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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  January 22, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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it's two great football teams. two gladiators, i guess, just kind of going at it at the end. i'm proud of our guys. we've got 53 guys, mighty men, as we like to call him. as this shirt says right here. and they fought. and we came up a little bit short. as 53. you know, 53 win and 53 lose. but i'm proud of the way we did it. we didn't quite get it done. but that doesn't lessen it. and congratulations to them. they found a way to win the football game. they're a tremendous football team. and we respect them. and we'll be seeing a lot of them. >> tell us a little bit about this game. you knew it was going to be a tight fought game given your style of play and your ability to play defense against a team that can score points. tell me about the x's and o's of this game and what really counted in the end. >> the biggest thing was fundamental football play. i thought we did a good job of handling their hurry-up type offense. they do a great job of finding you and he does a good job of setting the offense against whatever defense you put out there. we were back and forest with disguises. he was changing plays at the line. at the end it was blocking and
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tackling and causing fumbles and completing passes and making interceptions and making plays. that's what made it a great football game. >> coach, congratulations on a bitter end to a great season, but also congratulations on what's still a bright future for your guys. >> thanks, steve. appreciate it. james: very classy move by john harbaugh. and again, it was a very tight game indeed. boomer: as far as the super bowl is concerned, i think either team, the giants or the 49ers, can present the same type of problems that the ravens presented to the patriots today. you've got to wonder about gronkowski's ankle. i appreciate tom brady being so honest and so refreshingly honest about his performance today. shannon: i'm looking at the san francisco giants and -- the san francisco 49ers and the giants game. i think it's going to come back to the quarterback. you ask eli manning to win this ballgame for his ball club. the rain will negate the running game for both teams. bill: if you'd have told me that tom brady would have thrown no touchdown passes and two more turnovers than the baltimore raveps, you'd say there's no way they win the
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game. this is a football team that finds ways to win. dan: they played together as a team today. tom brady threw two interceptions. he's not going to be able to play that way if they want to have a chance to win the super bowl. but congratulations to him, and the new england patriots. he's been to five super bowls in 10 years. it's just incredible. boomer: also, joe flacco played well today. shannon: very well. james: as always, excellent with you guys on another season. and on behalf of all of us here at cbs sports and "the nfl today," we'd like to thank you for making cbs your nfl home week in and week out. folks, i'm james brown. and for dan marino, coach bill cowher, shannon sharpe, and boomer esiason, we'll see you all next season here on cbs. [closed captioning provided by [closed captioning provided by cbs sports division.]
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heartbreak, the ravens kick away a chance to make it to the super bowl. tonight the team and fans react. while the looks on those player's faces. good evening everyone i'm adam may. baltimore is simply in disbelief tonight. the ravens just fall short to new england ending their super bowl hopes on that missed field goal. wjz is your home for the ravens play off push. derek valcourt is live tonight with upset fans, but let's begin with stan saunders. he has the break down of this incredibly close game. >> the sting of defeat is going to last for a long time here.
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the ravens were playing in their third play off game. and of course it was ray lewis that got them started in the first half. >> sacrifice everything you have, whatever it takes. >> reporter: third quarter new england up 16-10 when joe flacco finds torry smith in the first half. then the star heads free, before leaping into the end zone for a 29 touchdown and a 17-16 ravens lead. then on the ensuing kick off another, lewis forces a fumble. cook recovers on the patriots 28-yard line that led to a billy condit field goal. but the patriots answers quickly. tom brady and new england comes back up. the ravens had a chance to tie it with 15 seconds to go. they were down three when
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condit misses the makeable field goal. and the patriots win it. so much disbelief, so much disaappointment for the ravens. >> i thought our guys played their hearts out. we made plays, came up a player too short in the end. but doesn't lessen what they accomplished this year. doesn't lessen what they accomplished in this game. we talked about mighty men. we've been talking about it for a long time. i don't feel any less for those guys that way that i felt four years ago when this season started. i'm proud of them. i'm proud of our quarterback, i'm proud of the way he played and he stepped up in this kind of a setting. the plays he made down the stretch i think says a lot about him and his future. and i just like our football team and i like where we're going. billy condit missed five field goals during the regular season and today he hit double digits with ten. >> i know you're going to be
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monitoring that game for us. derek valcourt has reaction from fans to this game. the screams you could hear them across the city when that field goal was missed. >> this is one fans are not going to forget for a long time. to say heartbreaking would be a gross undertaking. >> reporter: excitement at a fever pitch even before the kick off. fans decked out in purple, some even sporting that -- >> any time you heard brady is a good moment. i want to hurt him. >> reporter: optimism set in. >> half cup full. >> we're going to win. >> the defense came alive, we've got it. >> reporter: a touch down in the second quarter and cheers could be heard throughout baltimore. >> i absolutely didn't think this was going to happen but the ravens keep pushing it, keep pushing it and keep pushing it.
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>> reporter: but the patriots leave other fans leaving fans disappointed and ready for another season. >> the defense did their job, definitely a heartbreaker. i mean it's a 20-yard field goal. you have to make that. >> billy has been doing this all season. i have no worries, 32-yards, he's got to make it. >> reporter: many fans tonight don't have any kind words saying about billy condit. >> i heard one that billy condit is in the witness protection program already. >> reporter: we just understand that joe flacco is speaking after the game. can we go ahead and listen to that. >> too much i mean we talked about it earlier in the week and said who cares. and you know from then on we just moved on like a normal week. i think we come in here, we've played here before. we were confidence coming in. you know we put ourselves in a
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position to win it. we just have to pull ourselves through. >> your performance was such an indication in this type of game. how do you put a perspective on it. >> we lost, somebody has to lose. and you know, the thing for us is we layed it all out there. we didn't leave anything on the field. we can all look each other in the eyes and say that we left it all on the field and gave it our best. did we play every play our best? did we execute everything the best every single play, no? but in this type of game, afc championship game against this football team in their place, to have the chance we have. we would like to think that we would have made it and we'd be sitting right here and probably out in the field right now celebrating. it just didn't happen that way, somebody else, it was us. we left it all out there. we have to be proud of that and we have to move on.
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>> joe flacco obviously disappointed today. really under the microscope before the game but did make some exceptional plays. >> reporter: in the final minute of the game, final pride and the chance for the ravens to win. flacco to lead evans but he drops what would have been a go ahead touchdown. still in field goal range. billy condit from 32 yards out, but he kick, fails, wise, an incredible disappointing finish as the ravens fall short of the super bowl losing to the patriots, 23-20 in the afc title game. in foxboro, mark viviano back to you. >> billy condit is speaking at that postgame. he just took the podium away from joe flacco let's hear what he has to say. >> probably made the decision
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for him pretty easy. >> you had any kind of encouragement after? >> he had a lot of encouragement, i feel this team is a team that when you first arrive, you know it's a tough group trying to get into because you have to earn the respect, you earn your respect with this teem by playing well. i think we've given the guys a lot of reasons to believe in me and things would come through. i think if anything, the disappointment is letting my teammates down. it's a team game. to know that ray poured his heart out. and he's had a long career and you don't know how many more years he's got left to let him down is pretty tough. >> to win a game, you pretty much taken over? >> i think when you're in this level, if you're going to be a professional, you do have to take it personally. it's one of those things that i get paid to make field goals.
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i don't get paid to miss field goals. we'll get through this. it's something that will strengthen me in my career. i've had tough situations and i'm still standing here today. it's something that is going to be tough for a little while. but i have two kids, i have some lessons that i have to teach them. first and formost, making sure you stand up, face the music and move on. >> condit saying that he let his team down but he's going to move on. we're going to have complete coverage on news at 11:00. former penn state football coach joe paterno has passed away. the legendary coach passed away this morning from lung cancer. he won more than 400 games. in november he was fired for not following up on allegations that his former defensive coordinator jerry sandusky
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accused a young boy in the team's locker room. joe paterno was 85 years old. let's check in on the weather right now because we do have a developing situation in that department. the sun has set on this gloomy especially with the football mood and a chilly sunday but we do have freezing rain on the way. so let's get the latest from bernadette woods. >> we're going to start with doppler radar to show you a little bit of drizzle starting to show up on radar. nothing heavy at this point. it's really not going to be heavy as we head through the night. we're going to switch it over and show you, this is just the beginning of this situation. look at the temperatures out there. we haven't gotten above freezing all day long. this is the highest we've been, it's going to take through the overnight to get above freezing. temperatures will start to rise
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later tonight. as we head into tonight there's an area where we're going to see somizing. temperatures below friezing could create more icing conditions before we change over to rain tomorrow. so we will have a full forecast coming up tomorrow. >> the details are just a few minutes away, bern. check in for first weather warning coverage. plus live doppler radar and any closings or delays you can log on to coming up, we're going to have the very latest from bernadette and the forecast. more reaction from the incredibly tough defeat in new england, that's coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome back everybody. well you can see what's happening outside, still frozen around all the grounds that we're seeing. we've got more to add to that, we're going to switch over to first warning weather doppler. already the first signs of this storm arriving. it's already light through the storms. temperatures are below freezing so any light drizzle or fog forming is going to create icy conditions on the roads that have already become treated. freezing rain in effect until 6:00 p.m. for all of these areas, this is going to continue for the next couple of hours as you can see. temperature wise it's already
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30. we have not made it above freezing. 43 in ocean city. this is the type of air that's moving our way early night into the morning hours and everything will change to rain by the time the bulk of the moisture gets here. but by the time that happens all of these areas are at or above freezing but that's when you could see some icing. here's that storm with the more solid moisture out to the west. that's when the warmer air comes our way. so everything will change over to rain but it's going to be a few hours before that happens. then rain can make way for the thunderstorms. here's that storm, it gets out of here by tuesday. we clear out, there's mild air to follow. more arctic air to come. the forecast looks like this. tonight we are concerned with icing out there. about 29 degrees, but temperatures also going to rise throughout the overnight hours.
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we're going up to 49 for the overnight hour. this is going to help melt a lot of the ice that's on the ground so be careful during those overnight and early morning hours. we're still above average the next couple of days. the next storm moving our way thursday into friday. >> there's a lot of ice out there right now. i know a lot of people are driving home tonight. just be careful out there. >> be safe. >> thanks so much. stay,,,,,,,,
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going to be the difference maker. the ravens had a chance to tie the game with 15 seconds to go but bully condit from 32 yards out, boots it and he misses. a makeable 32-yarders. so the patriots hang on to win. yes they're going to the super bowl. so much disbelief and disappointment for the ravens, condit addressed that missed kick. >> i think we'll just, try to keep things simple. and i think i've kicked probably a thousand times in my career. and went out there and didn't convert that's just, the way things go. and there's really no excuse for it. just didn't go. >> a little bit earlier he goes, i have kids. the sun still shines tomorrow but that's going to eat at him for a long long time. >> maybe a lesson, something he can teach his kids from this. you have to keep your chin up.
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it was a good season. >> they can come back next year and be a great team. >> stay with wjz. coming up tonight at 11:00 on wjz, more on that heartbreak in new england. the ravens fall short of the super bowl. we're going to bring you the best comments tonight on our wjz news. another blast of winter weather is headed our way. we're going to let you know everything you need to know before that morning commute. and bernadette woods has been tracking that here all day long and she'll have that here tonight at 11:00. finally tonight, check this out. >> in this edition of puppets courts we're talking about
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