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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Weekend  CBS  October 30, 2011 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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. good morning, everyone. unseasonable snowfall shocks the state. how marylanders dealt with it and what to expect from here on it. the snowstorm hit maryland with the rest of the eastern seaboard. the latest on the damage and the clean up. plus the storms may be over and is this cold weather here to stay. ted williams has the answer in the first weather forecast. saying good-bye to a young life cut short. a local boy is laid to rest. the details are ahead. they are ready to put the
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jaguar game behind them and why players say they aren't too concerned about last week's performance. eyewitness news, sunday morning starts now. . good morning and welcome to eyewitness news this sunday. i am gigi barnett. >> good morning to you. >> it was an interesting day. >> dropoff of where you saw snow and where you didn't, it is very steep. if you are in the city waking up, you are wondering what all the hoopla is about. as soon as you cross the northern portion of the metro area up until the north and northwest counties. where did all the snow come
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from. >> we will take a look quickly outside. it as dry day too, i guess for me. outside, i will give you a idea of what is going on. anything that was out there yesterday is pretty much melting away. >> we get this half inch of snow and three quarters of an inch and manchester half inch. sparks about a quarter. we started to see more as we started to move towards the north and west. p damascus, three and a half. frederick, 3 inches of snow as well as mount airy. we will talk about how much we got in the area and how it will impact us for the last few days. we will have the first morning forecast. >> thank you, tim. >> it made quite an impact. this is what it looked like for people in frederick county. wet snow piled up on roads and highways. and it built up on frees and
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leaves. >> they had to break out the snow brushes to dust off their cars. they opted to stay close to home not to deal with the slushy roads. we have more on how they handled the wintery mess. >> our crews have been all over maryland and they are saying the same thing. they are not ready to about see the mess it brat al look. especially on the roads. it is trumped by signs of winter. it is nearly two months away. they are shocked to see the unseasonable saturday snowfall. >> it is winter wonderland. >> last time we saw snow this early was in 1979, the most accumulation in october fell in 1925. >> never.
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never. i remember a lot of rain on halloween. i don't remember snow at all. >> did you think you would be clearing snow off your car in october. >> no, its the the first time i remember. >> everything from signs to cars to streets were covered and many residential yards became sheets of white. and other places like bellaire and they treated the snow to prevent freezing. >> reporter: transportation authorities say one of the biggest problems is not just the roads. but what they are seeing drivers do on them. >> we are seeing that they are very wet and people are taking this way, too fast. you know, cutting off the trucks. and they jackknifed. >> we saw one gent on 795. and someone swerved into the median. facing the opposite direction. >> it took the hardest hit other than precipitation. and they are monitoring high winds. with so much rainfall this year. the ground is saturated so
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trees could topple especially because leaves are on them and snow could weigh them down. they have recorded thousands of outages linked to this storm. >> they warn there could be more outages and more trees fall on top of the power lines. in baltimore, wjz, eyewitness news. >> thank you. as tim said it is not a problem for maryland. a snow heavy branch fell on to a power line triggering an explosion. power companies there from maryland to new england are doling with these issues. drew levinson has more. >> reporter: the powerful nor'easter had downed snow. from washington d.c. to new england. near allen town, pennsylvania, homeowners tried to keep up with the trees piled up in the yard. drivers worked to navigate blocked roads. there is not a single block
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that i went through that i didn't have to go into another lane of traffic or broken down trees. >> the heavy snow and wind is proving to be too much for trees that have lost their leaves yet. especially in new york's central park. >> that combination is causing healthy trees to snap branches and trees to come down. >> because of all the downed limbs, they tried to block off the entrances in part. in hopes of protecting the people. >> in 30 years we haven't seen a halloween snowstorm. >> snow is pilling up from maryland to new jersey. its expected in parts of northeast as the storm marches north. some plows are trying to clear the roads. they are trying to issue a state of emergency. in boston, it caused travel delays. at logan airport and some are taking the early snow in stride. >> not too bad. >> it looks a lot like christmas than the weekend before halloween. in new york.
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drew levinson. wjz, eyewitness news. >> be sure to stay with with the october snow. you will find the updated morning forecast and you can track the storm right on the home page at investigators are blaming poor road didn'ts for a road accident. it happened last night in columbia. it appears the driver, james ellis junior was going too fast on wet roads and lost control of his car and struck a tree. the 72 year old is now in shock trauma. >> solid weekend for the loved ones of a slain german town family as they lay the mother to rest. rt. >> she and her 11-year-old son were remembered at a service in clarks burg. they were found dead in separate locations. police have charged her he is strained husband curtis lopez with her death. he is also a suspect in
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williams' murder. they host the arizona cardinals after last week's disappointment. mark has more on what they are saying about today's game. >> good morning. after talking to the ravens in owing mills. they can't wait to get back on the field to take on the arizona cardinals. it is a tough week for the ravens since their performance on monday night football and for the offense. all week they have been working on rectifying what went wrong in jacksonville. failing the game at first down in the first half. it was a historically poor game offensively. it was a game they were expected to win. it reached a high volume this week and the team has vowed to tune it out and move forward to today. >> the thing is we played well. leading up to the performance. we had one bad performance and everyone thinks we are the worse in the league right now. that's the way it goes. we come back and we will have a
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good performance. and we are back on top again. we don't worry about the weekends and the week out. our focus is getting better every week. four us, we know what we are capable of and we go out and execute. >> and the ravens will get to execute on the home turf at the stadium today. they have much success and they have won the 22 games they played as harbaugh took over as coach. they had nearly two touchdowns to beat an arizona team that comes to town with a 1-5 record a lesson was learned. jacksonville was 1-5 before they beat the ravens. today marks a homecoming for todd heap, he played 10 seasons with the ravens before he was let go by the team prior to the season because of a hamstring injury, it is uncertain if he will be able to play today. back to you.
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mark, thanks,. they are behind the steelers and pittsburgh hosts new england this afternoon. it as game you can see on wjzat 4:00 p.m. >> in college football, there is more bad news for the terps fans. they are stuck in a four game losing streak. the latest loss comes to a 1-6 boston college team. the defense allows 372 rushing yards before losing the game. 28-17. the loss puts the team in a tie for last place in the acc. >> meanwhile. another match up between collegiate heavyweights needed extra time to finish. sanford and unc battled into triple over time after a late drive into the end of the game of regulation time. the last possession, the trojans fumbled the ball and had a chance to defeat them and that was the final score. >> 66-48. >> another game was more than 100 points. 2 points that is. >> yes. >> all right. >> we go to get back on track.
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>> we are back in the game. >> a lot of folks going out to the ravens game. you see already, the sunshine is out. glorious day. bright, sunny. unseasonbly cold. and just about agreeing right now. as a result. they got pulled down with all the rain yesterday. and in the snow, i should say yesterday. it is going to be a cold day down at the stadium. dress for true football weather. >> dress for the p december football weather. and we will talk about the forecast for the game here and kickoff is at 1:00. we have a freeze warning in effect for much of the area through this morning. it is still in effect as of now and until the sun comes up and the temperatures uniformly across the state gets above freezing. it is basically for the entire state. that's the first time we have seen that. >> we talk about the snow totals. if you were in the city. and anywhere near dfw marshal
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anne arundel county you are wondering what this is about. look at the totals. fredericks three. and wind sore three. as was damascus. and 5.5 and lineboro. and owing mills got three and a half. so, just a lot of snow and concentrated areas and in the metro area. here is where it starts to get tricky. we talk about the records for the year. although all the areas have the snow and it is going to take roughly two and a half inches or so to be the all time biggest snowfall this early in the season. because marshal did not get any snow. there is no snow for the day officially reported. so, there you have it. that's where it gets tricky. that's the official reporting station for the entire state. we are looking right now at 34 degrees at marshal. and relative humidity at 80%.
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the barometer is at 30.02. and at least for one more day we have a hiccup in the forecast to get through. 28 in oakland. 29 down on the shore. and 35 in elkton and around the media area. it is coming in from the west, northwest. still keeping the cold air over the region. this is the story yesterday as we started to see it playout. we wanted to back up and this is why there is a destined line between the systems. rain down to the south and over to the east. mix of sleet and snow. and moving on through the region. cleared out here very nicely and we are heading into the last october morning for 2011. it is move up well to the east. it is moving in control and we have a bit of a disturbance moving up the coastline. that is going to bring up the chance for rain for tomorrow evening late. >> we are talking about after trick-or-treating time. >> we have little bit of high pressure. and a lot of high pressure and control. and you start to see it moving
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up the coast. >> rain tomorrow should not effect the trick-or-treaters. what will effect them is the trick-or-treaters. they shouldn't need the slickers over the out fits. the sun should return the the forecast going up to 50 degrees. mostly sunny and warm. and warmer, i should say than yesterday. 33 degrees. clear and cold tonight. and just above freezing. >> 54 degrees. sunshine mixing with clause and moved to 54 moving into the rest of the week. we look at 51 on monday, 54 on tuesday. and 60 on tuesday and thursday. heading into the middle of the week. >> still to come on eyewitness new. >> end of the line. high speed police chase comes to a sudden end in texas. find out what happens next. >> takes more than a little snow to stop halloween. how the first family is getting into the fun. i am live at the maryland
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zoo at baltimore. something special going on. it is zoo boo. and we will tell you about all the fun activities they have planned. that is in just a few. sharon, thanks. but first here are the winning lottery numbers. we will be back in just a moment. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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. last sunday of the month. and i guess it is 83 south. it is 83 near the road and 83 south. lots of sunshine out there. and after a day of rain and snow and this morning, your issue may be sun glare. the road are damp and reflection off the road is very, very bright sunshine. it could create a vision or visual challenge for you this morning. but right now we are dealing with cool temperatures and just about freezing. if you are planning on heading down to the game. this is what the forecast looks like heading down at the 1:00 p.m. kickoff for the ravens. cardinals in town. and kickoff 40 degrees. look for sunny, breezy and cold conditions. 1:00 p.m. kickoff and hopefully they can right the ship and turn it around for today. mostly sunny and warmer.
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and lows around 30s and tomorrow 54 degrees. sunshine mixing with clouds. we will have the 24 hour forecast in just a minute. >> thank, tim. back to the other stories people are talking about. unexpected arrival of winter weather is slowing down the occupy wall street protests in new york. like everyone else, protestors had to deal with snow as it fell in manhattan. they expected protestors p top leave but they are not going anywhere. in illinois, someone stabbed a 14-year-old girl to death when she came home at the wrong time. kelly was coming home from school. and they believe she walked in on a burglary in process. kelly was stabbed and left to die on the floor. her friends and family say they are so shocked that kelly isn't around. >> she had so many friends.
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no one disliked her. she had like the brightest smile on her face. she was so funny. and she was really nice. >> police are now currently questioning a man charged in another burglary in the same area. >> police in texas take action after a robbery suspect refuses to come quietly. he led police on a high speed chase through houston. officers fish tailed the truck and sending him clashing into a ditch. he is now facing charges for robbery and resisting arrest. the federal government is supposed to keep working and that rule has also included candy filled holidays. despite yesterday's snowstorm. president obama and the first lady stuck to tradition and handed out candy on the steps of the white house. hundreds of costumed children and their parents satisfied
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their sweet tooth. >> their sweet teeth. that's a lot of candy. >> i think she wanted to give away fruit and the president was like you know. >> you got to have candy. >> halloween doesn't start until tomorrow and the people at maryland zoo have been in the spirit all weekend. they are trick-or-treating out will now. the annual zboo event is there. and -- zoo boo event is there. and there is a lot happening over in drew hill park. >> a lot of fun activities going on. it is going to be beautiful today. it is chilly right now. its sunny and the animals are ready for lot of visitors and they have some fun activities too. and the ghost resist coming in. and they get their own jack-o-lanterns. how cute is that. >> now, this is just one of the many things that zboo has going
8:22 am
on -- zoo boo has going on. >> thank you. we are doing great. >> so the goats get a pumpkin. what else do you have going on forsook boo. >> it is our fun -- for zoo boo. >> they can go trick-or-treating. we have custom contests. two a day. you can join up with various categories. scariest. best animal. we have a hay maze and if you don't have a pumpkin, pick up a free pumpkin and go around the zoo and enjoy the rest of the day. it will get beautiful, we promise. >> it is the bright sun and blew sky and it would be nice. all the animals will be out and everything. >> there might be a few of the birds that are less cool weather tolerant that will be inside. for the most part with the sun out. and no snow today. it is going to be a fun day for
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kids to get out and get around. and the whole family can come out and ride the train. we have a spooky scene at the end of the train ride and not too spooky. >> you have mob bounces and lots of games and activities. they can decorate pumpkins and go trick-or-treating. and do moon bounces and do the trick or treating. >> lots of free candy. >> actually, the zoo boo event is free with admission to the zoo. it is open 10 to four today and they are hoping you come on down. >> we will have more about the special activities planned for the special animals coming up. >> you have a gremlin and gone brooklyn at home. do you have -- goblin. >> they are both warm. my son, my 3-year-old is going to be a little monster. he likes to say he he will be a friendly monster and reilly will be a kitty cat and then we have a bear to put on top of
8:24 am
her. like a warm fuzzy bear outfit. >> so, you have to be warm and still look good. >> yes, yes. >> i don't care about looking good. it is a little chilly right now. >> we will check back in 20 minutes. live from zoo boo this morning. more on sunday morning. prescription drug epidemic in our state. what we uncovered in one maryland town. i am jessica and that story is coming up. >> from blews and goblins to -- from gulls and to -- from gulls and gobli -- from ,,,,,,
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. next week at this time we will be one hour later. what we are dealing with is last weekend before our time goes back and we want to remind you of that. we are looking at the forecast. and 54 degrees today and into the mid-50s tomorrow and 60 degrees for wednesday and thursday. well the number 1 drug isn't crack cocaine or heroin. it is prescription pain killers. we are at the center of the alarming epidemic. wjzsaid she almost lost her
8:28 am
child so she could get high. >> reporter: just off the i-95 corridor, this is a hot bet for drug abuse. they would do anything for their next fix. elton, maryland, population 15,000. little town with a big problem. hotbed for prescription drug abuse. it is so bad here. and very, very bad. >> prescription pain killers once ruled her life. now 22-year-old stephanie berry is clean. raising her young son in the town of elton. >> when do you think you realized you had hit rock bottom. >> i lost everything. i lost my home, car. no job. i had nothing. >> stephanie was part of an alarming trend. over the past decade, the number of people living in cecil county admitted to
8:29 am
treatment centers tore drug abuse skyrocketed almost 800%. that is nearly double the percentage statewide. >> everything is irrelevant. nothing else matters. >> so your son didn't marry. >> at a point, no, he didn't. and that killed me. i lived with that guilt for a long time. like i still do. i look and i am like, that is my baby. i gave him up for a high. >> stephanie's story echoes throughout maryland. they are up in baltimore county by over two # 0%. harford county almost 730% and carroll county almost 600%. clearly there is an explosion in prescription drug use. >> they are more abused than heroin, ecstasy, lsd, marijuana combined. that is huge. >> with easy access to i-95.
8:30 am
and multiple prescriptions, addicts can travel the pharmacies out of the area. philadelphia, wilmington without being caught. they say it is a convenient home base. >> some say the problem has gotten so bad you can walk down the street here and get your hands on any prescription drug you want. >> now, it will take me 20 minutes time to have at least one to get started. then, it is very easy. >> maryland is taking aim at prescription drug abuse with a new computerized system to see who is writing them and filling them. >> you need a more vigilant program in every physician's office and hospital and emergency room. to help thwart the abuse. >> did drugs ruin your life? >> yes. it ruined it. >> wjz, eyewitness news. >> the prescription drug monitoring program is scheduled
8:31 am
to start next july with a focus on helping addicts get treatment letter than reporting them to the police. much more to come on sunday morning. grounded, this weekend's snowstorm brings lots of delays. we will tell you where and what it means for people in our area. plus a new debit card fee may not be a done deal after all. stay with us. we will be back in a ,,,,,,,,,,,
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. welcome back to eyewitness news. i am gigi barnett. >> i am tim williams. this is coming off a day that was very active. we are glad it is over. >> we have had some snow as early about october 10th. we have not had that much around the state in quite some time. look at a clear city with lots of sunshine. we have a freeze warning in effect for much of the state until 9:00. that is until the temperatures start to rise. that warning is in effect for all the areas shaded in blue. the temperatures are going up to 50 degrees. mostly sunny and warmer than yesterday. 54 and sunshine mixing with clouds for the halloween
8:35 am
monday. we will have snow totals in a minute. >> it may not be winter just yet but drivers had to deal with all the snow s wintery mix of snow and rain caused headaches for anyone on the road. especially in western maryland. they prevented them from icing over. officials are warning everyone to use caution when they get behind the wheel. >> we are seeing they are very wet and taking visions way, way too fast. and the result, cutting off trucks and some of them have jackknifed. >> we saw one accident on i-95. someone swerved in the median facing the opposite direction. >> they reported thousands of power outages because of the snowstorm. service to most of the customers have been restored. the roads were just as hazardous up in pennsylvania. they reported several car accidents including a five car
8:36 am
wreck and medics rushed one person to the hospital there. then in new england, weather caused dozens of flight cancellations at the brantley international airport. it could take days to clear up the backlog of stranded passengers. airports in new york, new jersey, reported similar delays. be sure to stay with wjzfor complete -- wjz for the complete weather. you can track the storm on the home page. another suicide attack in afghanistan claims the lives of american troops. now the taliban is taking responsibility for the assault. randall pinkston reports for wjz, with the latest. >> reporter: this bus carrying soldiers burst into flames. this was in a military convoy. thick black smoke poured outside of the wreckage outside of kabul, afghanistan's
8:37 am
capital. >> they surrounded the scene and carrying victims to safety. whilehelicopters air lifted soldiers to the hospitals. >> this man was not far from the explosion. he said it was a huge blast. i went closer to the convoy and saw several americans on fire. a nato spokesman said 12 americans including u.s. troops and civil villeian contractors died -- civilian contractors died in the attack. the taliban took responsibility. they said the bomber had it in his vehicle. they will continue to attack until all foreign forces leave afghanistan. it happened while nato leaders met with leaders in kabul, talking about shifting control to more afghan forces. >> we are at a moment in time to think about reconciliation and this is not the moment in time to kill innocent people.
8:38 am
>> reporter: the unit nateed nations said it is at its worse since the war began 10 years ago. >> randall pinkston. wyz, news. >> there were three separate attacks on coalition forces and afghan government locations. police are trying to answer some major questions this morning after a bizarre incident in northeast baltimore. they shut down a section of the 400 block for hours. after a reported barricade situation. the barricade was open after no one was inside. so far no arrests have been made. some of the nation's biggest banks are rethinking their stance on a controversial new fee. bank of america angered many of its customers when they announced $5 fee for usage. many of the banks competitors have come out against the fee. bank of america is now reportedly thinking the new charge. >> despite the weather, dozens of people laced up to
8:39 am
participate in the five k run. take a look at this. >> hosted by orioles manager buck somehow walter and angela show walter -- showalter, that is for behave i don't recall and mental needs for children. such a good event. >> i can't say i have seen a life-sized bo man. >> now, you have. >> that is interesting. >> mice and rats. and all kinds of things. okay. very mice. >> weather, they did some weather. we sat here yesterday morning and watched the rain and rain/snow mix. when it started to pick up and some of the totals got impressive. this is a sampling of what we got across the area. we have got the area to three and a half and over towards
8:40 am
damascus. and lineboro, five and a half each. we have more than 7 inches out towards garrett county. that was three or 4:00 and those amounts started to go up and started to done off. it is a little hard to keep track of. and the tricky thing about this. they have three days in history. and since records have been kept since 1883 that we have had snow in october. one of them is .3 inches. and one about one. and the other two and a half. the problem with this snowfall. because it did not happen at the official reporting station. it is only going to register a trace. even though the rest of us got all of this from north and west of the city. and on points farther north and to the northeast. >> that's the tricky thing. we talk about this in years to come. you will understand why. >> this is the temperature. 30 is the dewpoint. and 80 is the relative humidity. and 6 miles an hour is the
8:41 am
wind. and across the state temperatures ranging from 28 to 37 in d.c. we are all falling somewhere between them. freeze warning for most of state in effect until 9:00 until the temperatures start to reflect the sun and go up a little bit. we have a 6 miles an hour wind across bwi marshal and across much of maryland. and coming in 15 miles an hour from the northwest up in northeast maryland. this is what it looked like. right around the corridor and wintery mix for sleet and rain. and came right on down the corridor and overtowards carroll county and then snow from that point on. and then it all started to mix across the state and clearingen an a lot of sunshine out there right now. glorious sunday, the calm after the storm. you can call it. and watch high pressure moving back in. and that is going to play in the forecast for tomorrow night. trick-or-treat time should be okay. not too many problems and except for it to be a little
8:42 am
chilly. late tomorrow night and into tuesday morning. and start to see showers. and continue to move away. and showers come right on up. and between the two of them. they will start to see showers and rain. late monday night and into tuesday. we will see clearing heading into the next couple of days. it is 1034 this morning. this is in effect through 1:00 p.m. >> it is right around 50 degrees. sunny and warmer and down to about freezing or so. we will call it 33 degrees clear on cold. and 54 degrees and looking at sunshine. mixing with some clouds. and 54 on tuesday. 60 on wednesday and thursday. 63 on friday with another chance of showers by the ends of the week. >> still ahead. sunday morning. don't let the weather outside fool you. it is still autumn and it is time for pumpkins. >> here is a great name for halloween. chef tony wolf is here to show
8:43 am
us the perfect pumpkin dish. >> i am live at the maryland zoo at baltimore. it is time for zoo woo and today's -- zoo boo. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:44 am
8:45 am
. after yesterday's rain and snow. it is clear and sunny in
8:46 am
baltimore. 34 degrees. it is 8:46. welcome back to eyewitness news sunday morning. you have never been trick-or-treating in the wild kingdom. you are missing out. >> will is still plenty of fun to be had. at the maryland zoo in baltimore. >> we are there live with all the events. >> good morning. it is a fun day here at the maryland zoo. and not only do you get to see all the animals. i you get to see they are getting to have fun too. >> all of the goats here. the white ones. and his name is casper. >> tell us about zboo and the -- zoo boo and and the animals. >> for the animals we do special enrich meant that revolves around halloween themed treats. >> they have pumpkins that are hallowed out and they like to get the pumpkins. they will eat that. and casper, if he comes in the
8:47 am
picture. he has orange around his head. he is sticking it inside the pumpkin to get to it. >> i have seen chunks in here too. >> you are telling me. they even get pumpkins. >> we do. >> for our big cats. for the leopards and lions, they will get paper mache and covered in lard, which sounds gross to you and me. they las vegas it. elephants smash giant pumpkins and they get the 70, 80-pound pump can i pleases, for you and i it would take hours. and for them it is a foot smash and then they eat the pumpkins. they las vegas it. >> when you come in. you get a program and it tells you all the animal activities for the day. and the elephants. they are at 11:30. they are a huge hit. >> we have been talking about free trick-or-treating for the kids. and other activities as well. moon bounce.
8:48 am
>> you can decorate pumpkins and if you haven't gotten yours yet. hay maze and spooky train ride. they are. >> reporter: they are open from 10 to four. you have to come down to the barnyard and even brush the goats. they love it. and again, they are open from 10 to four. all of the halloween activities for zoo boo are free with the price of admission. back over to you guys. >> thank you. >> reporting live from the zoo this morning. >> still ahead sunday morning. it is pumpkins with style. we will see how he does ,,,,,,,,
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8:51 am
. there is no pumpkin here. >> but there is no eating. >> he was with this and petite loius. >> and charleston restaurant as well. >> it is halloween tomorrow. don't be scared of cooking pumpkins. my favorite decorating pumpkin is the great big white guy here. little sugar pumpkins. the rouge, best flavor. and it is the strongest favor of any pumpkins and the pumpkin here. >> should turn into a carrot or something. >> we make ice cream in that. and yes. >> so first. we will show you the results. and this is the risotto made with a pumpkin. and made with little less stock. because of the moisture and you can still smell the stuff. >> it is realry good.
8:52 am
>> yes. >> pretty fantastic. and the risott, we are going to top -- rissotto, and we are going to top this with a little bit of mushrooms. here its. and 30 minutes or so to grill them gently. then a couple of slices as a garnish. >> okay. >> finishes off the dish and this is micro plane, little clever tool to get very, very fine parmesan and it is the last garnish for that. >> this is warm hearty meals for yesterday. >> this time of the year. this is how it looks here as you finish it off. >> that looks good. >> good enough to eat. >> exactly. okay. is this a regular menu item. these are all pumpkins coming from the eastern shore and grows pumpkins in the fall.
8:53 am
>> this is from for the carving of the pumpkins. >> and restaurant. and that is served with cranberry marmalade and you come into the time of year with cranberries and they are sweet. >> if i could see it existing. >> they are pretty sweet and the cranberries are tar. and make it southern for charleston and breads. and they have a maple syrup production. >> we have a production of maple syrup. >> it is big in the news. they want to make sure it is real. >> the cookie on there is almond. >> pecan shortbread. >> and pumpkin ice cream and the cranberries. >> exactly right. >> this is the charleston.
8:54 am
>> wow. >> so, we shouldn't be afraid of bump kins. we want to curve them and put them outside. >> this is the most important tool. you need a sieve and when you cut it open. take out all the seeds, flesh. and cook it and put it through the sive e,. >> don't throw the seeds away. you can roast them of. > >> right. >> we will be right back in just a few. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:55 am
8:56 am
. we are taking a look at the forecast. of course we know, kickoff is at 1:00. and the temperature is around 40 degrees and it will be sunny and breezy and cold. dress for football weather when you are watching the ravens beat up on the cardinals. it is good thing about business. and it is all in season. what else. >> we try to cook for the season. >> it is right before frost. mustard greens and there is a
8:57 am
lot more kale, cabbage. brussels sprouts. and right now. beans. mushrooms. >> looking at this. >> wondering, there are different beverages in season. >> i brought this to have with the risotto, cause i know you need something to digest your breakfast. >> charleston and this. >> get one time. >> thank you ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:58 am
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