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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  October 28, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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early winter blast. snow moving towards maryland. what should we expect? >> hello, everybody. i'm denise koch. >> and i'm vic carter. here's what people are talking about tonight. >> it is hard to believe. but it is the first snowfall of the season. and it could be significant. this is the first scene in baltimore county. i can't believe we're talking about salt domes in october. crews are getting ready to get their plows ready just in case. a winter storm watch goes into effect very soon. meteorologist tim williams and bob turk will let us know what to expect and when. bob? >> a lot of the snow is going to melt on the roads. but there may be a point later tomorrow afternoon, when the snow is hard enough that it could actually be some slushy accumulation on the roads, north and west. city particularly. already light rain developing to the south. still too warm. a few spots out of western maryland.
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temperatures there are still only in the 30s. now, because of the precip headed our way, and because of the chilly temperatures expected tomorrow, they will issue for late tonight through the day tomorrow, a winter storm warning. north of the mason-dixon line and from frederick county west, as you can see, all of those counties, locally around the baltimore metro, north and west of the city, a winter storm watch. south and east of us, along the coast, a coastal flood advisory. can be some strong winds. can cause some flooding at time of high tide, right along the ocean city area down there along the shore. there could be pretty rough weather. tim williams has a look at what we can expect and when. tim? >> as bob just showed you, you know, the watches and warnings are going into effect here very soon. and for good reason. the national weather service has identified that these snow storms coming through could present some travel problems. and that's why watches and warnings are issued. what we're looking at is a mostly rain event.
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primarily a trace to an inch on eastern sides of the 95 corridor. transitioning again to 1 to 3 inches to 95 corridor, across the city. and lower portions into howard county, even to montgomery county. a quick changeover, 3 to 6 inches, carroll and all the way out to far western maryland. as far as a time line of all of this, we could see rain, of course, as early as 9:00 or so tonight. the rain will arrive area wide, around 1:00 tomorrow morning. it mixes with snow by predawn hours, right around sunrise. and mainly snows through the bulk of the day. 10:00 to 4:00. transitioning snow and tapering off by sundown. we'll continue to keep you posted and give you the amounts. for now, bob will have more on your first warning forecast. now, back inside. >> wjz 13 is always on. and you can check in for first warning weather coverage for updates on the forecast, for information on closings and
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delays, by logging onto a bold surprise attack on a city sheriff's deputy. a man with a knife jumps into his cruiser and allegedly tries to stab at him, forcing the deputy to pull out his gun. wjz is live at the scene with northeast baltimore. gigi barnett has the situation. >> at all hours of the day, this intersection is busy. what started as a normal day for that deputy took a bizarre turn when he was attacked inside his vehicle. >> the baltimore city sheriff's department has one way to describe an attack on one of their own this morning. >> very wild in that we have never seen anything like this before. >> reporter: just after 8:00 this morning, investigators say deputy gideon shippero was at a stoplight in northeast baltimore. he was headed to work. all of a sudden, the passenger door opened and a man with a knife jumped in. the department spokeswoman, sergeant carla lightsee says
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without words or warning, the man attacked shippero. >> it just speaks to the level of uncertainty. >> but the deputy fought back, pulled out his gun and fired, striking john doherty in the arm. neighbors say the story in this area, with manicured lawns is disturbing. >> if you're riding around in your car anyway, you should have your doors locked anyway. you should be safe. >> you never know what is going to happen. but you can't run around in fear either. >> baltimore sheriff's deputies are designed to protect courthouses and issue warrants. right now, they are not exactly sure why this particular deputy was attacked, but they have a clear message for other officers. >> we always say that when you wear this uniform, you have to always be alert. never forget the training that you provided and the training that you continuously provided yearly because you might have to revert to it. >> now, the deputy was shaken up. but he wasn't seriously injured. in fact, he's at home right now, with his family.
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the suspect was injured. medics rushed him to johns hop hopkins with nonlife- threatening injuries. we are live in northeast baltimore. i'm gigi barnett. vic, back to you. >> police say that charges may be filed once the suspect is released from johns hopkins. request denied. a maryland businessman will spend another month behind bars in aruba. suspected in the disappearance of another woman. >> gary giordano's lawyers asked for him to be set free again. but the judge rejected that move. giordano's detention is expected for another 30 days. he is suspected in the disappearance of his travel companion. at today's hearing, giordano argued his innocence. they needed time to follow points of interest by search and rescue dogs on the island. giordano says gardner was swept out to sea. >> giordano is the only person named as a suspect in this case.
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>> a woman murdered while working at a burger king in a quiet frederick community now. months later, police make an arrest in the case. wjz is live. weijia jiang has more on the suspects in custody and the charges against him. weijia? >> vic, some of the charges are federal ones. police say at the time of the murder, the suspects are living in this country illegally. >> on march 18th, this burger king on east fredericks patrick scene. officers arrived to find 32- year-old patty ayala shot to death. now police say it was at the hands of her former coworker, ray barrella. on friday, they announced a slew of charges against him, including first-degree murder. >> there wasn't an eyewitness that said he did it. this was a who done it, putting the pieces together. putting the pieces together, our detectives did that. >> while looking for a killer, police also uncovered unsettling details about mejia varela. he was deported, following an
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attempted robbery conviction. but at some point after that, federal agents say he snuck back in. >> everybody i know is up in arms about it. and there's a lot that needs to be done. >> police say it was after mejia varela entered the u.s. for a second time. he assumed a new identity and got a job at the burger king. they also say he had been laid off for several months when he came back to rob it. >> they were close to home. that's why i moved out in the country. >> reporter: police say mejia, varela and aiela worked together at the burger king in the past. they don't know if he was targeting her or just out to get cash. in a statement, they said patty was a loving mother, girlfriend, sister and friend. today, we are grateful for the arrest, however, the pain of losing patty is still very real and fresh. >> reporter: mejia-varela will be sentenced next week in court for coming back to the country after he was deported.
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then federal agents will serve the arrest warrant. >> weijia, thank you. the suspect also faces armed robbery, assault and theft charges. for the second time in a week, a murder at a maryland mental hospital. investigators say one patient killed another. just last week, another similar incident left another patient dead. additional staff is being used to monitor the patients while the murders are investigate the. the family of a baltimore girl who was electrocuted in a city park is back in court. 14-year-old deanna green is the victim of a faulty underground line. pat warren has more on the court arguments heard today. pat? >> that's right, denise. what happened here at this ballpark was a tragedy for everyone involved. and circuit court judge john miller had a lot of questions for both attorneys on both sides. >> reporter: the parents of deanna green have been in and out of court since 2006. >> it's a wound that continues to be reopened.
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>> deanna green planted one foot against one fence and stretched out her hand to touch another. her body completed the circuit. >> what we had here was the equivalent of two bear rises of 140 volts of electric itbetween them. the -- electricity between them. so when she touched the bear wires. >> deanna's family is challenging the family court that granted immunity in the death. they rode with -- wjz rode with electrical experts who identified stray electrical currents. >> this wire is connected to the pole. watch what happens when i touch that to something metal. [ buzzing sound ] >> reporter: in deanna's case, one of the poles came into contact with an underground cable and electrified the fence. >> the notion that the city can let in an electrical system
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that it has complete control over then belongs to bge, that it now deteriorates so badly that it releases 240 voaltds and they say -- volts and they say they are not liable? it boggles the mind. >> reporter: but the city sayless they are not liable for checking this. and they are immune from that. still, deanna's family says the government should be held accountable. >> because it can so easily happen to someone else. it was too easy. >> reporter: the contractor who was hired by the city to do some work settled with the family out of court, stipulating, however, that that is not an admission of guilt. reporting from druid hill park. >> thank you very much, pat. today, the public service commission adopted the deanna green rule. requiring that they conduct twice a year tests. we have several people struck by a vehicle in west
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baltimore. captain mike perry has details for us. >> it's happening over at the western district, denise. this is fulton and presbury. report to police and fire officials of three pedestrians struck in the intersection, actually on fulton. we see one city paramedic and baltimore police here rendering assistance to at least one person we see laying in the roadway here. there may be others, but it's very, very congested scene. lots of folks around. you can see paramedics and police assisting as more paramedics continue to come to the scene. police have closed fulton in the northbound direction. this is on the northbound lane of fulton, at presbury. and you can see quite a bit of activity here. expect delays. back to you on tv hill. >> all right. thank you, captain mike perry in sky eye chopper 13. things remain status quo downtown. dozens of protestors in tents are still being allowed to stay while the city tries to figure out what to do next. difficult balance of free
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speech and preventing a public nuisance. the protestors are against wall street, greed and social and financial equity. a classy move. that's how many describe an ad against ravens heat and baltimore sun. well, vic, todd heap returns to baltimore sunday. he is now with the arizona cardinals. but clearly, part of his heart is still here in charm city. >> reporter: the familiar roar of his name. ravens fans love number 86 and didn't want to see him go. now, as todd heap prepares to return to baltimore as an arizona cardinal, he sends fans a special message. in today's baltimore sun, heap writes a letter to the city. for a decade, my wife ashley and i took great pride in making baltimore our home. we wanted to publicly and emphatically thank all of you for your support over the years. >> class act. not many people would do this
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in the terms of going back to an old town -- team that they basically got rid of. but somebody that would take the time to thank the city means that he cares about baltimore. >> he's loved by all of the fans in baltimore. and i think when he comes into town sunday, i think we're just going to hear heap all over. >> i think it just shows what kind of great person he really is. and i know we really miss him. i wish him the best. >> heap also thanked art modell and sent his past to the former ravens owner pat. and gave a shout to his former ravens teammate saying he was honored to step on the field with them. >> how much fun he had in baltimore. and how good his career was here. and the friends he had back in his community. so i'm not very surprised by it. todd is a great guy. >> appreciate everything todd did here. and over a long period of time. >> reporter: heap also writes while it wasn't his decision to
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leave the ravens, he understands change is part of the game. and he thanks fans again. "your support has touched my family" and i will never forget the cheers of the crowd, each and every time you roared "heap." ravens fans, you are tremendous. sincerely, todd heap. [ cheering ] >> i think we're going to hear that again sunday. todd heap played with the ravens from 2001 until last year. he signed a two-year contract to play with arizona. and that is where he was born and raised, in arizona. vic, back to you. >> good for him. he and so many of the ravens are really good contributors to the community. >> absolutely. >> we're glad to have him here. thank you. still to come. happy birthday to lady liberty. just in time for the an slersary. the new technology -- anniversary. the new technology. two months after suffering a stroke, finally getting treatment here at johns hopkins hospital. i'm monique griego.
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she'll let us know how her recovery is going. i'm mike schuh, in baltimore county. what a day it is. for maize, corn and fall foliage and pumpkins. getting ready for an early taste of winter. stick around for the updated first warning weather forecast. ,
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two months after the incident in the south pole. she speaks.
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renee nicole desewer's amazing recovery. >> reporter: after two months awaiting treatment, she was very happy to be at hopkins. >> reporter: still wearing her south pole coveralls, renee was all smiles knowing she was under the care of doctors at johns hopkins hospital. >> i had excellent care. and it's the best choice that i have done. >> reporter: it's hard to imagine, just two weeks ago, desewer was here. isolated and recovering from a stroke with no medical care. >> i'm going to sayiz wasn't scared at all. >> reporter: she doesn't start to worry until she learned bad weather would keep help away for months. at the time, she had bad vision, speech and memory loss. >> i just totally advocated for my son. >> two months later, a plane would finally take her from antarctica and new zel zealand
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and san francisco before arriving at dulles. then she was just anxious to get to hopkins. >> everybody takes a look at it. and i need to know what's going on in my grain. >> reporter: doctors confirm she suffered a stroke. but it's hard to determine if that delayed her recovery. >> it's better to get treatment early. >> reporter: didn't expect all of this attention. >> never expected to explode. >> reporter: and despite her recovery, she doesn't believe the south pole is in her future. >> as much as i like the program, i think from a risk point of factors, it's probably time to move on. >> and the doctor says desewer is expected to make a full recovery. >> desewer will undergo a few more cognitive tests before being released. despite the fact that we are talking about snow in the forecast, it has been an incredible fall so far, with
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beautiful fall foliage. mike schuh has a look at the sights and the sounds of the season. >> reporter: the sound of the season sweeps over maryland. corn dries in the field. and thousands seek out what fall has to offer. at north run frrms, a good -- farms, a good day to be a kid. >> i picked the pumpkin up. i played and i eat. >> we had another one here. this one is top corn. >> what do you like about fall. >> i love the change of scenery. the -- you know, cold weather. but still not too cold for baltimore. >> this time, fall is best. best weather. >> the best weather. the chill and less sunshine mean the forest look like they're on fire. >> it's just such nice weather. it's between hot and cold. >> and the leaves are really pretty! yeah. >> and the colors. >> the smell of fall. >> we've seen some beautiful reds and golds in the trees.
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>> reporter: let's look at a map of where the foliage is best in maryland. much of it out in the western areas, is really good right now. and extreme western maryland, it's at peak. so that means it might be a good time just to hop in your car if you have one and just drive around. see what's out there. want to look at that map again? >> it shows the metro area has yet to peak. good news, good news, indeed. so enjoy what you can. >> yum. >> while you can. >> pumpkins. >> love carved pumpkins upon. >> apple pie. >> reporter: soon, all of this will, quicker than you think, fade into winter. >> we are going to get lost in the corn maze. >> we're so excited. >> reporter: in baltimore county, where the leaves need to be raked, mike schuh, wjz eyewitness news. >> well, taking those fall memories when you can because within a week, within a day, you'll be raking up snow. >> at last check, they're still stuck in the corn maze. we're sending sky eye chopper 13 out. >> well, the snow is going to
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bring a lot of leaves down over the next couple of days. even branches. north and west of us, could be heading up some branches. could even take power out. 47 now. but the dew point still below freezing at 31. humidity, 53%. south/southeast winds at 3. that will be much stronger tomorrow. barometer sitting there at 30.2 inches. come back and take a look at that saturday forecast after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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i know a lot of folk the are having halloween parties, tomorrow, tomorrow afternoon, does not look like a nice day to be outdoors. in fact, all day looks pretty rotten. let's take a look at temps and conditions right now. with cloudy skies. 50, ocean city. south of washington, a little light rain already moving in. 48 in d.c. the cold spot, oakland. anywhere in garrett county. temperatures ranging between that and 35 degrees. right now, oakland, around 34. 45 in ber -- cumberland. but the dew points below freezing. and during the day tomorrow, the dew points in the 20s. that means up there, up in the clouds, it will be snow. and eventually, that snow would reach down from the ground. and particularly, from the city, north and west, that's where we'll see accumulations. where some spots in garrett county, could see 5 to 10 inches. locally, north and west of the beltway, maybe 2, 3, 4, as much
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as 5 inches could fall. in the city, maybe half an inch to the grass. south and east. mainly rain, or mixed with snow at times. but it will be just too warm. 47 here now. 50 in annapolis and kept island. remember, the -- kent island. the winds off the bay. anywhere near the bay, it's going to be difficult to get any snow to stick. southeast and east winds. eventually, they'll get stronger, pick up and come out of the northeast. and then the north. that brings the cold air down from central new york state and canada. low pressure. there you see it over arkansas this afternoon, moving through tennessee valley. it's going to re-form up off the carolina coast and kick that moisture in. very windy along the coast, essentially, a nor'easter is going to be developing. because you have cold air in place. warm gulf stream. all the ingredients you need for a typical storm. in a month or two, this would really be a wicked storm as it is. looks like areas in pennsylvania.
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new york state. southern new england. some areas could see as much as 8 or 10 inches of snow. and with leaves still in the trees, you are going to have massich power outage -- massive power outages. and a lot of wind could cause issues over the next 24 to 48 hours. it will get windy. but sunday, high pressure moves in. a lot less wind. and a lot of sunshine. for football, it will be very windy on the bay. gale warning tomorrow. winds as high as 35 knots. tonight, clouds, yes. rain later on. it can get heavy overnight. changing, too, and becoming snow most places by early midmorning. it will all end by evening. more rain south and east. 42 and dropping in and through the 30s all afternoon long. >> okay. thank you very much. >> thank you, bob. still to come tonight on wjz's eyewitness news. a prescription drug epidemic in our state. you won't believe what we uncovered in one maryland town. i'm jessica kartalija. that story coming up.
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cruise ship crime scene. two people found dead on this ship. are they connected? >> punching holes in the prosecution's case. critical testimony in support of dr. conrad murray. ,,,,,,,,,,
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it is 6:30. cloudy and 47 degrees. good evening. thank you for staying with wjz. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. the final and possibly most important witness for the defense is back on the stand at dr. conrad murray's manslaughter trial. as karen brown reports for wjz from los angeles, the propofol expert has his own version of what may have happened to michael jackson. >> an expert witness for the defense believes, michael jackson gave himself the lethal dose of propofol. >> so you think it was a self- injection of propofol, near the hour of between 11:30 and 12:00, they did it? >> in my opinion, yes. >> reporter: prosecutors accuse dr. conrad murray of giving the pop singer a fatal overdose of the powerful anes thet rick in
6:32 pm
-- anesthetic in an iv drip. but none was found in any of the iv lines in jackson's bedroom. >> i cannot understand how it is possible that he got a three- hour infusion when the evidence didn't show the infusion setup. >> reporter: in earlier testimony, though, one of jackson's bodyguards said dr. murray ordered him to hide vials of medicine and iv bags before calling authorities. -- paramedics. >> reporter: they say there is new evidence. so the judge gave the prosecutors the weekend to prepare for their cross- examination. >> reporter: the state spent four weeks and called more than 30 witnesses in lining up its case against dr. murray. prosecutors are try to show that the doctor was careless and never should have been giving jackson propofol for sleep. the case is expected to go to
6:33 pm
the jury, -- jury next week. >> and the trial will enter its sixth week on monday. a cruise ship turns into a potential crime scene. two people found dead on the cruise. mare selive in the newsroom with the investigation. mary? >> reporter: well, vic, so far, there is so far no indication that either docked. the ships docked with a 23-year- old woman and a 27-year-old man on board. police say the pair appeared to die from a medical condition. police say it is not clear how the man died but it is not suspicious. the deaths occurred outside of state waters. >> miami-based norwegian cruise lines had no statement on the deaths. a 20-year-old man accused of adopting and then abusing cats has pleaded guilty. ethan phillip webman was living in baltimore when he charmed -- he was charged with beating and killing cats. webman was suspected in the deaths of several other cats.
6:34 pm
he has since moved back to new york. his sentencing is scheduled tentatively for february. 26-year-old victoria reed will spend more than eight years in prison for using a handgun to help hold up a pharmacy in finks burg. a man stole hundreds of dollars in oxy conton, xanax and percocet. the number one medication marylanders abuse is not crack cocaine. it is prescription painkillers. jessica kartalija talks with a former addict who almost left her child so -- lost her child so she could get high. >> reporter: elton, maryland. population, 15,000. a little town with a big problem. a hot bed for prescription drug abuse. >> it's so bad here. like very, very bad. >> reporter: prescription
6:35 pm
painkillers once ruled her life. now, 22-year-old stephanie berry is clean, raising her young son in the town of elkton right off 95. >> when did you think you had hit rock bottom? >> when i lost everything. my son was with my mother. i lost my home, my car. i had no job. i had nothing. >> reporter: stephanie was part of an alarming trend. over the past decade, the number of people living in cecil county admitted to treatment centers for drug abuse, skyrocketed almost 800%. that's nearly double the percentage statewide. >> everything is irrelevant. like nothing else matters. >> so your son didn't matter? >> at a point, no, he didn't. and that killed me. like i lived with that guilt for a long time. [ crying ] like i still do. like because i look and i'm like, that's my baby. and i gave him up for a high. >> reporter: stephanie's story
6:36 pm
echoes throughout maryland. admissions to treatment centers are up in baltimore county by over 270%. harford county up almost 730%. and carroll county up more than 600%. clearly, there's an explosion in prescription drug use. >> they are more abused than heroin, ecstasy, lsd, marijuana, combined. that's huge. >> reporter: with easy access to i-95 and multiple prescriptions, addicts can quickly travel to pharmacies out of the area, in baltimore, philadelphia, and wilmington without being caught. users say elkton is a convenient home base. >> some say the problem has gotten so bad that you can literally walk down the street here in elkton and get your hands on any prescription drug you want. >> you know, take me 20 minutes' time to have at least one to get started. then you continue. it's very easy. >> reporter: maryland is taking aim at prescription drug abuse with a new computerized system
6:37 pm
to keep track of who is writing painkiller prescriptions and who is filling them. >> i think you need a vigilant program, with every physician's office and hospital and emergency room to help thwart this abuse. >> did drugs mess up your life? >> yes, they did. i didn't have much of a life and what i did have, it ruined it. >> reporter: jessica kartalija, wjz eyewitness news. >> maryland's prescription monitoring program is scheduled to start in july. time now for a quickly look -- quick look at some of the stories you'll find in the baltimore sun. a look at how the next month's opening of the main portion of the intercounty connector, could provide access to jobs. the latest testimony on the proposed merger at the university of maryland, baltimore college park. and preview of tomorrow's navy and towson football games. for these stories and more, read tomorrow's baltimore sun. she doesn't look a day over
6:38 pm
50. but the statue of liberty turned 125 years old it today. bigat shivan is reporting. as a gift, lady liberty is getting a facelift. >> reporter: adinoru fi was willing to give his life to the u.s. before he even became a citizen. >> congratulations. >> reporter: but today, this navy reservist from nigeria, and 2400 other took the oath of citizenship. standing at the base of lady liberty. >> now i'm an american. i can claim it, i can sing, i can beat my chest. i'm proud of it. >> reporter: the statue arrived in pieces in 1885. it took four months to put the gift back together. for the next six decades, lady liberty welcomed more than 12 million immigrants, as they made their way through the nearby station on ellis island. >> i have two sets of grandparents and all four of them came in through ellis
6:39 pm
island. >> reporter: for joanne mcgrair, this is hallowed ground. >> i wonder how they were feeling when they saw this view. so it's very emotional for me. >> reporter: today's anniversary also marks a milestone for the statue's future. crews are beginning a $27 million renovation. so tours inside lady liberty are safer and accessible. >> they'll be updating the stairwell. and statue will be closed to tours for the next year. the island will be open, though. adam plans to live often. he lives just across the bay in brooklyn with his wife and two kids. in new york, bigat shivan, wjz eyewitness news. >> and you're looking live right now at the statue of liberty. the birthday party will end with a 12-minute fireworks display this evening. she's ready for a closeup. >> absolutely. still to come on wjz's eyewitness news. reunited with this family. a young boy found days after he
6:40 pm
vanished into the wilderness in virginia. fatal flight. a plane goes down. right after takeoff at a canadian airport. i'm bob turk. first warning weather center. winter start to the weekend. i'll have your east coast first warning five-day forecast. and wjz 13 is always on. here are the top stories on at this hour. for updates on all the day's news, and the updated forecast any time, log onto ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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discounts on select cfls. learn to speak the language of energy efficiency at heyhey, i go all night long and still save! an incredible story of survival from earthquake- ravaged turkey. a boy was pulled from the rubble. according to his uncle, the boy drank rain water to sift through the cracks and used his shoes as a pillow. 575 were killed in the quake. and thousands have been left homeless. a terrifying scene in vancouver as a charter plane crash-lands near the airport. police say the pilot died and all eight passengers were hospitalized. no one on the ground was injured. investigators say the plane ran into trouble and the pilot was turning back to the airport. a major challenge for firefighters in california as an apartment building under construction goes up in flames. the massive fire -- look at that.
6:44 pm
quickly spread to a nearby mobile home park. hundreds of people were evacuated. fire officials say 11 home the were severely damaged. there were no injuries. the intense heat blew out car windows and also melted the paint off some fire trucks. a happy ending to a six-day search for a missing autistic boy in virginia. thousands of people volunteered to help search for robert wood, jr. police say one of those volunteers found the child in a creek bed, about a mile from where he was last seen. robert's family says the 8-year- old ran away while hiking on a civil war battlefield. the child is said to be in good shape. >> what a blessing that is. six days. >> that's a miracle, yes. scott pelley has a preview of what's coming up tonight on the cbs evening news. we're bringing back a storied tradition to the cbs evening news. the on the road feature returns, with steve hartman's tribute to the statue of liberty. that's tonight on the cbs evening news. and here's a look at tonight's closing numbers from
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wall street. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,
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a very chilly fall evening. and it's hard to believe, but a snowstorm is moving this way.
6:48 pm
meteorologist tim williams and bob turk will let us know what to expect this weekend and into next week. tim first. tim? >> well, we're going to start off this evening, getting colder and colder. and with rain moving in the area, we'll start to see rain area wide. by midday or so, we'll start to see the temperatures starting to drop. we'll start off in the 40s. we'll start going through the 30s. we'll see a mixture of rain- snow all turning to snow. and by the evening, temperatures start to bottom out. and the all-snow event starts to wind down. but it's going to be pretty much a wide event. for more, we send it in to bob. >> all right. by sunday, going to the football game. nice, cool day for football. 47 with a lot of sunshine. it will be quite windy, by the way, tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow night. and as we said, rain and snow can be heavy at times for a few hours. particularly in the afternoon. before it quits. down to freezing and lower tomorrow night. 47, sunday. nice warmup. 56, 54 and 60.
6:49 pm
halloween night. temperatures generally in the mid- to upper 40s by the way. denise? >> all right. thank you, bob. still to come tonight. ray lewis and the ravens have a chip on their shoulder with the arizona cardinals coming to down this weekend. >> mark has the latest income in sports. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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mark is here with the wjz the fan sports report. and we heard earlier today about a classy thing todd heap did today. >> no doubt, one of the best ever. we'll get to see if he gets to play. because he did have some injuries. ravens will face todd heap maybe and the arizona cardinals sunday. ravens have put their monday night loss behind them or at least one of them. one 'lingers. that penalty safety. ruled helmet to helmet on a defense iless receiver. the ravens feared the rule to protect player the will be an ongoing for for for defense. >> that's are the part of the game that takes away from the pureness of how defense is played. >> i don't blame the ravens for being upset. that's a horrible call. >> i just think every player.
6:53 pm
if we're reviewing everything, guys, let's review that one, too. because these personal files, helmet to helmet. his shoulder pad never even came close to the helmet. and i think all of those should be reviewed as well. >> tonight make him mad mad. college football this weekend. the surprising towson tigers, home tomorrow night against teletele. -- delaware. and navy is at notre notre dame tomorrow afternoon, while randy edsel and his maryland terps are going to face boston college. they were leveled a week ago. quarterback cj brown knocked out of the game. maryland is now 2-5. boston clem has just one win. >> we're not taking it lightly at all. but it's a big opportunity for us. we have to come out.
6:54 pm
it's another opportunity for our offense to show what they can do. >> they've allowed 90 points. maryland at boston college. one of those who interviewed for the managers job will reportedly go elsewhere. he interviewed for the o's job last week. on the field, the major league season will end with game 7 in the world series tonight. cardinals stumbled and fumbled while the texas rangers took advantage of the lead. texas needing one rin to get their first ever. st. louis overcame deficits. and this solo home run ended a most probable 10-9 cardinal victory. the thrill of victory for st.
6:55 pm
louis. agony of defeat for texas. twice, they were within one strike of winning the game and the series. >> i understand that it's not over until you get the last out. and i was just praying that we got the last out. and we didn't get it. you have to tip your hat to the cardinals and the way they fought. >> they stay alive. they have home field for game 7. last time home team lost game 7 of the world series. i hate to mention this. orioles, 1979. to the pittsburgh pirates. >> boys of summer. >> that's the definition of those guys. thank you, mark. be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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don't miss the cbs primetime lineup tonight at 10:00. that's it for us right now. we'll be back at 11:00. i'm vic carter. >> thanks for watching wjz, maryland's news station. don't go away, with much more on the cbs evening news and
6:59 pm
scott pelley. including the east coas >> pelley: tonight, an october surprise. the northeast is on alert for a weekend storm that could bring as much as a foot of snow nearly two months before winter. dramatic testimony at the trial of michael jackson's doctor. a defense expert says jackson killed himself. john blackstone is at the courthouse. herman cain shoots to the stop of the g.o.p. presidential polls. >> stupid people are ruining america. (laughter) and we've got to outvote them. >> pelley: we'll ask bob schieffer if cain's unconventional campaign is ready for prime time. and a cbs news tradition returns. "on the road" with steve hartmann. tonight, this statue was a gift from france, but where did this one come


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