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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  May 28, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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chain reaction of disaster, a shooting, a pedestrian hit and a car crash within seconds police untangle the mess. thank you for joining us, i'm adam may. that happened before noon. a gunshot victim was found behind the windshield of the smashed car. >> reporter: several hours later, you can see the pieces of the accident. you can see chunks of the car that broke off. it was a horrific site. a truck was shaderred to pieces
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driver lost control of the black infinity and crashed, not before hitting a pedestrian taken to the hospital. the driver was dead when the crews arrived. now, they're looking at a twist in the case. >> the medics said he was suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. >> reporter: the chaos started north of the scene. >> reporter: a vehicle pulled along front and the driver opened fire of the driver of the truck and the shoot ergot -- got into the vehicle and spun off. >> reporter: the crash team is piecing together the accident. the police are waiting for the autopsy reports to determine the cause of death. they're not releasing the victim's name yet. all right, weijia. the pedestrian was treated for leg injuries.
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the death toll is continuing to climb in joplin. 142 are confirmed dead now. many families are waiting for the relatives to be identified and they're frustrated. >> reporter: she's not giving up the search for her sister. >> i probably cry myself to sleep every night. >> reporter: she's sifting through the rubble. days ago, a woman's body was found nearby, it's not yet known if it's her. a week after the deadly tornado, the authorities are trying to identify 140 bodice. --bodies. the wait is frustrating. this teen was among the dead. he was driving home from graduation when his vehicle was flipped. >> there's no way you couldn't be touched by seeing this
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beautiful face. he was a perfect child. >> reporter: dna and dental records are used to identify remains. it's a long process. it's necessary in the case. >> we have human remains, that includes partial remains. some of those remains may be the same person. >> reporter: it took five days for these sisters to get their father's body from the morgue. >> when you lose someone, you want them with you right away. >> reporter: he can be buried, but many families have to weight. >> 523 people have been killed by tornadoes this year. that's the most tornado deaths ever in one year. a plane caught fire while landing in atlanta. vic carter is at the airport
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now. you saw the landing? >> reporter: yes, i'm staying near the runway where this happened. we were in the restaurant. all of a sudden, we heard the explosion. everyone ran to the windows to see the explosion. it was delta flight 2284 from pittsburgh. it happened at 4:15 this afternoon. as the plane went down the runway, huge fire balls erupted. we know that the plane blew a tire and the brakes overheated. the passengers and crew members are fine. i actually ran upstairs to the room, i took photographs. you can see them now. it was beginning to unfold in the pictures. the emergency crews are arriving. you can hear the noise in the background. the emergency crews are still
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there and they're inspecting to make sure everything is okay. the passengers have been taken back to the terminal. no one was hurts but it's a terrifying moment. >> all right, vic carter, thank you so much for that. a man is rushed to the hospital after a fight with his neighbor. the man got into a fight on philadelphia road and joppa. he's in critical condition after suffering a head injury during the brawl. they're trying to decide if the neighbor will face any charges. people live anything mt. carmel are breathing a sigh of relief. a carjacker is now locked up. >> reporter: this 50-year-old is behind bars. no one is happier about that than this man who says that he held him at gunpoint may 21st. >> he had a gun in his hand. i knew right there, i was in trouble and i had to cooperate.
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>> reporter: hours earlier, car michael began a crime spree. he held an employee at gunpoint and demanded cash. he drove up mt. carmel road. he flipped the vehicle near a tree farm and fled on foot. he managed to run and hide in the cedar grove united methodist church. the custodian was working. >> he had a white towel and he said, don't look at me, don't look at me, you cooperate and nothing will happen to you >> reporter: after 45 minutes, he took off, with his truck! five days later, the police caught up with him. >> they obtained and arrest warrant and arrested him in county. >> reporter: giving residents back, the peaceful life a they enjoy. >> you never expect anything
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like that to happen. hopefully, it won't happen again. and car michael is held in the baltimore county detention center. there's a frantic search for a missing boater near annapolis. this man fell over near the severn river. he was last seen at 3:30 this morning. we're still working to get the name of a local soldier who drowned. the 19-year-old was swimming with friends yesterday afternoon. he went under the water and never came back. the drivers found his body two hours later. >> hopefully scattered showers haven't ruined the weekend. we have a few storms that may have chased you out of the pool, but the sun's beating back down again. we'll check in with bernadette woods for the forecast. >> overall, a great start to the weekend. few and far between. we have a few thunderstorms.
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we'll take you on a tour and show you, they've come from the south and there are more south of virginia. we may see a few more. they're diagnose back down around owings mills. we have showers west of columbia. then, further north east, this is a thunderstorm. this is drifting off slowly. this is west of elkton. there's one more south of that. this was bigger and it's dying down to the east of easton and south of denton. yes, a couple of thunderstorms out there. it's still warm and muggy. this is the beginning of another warmup. >> we'll get back with you in a few minutes. well, a fight over free speech now -- >> 1727 -- >> this is part of a video taken by this man. he was handing out the
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pamphlets and an officer stopped him. he was standing on the bridge. he think that is the whole harner is public -- harbor is public, but the aquarium is not. >> they violated their charge. i dread to think how they deal with people when they don't have a video camera on them. >> reporter: the officer didn't arrest him, but the aclu sued them several years ago and that issue is still in negotiation. out of control, frightening moments when a speeding bus nowed into a crowd. i'm not worried about her, she's a fighter. >> a real miracle baby. what makes her so incredible and the miracle her family's praying for. >> it's one of the new attractions in ocean city this summer season. it's not the only one.
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i'm gigi and coming up, a complete list of the fun. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a speeding bus races out of control during the stockholm marathon. the bus crashed flew down steps and crashed into spectators. six were hurt, including a small child.
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the brakes didn't work. well, quite an emotional day in the courtroom. syndedn't -- cindy anthony described the days leading up to caylee anthony's death. casey anthony is accused of killing her daughter. she could get the death penalty a woman is thanking god for her miracle baby. she gave birth to a healthy girl two months after she was diagnosed with breast cancer. her little miracle is now boosting her hope for the future. >> i put my finger out and she just grabbed on. she's saying, mom, everything's going to be okay. so, and i know it will be. >> we wish that family the
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best! there's no cure for stage four transer. she'll begin treatment next week, that gives her a great chance to get into remission. gigi barnett shows us new attractions for the summer. >> reporter: if this is part of ocean city's history, this is the future. it's a 6-the roller coaster -- 6-d roller coaster and it's brand-new. they're hoping this is going to boost summer sales and lure young visitors back year after year. >> i get stories of grandparents riding the carousel with their grandchildren and talking about how they went on the same ride. >> reporter: this is a mainstay on the board walk. he's featured in this code.
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it allows smart phone users toscana bar code and watch a mess -- users to use a bar code and watch a message. >> you can see the historic part of ocean city. maine their -- maybe their kids can get excited. >> reporter: this is a beautiful blend of technology and tradition. >> people can put their smart phone in and get the technology. it bridges technology with everyone. >> reporter: but, for some, no matter how much technology is added to the board walk, it's about tradition. >> they have the same, you know, the prizes and the hotdogs and popcorn and pizza. oh, that board walk looks good. that new roller coaster opened weeks ago.
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as many as a thousand people ride it in a day. well, it's a great day to be on the beach, it doesn't matter where the weather is. this is what we're dealing with in the city. it's warm outside. not like the past few days. it's muggy at 82 degrees. this is the beginning of another warmup and we'll have the forecast shortly. ,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome back, everybody, the sun is out. it's definitely feeling like summer outside. everybody wants the unofficial start to summer this weekend.
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we've had a few thunderstorms. nothing to wash out the day. it's forcing you to go inside. we have a few more down to the south. they're moving north wards. the spotty shower is this spot north of owings mills. this is moving off to the north. also, a shower around columbia. that's dying down from a thunderstorm. there's a thunderstorm drifting to the north. that's drifting off slowly. further south, denton, there's a thunderstorm in your area. for most of us, a mix of clouds and sunshine. a few of us had to deal with thunderstorms into the afternoon house. this is what we're looking at. the winds out of the south they're pumping up the moisture and the heat again. 66 degrees is where we're sitting for the dew point. it's 82 degrees for the air temperature and 83 in d.c.. we had a high of 84 in d.c.. this is the cooler of the next
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few days in this forecast. we have this storm finally leaving us. it's here for a few days and the trailing edge is why we saw the thunderstorms this afternoon. also, you noticed the thunderstorms to the west. there's a high pressure building in this area just off the south east coast. it's going to pump everything north of us for the next few days. it's also going to pump up the heat. here's where we'll see the thunderstorms, out in the mountains. we'll have a chance of thunderstorms. the heat is really going to build. the forecast looks like this. leave one front there and another one rotates around us. another one out to the west. we could have an isolated shower and thunderstorm into the afternoon. most of the days will be dry. this is the other thing, temperaturewise, we'll continue to climb. south winds at 5 to 10 knots. heading out on the waters, it will be a beautiful place.
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the oceans are in the mid-60s. 65 degrees for the low, tomorrow, 88 for the high. take a look at the five-day forecast. this is what i was talking about. 93 monday, 95 tuesday. wednesday, still hanging on to the 90s. we'll get a cold front for thursday. it will feel like august! >> stan is here with a preview of sports. well, the orioles took a hard one. it was a bad game, but that happens. they won't play until 10:00 tonight our time. we'll tell you more when we get back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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all right, stan's here with the wjz fan's sports report. looking to climb out of the bottom. late last night on the west coast,the games came to a thud -- came to an ending on a thud. lack of timely hitting, also, the top five made grounders. derek made the double play off of the mark. gonzales, the pitter went down. he's looking like a hop along cowboy. then, pennington makes up for the breakup. gonzales pumps and it was oakland who beat the orioles 6- 2. meanwhile, downtown, the ncaa men's lacrosse final four.
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maryland here at home. duke, in a game that starts minutes from now. >> we know the personalities and you know them so well, you know what they'll do. it's who's going to step up that hasn't in the past games. it will be a great many battle. >> and of course, we'll have the highlights at 11:00. it's a beautiful day for activities outside. here's the boy's 1600-meter finals for high school. brian spangler wins it! it's no sprint, he does it at 4.16.34. he almost breaks the state record from 2007. >> wow! >> i could run as fast as i could, but run for ever?
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i couldn't do it. >> stan, thank you. coming up tonight. problems on the playground. as a parent, i would be appalled if a stranger did that to my children. >> we'll tell you about the act on young kids as they were playing. that's coming up at 11:00. bernadette woods will also update the hot forecast. >> it's going to be hot. thank you for watching. thank you ,,,, [ male announcer ] are you watching cable? here's what you should be watching: your cable bill. because you could be paying way too much.
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