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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  December 2, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EST

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still struggling. not much good news expected in today's government job reports. blown away. cleanup efforts begin out west after hurricane force santa ana winds whip across several states. face-to-face. herman cain meets with his wife today to discuss his scandal problems and his bid for the white house. captioning funded by cbs this is the "cbs morning news" for friday, december 2nd, 2011. good morning, everybody. good to be with you. i'm terrell brown. we begin with the economy. when the labor department releases its jobs report for november in the morning, it's expected to show some modest growth. economists predict 125,000 jobs added last month compared to
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october's gain of just 80,000 but the unemployment rate is expected to stay locked at a high 9%. susan mcginnis is in washington with details. susan, good morning. >> hi. good morning, terrell. >> reporter: this report is coming on the heels of some very strong numbers out this week from manufacturing, retail, construction. and then a big rally in the stock market, so the question is will this labor report that is coming out today continue the improvement or will it disappoint? more than 10,000 union workers marched through the streets of manhattan thursday, demanding better wages and more jobs. >> we have people making all this money. we have millions out of work. it's not fair. >> reporter: protesters, including teachers and health care workers, say they are fed up with the nation's high unemployment rate which is to remain at 9%. analysts predict employers added 125,000 jobs in november. that would be an improvement from october, but not enough to jump-start the economy.
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>> it's time for the people to stand up and say we want change. >> reporter: economists say another recession is still possible next year, especially if congress allows an extension of jobless benefits and a payroll tax cut to expire at the end of the month. >> the motion is not agreed to. >> reporter: last night, the senate rejected two proposals that would have kept the payroll tax cut going for many americans. both want an extension but at odds over how to pay for it. >> america's middle class has been hurting for a long time. they are people who are struggling and need help, and not these multimillionaires. >> reporter: democrats want to raise taxes on the wealthy, while republicans propose freezing federal salaries and cutting 200,000 government jobs. >> this is the kind of balance plan americans are looking for. >> reporter: a compromise is eventually expected in the senate, but the house would have to approve it. terrell, the numbers coming out at 8:30 eastern time this morning. enough time to try to gauge how
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wall street will react. >> susan mcginnis in washington this morning, we will be keeping an eye. thank you. for those who remain unemployed, there is more bad news from a report released today that comes from rutgers university. those who lost their jobs after the financial crisis haven't been able to get a job with equal or better pay. the southwest now. it could be another day of powerful winds there. the national weather service called the unusually fierce winds that slammed california and other states yesterday, a once in a decade event. triple digit wind gusts reported at several locations. california took the brunt of it. a state of imagine in pasadena. countless trees and power lines are down and this morning, more than 300,000 california customers are without power. bigad shaban has more. >> reporter: a giant wind made toothpicks of this house in salt lake city. at another house, the wind toppled a backyard barbecue. that same home is now missing a roof over one of the bedrooms. fierce winds flipped more than a
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dozen tractor-trailers in davis county, utah, shutting down interstate 15 for hours. this condominium in steamboat springs, colorado, eventually lost all of its roof. wind gusts there exceeded the speed limit. one was more than 120 miles per hour. crystal walters got out of her southern california home before a neighbor's tree fell and split her house in two. >> i'm trying not to cry. >> it's sad! >> reporter: 23 square miles of pasadena are littered with tree limbs and downed power lines. 42 houses are uninhabitable. this tree has been here for more than a century, but the wind ripped its roots right out of the ground and even through the sidewalk. it's now a popular picture spot for adults and playground for the kids. but for the crown studio salon, it makes for bad business. there is not just one tree blocking the store, but two. with your business being boxed in right now, what does that do to your bottom line? >> unfortunately, it cut our revenue to about half of what it
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should have been today. >> reporter: dangerous gusts expected through western states through friday. the owner of the salon is especially worried. outside her business, there is still one more giant tree left standing. bigad shaban, cbs news, pasadena, california. herman cain says he will make a decision about his campaign before monday. this follows the latest allegation of sexual misconduct. he plans to discuss the matter with his wife today. during an interview with the new hampshire union leader yesterday, cain admitted he gave money to a georgia woman, ginger wife. she says they had a 13-year sexual relationship. cain says that's a lie. >> she didn't have a job. she told me she was not able to get financial help from family and friends and, quite frankly, i was the only person that was a friend at the time and i underscore friend, that was in a position to help her. my wife did not know about it and that was the revelation and the surprise that my wife found out about it when she went
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public with it. >> cain is expected to meet with his wife this afternoon in atlanta. one of cain's republican rival texas governor rick perry told jay leno last night, he thinks the personal lives of candidates do matter and that cain has to address the accusations against him. >> look. he is going to have to address those. i've said a couple times over the last few days is he's addressing them. i mean, if there is truth there, then, you know, he's got to have a long conversation with his family and with his supporters, and if there is nothing there, he needs to stand up and clearly go on about his business. >> meanwhile, a confident new gingrich says he will win the republican nomination. gingrich told abc news, he says the recent polls, the odds are very high he will be the nominee. overseas now. new developments regarding nato air strikes last week against two pakistan border outposts.
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this morning, it's reported that pakistani officers gave the go ahead for the attack. "wall street journal" quotes unnamed american officers as saying the pakistani officers were unaware they had troops in the area. 24 pakistan soldiers were killed. pakistan's military has accused nato of deliberate aggression. al qaeda demanding the release of prisoners. and ends of air strikes in muslim strikes in exchange for an american that they are holding prisoner. al qaeda claimed responsibility for the kidnapping of warren weinstein yesterday. he is a development expert and was abducted in the pakistani city of wary last august. al qaeda wants all prisoners held at guantanamo bay released. take a quick break on this friday morning. coming up, a new major auto recall from honda. plus, the hum bug. a holiday mystery. who keeps stealing the boy scout's christmas trees? but first, scott pelley with a preview of tonight's "cbs evening news." for the first time, captain sully sullenberger returns to the cockpit of the plane that he miraculously landed on the hudson. steve hartman was with him for a special "on the record." that's tonight on the "cbs evening news." the record "."
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december's arrival brought the first snowfall of the season to a wildlife park in northern arizona and this furry guy couldn't be happier about it. that's exactly the way i look when it first snows in new york. park officials say a few bears have been hibernating but a few will be up and about to play in the snow until about january. is there a sad holiday tradition in missouri. a grinch who steals christmas trees from boy scouts. every christmas, the boy scouts group from bell fontaine, missouri, sells trees to raise money. video shows a woman at 2:30 this morning driving up in an suv and stealing two trees worth about a hundred dollars. police say it's the third year in a row she's robbed trees from the scouts. you have to be pretty strong to pull those trees, by the way. cbs "moneywatch" this morning. stocks were up in trading in asia. ashley morrison has more in this morning's cbs news "moneywatch."
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some investors got spooked after german chance letter merkel said it could take years to resolve the european debt crisis and that there is no easy fix. asian markets closed before those comments and finished mostly higher. both toke yaes' nikkei and hong ko kong's hang sang edged up a fracti fraction. today, wall street gets the november jobs report. thursday stocks finished mixed after rallying 500 points on wednesday, the dow lost 25 points, while the nasdaq gained five. the massachusetts attorney general is suing five major banks, including bank of america and jpmorgan chase, over deceptive foreclosure practices. it accuses of them of making the foreclosure crisis worth by cutting corners with paper work and rushing to evict homeowners. honda is expanding. a worldwide air bag recall. the automaker is adding models to a list that covers 2 million vehicles.
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honda says the air bags may inflate with too much pressure in a crash and could cause an injury. general motors says it will buy back chevy volts from any owner who says they are afraid the car will catch fire. gm's ceo says the cars are safe but they want to keep customers happy. the government is investigating after tests show the vehicle batteries may have a tendency to catch fire after a crash. the new holiday coca-cola can is apparently not it. coke is pulling its white cola cans off the shelves after a consumer backlash. many customers confused the new design with diet coke and others even complained the new can changed the taste. >> what? >> the promotion had been meant to raise money for polar bears who, i guess, are now just out in the cold, terrell. that kind of makes me sad. >> he know. >> i know! what do you mean? it doesn't taste the same because the can was different. shut up and drink the soda! what are you talking about?
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>> i guess maybe the red cans will come out and maybe that will raise some money for the polar bears or you could just send a check. >> i might. ashley morrison in new york, good to see you. thank you very much. for the first time in history, tv ownership is expected to go down next year. according to nels nielsen almost 116 million homes in america with at least one tv set estimated the number will drop. that may be partly because of the recession but also because more people now watch tv shows on their computers. i'd like to see if they calculated that number before or after black friday. that's all i saw, tvs rolling out the stores. we will take a quick break. coming up on your friday morning, we will have your weather forecast. and in sports, the battle of the raptors. the seahawks versus the eagles in "thursday night football." we will be right back. 99.99 and this craftsman drill and impact driver kit just $99.99
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if you've already been here come on back... to mississippi... florida... louisiana... alabama. the gulf's america's get-a-way spot no matter where you go. so come on down and help make 2012 an even better year for tourism on the gulf. brought to you by bp and all of us who call the gulf home. here's a look at the weather in some cities around the country. time now for a check on the national forecast. the latest satellite picture shows clear skies all along the east coast from maine to florida. scattered clouds are moving through the great lakes region. elsewhere, a storm system is bringing rain and snow to the desert southwest. the northwest has cloudy skies. later today, the desert southwest and the southern plains will see rain and even a wintry mix with freezing rain. windy conditions will start to
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diminish in southern california. temperatures in the southeast will be mild, in the 60s and 70s. it will be cold with scattered snom snow in the north rockies, wyoming and montana. in sports, seattle's nfl playoff hopes are still alive. seahawks marshawn lynch ran for two touchdowns and 148 yards against philadelphia. eagles quarterback vince young in for the injured michael vick was picked off four times by the seattle defense. seahawks beat the eagles 31-14. quarterback donovan mcnabb has been released by the minnesota vikings. the 13-year veteran could sign with teams with injured quarterbacks still trying to make the playoffs. that includes the houston texans and the chicago bears. mcnabb won only one game for the vikings this season before he was replaced by a rookie. in college basketball. top ranked kentucky had an easy night at home. the wildcats terrance jones had 26 points against st. john's. the "d" was solid too. the wildcats remain unbeaten
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after this victory big-time. 81-59. bobby valentine is officially the manager of the boston red sox. the new skipper was introduced thursday at fenway park after signing a two-year deal. the sox went looking for new leadership after blowing a nine-game lead in their division and missing the playoffs. when we return, another look at this morning's top stories. u.s. troops begin their withdrawal from iraq after nearly nine years. frequent heartburn. 'cause i know a thing or two about eatin'. if you're one of those folks who gets heartburn and then treats day after day... well that's like checking on your burgers after they're burnt! [ male announcer ] treat your frequent heartburn by blocking the acid with prilosec otc. and don't get heartburn in the first place! [ male announcer ] one pill a day. 24 hours. zero heartburn. block the acid with prilosec otc, and don't get heartburn in the first place. available at walmart. and don't get heartburn in the first place. hey babe... oh, hi honey! so i went to the doctor today, then picked up a few extra things for the baby.
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on the "cbs morning news," here's a look at today's weather. howling santa ana winds will gradual diminish today in california and the southwest. rain and snow spread from the central rockies to portions of texas and oklahoma could see a mix of freezing rain. here is another look at this morning's top stories. winds are calmer this morning out west a day after what is described as a once in a decade blast of high winds slammed california and other
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western states. triple digit gusts were recorded in several states. hundreds of thousands lost power. signs of modest growth are expected when the labor department releases its jobs report for november this morning. economists predict 125,000 jobs were added last month. but the unemployment rate is expected to stay at a high 9%. secretary of state hillary clinton concluded her historic visit to burma today. she met with the country's human rights leader and even got in a little sightseeing. clinton rang a giant bell for luck during a tour of the golden temple of one of burma's most popular tourists sites and later met with aung san suu kyi. clinton called her an inspiration. vice president joe biden is in turkey this morning, holding talks with turkish leaders on the conflict in syria and iran's nuclear ambitions.
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biden flew to turkey from iraq and thanks troops for their sacrifice and their work as they prepare to withdrawal. here is jim axelrod reporting from baghdad. >> reporter: at camp victory, the u.s. military headquarters in iraq for nearly nine years, vice president biden paid tribute to the nearly 45,000 troops who lost their lives here and the more than 40,000 wounded. >> because of you and the work of those of you in uniform have done, we are now able to end this war. >> reporter: neither side would call it a handover ceremony, but that's exactly what it was. 13,000 u.s. troops remain in iraq. that number will be zero in three weeks, if the plan holds. the main worry here is that when troops leave, there will be an eruption of violence between sunni and shia arabs. a return to the bloodiest days here. or even worse, a descent to
4:52 am
civil war. but mubai is not worried, saying any outbreak of sectarian conflict will not last. >> we have built over the last nine years, good iraqi security forces which i believe are much more suited for this fight. >> reporter: but that confidence isn't necessarily shared by the people here who are looking just a few weeks into their future and wondering if the iraqi security forces will be able to protect them all on their own. at baghdad's mamoon university, students told us the answer is no. >> i could bet -- >> reporter: you don't feel the iraqi security apparatus is ready? >> no. >> reporter: not ready? >> not ready. >> reporter: but for many other iraqis, it is high time to find out, because after nearly nine years, u.s. troops must go. jim axelrod, cbs news, baghdad.
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meanwhile, this morning on "the early show," herman cain's campaign crisis, can he carry on? i'm terrell brown. and this is the "cbs morning news." [ female announcer ] we all want cleaner laundry. we all want fewer chemicals. all free clear oxi-active. a free clear detergent that's tough on stains and gentle on skin. try all free clear oxi-active. and gentle on skin. it's sears customer appreciation sale! doorbusters start at 9am friday and saturday
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four minutes before 5:00. the temperatures showing a nice warm up. the temperatures up to about 54 today, comfortable with a full day of sunshine. partly cloudy tonight and 32. tomorrow is 50 and sunny, temperatures not up much, but a pretty day. more on the forecast in a moment. thank you, here is what we are watching today. a delaware man will spend five years in prison for the
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sexual assault of a girl over a period of time. more on a rapid bus system being planned for montgomery county. again this morning, more on the two trials and breaking the silence, making the first statement after a woman that went missing. we were like, what? >> going where no brew has gone before. the story behind this video in space. more, the weather and traffic for the end of the week in a few minutes -- ,, woman: we had been called up for the first time.
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