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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  May 7, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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bin laden on tape. the u.s. releases new video taken from a secret compound. tonight, why some say the terrorist was obsessed with his vanity. good evening, thanks for joining us. it's a sight we never thought we'd see of osama bin laden. watching himself on tv, even dyeing his hair. we have the behind the scenes look at the terrorist leader. >> reporter: one of the new videos released by the u.s. government shows osama bin laden in a room huddled in front of a television set
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wrapped in a blanket. he clicks through a screen and watches news about himself. it's unclear when the video was shot. but it appears to be from inside the pakistani compound where navy seals killed him. intelligence officials knew bin laden monitored the news, but before last weekend, they didn't know he was able to still watch live television while in hiding. in the video, bin laden's beard is streaked with gray. three other clips show him rehearsing to tape a propaganda video. he appears more commanding in those. he is also better groomed and his beard is dyed black. one of the videos is an outtake in which bin laden appears to make a mistake with his lines. another is in front of a crude sheet. a senior intelligence official says it's clear he led the organization from inside the compound. >> we never had a view of this. this is a tremendous
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opportunity for us. >> reporter: the cia director released a statement saying people expected the u.s. to hunt down bin laden after 9/11, and "we delivered." >> reporter: one >> reporter: the u.s. government decided to release the pictures without video. the last time bin laden was seen on videotape was in 2007. >> the huge collection of terrorist material seized from that compound include phone numbers and documents that have not been released. president obama will talk about the raid that killed bin laden in an interview with "60 minutes." you can watch it tomorrow night at 7:00 here only on wjz. two johns hopkins students in the hospital tonight after being hit by a suspected drunk driver. they were hit early this
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morning. police arrested the driver, but so far he hasn't been officially charged. >> kind of scary when you think about it. if you're walking or riding a bicycle. it makes me think twice at least. >> tonight we learned one of them suffered a head injury, but is expected to survive, and the other is recovering tonight. a final farewell to a murdered teenager. phylicia simone barnes laid to rest four months after she disappeared from a baltimore apartment. suzanne collins says friends and family are remembering the teen. suzanne? >> reporter: adam, she was visiting baltimore. she had planned to attend college and was staying with her sister when she disappeared and her body has just been found in the susquehanna river. at a church in conyers, georgia, the family, friends and school mates of phylicia simone barnes say goodbye to
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the murdered 16-year-old. >> this is the time when everybody needs everybody. >> reporter: the teenager's family greets supporters, a video of phylicia simone barnes is played for those filling the church. >> mighty god, grant this family your strength. >> reporter: school counselors speak about her love for children and excitement about theater. >> it became that fierce, fiery girl, skipping over educational standards to reach her educational goals and not even stand for bs and cs. >> phylicia was highly motivated. she had clear goals. ♪ >> reporter: a family member reads a poem written by phylicia's mother, one as if the teenager herself is speaking from heaven above. >> if all of you knew how much fun i'm having living with my
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father god, all of you would be glad. so please, for me don't cry. it's only a temporary goodbye. >> reporter: phylicia simone barnes disappeared december 28th from her sister's apartment in northwest baltimore. back to you. >> suzanne collins live tonight. thank you. stay with wjz and for complete coverage of the investigation into barnes' death. we'll let you know as soon as police make an arrest in the case. some bad parents will be spending mother's day weekend in jail. baltimore sheriff's deputies arrested 22 people in a child support warrant sweep. in all, this group of people owes more than $300,000 in back payments and five of the people arrested are women. the sweep is held every year in the days before mother's day. relief from the pumped up gas prices could be down the road. experts predict prices will start to fall by early june, just in time for a lot of summer vacations. experts say you could expect
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prices to drop by 50 cents. it's not a huge break. latest numbers, prices in baltimore averaging $3.98 a gallon. that is 30 cents higher than last month, and prices were under $3 a gallon this time last year. we have other good news for your wallet. bge says electricity rates are falling this summer. you can start to see a slight break starting next month. and they suggest turning the thermostat up a notch for every degree you turn up the temperature, will save 3 to 5% on your bill. simply overwhelmed by mother nature. people living along the mississippi river tonight are trying to stay dry as flood waters pour over the banks. >> reporter: neighborhoods and cars submerged in water as the mississippi river overflows. bob nations, director of the
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office of preparedness in one county, says rivers flowing into the mississippi are beginning to flood, too. >> our tributaries are backing up. mississippi is rising as has been forecast. so it looks like tent cals wrapping its arms around the county. >> reporter: evacuations in missouri, illinois, indiana and kentucky. meanwhile, people in arkansas and tennessee are stacking sand bags in an effort to keep the flood waters at bay. >> we're staying busy working seven days a week, late hours, and just trying to keep everybody from flooding. >> reporter: but it's too late for some. >> it's just mind boggling. >> reporter: north of memphis families are living in campers. >> lost it all. >> reporter: forecasts predict the mississippi river will crest monday evening, short of the all time record set back in 1937. >> we'll see what happens later
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on this week. they are catching a slight break from the flooding. no rain now in the forecast for that region until thursday. let's hope it stays that way. check out this dramatic rescue regarding the same situation. 93-year-old woman was saved from the flood waters in her vehicle. she was trapped in her car, almost swept away in springfield, missouri. the water was gushing at 40 miles per hour. you see two national guards men jumped into action. today one of them was deployed to germany. a disaster drill is preparing for the worst. >> reporter: a crippled aircraft on a bwi runway. surrounding it are dozens of wounded passengers and crew members. at least 125. coming to their aid, first responders from several agencies. >> plane was on a final takeoff and engine blew.
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>> reporter: it's a simulation, but officials say if it becomes reality, preparation is key. >> i need a vehicle to the patient. >> reporter: every three years the faa requires commercial airports to conduct a drill. the goal today, a speedy, accurate response. >> we'll sift through everything and go through everything and start to take note of what needs to be done better next time. >> reporter: the airport's executive director says the drill took months to plan and everything is perfectly time. there are people that record everything that happens and others check for safety, all looking for weak links. but nothing happens without the volunteers. >> it gives me a lot of confidence in the men and women who would be responding to an emergency like this. >> reporter: at bwi airport, i'm gigi barnett. >> that simulation didn't cause delays or flight cancellations today. tonight we have learned the name of a man killed in the
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explosion at aberdeen proving ground. firefighters found his body after they put out the flames. no one else was hurt in the accident and the army is still investigating how that explosion happened. more live racing could be coming to maryland. they haven't had live racing at that track in almost three years. penn national hopes to race horses there 54 days next year. the maryland racing commission will consider the changes at a meeting later this month. tiger pride was on display tonight. we found plenty of students celebrating tiger fest. police tell us they did put extra patrols in that area. we are told the celebrations have gone smoothly there tonight. they risk their lives everyday and today volunteer firefighters were honored for their work and some kids got to
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have fun, too. duracell threw a party for the fire department and raven's quarterback was there giving the department a check for 1,000 bucks. >> good to be out in the community and seeing these guys and looking at the faces of people that are out there, and they're saving lives and doing a lot of things for the community. and they're self-less and courageous. >> the money will be used to buy life saving equipment and batteries for smoke detectors. we have more still to come tonight, including a bittersweet discovery. >> stunned would be a good way to put it. >> how a woman survived being stranded in the woods two months and a search to find her husband still missing. a big mistake for a teen ended up killing one of his friends. we have entered into a new phase of civil rights struggles. we'll tell you about the surprising person who forced
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two muslim men off a flight. how a community came together to help save a garden near and dear to mayor shaffer's heart. their story when the news continues. started out the weekend with sunshine. we'll let you know what to expect in the forecast after this break. [ male announcer ] this year, get the most out of your lawn
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cooled down a little bit. 54 and partly cloudy in central maryland now. the complete forecast coming up in a few moments. a crash in iowa, a teenager dies after being chased by police. here is the mess left behind. police started chasing the car after the driver filled up on gas and bailed on a $52 bill. the 16-year-old passenger in the car died when it slammed into an have suv and the 18- year-old driver is facing vehicular homicide charges. a woman missing in the woods seven weeks found alive. she was found in nevada. she survived by eating granola bars and candy and drinking water from a creek. rescuers are hoping they'll find her husband alive. he left to try and find help,
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but never returned. troops bombed large fuel storage tasks today, sparking these fires. misrata is currently one of the largest cities held by the rebels. two muslim men kicked off an airplane claim they're the victims of racial profiling. the men were already seated on a delta flight from memphis to charlotte, when a delta supervisor got on the plane and asked them to leave. they were told the pilot was uncomfortable having them on board. they were on their way to attend a national conference on the issue of islam phobia. >> it shouldn't happen with any other person. regardless of religion, regardless of color. regardless of position. >> the flight is operated by a sub carrier, atlanta southeast airlines. asa. they have apologized for what they are calling an
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inconvenience. on this mother's day weekend, a tribute to moms who raised their children in baltimore city is being reborn. ♪ >> reporter: occassionally you can add by subtracting. >> this whole area was overgrown. >> reporter: volunteers have taken that away, revealing an 85-year-old garden. a garden dedicated to mothers, which at some point fell into neglect. the mayor revitalized it nearly 30 years ago, but again, neglect claimed this proud hill top. >> i just feel like this is a jewel hidden in the middle of the city and kind of forgotten and neglected. >> i got you a flower. >> reporter: now, a try to restore faded glory. instead of the city taking the lead, the community has stepped up. >> we just started coming out on weekends, doing gardening and cleaning it up ourselves. that's what got the ball
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rolling. >> reporter: by taking symbolic ownership of the care of the garden, the community is strengthened. >> why is it important? i think it's human nature to have a clean community. >> turn off the computer and tv and get outside and get your hands dirty. that's good for the soul. >> reporter: dedicated to mothers, appreciated by all. community organizers are looking for corporate support. mike schuh, wjz 13 eyewitness news. >> the group has a facebook page called the friends of mother's garden. bernadette woods is here now. what a beautiful day. i don't think it gets much better than this. >> it really was. noticed by so many people. you were out at events today. so many events going out this morning. everyone got a chance to enjoy those. showers held off. >> it was great. i had the pleasure of emceeing the mothers of drunk driving 5
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k walk. great turnout. and other events. >> barbecue here at the station for suzanne. >> for suzanne collins going away. going to miss her. >> a great day all around. showers came in later in the day. we'll show you on doppler radar most have moved out of maryland. we had a few that came through, probably dampened a couple of events. the most part, the day was dry. backing it up a couple of hours, here's how they formed off to the northwest. made their way southeast through maryland and now leaving us. there is more off to the west of us. we're in an unsettled weather pattern. we're dealing with this round through tomorrow. before we get to tomorrow, the winds are becoming light tonight, and could see fog form because of that. down to 54 degrees. 64 in d.c. we have managed a high of 71 so far today. also warmed up nicely this afternoon.
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here's the storm pattern as a whole. you see there are a couple of different areas of storms lined upstream. this is our storm track. jet stream is carving across maryland and that's why the showers are being through the state after they form. this batch will drift to the southeast. still have a chance for a shower tonight. most of that is dying down. tomorrow as we're under this same pattern, the chance for a shower, not an all day rain event for you moms out there. something will come out of the sky. a little bit of a break monday, before a few more rounds later in the week. on the waters, winds out of the northeast at 5 knots tomorrow. tonight, mostly cloudy skies. chance for a shower is possible, but most have moved away. tomorrow a chance for a shower. clouds occassionally mixing with sunshine will be in and out. 72 for the high.
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we lessen the chances the next few days, with temperatures getting into the mid-70s. as we head toward the end of the week the chances will pick up once again. still, highs in the 70s. adam? >> looks like a nice week, thank you. check in tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. with the forecast. a surprising winner at the whoa, i should get mom a samsung fascinate.
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since 1729. at bank of america, we live, work and help serve the community here through hundreds of branches and atms. every day, we're working to help set opportunity in motion. from supporting the university of maryland medical center... to the restoration of the hippodrome theater and american brewery building. because when you're giving, lending and investing in more communities across the country, more opportunities happen. kentucky derby once again. >> yes, sir. >> so fast, but so fun. >> local connection, that's the key word. it puts maryland on the map. the winner was animal kingdom. based at fair hill in cecil county and trained by a great guy i've met. graham moshen. down the stretch he came. the 3-year-old colt, 20 to 1
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shot named animal kingdom sped past the leaders, roaring down the middle and winning the first leg, racing triple crown. john velazquez's first derby, too. macho man third, behind nehro. >> this was a special horse. johnny said both him and the horse were so relaxed, which i think is so important. johnny actually said i was relaxed. i think that was more for show. >> preakness in two weeks. meantime, downtown at the arts, plain and simple baseball, kids and adults. against tampa bay. allowed a season high of seven earned runs. highlighted by a pair of
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homers. 8-2victory. o's hope to avoid the sweep tomorrow. verlander, he got into his zone. second career no hitter. second no hitter this week. he through 108 pitches, but struck out only four in his first no hitter. four years ago against milwaukee he struck out 12. women's lacrosse team went to d.c. today and won, beating notre dame 12-10 with help from the freshman out of australia. earning the automatic bid to the post season tournament. nba playoffs, sam young from maryland, going strong. but sam had 21 points tonight.
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memphis wins in overtime, 101- 93. elsewhere in boston, the resurrection of shaquille o'neal, as you watch him walk a mile in his shoes. and i didn't mean a traveling violation. the celtics got 28 from garnet and beat the heat, 97-81. miami leads their series two games to one. quickly now, university of maryland, i am hearing that ravens' owner along with maryland athletic director flew to arizona to get arizona coach shawn miller who will be back and possibly make up his mind with a deal that's already maybe done by monday. >> arizona will be fighting to keep that guy, though. >> yeah. but a lot of things are happening here. we'll keep you informed. a lot is going on. i think they want him badly. i think he's going to take it. i think he's their man. >> thank you, sam. coming up, trouble on the roads for david beckham.
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