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tv   Eyewitness Noon News  CBS  January 4, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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. welcome to our noon news. michelle bachmann has dropped out and now the remaining candidates will move onto new hampshire, here is more on wjz. >> michelle bachmann is dropping out of the race for president. >> the people of iowa spoke with a very clear voice and i have decided to stand aside. >> the minnesota congresswoman came in 6th, with just under 5% of the vote and texas governor rick perry announced he will go back to texas to decide his
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next step after finishing 6th and an up beat mitt romneytroke knee is looking at his raze or- thin margin, he beat rick santorum by eight votes. >> thank you, iowa. you took the first step of taking back this country. >> paul came in in third place and after skipping the state altogether, polls show him behind the governor that owns a home in the state. in new hampshire, wjz,
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eyewitness news. >> newt gingrich said he will continue on new new hampshire. it is a cold afternoon here, people are budging up as they head out and s sun can do little to warm up today. overcast skies, when can we expect the chilly temperatures to warm up? >> not soon enough. >> i hear you. i have that california blood. for that, we go to the first look at weather, marty is trying to stay warm and what are you wearing? >> it is my ray lewis snug e! don't knock it until you try it. >> good afternoon. the key is that you have to dress for the weather. that is the lesson to take from this. we don't have a ton of precipitation around, we have not broken the connection with
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the great lakes and we are seeing some light snow flurries over the area. we will zoom in and let the radar take the course and see what i over the state. it is just enough, some will get to the ground because it is cold enough to support the snow and make it all the way in. we are 26 and the high for this date is 42 and we are not near that and the north west winds until now have been the culprit to bring in the colder air and there is a shift taking place and for more on that and how it will be, off to marty. >> let's move the old snug here. i keep it under the desk because in the newsroom, it could be chilly. i have the heavyist coat on that i own and even with this snug on, it is cold. the winds shifting from the
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south and southwest and there is mild air moving our way. on if national temperature map, look over at hemp approximate physician, atlanta, 59 in new orleans, that is where our air is coming from, that is not perfect, opening day weather, but you will feel the new airmass as soon as in the morning when it will be about ten warmer than in the last night. how warm will it get, more coming up shortly. i'm heading back inside. >> we have a place that is nice and warm for you. stay with us for the first morning coverage. an update on school closings or delays, go to our web site. a second woman is facing chargings with a chemical attack in wall mart. the grand jury charged a woman for her part in the scene.
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the two were throwing chemicals at each other and made 19 people sick. her lawyer said it was self defense. a young man is pleading guilty for the sexual assault of a 1-year-old boy. an 18-year sentence for the 19- year-old shepherd could be partly served in a mental facility. in baltimore county, more on the rape case that led to the closing of a skating rink. >> a 26-year-old deaf van perry confessed to take part in a date rape. perry with two others are said to have drug the girl into a storage room and forcing her to
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perform sex acts. he is charged with several crimes, including first degree rape and could face life in prison. thank you. skate works closed last year. a top aid for harris is in hot water over letting an intern to drink at a party. the intern is a college senior, but underage. the congressman was not at that party. the first playoff game may not be until next week, but the ravens are getting back to work. they returned to the practice field for the first time after the game with the bengals. they will play houston, denver or the steelers on january 15th on wjz in two weeks. speaking of the steelers, they will play on sunday.
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they will play denver in denver on sunday at 4:30 live right here on wjz. >> a stake in both weekends. coming up, an accused arsonist is comboing -- going before a judge. a big change at yahoo, what is next for the internet company. >> more on the forecast coming up. more coverage continuing -- ♪
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pro-gresso ] they fit! okay-y... okay??? i've been eating progresso and now my favorite old okay is there a woman i can talk to? [ male announcer ] progresso. 40 soups 100 calories or less. . more on the arsonist in new york, a man said to be a 40- year-old ray legend, brought out in handcuffs and brought to a waiting ambulance. the sources told us he made incriminating statements, much to the same as a confession on
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the molotov cocktail attacks. the police commissioner eluding to the arrest as the suspect was being questioned. the 40-year-old gave specific details, but ram belld, he was caught after workers near this restaurant gave a description of an angry shoplifting suspect and then this video with a silver car and virginia plates. the police tracked it down and watched and waited willtroke until he showed up and cuffd him. >> we are only as safe as tomorrow and we have to not let our guard down. >> the mayor delivered news of the arrest, muslim leaders convinced that they were a target. >> we have to protect our
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leaders and society. >> legend is being evaluated by a psychiatirst. and in court today, a 24 year old is accused of setting 50 cars on fire and caused millions in damage. he was upset his mother was about to be deported. a philadelphia woman is pleading guilty for a murder to hire plot on facebook. she offered a thousand dollars to anybody that would kill her child's father. there was an arrest after he arrested that offer. as part of a plea bargain, he will be placed on parole and said he never thought that the threat was serious. yahoo has named scott thompson as the new c.e.o. they have been without a
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permanent c.e.o. since september. he will start officially on january 9th. a florida family called in pros after thousands of unwanted guests took up residents in the walls. >> my god! there were beehives with over a thousand bees. it is a look at the winning numbers from last night and more coming up. ,,
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. look outside the lake -- where to go. you really need to have all your stuff ready. if you don't know where your warm things are from the last season, you need to find it.
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it is a cold one out there. the temperatures are above the average high. we are not getting close to that for the date. it is 26 now. the one thing we don't have that we had yesterday is the windchill. marty talking about the shift in the wind, look at the winds from the west and southwest. they will bring in milder air, it is mild, but milder than we are now. it will filther in by the end of the weekend. the temperatures in the 40s and near 50. we have west winds and the windchill is not existing and the temperatures over the state are pretty much in the 20s. 23 in oakland. 27 on the shore and if you go to the hudson river to get in the 30s and that 30 down at the river. it is 21 in west minister. here is a look, the area over
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the region, the air is very, very dry and most is not making it to the ground and the air is cold enough and the winds strong enough to support the winds making it down. we are not going to see the repeat of the showers from yesterday, but we will see the moisture from the great lakes and all, we have that connection if we have that west and north west wind out there. the high pressure is in control of the forecast and it will dry out and we will have the clouds and the next weather maker will be a warm front that will move on past and be mainly to the north and bring in milder air and the temperatures will go up over the weekend. here is a look, the small craft advisory in effect from 6:00 tonight until late tonight. the next high tide will be at 29 minutes after 3:00. cold with the sun and clouds, 34, just above freezing and 27
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tonight with some flurries around and tomorrow, 44 and about ten warmer than today. partly sunny and not as cold. -- heat wave! (laughs). coming up on eyewitness news at noon, precool -- preschoolers that are not getting enough exercise and their parents may be to blame. hear the top stories and the updated first morning weather forecast, go to ,,,,
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. in today's health watch, weight reduction surgery can reduce the chance of a heart attack or stroke. it could help your overall health. a significant weight loss could lower high cholesterol and cure type two diabetes. and researchers said some parents want the centers to restrict physical activity to reduce the risk of injury and because of new licensing codes, new playgrounds are not as chapping and interesting to young kids. check back in to eyewitness
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news at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. then there were five. michelle book man has ended her run for the president. suspected in dozens of arsons in california, other crimes that man may be linked to. that is at 4:00 right after dr. phil. stay with us for the five- day ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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. marty is back with the five- take. >> we will close the door on this front tomorrow. you will know it overnight tonight, it will only be 25. 50 on friday and 54 on saturday. look at in a, even with the rain in the forecast sunday, in early january, almost 50. 44 on monday and by monday, we will be a third of the way through the month without any huge weather -- let me knock on wood -- i'm going to throw it back inside. >> good idea. don't remember -- don't forget to remember the line up on cbs tonight. people that have an over due library book out there, one library in massachusetts sent a police officer to track down
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two late books. it turned out it was a child. they just paid the fine. they just paid the fine. thank you for watc,,,,,,,,,,
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