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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  January 15, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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>> verne: somebody is getting their hand slapped over on the official scorer's table. how about the guy -- did you read about the fellow on the first row of the new york philharmonic last week? >> clark: no, i did not. >> verne: oh, my goodness. in the decisive and most pensive moment of a mahler symphony, his cell phone went off and they stopped the performance. >> clark: no, they -- >> verne: yes, they did. alan gilbert stopped and stared at the guy. >> clark: every now and then it's ok to turn that thing off. >> verne: and the poor guy -- i guess it was really -- he was getting booed by the audience, and "the new york times" interviewed him today -- or this week -- turns out he's a 20-year season-ticket holder, a businessman and he somehow was
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oblivious to the thing going off. oh, dear >> clark: verdell jones iii, and that's a blocked shot by amir williams. he's got promising potential. not quite ready to play big minutes yet but when he has played in spots, he's shown some promise, and that will do it, partner. the buckeyes with a very convincing home win. >> verne: zeller winds up with 16, our final score 80-63. tom crean and thad matta exchange handshakes. for clark kellogg, verne lundquist saying so long from columbus, ohio. 80-63. captioning by captionmax does your cable company keep charging you more...
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game over, the ravens beat the texans paving the way to a show down with the patriots. tonight baltimore reacts. it's a good day in baltimore. good evening everyone i'm adam may. the ravens are on the their way to the afc championship. the entire region is glowing with purple pride. wjz is your home for complete
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coverage. derek valcourt has been with the ravens all day. but first let's start with mark viviano. >> reporter: to appreciate what happened today, rewind exactly one year ago to today. when the ravens had a one point lead in pittsburgh and lost. today against the houston texans a 14 point lead that appeared precarious at times but the ravens with their defense and playing at home against the visiting rookie quarterback were able to hold on. the ravens defense set the tone for turnovers with two in the first quarter. web picked up a pass for the first of his two interceptions. that play led to two points. joe flacco's pass of the game went to bolden. ravens lead first quarter. houston pulled from within four points but the ravens shut them down in the first half. an interceps by reed stopped the texans in the first quarter
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and baltimore celebrates a 20- 14 victory. >> it's play offs, it's winning by any means necessary. that's what it's got to be. >> win the game no matter what. that's what it boils down to in a situation like this. this football team won the game. no matter what, it wasn't perfect by any stretch but they found a way to win the football game. >> when they're keeping you focus. it don't matter. everybody was focused on their play. everything turned out nice. we just wanted that w. >> the only reason you play this game is for an opportunity to play in the super bowl. we're in position. two teams left in the afc. it's us and the patriots and
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next week that's going to take care of itself. >> reporter: ray rice is one win away from his second super bowl. bolden has never played in a super bowl. we're going to hear from them coming up in sports back to you for now. >> we know lewis would like that second ring. >> no doubt. >> thank you so much. our coverage continues with derek valcourt. that's where fans are still celebrating. >> this was the outcome that all of maryland was hoping for. it was just about 4:00 this afternoon when every bar in baltimore erupted in cheers for the ravens. tailgating started right at the crack of down. >> we're going to win today, baby. >> it was up at five -- 5:00 this morning, i was so excited. >> reporter: also excited was ray charles, actor from the good wife.
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as game time approached, bars filled up with a sea of purple. although customers good for -- although customers good for the bar owners. >> look at those guys, they're drinking like fish. it's fantastic. >> joe flacco is fantastic. i'm wacco for flacco. >> ed reed, ed reed no doubt. our defense had to show it. >> reporter: fans immediately set their sights on a win. >> flacco is going to go into new england and take over that town. >> tom brady, we're coming for you. we're coming to foxboro. >> not only are the fans excited for the game next week but a lot of the businesses are excited as well. because since the teams are playing away, a lot of these businesses know they're going
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to be raking in the bucks next week with everyone walking in to watch the patriots. >> it was crazy this afternoon, derek. >> baltimore is now headed to new england in a play off face off with the patriots next summer. the winner will advance to the super bowl. you can watch that game right here that starts at 3:00 in the afternoon. it was perfect football weather give or take a couple of degrees. fans did have to bundle up but the sunshine did take away a little bit of that chill. >> i am going to show you some numbers around the state. it cooled down today out there. we only got into the mid-30s for our highs. 31degrees still in baltimore. this is 14 out in oakland. not much of a wind left at this point. but where there is a little bit of a breeze it's dropped our temperature. 19 in ocean city.
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it's going to be a cold night tonight. but this cold air is already leaving us starting tomorrow. we'll have that forecast coming up, adam. >> bernadette, thanks. a desperate search for survivors. an italian cruise ship practically flips over. >> reporter: rescue teams used a helicopters to lift up another survivor along the coast of italy. he was a crew member who screamed for help while emergency workers checked the ship for survivors sunday. divers are searching the submerged part of the ship for victims. the coast guard found the bodies of two elderly men trapped in an emergency gathering area with their life vests still on. survivors say the rush to evacuate and get on the lifeboat friday was chaotic. >> people were just getting on
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them. people were screaming, yelling, pushing. others say emergency announcements didn't express how serious the situation was. one passenger says no one helped guide her to safety. >> i thought i was going to die. because nobody was saying anything to us. >> reporter: the ship is just about 300 yards behind me but it's completely shrouded in darkness. occasionally you can see small flashes of light from the rescue workers inside. firefighters like luckerichi are searching for victims. he says as long as there's people unaccounted for there's hope of finding them alive. the boat tipped over after hitting a rock that tore a hole in the hall. police are questioning the captain. people say he went to shore during the operation. he could be charged for abandoning ship. we did learn late tonight that two americans are among
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the missing. we'll have the latest on the rescue efforts at 11:00. still to come, an explosion on the water. we'll tell you what caused this cargo ship to actually split right in half. we have the man who's responsible for the murders of all four homeless men. he's a suspected serial killer and he's caught. how ordinary citizens helped make the arrest and it's an ice breaker, a tanker carrying fuel finally makes it to a tiny alaska town. we'll tell you how. ,,,,,,,,,,
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another disaster in the high seas. five people were killed in a blast. six others are still missing. the unexplained explosion tore apart the front of the ship and it left the vessel you see here half submerged. the ship was heading south to another port after dropping off some gasoline. officers have tied 23-year- old ocampo to four stabbings. similarities in the killings led police to believe the same person was responsible. tonight he's being held without bail. a russian tanker carries fuel to alaska with the help of
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an ice breaker. the first time this has ever been done before. it shows that ship making it way through nearly 300 miles of ice. that is quite some ice canal there. the tanker is filled with $1.3 million of petroleum. officials say that trip would have been more difficult to make by march, because the ice keeps getting thicker and thicker. after you look that the weather it feels almost tropical here in baltimore. >> and you don't even feel it right. >> right, especially at the stadium. i heard people say, it felt i heard people say, it felt good when the sun [music playing]
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welcome back everybody. we got to 38 for our high that's it. pretty far from our record, 78 degrees on this day. take alook across the state everyone is below freezing. there's not much of a breeze out there but what we do is dropping temperatures. in the mountains feels like the single digits. we have this core air, it will be leaving us tomorrow. the deep purple starting to come down from canada. that's the next system that's going to affect us next week. and it's coming via a storm system. today we had a few clouds this morning, those got out of here. tomorrow we'll see the next round of clouds start to come in. then the rain will follow tuesday into early wednesday. the thing is it's going to come
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in the form of rain because this next storm does have milder air with it. we may see a few showers breaking out. tuesday is more of the rainy day. that will come here wednesday. behind there we start to see temperatures drop. the air is really going to chill coming up later this week. the forecast comes together like this. on the water south winds. we start to warm things up and these winds are going to pick up. tonight before that happens it is going to be a cold one. so tomorrow morning when you're heading out, a lot of places in the teens, we do rebound to 40- degree though with the sunshine giving way to clouds. then a chance for rain tomorrow night. as it does we go up to 50 degrees. when that storm gets out of here here comes our next arctic weather. let's head out to mark viviano. no time to rest, time to start thinking about the pats.
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>> reporter: that's what they're thinking about. the ravens ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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in a play off game dominated by defense, two of the best of all time shined for the ravens. twice veteran safety ed reed was tended to because of injury. but playing with pain his late interception helped clench the win. >> i missed a couple of tackles leading to this game. one of the each of the four besides this one. before this one so i mean it happens. this is part of the game. but i'm also getting old, i understand it. at one point i won't be up here. you'll be interviewing another safety in baltimore. >> reporter: for those who express doubt that reed and lewis can still do it, they showed they still have a super bowl run before they're done. >> when it comes to my brothers inside of our building, to me, it's one of the best places you see playing this game. >> reporter: it does set up
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perfectly. two of the best defensive players in history of the ravens going to face one of the best quarterbacks in history in tom brady this time for the afc championship. let's send it to stan in the studio. >> thank you, mark. stay warm. let's roll the tape on how the patriots took care of business over the broncos a night ago. tom brady and his boys dominated tim tebow and his fellows. brady three touchdown passes. to supertight end brad gronskowsky. be sure to watch the afc championship game between the ravens and patriots. 3:00 next sunday right here on wjz13. now as we speak, the nfc
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divisional play offs continue. it's the giants on the verge of upsetting the green bay packers. 20-13. giants winner plays the 49ers next week for the nfc championship and a super bowl xlvi berth. the visiting georgia tech on this given sunday, highlighted by this steal by freshman guard nick faus. he gives the terrapins an advantage. sean moseley came out firing. he led everyone with 18. in the acc third winning scorer. crafty sophomore left-hander. the terps win. they are now 12-4. 61-60 tonight's final. they will face florida state on the road. and florida state is tough.
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they just handed carolina a whopping that carolina hasn't seen. they looked good though. >> you can catch wjz evening news at 11:00. here's what's coming up at 11:00. 11:00. we'll tell ,,,,,,,,
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