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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  January 20, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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first warning weather center to let us know what to expect and when. bob? >> look at radar. we have some indications just west of us of some precip. but it's very, very dry air right now. in fact, it's going to take a while for that moisture to reach down to the ground. so a lot of this is not really actually returning. a lot of this is evaporating. but later tonight, probably after 10:00, 11:00, maybe after midnight, we'll start to see some snow across the region. it will be initially cold enough for some snow. then as warm air comes from the south, we'll start seeing a mixture, snow, sleet, and yes, even that freezing rain will be here. now, during the day tomorrow, particularly in the morning. 1 to 3 inches of snow, sleet, and eventually freezing rain north of the city before it all ends sometime in the afternoon. mixed rain around the city, down toward d.c. maybe as much as an inch or so. mainly rain south of us. should be a little milder down there, just above freezing. north of pense pense-- pennsylvania border, in fact north of baltimore county,
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harford and carroll county areas, frederick county, could stay around freezing, most of the day, which means it could be freezing drizzle, even during the afternoon. there will be slick conditions on any untreated roadways tomorrow morning, particularly. that's why we have issued or will issue late tonight, a winter weather advisory for everybody, except the eastern shore in delaware. and to the northwest of us, more ice and snow is expected. they do have a winter storm warning in effect for tomorrow into the early afternoon hours. looks like a pretty slick drive in the morning. so if you don't have to go anywhere in the morning, wait until at least things get a little warmer by the afternoon. denise? >> good advice. thank you, bob. wjz 13 is always on. you can check in for first warning weather. for updates on the forecast, watches, warnings and live doppler radar any time, log onto the other big story tonight, less than 48 hours and counting until the showdown in new england. the ravens are making final preparations for the afc championship game. and the fans are making plans
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for where they are going to watch it. wjz is your home for ravens' playoff coverage. sports director mark viviano spent the day with the team as they get ready for the game. but first, jessica kartalija has been all over town. jessica? >> hello, vic. hello, everyone. we are in parkville. this place is absolutely insane. it's like a throwback to my old cheerleading days. we're having a blast out here. everybody is so excited for this weekend. no doubt that they are going to make the super bowl. even all day. take a look. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: the road to the super bowl starts here. first off, alonzo. ♪ [ music ] >> we decided that it would be fun if all of baltimore could get in on the fun. >> reporter: the purple parade on the road through maryland. >> ravens like lobster. new england lob ter.
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-- lobster. patriots' lobster. >> reporter: at the gallery, in the inner harbor. >> say hello to the ravens cheerleaders. >> reporter: everyone has ravens fever. >> i'm here to support the ravens. go, ravens! let's go, ravens! >> go, ravens, we're going to kick butt! flacco, he's going to do it. super bowl, baby! >> going to super bowl. going to win it. then after that, we're going to party like ravens! yeah! that's how we roll! ♪ [ music ] >> we're going to win! we're anything to win -- going to win! we're going to win! >> reporter: the flacco fu manchu, in full effect. >> we are feeling confident we have numbers on the board. >> reporter: players and fans hop on the rally to spread purple pride. >> i want to go up there and support the team. i went to oakland. seemed to help them. >> i hope we go all the way this year. >> go, ravens!
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>> go, ravens! ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: here we are, live in parkville. where the fans are so excited. the caravan will be here at 6:45. and i have to show you guys this. this is a super bowl. as in fu manchu-per-bowl. coming up, we'll rock one of these, as is everyone in this place. we are having a blast. we'll check back with you at 6:30. live in parkville, i'm jessica kartalija. back to you guys on tv hill. >> all right. 7:30, you heard it. jessica kartalija grows a must ash, or a fu manchu. i can't wait. mark viviano is inside the complex inside owings mills as the team gets ready for this. >> in the lobby, where the team
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proudly displays its lombardi trophy. and they will get a chance to add to that collection if they can get past the patriots in the afc championship game on sunday. citizen it's interesting. there is some games manship before the title game. the patriots are known for playing loose with a league mandated injury report. and today, they have 17 players on their injury list. questionsable or probable for sunday. the ravens list just one, ed reed with an ankle injury. he is probable. rest assured, both teams expect to be at full strength when they meet at foxboro, sunday, with a super bowl trip on the line. >> reporter: the ravens' defense feels it will be facing their toughest test of the season, when they line up against tom brady and a prolific passing attack. but baltimore believes it has the talent to keep brady in check. and on offense, the ravens and joe flacco may not be as flashy, but they feel they'll be effective. >> we don't score aton of
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points. we don't put up a lot of yards. but the bottom line is, we get the job done. we score points when we need to. and we're really good in situational football. >> reporter: so what will the situation be on sunday? a ravens win? our panel of experts says yes. >> weekend sports anchor, stan saunders. after talking with billy cundiff, a couple of days ago, and how he told me a kicker's pulse is different from the rest of the team, i think the ravens will win by 3. 27-24. >> ed norris, with the fan. national pundits have had wrong. the patriots have not faced a team as good as the ravens all season long. ravens, 24-21. >> this is steve davis, 105.7, the fan. my brain says pick the patriots. they've won 9 in a row. their offense is on fire. my heart says, hey, take the ravens. and since my kids always tell me, i'm not as smart as i think i am, i'm going with the heart, taking the ravens with
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something to prove. 31-27. >> reporter: this is scott garceau. i've been flip flopping back and forth on this game. let's say a slight lean purple here. i'm not really convinced. 27-28, ravens. but i will say this. if the ravens don't score over 25 points, i don't think they win the game. >> no flip flop for me. i've been saying since october that i believe that the ravens are the best team in the afc and the favorite to go to the super bowl. no reason to change that now. i've got them beating the patriots sunday, 27-20. and i don't even see it as an upset. i think the ravens are just the better overall team. and if they play to their capabilities, they should win. we'll have more coming up later on in sports. back to you for now. >> wow. okay, thank you, mark. and you can see the ravens face the patriots live, here on wjz. the afc championship game starts sunday, at 3:00. and wjz is your home for all of the ravens excitement. don't miss the seasons pizza championship special. get fan reaction, team updates and a hometown sendoff.
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watch live tonight at 7:30, hooker on wjz 13. right now, baltimore city police are looking for a man who tried to sexually assault a young woman near johns hopkins yesterday. -- university. weijia jiang has more on what happened and the concern it is causing. >> reporter: the concern is that this man could be a predator on the prowl and that he could try to attack someone else. >> reporter: police are looking for a man they say tried to sexually assault an 18-year-old woman. it happened on thursday night, around 6:30ux30ux -- 6:30, on the edge of johns hopkins main university campus. off green lake avenue. >> i was walking here past the park last night. and hearing this, it's scary. >> reporter: investigators say the man tried to talk to the victim and her friend, who were sitting on a bench. then he dropped his pants, exposed his privates and threatened them. >> the victims tried to flee the location. the suspect tackled one of the girls, attempted to sexually assault her. >> reporter: the victim was able to break free when she
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kicked the attacker. that's when he ran off. >> i am kind of freaked out that it happened this close to where i live. >> reporter: hopkins administrators hope to ease growing concerns to students. they sent out an alert about the incident and now they're adding more security. >> as the baltimore police adjust their patrols, we will adjust ours. and we'll make sure there is the right amount of attention being paid to the whole area. >> reporter: so far, police have only a generic description of the suspect. >> he's described as a black male, approximately mid- to late 20s, 140 pounds, 5'7" to 5'8." >> reporter: until he's found, many are on guard. >> it does anger me a little bit. because there's not too much we can do about it. there is nothing we can do to prevent this man from going to another mark and doing the same- - park and doing the same thing. >> reporter: right now, police are sketching a composite of the suspect with the victims. we're live, weijia jiang, wjz eyewitness news.
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>> police say at this time, it does not appear the incident is linked to other recent crimes in the area. another abortion doctor faces a maryland judge on murder charges. and mary is in the newsroom with the latest on this case. >> reporter: the cecil county judge ordered dr. nicolla riley held on $300,000 bail. riley was arrested this week at her home in utah and extradited to maryland. she is charged with murder in connection with a late-term abortion at a clinic in elkton. the procedure involved a teenager who was 21 weeks pregnant. officials have already revoked riley's license to practice medicine here in maryland. now, her attorneys have filed a motion to dismiss this case. >> another doctor from new jersey is also facing charges in connection with this case. occupy baltimore protestors are rallying tonight with a demonstration near city hall. this comes days after the protestors clash with police. mike hellgren has the latest on the protests and the potential for more arrests. >> reporter: police did maintain a closer watch on the demonstrations tonight.
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there were there was one confrontation, where they were told they were blocking the road. but it ended without a single arrest. >> reporter: occupy is not giving up. rallying again. at royal plaza outside city hall, and vowing to make their voices heard as the mayor fields a series of budget hearings. >> police threatened them with arrest. >> this is what democracy looks like! >> reporter: they're ending a week that began with explosive protests, landing six members of occupy baltimore in jailover -- jail overnight as they clashed with police. demonstrators believe the facility is a waste of millions of taxpayer dollars, money that would be better spent on rec centers and educational programs. >> we've gotten so much prez for the issues -- press for the issues we're concerned b. we want to-- about. we want to save the rec centers, we want to save our youth. i'm a former teacher. i understand how crucial education is.
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>> reporter: occupiers call this a week of agitation, in contrast with a lack of arrests and confrontation since the group formed. >> reporter: but local occupiers have managed to gain attention. from city hall and beyond. in one incident at johns hopkins, they haggled former presidential adviser, karl rove. the group has been met lately with a massive police response, but organizers say they aren't intimidated and have no plans to go away. >> of course, we see it as making an impact in the city. >> reporter: where is "occupy" headed next? well, the mayor has a budget for them at the silver arboretum tomorrow and they plan to be there. reporting live from city hall, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> no one was arrested when the city raided the occupy encampment at mceldon square last month. using technology to keep you safe? or an invasion of your privacy? the new device that can spot
6:13 pm
hidden guns, and the controversy around it. cruise ship disaster. hope is fading at finding any more survivors. what happens next? a pied piper approach to rats and mice. i'm pat warren, coming up on eyewitness news. could d.c. be transporting its vermin to maryland? a maryland delegate thinks they can. and we could wake up to a winter mess. don't miss the updated first warning forecast coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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protecting maryland fromang
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invasion. an invasion of rats in washington d.c. a state delegate claims it leaves maryland open to these unwanted critters. political reporter pat warren explains. and rats creep you out, you may want to turn away for just a moment. >> reporter: wildlife. the heartfelt collective urge to protect, often conflict with the need to control the operation. but if there is one they seem to agree needs kill being, it's rats. >> i never get a phone call that we need to protect the rat. but i get a lot of phone calls, we have rat infestation. can you come down and terminate? >> reporter: and that means exterminate. they have approved methods. and those methods include canturing and relocating them. >> in the law, you must transfer them to sanctuary, 25 miles away from ground zero, which means virginia and maryland. >> reporter: defenders of the act say it does not apply to
6:17 pm
common city rodents. but in mcdonogh's view, a rat by any other name is still a rat. >> the ones they are talking about are also carriers and breeders and dangerous. they carry the same kinds and similar diseases. just because they're more rare or something of that nature doesn't make any difference. >> reporter: the maryland attorney general's office tells wjz, that any transport of animals to maryland for release in the wild, requires a permit from the department of natural resources and that the animals must be free of disease. >> we are asking washington, d.c. right now how are -- what are the details of the program? >> reporter: mcdonogh's bill is a work in progress. reporting live from annapolis, i'm pat warren. now, back to you on tv hill. >> the d.c. law took effect in 2010. well, ravens fans are busy making plans for this sunday's afc championship. and snapping up all of the ravens gear and supplies that they can. complete coverage continues
6:18 pm
with gigi barnett. she has more on this. >> reporter: well, denise, i'm sure it's safe to say that the party's plan for this weekend will reach well into the thousands. retailers say fans are stalking up now. >> reporter: at patriots plaza, in front of the baltimore county courthouse, there is a purple party going on. >> give me an s. >> s! >> what's that spell? >> minutes before county executive kevin kamenetz company pumped up the crowd, he renamed patriots plaza to ravens plaza. the new name stays this weekend only, until the ravens beat the patriots. >> monday morning, we'll go back to that. right now are it's ranks plaza. >> reporter: the -- ravens. >> reporter: the county celebrated with cake for all. >> reporter: for fans looking for something different for their celebration this weekend, the bakery has this. it's a ravens football crab cake.
6:19 pm
it's not what you think. >> it's a football crab cake? >> a football cake. but it's also in the shape of a crab. >> reporter: this year, the ravens fans in baltimore are going nuts. >> reporter: that's something dan the t-shirt man mcclure knows well. in addition to selling ravens gears, he also sells party supplies at the apollo sun. he says fans want everything from purple napkins to black glasses. >> there's never too much purple. come on. in baltimore, this year, the super bowl year again, you can never have too much black and purple. >> i'm making something that is classy. >> betty hall owns bead wear in towson. she said she saw demand for trinkets. but with the ravens only one game away from the super bowl, she believes the passion in purple will spike. >> i think everybody will see sales spike. because everybody is going to be happy. >> reporter: well, hall says that purple jewelry is not easy to come by. but designers have made it a hot ticket item this season. she believes that's because
6:20 pm
everyone knows that the ravens are super bowl bound. back to you. >> are you putting on your purple, gigi? we can't tell? >> my purple earrings? i had to get a pair. >> i don't blame you. people are happy they spend their money. >> a lot going on. if you are driving up to foxboro tomorrow, you will be running into snow most of the day. they could see 3 to 4 inches of snow. wilmington to massachusetts. that's something you have to watch out for. let's take a look at temps and conditions around the region. right now, we're down to 32. and the dew point is finally coming up. it was 4 degrees. now, it's up to 10, which means a little more moisture moving in. humidity jumped to 39%, ooft/southeast winds at 8. the barometer, actually rising. 32.7 inches. come back and look at the weekend forecast after this. ,,
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live look outside right now. clear right here, right now. but it's going to change pretty soon, bob? >> just took a look at one of the state roads, out in garrett county, around grantsville. just started to snow out there. take a quick look at radar. i'll show you where that activity is now. here in our region, we have
6:24 pm
clouds. but nothing really going on. as far as radar is concerned. there you go, off to the west. some of that precip is just beginning to reach the ground in garrett county. and a little bit of western allegheny. a lot of this up in pennsylvania. a lot is not reaching the ground yet. because the air is so, so dry. it will eventually moisten up. we're at 32 degrees here in d.c. a little warmer across the region. 34 in the upper 20s to the west. a little snow now falling in garrett. probably moving into cumberland, very shortly. 27, hagerstown. now, 28 in elkton. the dew point has come up. more moisture coming up now. ocean bringing moisture in. won't drop a whole lot tonight. but it will be below freezing. 33, annapolis. and 27 now in westminster. right now, we have an east wind. most of the day, it's been out of the north. over the next 12 hour or so, we'll have the cold air in place. our wind is aloft. we'll start coming in from the south and southeast. that means, above us, where the
6:25 pm
clouds are, where the precipitation is, it should get above freezing. that means the snow that we're expecting maybe overnight, and mixture of sleet and some freezing rain, eventually, it warms up to just some plain rain or drizzle. that's mainly from the city on south and east. right along the pa border. may stay right around 32 degrees. much of the morning into tomorrow. here's the precip band, moving in from the midwest and the great lakes this afternoon. some areas picked up decent amounts of snow. we have this warmer air across virginia in the 40s down there. you can see rain already. we'll see the rain moving in already tonight. snow, sleet, freezing rain. eventually, it will all end as a period of drizzle, we think. as all of this stuff moves off to the east, that low pressure passing across the region. gets a little milder. and maybe a little drizzle or shower sunday. quick look at what we expect once again. trace to an inch in this area. 1 to 3 north. and mainly rain south. yes, there will be icy conditions, particularly in the morning on saturday, north of the city.
6:26 pm
on the bay tomorrow, winds probably generally out of the north, at 10 to 15. and they get a little stronger as the low approaches and a small craft advisory out there tomorrow. tomorrow, late tonight, a mix moving in. 27, more snow north. more of the mix in the city on south. 36, mix in the morning. and a little bit of afternoon rain before it quits. tomorrow night, we'll be back below freezing. anything out there will be frozen up once again. in the morning, particularly any untreated surface going to be slick. watch out for that. sidewalks. still to come tonight on wjz eyewitness news. we're live with ravens fever. >> hello, guys. i'm jessica kartalija. we are live here at bill batemans in parkville, where it is crazy. the ravens caravan has just arrived. we'll have the latest in a live report coming up in a few minutes. i'm alex demetrick. coming up, sparrows point gets back to work. that story as eyewitness news continues.
6:27 pm
not to alarm you or something. but somebody needs to contact somebody because you're the fourth girl in a week to come in with that. >> mystery illness. a dozen teens in one school develop bizarre symptoms. but wait until you hear what doctors think ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is 6:30. cloudy and 32 degrees. good evening. thanks for staying with wjz. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. rescue workers are once again forced to suspend the search for survivors of that crippled cruise ship off the italian coast. anna metranga reports for wjz from gig lio -- jig le li -- giglio with more. >> reporter: rescuers are allowed to resume the search
6:31 pm
aboard the costa concardia-- concordia, but only above the water line. even the slightest movement could put rescuers in danger. a fire department spokesman said, as soon as we were given the go ahead, our crews got ready and returned to the ship immediately. once it's safe, divers want to finish searching underwater areas of the force bridge, where passengers gathered before abandoning ship. rescue crews are worried about the rough weather ahead and also about the wear and tear on the fuel tanks, which is scraping against the reef. >> reporter: the ship is carrying half a million gallons of fuel. and crews rushed on friday to finish surrounding it with oil barriers. the view of the hull shows the cat strophic knowledge -- catastrophic damage. and underwater damage. amateur video from the night of the wreck shows a crewmember
6:32 pm
telling passengers, everything is under control, and that they should return to their cabins. two american passengers are now home in minnesota. the sisters described the chaos as the ship started to tilt. >> i looked around. and i saw that people were in this life boat, and this whole life boat was full. >> reporter: that spot, where passengers scrambled for life boats is one of the places search crews are looking for bodies. in giglio, italy, anna metranga, wjz eyewitness news. >> now, the ship's captain remains under house arrest. francesco schettino faces possible criminal charges for his actions both before and after running aground. an outbreak of a mysterious illness is baffling doctors tonight. take a look at what is happening to sarah sanchez and other teams. they're having severe ticks and verbal outbursts. experts say they are suffering
6:33 pm
from character disorder. experts say it is rare but it can happen in groups. blaming it on on mass psychogenic illness. doctors are treating it and the teens are showing improvement. children claimed they were poisoned by lead paint. the maryland supreme court reversed a lower court's ruling. the court says the siblings did not file claim within 180 days. attorneys for the siblings plan to appeal. alexalex demetrick follows layoffs and going cold. sparrows point is about to heat up. >> reporter: right around christmas, the furnace at rg steel went down. 800 workers found themselves laid off and applying for unemployment. >> we're in a limbo stage.
6:34 pm
we don't know how long it will be, the period, where it will be and how long it will affect us. >> today, with an announcement by the governor, they found out. >> the line of credit has been secured to allow rg to fire up the furnace again and get our steel workers back to work at sparrows point. >> reporter: surrounded by one -- some of those workers, the news couldn't be more welcome. >> everybody is back to work. it's definitely good news from three weeks ago. >> i have been on pins and needles, wondering if the plan was going to survive. >> it might not have. with the cost of raw materials up and the cost of steel down by 30%, rg steel needed cash to survive. working with the union and state and federal government, private loans were found. >> next year is going to be a good year. steel prices on the rise. that problem is behind us. >> reporter: by securing loan money now, rg steel say its is positioned to grow. >> it means over 2,000 jobs in
6:35 pm
sparrows, with another 10,000 to 12,000 supporting jobs. they're going to be preserved. >> that's very good news. >> how are we going to survive? >> reporter: alex demetrick, wjz eyewitness news. >> now, rj steel management says the furnace should be operational by this weekend, with laid-off workers starting to return next week. time now for a quick look at some of the stories you'll find in tomorrow morning's edition of the baltimore sun. the mild winter has saved state and local budgets piles of money. a preview of orioles fan fest. and what local bars and rest rawntdzs are doing -- restaurants are doing to get ready for the crush of fans. remember to look for the updated forecast, from wjz's first warning weather team. unless you just came out of a cave, you know it is a purple friday around town. in just about 48 hours, we will know if the ravens are moving on to the super bowl. wjz is live at bill bateman's bistro in parkville. where fans are awaiting.
6:36 pm
actually, i've heard the caravan has arived. jessic -- arrived. jessica kartalija is at bill bateman's now. >> hello, denise. and hello to everybody. ravens caravan there. [ inaudible ] hard to hear myself think. [ inaudible ] [ crowd cheering ] >> reporter: baltimore county executive kevin kamenetz, officially renamed patriots plaza to what else? ravens plaza. he was surrounded by ravens report -- supporters. and he was certainly getting them all fired up. meanwhile, all of this ravens pride has been extending across the state. mary bubala has a look at where else people are getting into the ravens spirit. >> yeah, bipartisan support today in annapolis for purple pride. no matter what their stance on the issues this weekend,
6:37 pm
maryland lawmakers are united in their support of the ravens. >> what time is in -- it? >> game time. >> what time is it? >> game time. >> reporter: the traditional color of politics, red, white and blue, took on a different hue in annapolis today. >> root for the ravens to beat the heck out of the new england patriots! [ applause ] >> reporter: it was all purple on the house floor at the state state capitol, with politicians pumped up for the ravens afc championship game this weekend. >> i am going to predict that new england is going to suffer at the hands of baltimore's defense. and baltimore will be winning this game. >> my prediction is ravens 30. patriots 15. >> they're going to kick some tail at 3:00. >> reporter: governor o'malley declared this a purple friday for all state employees, with maryland lawmakers, setting the tone. >> what time is it? >> game time. >> let's go to the house. >> reporter: governor o'malley did not make any official bets with the governor of massachusetts, but he did
6:38 pm
remind patrick about the lobsters he received after we beat the pats back in 2010. back to you. >> all right, mary. thank you. we're back here live at bill bateman's in parkville, where people are so excited. again, the ravens are here. [ inaudible ] [ cheering ] [ crowd cheering, too much noise to hear reporter ] [ cheering ] [ inaudible ] >> reporter: ravens are headed to indianapolis. let's go, ravens! super bowl. all right. back to you guys on tv hill. i'll see you at 7:30. >> thank you, jessica. i didn't hear a word you said. but i know people were excited there. and i could hear go, ravens,
6:39 pm
go, ravens. you can see the patriots and ravens live here. championship game starts sunday at 3:00. and don't miss the seasons pizza championship special. get fan reaction. like you need more. they're excited. team updates and a hometown send sendoff. watch it live tonight at 7:30. >> do we get seasons pizza while we're doing the show? >> i hope so. i doubt it. still to come tonight on wjz eyewitness news. periods of winds and flames have held up the latest efforts. murder mystery. police identify a dismembered body in hollywood hills. why they are not releasing a name. winter and then another warmup. i'll have the exclusive first warning five-day forecast. and we'll want -- wjz wants to see your purple pride. here are some of your photos, in purple and black. to see the complete slide show, go to ,,,,,,,,
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well, investigators in california have identified a man found in a park in hollywood. on tuesday, a dog walker found the man's head. the next day, cadaver dogs
6:43 pm
found other body partsd in a shallow grave nearby. police are not releasing the name to protect the investigation. city of chicago goes 24 hours without any murders or shootings for the first time in a year. the police department is crediting their work with the community for the important milestone. chicago normally averages more than a murder a day, and many more nonfatal shootings. the nypd is stepping up its war against illegal guns with a new tool that could detect weapons through people's clothing. it's called tera hertz imaging detection. it measures the manager radiating from a body, up to 16 feet away. and it can detect anything blocking it, like a gun. but some are calling it an invasion of privacy. >> it's worrisome. it affects privacy. the right to walk down the street without being subjected to a virtual patdown by the police department when you're doing nothing wrong. >> the department of defense is
6:44 pm
also researching the tera hertz technology to detect suicide bombers, wearing explosives. a large wildfire continues to burn near reno, nevada. it increases the possibility of flooding with the start of what could be heavy rain soon. about 2,000 residents are still under evacuation orders. the fire is about 50% contained. the cause is not known. but so far, no one has been hurt. music fans around the world are remembering ettajames. the jazz legend died this morning at a california hospital. the cause of death is complications from leukemia. her hits include "at last." and "tell mama." she was 73 years old. >> what a loss. scott pelley has a preview of what's coming up tonight on the cbs evening news. >> as south carolina prepares to vote, romney stumbles and gingrich finds his voice. we'll have bob schieffer and our campaign 2012 team on the story. tonight on the cbs evening news. thanks, scott. here's a look at tonight's
6:45 pm
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lots of purple in that picture. we could be pake waking up to a messy mix. all things considered, it has been a mild winter. bob has the updated forecast as we head into the weekend. bob? >> people say where is waldo? where is winter? we have some coming late tomorrow. take a look at tomorrow's forecast, in the morning, particularly in the morning, that's when we'll see some snow, sleet, and yes, freezing rain. still below freezing. until midday, when it gets above freezing. just a little drizzle by tomorrow afternoon. tomorrow night, it will clear out, get down below freezing once again on sunday. maybe a little drizzle in the afternoon. high of 38. rain likely on monday. 57. 48. clearing out on tuesday and wednesday. once again, we go back to that mild pattern, at least after this weekend. denise? >> all right. thank you, bob. still to come on eyewitness news tonight. the ravens go through their final practice, before heading to new england. >> mark viviano is live with some insight on the mood of the team. ,,,,
6:49 pm
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way to go, neil.
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well, if the team feels anything like those people at batemans, they're very excited. mark has the wjz the fan sports report. mark? >> well, denise, those ravens will board their charter flight and head to new england
6:52 pm
tomorrow afternoon. there will be one more walk- through practice here in owings mills before they go. and just as we saw a week ago, prior to the home play-off game against houston, the players not showing any outward signs of nervousness or tension. they're keeping the atmosphere loose. >> reporter: winding up play- off preparations, final full practice. these guys are used to the buildup of game week. but there is added pressure and attention at play-off time. but the ravens know how to have fun, especially since it's friday. >> i love it when she's near me. and safely see the day that hell freeze over before i let her go and i let you people know, know, know ♪ that's my encore. >> you start thinking about something. that's when bad things happen. but i think so our team we're excited, ready to go. >> they worked really hard on preparation. and i'm really proud of our
6:53 pm
guys. i think we've had a great year that way. you know. our guys work really hard in practice. they work hard in the meeting room. that's a big reason we've had the success we've had. [ no audio ] >> lost audio. [ no audio ] >> we're going to get from him in sports. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:56 pm
if you're looking for a movie to check out this weekend, red tails may be what you're looking for. it's starring an all-african american cast. alexis christoforous has a preview. >> reporter: red tails is the true story of the legendary tuskegee airmen of world war ii. facing segregation and racism, this first squadron of african american pilots won medal after medal for bravery. rapper neo plays an airman and says this story was barely
6:57 pm
mentioned in schools. >> tuskegee airmen were the fiefortz african american pilots in american history. so then adolf hitler -- i mean, that was pretty much all they gave me. >> it's like you're lying and i didn't have any proof. because in the history books, they weren't there. >> reporter: original tuskegee airman, dr. roscoe brown, was a consultant on the film and remembers the pilots' struggle. >> all of us wanted to change things. the question is, how much do you push the envelope in changing things? for example, if you got arrested, you couldn't be a pilot. so therefore, you might protest, but you didn't want to get arrested. >> reporter: but the film is not just a review in history. george lucas turns it into a high-flying adventure. >> this was a george lucas production. and i knew i had to be involved. because he would have little
6:58 pm
boys feeling like they were in the p-51 flying over the sky. >> reporter: a lesson in american history that puts you right in the pilot's seat. alexis christoforous, wjz eyewitness news. >> it's true, it's an amazing story. i've seen portions of this story. and i can't wait to see this this weekend. >> opens this weekend in baltimore. >> that's it for us tonight. we'll be back at 11:00. i'm vic carter. >> and for bob and mark in owings mills. i'm denise koch. thanks for watching wjz, maryland's news station. there's much more ahead. including romney stumbles and gingrich searches. bob schieffer weighs in. don't forget, at 7:30, we'll have our live ravens special here. so watch ,, >> pelley: tonight on the eve of the south carolina primary, a new front-runner. gingrich passes romney, and suddenly it's a whole new battle
6:59 pm
for the g.o.p. nomination. reports tonight from dean reynolds, jan crawford, and bob schieffer. john blackstone at the scene of a fast-moving wildfire near reno. it's already destroyed dozens of homes. alan pizzey reports a new danger in the search for victims of the italian cruise ship disaster. and steve hartman on the road with a refreshing politician, one with absolutely no political aspirations. >> we're here to talk about your political career. >> oh. >> reporter: you don't seem too excited about that. >> no. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. we are hours away from the first primary there the south, south carolina, and it's turning out to be a more critical battle for the g.o.p. nomination than anyone might have imagined. have a look at what just happened. in the latest preprimary poll ou


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