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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  December 13, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> this is wjz tv, wjz hd, and >> from the city to the colonies to your neighborhood. now it's complete coverage. it's wjz, maryland's new station. >> protesters pushed out. occupy baltimore evicted in the middle of the night. >> why demonstrators say it's not over and what they plan to occupy next. >> here's what people are talking about. baltimore police moved in taking down tents and telling protesters to go home. now occupy baltimore is planning its next steps. we are live and explain how the standoff between protesters and police finally ended. >> you see the police are still out here tonight they are kids still surrounding this entire park, but protesters say even if they can't come here, the movement is not over. >> reporter: police cars
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blocked streets. >> there is like 150 full-time s.w.a.t. members. >> in the predawn hours, dozens of officers around the occupy baltimore and can't. >> within two minutes the entire square was surrounded. >> all 40 protesters were removed. the tent city torn down as the league commissioner supervises, the mayor says it was time for protesters to move on. >> were getting the warning that the tents were not permitted. we set it repeatedly. we did it in a respectful way. >> tonight occupy baltimore is regrouping with a meeting near city hall. >> you are going to see a lot more organizing. you will see this movement continued to grow. this is the beginning. >> some protesters say if they cannot stay, they plan to occupy also more in a different way. >> there's a bunch of abandoned buildings. there's a bunch of local businesses in dire need.
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now it's trying to truly occupy baltimore. >> protesters say even the barricades now lining the square cannot block the message. >> and this morning the city did bring in buses for some of the homeless staying here at the camp, about 20 people were taken to homeless shelters. i'm megan mcardle, wjz eyewitness news. >> there were no arrests and no injuries during today's addiction. >> a surprising development in last week's violent attack on the campus of virginia tech. the guns used to kill officer derrick cross was purchased legally. 22-year-old ross ashley bought it in january at a licensed virginia gun dealer. officer cross was shot to death during a traffic stop last thursday. ashley was found nearby a short time later died of a self- inflicted gunshot wound. investigators still cannot find anything that links the two men. site to the death. that's what jerry sandusky and his
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lawyers promise as they waive the preliminary hearing that would have brought sandusky and his accusers face to face in court. >> reporter: jerry sandusky told the cop -- told the crowd he would prove he is not guilty of child sex abuse. >> stay the course. >> the former penn state assistant football coach waived his preliminary hearing just before it was about to start. his lawyer said he waited until the last minute because he wanted prosecutors to agree to share vital information and also to spare his client from further accusations. >> all you would've heard would have been the criminal case. scenic sandusky's attorney says this is affected to death and there will be no plea bargain. the prosecution says it's ready to move on to a full trial. >> it will allow us to promptly advance the prosecution in this case to a just conclusions.
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>> several of the 10 men who accused sandusky of sexual abuse were set to testify. victim number 4 was supposed to tell his story first. >> his lawyer read a statement from his frustrated client. >> i cannot believe they put us through this until the last second only to waive the hearing. >> and the attorney for the number 1 says his client is hoping sandusky eventually takes a plea so he never has to take the stand. >> testifying means recounting and reliving those horrific experiences that he had to adore. >> sandusky remains under house arrest until his trial sometime next year. wjz, eyewitness news. >> sandusky's next court date is january 11th, but he's not required to be at the proceedings. two men who say they were sexually abused as children by another high-profile coach, bernie fine, are now suing the university. former ball boys bobby davis and mike lane filed a suit against the school and head coach jim
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behind. shortly after davis and layne accused him of molestation, it was suggested they were lying. >> almost everyone has used a cell phone while driving. a federal agency wants to ban all cell phones even if you use a hands-free device. so jc is life on the beltway. more on the sweeping proposal. >> cell phones are more than a distraction. they are proven deadly at an alarming rate. >> reporter: the investigation into this chain reaction crash that left one student and one of the deadliest texting behind the wheel. >> this is becoming the new dui. it is becoming an epidemic. >> now the national transportation safety board issues a strict recommendation urging a total ban on cell phone use by drivers, no texting, no talking. >> i just think it is a huge step forward. >> russell sits next to a
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christmas tree decorated with some of his daughter's favorite ornaments. the hartford county bride-to-be was killed by a texting driver. >> she was traveling with her fancy to meet her mom and i and the wedding planner and she was struck at a traffic light and killed instantly. >> in maryland texting behind the wheel or using a hand-held cell phone is already illegal with fines up to $100. >> we are happy with the laws we have in maryland as they relate particularly to the texting law. >> but aaa says a broader 100% cell phone ban is too far. >> the recommendation by the ntsb is something that from our experience and our research has not been met with much public support for legislative support. >> but with more and more crashes blamed on distracted driving, they plan to lobby for the change. >> we are just tried to save another family from the pain that is everlasting. we will live with this the rest of our lives. >> this recommendation is not binding. it's up to state or federal lawmakers to pass any changes
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to the laws. live a long about way, wjz eyewitness news. >> a recent survey finds one in five drivers text behind the wheel. it's even more common among those younger than 24. >> students at a baltimore county school are rushed to the hospital and classrooms are evacuated when a school officer uses pepper spray to bake -- to break up a fight. >> reporter: a student fight in the chesapeake high school lobby. >> i saw everyone running and panicking. >> kids were going at it. >> what was the fight about pipes. >> i don't know. >> a school resource officer uses pepper spray. >> i just remember starting to cough. >> all of these policemen and amulets and fire trucks start coming in. >> there have been 16 students that were transported to local hospitals. >> parents rushed to pick up their children.
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>> this is why we have her in a small, private catholic school. >> i had enough. >> the public safety spokesperson tells wjz that using pepper spray is authorized to bring a situation like this under control. >> they are authorized to begin with the least possible force and escalate to the most possible force. it burst rate is a tool that used occasionally in an effort to break up a fight when they determine that it's necessary to do that. >> i cannot believe they would use based on a child. >> parents who picked up their students tell wjz they are concerned about fighting at the school. >> this should not be happening. it's an everyday occurrence. i've had enough of it. >> further details on the arrest were not immediately available. i am pat warren, back to you on tv hill. >> top honors for baltimore's first mariner arena. it's been named the number 1 arena of it size in the nation. this is the second time
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billboard magazine has given first mariner the honor. the arena is the highest grossing arena in the u.s. with the number 1 building. the ranking is among arenas that hold between 10 and 15,000 spectators. >> it's the ultimate honor for the choir at baltimore city college. they will soon be making sweet music at the white house. about 20 members of the choir will give two performances tomorrow in our nations capital. altogether there are 95 singers. in the past they've performed in france, changes his mind again. what he's saying about his talk about republican debate. >> tonight, police try to find a motive. >> a close-up look at the damage from the bizarre accident at the belt way and 95. i will tell you when and how it
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will be repaired coming up on eyewitness news. >> some mild air headed our way. your forecast coming up next. see the complete covers continues. first warning weather with dirk and sports with mark viviano. it's wjz, maryland's new,,,,,,,,
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>> it is 36 degrees, mainly clear in central maryland right now.
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the complete weather forecast coming up, but first investigators in washington's day are going through the charred wreckage of two army helicopters. the bodies of the four aviators have been recovered. they were taking part in a training exercise at the lewis base. a military spokesman says it's not known to the helicopters collided or if they crash separately. >> the disappearance sparked an investigation into a long island serial killer. a 24-year-old woman went missing over a year ago. during the search for her, 10 other bodies were discovered along jones beat. they've been tied to a lone killer, but police believe gilbert drowned while fleeing from a client. >> a day of holiday shopping as a man launches a grenade attack. panic shoppers fled down the street amid the explosions. originates were allowed near a bus stop and then opened fire. four people were killed including an 18-month-old child and over 100
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people were wounded. police are not sure if he committed suicide or off.
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that's because state highway officials found damaged to two of the outermost support beings, beings that fit under the shoulder of the road. >> from under the overpass you see where the first two beams have been damaged and inspectors said it's the first being that needs to be replaced. >> these bridges are built with redundancy. if something is to happen to the outermost dream or the second most team, the rest of the bridge
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can take that road and it disperses the weight among the load of the rest of the bridge and that's why it is still not only standing but in good shape. >> the state highway at minister chen plans weekly inspection until permanent repairs can be made. the wild, rufus and patricia's charles have repairs of their own. their car suffered minor damages. >> we are not hurt. i think i bet even the driver that was driving the tractor-trailer was not hurt either. that could have been really a bad, bad accident. >> repairs will begin in the spring and they won't be cheap. the state says they will pass the costs on to the company that owns the truck that caused the accident.
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wjz eyewitness news. >> police say the driver of the tractor-trailer faces federal and state transport charges. >> a couple western states get an early version of a winter wonderland. these children were having a good time as a couple of inches of snow fell in the antelope valley in southern california. meanwhile, in flex death, arizona, over a foot of snow fell in the mountains. moore is on the way. they've already received four times the normal snowfall for december. >> flagstaff at 7000 feet up here yet it's one of the highest cities in the united states. so there is an average of 200 inches per year. even it was chilly in phoenix, only 50 degrees with rain in phoenix. 27 snow in flagstaff or yet let's take a look at tents. the condition around here 36 with a few clouds. yes, there's a meteor shower going on even as we speak. west winds at six. might be able to see some shooting stars tonight. 64% humidity. parameter has been rising. bright now 36 here which makes it 6 degrees warmer than it was
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last night at the same time. 39 in washington, 38 ocean city, 34 cumberland. it is warmer by the water. columbia coming in at 36. 51 and 23 today. a cold morning but a pleasant and mild afternoon. 46 and 29 are the average. a record 69 back in 1889 and 70 degrees here in 1962. right now a light little west wind, most areas having very light winds and generally with light winds clear skies to pitchers fall again, but we do have a few high clouds moving in. there is the snowstorm in the southwest. we're not talking sea level, but higher elevations. you can see the muddy area to the west of us. some clouds and a few showers.
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there is some rain in india this. tomorrow what happens is the front will poach us from the west. mild air ahead of it, then the front goes through the area but not until friday. that's when it will cool down. i had a bit mild air. i'm talking in the 50s tomorrow, maybe 60 on thursday before it cools down before the end of the week. southeast winds for the day around five knots. the data around 46. tonight generally clear, a few clouds. look out for those meteors tonight. you might see some shooting stars. clouds and sunshine, but mild. 54 tomorrow. 61 with showers. a few showers thursday. cooler and 53 on friday. normal for the weekend with sunshine again. 44 saturday and 44 on sunday. >> we will check in with jessica and marty tomorrow morning for the updated first warning weather forecast. >> a key addition to the ravens
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defense. his story coming up next in ,,,,
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>> looking forward to sunday. stan is here with our sports report. >> the ravens looking forward to a stop -- to a top secret is something they've never had a mere 16 years. the national football league did confirm that if the ravens win out the regular three season gains, they become the afc top seed. and the attached first round home field advantage. it also means the purple bird would be favored to represent the afc against the nfc at super bowl xlvi among those hoping, wishing, and pointing toward the ultimate goal for you bernard pollard, of punishing former houston texans
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who likes hitting more than defending the matter what you may think. >> i don't care what people say about me. i'm that guy who get burned or i will just tell you right now, i love it. i love football. you run the ball, you are going to get hit. i don't care who you are and where you are. i love going out there and covering. so many people don't understand that about me. i love covering. >> in the meantime, west virginia university junior kick returner terry vaughn austin named to a pair of collegiate all-american teams. he second in the nation in all- purpose yards. he averaged 26 yards for return on kickoff. west virginia faces clemson in the orange bowl on january 4th. baseball news. luke scott no longer a baltimore oriole after an injury plagued season. the birds have declined to
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tender his contract which means that 33-year-old is a favored test is a agent. according to the baltimore sun, two years $8 million. finally, down the stretch they come during this historic sixth race today. and the winner by a large margin, number 1, jd in the saddle. the most american record for the most victories in the calendar year. rapid readout says they won 22nd races dating back a geared. it might have been the last race because the trainer would like to retire the five-year-old gelding at the end of the give. all right. thank you, stand. coming up, santa's reindeer caught on camera. >> why these animals are getting international attention.
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>> there was an international summit in the uk, but it wasn't political. they represented 10 countries including the united states and england. they paraded through the streets and there additional outfit and took a carriage ride. one child said she didn't have a favorite center because they are all so cool. >> the michigan farm owner is sharing the christmas spirit through his unique website called at reindeer it features a live streaming webcam starring drew bourne's to reindeer. every night at 5:00 people can watch santa feeding the reindeer. drew says some parents say their children won't go to bed until they see santa and the reindeer one
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said that coming up next on the late show, barbara walters. >> thanks for watching eyewitness news on wjz 13. good night. we will see you tomorrow.


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