie sheen as he toured a tornado ravaged part of alabama. sheen meeting with officials in tuscaloosa. sheen promised to perform a
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show for charlie. mike hellgren takes you inside the case of gross who says he is innocent and caught in a political nightmare. >> reporter: alan gross went to a comfortable life in the baltimore suburbs to living in prison. the family know fears he could die inside the communist jail. >> reporter: gross is either working on a secret u.s. government mission to bring democracy to cuba or a humanitarian. gross grew up in baltimore and from an early age loved to travel. his close friend told he turned that passion into his life's
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work. helping the needy in far corners of the world. >> extremely dedicated to progressive causes. he would know small details about the country he was in. because he traveled all over the world. extremely intelligent. >> reporter: his most harrowing journey began five years ago. gross went back and forth from the united states to cuba. those trips quickly caught the attention of authorities in cuba who thought gross was trying to overthrow their government. his rabbi believes gross is an innocent pawn. >> it is not fair to him or his family that he should be going through this and his family
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should be going through this. >> reporter: wjz obtained images of gross during surrounded bid guards. the cubans found him guilty and sentenced gross to 16 years behind bars, drawing stinging criticism from the most powerful in washington. >> we're calling for his freedom. >> reporter: bottom line, a man's life is at stake. >> alan gross has lost over 90 pounds. the cuban government so far has been just outrageous. >> reporter: former president jimmy carter recently met with gross in prison. >> he still seems to be in good spirits. obviously he professes his innocence as he did in his trial. >> reporter: with his health gets worse by the day, his family pleas are growing more urgent to bring allen back to maryland before it's too late.
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>> his daughters miss him terribly. we need him home. >> reporter: mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. of course his wife recently made another personal plea to cuban president raul castro asking him to free her husband as a gesture to the jewish community. we will continue to follow gross' case and bring you the latest developments. women in their early 40s are getting fewer mammograms. the change comes after a change by the health department. it said that women in their early 40s were not required to get mammograms. here's a little guy with a big purchasing power. that's because a 5-year-old in connecticut got a credit card. his mother said when she tried
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to cancel, the company refused. they eventually decided to do it once they figured out that conner's only source of income was the tooth fairy. >> one of my dogs got one many years ago. he started using it too. that was the bad part. great credit. let's take a look at temperatures and conditions. humidity 80%, the barometer 31. one that's on the way back up. it's a very warm night by the way. 70 in washington, still 66 at ocean city. dewpoint is about the same temperature it was earlier. 69 it was earlier at 60. 67 at annapolis. a mild night. probably only dropping a few more degrees, probably in the upper 50s to low 60s, that's about it.
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by afternoon should be back in the low 80s that could cause some problems. right now east-southeast winds generally. there's a lot of rain out there. luckily no severe weather reported from this severe weather. with these winds coming out of the south tomorrow, we're going to see a good deal of sunshine and the clouds will build. late in the afternoon by early evening maybe showers, pop up thunderstorms that could be locally strong. very isolated but they could be local to strong. later on we get you steady rain into early wednesday. then it clears out in the afternoon, thursday looks good but presently cool or cooler than we will see tomorrow. south winds at five to 15. tomorrow a look at clouds and
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sunshine. probably won't see any showers till after dinner time. back in the 50s tomorrow night with showers and thunderstorms. 64 rain early then clearing out. 42. 68 on thursday. chance of a shower on friday. and 70 with partly cloudy skies on saturday. denise. >> thank you, bob. coming up the orioles go for a clean sweep in chicago. >> mark has highlights next in sports. i'm your biggest fan. you know that. aww. you're the best, mr. snuggles. [ thinking ] another pet name? you're right, puggle-wuggle! [ voice on phone ] hey, wiggly. all right, i'm smart enough to notice that my favorite fresh-brewed mickey d's sweet tea is now on the dollar menu, along with that juicy mcdouble. so i'm smart enough for this. you're the best, too... sweet tea...
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you could feel a little sad for chicago but maybe not. >> oriole is away and playing ball. the o's don't mind getting greedy. going for a four game sweep against the white sox in chicago. in what's been a good road trip so far. the u.s. military honored in all sports tonight. a pregame ceremony in chicago.
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bryan roberts fly ball to left field. juan pierre robbing roberts and the o's of a couple of runs. guthrie pitching for the o's. konerko with two home runs. he would later homer after precata. the o's win. the o's road trip continues in kc tomorrow. defense on display in washington, d.c. both in patriotism. former oriole harrison, he will make a great grab too. nba play offs, joe kimnoa and the chicago bulls upset at home in game one of their series
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with the atlanta hawks. josh smith will spot up for a jumper over noah. atlanta rolls over chicago. takes game one rather easily 103-95. college news, a new home for coach paul hewitt. hewitt was at georgia tech for 11 seasons. you probably heard of a cook off or bake off. >> but what about a paint off. artists from the
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