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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  May 3, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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just one of the many details coming out about the shooting that left the terror leader dead. wjz is live with complete coverage of the killing of osama bin laden. adam may has more on intelligence gathered in the raid. but we begin with danielle knottingham with more on the possible release of some gruesome photos. >> reporter: when navy seals raid third-degree pakistani compounds they found osama bin laden and his family on the second and third floors. the white house says the terrorist leader resists but was unarmed. >> bin laden was then shot and killed. he was not armed. >> reporter: behind the 18-foot high wall the aftermath of the raid is chaotic. dishes, carpets and clothing lie scattered on the floor of one of the buildings. outside onlookers hold what appear to be pieces of the u.s. helicopter that stalled during the raid. officials say dna and facial recognition technology were used to identify bin laden. but now taliban leaders are questioning whether or not he is actually dead. they say the u.s. hasn't
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provided concrete proof. the white house says they do have photos of bin laden's body and his burial at sea, but they're still debating whether or not to release them. >> it's fair to say it's a gruesome photograph. >> it could be inflammatory. >> reporter: some in congress think releasing the photos would put conspiracy theories to rest. >> i think for purposes of 100% identification there's value in doing so. >> reporter: lawmakers are also starting to ask questions about pakistan and what terrorism officials there knew about bin laden living in their midst for years. danielle notingham, wjz eyewitness news. wjz complete coverage continues live. adam may has an in depth look at the intelligence that helped complete this dangerous mission. adam. >> reporter: intelligence agencies including some in maryland have already started the long process of analyzing data collected during that raid. seal team 6, an exclusive counterterrorism unit, spent the last month training at a
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full scale replica of osama bin laden's compound built on a u.s. air base in afghanistan. >> for an operation like this they used relentless practice built around three principles. surprise, speed and violence of action. >> reporter: the mission twofold. get bin laden and gather intelligence. two black hawk helicopters flew over bin laden's compound in the middle of the night. then 25 navy seals dropped down on ropes. >> that was just pearly well worked out by the seals to be able to get the replica and do drill after drill after drill until precision. >> reporter: at the center for homeland security says the reported seizure of computers, hard drives and dvds may be a treasure-trove for u.s. security agencies. >> what do you think will happen? >> it's going to help us with future investigations and intelligence maybe to defend any other terrorist attacks. >> reporter: the identity of the navy seals involved in the operation is top secret.
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but at the naval academy in annapolis where students celebrated bin laden's death, many including congressmanings suspect a maryland connection. >> i serve on the board of visitors for the naval academy and i know probably some of them were involved. people that trained them probably involved in this. and i am so proud of our young people. i really am. >> reporter: and another maryland connection the national intelligence agency or excuse me the national security agency located in fort meade played a critical role in satellite surveillance. their director released a statement thanking everyone on staff for their hard work. reporting live, adam may, wjz eyewitness news. thank you. stay with wjz for complete coverage of the killing of osama bin laden. log onto for the latest developments and a complete overview of the raid. it was one year ago today tragedy hit the university of virginia campus. cockysville native was murdered allegedly by her boyfriend. tonight students at her alma mater in baltimore county are honoring her life.
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wjz is live in towson. derek has more on the tribute. >> reporter: that tribute some of it happening right out here on the lacrosse field where she played for many years. all the players right now wearing yardly love's number, the number one, on their body. meanwhile before the game even started they had a moment of silence in her honor. yardly love left notre dame prep years ago but her memory lingers here. the school paid tribute to love with a special prayer in her name this morning and many students who never even knew her wore special t-shirts today in her honor. >> it's hard to believe it's been a year. >> reporter: lacrosse coach remembers hearing the news that her former player was killed while attending the university of virginia. prosecutors say when yardly love broke off a two yearlong relationship with her then boyfriend he went to her offcampus apartment and beat her to death. he awaits trial while her family and friends still mourn. >> i think today is much more difficult than it was that day because i think we were all in shock. and i think that we have had to
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live a year of everything without yardly. >> reporter: the anniversary also tough for former teammate. >> what does this tribute mean to you today? >> well, ndu really was a home away from home for all of us. yardly was a sister and family to each of us. i think this is honoring a fallen family member who we all miss every single day. >> reporter: in addition to the tribute out here on the lacrosse field notre dame prep has also awarded the first ever yardly love scholarship. that went to eighth grader amber wayne right who will receive a full tuition to the school next year. wjz eyewitness news. okay. thank you. to donate money to the one love foundation, log onto join one new fall out tonight from the deadly tornadoes that pummeled the south last week. the disaster is impacting prices at the pump. we're in the newsroom to
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explain. refineries are temporarily shut down because of the tornadoes that devastated the south. and gas prices have now jumped. in chicago gas is now well over $4 a gallon. and the national average for regular is $3.96 a gallon. wjz pump watch tracking prices here in maryland. the average per gas of $3.97 that's up from $3.64 this time last month. experts optimistic prices will peek soon and those refineries will soon be back open. >> thank you. if you'd like to find the cheapest prices in your neighborhood log onto and click on links and numbers. a warm evening over maryland tonight but some showers and storms could soon cool things down. a live along outside right now. lots of clouds out there. when will the rain arrive? wjz is live with first warn weather meteorologist bob turk and bernadette woods tracking live doppler radar for us. >> a very warm afternoon. temperatures reaching 80 plus in many places. take a look we have some thunderstorms way out to the west around the cumberland
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area. they did have some activity out there. you can see it all moving up towards pennsylvania right now. so for the time being really nothing across the baltimore area. flintstone moving up to breeswood in pennsylvania. not to baltimore right now. that little area of thunderstorms continues to head off to the northeast rather quickly around 45 miles an hour. locally across much of the state partly cloudy skies, very, very warm temperatures and with high dew points a lot of moisture, we still have the chance overgetting some severe thunderstorms later this evening. bernadette woods joins me now for a look at the advisories that are going into effect already even into late tonight. bern. >> that's right. severe thunderstorm watch is in effect for western parts of the state. washington and allegheny counties. but we also have a coastal flood advisory that's in effect for just along the western shore. the strong southerly wind is going to lead to a high tide over night about one to two feet above average. now we're going to put this all together for you and tell you here's the storm coming into our very warm atmosphere. that's sparking the thunderstorms just over these past few hours. but behind it pretty decent
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band of rain and still a few thunderstorms. even though the thunderstorms come in and there is a chance for severe weather as we head through the evening the rain is going to linger into tomorrow. we'll have a full forecast and what that means coming up shortly. back inside. thank you, bernadette. there will soon be a new anchor on the "cbs evening news" katie couric is set to leave the program next month. he will debut as anchor june 6. he will also continue his work for 60 minutes. top honors at the white house for a maryland educator. michelle is the 2011 national teacher of the year. denise was in washington d.c. today as a frederick county chemistry teacher was praised by president obama. what a date for her, denise. >> i should say. she's the second to be chosen in the past five years. another validation for the maryland public school system widely considered the very best in the nation. >> what a beautiful day.
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a wonderful day to celebrate teachers. and teaching. >> reporter: the sun was shining on the rose garden this morning filled with maryland lawmakers, educators and families. the president was there to recognize michelle. princeton grad, award winning a.p. chemistry teacher fluent in sign language. >> at the maryland school for the deaf michelle taught a.p. chemistry for the first time in the school's 135 year history explaning concepts like kinetics and electrochemistry using only her hands. >> reporter: her accomplishments won her the title teacher of the year. an example the president leaves husband resonate in schools across the country. >> america will only be as strong in this century as the education that we provide our students. and at a time when our success is -- as a nation depends on our ability to outeducate other countries, we desperately need more michelles out there. >> reporter: michelle makes the point she chose this profession.
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and today the president announced he's looking for 100,000 just like her. fantastic teachers in math and science. >> to help those teachers succeed i've called on congress to quickly fix no child left behind. >> our students need a program that's not just focused on testing where they're learning from teachers who can be creative and being prepared to do the work that employers and professors will expect them to do when they get to that stage. >> but i can think of no other profession that can say we make every other profession possible. >> now michelle will finish out this school year with her students. next year she'll spend on the road traveling the country promoting excellence in the profession she loves, teaching. okay. thank you very much. what a big day for michelle. i think she's such a good teacher that we would have hope of learning chemistry. >> absolutely. >> anybody. she comes in -- >> not my subject. >> mine either but she comes in early to help any student that
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needs it and she stays late. she's amazing. >> absolutely she is. still ahead on 5:00 news tonight a recall on the road. why honda has a warning about some popular models. a lawyer wins his challenge of a speed camera ticket. but will that help you if you also have one? i'll have that story next. thrill seekers listen up. the host of the amazing race is in baltimore. how you can watch this critically acclaimed documentary. spring showers continue. how long should you hold onto that umbrella? bob turk has your updated first warning forecast. @
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a lawyer challenges his own speed camera ticket and wins in court. he tells susan collins a typo in the law could lead to many other cases also being tossed
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out. >> the statute we're talking about appears in transportation code. >> reporter: not too many drivers like pouring over the annotated code of maryland laws, but this attorney did getting his $40 speed camera ticket thrown out on appeal. >> most of my practices civil litigation i have clients getting sued for $5 million. so to go and try a case for $40 is not going to be the end of the world. >> reporter: many of us know the feeling racing to your destination, you see a flash in the rearview mirror and then an ominous letter arrives. no police officer, no accuser in court, just pay the money. but that did not sit right with james. >> because you don't have an officer of the law telling you you did something wrong. when you get a ticket on the road, you might not like it and i might fight those too but at least you have an officer telling you you've done wrong and they've observed it. >> reporter: he discovered a typographical error where the letter b should have been the letter d. he proved that that mix up meant the ticket is not valid. the government did not follow
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state law and a judge agreed. >> it may appear to be a typographical error. the law says b and that's what controls. >> reporter: he believes anyone else with a speed camera ticket pending in montgomery county could also win their case. but he isn't so sure what would happen in the other circuit courthouses in maryland. if the law is flawed, the legislature can easily correct it next time they go in session. for now he says he's been basking in the admiration of his colleagues. >> and montgomery county is one of the first to put up speed cameras. now many jurisdictions have them. howard county added them last week. back to you. gives new meaning to the letter of the law doesn't it? [ laughter ] >> good one. no speed camera challenges have yet been appealed to maryland's highest court. if you're waiting for somebody to get home from work let's check in on the roads right now. here's wjz traffic control. christy. hi mary, hi everyone. the harrisburg expressway in the northbound direction is beginning to back down. if you're traveling in that direction we do have some
5:17 pm
slowing there. that's from swan to belfast. north side of the outer loop heavy from york road over o harper road. and on the inner loop heavy congestion from stevenson road to drainny valley. west side inner loop bumper to bumper 95 to liberty road. average speed on the west side about 30 miles an hour. and 70 westbound still struggling there from 29 over to mar yachtsville road. as far as accidents inball go we're still watching register avenue closed between edgewood road and wardman. let's now take a live look. you can see plenty of brake lights there on the west side of baltimore national pike. and there's a look at the delay 70 at 29. this traffic report is brought to you by bill's carpet hardwood and laminate. you can call them. back to you. thank you. the host of cbs's amazing race knows what it's like to face obstacles in order to win big. but phil's goal is different than the contestants. he crossed a finish line to raise money for others and he's in baltimore tonight to show it
5:18 pm
to you. >> biggest physical and mental challenge of my life. >> reporter: the amazing race started in los angeles. a 3500-mile bike ride across the u.s. to new york city. he passed through baltimore a little battered and worn. >> hardest physical thing of my life. >> reporter: but with one goal in mind to raise awareness about multiple sclerosis. he also helped raise $500,000 for the national m.s. society. and now he's back in baltimore to screen his documentary on the amazing adventure. screenings of the documentary across the country are raising even more money for the m.s. society. >> i got involved with the m.s. society and really fell in love with the way they think and the support they give people with m.s. and of course i met people with m.s. and i became inspired to do more. >> reporter: phil's adventure is touching many lives. when he was in baltimore, he road away in annoys jersey and left behind a big impression on
5:19 pm
those living with m.s. >> it's heartwarming for me to see people who do not have the disease that are willing to raise money to help with the research because we're so close. so close to a cure. >> i felt this tremendous pressure not to let people down. it became more than my life. >> he did not let anybody down. screenings of the documentary the ride will take place tonight at 7:00 in columbia howard county. for more details head to our website at and click on seen on tv. and of course you can watch the amazing race right here on wjz sunday nights at 8:00. phil spent a couple hours at our station today. he's so nice. he's from new zealand. >> did he bring his bike? >> he did not. he had two suitcases. i helped him wheel one in. he had a little time before he had to head to columbia. such a nice guy. i love his show. i went up to him and he was standing there and i'm like am i first, am i second?
5:20 pm
he played along. he did. you got to do that. >> i don't know how they shoot that show. it's just amazing. >> i know. they go everywhere. >> the logistics of the entire thing. the production value is amazing. look at temps conditions rather warm rather sticky afternoon. 81 the humidity up to 50%. south wind keep us in the warm air for a while. barometer is beginning to fall. we'll tell you the risk of showers after this. ú
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great day to go sailing. >> yeah. the wind. >> and it was quite breezy at that little thing is really moving pretty quickly. 15 to 20 miles an hour what a difference. 62 a lot cooler on the water today. right now pretty quiet on the water. nothing to be worried about. late this evening probably going to see some thunder and lightning around the region. look at radar. this give you a little batch of showers east of the cumberland area just moved through that region and up towards pennsylvania and just west of chambersburg up toward breezewood area. cumberland cleared out. still a few light showers all that strong stuff now away and
5:24 pm
up towards central p.a. a few more showers developing to our southwest. might see those in a little while. around the baltimore area, washington, rest of the state just partly cloudy skies. for the time it will be quiet. later this evening some of the stuff back to the west will definitely be headed in our direction. we do have a chance of getting some gusty thundershower activity and rain as well. 81 right now. still warm out to the west where the rain has already dropped down to 66. 72 in cumberland. 80 in washington. it is pretty exciting from hagerstown west we've had a lot of sunshine. the dew point's coming up a little bit to 61. so it's a little more on the moist side. 69 the cool spot. i don't think you're going to see much in the way of severe weather down there. 77 rock hall. 70 annapolis and 80 in washington. winds continue to be out of the south. that's also pushing the water back up the bay. so on the western side of the bay northern portions of the bay tide's tonight running one
5:25 pm
to two feet above normal. might want to watch out for that. winds begin to shift. not until that fun gets in here and that will take until later tonight and then temperature wills start dropping and we'll get some steady rain. this evening looks like rain with embedded thunderstorms. some could be locally strong to gusty and gusty winds even some small hail. now if the clouds come in quick enough it may begin to stabilize things. there's not a whole lot of thunderstorm activity out here. but when this very warm air that's why this little batch of thunderstorms popped up. most of that's going to pass off to our north and northeast up across pennsylvania and new york. so for right now for the baltimore area slight chance of some stronger storms. eventually their front moves through. yes, it's going to cool down tomorrow. may not even get to 60. hopefully get a little sunshine in there late in the day. by evening at least some clearing and sunshine back on thursday. so much cooler trend coming our way. the winds become northwest to 15 to 20. breezy. going to feel really chilly tomorrow afternoon and advisory in the bay for small craft tomorrow.
5:26 pm
tonight then scattered showers, maybe strong winds and then just rain and drizzle. 53. tomorrow recovering maybe up to 60. some morning rain and drizzle with some clearing in the afternoon late late in the afternoon. but it will be pretty chilly. only about 60. >> thank you, bob. still ahead at 5:00, chaos in court. what caused this wild scene at an oklahoma murder trial. reaction within the islamic community to the death of osama bin laden. that story next on wjz. it was a case that shook baltimore city. a police officer shot to death by fellow officers. and now the department has finished its investigation. i have what will happen nex ,@
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it is 5:28. partly sunny and 81 degrees. good evening everybody. thank you for staying with wjz ease eyewitness news. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. the home of a terrorist. pakistan's army has sealed off the compound osama bin laden was hiding in. neighbors still can't believe the world's most wanted man was living in their midst. wjz complete coverage of the killing of bin laden continues. we have reaction from local muslims. first charlie d'agata reports for wjz with what pakistani officials are saying tonight. >> reporter: hideouts stood out in this upper class suburb of pakistan. but neighbors say they had no
5:30 pm
idea the al qaeda chief lived inside. >> it's very hard for them to believe that in the first place osama bin laden was here the most wanted person on planet earth. >> reporter: u.s. special forces launched the assault on bin laden without telling pakistan because they were concerned it might jeopardize the operation. pakistan says it is deeply concerned over what it calls an unauthorized american raid. pakistan's president denies sheltering bin laden and is accusing the media of baseless speculation. says pakistani intelligence helped track down the al qaeda chief. insists when he was president he never knew when bin laden was hiding. >> i didn't have any knowledge of it. that time 500. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: thousands of pakistani soldiers live in the city of abbottabad but somehow bin laden was never noticed. residents say people in the
5:31 pm
compound kept to themselves and said to have triable enemies so they needed protected walls and barbed wire. i cannot believe osama was livering here says this man. i'd never seen or heard anything about him. bin laden is believed to have lived in the high security compound since it was built in 2005. charlie d'agata, wjz eyewitness news. here in maryland local muslims are celebrating bin laden's death. they say he was not a muslim but a murder. wjz is live downtown. jessica has more on reaction from the muslim community. jessica. >> reporter: that's exactly right, mary. some of the people in the muslim community that we spoke with say they are somewhat relieved. however they say we still have a long way to go in the fight against terrorism. school in baltimore county there's surprising little discussion surrounding the death of osama bin laden. >> he's not a history figure.
5:32 pm
he's not an important figure. we have made him much bigger than life. he's nobody. >> reporter: he is vice president of the islamic society of baltimore. he says students here learn about leaders in the muslim community not murders. >> one of the main things of the quran is if you kill one as if you kill the whole humanity. just because everybody say that he's a muslim may not be acting and behaving like a muslim's supposed to. >> reporter: even the president stressed muslims have long been victims of extremism. >> our war is not against islam. bin laden was not a muslim leader. he was a mass murder of muslims. >> reporter: as students are called to prayer, he tells us bin laden's death brings relief, not a solution. he was the leader of an army of extremists. >> it's a great victory, but i think it's a victory in
5:33 pm
symbolism. it's a speck in a very big picture i feel the speck might have been removed the main picture is still hanging. >> reporter: he says people often -- [ audio problems ] >> in baltimore city, wjz eyewitness news. >> jessica, thank you. stay with wjz for complete coverage of the killing of osama bin laden. log onto for the latest developments and complete overview of the raid. chaos in the courtroom. an oklahoma prosecutor is attacked by a convicted killer. denise is in the newsroom to show us the frightening video. denise. >> reporter: well, it happened in an oklahoma city courtroom. [ indiscernible ] >> you see people running to escape after the courtroom brawl erupted. just seconds after a jury
5:34 pm
convicted mitchell of murder, he jumped over the defense table and punched the prosecutor in the face. now officers eventually grabbed mitchell and hauled him back to jail. he may have figured that he didn't have much to lose because he is going to spend the rest of his life in prison. all right. thank you. the lawyer suffered a bloody nose and few scratches. otherwise he's okay. a young mother from maine remembered after her mysterious death. about 300 people showed up for the funeral. police found the 20-year-old's body last week in a new hampshire pond. her 14-month-old daughter was alone inside her car with the engine running. detectives still aren't sure how she died. a plain clothed officer shot dead outside a baltimore nightclub. now four months later it's still unclear how he was killed by fellow officers. more on the development in the investigation into the friendly fire shooting. >> reporter: baltimore police officer was shot to death by fellow officers on january 9th.
5:35 pm
family, friends even strangers have been demanding answers. >> if we haven't seen that, then we can only not just speculate but come to our own conclusion that you are obviously covering up the death of the officer. >> reporter: in plain clothes was caught up in a massive fight outside this lounge when he shot and killed a man. officers who didn't know he was one of their own fired on him. police commissioner had one day after the shooting. >> i'm optimistic that we'll be able to provide a full review within the next three weeks. >> reporter: three weeks stretched into nearly four months. on monday homicide detectives finished their initial investigation. but will not release any details or even comment until the state's attorney reviews it. the state's attorney independent review put together by the mayor also trying to figure out what went wrong that night. >> i wish it was over yesterday. but we have to do things carefully and make sure it's right. that is how we honor the lives
5:36 pm
that are lost. >> reporter: the panel is made up of national law enforcement experts. but many were hoping federal prosecutors would become involved to answer exactly how and why he died. >> i think mr. bernstein has a responsibility to take those questions to the grand jury and lay out the facts in the most subjective manner possible. >> reporter: and a spokesman for baltimore state's attorney says there's no timetable as to when he'll decide how to proceed but assures the office is closely reviewing that police report. mary. >> okay. we just thank you. the officers involved in the shooting are on routine administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation. maryland's casinos are apparently raking in the cash. the casinos in perryville and ocean city made more than $13 million last month. that's a slight increase from march. so far the casinos have brought in about $77 million this fiscal year. if you drive a honda listen up. the automaker's recalling more than 800,000 vehicles to check a problem with air bags.
5:37 pm
the air bags can inflate with too much pressure and hurt you. the recall effects honda and accra models from the early 2000s. if you have one of these cars honda will contact you to check on the problem. more records at risk after hackers hit sony. the electronics company admits thieves may have stolen personal information from 25 million users on a sony gaming site. that includes some credit card numbers. it's sony's second big security breach in a week. other hackers stole information from 77 million play station users in a separate cyber attack. british royal comes to washington, but it's not prince william. his father, prince charles, just arrived in the nation's capitol. he started his three day visit with a trip to the supreme court. the prince will also meet with president obama. this is his first trip to the united states in four years. time now for a quick look at some of the stories we'll find in tomorrow morning's edition of the baltimore sun. maryland congressman was one of few people who knew about sunday's mission to get osama
5:38 pm
bin laden. a look at his growing role in the house intelligence committee. meet this week's top high school athletes and recipes for your zincode may yo celebrations. look for the updated forecast from wjz's first warning weather team. still ahead at 5:00, examining artificial sweeteners. in the health watch are they better than real sugar? maryland's half marathon is right around the corner and this cancer survivor who is running says there's no excuse not to participate in some way. how you can help raise money for cancer research. that's just ahead on wjz eyewitness news. first warning weather center storms and showers. a big cool down. i'll have the exclusive first warning forecast. here's today's report from wall street. and mother's day is right around the corner. wjz wants to see your favorite photos of your mom. e-mail them to wjz weather alert at or click on the link at the home page and
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explains why anyone can participate. >> reporter: 13.1 miles for a good cause. >> most of my races are cause- driven. there's a purpose for running. >> reporter: the purpose for runner carl womack is to cure cancer. last july doctors removed a five centimeter tumor from his stomach but that hasn't stopped him from competing. >> clears my mind and secondly health issues. i've been running since the seventh grade. >> reporter: he's one of more than 2,000 people expected to run in the university of maryland cancer center's half marathon. >> the goal is to participate. the goal is to help raise funds for the center. and so there's every range of runner. >> reporter: it's the third year for the event. and this year it will be in howard county. the first two years alone the event has raised $450,000 for cancer research. >> one of the treatments that was developed here at this center is revolutionized the treatment of breast cancer and use around the world. >> reporter: whether cancer
5:43 pm
survivor, advanced runner or someone just hoping for a cure, every foot that hits the pavement will help save lives. >> i plan on if not this week it's next week. running my personal best. >> reporter: wjz eyewitness news. >> as part of wjz's continuing community commitment wjz is a proud sponsor of the maryland half marathon. if you would like to sign up or donate go to and scroll down to featured events on the left hand side of our home page. you might want to take your half marathon training indoors tonight. here's a live look outside. lots of clouds out there and rain is on the way. wjz is live with first warning weather coverage. bob turk has your five-day forecast. we begin with meteorologist bernadette woods with a look at what you can expect tomorrow and tonight. hi bern. >> reporter: hello. what we have is a strong cold front crossing the state tonight. there is a chance for some severe weather. severe thunderstorm watch is in effect for washington and allegheny counties. but that's going to take some time for the storms to move eastward. then it will change to rain overnight as those thunderstorms wind down and
5:44 pm
that's how we start out the day at 53 degrees with some rain still around. as we head through the midday hours it will start to taper off and maybe see clearing as we head into the afternoon. however, much cooler. you see that high of 60 degrees as compared to the low 80s of today. and then tomorrow night is going to be a chilly one. for the rest of the five-day forecast here's bob. as it clears tomorrow night look as these temps dropping down to 42. maybe some 38, 39 suburban areas. 68 sun and some clouds on thursday. looks like a pretty nice day. chance of a few showers again but nothing that much on friday. 65. a little warmer 70 and 70. slight chance of a slight shower again on sunday afternoon. once again mary. bob, thank you. days after a series of deadly tornadoes leave a path of destruction in the southern united states, another powerful storm is caught on tape overseas. in new zealand a tornado caught on camera as it tears through a town overturning cars and sending debris flying. one person was kill and had 20
5:45 pm
others injured. analysts say the country usually gets one or two tornadoes every year. major flooding concerns continue in illinois and missouri. as candice gibson reports the rivers are rising to such dangerous levels the government has intentionally breeched a levee holding back the mississippi river. >> reporter: flood waters washed over dozens of homes and thousands of acres of missouri farmland after army engineers blew apart a levee along the mississippi river. 20 inches of rain drenched this area in the past eleven days. and the army corp of engineers is concerned if the river level doesn't come down cairo, illinois, could be lost. 2800 people live in the town which sits where the mississippi and ohio rivers converge. so far the plan appears to be working. the national weather service says the water level on the mississippi river is dropping near cay row. now army engineers are blasting holes further south on the levee trying to get some of the water that escapes back into
5:46 pm
the river. the floods could cover farmland in missouri until late july or early august. farmers are concerned even wince the water recedes the ground may not be good for planting: candice gibson, wjz eyewitness news. tonight federal agencies are promising to help those who were flooded when the levee was blown up. scouts saved. six stranded boy scouts rescued from a campground that was flooded. a helicopter plucked the boys and two scout masters from the woods this morning. the scouts were stuck in the wilderness for 36 hours after heavy rains flooded creeks. the boys say they were never scared while they were stranded. a scared one in san francisco's most popular attractions. park rangers evacuated alcatraz sundays afternoon. a fire alarm went off on the boat that takes tours to the island. it was a false alarm. the infamous prison has reopened. a tense hostage situation in georgia comes to a sudden end this morning. police say a home invasion turn into a hostage situation dragged on for 12 hours.
5:47 pm
a gunman fell asleep allowing his two hostages to sneak out. s.w.a.t. teams stormed the apartment and apprehended the man who has a long criminal record. no one was harmed. in illinois morning rush hour traffic comes to a standstill after a collision sends a vehicle crashing into a dunkin donuts. this was the scene as fire crews tended to an injured driver. both are now hospitalized both drivers. one's in critical condition. it's unclear whether anybody on the street was injured. the cause of the crash under investigation. some amazing video from hawaii. this is where a huge waterspout is caught on tape. let's take a look. cameras captured this waterspout popping up off the coast of honolulu. witnesses say the vortex was spotted monday night as a storm moved through the area. no one was hurt. check in with eyewitness news at 6:00 for more. coming up a preview. scanning the population baltimore county going ahead with a plan to trim the number of deer but the word hunting isn't being used.
5:48 pm
find out why. alan gross is a guy from baltimore. he's a family man. why is he locked away in a cuban jail. is he a spy or on a humanitarian mission. wjz investigates the story of international intrigue. the fight 20 free alan gross next. check in for these stories on the day's breaking news all new at 6:00 now. back to you. okay. thank you. still to come tonight on wjz's eyewitness news. nfl players come together to workout during the lockout. >> mark has reaction from the ravens coming up.
5:49 pm
5:50 pm
5:51 pm
means no formal practices. mark joins us with news on how the ravens and other teams are coping. mark, it's tough. >> reporter: teams usually do gather for minicamps right after the draft but it's not happening because of the lockout. an appeals court in st. louis currently working on a ruling that could uphold the stoppage or order the players to be allowed back to work. ravens qb gathered some receivers for informal practice in arizona last week. saints qb gathered for workout. players are doing what they can to stay in shape and study play books. they are forbidden by the lockout from consulting with
5:52 pm
coaches or using team facilities. that makes the initiation process especially challenging for newly drafted rookies. but ravens draftee smith tells me he's not worried about it. >> i'm confident they'll get something done in the future. obviously the lockout kind of hinders olympic a little bit, but i'm able to work out still. i can call any other guy and see what they're doing and they can help coach me up. i'm not really concerned too much. >> smith played at the university of maryland. he lives in virginia. ravens coach john harbaugh says he hopes the players can continue to gather and practice on their own even though the team cannot supervise those workouts. more on the ravens next hour plus another unusual injury setback for the orioles, bryan roberts. believe it or not root canal surgery keeps him out of tonight's game in kansas city. details ahead in sports at 6:00. ouch. thanks, mark. in tonight's wjz health watch some food experts are sounding the warning about artificial
5:53 pm
sweeteners. we explain convinced diet sodas or sugar sweets aren't better than the real thing. >> reporter: from sodas to jell- os stores are full of sugar free choices. but something else is making the foods sweet and those ingredients aren't always healthier. i don't mind sugar substitutes or artificial sweeteners myself. >> reporter: she's a registered dietitian and worries sugar substitutes like splen da and equal can trigger bad habits. >> you may be more likely to be looking for sweets elsewhere or you're just sort of obsessively thinking about sweets all the time. >> reporter: even though the government has tested and approved the sweeteners, shoppers like christine waldorf have their doubts. >> i think there's questionable data about it. so if i can avoid it i'll avoid it. if i'm going to get a soda i'm going to get one with sugar. >> reporter: suspicion about artificial sweeteners dates back to the 70s when saccharin carried a warning label.
5:54 pm
the cancer warning came off more than ten years ago. but nutritionists are still wary. they worry that dieters assume sugar free means it will help you lose weight. not always true since the products can still contain fats and carbohydrates. we looked at two cookies from the same brand. one regular, one sugar free. >> not much of a difference. talking maybe five calories difference a cookie. >> reporter: the sugar free version is smaller and might encourage you to eat more. the the ingredients is longer. experts say if it reads like a science experiment, there's probably a healthier option. wjz eyewitness news. it's estimates that 6,000 products worldwide contain artificial sweeteners. also in health watch a new study links being overweight with dementia. european researchers discover people who are overweight in midlife increase their chances of developing some form of dementia by 80%. the study followed 8500 people who are 65 and older currently more than half of the u.s.
5:55 pm
population is considered either fat or obese. a few extra pounds in the midsection can have a drastic effect as well on the health of heart patients. a new study finds even a modest amount of belly fat can double their risk of an early death. researchers believe that's because fat accumulated in the abdominal area is more harmful to the body. and when it comes to pain relievers how educated are you about their ingredients? new study shows most people aren't. two-thirds of those surveyed didn't know that aseat men fin is an active ingredient in tylenol. also 41% say they don't bother to read the ingredients on the label. experts say people need to be more informed in order to prevent overdoses. still to come tonight on wjz's eyewitness news. did an elite group of navy seals find a treasure-trove in bin laden's compound. >> what were they looking for. >> reporter: i'm adam may. >> reporter: i'm adam may. more details on the raid and [ male announcer ] want to achieve more with your money?
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not that long ago,
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5:59 pm
two children caught on tape. i'm mike hellgren. why a mother's actions are generating controversy. one teacher in the nation is from maryland and today the president offers his congratulations. i'm denise koch reporting from the white house. that story coming up. >> these stories and all of the breaking news. wjz eyewitness news at 6:00 start now. remembering yeardley. the lacrosse star murdered ann year ago. >> the emotional tribute at the high school where she touched so many. >> i'm vic carter. >> i'm denise koch. people are talking about tonight. the crime caused shockwaves


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