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tv   Eyewitness News at 4  CBS  December 27, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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an umbrella and raincoat are the must-have items if you are going out today. let's take a live look outside. rain is coming down hard. the winds are picking up. let's go to meteorologist bernadette woods tracking the rain. we can hear the rain in the studio. >> it is pounding on the roof right now. let's show you doppler radar where it is coming down the heaviest. unfortunately for those out either shopping or going to work or something they are definitely dealing with the rain right now. notice these bright colors. those are the most intense bands of rain racing northeast quickly. we are not finished with it yet. in the city still some rounds
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of heavy rain pushing up through hartford county. you can see the further north into cecil county that's on top of you. there are batches on rain. we are not finished when it eases there is more rain to come. this storm extends into the tennessee valley. let's show you the cause of the rain and the wind we have going on. coastal flood advisories in effect until 1:00 a.m. we have a winter weather advisory in effect for western parts of the state where this changes over to snow. for the rest of us this storm will leave us. as it does the winds intensify with gusts up to 40 miles per hour tomorrow. we'll have your full forecast coming up. >> thank you very much. be sure to stay with wjz. you'll find the forecast and track your weather in your neighborhood on your front
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page. a decorated war hero in the tight of his life. the soldier who survived a suicide bombing in afghanistan is paralyzed after being shot at a homecoming party. the accused gunman is behind bars after turning himself into police. >> i put it on his dog tag. he left it for me. it is a mother holding her baby. >> reporter: susan sullivan wears her son's military tags, 22-year-old christopher sullivan who is a veteran from the war in afghanistan is paralyzed from the neck down after being shot during a party. his mother can't hold him now in fear of causing injury. >> we were planning of doing so many things. >> i can't get sleep. even when i do i dream about it. >> reporter: the man police accused of the shooting turned himself in. he said he was being attacked by a group of people at the
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party and fired the gun in self defense. >> i don't know why he thinks he is a victim when my brother is in the hospital and can't move. >> reporter: police say sullivan was sticking up for his younger brother brandon when he was shot. brandon could not give us details about the shooting. however he says this. >> who brings a gun to a welcome home party? >> reporter: it was a party susan had a bad feeling about before her sons walked out the door. she wished she would have stopped them from doing so. >> i wanted to hold them in my arms and close the door but i didn't. >> reporter: a lawyer for the shooting suspect said his client was being attacked and was on the ground when the shooting happened. he is held on $1 million bail. police in texas say they may never know the motive for a christmas massacre that left a family of 7 dead. a man dressed as santa clause opened fire on his family after they finished opening presents.
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he then killed himself. police say today they have had previous run ins with the gunman. records show he had financial problems. a terrifying robbery in ann arundel county. a woman is attacked inside her car. mary is in the news room with the details of the attack. >> it is the kind of robbery women frequently worry about. the woman told police she got in her car this morning at the glen ridge apartments in. the man grabbed her purse and ran away behind the apartment billing. police are still looking for him. >> the woman was only able to give police a vague description. police in baltimore county need your help finding a valuable piece of art. look at this quilt. the piece of african-american history was stolen last week from the historical park and
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museum. it featured different laws and legal writings from the 1860's. if you see it give baltimore county police a call. heavy rain is causing problems for drivers. let's check on the roads right now at traffic control. >> your ride home definitely going to be a tricky one. a lot of accidents out there. if you are traveling 32 eastbound an accident at dorsey run road. inked 97 at route 100 backed. harrisburg expensive wave an accident on the ramp to the inner loop of the beltway. northbound 95 seeing delays past white marsh boulevard. expect 20 minutes to get through. not much better for 95 southbound. that delay is one long stretch. it is from the memorial bridge all the way down to the beltway. as far as the beltway itself goes, heavy on the topside outer loop from hartford road
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to the jfx. warren road is closed at york road. you can see plenty congestion on 95 northbound into cecil county. we'll take a live look. 95 northbound over the memorial bridge. higher tolls mean fewer cars traveling across the bay bridge. traffic dropped when the state raised tolls last month. higher tolls brought in three quarters of a million dollars more for the state compared to last november. starting in 2013 it will cost $6 to cross the bay bridge. making more money or lying? maryland's new rules on
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internet gambling will be a big boost. it could start with selling lottery tickets online. >> reporter: obama administration cleared the way for states to operate lotteries online. it changes federal policy in place for decades that punish online gaming and means maryland can now sell lottery tickets on the web to anyone around the world. a proposal the general assembly is considering. it all comes down to making money. maryland and other states are in a financial crunch. >> we are the fourth highiest source of revenue for the state of maryland. last fiscal year we generated $519 million to the state. >> reporter: general assembly asked for research. lottery officials do not believe it will impact existing business. >> you can buy your groceries online and everything online. i know at my house just about every christmas gift was bought online. it is an option the legislator thought should be given consideration. >> reporter: lottery estimates half of all people in maryland
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play. this could open the coughers to cash from people around the globe. it needs approval from maryland lawmakers. new york, illinois and virginia are all states considering selling lottery tickets online. wjz eyewitness news. >> lottery tickets from the u.k. are on sale online. we'll have more on the internet gambling debate coming up on eyewitness news news at 5:00 and 6:00. one person is recovering after being pulled out of a burning building in northeast baltimore. the fire broke out in row house on east 25th street. building is home to a big boys bail bond office. it took an hour for firefighters to put out the flames. they are not sure what started it. another baltimore staple closes its doors. it will serve the last customer today. we explain what lead to the popular shop shutting down. >> reporter: after more than 40 years of dressing up, cutting up and dealing out delicious
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sausages, today they'll serve the last customer at the lexington market. >> i'm sad. i have been here a long time. >> reporter: the owner said her decision to shut down the stand came down to one simple reason. >> we are not bringing in enough revenue to have the doors remained opened. >> reporter: news spread throughout the market. >> it saddens me. it is one of the few african- american businesses that are still in the market. >> reporter: gregory scrub as faithful customer as well as fellow shop owner. he says the closing is part of a larger trend. >> several closed in the last week and a half or so. that's ashame. >> reporter: many business owners believe the drop in customers had to do with the fact the lexington market has gone from world-famous to infamous. >> people have a stigma about the market and coming down.
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people have been scared away or ran away. >> reporter: wilkins owned another johnnies at security mall which she plans to keep open. despite leaving the market she still hopes something is done to help clean up the outside so businesses can succeed on the inside. >> hopefully it will get back up to where it used to be. >> remaining two locations are both in morel park. still ahead on eyewitness news at 4:00, a brawl at a mall. what sparked a fight at the country's largest mall and steps taken to protect shoppers. a tragic ending for a girl. a murder and a shocking confession. >> at the right place at the right time. i'm glad i was able to help them out. a humble hero. the lucky break that helped an off-duty firefighter save two lives.
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we'll let you know how much longer you'll need your umbrella handy.
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a scene of chaos erupts inside the mall of america as a huge brawl breaks out between teenagers. plus rush to the scene to see them fighting. scared shoppers ran inside stores to get shelter. police arrested nine people. chaos may have started with rumors of rappers being inside the mall. we learned what caused the house fire that killed three children and their grandparents in connecticut christmas day. fireplace embers left in the home started the fire. advertising executive madonna badger and her boyfriend escaped the house. parents and three daughters died in the blaze. off-duty firefighter risks
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his life and saves a family from a christmas night fire. the firefighter was coming home from a christmas visit with relatives when he saw flames engulfing a two story home in staten island. two trapped victims were stuck on the balcony. the ladder broke but it didn't stop the brave fireman. >> i helped two people down the balcony to safety. >> he saved two lives. he doesn't think of himself as a hero. he says he was in the right place at the right time. investigators suspect christmas tree lights cause had the fire. with no access to a telephone, a utah woman uses facebook to escape from a hostage situation. she was pleading from help from salt lake city, utah. >> reporter: facebook is a way to keep in touc . for one woman the social network may have saved her life. >> it was hermines hermeans to
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get out a cry for help. a man saved her and her 17- month-old baby and a disabled son inside the home for five days. >> any time she went out the door to the front side or garage he would assault her to the extent that he'd choke her out. >> reporter: he sodomized the woman and beat her repeatedly. >> she's gone through a lot. she has a 24-year-old son disabled. >> reporter: after days of abuse the woman managed to sneak a laptop computer into the closet and got into her facebook account. >> she stated her and her son would be dead by christmas. >> reporter: family members called police. he could not let them inside. when investigators saw the woman, her bloody and battered face told the story. >> you could see the dating on the bruising and the different coloring of the bruising. >> reporter: this incident isn't a first.
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he went to jail for holding a woman and baby hostage three days last november. it took a s.w.a.t. team to bring him out of the house. this time he faces kidnapping, sodomy and child abuse. he is booked in the salt lake city county jail. the woman is recovering at home. neighbors say they wish they could have done more but had no idea what was happening next door. >> we didn't. that part is painful. >> this morning the woman posted on her facebook page that she is doing better. a slow trading day on wall street. traders are waiting for the end of the year hoping to hold on to the gains made in the last few weeks. here's a look at the latest numbers. dow down over two point . still above the 12,000 mark. standard & poor's after nasdaq were up. let's go to new york where allison has tonight's cbs money watch update. >> reporter: stocks are slightly higher in mixed economic news. consumer confident hit an
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eight-month high. real estate market remains shaky. home applianceses dropped across the u.s. with foreclosures hurting the housing market. home values in 20 major cities dropped. atlanta and las vegas are the worse. phoenix, arizona was one of the only areas to see a slight uptick in home prices. president obama is nominating a former treasury official under president george h.w. bush. he said powell and stein will bring knowledge of economic and monetary policy to the roles with the fed. senate must confirm nominations. sears stock plunged 23% to $35 a share on news that the retailer will close 100 sears and kmart locations across the u.s. no word yet on which
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locations will be shut or how many jobs will be lost. finally the wine industry has something to toast this holiday season. sales of fine wine at auction houses topped $300 million. in part because of high demand from asia. that's your money watchment for all your business headlines log on to cbs money stuck with a gift for the holidays you don't like. the rules for re-gifting those presents and the once you should never give away. battling the obesity epidemic in children. key relationship that could prevent kids from growing overweight. we are getting soaked by december rain. we are tracking the storm. forty years ago, he wasn't worried about retirement.
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two days after christmas this is a great day to read a book at home or watch a movie.
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any indoor activity is good. >> we had our beautiful outdoor weather. it is wet across the state. doppler radar here's the rain. it it is passing through. heaviest bands of rain are yellow. they are over on the eastern shore in cambridge and chester town. this has thunderstorms south of d.c. and southern parts of maryland. we are seeing rounds of rain that have been heavy at time. first the clouds came in overnight. then the rain started to pick up as we moved through the day. it has been heavy at times through the afternoon. notice pin, -- pink to the west. it will change over to snow at the tail end of the storm continuing into tomorrow. for the rest of us it will leave us. the winds picked up out of the south. they are gusty at times. the thing is the winds will get higher and turn northwest
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tomorrow bringing in cooler air. before that happens coastal flood advisories in effect up and down the coast with the southerly winds and heavy rain. that's until 1:00. next high tide cycle will be two feet above average. after the snow out west a winter weather advisory is in effect through tomorrow. temperature wise we are way up there. 54 degrees. temperatures continued to rise through the afternoon. 54 is where we sit now. above the average of 43. here's the storm on a big picture. coming up on doppler there is a lot of moisture. on the northern fringe there is cold air. it is not wide-spread. that's where the snow is confined to. it is all moving out for tomorrow. tomorrow the winds, as this storm intensifies, the further north. this band here is a gust up to 50 miles per hour. for us not that high. we could see gusts up to 40 miles per hour around here. this time out of the northwest
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and those gusts are going to bring in cooler air in a day or so. by thursday, this is leaving us. we'll warm up again as we head toward the weekend. here's how that forecast looks. tonight clouds of heavy rain will be coming to an end. we'll get clearing and winds out of the northwest. tomorrow 43 for our high. closer to our average. much cooler today as we are in the 50s again. we'll see sunshine returning. temperatures start to climb again as we head toward the new year. chance for a couple of showers as we head into tomorrow but it is not a major storm. >> for those of you worried about having a winter the cold air will come sooner or later. be sure to watch cbs tonight. 9:00 some of the country's top stars are celebrating at the kennedy centerhonors.
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ravens wrap up regular season this weekend with a chance to win their division. you can watch baltimore battle the cincinnati bengals at 4:00 sunday on wjz 13. we have a preview of the cbs evening news. >> millions of americans facing foreclosure, we'll take a look at a free phone service that might help you avoid legal pitfall and save your home. that story is tonight on the cbs evening news. up next a young girl brutally killed. a twisted confession made by her own babysitter. it is a sprint to the finish line in iowa. last minute campaigning from candidates that could benefit from the undecided voters. i have the coolest business you have never heard of but you have seen their work everywhere. their story when eyewitness news continues. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is 4:30. 54 degrees and raining in central maryland. hi everybody. thank you for staying with eyewitness news. i'm misdemeanor. mary bubala. iowa caucuses are a week from today. candidates are chris crossing the state trying to win over people who they have not decided who they'll pick. danielle noting ham is in iowa with undecided voters. >> reporter: steve is ringing up customers and keeping his restaurant running while he tries to figure out who he'll pick next tuesday. >> this is a last minute decision? >> absolutely. >> reporter: the restaurant in urbandale has been a popular stop for candidates. still many voters here aren't
4:31 pm
sure who they'll support. >> whoever convinces me they'll help unemployment, get people back to work and cut government spending. >> a lot is just really hard finding out what they actually truly stand for. >> reporter: the republican candidates have been flooding residents with mail, phone calls and tv ads hoping their campaigns will pick up the undecided voters and gain some steam heading into next tuesday. they are also making as many face-to-face pitches as they can. three candidates kicked off bus tours across the state to win over voters. >> this is an election where you got a choice. i'm the limited government conservative in that campaign that will give washington a complete overhaul. >> reporter: voters in iowa say they are listening. >> state your claim as to why i should vote for you. >> reporter: candidates have one week do that before the nation lead off caucuses. in washington danielle notingham
4:32 pm
notingham. >> mitt romney will be in iowa later today. ron paul will be back in iowa tomorrow. a tragic end to the search for a missing girl in indiana. police found the girl's body last night. now they are charging a neighbor with her murder. >> police say the man who killed the 9-year-old was a trusted family friend. 39-year-old michael door confessed to beating the girl to death with a brick and dismembered her body. he was baby sitting her last week. she never returned home. police never explained why he killed the girl. he confessed and took officers to her body. >> he is being held without bail tonight. after a statewide man hunt police in virginia tracked down the man they say is behind a double murder and kidnapping on christmas eve.
4:33 pm
investigators say 27-year-old jamal clements shot an elderly couple to death over the weekend and stole an suv with a 2-year-old boy in the backseat. the boy was found unharmed in the abandoned vehicle. he faces a slew of charges including murder, robbery and abduction. fire marshalls are trying to figure out the cause of a fire in a well-known howard county motel. the two-alarm blaze broke out before 9:00 last night on the second floor of the white elk motel. firefighters say everybody escaped without injury. dozens of units are damaged. a very gray and gloomy day in maryland. rain has been falling all afternoon. it is still coming down. you can not see out there. wjz has weather and traffic together. meteorologist bernadette woods is tracking the rain for us. it is dreary out there. >> not a pretty one. this is an indoor-type of day during the holidays. that rain is coming down heavy at times in a lot of places.
4:34 pm
we'll take you back and show you here's how it is pushing across the state. south to northeast. you can see this batch in here there are thunderstorms in southern parts of maryland south of annapolis. annapolis has heavy rain. it spreads over to chester town. this batch is making its way to delaware. behind that we have rounds of rain coming down mixed with drizzle at times. there is more where that came from. we are not finished although we are wrapping up the worse of the storm. with the rain coming down and the winds out of the south we have coastal flood advisories in effect. eventually winter weather advisory for western maryland. we'll get to that later. our wind will be a big issue. tomorrow they'll turn around to the northwest and start to kick up. that's the second part of the storm we'll deal with. we'll have that in your forecast. >> thank you very much. there are some backups on the wet roads you need to know about. let's check in at wjz traffic control. >> it is definitely causing
4:35 pm
trouble along the 95 corridor. if you are traveling there on the southbound direction it is one long delay from the memorial bridge to the beltway. northbound 95 same situation for highway pass at whitemarsh boulevard. north side of outer loop stop and go from hartford road to jones expressway. delay from york road to providence road. westside of inner loop expect 20 minutes from wilkins avenue to security boulevard. harrisburg expressway has been a problem this afternoon. second we have an accident on the ramp to the inner loop blocking left hand lane. eastbound 32 at dorsey run and northbound 95 we have a vehicle fire on the ramp tying up your drive. you can see that's northbound 95 at 222 up in the cecil county area. it looks like it is thinning
4:36 pm
out around river side parkway. britain's prince phillip is back with the royale family tonight. he had heart surgery to treat a blocked artery. >> reporter: 90-year-old prince phillip left the hospital after four days. he smiled and waved as he headed to the family's estate in eastern new england. doctors treated him for a blocked coronary artery. prince missed christmas morning church service but he had company as he recovered. his grandchildren prince william and harry stopped by to wish him well after christmas
4:37 pm
lunch. the queen and children visited on christmas eve. the queen broadcasted annual pretaped christmas message. this year she spoke about finding strength in difficult times. >> communities often find source of courage rising up from within. indeed, sadly, it seems tragedy often draws out the best from the human spirit. >> reporter: the queen mentioned her trip to australia this year with prince phillip. they saw the effects of the flooding and how families and communities came together to support each other. it was a busy year for the prince, despite his age, is said to be in generally good health. the prince saw his grandson prince william marry kate middleton in april. he was treated at the hospital, one of britain's main heart and chest center. he was fitted with a stent to keep a coronary artery open.
4:38 pm
>> prince phillip is expected to slow down his hectic schedule. his treatment could include changes to his diet and exercise and medications prescribed for heart patients. unusual day at work for an iowa delivery man after he stumbles on to $24,000 in a public bathroom. he was making the delivery to a gas station when he stopped to use the bathroom and found the money in a bag on the counter. instead of pocketing the cash he called police and reported it. the man says the decision was a no-brainer. >> i have been asked did you ever think of keeping it? i never once thought about keeping its. i put myself in that guy's shoes about that being my money. i would sure want someone to return that. >> it turned out the money belonged to a businessman on a road trip to wisconsin. he returned to pick up the cash and left that delivery man with an undisclosed amount as a
4:39 pm
reward. have you seen the light show at the power plant? it is an amazing five minute video and laser adventure. the creators are baltimore natives. >> reporter: it takes six of powerful projectors but none would happen without artists and technicians in a warehouse in south baltimore. >> let's say it took a total of three solid weeks. >> reporter: nights and weekends too for the artist to bring this to life. >> you have a great job. >> it is fun. it certainly is. >> reporter: at image engineering their job is to dream of ways to make things look cool. the ravens love this eye, red eyes, smoke and fire surrounding the players. how about the monument lighting? it is a big hi . here's a hometown company spreading wings far beyond baltimore. how about three superbowl and more big named concerts then
4:40 pm
you can count. >> we do a lot of fun, creative things. we have a group of people that pull the magical stuff off. >> reporter: people like phil who due to the nba lockout only had a couple of days to build this for the wizards. just 15 years old they are the most versatile company of its kind in the country. >> we pride ourselves in not being super big but not too small. we can tackle any job given us. >> you get to say like a 13- year-old boy saying how can i do something cool with flames, fireworks and leds. >> don't forget the lasers. >> our managers are freaking out.
4:41 pm
flames very close to the live shot. a new year's eve light show will run on the hour starting at 6:00. if you don't want to head out to the north harbor tune into wjz on saturday night. we'll have live coverage of the fireworks. you can see festivities here on wjz. it all starts at 11:00. straight ahead on wjz eyewitness news at 4:00, it is one of the greatest mysteries. where was jimmy hoffa buried? a new claim where the teamsters body is and why it may never be found. rescued from a frozen car. a lucky break that happened. a man helped pull two girls to safety. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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they usually make cars. honda is actually destroying them tonight. factory in thailand was severing flooded. honda is intentionally destroying a thousand cars. no parts from the destroyed cars will be reused. the website is linked to four murder victims in detroit. >> police discovered the bodies of two more women in the run of course a car. four women all advertised themselves as escorts to back first two were found december last week in the trunk of the car. second pair of bodies were found in the trunk of a burning car christmas morning. investigators have not determined the cause of death for women. the killer may be trolling the site for more victims. >> thank you. back is an internet bulletin board similar to craigslist. show fur for jimmy hoffa
4:46 pm
said his body is buried beneath the general motors headquarters in downtown detroit. his body is entombed in the foundation of the renaissance center. he vanished in july of 1975. his body was never found. a kansas man rescued two girls after they fall into an icy pond. they were playing on the pond when the ice gave way. he spotted them from his window. he jumped in the pond and pulled the girls from the freezing water. they are expected to make a full recovery. a mother's bond to her child may determine obesity in the teen years. researchers at ohio state university found toddlers with poor emotional relationships with their moms are more likely to be obese when they turn 15. study suggest toddlers may use food as a source of comfort to replace the lack of a mother figure. findings will appear in january
4:47 pm
issue of pediatrics. now that all the presents are unwrapped you may be left with a gift pile that's less than attractive. we have the report on ideas with what you can do with unwanted gifts. >> reporter: we have all been there before the ugly sweater and the fruit cake. no one is immune from a bad gift giver. what do you do with your unwanted holiday wears? try to swap or sell it. check out plastic to exchange gift cards. sell your unwanted clothes at recycle your fashion' consider donating gifts you won't ever use. gold running shorts from your uncle al are destined for charity. check out local charities or your local goodwill store. practice safer gifting. it is becoming less goshe. 60% of people re-gifted or plan
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on re-gifting in the future. that's a 7% increase from 2005. avoid re-gifting items that are a dead give away such as candles, random books and cd's. old bath products and pens. what you don't want to do is let unfortunate gifts sit around collecting dust. with a little effort your gift pile can be like you want it. >> money watch suggests re-gifting for charity but avoid re-gifting gift cards. they can lose face value. online shopping skyrocketed this christmas. survey by ibm found online sales spiked 16% from last year. dollar amount of sales from ipads, i-phones and android devices jumped. the waterpowerred boat is taking a global expedition.
4:49 pm
the banner planet solar is powered entirely by special cells. wings on the front and rear of the boat capture the sun. showers, lightss and bridges are all powered by solar energy. the tour kicks off in cement. it is expected to be back in monaco in may of 2012. bernadette is tracking the rain. we'll see when the sun returns in the forecast. on my journey across america, ...'scuse me... ...or a big steak... ...or big hair... i think we have our answer.
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geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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looking outside, we're looking at m&t bank stadium. you can barely see it. >> it seems like the middle of the night. i know the sun is setting earlier, but, wow, that is dark
4:53 pm
out there. got the heavy coming down, heavy at times in places. so let's start out with first warning doppler radar and we'll show you the heavy rain over the city, but take a look at this band. all of this has come together to align thunderstorms from indianapolis down into southern maryland. so this is where we're seeing a line of thunderstorms move through with heavy rain. and this is going to pass over the bay to the eastern shore. north of that, still rounds of heavier rain and drizzle in the city. not the darkest of colors but it is out there. and behind that, even though it looks like everything comes to an end, a chance of drizzle for the next few hours before the storm does leave us. and we'll switch it over and show you. clouds were the first to come in that gave way to rain this afternoon and you noticed pink on the map. nothing major so far but it will change over to snow in western maryland when the clouds bring in colder air. but right now they are out of
4:54 pm
the south and with the gusty southerly wind it is a warm one and providing flooding on the coastment so coastal flood advisory for the next high tide cycle until 1:00 a.m. it is 54 degrees outside and the temperature continues to climb with the rain coming in. we started out at 1. can you see way above the average of 43. and we're going to be closer to the average tomorrow after the storm leaves us and bringing in cooler air. so here is the storm you see all of the cold air locked up at this point, pretty far off to the north, but cooler air will come our way after the storm leaves tomorrow. and the winds picking up out of the northwest this time and bringing in the cooler air. because the center of the storm, the low will continue to intensify the farther northeast it goes and as it gains energy in a will translate into winds for us. we're expecting gusts close to 40 miles per hour in the southern fringe of the zone. so here is that low. when that is out of here,
4:55 pm
notice the lines close together, and that indicates the high winds. tomorrow that gets out of here and thursday calming down and another warm-up into the weekend. and the forecast for tonight, heavy rounds of rain coming to an end. no winds picking up and a dryer, cooler wind. tomorrow only 43 for the high but that is our average. so we're going to be back down toward normal as we head into tomorrow. then we see another warm-up toward the weekend. and we'll have your five-day coming up later. >> that is nice. and we have a lot going on at the end of the week with new year's eve and it looks better than today. >> definitely better than today. maybe a couple of showers and not picture-perfect, but better. >> thanks. well still to come on eyewitness news tonight. eyewitness news tonight. >> ,,,,,,,,,,
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that won't raise your blood pressure. coricidin hbp. powerful cold medicine with a heart. coming up next on wjz eyewitness news at 5:00. when will the rain clear out. wjz is tracking the storm. burglars steal a valuable artifact from a maryland museum and what they took and why police need help getting it back. i'm mike hellgren, why maryland is another step closer to online gambling. and i'm adam may, how the ooh's and ahh's bring cha ching. i'll have that coming up.
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hi again, i'm mary bubala. >> i'm kai jackson. >> the storm is bringing us damp and humid conditions. and there is the potential for high winds. let's go straight to bernadette woods tracking the first warning live doppler radar. bernadette? >> not a pretty day out there. we'll show you the heavy rain moving through. not just rain in some cases. in the southern line it formed into thunderstorms. so we'll take you on a tour and show you in the city the heaviest of the rain is moving toward eastern baltimore. and heading up 95 toward bel air and cecil county. severna park, heavy rain and annapolis,


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