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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  May 4, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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it is the top of the hour. and was that it looks like at the wjz outback. the rain is pouring downtown. so the streets are wet. be careful out there. sharon has the latest on your routes and merity is at first warning weather. let's take a look at first warning doppler radar. we're not talking about flooding rains. it's just a wet may morning. but let's take a look at the day part what is going to get your attention is it stays chilly through the day, averaging 15 below normal. tomorrow we clear it out and it gets spring-like again. here's sharon at wjz traffic control.
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i've been waiting for accidents to pop up. but so far we're in the clear as far as accidents go. but we have fire activity on north carlton street. and there's a look at your speeds and drive times. the averages on the top on the west side of the beltway and top side inner loop. it's a little slower than normal and that is probably because of the weather. 100 is wet and running smoothly we can say the same for 95 and the look at white marsh. remember. wjz is always on. just log onto we have a rare advisory for you. the juvenile courts closed today. people are still talking about the killing of osama bin laden. could we soon see photos of him
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dead. it appears to be increasingly likely. andrea fujii is live to explain. >> reporter: good morning. the cia director believe that's that photo will eventually be released and we're learning more about how al qaeda's top leader was killed. the mission to get osama bin laden was riskier than first thought. even at go time, the u.s. was not completely shore that he was in the compound. >> it was a staggering undertaking and there was no one else other than than an american group of military warriors that could do it. >> reporter: and the white house says that osama bin laden resist the during the raid but not armed when he was shot. and one of his wifes who was shot in the leg was not covering him as first suggested, rather, the white house said, she attacked a navy seal. >> we were prepared to capture him if that was possible. we expected a great deal of resistance and were met with a great deal of resistance.
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>> reporter: officials conducted months of surveillance on the compound and even captured satellite images of a man walking around the court yard that looked a lot like osama bin laden. >> there were members of congress briefed on it not a single sol sar thing leaked. >> reporter: among those that did know, this representative, a ranking member. he said that he was briefed in march. when asked what he thinks about the possible release of a photo showing osama bin laden's body, he's concerned about martyrism. ciia director agrees. but believes it will be released anyway. >> i'm sure the nature of the photos could in fact be used to try to develop the revengeful nature. >> reporter: and those navy seals that carried out the operation are in maryland this morning getting debriefed about the operation. back to you. >> the president will visit ground zero in new york city tomorrow and former president
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george w. bush has turned down an invitation from the white house to join him. the former president said that he wants to remain out of the the spotlight. remember. wjz is always on for you. for the latest in the killing of osama bin laden and back story, go to retrial for two twin brothers accused of killing a pit bull by seting it on fire is set to begin later today. the first trial ended in february when the jury could not come to a unanimous decision. and the pit bull later named phoenix was so badly burned that he had to be put down. one year and one day after her murder, family, friends and classmates of yeardly love are remembering the girl from cockeysville. their opening up. >> we're happy that we're keeping her legacy alive. >> reporter: three of yeardly love's closest friends are remembering the 22-year-old who
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was beaten in her apartment one year ago today. >> there have been a lot of sad times and a lot of great times. we started the foundation. >> reporter: love was a star lacrosse player at note tremendous dam prep and uva. and her high school team honored her by wearing her retired number. >> i think today is much more difficult than that day because we were in shock. and i think we had to live a year of everything without her. >> she looked up to them and honored her experience with them. so i think she would be honored and delighted that so many people are thinking about her today. >> reporter: notre dam and faculty asked people to bring out the love, do an act of kindness. her ex-boyfriend is in jail saying that he beat her because
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she broke up with him. >> students are more willing to report things that prior to this incident would not have reported. >> reporter: love's mother tells sports illustrated that they are remembering her at home quietly with family and friends. and the first scholarship from the one love foundation will be given to a rising freshman here at notre dame prep. >> they're raising money for a new turf field. and the 1.2 million goal has nearly been met. for more information, you can go to the city police department makes a guest appearance on the set of ncis... sort of. >> that looks painful. >> does it go with the suit? >> last night's show featured flashbacks when one of the characters worked in the
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baltimore homicide unit. they used photos to recreate the office and other baltimore buildings. the days of free grocery bags for montgomery shoppers will soon be over. they have approved a 5-cent tax on all disposable bags. it will apply to nearly all stores, not just those that tell food. it is expected to start january 1. in sports, the orioles battle late into the night and the game goes into an extra inning out there but it does not end well. with a runner on third, this is a fly ball into right field bring in the winning run. they lose 6-5. and baseball's first no hitter of the season is now in the books. the minnesota twins pitcher goes the distance getting adam dunn out on a line drive to end
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it all. >> check this out. our producer brought this into me. this is the associated press science wires baseball story here. a sunny summer day is great for a pitcher. hitters, cloud cover helps. batting averages go up when the cloud goes behind the clouds according to a study from 1987 and 2000. it was published by the american meteorological society. they found that the presence or absence of clouds affects the outcome of a baseball game.
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now you know it's always to a pitcher's advantage -- that's why pitchers wear eye black. but they have now determine that's the weather affects not just a pitch or play but the overall outcome of the game. you'll are hearing more about this later. this will have them going wild on sports talk. i can't wait to hear what bulldog says about this take a look at first warning doppler radar. we'll start putting the baseball forecast in our outlook. >> it's a beautiful, cloudy day for bait -- baseball. >> exactly correct, if you are a batter. this is the standard may morning rain. take a look at the graphic. this is a slow moving cold front that is pressing through the ruth gone. and the skies will -- region. and the skies will clear out in 18 hours. this day morning rain and chances of afternoon showers. and that 60 is a pipe dream.
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if it gets out of the mid-50s, we're lucky. and we have to take care of a little bit of business before we get to our subject of the day. take it away. >> reporter: that's right. they're making this hbo movie in baltimore, game change about politics. if you think you look like sarah palin or john mccain, i need to you get in touch with me. if you think you look like sarah palin or john mccain or you know someone who looks like either of those political folks. >> but movie is about the john mccain and sarah palin deal. >> reporter: exactly. let us know. >> very good. >> reporter: we've got a great
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thing here. we're live at the cylburn mansion. market day coming up this weekend. we'll tell you about it when the "wjz eyewitness news" rolls on. [ mom ] can a little bowl of cereal change your life?
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we have shower activity in the area now. and the bulk of this moisture falls between now and 2:00. we'll keep a chance of showers even in the afternoon forecast. on tv hill, it is 50 degrees and 89% humidity and barometer 30.04. oakland 40. 45 in cumberland and 44 hagerstown and 48 in washington d.c., 65 down at the ocean. 52 in bel-air and rock hall and 53 in annapolis. and 47 in westminster, 48 in washington d.c. you heard about the rain behind dering practice for the training. -- hindering practice for the kentucky derby, if you will. it has cleared out there and now in our valley.
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we'll get nice weather tomorrow. today it will be damp and chilly through the day. the temperatures averaging 15 degrees below normal. i don't think we may not even get to 58. seasonable temperatures overnight. and tomorrow looks to be a day near 70, that is normal for this date. mostly sunny. and a little breezy. friday is not a dad bay. and we'll mention a chance for a shower. 73 on saturday. mother's day is trending away from the good. i'm not going discuss a watchout. but the -- washout. but the forecast is still nothing like yesterday. don, take it away. want to draw your attention to the advisories on the bottom of the screen and these ones coming up from sharon. we have picked up the first accident of the morning. it is in jesup.
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watch for it on congo avenue. and watch this debris on old east avenue. it is blocking the left lane. our first delay of the morning on 295 southbound slow approaching 175. there's a look at your drive times and seeds. and starting to see minor delays on the west side. 50 miles an hour is your average on the outer loop between 695 en95. there's a look at the -- and 95. that is the outer loop. there's 95 in and out of the for the mchenry tunnel. toyota is moving forward. become over to you. and let geese to ron. it could not be a fowler morning for such a lovely springtime event. but may showers make may flowers. >> reporter: right. and we're undercover at the
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cylburn mansion. this is green spring avenue near sinai hospital. cylburn market day coming up this weekend. good morning, ladies. thank you for coming out here. tell us about the big event coming up this weekend. >> we're so excited that it's pouring right now because that means it will be gorgeous this weekend on friday and saturday. we have a preview on friday. so those of you that want to get in quick and get the best plants possible, come from 4:00 to 7:00 on friday and the gates open at 8:00 and we'll have hot coffee and donuts for those of you that want to camp. >> reporter: people get early for this? >> they do. this is a well-known baltimore tradition. and it's a lot of fun. and we have in incredible program this year. and we've had event chairs that have put together programs and raffles all day. and we have a lot of craft vendors and hot dogs and
6:19 am
wonderful plants as always. native plants, perennials, vegetables, herbs. >> reporter: what are you carrying? >> i'm carrying a hanging baskets of impatients. we'll have lots of interesting plants that you will not find anywhere else. >> reporter: and patience is any middle name what is that? >> this is a petunia. this is cascading charlie. >> reporter: i remember him. you have all kinds plants? >> yes plants, vegetables, herbs, perennials, shrubs, a little bit of everything. >> reporter: friday 4:00 to 7:00 is preview day. >> that is a ticketed event. give us a call to get a ticket. and saturday you pay at the door. come on over. >> reporter: and there's
6:20 am
parking at sinai. >> yes. and we have shuttle buses and boys with little red wagons to help you get to your cars. >> reporter: ladies, thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. cylburn market day. it's friday, saturday. come out. it's going to be fabulous. i'm going to take some impatients back to the station. >> there's a lack of that around here. >> reporter: back to you, not far away and tv hill. >> i like scarletts. >> reporter: so do i. >> we tried. coming up on wjz... >> reporter: the number one teacher from -- is from do you know what's in your spread ?
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the best of the best is from maryland. the president congratulated michelle sheer. >> reporter: good morning. maryland's public school system is the most honored and widely
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considered the best in the nation. and now another validation for the second time in fives year. the national teacher of the year is from our state. and the president offered his congratulations. >> what a beautiful day, a wonderful day to celebrate teachers and teaching. >> reporter: the sun was shining on the rose garden this morning filled with maryland lawmakers, educators and families. the president was there to recognize michelle sheer, princeton grad and fluent in sign language. >> for the maryland school of deaf, she sought chemistry in the school's first time the 135 year history. it won her teacher of the year, and example that must resinate in schools across the country. >> our country will only be as strong as the education we
6:25 am
provide our students. and the success of our nation depends on our ability to outeducate our students. we desperately need more michelles out there. >> reporter: and the president announced that he's looking for a hundred thousand like her, sign teachers in math and science. >> our students need a program that is not just focused on testing where they're learning from teachers that can be creative and being prepared to do the work that employers and professors will expect them to do when they get to that stage. >> i can think of no other profession that can say that we make every other profession possible. >> reporter: my sell will finish the school -- michelle will finish the year here and next year she'll be on the road promoting the profession that she loves, teaching.
6:26 am
and next up right here on wjz, a stunning fight between two children caught on tape. why a mother's actions are generating controversy. >> reporter: good morning. age andrea fujii. more news about how osama bin laden was killed and why are the navy seals that carried out the operation in maryland today? that is ahead in a live report. a controversial move to spare one midwest town from flooding results in thousands of acres of farmland under water. we'll have the story coming up. and we're looking at plenty of rain on the roads this morning. we'll let you know if it is causing any problems after the break. here's first warning doppler radar. we got showers in the area now and rainy till about 2:00 this afternoon. gray and chilly through the remainder of this day.
6:27 am
coming up on "coffee with," buckeye lasssick here. it will be on the beach right there. come to ocean city. we'll find out what is going on at the ocean. the mayor joins us with "coffee with" and i sit down with [ male announcer ] baltimore.
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it is 6:30. it has been and will continue to be a rainy rush. sharon is watching the roads and marty is over at first warning doppler radar. some of us are getting a little break in the action. columbia you may not be getting too wet at this point. these are just scattered clear, if you will, parts now. we'll stay wet till at least 2:00 this afternoon with the
6:31 am
temperatures hanging in the mid- 50s. about 15 below normal. puddles on the pavement and here's sharon at wjz traffic control. accidents are starting to come in now. and we can take a look at our most recent one. this one is at liberty road. it looks like it's blocking the left lane and left shoulder there. in the meantime, if you are traveling on route 50, watch for an accident there the boulevard in the westbound lanes. and accident working in jesup. debris still and issue in essex on old eastern avenue. and all lanes blocked because of this downed pole 177 at long point road. if you're going on 295 in the southbound lanes. you'll find lanes approaching 175. there's a look at your average speeds and driven times on the beltway. 37 miles an hour. and the average speed not bad on the west side. taking a live look outside at
6:32 am
old court road, it looks like it was jammed because of that accident on liberty road. there is a live look outside at 95. in and out of the for the mchenry tunnel. this is brought to you by your toyota dealer. back over to you. a woman encouraging a child to hit her own son and the entire fight is caught on videotape on a baltimore county street. this is the shocking video and more. >> put your hands on him because i'm going to [bleep] cut him loose on you, buddy. >> reporter: a mother confront a boy that chases her son to the home. >> he's right there, do it. >> reporter: she encouraged her son to fight back. >> do you see my son backing down? >> reporter: seconds later, the
6:33 am
boys go at it. >> help me, mom. >> no, get up and fight now. >> reporter: mom keeps talk from the sidelines. and then she has her own conversation with the other boy. >> chase him every day and i bet you give him a week and he'll [bleep] you up. >> reporter: she said she is the man on the tape and was fed up with her son getting bullied. >> i was scared for my son. if i have to face charges on this, then i will. as a parent i was scared for my son not to stand up for himself. >> reporter: do they bother you anymore? >> no, not anymore. >> reporter: baltimore county police say that the fight that happened last week is under investigation. >> we're viewing the entire video to determine if criminal charges are appropriate. >> only thing that i would have done differently if i could have gotten a hold of the kid's mother first.
6:34 am
i was raced that you have to stand up for yourself. if you don't, they'll keep oncoming after you. >> reporter: kellye white said that she first reported the problem to her son's school and someone did meet with the boys, but that did not stop the bullying. other boy's mother tells us that she has not watched the video but she is upset about what happened and said that her son is not a bully. a teenager accused of raping a 12-year-old at a baltimore county skating rink reportedly pleads guilty. he admits to a second degree sex offense will likely serve about a decade behind bars. the girl said that she was raped in a storage closet at case is works. the story that the world continues to watch, the killing of osama bin laden. the navy seals that carried out the mission are in maryland
6:35 am
this morning for top secret debriefings. >> reporter: they're at andrews air force base this morning. and we're speaking with top officials. the mission to get osama bin laden was riskier than first thought. the u.s. was not completely sure that the target was inside the compound. >> this was a staggering undertaking and there was no one else other than an american group and warriors that could do it. >> reporter: the white house said that he resisted during the raid but not armed when he was shot. and one of his wives that was shot in the leg was not covering as first suggested, rather, she attacked a navy seal. >> we were prepared to capture him if that was possible. and we expected a great deal of resistance and met with that. >> reporter: they conducted surveillances for months on the
6:36 am
compound. >> there were as many as 16 members of congress that were briefed on it. not a single, solitaire thing leaked. >> reporter: among those that did know representative dutch ruper deringer. when asked about the possible release of a photo showing osama bin laden's body, he's certained about creating martyrism. but they believe that the photo will be released anyway. >> i'm sure the concern is the nature of the photos themselves. it could be used to try to develop the revengeful nature. >> reporter: and right now intelligence agencies are combing through all of the cds, dvds and documents that were found inside the compound that apparently have lots of information on al qaeda. back to you. >> there's an indication this morning how interested americans are and were in the killing of osama bin laden. overnight, neilson said that nearly 57 million americans
6:37 am
watched the president break the news late on sunday night. that is the biggest tv audience that the president has tracted for a speech since being elected. and remember. wjz is always on for you for the latest on the killing of osama bin laden and the back story. go to in missouri, a rescue caught on camera. check it out. national guardsmen rescued a 93- year-old woman trapped in her car by rushing water. they rescued her without any injuries. >> reporter: floodwaters washed over dozens of homes and thousands of acres much missouri farmland as army corps of engineers blew apart a levee over the mississippi river. >> just devastation. it breaks your heart. it is our home. it is our livelihood. >> reporter: the army corps of engineers intentionally breeched part of a levee to
6:38 am
protect cairo, illinois. so far the plan appears to be working. the nation weather service said that the water has dropped on the mississippi and the ohio rivers near the town of cairo. the water could cover farmland in missouri till late july or official i august. >> we have always known where we live and that it is in a spillway, that this could happen. >> reporter: in mississippi county, ken gibson, wjz. >> they will coordinate to help those that were impacted by this intentional breach. and we may find out what happened during hurricane katrina and the aftermath. mayor will release a book. it's called katrina's secret storms after the storm. to the nba playoffs. it's the 3450eu78 my heat --
6:39 am
the miami heat headed to boston. lebron led the heat to a win. they take it 102-91, going up two game to one. and oklahoma city also went up two games to none beating memphis. and history made in the nba. the bulls derrick rose has become the youngest mvp in history, just 22 years of age. rocky of the year will be announced later today. and the associated press is reporting that it is los angeles clipper's forward blake griffin who will get the honor. of course the kentucky derby comes up this weekend and then the preakness. the jockeys club has released a virtual horse racing game. we placed a link click on our links and numbers section. the supreme court necessary set for -- the preakness set for saturday, may 21st.
6:40 am
>> kentucky derby is on saturday. big doings. it sets us up right. if you go to the preakness website or the maryland jockey club website, you can find out all the information. saturday will be beautiful here. sunny and the temperatures in the mid-70s. it should be this nice on the 20th and 21st. that is black eye susan day. the preakness is a big day. what they're doing this year is spectacular. it's off the charts. the whole day is to benefit susan g. koman. black eye susan day is when the phillies run. if you want to enjoy preakness run, friday is the perfect day to go to pimlico, friday the 20th of may. >> good idea.
6:41 am
this is the ocean city website. they now have these scrolling web cams. oceancitymd do the goof is the real boardwalk right there. we'll talk about what is happening at the ocean this summer and why the boardwalk is such a big deal and now it is a boardwalk again. it's all wood. you stay tuned. it's a relaxed session with a real good guy, ocean city's mayor. and mary sharon is watching your traffic. we'll be right back. mother's day is this sunday. we would like to see your photos of your mom. e-mail them to us at wjz.comme
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at and look at them as
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we have showers in the area and a little break here and there. it will be wet between now and 2:00 this afternoon. 48 degrees right now on tv hill. and 9 #% humidity and -- 92% humidity. 48 in the district and low 40s in oakland, 45 in cumberland, 44 in hagerstown and mid-50s elkton, 55 at the ocean. and 46 westminster, 48 in columbia, 52 bel-air, 50 rock hall. we basically are looking at a slow moving cold front, a wet one moving through the area. here's a satellite view of it. there's nothing spectacular and nothing real intense about this frontal passage. and the rain is not the type of
6:46 am
weather that would bring floods. no watches, warning or advisories out. it's a sloppy may morning. it's not getting out of the mid- 50s today. and the whether will turn in our favor tomorrow. but we're saying anywhere from 55 to 60. i'm cutting in the middle with 58. but almost 15 below normal today. tomorrow up to 68 degrees. and saturday is looking good. -- friday we're looking good. i'll mention a chance for a shower friday. saturday sunny and 73. mother's day is trending away from the good. we're taking clouds, maybe some showers and 76, unfortunately. monday partly sunny and 73. have things improved on the west side of the beltway? here's sharon. no i'm sorry to say, they have not. traffic is stopped on the west side on the outer loop at old court road because of an accident on the outer loop at liberty road. that is blocking a left lane.
6:47 am
you'll watch for an accident if you're traveling on 50. that will be in the westbound lanes and watch for a wreck on conowingo avenue. this will be on east baltimore and south chester. and debris on 702 and eastern avenue blocking a left lane. and 295 southbound slow approaching the 175 to just beyond. there's a look at your drive time and speeds on the beltway. the west side is where the real delays are. and they're approaching that accident scene. there's a live look at the west side at old court road. there's a live look at the northwest side. and 95 is slow and go from white marsh to the beltway. this traffic report is brought to you by your toyota. toyota is moving forward. back over to you.
6:48 am
this morning's "coffee with" is with oc's mayor. welcome to 20 questions with ocean city's mayor. >> great to see you again. >> it must be spring. >> it's that time of year. >> sun is out today. >> there's ocean city right there. that's not a bad thing. we all know summer is coming. the city keeps moving forward. so i thought we would have a little fun. we're doing a web extra. we have a lot of cool things going on in ocean city. what is your favorite ocean city junk food. >> probably the thrashers fries. >> ketchup and vinegar? >> just vinegar. >> ocean city ice cream. >> soft twist. >> cup or cone? >> cone. >> nice, nice.
6:49 am
>> 18 more to go. you came through the winter okay. >> we had some snowstorms. but it's beautiful to see the snow at the beach. if you're new to the area, every once in a while the nor'easter can roar up the coast. >> we were very fortunate this winter. and we had a beach replenishment this past fall so the beach looks terrific. >> you have your pulse on the finger of the economy. ocean city, if you go down that is discretionary income to have fun and please yourself. what is your business forecast? >> things are looking good. our room tax is up. it was up about 20% over the year before and now with the bad weather in february of 2010 and up over 2009. so that is a good sign that people are coming down in the offseason. and for the first time in a be
6:50 am
in of years, advance reservations for condos and hotel rooms are up. >> really? >> that is a real good sign. everybody is booking closer to the time that they travel. and to see the advanced reservations up is a relevant good sign. >> when you say the room tax is up, you mean the gross receipts are coming in? not that you rows the taxes? >> that's a good point, no the gross receipts. he can determine the revenue by the tax collect. >> new tour coming to ocean city. you beat out -- they wanted a beach resort. >> they were looking on the east coast. they were in baltimore before, so we had connections as far as recommending ocean city and they came done and saw the venue. and there were other destinations being considered. i know virginia beach was considered. and they chose ocean city.
6:51 am
it's going to be downtown on the beach north of the pier where you have that larger section of beach. >> on the sand? >> yes. they're going to construct their stadium out there on the beach. >> that is unbelievable. >> they see what we do down there with beach soccer and beach lacrosse and pro volleyball when they erected their stadium a couple years ago. they know we can do it. and we know we can work with them and get it done. >> and imagine. it is televised. imagine the aerials and what it will look like some of the site lines. someone will be doing the hoof pipe and the ocean will be behind him. >> they'll erect the half pipes and the seeing the. it will be on that huge area north of the pier. >> are they giving you projections how many people will attend? >> we're not really sure.
6:52 am
but they're looking as well over 50,000 people in that event sits environmental. and you're talking july 21st through the 24th. there will be upwards of 300,000 people in ocean city. and this will be a bonus for many of those that made their advanced reservations. this is something that everybody likes it. the parents like it and the grandparents like to watch it. the kids like it this is a big thing for ocean city. >> and the grandfather like it's. >> and neighbor doesn't like it can leave town and rent out their rooms and make some money. >> these young athletes are fantastic. and they like to mix with the kids and be part what have is going on in ocean city. they're going to be doing some events at our ocean city state park and other things. >> may i say just that the
6:53 am
grandmothers are looking at the young hot guys. and you have nascar in dover this year. and it's a week before preakness. there's no area wide conflict. no better way to go to dover than to hang out in ocean city and get a great beach weekend and get in the car sunday morning and then head up to the monster mile. >> and get your tan first. >> get your tan on. we'll take
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
we're having a couple breaks in the rain. but generally it will be wet. a couple showers lingering through the day. i think we'll be lucky in we get out of the 50s. and now over to sharon. a busy morning on the roads. three accidents on major roadways with jams just about every where the latest accident on the top side. and west accident on the west side outer loop at liberty roadblock the left lane. and a new one on 95 southbound and this one on gunpowder falls. and this one at 95 and white marsh. it is jammed from white marsh boulevard to 195. protect your home from the invisible destroyer. call them for a free inspection today. back over to you, don. stay with wjz with complete news,
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[cheering] listen to it. almost sounds like cheering. well, here's something you can applaud. hooray, bacon!
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