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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  October 21, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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. it is beautiful to start the day today. the chilly winds, up and out of the area, that breeze toe, but nothing like the winds from yesterday, but the temperatures are about five to six cooler. partly sunny today, sunshine, we will go to a clear sky tonight and 41 and then tomorrow, 63 and brilliant, we will have an update ted forecast coming up. over to traffic control, good morning.
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>> good morning. let's go back to the accident, south bound 95. that accident with a motor cycle and deer. it has the ramp from south bound 24 to 95 closed. you can use the ramp from north bound 24 to access south bound 95. as far as the rest of the area, we have absent accident, there it is on the southwest sited of the beltway. as far as the beltway itself, easy driving in and around and no problems to report on the harrisburg express way north or south bound. let's go take another live look, as you can see. that ramp is closed off, for the most accurate information, you can count on us, back to you. thank you. here is what people will be talking about today, it is the start to a new era after the death of moammar gadhafi.
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the rebel forces captured and killed the leader. millions of americans celebrated the death of moammar gadhafi into the night, waving american and libya flags, across the world, thousands took to the streets as the fireworkses lit up the night sky. this video shows his final moments a live. the rebel forces captured and shot him thursday as he tried to escape his home town and they drug him in the drain ditch after he fled in a convoy. he is expected to be buried today, quickly and in secret. one of his sons was killed. another one-timer ray -- era
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leader was also killed. now after the last seven months, the fors tried to help drive out those loyal to moammar gadhafi. the president said it was a day to remember for people in libya, but there will be difficult times -- the united states and the international community is committed to the people of libya libya. tomorrow they will start the plans in going forward with that. a man could get life in prison for the stabbing death
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of a robbery and killing. his girl friend could get a 30 year sentence after testifying in that trial. more students performing sex acts on school grounds and now three teens are facing charges. we are live in baltimore county. good morning, mike. >> good morning. when the police showed up, three students were charged with pervertd sex acts and indecent exposure. it happen in class, three students involved and the sub teacher was in the room. >> everybody saw it. >> the three are from 15 to 17. >> i heard that there was sex being performed in the auditorium. >> someone videotaped the act and put it on line, but the
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police have not found that yet. -- it gives a very bad name to the school and young females like me -- they want the appropriate action taken once the investigation is finished. the police said that the acts were consented acts. another tape has popped up with students from dougless engauging in sex and baltimore police are investigating that. a howard county teen is indicted on federal terrorism charges. he was arrested at his family's home in july and is charged with helping a pennsylvania woman. he helped her in a plot to kill a cartoonist in sweden for his picture of the prophet mohammed. a suspected hatchet
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murderer is tracked down a thousand miles from his home in baltimore. we spoke with the victim's family about that killing. >> the 18-year-old was found stabbed to death with a hatchet and his body was found in baltimore. now a 37-year-old has been charged with first degree murder. he was found a thousand miles away in alabama at a motel. >> no telling what went through that guy's mind as he went through time. it will all come out. >> jackson's girl friend is due to give birth to his son in nine days. >> i'm really concerned about it. all i want is for him to come home. >> this has devastated his aunt. >> i just want to say thank you from the bottom of our heart for finding him reporter: the police found blood at a home where they think he was killed and the
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evidence that he tried to clean up the carpet. >> homicide became interested in him pretty early on in this investigation reporter: jackson and his girl friend were childhood sweethearts and she will name the baby after the dad. >> no one is perfect, but he was perfect for me. >> the suspect will be brought back to maryland to face charges -- until he is convicted and sentenced, that is when i might have the closure i'm looking for for. we are learning more about how steve jobs dealt with the cancer that took his life. he put off life saving surgery in favor of alternative
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therapy. after 40 speaker views with jobs for his biography, he said that jobs retbretd delays the surgery. we will have more on "60 minutes "right here. an engineer that was evacuated from the south pole to new jersey will go to john hopkins thursday. they think she had a stroke two months back, but because of weather, it took that long to get her out of the an art i can. turning to sports, after losing fame one in the world series, the rangers are looking to even up, two sacrifice flies but the rangers up and they won it two-one and game three will be saturday night in arlington. the ravens back on the
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field on monday night. watch that live right here, our special coverage will start at 8:00. i did promise a forecast for you, the forecast for the game, mostly clear and mild, it is 70 with the day time high of 78, if you are in florida, a nice day and by 8:00, it will be around 70 and dropping for the evening. >> we are wearing purple, even though the game is not until monday and who else has on purple. >> dressed like a rach, -- raven, but i have a devil here. he is really an ankletroke al. -- angel. this is for the bark fest that will happen this weekend. take this little devil/angel home when we continue. ,,,,,,,,,
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. here is a look at the temperatures. dop in ocean city, up in the metro area, the temperatures are pretty much in the mid 40s to low 50s. we have that southwest wind, wrapping around that low- pressure system that brought us the wides and the rain a few days back. the wind from the southwest and as that low is tracking to the north, we will get the winds from the south and then coming
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in from the north west. that will help keep our temperatures down today. the sunshine and blue skies will keep us in the mild range, but we will be cooler than the average high. the normal high is 66 and dropping, about one every few days or so. right now, it is 66 and cooler for the weekend. a weekend blue sky, a purple weekend as far as the ravens, but the sunrise and the small craft advisory in effect for the afternoon. the west wind is gusting to 25 on the bay. today, 62 and partly sunny and the overnight lows around 41 and close to the 30s in the suburbs and 63 tomorrow with sunshine and nice. 63 on sunday as well and then 67 on monday, back to the mid 60s on tuesday and wednesday with the chance of rain by the middle of the week. >> okay. >> more from traffic control. >> good morning.
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a live look and the update on that accident, south bound, it is on the shoulder and the ramp to emerson road is reopened. as far as the other accidents, we have an accident we are watching in the roseville area. that is moving over to the beltway and the volume is building, but it is moving at posted speeds and no problems on the harrisburg express way, north or south bound. a live look, an easy drive there on the express way, it appears to be picking up. we have more from our
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little devil/angel. you worked here with this spider monkey. >> he will be featured this year at the october festival. >> he will be up for adoption and some dogs and cats that will be available for people to meet and interact with. >> that will take place on saturday at patterson park? >> right. 11:00 to 4:00. >> are you biting my hand? (laughs). we have contests for people and their pets. there is the walk in the park and the food vendors and pet vendors and different events an things through the day. >> you said that this is the biggest fundraiser for you?
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-- yes. we hope that everybody will support us. we take approximate in about 11,000 animals per year and need help from the community. >> we have this little spider devil dog here, the monkey here, he is one of hundreds of dogs and cats that come through every year. what do you need to get from the community to keep this a place of help? >> we need money to help us support our employees and programs and continue to grow. fundraising is big because we are non profit. paper towels, amazing what we use every day. >> and getting your animals spayd and neutered? >> that is a big thing. >> we have a lot of programs here where people come in and
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see while we are here. >> you have some cats back here. >> right. >> they love to play and have done that all morning. >> thank you, very much. the bark festival on saturday at patterson park -- 11:00 to 4:00. it will be a lot of fun. >> come adopt this little devil/angel here! >> all right! thank you. i like how they say you can strut your mutt. and the halloween is just around the corner. we want to see your favorite pictures. send them in to our web site or click on the link on the home page. look for your pictures right here. that slide show is sponsored by maryland sea food. we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,
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. people from maryland are celebrating the demice of moammar gadhafi. more on teens having sex in the auditorium with the teacher present. good morning. some new accidents in the area, i will have the details. we are here for the first morning weather, a great weekend to do what you want to do outside. more on the forecast coming up.
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helping people in maryland to get healthy, that is what a former cheerleader is doing as she teams up with united way. stay tuned, the morning show will continue after this -- ,,,,
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. it is friday reporter: we have weather and traffic together. we will get to traffic in a moment, let's go to weather. we are look at a clear start to this purple friday. it is a beautiful weekend shaping up. cooler than yesterday. the temperatures in the 60s, down in the 40s over most of the area. 51 on the shore. 36 is the cold spot near oak land. the winds will be down from yesterday. gusting in the afternoon, but the chilly winds up around the great lakes, we will just have a light breeze.
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partly sunny skies and overnight low, mainly clear conditions and 63 tomorrow, brit yant sunshine and nice for the saturday. the updated forecast in a few minutes. thank you, tim. over to traffic. >> hello. 95 south bound, the accident is on the shoulder at emerson road and the ramp for 295 has been reopened. as far as the other accidents, the highway crash there, also on route 32 at college road, the volume is continuing to build, but we are moving at the posted speeds. looking at the overall travel times, on the inside loop from 83 to 95, the 55 mile-per-hour average and 11 minutes to get by
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by. the people in libya are celebrating after the death of moammar gadhafi. he took cover in a drain pipe and died of a bullet wound. people in maryland responded. >> plenty of people in maryland said they waited for this, they said he ripped something from them that is impossible to replace. people in libya firing guns, and in maryland, people are rejoicing, too. >> you never get closure when you lose your only child. >> the 20-year-old died on pan am flight 103. she blamed moammar gadhafi, she
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said he was an evil man. we reached her by phone -- i'm choked up all day. she was deprived of her beautiful life, but lives on in spirit reporter: on thursday night, a large group of americans erupted in song and dance in front of the white house. many remember firsthand the terror of the moammar gadhafi regime. this family fled to baltimore. >> wanted to go back to libya and now we can. that day is here! a ranking member of the house said they were waiting for this day. >> i did not trust him, i did not like him. i had met with him in the past. your time will come. >> the real challenge will start now.
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libya has to rebuild a government and provide so many new jobs to a country oppressed for half a century. the oil reserve will help the country move forward and grow new jobs. a baltimore county man is convicted of murdering a teen, even though her body was never found. he was found guilty of killing the 16-year-old. the police think it happen march 6th, 2009 and the girl's body was burned. a sentencing date has not been set. a montgomery county man charged with killing his estranged wife and suspected in killing his stepson could get the death penalty. the d.a. will consider the death penalty with charles lopez. he is said to have beat his wife to death. they expect to charge him with
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the death of her 11-year-old son when he returns to baltimore. more on a sex tape filmed on school grounds and three teens are facing charges. we are live in downtown. >> lewd sex acts, indecent exposure, that is what three teens are haringd with this morning. the police said it happen in this auditorium, the class was in session. three students involved in a sex act and a sub teacher was in the room. the teens were 16 to 17 and it was videod and said to be on line, but the police has not found that yet. >> it is a bad name for the school and teen girls like me.
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>> once they have finished the investigation, they will take the appropriate action if necessary. another tape had popped up on the web, the baltimore police are investigating that incident. a man was killed after a struggle with a sheriff's deputy. the deputies were called to a home for a domestic assault and a deputy tried to arrest a man there. he resistd and was shot. that is being investigated. in the electronics business, more layoffs by the end of the january. this is one of the sate's largest private employers and this is the second round of
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cuts in maryland this year. the state of the economy and the increasing competition in the nearby sits is effecting the slot machine here. the estimates moneys coming in was dropped by $56 million. we are looking forward to going five and one with the ravens. >> it may seem like another day to prepare, but for the ravens, there is anticipation. >> no matter the record, the great plays have been made on monday night football.
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>> it is entertainment on monday night. your colleagues are watching and it is what you put on tape. it is mon night is always special. >> does monday night bring out something knowing your team mates are watching? >> it does. it is monday night football, you have to get out and cheer. >> from the broadcasters in the booth to the stands, the lights come on, the purchase everies come out. >> you give them some excitement on monday night. like i told the young guys, what legacy you want to leave, this is the night to do that.
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more at 8:00,. a lot of people are making the trip. >> this is in jacksonville, this is straight down 95, right to the stadium, get on and keep going south. it is 70-degrees and that is it. dress for a mild florida evening. >> down 95. it is that simple, get on 95 south and go until you get to jacksonville. >> you would know. >> i was there when they got the team. >> i was there when they got the team. i did the coverage on the team, going to jacksonville, broke my heart until we got that here. for here, it is 72.
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. after cheering for the raches, working for united way and more on the morning drive and tim will check weather colonelling up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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. understanding the occupy movement, camping out. >> everybody has a different agenda an everybody has a different reason to be here. >> it is for myself and it is difficult to speak for us entirely. >> there are protesters at 1500 locations and uniting themes and corporate influence and government is too much. one protester said it is here in the shadow of the extreme wealth. >> we don't have a voice these days. >> for some, they could say why they are here. >> i'm here for a reason like, i work a full time job, but i can hardly afford to pay rent.
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>> a college grad, he cannot find work in his field and is waiting tables and has been here 16 days and just spent his first overnight. >> the miss conception to me, there are all the demands, but we are not able to get the answers, we are open to ideas on a better solution. >> frankly, others communicate in a way that i cannot come prehented. it is hard to put their comments into context. i am independent and like to think of traveling together, equal equally and peacefully and with pride. that is cool. toe car, peaceful, the city asked that the sidewalks be kept open and the square clean. but until the city decides this is no longer welcome, occupy baltimore has the resolve to make this their home.
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>> since the protesting has been peaceful, the city will only take measures as needed. >> all right. anything you want to do outside, the weather will cooperate. cleaning out the gutters, the pumpkins, what you want to do, the weather, we have your back. it is closer to freezing than it has been this season. we are in the mid 40s, as you
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can see, to rock hall at 50. the southwest winds, we are experiencing that and it is mild now. no cloud cover out there. we generated it all and from the atmosphere, the sun will come up and warm us up more. the low pressure that was responsible for the clouds and wind yesterday, it is lifting to the north and canada. as that happens, this will go to the north west and our temperatures will remain in the low 60s. the cooler temperatures will be at a cost. the sunshine will be a nice change of pace. we had the rain and cloud cover and the sunshine and cooler temperatures, that will be a nice fall-like weekend. with that said, the sun set is
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at $6.19. up to the cooler temperatures at 63 for the next two days. saturday and sunday, the chance of rain on wednesday. >> thank you. how about traffic? >> hello. we are starting to see delays there, starting with the west side, we are seeing about ten minutes there from liberty road to 70. the traffic is moving at about 40 miles per hour and, that is to 175, south bound 95, we have an accident at emerson road, it is on the shoulder, but getting some attention and the other accident, route 32 at collins road, a live look, it is still continuing to build on the north side of the beltway over there, this traffic report is brought to you by toyota and your local dealer. we have your car and deal. jump over and find out the way
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toss save when you buy right. disney's "lion king "will come to baltimore and we have our lucky winner. . congratulations. >> a lot of movement and simulated. >> your dog is named after the lion king. >> he is every bit of a lion. this morning, we have more from bob. >> great to see you in person. >> not down on the football field when you used to cheer. >> on your exercise video, you call it healthy living? >> yes. >> it is healthy living. i believe in taking care of
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ourself. >> you took up a new thing, -- i want to get this correct -- a healthy food ambassador. >> right. when i launchd my web site and video on march 11th, we launchd that i was working with united way of baltimore and we did it with maryland united way and the mayor. it was at real food farms. they are part of the project now and this is knowing that there is the issue with over 300,000 people being food insecure. we got this from the unit of maryland with other sources and we know that people are sick and have the increase of heart
6:48 am
disease and obesity and it is all relating back to food and it is just not acceptable for so many people. >> that is what you mean by insecurity. >> right. glm times these people don't have access to the correct foods. some people only feed their kids two meals and you could imagine and much of that is processed and package. >> people are getting sick. >> looking for something to put on the shelves and keep for a long time. >> it is making people sick. >> we have done stories on the farms, there is space to grow food, so much great food. >> we have done stories with the library branch. you can have groceries delivered to your local library
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or your house. many people that don't drive through the area do not realize that there are no places to get the food. >> there is a food dessert. most of the people in the city do not have cars and they cannot walk. if they walk half a mile, there is not a grocery store that has the vegetable and fruit. if they do, it is usually too expensive to buy because so many of the stores moved out of town. 18% of the people that live in the city live in a food dessert. >> if you try to carry a shopping bag of anything on
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public transportation, it is not easy. >> especially with several kids and trying to carry a baby. we decided to get to the root of the situation and with the food bank and the people working on the issue, they are woking with a platform to tackle it together. the effort is to help the food initiative, we figured out the problem and the more than 300,000 people being food insecure and went to tackle transportation and the storage and making it more access able and affordable. >> we have your web site. united way of maryland and there are ways to donate and
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volunteer your time. >> correct. when we talk about the sourcing, that is increasing the amount of fresh food and healthy food and this is a good example. this is going back to the second harvest on farms and the farmers in the past, where the farmers lost food for people in the community could come and take what they needed in in the modern days, it is basically the same, farmers let us come with volunteers and take what is left over. >> our time is running short. >> healthy food drive, over 30 businesses on board, come to us, we will help you organize.
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thank you. we will take a break and come back with traffic and the first morning weather. ,,,,,,,,, ♪ that aroma's coming through
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♪ for the big day ahead of you morning. big day, huh?
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morning, mom! are you excited? ♪ the best part of wakin' up ♪ is folgers in your cup. . an update on weather and traffic. >> it is 62, looking at partly sunny conditions. 41 tonight, mainly clear and chilly and for the next five days, 63 for tomorrow and sunday and 67 on monday and 66 on tuesday with the chance of
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rain by wednesday. checking the roads, here is a look from traffic control. >> hello, everybody. a lot of congestion, south bound 295, delays to 175. the west side of the loop, from the west road to 70. some accidents out there, on route 32 at college road and also south bound 95, that is still on the shoulder. here is a live look, it is continuing to build there on the north side of the beltway at hartford road. this is brought to you by home pest control with professional wild life and animal services. back to you. thank you. three baltimore county students are charged after the police said they performed a sex act at school. the investigators said it happen inside the auditorium with a sub teach near the room. the students said someone taped
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this and put it on line, but the police have not found that tape yet. they are charged with with pervertd sex act and indecent expose injure -- a baltimore man is convicted of the murder of a 16-year-old even though her body was never found. they think it happen on march 6th of 2009. she was burned and the sentencing date has not been set. a howard county teen is involved in a plot to kill a cartoonist from sweden and could get 15 years in prison if con convictd. the baltimore police department is looking for some good women. it is recruiting for females specifically. stay with us for our news
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and weather and traffic. more coming up and news on line,
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