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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  May 3, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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top secret mission, osama bin laden is identified then killed in a covert u.s. military operation. tonight new details on the raid, the evidence collected and why the white house hasn't released photos of osama bin laden's body. hello everyone i'm vic carter. >> and i'm denise koch. here is what people are talking about. it was a daring mission years in the making that included spies and the most elite of the u.s. armed forces. but tonight we're learning the white house wasn't 100% sure they had osama bin laden until
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he was killed. kai jackson has the story. >> reporter: authorities surveillanced the home for months, but it could not say 100% that it was osama bin laden. still they took the chance. it was impossible to tell whether it was osama bin laden. analysts zeroed in on the pattern of family life of the family in the main building. it was the same number of bin been's family. the family never left the fort. >> it was one of the most gutsiet call of any president in my memory. >> reporter: they moved up to the second and third floors where they found osama bin laden and his family. the white house says the terrorist leader resisted but he was unarmed. >> i think we always assumed from the beginning that the likelihood was that he was going to be killed. perchance if he were to be
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captured. i think the approach was to take him quickly, transfer him to a shore and then let the white house decide what would happen. >> reporter: the white house says they do have photos of osama bin laden's body and his burial at sea but they are still debating if they will release him. >> it's fair to say that it's a gruesome photograph? >> it could be inflammatory. >> reporter: osama bin laden's wife was shot when she swarmed navy seals. she was shot in the leg but survivorred. and woman who was caught in the gunfight did not survive. there are likely more maryland connections to this entire investigation. we look at adam may for the important evidence uncovered. >> reporter: seal team six an
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exclusive counter terrorism unit spent the last month training at a full replica of osama bin laden's camp. >> they use surprise, speed and violence of action. >> reporter: the mission twofold. get osama bin laden and gather intelligence. two black hawk helicopter flew over osama bin laden's compound in the middle of night. then 25 navy seals dropped down on ropes. the reported seizure of computers, documents and dvd is a treasure-trove. >> it's going to help us with intelligence i maybe to defend any other terrorist attack. >> reporter: the mission is top secret but at the naval academy at annapolis, where students celebrated osama bin laden's
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death. many including elijah cummings suspect a maryland involvement. >> i am so proud of our young people. i really am. >> reporter: another maryland connection, the security corporation in almead. we invite you with wjz for the full coverage of the killing of osama bin laden. log on to for a complete look at the raid. a shocking video shot in baltimore county. the video shows two children fighting but it's what the mother of one of the boys did that is sparking outrage. tonight mike hellgren has the exclusive interview with that mother. >> put your hands -- [ bleep ] i'm on your buddy >> reporter: in the video the mom confronts the boy, one of
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several that chased her son home, he says. >> i'm going to [ bleep ], my son is right there, do it >> reporter: she says she encouraged her son to fight. >> reporter: moments later the boys start fighting. >> help me mom. >> no, get up and fight now. >> reporter: someone steps in to intervene while mom keeps talking from the sideline. then she has a conversation with the boy. kelly white tells wjz she is the mom on that tape and was fed up with her son being bullied. >> i didn't want to see my son fight, but i was scared that i i would be burying my son because of these kids. >> if i have to face charges on this then i will. because as a parent i was scared for my son not to stand up for himself. >> reporter: do they bother you anymore? >> no, not anymore. >> reporter: ball moor county police say the fight which happened in lance town last
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week is under investigation. >> we're reviewing the entire video to determine if criminal charges are appropriate and against which individuals in the video. >> the only thing i would have done differently, is if i could have got ahold of the kid's mother first. i was always raised that you have to stand up for yourself because if you don't, they're just going to keep oncoming after you, keep oncoming after you. >> reporter: kelly white says she first reported the problem to her son's school and someone did meet with the boys but that did not stop the bullying. mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> and the mother of the other boy did contact wjz tonight. she says she hasn't watched the video but she's very upset about what happened. and defends her son saying he is not a bully. one love, one year later. tonight's family friends and classmates are honoring the memory of the woman murdered one year ago in college. kelly mcpherson spoke with three of her closest friends,
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kelly. >> reporter: denise, some of them say they can't believe that it's been a year. it's been filled with pain. but those closest to love have found ways especially through her foundation to make positive change in her violent death. >> so happy that noter dame is keeping her memory alive. >> reporter: three of yeardley love's friends are remembering their friend who was killed in her dorm room one year ago today. >> we are doing a lot of foundations, a lot of people are giving us so much support. >> reporter: love was a star lacrosse player. her high school team honored her by wearing her retired number. >> i think today is much more difficult than it was that day because i think we were all in shock. and i think that we have had to live a year of everything without yeardley. >> she looked up to them and really honored her experience with them. i think she would have been so
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honored and delighted that so many people are thinking about today. >> reporter: noter damn asked everyone to bring out the yeardley. in other words, do an act of kindness which is what yeardley was known for. and hughley remains in jail for killing yeardley. >> people are much more willing to report things that prior to this incident wouldn't have reported. >> reporter: yeardley's mother tells sports illustrated that she and her family are remembering yeardley at home. the first scholarship will be given to a rising freshman this year. kelly mcpherson. wjz. >> the foundation is also raising money for a new turf
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feel at noter dame which will will be named after yeardley love. >> very familiar with domestic violence, that's usually defined as couples who are married. and that's kind of a misnomer because this is very common in dating women. a stunning poll shows 20% of women who have been in a relationship have been abused. the tell somebody campaign hopes to fund the violence hot line. a teenager could spend years in jail for the rape of a 12-year-old girl inside a roller rink. she and two others are accused of taking turns holding down the girl and raping the girl in a closet at skate world.
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skate world has since shut down. today natural resources police hauled in the three ton load. that's on top of the 10-tons of stripe bass confiscated from illegal nets found earlier this year. police are still trying to track down the poachers. a maryland lawyers takes on speed cameras and wins. the attorney took his red light camera ticket to court and won. >> the law says b and that's what controls. >> reporter: that typo could lead to other cases being thrown out. howard county is the most recent jurisdiction to add speed cameras. they started using them last week. today ncis, the baltimore police department takes center stage. it shows producers used photos from inside police headquarters
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to recreate their officers and other baltimore buildings. a body is found in the home of a former playboy pin up. but does it belong to the 1960 play mate? coming up next what could have happened to her. and a maryland teacher earns the nation's highest honor. what the president of the united states has to say about her. some showers and in a big cool headed our way. i'm bob turk. i have the complete warning weather forecast coming up next. [ pilot #1 ] everybody gets excited when southwest announces a new nonstop. [ pilot #2 ] we like to look out the window and see new places. we love to fly. and we really love to fly to new destinations. [ male announcer ] starting june 5th, fly southwest airlines' new nonstop service
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it is 68 68 degrees and cloudy in central maryland. the complete warning forecast is coming up. dramatic measures are taken to try and save cairo, illinois from being totally destroyed by flood waters. the army corp. of engineers intentionally blasted a levee along the mississippi river. it led to the flooding of 100,000 acres of farmland in missouri. the farmers have filed a class action suit against the government. in arkansas, the national guard rescues six boy scouts and two troop leaders. the group became trapped, they were able to find higher ground and stay there until they were
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spotted. the scout troopers said they had enough food for several days, no one needed treatment. and ivette vickers was found inside a home. it is not known how long she had been alive. mark thompson was found inside his home, high on bath salts. a middle schoolteacher in washington state no longer wears a constant reminder of the 9/11 attacks. gary little shaved his nearly 10-year-old beard after learning about the death of
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osama bin laden. the 50-year-old vowed on september 11, 2009 not to shave until osama bin laden was dead. >> i figured six months i had not anticipated 10 years. i should have given up watermelon. >> reporter: he went 1,045 days without shaving. he said he cries tears of joy after hearing about the death of osama bin laden. earlier in the day, he paid a visit to the supreme court where he had tea with the justices. he also spent time touring an organic farm. prince charles is scheduled to meet with president obama tomorrow. the country's top teacher gathered at the white house today one from each state. the educator chosen as the best of the best for the second time in five years is from maryland. i was there as the president congratulated michelle sherere, chemistry teacher at arvana high. >> what a beautiful day, a
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beautiful day to celebrate teachers and teaching. >> reporter: the sun was shining. the president was there to recognize michelle sherer, princeton grad, award winning chemistry teacher, fluid in sign language. >> at the maryland school for the death, michelle thought ap chemistry for the first time in history. explaining concepts like kinetics using only her hands. >> reporter: michelle won teacher of the year. >> america will only be as strong in this century as the education that we provide our students. and at a time when our success as a nation depends on our ability to outeducate other country, we desperately need more michelles out there. >> reporter: michelle makes the point she chose this profession. and today the president announced he's looking for
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100,000 just like her. fantastic teachers in math and science. >> and to help those teachers succeed i called on congress to fix no child left behind. >> our students need a program that is not just focused on testing. being prepared to do the work that employers and professor will expect them to do when they get to that stage. >> but i can think of no other profession that can say we make every other profession possible. >> michelle will finish out the school year at irvana. next year she will travel the country as a spokesperson for education. >> i thought for a very short time. yes. both of my parents are teachers as well. let's take a look at radar.
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we have some thundershower activity. but nothing severe, nothing too heavy. we may get some rain in here. there's heavier stuff south of us. around the fredrick area. some moderate showers, nothing too bad. up to westminster just as far east as the central portions of howard county. west of us light rain. moving into pennsylvania very light stuff. down to the south, down to the s valley. we do have a chance of getting some decent shower activity overnight. nothing of a severe nature. maybe a half inch is possible by tomorrow evening. looks like it might linger into the evening hours. temperature wise it has cooled down to the west of us. 68 still here. just beginning to turn and cooler air starts coming in. the barometer is on the way back up. back in the west, 40s, 50s, some spots will be down to the
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low to mid-40s. 61 in hagerstown. 71 to the south. but the dewpoint has already dropped. this is a reason why we didn't get much in thunderstorms activity. dry air putting a squash on those storms. 60s to our own 70 degrees. tomorrow morning it'll be a lot cooler with west-northwest winds now beginning to turn. drier, cooler but it'll going to take a while for those temperatures to cool down. this front that looks so impressive earlier has really weakened but there's a lot of dry air behind it. for our region the biggest area of thunderstorms moved up to our north. there you see south of us now, pretty solid. overnight tonight into the morning hours look for that rain. high pressure moves in, cooler conditions for thursday and friday. maybe a brief sprinkle or shower coming into the area.
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for the most part to end the week, it'll be definitely cooler. northwest 15 to 20 in the day. the bay temp is 62. tonight a little bit of rain still and thunder possible with scattered showers. 63 by morning. around 60 in the afternoon it may not get that warm believe it or not compared to what we had today. chilly 42, 68 on thursday. a shower possible friday. 65, 70s saturday and sunday. and another chance of a shower or two on sunday. denise. >> all right, thank you bob. check in with don scott and marty bass tomorrow morning starting at 4:55 a.m. for the updated first warning weather forecast. the o's road trip continues with a thriller in kansas city. mark has highlights next in sports. your lawn is a living, breathing thing.
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we have wjz's the fan supports report. >> we found there are pulled
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teeth, there about. the orioles opening their series in kansas city with an unexpected set back. bryan roberts out of the line up after undergoing root canal surgery this morning. a victory might help ease the pain of an unpleasant visit to the dentist. just thinking about a root canal makes manager shorewalter win. robert andino right to center. royals jumped up to a 3-0 lead. but luke scott would change that with a swing to the bat. shot with a shot. three run homer tied it up 3-0. a back and forth battle after that. tied after nine, 5-5 bottom of the tenth. still leading in kansas city it is 5-5. prior to tonight soriano that hasn't pitched a complete game. loriano walked six batters in
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the game but allows no hit. first no hitter in the major leagues this season. it was close to the ends. the twins over the white sox 1- 0 as loriano makes history. the hockey play offs have become tough times for o ovechkin. ryan malone pushed it past goalie. to give the lightning a 4-3 lead. that would be the final. the caps trail 3-0 in the best of seven series. from ice to heat. lebron james and the miami heat. boston nba play offs, lebron. miami heated up. james led the way, 24 of those in the second half. miami over boston 102-91. the heat now up 2-0 in that series. in football, saints
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quarterback drew breas let a practice in tulane today. an appeal courts in st. louis has the kaeuls and says it will hear -- the case and says it will hear arguments june 3rd. so there's at least another month of lock outs ahead. tomorrow morning at 11:00, eric decosta talk about the recent draft and what's ahead for this offseason. >> okay, thank you very much, mark. it's a derby and it's in kentucky. >> but it's not the one you're thinking of. coming up get aload of the bed derby. this is the aircraft logbook. we have to write down everything about every flight. with so many new southwest flights, that's a lot of ink. i filled up three of these this month already. kinda like the little black book... of all the cities we've dated. [ male announcer ] starting june 5th, fly southwest airlines' new nonstop service from bwi airport to new york newark for just $69 one way. is "camera crew" two words or one word? [ laughs ]
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