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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  May 3, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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to baltimore. yeardley was murdered, her boyfriend eventually charged. wjz's is live with more with the somber anniversary. >> some of it happening on the lacrosse field where yeardley love played, they observed a moment of silence. her memory lingers her. the school paid tribute with a spanish prayer in her name and many student who's never knew her wore special t-shirts. she remembers hearing the news that her former player was killed while playing for the university of virginia. when yeardley love broke off a 2-year-old long relationship with her then boyfriend, he went to her campus and beat her to death. he awaited trial while her family and friends still mourn. >> i think today was more difficult because i think we
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were all in shock and i think we have had to live with everything without yeardley. >> it was also tough for former teammates. >> what does this tribute mean for you today. >> yeardley was a sister and family to each of us and i think this is honoring a fallen family member who we all miss every single day. >> reporter: on the lacrosse team where love was a stan standout star every player painted her number on their legs in. >> active was a tragic incident and you can't prevent it from happening. i think it's scary but i think you still learn from it and be careful. it's so sad is t happened to such a nice girl. >> the good news a victory for the lacrosse team the day they're honoring yeardley love on the field. they awarded first ever
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yeardley love scholarship to eighth greater amber wainwright. she'll receive a full tuition next year. we're live. >> yeardley love's family and friends have created a website in her memory. you can see it at new detail busy the daring raid that ended with the death of terrorist mastermind osama bin laden. wjz stays the story with complete coverage. danielle nottingham has more. and adam may has more. here's danielle nottingham in washington. >> reporter: when navy seals raided this pakistani compound they found osama bin laden and his family on the second and third floors. the white house says the terrorist leader resisted but was unarmed. >> bin laden was then shot and killed. he was not armed. >> reporter: behind the 18-foot wall the aftermath of the raid
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is chaotic. outside on lookers hold what appear to be pieces that stalled during the rain. officials say dna and facial recognition technology were used to identify bin laden but now taliban leaders are questioning whether or not he is actually dead. they said the u.s. hasn't provided concrete proof. the white house says they do have photos of bin laden's body and his burial at sea but they're still debating whether or not to release them. >> it's a gruesome photograph. >> it could be inflamry. >> reporter: some in congress think it would put conspiracy theories to rest. >> there's value in doing so. >> reporter: lawmakers are also starting to ask questions about pakistan and what terrorism officials there knew about bin laden living in their midst for years. danielle nottingham, wjz eyewitness news. >> and complete coverage of bin laden's death continues with
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jessica kartalija and adam mays. adam looks athe intelligence that led to hisdownful. >> reporter: agencies are already combing through documents that came proposal that compound. seal team six spent the last month training at a full skill replica of bin laden's compound built on a u.s. air base in afghanistan. >> for an operation like this they use relentless practice around three principals. surprise, speed and violence of action. >> the mission two fold. bet bin laden and gather intelligence, two blackhawk helicopters flew over bin laden's compound in the middle of the night and 20 navy seals dropped down on ropes. >> ta was exceptionally well done to do the replica and do drill after drill and after drill. >> reporter: vernon huron with homeland security said the reported seizure of computers, hard drives and dvds may be a treasure trove for u.s. security agencies.
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>> what do you think will happen with the intelligence that was gathered at this ground it's going to help us with future investigations and maybe to defend any other terrorist act. >> reporter: the indentity of the navy seals involved in the operation is top secret. but at naval academy in annapolis where students celebrate many suspect a maryland connection. >> i know probably some of them were involved. people that trained there were probably involved in this and i am so proud of our young people. i really am. >> reporter: and another maryland connection is the national security agency down in fort mead they provided critical surveillance for the raid and in the months leading up to it. adam mays, wjz eyewitness news. >> complete coverage continues with jessica kartalija with reaction to his death.
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>> reporter: members of the muslim community say they are relieved to hear about osama bin laden's death but say there's a long way to go in the fight against terrorism. >> in baltimore county there's surprisingly little discussion surrounding the death of osama bin laden. >> he's not an important figure. we have made him much bigger than life. he's nobody. >> reporter: muhammad jameal is vice president of the islamic society of baltimore. he says students here learn about leaders in the muslim community, not murderers. >> one of the main things of the koran is if you kill one as if you killed the whole humanity. just because everybody says he's a muslim may not be acting and behaving like a muslim's supposed to. >> reporter: even the president stressed muslims have long been victims of extremism. >> our war is not against
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islam. he was not a islam leader he was a mass murderer of islam. >> it's a great victory. but i think it's a victory in symbolism. in a very big picture. respect might have been removed but the main picture is still hanging. >> reporter: jemeal said he thinks many have misconceptions about the muslim fade. in baltimore city, i'm jessica kartalija, wjz eyewitness news. >> check in for complete coverage of the killing of osama bin laden. count on us to bring you more information as it believed. well, first it was a brutal beating inside a rosedale mcdonald's. tonight another shocking video from maryland is making waves the internet. this time it shows two children fighting and the controversy is
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over how one mother responded. wjz is live. mike hellgren speaks exclusively with that mother. >> reporter: this is generating lot of passing. the mom says to some it may look like she was egging her son on to fight but she says she was just trying to help defend himself against a bully. put your hands up. >> reporter: in the video the mom confronts a boy, one of several she says chased her son to his home. >> my son he's right, there too it. >> reporter: she said she encouraged her son so fight back. >> do any of you see my son backing down. >> reporter: seconds later the boys go at it. >> help me, mom? >> no, get up and fight. >> reporter: someone tries to intervene while mom keeps talking from the sidelines and then has her own conversation with the boy.
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>> now give him a week and he'll [bleep] you up. >> reporter: killm white says she is the mom on the tape and was fed up with her son being bullied. >> i didn't want to see my son fight but i was scared to bury my son because of these kids. if i do have to face charges this then i will because as a parent i was scared for my son not to stand up for himself. >> reporter: do they both you anymore? >> not anyway. >> reporter: baltimore county police say the fight is under investigation. >> higher video to see if criminal charges are appropriate and against which people in the video. >> the only thing i could have done differently is if i could have gotten ahold of the boys' mother first. >> they're going to keep on coming after you, coming after you. >> reporter: and killie white says she first reported --
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kelly white says she first reported it to the school but that did not stop the bullying. >> thank you very much, make. wjz made several attempts to get in with the mother of the other child. she has not returned our messages. a live look outside. sunny and a bit humid. there are storms moving through? meteorologist bernadette woods and bob turk are tracking showers now. >> partly cloudy, kind of warm. pretty humid out here but look out to the west. that's where the action is particularly in portions of washington and allegheny county. it's all moving up to the north. north and northeast. cumberland you have showers and storms in your region. west virginia, a brief little shower. heaviest stuff by pennsylvania. more developing this evening and that's why we still have a chance in the baltimore area. most of the area area, in fact west of the bay is getting showers and maybe gusty thunderstorm activity. bernadette woods has a look at
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that advisory in effect. >> a severe thunderstorm watch is officially in effect for washington and allegheny counties in of the if you take a look at this map you know that coastal flood advisory in effect for the western shore counties because the southerly winds are starting to pick up through the high tide cycle overnight. about one to two feet on average. here's the storm when we open it up. it extends way down to the southwest and that's where this is coming from. as it slowly edges off to the east that's what is going to make it up into the baltimore in the metro area. we're not done with this storm after 10:00. it's going to continue into tomorrow in some form. we'll have that forecast coming up, back inside. the country's top teachers gathered at the white house today. one from each state. the educator chosen as the best of the best for the second time in five years is in maryland. michelle scherer was picked. >> what a beautiful day.
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a wonderful day to celebrate teachers and teaching. >> the sun was shining on the rose garden this morning filled with maryland lawmakers, educators and families. the president was there to recognize michelle scherer, princeton grad award winning ap teacher, fluent in sign language. >> michelle talk ap chemistry for the first time explaining concepts like kinetics and electro chemistry using only her hands. >> her accomplishments won her the title of teacher of the year. >> america will only be as strong in this century as the education that we provide our students. and at a time when our success as a nation depends our ability to outeducate other countries we desperately need more michelles out there. >> reporter: michelle makes the point she chose this profession and today the president announced he's looking for
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100,000 just like her. fantastic teachers in math and science. >> and help those teachers succeed i've called on congress to move quickly to fix no child left behind. >> our students need a program that's not just focused on testing where they're learning from teachers who can be creative and being prepared to do the work that employers and professors will expect them to do when they get to that stage. >> but i can't think of no other profession that can say we make every other profession possible. >> michelle will finish out the school year at ar vanna. next year she will travel the nation as an ambassador for the profession she loves. >> teachers make every other profession possible. including the president of the united states. >> and us. >> well, yeah. >> still to come tonight on wjz eyewitness news, caught in the act. how one maryland attorney beating speed camera tickets.
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deer removal. alex demetric reports something different could be tried even though the end result is a bullet. >> reporter: managed deer hunts like the one here relied largely on arrows and bullets of recreational hunters. that's not sitting well with nearby homeowners. >> we have deer with them running around the neighborhood. we have deer on the side of the road that aren't dead. >> reporter: but the county parks like oregon ridge too many deer are devouring too much foliage. >> they're hearty eaters and kind of destroying the understory and so the floor doesn't have the regeneration it should. >> reporter: to hunt or not to hunt? the solution. instead of opening oregon
6:18 pm
triple digit regular hunters a private company will be hired to thin the herd. >> we wanted to make sure that this was a controlled. >> they're going to hire deer cooperators to shoot the deer at night with night vision goggles. >> reporter: for activists like reedan there is a more humane way. she helped release 32 wild deer, a practice deer cooperator programs can do. >> and we want an ongoing dialog that can help address wildlife population but a bullet is still cheaper than a vet hired to sterilize deer. >> if they follow the american veterinarian association rule for what acceptable euthanasia is instead of a bullet to the brain. as much as i hate it i would see them with that. >> the state department of natural resources will set the
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rules and standards. we now know who will be taking the anchor seat for katie couric. thereby scott kelly. tonight, he's talking about the promotion. >> i started in this business as a copy boy in west texas when i was 15 years old and so you can imagine what a head- spinning experience today has been for me but it's a humbling experience because i'm going to be working with the men and women of cbs. the host of the amazing race" knows what is like to face obstacles in order to win big. mary joins us now. >> phil hogan's goal is different than the contestants. he crossed the finish line to raise money for others and he's in baltimore tonight to show you why. >> the biggest physical and
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mental challenge of my life. >> phil hogan's "the amazing race" started in new york city. he passed through baltimore a little battered and warn. but with one goal in mind to raise awareness about multiple sclerosis. phil also helped to raise $5,000 for the national ms society and now he's back in baltimore to screen his documentary on the amazing adventure. screenings of the documentary across the country are raising even more money for the ms society. >> i got involved with the ms society and really fell in love with the way that they think and the fund raising that they do and the support they give people with ms and of course, i also met people with ms and i was inspired to do more. >> reporter: phil's adventure is touching many live and when he was in baltimore he left behind a big impression of those living with ms. >> it's heart warming for me to see people who do not have the disease that are willing to
6:21 pm
raise money to help with the research because we're so close. so close to a cure. >> i felt this tremendous pressure not to leave people down. >> and he did not leave anybody down. screening of phil's documentary "the ride" will take place in columbia, howard county. >> we should ride our bikes. >> there you go. >> thank you very much. >> don't forget to watch the season finale of the amazing race. >> all right, now the weather's nice out there. >> sunny warm. >> showers way out to the west. take a look at temps now. 80degrees. the dew point is the same as it was earlier. 61degrees. south winds at 15. keep us in that warm air for a little bit longer. we'll come back and
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washington allegheny county, getting good downpours in some areas but it's all pretty much moving from southwest to north to northeast. it's quite a ways away from baltimore/washington area. it's going to be a few hours before we see any activity developing in our area. by that time when you lose some of that energy hopefully you will see showers, may be some downpours but may be no severe weather locally. take a look at temperatures in the area. it's still warming east of the
6:25 pm
mountain. 80 down to 59. showers there in oakland. 70 in cumberland and ocean city with wind off of the water they're down to 69. 79 westminster and up to 82. south winds and it's pushing the water up once again. tides the western side of the northern end could run 1 to 2 feet above normal at time of high tide. once the winds are shifting towards the west and northwest we'll get into that cool air and that wind shift beginning late tonight and tomorrow. a chilly breeze coming in. even had a little snow. that is right over wisconsin this afternoon. this front where all of the showers and embedded thunderstorms. most of the storm is to our north as you can see but there's more activity down to the south. slowly moving off to the east. it will cloud up this evening. showers and thundershower activity. will get us in that cool ir and see sunshine hopefully after 3:00 or 4:00 and chilly air comes tomorrow night and
6:26 pm
thereby cooler end of the week. temp around 62. showers and storms locally strong otherwise rain and drizzle, 53 and overnight more rain is likely. temperatures only around the upper 50s to 60. may be some clearing by late afternoon on your wednesday but definitely cooler tomorrow night down to low 40s. chilly once again. >> wow, okay. still to come tonight on wjz eyewitness news. >> fighting for his freedom. a marylander branded aside, jailed in cuba. can he make it out alive. i'm mike hellgren with an inside look at his bizarre and tragic journey. 26,000 gallons of gas leak in jacksonville. property values drop. health fears rise. drink watering is contaminated. after four months of trial
6:27 pm
exxon now puts on its defense. i'm mike schuh, the story coming up next. hiding in plain sight. osama bin laden spent his final years in this compound as
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it is now 6:30. partly sunny and 80 degrees. good evening, everyone and thanks for staying with us tonight. neighbors can't believe he was living in their midst. as charlie d'agata reports to wjz, pakistani officials say they didn't know he was there either. >> reporter: osama bin laden's million dollar hideout stood out in this upper class suburb of pakistan but neighbors say they had no idea the al-qaeda chief lived inside. >> it's really hard for him to believe that in the first place osama bin laden was here. the most wanted person on planet earth. >> reporter: u.s. special forces launched the assault on bin laden without telling pakistan because it was concerned it might jeopardize the operation. pakistan said it is deeply concerned over what it calls an
6:31 pm
unauthorized american raid. pakistan's president denies sheltering bin laden and is accusing the media of speculation. he said pakistani intelligence helped track down the al-qaeda chief. president musharraf insists he never know where bin laden was hiding. >> reporter: thousands of pakistani soldiers live in the city of abbottabad but somewhere they were never notified. they needed protective wall and barbed wire. >> i cannot believe osama was live hearing said this man. i never seen or heard anything about. this bin laden is believed to have lived in the high security compound since it was built in 2005. charlie d'agata, wjz eyewitness news. >> wjz 13 is always on.
6:32 pm
check in for the killing of osama bin laden. we'll keep you updated as more information is released. the internal investigation is finished into the series of events that resulted in the fatal shooting a plainsclothes police officer by fellow officers. mary bubala is in to explain the results aren't in yet. >> that's because the investigation is being turned over to the state's attorney to determine if anybody should be charged. fir william torbet was on duty in plains clothe when he reported trouble at a nightclub. eventually he pulled out his weapon to defend himself and that's when other officers arrived at the scene and opened fire. police say torbet was wearing his badge but there were no other indication he was a police officer. >> thank you, mary. sidney state's attorney greg bernstein will review the case himself to see if charges should be filed.
6:33 pm
an environmental disaster continues to be cleaned up in baltimore county. mike schuh has more. >> reporter: seven women and three men come to thomason everyday trying to make sense of the disaster that happened here in jacksonville five years ago in. in the past four months attorneys have given them reasons why evenon should pay hundreds of millions of dollars to 250 homeowners near this exxon station in the center of jackson. the leaks happened in 2006. workers drilled through this pipe and for a month 26,000 gallons of gasoline was pumped into the ground. gas that's found its way into the area's drinking water. this is the second trial against exxon. they lost the first. that $150 million verdict is now on appeal. in this trial exxon's story has change n. previously they told the court their monitoring
6:34 pm
equipment run by outside contractors was faulty but now an employee has testified that there were only two things that would raise an alarm like the one raised that first day. one, they were out of gas or two, there was a leak. exxon ignored the alarm. the exxon manager said today they were reprogrammed no. the to set off any alarms. meantime, 700,000 gallons a day went into the ground water leaving those live hearing livid. today the attorney for the residents told eyewitness news he more his client 'coz talk about the trial. the exxon lawyer also confirmed the judge has thrown a gag order over the case prohibiting anybody from talking about the case. four months into the trial the judge has told exxon they need to wrap up their case by the end of june. mike schuh, tucson, back to you. >> 400 additional homeowners
6:35 pm
have lined up to sue exxon for damages relate ing to the spill. for a quick look at stories in the baltimore sun. d. rupper berger was one who knew about the najibullah get osama bin laden. meet this week's top atheletes and recipes for your cinco de mayo fiesta. for all of these stories and a lot more read tomorrow's baltimore sun and look for the updated forecast. right now a maryland man may be dieing in a cuban jail part of an unfolding international trauma. the u.s. government contractor is desperately appaling a 15 year sentence for trying toover throw the castroe regime. >> reporter: alan gross went from a comfortable night in the maryland suburbs to living
6:36 pm
night mare. lost in a cuban prison after the gross profit there branded the aid worker a spy. his family now fears he could die inside that communist jail. >> alan has done nothing wrong. >> reporter: depending on who you believe, gross was either working on a secret u.s. government mission to bring democracy to cuba. >> alan gross. >> reporter: or simply a humanitarian. gross grew up in baltimore and from an early age loved to travel. his close friend tells wjz he turned that passing into his life's work, helping the needy in far far corners of the globe. >> he would know small details about the country he visited because he traveled all over the world. really intelligent. >> reporter: his most harrowing journey began almost three years ago. the united states was offering big money to provide internet
6:37 pm
access to havana's jewish community. the company based here in bethesda. they knew exactly the man they went in cuba. gross went back and forth from maryland to cuba, bringing in satellite equipment, setting up computer stations. those frequent trips quickly caught the attention of cuban authorities. who believed the good sheraton act was trying to overthrow the government. >> it's not fair to him and to his family that he should be going through this and his family should be going through this. >> reporter: wjz obtained images of gross under armed guards. the cubans found him guilty and sentenced gross to 15 years behind bars drawing stinging criticism from the most powerful in washington. >> you call on the government of cuba to release him. >> we want him set free and we will appeal to their humanity.
6:38 pm
>> maryland representative chris van holland says the bottom line is a man's life is at stake. >> alan gross has lost over 90 pounds. the cuban government so far has been just outrageous. former president jimmy carter recently met with gross in prison. >> he seems to be in good spirits. he obviously professes his innocence. >> reporter: with his health getting worse by the day his family flees are getting urgent to bring alan back to maryland before it's too late. >> his daughters miss him terribly. we need him home. >> reporter: mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> his wife recently made a personal plea to the president asking him to free her husband as a gesture to the jewish community. >> we'll bring you the latest updates. still to come on wjz eyewitness news, wild kingdom.
6:39 pm
a wild scene as an alligator takes a bite out of a police cruiser. entire communities under water and this flooding was planned. in the weather center, showers and storms and a deep cooldown. i'll have your five-day forecast. and mother's day is around the corner. wjz would like to see your favorite photos of mom. e-mail them to wjz web alert at or click at the link in the home page
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thousands of acres of missouri farmland are now under water. the army corp of engineers is surveying the damage but residents say the water ruined crop prospect for this year and damaged or destroyed about 100 homes. a maryland lawyer challenges his own speed camera ticket in court and wins. he tells suzanne collins, a typo in the law may lead to other cases being thrown out.
6:43 pm
>> the statute we're talking about appears in the transportation code. >> reporter: not too many drivers like pouring over the and tated code of maryland laws but this attorney did, getting his $40 speed camera ticket thrown out on appeal. >> most of my practice is civil litigation. i have clients getting sued for $5,000 so to try a case for $40 it's not going to be the end of the world. >> reporter: most of us know the feeling you see a flash in the rear view mirror and an ominous letter arrives in. that didn't sit with james, esquire. >> when you get a ticket on the road you might not like it and i might fight those two but at least you have an officer you deserved it. >> reporter: lithgow discovered
6:44 pm
a typo graph capital error. this is the law. the law says b and that's what controls. >> he believes that anybody with a speeding ticket could also win his case but not sure what could happen in the other circuit courts in maryland. but for now lithgow says he's been basking in the admiration of his colleagues. suzanne collins, wjz eyewitness news. >> and those speed camera challenges are yet been appealed to maryland's highest court. a work day for a few florida police officers after they encounter one surly alligator. it chomp down on the car's bumper and hangs on for several feet. those powerful jaws caused about $2,000 worth of damage. not surprisingly the officers decide we'll wait for animal control to track the gator.
6:45 pm
headquarters, we've got a problem. >> that's right. looks like one of those contests man pulling in an airplane with his teeth. here's a look at tonight's closing numbers from wall street and we'll be right back. i'm your biggest fan. you know that.
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is the chance for strong or severe thunderstorms with it as the passes over the state. not only going to rain tomorrow morning. starting out in the 50s and as we head through the afternoon. rain will come to an end but we only top out around 60 degrees. we start to dry out tomorrow night. for the rest of the five day here's bob. >> tomorrow night, it's going to be chilly. it seems the wind should quit down to 42. showers and storms, probably after 8:00 or 9:00 this evening. could see heavydown pours tonight. 68, partly cloudy on thursday. chance of a shower in the afternoon and friday 65/45. a cool end of the week. may be a shower or two on sunday afternoon. denise. >> thank you, bob. a big night on wjz.
6:49 pm
on ncis the episode is set in baltimore as we see how two of the first characters first met. you can see it at 8:00 on wjz 13 and then on the 61 the hit show the good wife" is picking up steam as the season winds down. bob has a look at what is in is for for julianna's character. >> three weeks ago life for alicia florrick was looking good >> and she gets swept up in that life again and the idea of a big beautiful house and the idea of also her job and seeing how many people want her and she started to see real opportunities in her career. >> reporter: but then her world was rocked regarding alarming
6:50 pm
news about peter and her co- worker and good friend kalinda. >> there was no one that department with that name. if, lela. >> i got an e-mail yesterday from my executive producer and writer, robert king, and he said i know you're working really hard. the next three episodes are explosive, hang in there. oh my god, what am i in for. you can see the good wife starring maryland's own
6:51 pm
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6:53 pm
on the road and in some pain. brian rocket is going to miss the game at kansas city with an ailment the average fan can understand a root canal surgery. a dental procedure could sideline him for a few days depending on his pain tolerance. he will play with roberts. speaking of the pain tolerance, nick markakis will play. had to leave after he was hit in the right-hand with that pitch. markakis also suffered a bruised right knee. he's missed a total of three games the past three seasons.
6:54 pm
the birds go with starting pitcher brad bergesen. will face k.c. hitter frances. you can see it on 2. nfl teams are usually gathered for mini camps after the craft but it's not happening notch because of the lockout. joe flaco gathered some receivers for an informal practice in arizona last week. today in new orleans saints' qb gathers them for a workout. players are doing what they can to stay in shape but they'reforbidden by the coaches. that makes the initiation process especially difficult for rookies but adan smith tells me he's not worried about it. >> i'm confident they'll get something done in the future but i'm able to work out there.
6:55 pm
i can call any of the guyof the ravens. i'm not concerned too much now that i'm this close. >> he is that close. smith plays athe university of maryland. harbaugh says he hopes the players continue to practice on their own even though the team cannot supervise those workouts new mexico ---'s based toby's corner has been pulled from saturday's run for the roses. toby's corner has a left hind leg injury. trainer graham motion has shifted it from maryland to the new bolten center in pennsylvania for treatment. all right, thank you, mark.
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6:58 pm
thanks for watching wjz. don't go away, much more ahead on the cbs evening news" with katie couric including the head of the c.i.a. on the operations that took down osama bin laden and what is next for al-qaeda. we'll take to you ground zero in new york >> couric: tonight, the raid was a much bigger risk than we knew. the u.s. had no hard evidence bin laden was even in his
6:59 pm
compound. and for minutes that seemed like days, the obama national security team waited anxiously to find out if they had guessed right. al qaeda after bin laden. a warning from the c.i.a. director. >> i can assure you, whoever takes his place he will be number one on our list. >> couric: and not even the neighbors knew that in the house down the block lived the most-wanted terrorist in the world. captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news world headquarters in new york, this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> couric: good evening, everyone. from the site of the deadliest terror attack ever on u.s. soil. president obama will be here later this week to mark the end of the hunt for the man who ordered it, osama bin laden, killed sunday night in his hideaway in pakistan in a raid by u.s. navy seals. pulling the trigger on that operation was one of theñi


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