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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  January 6, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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shocking twist, the beloved former principal found dead in a fire. tonight why police say her death was no accident. hello everybody i'm denise koch. what was thought to be a fire last night was a crime. the woman who was found in the remains had also been stabbed. >> reporter: the fire turned into the second homicide of the year. now authorities are trying to track a killer. homicide detectives, atf
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acts, city fire investigators and the state fire marshals office all sur rupbd the home where mary -- surround the home where mary hines died. 24 hours later, a horrifying discovery. >> as a result of the autopsy, she was found to have multiple stab wounds and it's been ruled a homicide. >> reporter: neighbors have theories. >> i think somebody stabbed her and they are just trying to cover up their tracks. >> this lady doesn't bother anybody. >> i just can't imagine it. >> reporter: a fixture in this community, mary hines was a teacher and principal for 20 years. >> everybody in baltimore city seems to know mrs. hines because she has thought so many. >> reporter: she also thought lives at the methodist church. mrs.hines was the adult bible study teacher and had only recently started training her replacement. >> reporter: word of the murder has rocked the church.
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>> you go from one shock treatment to another and it just gets worse. >> reporter: now he has a message for whoever killed mrs. hines. >> god knows what you've done. and we pray that god will trouble you. that you will come forward. >> reporter: and church members had pleaded with mrs. hines to move out of that east baltimore community but she told them she's lived in that home for 50 years and she wouldn't leave. reporting live from police headquarters, i'm megan mccorkel. >> reporter: city homicide detectives are asking anyone with information about this murder of mary hines to give them a call. >> reporter: city detectives crack the case of a serial rapest. nelson clifford is behind bars. nelson blindfolded the women, detectives tracked him down using dna evidence. the u.s. navy pulling off
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an amazing rescue. the boat the navy helped free was from iran. >> reporter: the u.s. navy rescued a fishing boat from iran that had been taken over by suspected somali pirates. commanders say 15 pirates seized the boat more than 40 days ago. the iranian fishing boat issue add distress call. the team from ussk.i.d.d. responded. the pirates surrendered without a fight. >> we rescued the ship and took the boat under control. >> reporter: the rescue came after the -- in an interview for sunday's face the nation,
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defense secretary leon leon panneta sent a message. the rescue operation caps a week of growing tensions between tehran and the u.s. after president obama signed tough new sanctions into law. the measures are designed to punish iran for moving forward with this nuclear program. by making it harder for iran to sell its oil. after the white house, tara merger. the iranian government has not acknowledged the mission as of yet but navy officials say the navy captain --
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encouraging news for rail packages who use rail trail out of baltimore. alex demetric is live with how it's making lives easier. >> reporter: it's a two track approach. one cost little, the other costs a lot. >> reporter: when the sun goes down, so does the number of marked trains making the commuter run between baltimore and dc. and the weekend it stops all together. so how about this for an idea. >> first and fore most it's getting more trains on the track at more hours of the day. more days of the week. >> reporter: according to a strategy by the central maryland transportation alliance that isn't just wishful thinking. more late night service for commuters and trains running to dc on weekends. >> i think that's a wonderful situation. i'm a commuter and i work late sometimes, i miss the train. >> that would be great because
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it seems it would extend the time you can stay over in dc, do some shopping and in the weekend take your family out. >> the schedule enhancements could be accomplished without laying more rail and without buying more cars. >> reporter: that means running cars longer and long term that will require improvement. for starting a bad needed yard at $250 million. passing track at 10 to 20 million to connect more commuters to the system. and new stations. especially at vwi marshall and hopkins campus. >> we think it's a great idea. it has been a part of the governor's vision for the m.a.r.k. system for years now. >> reporter: m.a.r.k. riders have been hearing that for years. commuters are hoping to see some help this legislative session when it comes time toto divy up the state funds.
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there's a new reward to catch a puppy killer. police are trying to find the person who shot and killed the 7 -month-old golden retriever. she was shot seven times. the humane society is offering $2,700 for information leading to the killer. mary bubala reports, pope benedict has named edwin o'brien, a cardinal. >> reporter: edwin o'brien just two americans name cardinalled by the pope. >> i knew it was going to happen, but i still didn't believe it would. from the very beginnings of this whole thing when i heard rumors. it's an honor and a
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responsibility. >> reporter: today local parishioners are reacting to the news. it's only happened three other times in baltimore. in 2004, 1955 and 1886. >> it's an honor for him to be awarded. >> it brings a lot of blessings to the city as well. >> reporter: arch bishop o'brien came in 1952. the pope appointed o'brien to lead a catholic church in rome. he will continue to had baltimore until someone can take his place. >> the church is like so many lives, so often when we make headlines is when things don't go too well. we're not perfect but we're
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doing our best and i think we're accomplishing a lot. >> reporter: o'brien will be back in baltimore before leaving to haiti on a commission. wjz eyewitness news. >> there are 220 members of the college of cardinals. one of their biggest responsibility is picking a successor for the pope. well the greatest meal of their lives. this shy pennsylvania couple who didn't want to show their faces crossed state lines to dine in elkton christmas eve and you see they are now $128 million richer. they capped their dinner at westly's restaurant with a power ball ticket. it was the winning ticket. the $128.8 million jackpot is the second largest in maryland history. bonn appetite.
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how this truck ended up in an icy creek. >> i tried to put as much pressure as i could. that security officer could not stop the thieves, the robbery may put the owner out of business. a nice weekend on tap. i'm bob turk, the complete forewarn weather forecast coming up next. ,,,,
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it is 47 degrees and clear in central maryland right now. the complete forewarning weather forecast is coming up. a truck plunges into an icy pond after swerving off the road in minnesota. the driver was hauling a trailer for target when he lost control and crashed into the frozen water. the trunk as you see sunk down to its windshield. but the driver was able to crab out of the cab and crawl to safety. he is recovering from minor injuries. a home burglary leads to a high speed chase in oklahoma. officers say two men robbed a home, sped away and were hit by a pickup truck. two over drivers crashed into him. police caught three of the suspects and they are searching for a fourth.
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a jewelry store is wiped clean by thieves in virginia. the store owners compare the heist to the movie oceans 11. the robbers were able to get through a security system, working through three steel doors, trip lines, a nail board and an alarm. the owner increased security after crooks tried to rob him in 1994 but says this situation is worse. >> i think you feel violated. not being in control and not being able to stop it. >> reporter: $2 million worth would be a conservative estimate taken. one year after she was shot in the head by a gunman, gabby giffords is not just speaking but incredibly she's singing. mark kelly on her remarkable recovery jr. -- >> reporter: was there a moment
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you thought she would never talk again. >> absolutely. at the very beginning, her therapist said who knows if she will ever talk again. it could last forever. >> reporter: but giffords could say simple words like toast. and in november she sent this message. >> hello, this is gabby giffords. i'm getting stronger, i'm getting better. >> good morning, gabby. >> reporter: giffords still struggles to speak in sentences but she has much less trouble singing. >> well, good morning. >> reporter: so an important part of her therapy now involves singing songs she knew before the shooting. the ability to speak is mainly controlled by two areas in the left side of the brain. but when we sing or listen to music, wide swaths of the both side of the rain become active. doctors have learned putting words to melody stimulates memory and helps a damaged brain recover the ability to process language. >> the idea is that that can be
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used as an alternative. just take the music away and then you're stringing words together. >> i will speak better. i want to get back to work. >> reporter: giffords defied long odds by surviving her attack, now she's showing what's possible for a wounded mind. ben tracy, tucson. >> this sunday giffords and her husband will attend a candlelight vigil to remember those that died in the shooting. red wine may prevent cancer in women. researchers looked at women who drank at least one glass of red wine. the hormone pattern changed. tiger woods' ex-wife buying
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a $12 million home in palm beach then tears it down. after getting 100 million from tiger woods, elen edgren buys the mansion and tears it down. no word on what she's planning to rebuild. waves crashed over the pier today flooding walkways and hitting higher than the bluff. officials are advising beachgoers to stay off jetties and exposed rocks near the surf zone. but there's no way you will keep the surfers out. the word has spread up and down the west coast. kawabunga surfs up. >> i think vic would have been out there too. >> maybe years ago.
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>> 30 years ago. >> we're 47 degrees. west winds down to five-miles- an-hour. the barometer holding steady. just puts you in a good mood. it was a great day today. 43 at ocean city and 42 in elkton. locally temperatures in the mid- to upper 20less. the coolest -- 20s. average high 41. that was 27 this morning but for us 25 would be the average though this time of year. the records, weren't that far from it, 72 in 1950 and five in 1904. right now winds are going down a little more to the west but they've been in a southerly flow. that will continue tomorrow to bring in mild air for at least another day or so. but there is a weak front up across the upper midwest. behind it a slight shift in the wind means a northwest flow. we're bringing some what cooler
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air on sunday. we will be back in the 50s tomorrow. a few clouds with it and then the winds go back to the northwest. temperature. >> jim: drop a little bit on d -- temperatures will drop a little bit on sunday. closer to normal but still running above normal. a little bit of a light precept. north of that front, that's where that cold air is. it's stuck up there it's not really moving any where. a lot of clear skies, a phaoáeuld night tonight. a mild night tomorrow. yes it will turn cooler sunday and monday. we might see our first precipitation will move in here. until then pretty good forecast. the bay temp around 42, so tonight generally clear. a few clouds here. 35 by morning. maybe 42 in the city. 56degrees tomorrow. the average high 41. mild mostly sunny day. 49 on sunday.
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46 monday, 49 on tuesday. chance of showers yes, wednesday but still mild, 53 degrees, denise. >> that's nice. thank you bob. check in with jessica cartalia. they'll have the updated forecast weather for you. forecast weather for you. and a key member of the ,,,,,,,,
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all right, stan is in for mark tonight with the wjz fan report. good news today for the ravens. >> featuring three good people if you will. three ravens named all pro,
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today. kudos to halodi nada. meantime a key spoken has decided to stay here in baltimore city. eric ducasta says he will not be interviewed by any other team to be theirs. decosta was heavily courted by the bears and colts but he's staying. as the ravens saver this weekend's record high after crossing over into the nfl play offs. don't compare them to the 2000 defense. >> what drives us to win a super bowl really has nothing to do with them. we have a ton of respect for those guy, what they were able to accomplish. set the bar that we are always shooting at. but you know our championship run is not affected or anything by the 2000 team. >> you remember the 2000 defense won the super bowl. the rivalling ravens will play either houston, denver or
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pittsburgh steelers on sunday january 15th at 1:00. you can see that game right here in two weeks and remember. you can also see how pittsburgh deals with the broncos in denver this sunday. live at 4:30 right here on wjz. downtown tonight, local proindoor soccer featuring the baltimore blast. a nine year wyley veteran adato meto he had a hat trick against the silver knights. the pride of redding pennsylvania, ready, aim, fire. right between the goalies legs. final score, 29-6. blast 9-3. finally this evening an elite mighty might. our media partner the baltimore sun newspaper and it's reigning metro player of the year. 5'8" akile karr. he's from sedon hall university
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a detroit lions fan has set up an elaborate shrine to his favorite football team. it includes a supersized helmet, a flag even a goal
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post. the fan says he puts the display up every season. ravens fan have their own ways of topping that. well farmers are celebrating a rare birth in california. i can hardly believe this. a mother cow has given birth to a set of quadruplets. the odd of quadruplet calves being born is one in 700,000. but the odds of them being born all female and all healthy like this, is one in ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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