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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  September 30, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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killer cantaloupe. a baltimore county man falls victim to a listeria outbreak. >> if he would have known there was tainted cantaloupe, it would have been out of his diet and he wouldn't have eaten any more cantaloupe. >> tonight his family wants to stop it. and one kind of produce from one farm proves dangerous for dozens across the country. one person in maryland has already died from listeria in
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cantaloupe. wjz speaks to that person's family, megan mccorkel has that message. >> reporter: the family of the man has filed this lawsuit against the farm originated and they tell wjz they know it won't bring back their father. 87-year-old clarence wells survived the depression and combat during world war ii. now his family is baffled that a bite of breakfast may be what killed him. >> the numbers just have me in just complete awe. that there are 1 million and a half cantaloupes and my father is one of the people who ate the cantaloupe. >> reporter: donna knew something was wrong when her dad gained 9 pounds in days, they rushed to the hospital. six days later they died. phil wells remembers his last moment with his dad. >> i'll see you tomorrow. and that's when he passed. that night. >> reporter: weeks later they
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found out their father tested positive for listeria. >> i was just like, what does this mean, i don't know what this means. >> reporter: and the cdc says the number could go up. >> the first couple of weeks i could not sit at the table and have breakfast because he wasn't sitting there. >> reporter: the wells factually one of those in the suit against jensen farms. >> it would give a little bit of meaning to his passing away if, if we could help somebody not get sick. >> reporter: listeria cases linked to those contaminated cases have been found in 19 states. 16 other families have filed suit against jensen farms.
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>> jensen farms is not commenting because of ongoing cases. u.s. drone strikes killed alawaki friday morning in southern yemen. >> the death of alaki is a major blow to al-qaida's most active operational affiliate. >> reporter: alaki was a top figure in the terrorists most dangerous pwrafrplg. alaki b ranch. alaki born in new mexico and spoke fluent english. he inspired the deadly rampage in fort hood. >> i think a message clearly needs to go out to the
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terrorists in this world that want to attack us. if you attack americans we will find you and we will bring you to justice. >> reporter: the cia and u.s. military tracked alaki for three weeks before a strike on his convey. awaki's death is considered the most significant since osama bin laden. but the intelligence recognize a weakened al-qaida still remains a threat against the united states. the paramedics who found michael jackson's lifeless body two years ago testified in his manslaughter trial. emergency responders tell the court the information dr. conrad murray gave them just didn't add up. he said jackson didn't have any prior conditions and he never mentioned he had given the singer propofol. later dr. murray's story
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changed. >> doctors in the house, iv pole, i v hooked up to the patient, it didn't seem normal. >> he was sweating profusely, he was a little agitated. >> reporter: dr. murray pled not guilty to manslaughter. he could spend up to five years in prison and lose his medical license. for the first time we get a look at the jailhouse video of casey anthony the moment she learned her daughter's body is found. authorities have concealed this video from 2008. you can see anthony with her head in her hands. the young mother was acquitted of killing her daughter caylee anthony but found guilty of lying to police. redefining rape. the fbi takes a hard look on how the law defines a rape and who is really protected. >> for years critics have blasted how the fbi constitutes a rape. >> i would consider rape anything that is forced upon
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someone that that person doesn't want to be involved in. >> reporter: but for years it's been defined as forcible. >> not only is it time but it also will allow us to protect victims, hopefully encourage reporting to increase reporting. this is an incredibly under reported offense. >> reporter: commissioner fred beal felt overhauled the way his department investigates sex crime. following an investigation by the baltimore sun. he even testified in a hearing on capitol hill. >> we must do everything in our power to assure victims of sexual assault feel safe reporting it to police. >> reporter: before the change,
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baltimore was was last place in rape filings. since then the number of reported rapes has jumped by nearly 70% what experts say will happen across the country if rape is redefined. a committee is scheduled to meet here in baltimore to talk about changes and they will give recommendations to the director of the fbi. reporting live, weijia jiang. the fbi reports there were nearly 85,000 cases of sexual assault last year that is a 5% decrease from 2009. a string of daytime burglaries keep police on high alert. detectives warn residents of dunmore that thieves have broken into homes and stolen valuables. rules for cell phones on
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the roads starting tomorrow morning maryland drivers could get pulled over for sending or reading a text message. wjz is live. andrea fujihi explains why drivers are more likely to get nailed for texting. >> reporter: police are hoping this new tougher law will make the roads even safer. come saturday, next time you hear a beep don't be tempted to read that text and drive. >> i think we will all be guilty of doing it. >> reporter: starting october 1st, it'll be illegal for drivers to read messages while driving. tickets will be $70 for the first offense and 100 for the second. >> everyone if you're stuck in traffic it is now illegal to read text messages as well. >> reporter: police don't need another reason to pull you over. the law closes a loophole from
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the previous texting ban enacted a month ago that prohibited sending text messages. so far 966 warnings and citations have been issued. since last year, drivers are also required to use a hands free phone. but wjz found many drivers breaking the law. so far 9,248 have been ticketed for not using a hands free device. some people think a no texting is something that will work. >> i've been on that train for a while because i think it's a safer way to drive. >> it should work if they follow the rules but the fact is they're not going to follow the rules. >> reporter: these laws don't apply to texting 911 or using a gps. reporting live, i'm andrea
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fujihi. >> there is a first at baltimore tonight, members of the police department and the fire department go head to head in the ring. for the first time the two take on mixed martial arts. they're raising money for the extreme cage wars foundation that helps fallen service members. >> wow they're going at it. delightfully tacky yet redefined how the hooters restaurant is taking legal action against a competitor. and a new flu shot. and an amazing story of survival after a man goes over a cliff. i'm bob turk, i'll have the complete warning weather forecast coming up next. ,,,,
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it is 61 degrees with a few clouds. the complete weather forecast is coming up. a powerful typhoon makes landfall in south china. the storm has already devastated the philippines and vietnam. the region remains in danger as another typhoon is on a similar path. police in michigan say wet
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roads likely contributed to an accident that killed a groom to be on the day before his wedding. they say the driver lost control and hit a ditch launching the vehicle into the side of a house. the groom to be as well as the brother of the bride to be were killed in the crash. one person is in serious condition and another is stabbed. the school was placed on lock down for two hours. an incredible story of survival, a 67-year-old california man goes missing for six days as his car plunging 200 feet into a ravine. sandra hughes reports he has his family to thank for finding him. >> reporter: david laboue was trapped in this mountain ravine for six days and might not
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still be there if his family didn't find him. they found out when their father last used his cell phone and credit card to pin down the area. >> my brother got out of the car and we kept screaming. the next thing we heard dad say, help, help. >> reporter: rescuers plucked lavoue from the ravine and brought a couple of his family members to safety after they got stuck trying to reach him. >> we got up, there were four or five women, jumping, screaming, pointing down over the side telling us he's down there, he's down there. >> reporter: lavoue car came to rest next to another car that fell off the cliff. doctors say when lavoui arrivedded at ed at the hospital he was dehydrated and
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hungry but coherent. he is being treated for a broken rib. lavoue survived drinking creek water and eating whatever he could find. >> eating off of leaves, grass and ants. >> reporter: reunited at the hospital, this family has a reason to celebrate. he is in serious by stable condition. good news if you plan on getting a flu shot this year it may be a lot less painful thanks to a thinner needle. that means the soreness in your arm will last a few hours rather than several days. right now it is only available to those over the age of 18. imitation may be the best
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flattery but hooters is suing a chain. twin peaks currently has 15 restaurants compared to 400 of hooters. take a look at this picture. at the tide has a blue glow. the person who snaped the photo said it felt like he was on another planet. it is only visible at night. scientists say the neon tide could stick around for several more weeks. that's pretty cool isn't it. >> that is pretty amazing stuff. all right, we've had some rain in some areas tonight. take a look at radar. eastern shore you guys have had, yeah steady solid rain for a while. it's now beginning to move out suddenly. some areas picked up a quarter of an inch of rain or more. here west of the bay we've had a lot of clearing skies. temperatures down a little bit. we're in the low 60s right now. low winds at six. the barometer rising again.
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locally temperatures 39. clear skies temporarily at oakland. you might see a few sprinkles and later on tonight, tomorrow, maybe a few snow flakes, 52 in cumberland. southern delaware the rain is slowly moving out. good chance tonight with clear skies will get down to about 48. temperatures locally. generally around the low 60s as you can see. we have a light west wind right now. not too strong but we won't be dealing with any fog tonight. more clouds headed our way to our north-northwest. low pressure which has finally moved across the north lakes is beginning to make a move across pennsylvania and new york. what that means is it's going to head down toward southern jersey and then because this front is moving offshore it's going to stall out. once again, instead of moving this way, it's making a big big dip or trough like this. which means, everything is going to be caught in the
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middle and just spin and spin for a couple of days. that means low pressure that we we see out here in ohio is going to head toward pennsylvania, maybe new jersey and head back again. that means we're going to be dealing with a lot of clouds. maybe some sun and also a couple of showers thrown in for good measure. today it rained in jersey, new york, west of us right now clear skies as you can see. so we're looking for much cooler conditions, yes. high pressure that low pressure kind of zips around eventually by monday begins to move out. but we'll still be stuck with a risk of a shower. probably a shower tomorrow afternoon. probably sunday afternoon, maybe as well on monday. unfortunately. quick a look at the tropics, it's going to pass east of bermuda and weaken eventually. you can see it has an eye. it will become a tropical
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depression missing everybody. everyone though the tropics are active, influencing everybody. 73 is the bay temp. let's call it partly cloudy today. still showers east. cooler, 50 degrees. 60 tomorrow a shower likely in the afternoon. same thing for sunday, monday probably 62 up to 70. nice tuesday and wednesday with partly cloudy skies. vic. >> thanks bob have a great weekend. check in tomorrow morning for the updated warning forecast. what if sunday's ravens game comes down to a single kick? mark takes a look at how confident the team would be in that situation. that story next in sports. ,,,,
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mark is here now with the sports report. looking toward the ravens to
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see what's going to happen on sunday. >> we hear that football could be a game of inches. looks like a close match up they could end up playing in a close game on sunday. it would be the first for the ravens this year because there's two wins and one loss. if it comes down to a field goal, that would be good for the ravens because they have condit. >> he's done well. it's good in that regard. >> it gives me more motivation. >> joe flacco was named the nfl player of the week.
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ravens-jets sunday here in baltimore. there's proof that the measures of success and failure are relative. the boston red sox who have had winning seasons eight straight years got rid of their manager. terry francon a is out. he leaves after eight wins seasons that included two world series titles. bottom won 90 games this year but because of a historic september chance, they failed to make the play offs and the orioles had something to do with that. terry francona out in boston. the amazing tampa bay rays are in. they send a rookie to pitch against texas. game one of the division series. matt moore starting a big league game for the second time. he threw seven straight innings for the defending catcher. tampa bay opens the series with
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a 9-0 drumming of the rangers. third play off appearance, convincing win again that is the best story in team sports in america. speaking of teams towsen and maryland tomorrow. >> it's going to be a good one. thanks mark. special delivery, a new baby's special bond with baby's special bond with grandma, the ,, li s baby's special bond with grandma, the ,, id li s m ba llral,was baby's special bond with grandma, the ,, id unl m ba
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after two weeks a group of hunters from south carolina needed some heavy equipment to lift the 770-pounder on to the boat.
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the three men said it took half an hour to get him into the boat. they're looking now to even bigger gators. an iowa grandmother steps into action and helps bring her granddaughter into the world. she was on the way to the hospital with her daughter and son-in-law. but the baby was not waiting. it seems to me ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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i'm a curious seeker. i am a chemistry aficionado. diphenhydramine. magnesium hydroxide. atheletes foot. yes. i'm a people pleaser. if elected, i promise flu shots for all. i am a walking medical dictionary. congratulations virginia. inflamed uvula. i'm virginia. i'm a target pharmacist and i'm here to answer your questions.
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