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tv   Eyewitness News at 4  CBS  January 10, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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the nation's first presidential primary, voters in new hampshire headed to the poll. >> will the hometown favorite, mitt romney, win big? or will candidates chip away at his lead? >> i'm mary bubala. >> i'm kai jackson. here's what people are talking about. >> voters in new hampshire are casting ballots for the gop candidate. manuel gallegus reports for wjz, even though the polls are open, the campaign isn't stopping. >> shaking as many hands as he with, front runner mitt romney is encouraging new hampshire voters to him help him get victory. >> onto south carolina next. >> reporter: newt gingrich is trying to chip away at romney's lead. >> until you slow romney down, you have to understand, there is a real choice here between a massachusetts moderate and a
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conservative. >> he's hopping off the campaign bus, at several spots to take pictures and catch votes. >> reporter: 40% of new hampshire voters are independent. ron paul is hoping they push him to a solid second-place finish as they drop five polling places. >> looks like we're in second place. >> reporter: voters get a break from campaigning, once they get inside the store. 250,000 people are expected to cast ballots in the republican primary today. patrick mcdonald supports mitt romney, but thinks it will be a slide. >> if romney does come out on top, he'll be the first republican who isn't a sitting president to win both iowa and new hampshire. >> and polls close at 8:00 p.m. eastern time after post-primary
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parties. many of those candidates are headed straight to south carolina to campaign. a harford county teen is behind bars, charged with killing his father. denise is in the newsroom with more. >> reporter: 16-year-old robert richardson iii called a relative to say he had shot and killed his father, 58-year-old robert richardson, jr. police responded and found blood and signs someone had been shot. they began searching for richardson iii in the car. they spotted him. richardson's vehicle crashed between 94 and lynwood wood. the body of the senior richardson was found behind the relative's home. robert richardson iii is being charged as an adult, with first- degree murder and second-degree murder, plus a handgun charge. richardson is being held at the
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harford county detention center, awaiting an appearance before the district court. >> we'll have the latest on this story coming up at 5:00 and 6:00. there is a new twist in the florida a&m hazing investigation. mark strausman reports, the parents of a student beaten to death in november are telling us something we never knew about him. >> getting rid of the haze is important. >> reporter: robert and pam champion, we're seeing for the first time, the hotel parking lot where their son died after a hazing ritual. robert champion jr. was a drum major in a&m's famed marching band. and apparently pummeled by his band mate. >> there's no way around it. it was wrong. >> reporter: last november 14th, champion was found unresponsive on board the bus. police ruled the death a homicide due to hazing. roughly 30 students were on the bus, but no one has been
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charged. and the champions have started their own investigation into how their son died. >> the truth will come out as to what happened. and i'm going to find out how my son got there. because i know he would not have willingly, knowingly, just walked into that. >> reporter: chris chestnut is the family's lawyer. >> how many different people have you talked to who were there on november 19th? >> a lot. >> more than 10? >> yes. >> reporter: some of those students told chestnut they were also hazed that night, but none as severely as champion. they say he was singled out possibly because he was both a vocal appointment of hazing, and a band disciplinarian, and gay. >> you are saying robert may have been hazed more brutally for a variety of reasons. was one of those reasons because of his sexual orientation? >> it may or nay not have been. >> possibility, though? >> it's a possibility. >> he wasn't defined by his
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sexual sexual orientation. he was just a child going to school, trying to get an education. >> reporter: the champions say they plan to sue florida a&m, and the band's charter bus company. trapped in a burning home. today, fire investigators are sifting through the ashes of an essex home, where two women died overnight. 66-year-old carolyn and her 44- year-old daughter stacy died. investigators say the home had battery-powered smoke detectors, but they weren't working. in a strange twist, both women were in a car crash, yesterday on aren cliff road. they were treated and released from franklin square hospital. wjz will have more on this story coming up at 5:00. danger in dundalk. today, a gas leak is detected in an industrial park. four people are here after natural levels of gas are detected. the road is closed from the 8200 block of fisher to beechwood roads. no one has been hurt. >> our recent flurries are nothing compared to what some
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parts of alaska are dealing with. cordova, alaska, is completely snowed in. as ben tracy reports for wjz, the worst, though, may be yet to come. >> reporter: in cordova, they are quite simply, buried. buried under a record 18 feet of snow. >> good girl. good girl. clean off my car. >> six feet in the past few days. >> a lot of businesses have already started to cave in. >> buildings have collapsed. avalanches are rolling down the mountains. and boats are sinking in the harbor. >> it's getting to where there is more snow and people and troubles to deal with it. >> reporter: cordova declared a state of emergency sunday and called in the national guard. they will move mountains of snow, which can weigh 100 pounds per square inch. they will also clear the roads to the airport. besides boat, air is the only way in or out of this isolated coastal fishing town. >> i've been in cordova, almost 30 years. and i have never, never seen
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this much snow. >> reporter: while still a far cry from the record seasonal snowfall of 165 inches, the southern alaska coast has been pummeled so far this winter, when nearly 300 inches of snow. that's triple cordova's average for an entire winter season. meteorologists blame a persistent low-pressure system, expected to bring even more snow the rest of the week. >> shovel palooza. snow pock lips. -- snow pockalince. >> reporter: the frigid cold is creating dangerous conditions elsewhere in alaska. several hundred miles, residents in iced-in gnome alaska, worry that a tanker might not be able to reach them with a much-needed fuel delivery. >> reporter: and here in ndour weather continues. sun is shining. really, just a lovely afternoon for january. wjz has weather and traffic together. bob turk is here first with the
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updated first warning numbers. cordova had about 40 inches in about 38 hours. that's a lot. take a look at the rain on the way for us. low pressure is going to start moving in our direction. and by tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow evening, it approaches and gives us rain. what time do we expect the rain to get in here? basically, i think probably after 1:00, 2:00, we start seeing some rain, west/south of us first. then it will start raining steady. could be moderate to heavy rain by tomorrow evening. then it will quit sometime early on thursday. wet second half of your wednesday. but it's going to stay on the mild side. temperatures tomorrow, again, close to 50 degrees. kai? >> let's check on the roads with kristy breslin at wjz traffic control. hi, kristy. >> hi, kai. hi, everyone. we have a couple of accidents to start out the afternoon. northbound harrisburg expressway. we have one at pedonia road. that's blocking the right-hand lane. another crash we're watching 100 eastbound at route 10. as far as your delays on the
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west side inner loop, slowing there from the bw parkway to 95. about 15 minutes to get through. and the north side outer loop, also slowing there from charles street to the harrisburg expressway. northbound 95, brake lights there, from 195 up to the beltway on the southwest side. and another crash in anne arundel county, benfield road at benfield boulevard. let's now take a live look. you can see, pretty easy drive on south quarantine. and we'll take another live look, not too bad there. everything seems to be moving along on the west side of the beltway at liberty road. this traffic report is brought to you by subway. introducing the hot, new pastrami melt. pickles, mustard, bubbly cheese, to satisfy the biggest appetite. only at subway, eat fresh. back to you. ravens fans are counting the days until this sunday's play-off game at m&t bank stadium. the ravens will play the houston texans in the round of the play-offs. this is the ravens' first play-
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off game in years. and while the coaches prepare for the big game, the rest of the organization continues to paint want -- paint the town over literally. today, they ink the team's logo in the center. there was poe. fans mingled with cheerleaders and team mascots and even gave giveaways. you can see the ravens take on houston at m&t bank stadium. the game starts at 1:00 sunday afternoon. and it is only here on wjz. then make sure to stay tuned after the game for the seasons pizza post game coverage. sports director mark viviano, stan and i will bring you highlights and reaction to the play-off game with the texans. still ahead. brutal beating. what sparked the violence? and how the person who shot the video may also be in trouble. they help lower your bad cholesterol. but a new study shows statens may have a down side. don't miss healthwatch.
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can't get the baby to sleep. there's a brand-new app for that. it's a story every exhausted parent needs to see. and it's not so chilly outside today. bob will update our first warning weather forecast. ,,,,,,,,
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mid grade dark roast forest fresh full tank brain freeze cake donettes rolling hot dogs bag of ice anti-freeze wash and dry diesel self-serve fix a flat jumper cables 5% cashback right now, get 5% cashback at gas stations. it pays to discover. a vicious attack caught on tape, lands several people in hot water in new jersey. 18-year-old justin baker says this is what happened when one of his friends accused him of stealing a video game. the beating was recorded by another teen who then put it on you tube. police are filing charges against the attackers. the teen who shot the video may also face charges. police are looking for a man who forced an elderly woman to rob a bank. police say he forced his way
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into the home and robbed her and her husband. this r he -- he then strapped what he said was a bomb to her leg. the kidnapper remains on the loose. it is a constant battle. now, there's a new smart phone app, to get even the fussiest baby to go to sleep. >> ready for nap now? you look sleepy. >> it's bedtime. and mattie and gwen, 14-month- old twin girls, are sick and congested. and they are not going down without a fight. >> here's your blanky. here's your blanky. [ crying ] >> reporter: and yes, there's an app for that. it's called white noise ambience. and its creator is the twins' dad, matthew nifield; he launched it last week after tears and fussing at naptime.
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they try today and crossed -- tried it and crossed their fingers. >> this one features high- resphotos and nifield edited it himself to make sure they looped smoothly. >> there is a slight pause when you get to the end and it would get to whew, but i would tend to quiet the beginning so you won't notice it as much. >> reporter: dr. kim mulvihill says oftentimes babies fall asleep faster when it is not quiet. some believe these monotonous, repetitive sounds, what we call "white news," may remind a baby of sounds he or she heard in the womb. >> reporter: half an hour later, the 33-year-old dad checks on the girls and it works. nifield admits noise makers can be hit or miss with new babies. but for exhausted parents ready to try anything, it's a $2 app, where you can buy a chance for
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peace and quiet. >> and if your baby isn't a fan of white noise, there are several different apps available for smart phones, all geared toward health -- sleep- deprived parents. markets posted gains. let's go to new york, where alexis christoforous has tonight's cbs money watch update. stocks rallied after investors got some good news about europe. fitz rating says it will not downgrade france's debt this year. and the aluminum giant, alcoa is forecasting that depand will -- demand will rise 7%. tich an -- tiffany says shoppers didn't buy as many expensive jewels during the holiday season. that hurt sales in the fourth quarter. and tiffany is cutting its yearly output.
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apple's executive, tim cook, was the highest paid ceo in america last year. an associated prez review -- press review says his pay package was valued at $378 million, when he took the reigns -- reins shortly before steve jobs stepped down. google is trying to include more personal information in its search results. google will customize the information for users' personal interest. that's your money watch. for more, stay with in new york, i'm alexis christoforous. well, a 3-year-old girl may want to thank the makers of safety glass, after a recent trip to a zoo in new zealand. take a look, as little sophia says hi to one of the lions. the cat apparently thinks she is a chew toy.
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the swroop keeper -- zookeepers say that there is no worry, the glass is obviously there for a reason. >> look how close he is. i mean, that's extraordinary. usually it's really hard to see any of the cats at the zoo. >> right there. he just wanted to pet her. >> he just wanted to say hi. >> just wanted to play. >> coming up at 4:00. a new york city school worker is fired after she fakes her daughter's death. and you will never believe the reason why. severe weather strikes texas, stranding school children in high water. see the incredible rescues. our up-and-down temperatures are back up a bit today. what's next in your first warning forecast. go, ravens! ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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beautiful, beautiful view of the lovely sunshine out there today. >> we felt it. >> kind of a crazy couple of
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days. yesterday, a little snow at the airport. officially the biggest snow of the year. 4/10ths of an inch. >> we like that. >> but portions of pg county picked up 1, 1 1/2. couple of spots in faulkier county, virginia. here in the city, a few flurries here in tv hill, we had a little snow for about 20 minutes, then it quit. 52 now. it got to at least 53 this afternoon. the dew point is at 30 degrees. still rather dry. humidity, 42%. west winds at 7. 29.98. the barometer, currently holding steady. around the region, 54. pax river. d.c. now, 53. they did pick up dulles airport, 6/10ths of an inch. a few areas south of washington. that's a little heavier band of snow moving through the region. and southern maryland picked up traces to maybe half an inch most places. north of the city, not a flake,
4:24 pm
not a drop. it stopped literally at around cold spring lane in the noarnl parkway -- northern parkway. 49 in elkton. 52 now in ocean city, locally, with bright sunshine still before it goes down tonight. and at 47, over in rock hall. west winds driving things out nicely. and as the wind comes down the mountains, from 2,000 to 3,000 feet, they tend to warm up. 10, 12 degrees above normal. normal high now is at 41. now, there is an area of low pressure that caused a lot of rain. in fact, this portion of texas had one of the worst droughts ever. they got a lot of rain yesterday and today. that low is headed towards kentucky. it's going to bring with it a warm front across the southeast. that's going to bring us clouds. rain by 1:00, 2:00 in the afternoon. rain tomorrow night. it will continue late, late tomorrow night into thursday before it finally moves out. you can pick up probably maybe
4:25 pm
an inch of rain with this. it will be pretty wet. but it will be generally mild. we still have a chance of a shower early thursday. and then a second cold front will come through. and that's when we'll start getting back to normal temperatures friday and into the weekend. it will be chilly for the most part, sunny to partly cloudy skies. east winds on the bay. 5 to 10 knots. small craft advisory. bay temp, around 41. and look for rain after noon into tomorrow night. tonight, clear to partly cloudy. probably just above freezing in some suburbs. tomorrow, clouds. rain developing in the afternoon. tomorrow's high, still well above average at 49 degrees. even milder thursday. but the rain will be unending. and then colder for the weekend. and football here in baltimore on sunday. about 37, 38, with partly cloudy skies. >> all right. you gotta bundle up for sure. thanks, bob. don't miss tonight's cbs primetime lineup. it's an all-new episode of cis.
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then don't miss the show unforgettable, followed by eyewitness news at 11:00. scott pelley has a preview of what's coming up tonight on the cbs evening news. republican voters get one step closer to deciding their republican presidential nominee. we'll be here live with the latest results and analysis tonight on the cbs evening news. police reveal new information about the man behind the suspected terror plot in florida. desperate in south africa. thousands compete for a chance to study. and the outcome is deadly. will the faa makes changes after this deadly crash in reno? eyewitness news continues with
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it is 4:29. 52 degrees. sunny. hello, everyone. i'm vic carter. >> i'm denise koch. here's what people are talking about. safety in the skies as a string of air shows turns tragic. the national traffic safety board steps in. tara mergener reports they are looking for ways to make it safer. >> they have the national transportation safe board reevaluating. a world war ii era plane crashed. mike houton hit the group that sponsored the show. >> times aren't easy we are looking forward to the event in 2012. >> reporter: they were questioned at tuesday's hearing, saying safety is always the top priority. >> if i don't believe an act is going to be safe or i see they're not doing what they supposed to.
4:31 pm
i knock them off. they land. >> reporter: with 75 deadly air show accidents in 25 years, the ntsb is looking for ways to make public events safer. >> and we want to make sure that the limitations of the human and the machine are respected and that when it comes to spectators and crowds, that they are protected. >> reporter: lieutenant colonel gary cook has flown in dozens of air shows and has been a safety official at others. he says the rules designed to keep pilots and spectators safe are always evolving. >> the accidents happen. it's unfortunate. but the benefit we can learn is what we can do differently at future air shows. >> reporter: more than 3 million people attend air shows every year. and the ntsb says it pays attention to what goes wrong and they are learning from those mistakes. including the deadly crash at the reno air race. the ntsb is now investigating a
4:32 pm
total of eight accidents at air shows in the last year. a human stampede kills one and wounds 20. as students try to register for classes at the university of johannesburg. >> thousands of students have begun lining up last night. and when the gates opened this morning, the clouds surged. some fell. and were rushed by the others. school officials say students are seeking too few seats at the -- seats at the university. many see a university degree as the only way to end proverty. a terror suspect is investigated in a suburb. neighbors are shocked over the arrest.
4:33 pm
>> has family say he is ash macav. neighbors say they pretty much keep to themselves. his brother was curt with us when we attempted to talk to him about the allegations. >> all false. >> it's not true? >> no. >> reporter: then telling us we had to leave. the irony is that ashmicov, who lives in the former yugoslavia, lives across the street from a man who proudly flies the american flag. >> even being a former eagle scout, it kind of bothers me. because i love my country, my friends, my neighbors, even if i don't talk to them. >> reporter: yet neighbors say they never saw anything to suggest that he wanted to kill americans or that he was apparently filled with so much hatred. >> it's really a shock. i'm surprised to hear that happen. and i feel bad for the family. >> shocked, surprised and scared for my life and my family.
4:34 pm
because we're just a house away from that. >> according to the fbi, ashmicav, planned to blow up a hostage and then himself with his belt. awarded the congressional bravery metal. in september 2010, he helped take down a gunman who helped take down the communication. officer payton was off duty when he heard them. but he rushed into the building to help. >> that's what we're here for, to serve the community that large. my colleagues and i were really blessed that none of us got hurt. >> reporter: the gunman, james lee, was shot and killed by police. officer payton is among 20 morphs from across the country to receive the congressional bravery award. older women who take cholesterol-lowering drugs may be at risk for developing type 2 diabetes. >> reporter: in the study, post-
4:35 pm
menopausal women were on cholesterol-lowering drugs, had almost a 50% greater risk of developing diabetes than those who weren't. researchers studied more than 150,000 women who did not have diabetes when the study began in 1993. about 7% of them were on cholesterol-lowering drugs. in 2009, more than 10,000 of them had new onset diabetes. researchers suggest patients should only go on cholesterol- lowering drugs if they can't control it through diet. >> doctors also say any women regularly taking cholesterol- lowering medications should regularly check their blood sugars. robert gaithersburg was trying to navigate flat line falls. it happened sunday near tucker county. searchers found has body, yesterday, monday morning. armed with new tools.
4:36 pm
natural resources police are on the hunt. officers are now using side scan sonar to detect under water nets. they can help bring poaching of the state's signature fish to a halt. last year, they closed three weeks early because of poaching. >> from snow to sun, the weather takes another turn here in maryland. take a live look outside now. this is a beautiful day. will we stay snow-free. bob is here with the updated numbers from first warning weather. we have rain headed our way. it's going to stay on the mild side the next couple of days. take a look at low pressure. it's going to be moving up toward kentucky area. eventually, passing just to the west of us. another one probably developing east of us. that means clouds on tap for tomorrow. look for rain breaking out. sometime, i think, maybe between let's say 1:00 and 3:00 in the afternoon. continuing into tomorrow night. that rain at times could be heavy. looking for probably three- quarters of an inch.
4:37 pm
maybe more in some areas. but it stays well above freezing. kind of a wet, damp, kind of cool, late wednesday afternoon. denise? >> not so bad. thank you, bob. let's check on the roads. >> things are definitely beginning to slow down there on the roadways. if you're traveling on the west side inner loop, that delay has stretched. it's now from southwestern boulevard to 70. as far as the north side of the beltway goes, you'll see brake lights there, as you make your way from harford road to the harrisburg expressway. average speed, about 35 miles per hour. if you're traveling 95, a couple of slow spots well. -- there. northbound 95, from past 100. it also slows down again from the 895 split past the beltway on the northeast side. and as far as accidents go, northbound on the harrisburg expressway, at pedonia road, still taking away that right- hand lane. and another accident we're watching, benfield road at west benfield boulevard. lookinglooking at your drive
4:38 pm
times. 47 piles an -- 47 miles an hour average. let's take a loof -- live look. things are going slowly there. that's at the curtis street draw bridge. this is brought to you by bill's carpet, hardwood and laminate, too. bill's has it all for you. back over to you. >> thank you, kristy. a water main break closes a major road. crews are working to repair the break that happened in carne at the intersection of kentor drive. near carne elementary school. the area is closed between route 1 and whitemarsh boulevard. pizza is back in harfield. dominics is back in business. the perry hall location of dominic's field and orders during the rebuilding process. after a complete remodel, they are ready to take orders. dominics first opened in parkville in 1983. >> looks good. for the second time in days, the u.s. comes to the aid
4:39 pm
of iran. we'll explain. >> come on. come on. >> well, they say good fences make good neighbors. wait until you hear the reason behind this violent dispute. and you still need a coat. but the air is much warmer. bob is updating your first warning weather forecast. here are some of your favorite purple and black photos. to see the complete slide show, go to ♪
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for the second time in ray week, the u.s. military comes to the aid of an iranian ship. last thursday, they held 13 pirates captive in more than 40 days. this time, a coast guard official rescued a disabled cargo boat this morning. one of the sailors required minor medical attention. the coast guard is now returning the men to iran. elsewhere, several people
4:43 pm
are left dead, including three school children. several bombs ripped through baghdad. leaving at least 10 people dead. this is just the latest in a string of sectarian attacks that have killed more than 100 iraqis in less than a week. a 9-year-old missouri girl is murdered by her neighbor, her killer pleads guilty today. >> a missouri teenager told police she just wanted to know what it felt like to kill someone. she pled guilt to second-degree murder. she was originally charged with first-degree murder for allegedly stalking, abducting, stabbing and strangling a 9- year-old girl who lived nearby. 5eu judge recently threw out a confession obtained shortly after her arrest. without taconfession, officers were forced to try a plea deal. >> defense attorneys say that bustamante suffers from severe
4:44 pm
depression and needs mental health treatment. three men are back home this afternoon, after spending several days lost in a cave. the men went into a 13-mile long gave cave exploration. but did not return sunday as expected. the men were a little tired but otherwise okay. >> a chaotic day in houston, after powerful thunderstorms trigger flooding throughout the city. police say water came out of nowhere. rex russell has the story. >> reporter: the parents waiting for their kids at mlk. >> busing the kids to st. francis. >> waded through water and confusion. >> i'm calling because my son has a cell phone, but they can't get in touch with their kids. >> reporter: the end of the school day marks the beginning of a major rescue, as high water forces the evacuation of
4:45 pm
several schools, including kip academy and peck elementary. >> very. >> reporter: in fact, most school buses became bogged down in the mess. and city dump trucks had to be converted into makeshift people movers. carrying residents to dry land. >> up to my knees and i'm 6'4. and i'm just glad you guys came out and helped us and saved us. >> reporter: rescuers also used boats to bring people out, offering relief to residents who were strand said for hours. >> i woke up and there was water everywhere. and when i opened the door, the water rushed in. i went back about maybe 30 minutes ago. and my refrigerator is in the living room. >> reporter: some walked while others had to be carted away from the waters. >> we need help. we need help. we need help. >> reporter: that wreaked havoc
4:46 pm
and heartache in houston. >> reporter: one woman was hospitalized after suffering a heart attack while trying to reach a relative. all the children were safely evacuated from their schools. >> reporter: tempers boil over between two feuding missouri families. and they didn't let the police stand in their way. [ arguing ] >> come on! come on! come on! [ screaming ] >> took several minutes to restore order. officers say even they were amazed to say how fast the fight escalated. 10 people are now facing assault charges. a new york woman is out of a job after she fakes her daughter's death to get more vacation time. it happened last march while the woman was on vacation in costa rica. the woman even created a fake death certificate. costa rica officials later confirmed the document was bogus. the woman pleaded guilty to forgery. a good samaritan in new york is paying a stiff price for his heroism. he's now hospitalized in critical condition.
4:47 pm
john slattery has more on what happened. >> reporter: edwin santiago, the brother of the good samaritan is not surprised that his brother steven saved the life of a perfect stranger. >> i consider him a hero like anybody who was at 9/11. anybody who was overseas. he's a hero just like everybody else is. >> reporter: critically injured is 39-year-old steven santiago, who was admitted if critical condition, with head trauma. it happened early yesterday, at new dwarf station on a platform of the staten island railway. police say an intoxicated man dropped a shoe onto the tracks as a to thenville- -- tottenville bound train. >> santiago was able to reach down and pull the man off the tracks into safety. but didn't have enough time to get his own head back from the path of the train. >> his injury is actually in the stem of the brain. and they can't operate if it
4:48 pm
gets swelled up too much. >> so they're waiting on the swelling? >> on the swelling, basically. there's nothing else they can do. right now it's a waiting game. >> reporter: the man who had lost his shoe, 43-year-old jonathan parissan of orange, escaped serious injury. he was treated at staten island hospital and will face charges of reckless criminal trespass and reckless endangerment. not only does edwin santiago admire his brother's safety, so do others. >> this man is definitely a hero. we need more people like him in this world. >> that's really heartfelt. that's selfless. that's great. >> that was john slattery reporting. sabtdiago -- santiago remains in extremely critical condition. they want to consolidate several pending lawsuits. former raven jamal lewis is one of the ones suing the nfl.
4:49 pm
multimillion dollar lawsuits have been filed in several states. the league wants them all combined into a federal lawsuit that will be seen in philadelphia. actor nick cannon is back home today, after spending time in the hospital. the publicist said he is back at home after suffering minor kidney failure. he fell ill while vacationing with his wife, mariah carey. google wants internet search results to be unique. its internet search results can include more personal information. different users should start seeing different search results more frequently now that google is importing content from its 6- month-old plus service. it's a house in a james bond movie. this spy house includes an elevator for your car and even underground tunnels.
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it's located in laguna beach on a block of water. it's on ray private street and a private beach. asking price, a cool $10 million. >> oh, well. i'm not interested then. [ laughter ] it's a little beyond my price range. although i do like laguna. >> that's nice. clear skies and warmer temperatures. but there's rain coming. >> bob has the updated we here's a friendly reminder. it's your last chance to get verizon's reliable high speed internet and phone for small business for only $84.99 a month. call now or visit only $84.99 for high-speed internet and phone. plus your choice of either no annual contract or a two year price guarantee. call or visit today. hurry -- this offer won't last long. contact the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 1-800-974-6006
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beautiful sunset there. high clouds. >> and also high clouds coming in from the south, which is where our next rain maker is developing now. a beautiful afternoon we had. 52 now. west winds at 7. barometer holding steady. dew point kind of low. humidity only at 42%. that's going to come way up tomorrow. we're at 52. d.c. at 53. last night, yesterday afternoon, a little band developing north of zsa zsa. pg&e, aa county. couple of spots pick picked up 1, 1 1/2.
4:54 pm
airport here, officially, 4/tenths of an inch. just a little bit less than a half inch of snow. and it's gone. 50 degrees in rock hall. 48 in westminster. and 54 over in annapolis and kent island. 53, 32 today. the average is now 41 and 24. and we'll be stuck with those averages for the next couple ever weeks, by the way. 70, the record high, 1950. and at 1875, two below zero on this date. right now, west wind, coming in down the mountains. warm things up. dry things out. a little fog this morning. cleared out quickly, as the skies cleared out. we had a little fog forming after that precip yesterday. most of it was, of course, south of the city. that's where all of the rain and snow occurred. but we've got lighter winds tonight. however, winds generally go out of the south and southeast. bringing in warm and moist air. low pressure over louisiana and texas. moving in toward kentucky. brings warm air over the gulf of mexico. over that slightly cooler
4:55 pm
surface. clouds developing tomorrow morning. rain probably until 1:00, 2:00 in the afternoon. and looks like a wet evening tomorrow night. could be moderate rain with this. and actually, this low passes us. it will start drying out. however, there's an arctic front that will come through late thursday night into friday. maybe a rain shower, north and west of us, maybe even a wet snowflake or two. definitely gets colder friday and into the weekend. east winds on the bay, 5 to 10 knots. small craft advisory tomorrow. bay temp, around 41 degrees. tonight, generally clear. high clouds. 33 by morning. milder than average. tomorrow, back up in the upper 40s. maybe even 50 again. but rain developing in the afternoon. tomorrow night, this time, probably rainy. temperatures in the 40s. kind of a wet end to the day on wednesday. >> okay. >> at least it's not snow. >> it's not going to be snow. >> that's right. thank you, bob. still to come tonight. >> murder, a wild police chase and now a terrified neighborhood. how do these things come together to charge a 16-year-
4:56 pm
old as a killer. i'm weijia jiang, in bel ,,,,,,,
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
coming up next on wjz eyewitness news at 4:00. father murdered in harford county. abolished death penalty. coming up, why some say it's possible this year. i'm jessica kartalija, we're here on bel air road, coming up. they have everything you could possibly want ravens. and tips on how to throw the perfect tailgate. this is the story straight ahead. check in for more on these stories and all the day's breaking news. >> eyewitness news at 5:00 starts now.
4:59 pm
domestic disturbance am. a son charged with killing his dad and leading a shooting on a wild chase. >> what police told detectives. is there a motive for the murder? >> here's what people are talking about. police say a 16-year-old confesses to shooting his dad to death in bel air and dumping the body in a pond. wjz is live at the harford county sheriff's office. weijia jiang explains how this all happened. >> this participated a gruesome picture of how it all happened. neighbors say the trouble brewing between father and son was for years. but they didn't think it would


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