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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  January 7, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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that's the recipe. you have an open shot and have rhythm, take it. >> don: the game 8 ties and a 31-all tie at the half. 10 lead changes. skylar diggins comes out. >> mary: full court pressure. >> don: geno auriemma pressed the whole game. >> mary: diggins back to the ball. >> don: they do. diggins. novosel. good look. hart for the rebound. tiffany hayes has a big defensive board for the huskies. 9 seconds dift between the game clock and shot clock. >> [cheers and applause].
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>> mary: got her from behind. >> don: big play by the sophomore kayla mcbride. she ties the game at 63. we might not be done. >> mary: for the 3rd time skylar diggins with the pick. here's the steal from behind. the flick. and gone. one more time. wide open. the ball leaves her hand. beautiful job of driving. using the background. protecting it. we are all tied up. >> don: a timeout. u-conn has no more. notre dame has 2. notre dame still under the limit.
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notre dame rallies back to tie the game. novosel said a lot when she said when you play connecticut you find out how good you are. >> mary: that's right. i love the comment by skylar diggins. she said after losing to u-conn at home we said when are we going to be sick of losing to these guys? a great comeback. who will execute in the final seconds? will notre dame play it safe or go for steals? >> don: 13 left in regulation tie game. tiffany hayes. the freshman has it.
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>> [cheers and applause]. >> don: u-conn throws it away. notre dame has a chance. 4 .1 seconds left and the irish the will get the ball. >> mary: the freshman. here comes the curl. a misread. skylar diggins over the top. if you are u-conn you have to get over and focus on what you will do defensively. >> don: you have to compliment these officials. a tough game to referee and they have done a god job. 20 points in turnovers for u-conn. >> mary: a long time since the notre dame fighting irish beat u-conn at home. >> don: u-conn has won 57 games in a row in big east regular season play. the last time these 2 teams met was last april in indannapolis. semi final game of the final 4
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when notre dame beat u-conn. shopping geno auriemma's team bid for a third straight national championship. 4 seconds to go. game tied. full court pressure by the huskies. novosel. she will be the shooter. novosel puts it up. we have overtime. >> [buzzer]. >> mary: they go to novosel. nice release. goes up. you want a shot. they got it. novosel plenty of time. bobs and weaves through the pressure. tries to get the contact. i love the no call. >> don: yes. maybe 1one. ...yup, about to go pick them up from will call. so 46 seconds ago.
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>> don: back at notre dame. the huskies and the irish tied 63-all at the end of regules. the 34th time they have played. the first time they have gone to overtime. >> mary: always a first. what a great comeback by notre dame. >> don: u-conn has 4 players with 3 fouls. mallory the only player in the game for notre dame with 4. a jump ball will start the overtime. stefanie dolson against devereaux peters of notre dame. >> mary: it was interesting. yesterday. i wanted to see if my starters could go. they have not had to do that. not only extended minutes but overtime minutes.
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>> don: mcbride takes the tip. the irish start overtime with the first possession. diggins. hard hitting going on underneath. tiffany hayes on and on the floor is devereaux peters. she's all right. >> mary: it's been unrelenting. you go inside. you will feel some pain. >> don: a foul called on devereaux peters. her third. >> mary: played the whole 2nd half without getting that third foul. >> don: the huskies will start overtime with their first chance to score from the line. >> mary: so significant. if you can take the lead in the overtime. emotionally it's a huge left. >> don: hayes 8 points. all in the 2nd half for u-conn. >> mary: she has a lot to prove.
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only played 4 minutes in the 1st half nay huge game because of foul trouble. >> don: gets 1 of 2. 1 point lead for the huskies and notre dame with the ball in overtime. >> mary: the ninth miss of the game for u-conn at the free throw line. >> don: devereaux peters finds diggins. diggins gives notre dame the overtime lead. >> mary: not a lot of open space. notre dame finds some. >> don: 21 points for diggins. 15 in the 2nd half. >> [cheers and applause]. >> don: hartley has been quiet. bria hartley the late drive. reject and foul. it's on notre dame. >> mary: devereaux peters gets the foul. the wind mill approach.
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goes up. >> don: that's devereaux peters's fourth. they will go ter had now. >> mary: and her second in about 20 seconds. >> don: bria hartley. ties the game at 65 with 4:10 to play in the first overtime. >> [crowd noise]. >> don: rebound to novosel. a tie game. we are down to 4 minutes left in this overtime. novosel. thrown to the deck. she will go to the line and shoot 2. >> mary: this is so much of who novosel is. she is just throwing it up hoping she will get action.
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she gets herself to the free throw line. >> don: good from the line. 79% free throw shooter. >> mary: old-school. getting into the body with everything. >> don: see mosqueda-lewis's hands go up in front of her. gets them both. notre dame has a 2 point lead. 18 straight free throws for notre dame. [cheers and applause]. >> don: a loose ball. u-conn gets it. their best player comes up with it. >> mary: what a great job of recognizing it. >> don: a long way to go in overtime. wild shot. rebound by mcbride. has a fighter's mentality.
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novosel. novosel will go to the line. you were calling for the push to the basket to get to the line. >> mary: diggins, watch her eyes. look at that timing. faris, you can feel it. you go. >> don: tiffany hayes her fourth foul. 3:26 left to play in overtime. novosel 16 points and 5 rebounds and 3 assists. >> mary: what geno auriemma stress during the shoot around. stay in front of themp. you get your position and don't foul. notre dame getting the lead in the overtime at the free throw line. >> don: notre dame 18 of 22 at the line. u-conn 10 of 18. the huskies have the advantage with 3 point shooting. notre dame has the advantage from the free throw line.
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gets them both. a long way to go in overtime. here come the huskies. >> [crowd noise]. >> mary: skylar diggins on hartley. push out. >> don: diggins digging in on defense against the stand out bria hartley. 4 to shoot. [buzzer] glon launched. the rebound is off diggins. inbounds to the huskies again with a new shot clock. they get 30 to shoot. the game clock shows 2:54 to play in overtime. notre dame leading u-conn by 4. ♪ making your way in the world today ♪ ♪ takes everything you've got ♪ taking a break from all your worries ♪
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>> don: u-conn no timeouts in overtime. 10 team fouls. to timeouts left and the irish holding to a 4 point lead on the home court. >> mary: keep in mind notre dame the foul situation. notre dame in the big east was voted number 1. over u-conn. that just doesn't happen. is u-conn super human or on everybody else's level? are they on notre damee's level. notre dame wants to make a statement today. >> don: u-conn looking to inbounds the ball. hayes to hartley. doubling up on the drive. off the driving lane. >> mary: hartley backs it out. >> don: faris. hartley. behind the back. that's a travel.
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>> mary: skylar diggins and bria hartley one-on-one. >> [buzzer]. >> mary: comes back with the cross over. steps in. just one too many steps. >> don: u-conn with 25 turnovers. notre dame with 20 turnovers. >> mary: notre dame forces other opponents 26.5. >> don: notre dame a 4 point lead in the first overtime. diggins with 21 points. hartley leads the huskies with 25. 3 to shoot. diggins. errant shot. rebound tipped out. on the run tiffany hayes. lays it up and good. called for a travel before the
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shot klire. >> mary: doty trying to argue. the push ahead. doty, 1, 2, yes. it was a travel. >> don: just like this a year ago at notre dame. the irish had the lead and in the final minute, the huskies found a way and won the game 79-76. novosel the pass from diggins. >> mary: it's like a football game. let's go irish. >> don: 8 to shoot. >> mary: mallory. >> don: 4 to shoot. >> [buzzer]. >> don: the drive comes down with the offensive rebound of her own missed shot glare and gets a new 30. what a big board for notre dame. >> don: looking for the turnover. game clock down to 1:10 to play in overtime.
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the bucket and notre dame will go to the line and a 6 point lead. >> [cheers and applause]. >> mary: she knows the situation. >> [cheers and applause]. >> mary: that's an a-plus in game management. 4 bodies surround skylar diggins. the perfect touch pass and the player that got the offensive rebound with the big, big bucket. >> don: at the line. kayla mcbride sophomore. all-american from pennsylvania. 10 points go 12 rebounds. a big miss on that free throw. it's a 6 point lead for the irish and the huskies need to hit here. tiffany hayes with a good driving move.
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stokes another try. and a foul called on notre dame and the huskies will shoot. >> mary: devereaux peters is like get more white jerseys in here. 4 on 1 for the boards. >> don: diggins just her second personal foul. ninth on notre dame. at the free throw line tiffany hayes. 78% free throw shooter. >> [crowd noise]. >> mary: got to have hem. >> don: notre dame's lead cut to 5. hayes as 10 points all in the 2nd half. she has 5 rebounds. 46 to play. notre dame with a 4 point lead. >> mary: here comes the double. somebody has to be open.
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>> don: over the timeline. 15 to shoot and 33 to play. overtime at notre dame. number 2 connecticut and number 3 notre dame. the foul on hartley. >> mary: notre dame spent a half hour yesterday in practice on special situations. muffet mcgraw knew this game would be close. they were doing sets, full court, halfcourt, under the basket. >> don: they really worked hard on special situations. last regular season loss -- oh. the first miss. so connecticut still in it. diggins will shoot again to give notre dame the 5 point advantagust just under 26 to play. in almost 4 years since the u-conn huskies lost a regular season game in the big east. >> [crowd noise].
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>> don: the ball knocked around. coming up with is novosel. fouled. could be the final punch. >> mary: every good streak needs to come to an end. >> [buzzer]. >> don: the foul trouble on hartley hartley. >> mary: defensive pressure. you can see the emotion of natalie novosel. >> don: they played their hearts out. they absolutely go at it non-stop. 40 minutes and now into the 45th minute in overtime. hartley fouls out. leading scorer with 25. >> mary: could not have given her team anything more. >> don: novosel has been sensational. the senior from kentucky hit 9 of 10 free throws. she has 19 points. >> mary: maybe this game didn't seen anything because it's not
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the ncaa tournament. this game means a lot to notre dame. a lot! >> don: it does. sesh to shoot. notre dame by 7. doty. fighting to get free. they call a held ball. a timeout is called. >> mary: once notre dame got back it. they put the ball on the floor. find an angle. create pressure and contact and get to the free throw. that's when the game -- limping off the court is not the way you want to end this game. >> don: natalie novosel has been a warrior for the irish. it was a held ball. possession arrow to connecticut. the final shot blocked by diggins and the irish win the game coming from behind the in 2nd half. 74-67.
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>> [cheers and applause]. >> don: for mary murphy this is conwright so -- this is don criqui. notre dame 74 and u-conn 67. this has been a presentation of cbs sports on the road to the men's final 4. we return to the road to the final 4 in just i moment. ,,,,
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bacteria michigan state at penn state. the new penn state head coach is
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introduced. all about the second half. >> i will say. michigan state with a big 23 point lead. that comes maggie lucas of penn state. lucas with the career high. 33 points. and that little layup. down the stretch. it was michigan state. >> huge unbelievable comeback by penn state. they fall just short. 75-65. the final. sint at number -- cincinnati sen rutgers. no trouble for the charleston. -- for the scarlet knights. the putback. >> rutgers is all about defense. 15 points for oliver.
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rutgers win. typical stuff where they play the d. >> 58-47. and ohio state at michigan. leading the 11th ranked team 45-33. green bay at milwaukee. >> i love that and she also contributed with 27 big points for the win. >> blew them out 88-53. the final there. this will just about do it for tonight. here's a look at what you will see tonight. on cbs: the "road to the final 4" continues tomorrow with men's action. at 1:30 eastern the big 10 battle between wisconsin and number 13 michigan. followed by nfl playoff action. the steelers take on the denver.
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for alls of us have a good evening.
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