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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  December 12, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EST

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6:00, it is clear and cold out there as marty will point out it's 12/12/11. it is seasonal, look it's the 12th day of december, temperatures in the 20s. about where they should be. this the s the chillest portion. by lunch, 48, the daytime high. clear skies. maybe moving us up to 50 degrees. we will see how that works out.
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this evening temperatures drop in to the low to mids 40s. the big dome of high pressure, 30, 60 runs the weather. mild flow started. we will talk about the effect shortly. the flow on the commute? here is sharon gibala at traffic control. >> not much to slow you down. when you walk out the door, you could have frost on your car. just one issue to get in the way, that's if you are traveling on the topside of the beltway, approaching delaney, we have a car overheated that is blocking the right lane. if you are headed on the west side of the beltway, there is a live look at liberty road, looking good. no issues if you are traveling on the east side at the key bridge. there is a look at the topside at delayny despite the disabled vehicle. see traffic running smoothly. wjz 13 is always on. log on to thank you very much.
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here is what people will talk about news wise. police shooting a man leaving him in critical condition. alex demetrick is live outside of police headquarters. >> reporter: investigators say police were forced to open fire after a suspect came at them with a knife. it started before 10:00 sunday night. police were called to a home at the 3900 block of south morery for a family disturbance. there was a 37-year-old man that police describe as unruly and argumentive. >> this individual had a knife. he began to advance police officers with that knife after commands. police officers asked the suspect to drop the knife, he did not comply and shot numerous times. >> reporter: he was taken to shock trauma for treatment. there were others inside the home but no one else was injured. police have not released the name of the man who was shot and said to be in critical but stable condition at shock. thank you very much. detectives from internal affairs are investigating the
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incident. standard procedure for a police involved shooting. a stabbing death at a park heights nursing home. police found a man dead inside his home. investigators reviewing tape looking for clues. anyone with information should call homicide. university of maryland football player facing charges after police say he went on a rampage in college park. sl-year-old a alex is accused of yelling at people and punching cars. the freshman who wears 35 on the field is charged with disorderly conduct and flees from police. oversees, u.s. military forced to leave a air base in pakistan. the base was widely believed to have been the launch point. american troops were kicked out as retaliation for the air strike which killed four soldiers near the border. republican presidential hopefuls continuing to talk
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about each other and barack obama. the president is now talking about them. >> reporter: president obama listed the reasons why he should be re-elected in an exclusive interview with 60 minutes. >> we did all the right things to prevent a great depression and give get the economy growing and get job creation going. >> reporter: he defended economic policies but wasn't surprised that a news poll shows a 4% of americans don't -- 54% of americans don't believe he deserves another term. the president insists they have the same agenda, tax cuts for the wealthy and weaker regulations. with the first votes in the race, 3 weeks away, newt gingrich campaigns in new hampshire today, not far from mitt romney who is facing new criticism. some accuse the former governor of being out of touch after
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proposing a pricey wager at this weekend's debate. romney tried to laugh off the controversy sunday quoting his wife. >> a lot of things you do well, betting isn't one of them. >> reporter: romney is betting on new hampshire, he holds a solid lead, newt gingrich is gaining ground. in washington. next full scale debate set for this thursday , the 13th. former penn state assistant coach, jerry sandusky will face many of his accusers at a preliminary hearing. there are questions about what mike saw in penn state's shower room in 2002. now the patriot news is reporting a family friend of mcqueary says he told them he never saw anything sexual take place after hearing something
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strange going on. paterno is recovering from a fall. he fractured his pelvis, doctors say he will not need surgery. he is undergoing chemotherapy for treatable lung cancer. the ravens are starting this day at the top of not just the afc knot but the entire -- north but the entire afc. >> reporter: the ravens maybe the best team in the afc. no doubt the indianapolis colts are the worst. that mismatch played out as expected. for the first time ever against the colts, ravens had the better qb, manning is hurt. joe flacco threw two passes. terrell sacked three times forcing three fumbles and ends up a routine ravens beatdown of a bad team, 24-10 the final.
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we got to keep it rolling. championship teams, they don't settle for what is happening now. every week they strive to get better and continue to go and get on the road. >> for me, it was one of them games where i didn't want to do too much but stayed the course. we are clicking on all cylinders. the super bowl is what we want. week in and out, we are going after a win. this week we are going after a win. the victory gives the ravens 9 straight home wins, that's a new record. next, though, a road trip out west to san diego. back to you. also in the nfl, broncos picked up the 6th straight win. tebow tossed a touchdown. kicker mat would send the game in to overtime. follow it up with a 51-yarder
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as the broncos beat the chicago bears, 13-10. >> courtesy of marion barber. >> let's talk ravens here. ray rice goes over 1000 yards, 4000 yards now for his career, huge round of applause for number 27. we got to talk about -- dude, i think twice as many sacks as last year. pro bowl is guaranteed. playing maybe the best football of anyone at his position in the league. the entire league this year. i heard an interesting discussion yesterday. i left the game at the end of the third quarter. the colts are such an awful team. i was watching a post game show
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on cable network. the former ravens player, jackson, pointed out and said you notice how quiet reed has been this year. a lot of times you don't hear his name mentioned. has everything to do with terrell. whole defensive line is right. there they can't penetrate vertically or deep secondary. >> we got out and play the san diego chargers. it's going to be a tough game. remember last time we played the chargers, the play defines lewis' career taking scrolls out of the picture. when they were obviously getting ready to score a
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touchdown. there you go. there you have it. we move on. what a fun time it was yesterday. nothing like a game day in baltimore maryland. whether you are part of the studio audience or sitting at home with your friends. nothing like it. look at the forecast, today, high temperature around 48. the normal is 46. out in the sun, not unlike yesterday, it should be relatively pleasant. mid-20s now. it's chilly fells point. let's visit -- folks joining him for a manic monday. how is it going? >> it is going great. >> reporter: the ravens sunday is continuing in to a ravens monday in fells point, i can tell you that. people are getting ready for, can i say the word? playoffs. [cheering]
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>> festivous. >> reporter: festivous. >> let's move it along. >> reporter: we got a great group. when we come back from the break, i will show you something that's going to blow your mind. manic monday at fells point, aaa, mid atlantic when the eye witness news morning edition rolls on. and even though you do what you can to take care of it, sometimes you want to give your immune system some support. try new airborne chewable tablets. each serving contains 14 vitamins, minerals and herbs...
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neil, any luck finding a car? not yet. i want to buy used but how do you know what you're really getting. check out carmax. all their used cars are guaranteed. that's where henderson found the one for him. way to go, henderson. finding the perfect car is easy at carmax because each car is carefully selected, inspected, thoroughly reconditioned and backed with a five-day money back guarantee so come find the one for you today, at carmax. way to go, neil. 24 degrees now. 84% humidity. calm winds. barometer is high. 30, 60, the same temperature as
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yesterday morning at 2424 hagerstown. 23 elkton. 27 packs river. 19 degrees this morning in cumberland. 24 columbia and westminster. 21 bel air. this is huge dome of high pressure. which as we move through the week, will give us a southerly flow and milder conditions move our way. the normals in the mid to upper 40s, mid-20s day and night. 48 normal. 46 the actual number today. 29 overnight. 3 above 26. tomorrow, 52 degrees, the high. call it the mid-50s on wednesday and thursday and friday. down to the mid-40s, breezy, clearing skies after a nighttime frontal percentage on saturday. rush now from sharon gibala, wjz 13 traffic control. >> not much to get in your way right now. there is a little frost on the windshield. we have the one issue on the topside of the beltway,
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approaching delaney value. disabled vehicle, blocking the right lane. there is a look at the speeds, full speed and beyond on the top and west sides of the beltway. outside at the west side, starting to see volume, see a brake light or two at old court road. there is a look at 97, south of the beltway, no problems there. visit toyota dealer and see why now is the time to make to toyota. now it's time to sends it to manic monday. [music] don and i want to show something real quick. last hour, i showed a picture of a car i saw at the ballpark. somebody sent us a picture of this buick. that is off the charts. don and i were saying that
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areawide, whether they show up at the ballpark, a parade of ravens painted vehicles, cars, trucks and vans , the awesome thing in the history of baltimore, maryland. how cool would that be? that's a great slide show at how are you doing? >> reporter: i'm doing great. how are you guys doing? check this out. >> i thought you had a new jersey. >> where did you get that? >> reporter: wait a minute. wait a minute. i want to thank the fan man and maniac and boys on the bus from bel air, nest 1 in bel air. thank you guys so much. >> talk about a great vehicle. awesome. ready to rock and roll. marty, great to have you back. don, great to see you. we've got manic monday with aaa
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mid atlantic. i got to make a quick announcement, don and marty. i was at an event saturday night. the diner anniversary reunion at johns hopkins university. 1000 people were there. i had a chance to meet not only of course barry levinson, the great director and buying fer -- biographer of baltimore. the nicest people you would ever want to meet. big stars, down to earth, they get it, congratulations. aaa mid atlantic, good morning. regina, how are you doing? >> good morning, i'm great, how
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are you? >> thank you for bringing everybody down. >> thanks for having us. >> you got the crews coming up. this is a aaa mid atlantic. donna you are sponsoring a ravens walk. >> many of our members and fans stop by and see us all the time. when the ravens are back in town on christmas eve, stop by aaa ravens walk and stop by, talk to a representative, this will be the third ultimate aaa and ravens sand crews selling out of port canaveral florida. billy will be there, paul kruger and last but not least, johnathan ogdon. first time sailing out of florida instead of baltimore. hitting the western caribbean. come and join us.
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how do they get in contact? >> we encourage them to call. if they stop by they can pick up information on behalf of aaa. aaa mid atlantic. ready to rock and roll here. i'm getting time cues. bend over and get my twanger. >> reporter: here is luther. let me hear those magic words. >> maestro, the music if you please. >> reporter: we are ready to go. i can feel the caribbean air right now. rolling through fells point. get the tiki bar going. standby. manic monday at fells point.
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aaa mid atlantic. [music] 6:00 already? i was just in the middle of a dream. i was kissing valentino by a crystal blue italian stream, but i can't be late because i guess i just won't get paid. these are the days when you wish your bed was already made. it's just another manic monday. wish it were sunday. because that's my fun day. i don't have to run day. it's just another manic monday. [applause] >> awesome. >> reporter: play like a raven,
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a high temperature this afternoon of around 48 degrees, the normal 46. thank you very much. next up this morning on wjz, a pair of police involved shootings. attempted carjacking leaves a victim hospitalized and the suspect dead. i'm adam may with the latest on the investigation.
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i'm alex demetrick, police say he came at hem with a knife. now the man is in shock trauma. that story as eye witness news continues. the need to give, i'm mike hellgren at the salvation army warehouse, why charitities are struggling to help the needy and how you can help them. we are seeing delays of the morn on the west side of the beltway. a look at the speed sensors and cameras in a minute. a new disk out, dropping today, maybe. join us. stay tuned. the morning edition continues right after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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clear crisp day's start. a heck of a sunrise in 45
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minutes. sharon has traffic. marty has the weather. the 12th of the 12th month of the 11th year of the century. let's look at the day part, absolutely going to be a sunny and seasonal afternoon. the normals are the mid-40s, mid-20s, 24, 48, 44. not that far off the main line, that 48 at lunch, daytime high. we may see it get up to 50 with enough sun. let's see how i goes. don, take it away. here is sharon gibala at traffic control. things slowing down on the west side. we are looking at an accident on 70, first real one of the morning. 70 westbound, past 32. an accident reported. we will get you more information. there a look at your speeds, down to speeds in the mid-40s. this is a live look at 70, 29, no delays despite the accident. there is a look atel 83 at york
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road. traffic is light and look on the beltway, starting to get busier, again we have our only real problem on 70 westbound, past 32. this is brought by your toyota dealer, visit toyota and test thrive the camry. all new camry. back over to you. police involved shooting that has a man in critical condition this morning. alex demetrick is live outside the headquarters. good morning. good morning. investigators say police were forced to open fire after the man came at them with a knife. it started before 10:00 sundays night. police were called to a home at 3900 block of south morally street for a family disturbance when officers went in, there was a 37 year old man that police describe as unruly and argumentive. >> this individual had a knife, he began to advance police officers with that knife after commands, police officers asked the suspect to drop the knife. he did not comply and shot numerous times. >> he was taken to shock trauma
6:32 am
for treatment. there were others inside the home. no one else was injured. police have not released the name of the man who was shot. he is in critical but stable condition. >> the sister tells the baltimore sun , the man's name is franklin owens and says he suffers from schizophrenia. >> reporter: good morning, don. a suspect is dead and innocent driver recovering from the attack. after the driver came out of this montgomery gas station, a 19-year-old man was inside his car demanding the keys and stabbing the driver who said no. >> we wonder if he was under the influence of something. >> reporter: the attempted carjacking suspect took off in this red ford focus crashing in to three cars. >> it went by going fast, 100 miles per hour, he lost control and it flipped. >> reporter: the man jumped
6:33 am
out. a female officer tried to subdue him with a taser but it has no effect. >> he attacked her. she did not get close to him. she pursued her attacker. he was assaulting her. that second officer opened fire killing the suspect. the officers involved were on routine leave during the course of the investigation. back to you. the person carjacked was reported in critical condition. back here in northwest baltimore, an 8-year-old is rushed to the hospital after pinned between two cars. it happened on the packway. he is treated at johns hopkins this morning. occupy protesters disrupt the ports up and down the west coast. demonstrators set to picket ports from california to washington state. thousands of people closed the port of oakland, california last month. organizers want to highlight the unfair working conditions there. investors on wall street will try to extend the rally.
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consumer sentiment jumped up to a 6-month high, trade gap narrowed in november. businesses and consumers bought goods and services made in the united states. americans continue to set records in on line shopping for the holiday season with sales totaling $25 billion so far. as mike hellgren reports, that kind of spending is leaving some groups in the dust. >> big sales whipped some shoppers in to a frenzy, gobbling up bargains for themselves. >> each box has a name of a child and a number. >> reporter: while the shelves of the warehouse don't look bare, they are struggling to keep up with requests for help, while giving is down. imagine the feeling of child waking up on christmas morning, having nothing there, by way of gifts. parents have the pressure. >> reporter: many of whom who
6:35 am
never asked for help are asking now. >> we will put in to the boxes so no child will be left out. >> reporter: economists says these days many people are spending on their own needs instead of others. >> you put it together, combination of pint up demand, low growth and discounting, is a lot of ways to deflect money away from charitable giving. >> reporter: there is a great sense of optimism. as the holidays draw closer, people will make the push to help those less fortunate. >> they want to buy the tvs and electronic gadgets. baltimore is generous. >> reporter: realize it's better to give than to receive. mike hellgren, wjz 13. for links to charities, go to, click on local news and click on the story. two rival college basketball teams trying to
6:36 am
repair reputations this morning after a big on court brawl. 8 college players suspended after university of cincinnati came to blows saturday. it started over smack talk, escalated to physical violence as the game was ending. nobody was seriously hurt. major league baseball's national league mvp, brawn, says he did not cheat his way to the top. he tested positive for a performance enhancing drug as the season was ending. he is appealing his 50 game suspension. ravens are looking ahead to the game with the chargers. here is mark viviano. >> reporter: the ravens maybe the best team in the afc. no doubt the indianapolis colts
6:37 am
are the worst. that mismatch played out as expected. for the first time ever, the ravened that better qb, manning is hurt. flacco threw two passes, the ravens scored on the first possession and never trailed the winless colts. terrell sacked three times. a routine ravens beatdown of a bad team. 24-10 the final. >> we got to keep it rolling. championship teams, they don't settle for what is happening now. every week they try to get better. >> for me, it was one of them games where i didn't want to do too much but stayed the course. we are clicking on all cylinders. we understand the super bowl is what we want. we are going after a win.
6:38 am
this week we are going after a win. next week 11. victory gives the ravens 9 straight home wins, that's a new franchise record. next, though, a road trip out west to san diego. back to you. >> thank you very much. on to sundays night football, the game between dallas and the new york football giants. cowboys quarterback, romo, missed a easy completion. the giants would march back down field trailing by 12 points with five minutes left. the giants win 37-34. >> goods time out at the ballpark yesterday. one more home game, that's the afternoon of christmas eve, i know that a playoff game is certainly a possibility here. let's not talk about -- let's not move forward along those
6:39 am
festivous lines yet. one more great sun, saturday afternoon, at the russel street colosseum. i have to point something out. we were talking about this, off air. i was debating on bringing it up or not. let me take you to the ravens website. dominant ravens blow past colts. yesterday for the first time, colts not ending. >> on the score board. >> the program said colts-d ravens. ravens website, colts. i'm not sure they've ever boycotted the name. to be honest about it, here is, ravens defeat colts. >> i think we may have. really do. i know a lot of people noticed
6:40 am
it. 48 degrees the high. plenty of sun, pleasant afternoon. not unlike yesterday, out in the sun, seasonal. the way it should feel towards the middle of the month. coming up on coffee, joining us as the fourth studio album revolver. ,,,,,,,,,,
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24 degrees, 84% humidity. the weather is going to be outstanding for holiday shopping running around. calm winds, big dome of high pressure going to over the course, it is already started. over the course of the next few days. going to take our temperatures in to the mild range, given this time of the year. same temperature now as this time yesterday morning at 24. 24 hagerstown. 30 dc. 35 ocean city. 27 packs river. 19 degrees in cumberland. annapolis and kent island at 32 degrees. there is the dome of high pressure. it's kind of swinging our
6:45 am
winds, if you look to the southwest, around from the south and southwest, that means mild flee many days this week. highs 46. yesterday we barely got in to the 40s. we may get close to 50. 29 the normal 26 clear skies. tomorrow, moving it up to 52 degrees. mid-50s wednesday, thursday, and friday. cold front through the area friday, late with clouds clearing, breezy, 44 degrees saturday. take it away. what awaits you on the way to work or school, here is sharon gibala at traffic control. busier out. there a problem on the jfx in the northbound direction, we understand there could be debris blocking the right lane. accident on 70 in the westbound lanes past route 3 32. white marsh and the beltway, 5 minutes, average speed of 46 miles per hour.
6:46 am
if you are headed out on the beltway, speeds to 39 on the west side outer loop, 16 minute drive between 795 and 95, a live look at that delay. brake lights on the right hand outer loop. this month, win $100 gift certificate provided by wise markets. to enter, go to, click on contest, and we will be announcing the winner here on friday december 23rd. satellite interview, furnished by rca records. >> welcome t pane to the morning edition. good morning. >> reporter: how is it going? >> going well for you, too? >> yes, it is. it's about to be a lot better.
6:47 am
>> i got to tell you, so we eliminate the confusion, that is not a baltimore orioles hat you are wearing. >> it is not. >> the bill is red, not orange . that's all right, it looks good. goes great with the glasses. >> got to put a little confusion in to the world sometimes. >> obviously you are dropping a new album, revolver, with not much emphasis on the r on either end. >> it's a more or less don't judge a book by its cover. when you hear revolver you get a sense of what the album is about. when you see it, it's about evolution and just evolving past, those ideas of what you think and the perception you get when you hear the word revolver. something different for the people. a little mind twister. >> there is nothing wrong with
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evolving especially for an artist. >> we have to do it everyday. that's something that has to happen in the music industry as a whole. it's changing and new ways to do things and so we have to keep up with it everyday. >> how is the new album different from that? >> the new album is so many different kinds of songs on the album. i've acquired different audiences and from the things i've done, since my last album. so many more people know who t pane is now. i have to make music to appeal to all those different kinds of people. some people don't like the old kind of music i used to do, and some people don't like the new stuff. i have to make stuff for everybody. you got to do your best to please everybody.
6:49 am
>> those who who don't know you from best love song might know you from your commercials, correct? >> budweiser and the toshiba commercial. cartoons. i did the movie with bow wow. a lot of hits. >> one goofy man. >> all the time. >> i've got your website, t pane .net. preview the album and enter a contest, i see on the right hand side. >> yeah. we have a lot of contests. i like to get my fans involved in everything i'm doing. there is contests that have huge prizes or a little smaller contest. we always want to keep people involved. >> that's always happening.
6:50 am
>> you can preview each song on revolver. you can buy the singles, correct? >> definitely. that's a lot of stuff going on there. we got revolver merchandise, you can get the i am t pane mic. apps, one stop shop for t pane. >> how long have you had an app? >> it's been a few years. >> okay. >> we are 8 million strong right now. i think we are doing pretty well for what we got going on. >> i guarantee that with that many people hitting on your app.
6:51 am
what comes next after revolver? >> more evolution. that's all i can wish for. more prosperity. that's all anybody can wish for. >> i wish you continued success and prosperity and thanks for spending time with us and thanks for doing what you are doing. >> thanks for having me. >> i got to get myself glasses. i have to admit. >> i like those today. that works. t pain .net. eye witness news morning edition will continue in a moment with traffic and more first morning weather. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,
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time for updates. >> looking at the forecast, it's going to be sunny and gorgeous. we are going to go for a high temperature right around 48 degrees. temperatures now in the mid- 20s. just a wonderful way to start a week in mid december. here is sharon gibala, wjz 13 traffic control. overall not bad on the roads. we have some debris reported on 83, northbound, jfx, approaching ruxton road. accident on 70 westbound. tractor trailer in westminster blocking lanes of 496, homestead drive. route 27. 95 southbound, slight delay between white marsh and the beltway. we can show you a look at
6:55 am
speeds, 37 miles per hour your slowest spot on the west side. topside up to speed. a live look at the delay at exit 17. traffic report brought by you by home paramount pest control. call home paramount at 888888 home. back over to you. southwest baltimore man is in critical condition after shot by police. it happened in a home in the 3900 block of south morally before 10:00. police say they responded to a disturbance when the man came at them with a knife. police are trying to figure out who is responsible for a stabbing death at a nursing home. 58-year-old man was found dead inside his home at the apartments. investigators are reviewing tapes for clues. anyone with information is urged to call homicide. a football player facing charges after police say he went on a rampage in college park. alex is accused of yelling at people and punching cars in the
6:56 am
parking lot of a grocery store near the campus. menty of children will have a chance to beat ray rice, cohosting a program at the childrens museum to benefit the university of maryland's childrens hospital. the event is set to run from 5:00 until 8:00 tonight. stay with wjz13, complete news weather and traffic ahead for you. coming up, a presidential debate is in the books. who came out on top in this one? we will have the latest polls for you. and the latest from the ground in baghdad. again, sun doesn't come up for 20 minutes, see the bank of clouds this the east is going to make for [ female announcer ] during the holidays,
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