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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  February 20, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EST

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it is 6:00, no bad weather in between us and it. nor will there be. incredible looking at the sign friday. clear skies, will be with us before not too long. weather, now finally exiting the mid atlantic. it's 33 degrees on tv hill. temperatures above freezing all night long, even where we had the radar returns. same temperature as this time yesterday. sun is coming out, 44 lunch on its way to a high, mid upper 40s today. if you are going for a drive, here is sharon gibala, traffic control. >> good morning, if you are
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just about to head out, not much to get in your way. that is in carroll county, ridge road at park street. if you are headed on the beltway, speeds at 59 and 61 miles per hour, no delays yet. there is a look at the topside of the beltway, delaney, running smoothly , traffic is light. wjz 13 is always on, for traffic information, log on to a community mourning the death of a teenager, his mother says energy drinks filled with alcohol are partly to blame for his falling out of moving car. andrea fujii is live outside of park view middle. >> reporter: good morning, the 13 year old's mother says he was getting a ride home after getting sick from drinking 4 loco and opened a moving car door to throw up and fell in to
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on coming traffic. >> it doesn't seem real. >> reporter: chris is devastated to learn the story behind the accident that killed her 13-year-old son, michael. >> he drank one of those energy drinks with alcohol that all of the kids seem to think is okay. >> reporter: she says michael drank 4 loco, a energy drink filled with alcohol, which made the 13 year old sick to his stomach. his step father drove him home saturday night. he opened the door to the moving car so he could vomit and fell. his friend was in the car. >> we stopped as fast as possible and -- we just tried to help him out. he was trying to get up and a car hit him. >> reporter: he was an 8th grader, he was extremely popular. >> i got a car. right when they said he got hit, i started crying and
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sprinted down here. >> reporter: teenagers created a makeshift memorial. hundreds came out for a candle light vigil. many had no idea he had been drinking 4 loco. >> it's not safe. >> some adult purchased it. >> reporter: his mother hopes other parents and teens learn from michael's death. >> i've lost the only son i'm ever going to have because they wanted to party. it's sad. >> reporter: michael's mom says he got the drink at a party but it's not clear who provided it. grief counselors will be on hand at park view when school resumes tomorrow. thank you very much. state attorney general is among those pushing to limit the alcohol content of 4 loco and other similar drinks. a stabbing is under investigation. it happened near south calhoun.
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officers say they found a man bleeding from a stab wound to his leg. family and friends say their final good-byes to whitney houston as she is laid to rest. the private burial came a day after a memorial service. >> reporter: it was whitney houston's last journey home. a motorcade and limousines made the st-mile journey from the funeral home to westfield. police escorted the procession the whole way. a crowd waited quietly at the gates until the hearse carrying her body passed by. >> it is quite emotional. it was just a privilege to be able to be here. >> reporter: inside the cemetery, privacy tents shielded her grieving family and friends.
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a sharp contrast to star studded funeral the day before. lisa stood a few blocks from church during her funeral and wanted to say her last good-bye at the cemetery. >> she is going to god. we are not going to see her in the limelight. >> whitney was laid to rest next to her father who died in 2003. it's fitting for the pop star to be buried in her native new jersey. >> this is more down to earth than hometown. >> she is our jersey girl and phenomenal talent. >> they left the cemetery at the end of the ceremony and waiting to find out what killed the pop star. officials completed an autopsy, toxicology results are pending. fans hope the family can find comfort. the cause is yet to be determined. it could be weeks before the toxicology test results are in. the pope celebrates mass,
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with 22 cardinals including o'brian from the archdiocese of baltimore. the mass took place in vatican city. more than 100 parishioners made the trip as o'brian was elevated to cardinal on saturday. o'brian is the fourth leader to be elevated to cardinal. same sex couples are closer to being able to marry in maryland. those against the marriage bill are vowing to fight it. as gigi barnett explains, for some, that battle will be waged in churches. the hope of marriage is on the horizon for same sex
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couples in maryland, thanks to a ground breaking vote in the legislator last week. >> it shouldn't matter who you decide to love. we should still all have the same ex-equal rights no matter what. >> reporter: those against the bill say the fight continues for them and one place where the war may go on is at places of worship. >> he is a pastor of the rising sun baptist church in baltimore county, says the next step is collecting signatures to place the issue on a referendum come november. >> reporter: members of the church of baltimore lobbied lawmakers to allow same-sex marriage and agree with opponents on one thing. >> religious groups on both sides released statements indicating where they stand and
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encouraging parishioners to get involved. >> maryland will become the 8th state to legalize same-sex marriage. gasoline prices are on the rise, average price is $3.56 nationwide. you will have to dig deeper in maryland. a gallon of regular cost $3.61 here. up more than half a buck from last year. it's not only president's day, it's time to buy appliances. today the s the final day of tax free weekend. customers save up to 6% on nrming star appliances. the initiative was introduced last year as a way to boost sales over the long president's day holiday weekend. turning to sports, spring training report, pitchers and catchers work in sarasota hoping to make impression on
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the coaching staff. they are looking for a spot with the big club. >> it's tough like having to battle against other guys just for a job. going out there and having fun and be as helpful as you can. the goal is to win as a team. >> playing the first game on march the 5th. give your self a round of applause. that was fine. i asked for it. oh my gosh, okay. wait a minute. hold on.
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taking a look at first warning doppler, we are living big. that is just a little bit of moisture that is trummabling out of the region. the mouse that roared, much adieu about nothing. winter storm somewhere on the east coast. show you ocean city. that's where the only moisture is remaining in the state. just rain on the boards. that's about it. temperatures for the most part, to be honest, well above freezing right now have never gone below freezing, almost statewide through the overnight. 44 degrees at lunch. high temperature in the mid to upper 40s. that's the beginning of a stunning warm up as we move through the week, it's the 20th day of february. we are a month and a day away from spring. how is that? what is going on?
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it's a manic monday. >> reporter: i love to hear that, that sounds fabulous. we got a great group, buckle your seat belts, get ready, manic monday with the fly girl network. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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give me a list of the merchants. 35 degrees, 53% humidity. barely a breeze north, northwest today. barometer is at 30.08. it's the exact same temperature as this time yesterday. 35 tv hill. 35 dc. mid-30s greater easton, packs river, ocean city, 37. 33 degrees elkton.
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30 hagerstown and cumberland. 30 westminster. 32 bel air. 35 columbia. almost 40 annapolis and kent island. 35 rock hall. it's all location when it comes to weather. how many times have you seen it snow south and rain north? it happened last night. satellite image was so cool. on the lower bay, there was all this frozen precipitation. the second it got to the warmer bay, it stayed rain across the delmarva. this warm front will run the weather over the eastern half of the united states, this week. 46 degrees going to be the high this day, mostly sunny. normal on the 20th of february, is 46. 28, clear skies, overnight. tomorrow, we ramp it up to 53 degrees. almost 60 on wednesday. the mid-60s essentially on thursday. rain friday, the mid-60s if you
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will, cold front coming through, knocks us back to 52. knocks almost 10 degrees off the high, between friday and saturday, that's still 5 or 6 degrees above the normal daytime high as we move in to the last weekend of february. how is the rush? here is sharon gibala at traffic control. >> good morning, it's looking good on the president's day. one problem to get in your way, an accidents in the mount air rei area. watch for that one on ridge avenue at park avenue. everyone looking good as far as speeds go on the beltway. speeds mostly in the 60s, there is a live look at the topside of the beltway, looking good at the topside at york road. traffic report is brought by your toyota dealer, visit toyota dealer and see why now is the time to make the jump to toyota. now is the time to make the jump and send it over to manic monday. >> reporter: it's another manic
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monday. i wish it were sunday. [music] >> reporter: good morning, guys. manic monday at fells point. this is going to be a good one, i can feel it in my cold bones this morning. ladies and gentlemen, manic monday with the fly girl network. tiffany, come up. tell us about the fly girl network. >> a mentoring organization sponsored by the high school. our principal has been supportive of our adventures over the last two years. we serve students between 13- 17, in the areas of self esteem, healthy living and education. >> reporter: that's awesome. you are doing a great job. a fellow city college graduate,
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recognized, thank you. the big boss, the principal, give her a hand. i know this program is very important. >> good morning. yes, it is. it is encouragement for young ladies to take roles of leadership and empowerment as they move and transition in to the real world beyond high school and in to college and other organizations and adventures. >> reporter: thank you for coming down. we appreciate it so much. our crew is here. we have tony, we have the coach. >> good morning, gentlemen. how are you? look at me, ain't i pretty? >> reporter: it's up to you guys. >> coach, when i see you, i like to move it, move it, i like to move it, move it. >> good morning to you. >> let me hear the magic words. >> maestro, the music if you please.
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[music] 6:00 already i was just in the middle of a dream. i was kissing valentino by a crystal blue italian stream. but i can't be late because i guess i just won't get paid. these are the days when you wish your bed was already made. it's just another manic monday. i wish it were sunday.
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because that's my fun day. my, i don't have to run day. it's just another manic monday. [music] >> that was great. that was great. give yourselves a big hands. [cheering] [applause] >> reporter: off the charts, we want to invite you back for the meltdown in november. thank you very much. >> thank you, thank you, thank you. >> we have for you from the prize closet, a fabulous cbs mug. >> thank you. >> fly girl network, thank you so much. give yourselves a big hand. [applause]
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still to come on wjz, why a picture of a student at the university of maryland has gone viral and people are calling him an inspiration. him an inspiration. that story coming up ,,,,,,,,,,,
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jessica kartalija reports, this started with a photograph taken right here. >> reporter: 18-year-old zack is an assistant manage fer for men's basketball team. aside from this scar running down the right side of his head, you wouldn't know the grad is fighting for his life. at this news conference , the focus was on zack and this photo taken of him after he had brain surgery. >> i said, dad, take a picture of me. i would do the pose. my mom said don't. i said dad, take the picture. >> reporter: that picture has gone viral, with athletes and celebrities getting in on the action, by zacking, showing their support in his fight against cancer. >> the coolest ones are the ones with the kids in the hospital. he is a strong kid. he has been through it before and been real positive,
6:25 am
positive everyday in practice. it's been a great pin spiritration. >> reporter: an inspiration not only on the hardwood but across the country. thousands are following zack's positive messages on twitter and showing support by posting their best zacking photos. >> i'm feeling great. physically 100%. i feel better than ever have ever felt in my life. this puts everything in to perfective. >> reporter: the most recent surgery was january 25th at johns hopkins. he will undergo six months of chemo and possibly radiation. zack, we wish you all the luck in the world. you can do it. jessica kartalija, wjz 13. >> they would love to see tim tebow in a zacking pose. next up here on, rick santorum says the president's agenda is based on
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a phony theology. the latest attacks from the gop front runner and the obama campaign's response. i'm andrea fujii, live at parkville middle school, students are grieving the death of a 13-year-old student here. why his mother says 4 loco is partly to blame, just ahead. avalanche claims three lives in washington state. the continuing danger in the area coming up. if you are about to head out for the commute. no problems to get in your way. a minor accident in mount air rei area. [ other merv ] welcome back to the cleaning games.
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no you look closely, see a gentle breeze, everything is more gentle about this morning than you might have thought it would be. sharon has traffic. marty has weather. first warning doppler, we have the mouse that roared moving offshore. temperatures area wide haven't gone below freezing. 35 on tv hill. that's going to be about the same temperature as yesterday. by lunch with sunshine, 44 on its way to high, mid to upper 40s. sunshine after the morning clouds, through the day, don. good morning. not too much to get in your way. look at this map of all of our speeds, everything in the 60s
6:31 am
so far. one accident ridge road at park avenue. live look at 70 west, traffic is light. say the same for the topside of the beltway. not much to get in your way there. traffic report is brought by toyota dealer. visit toyota and see why now is the time to make the jump to toyota. republican hopeful rick santorum is turning his focus towards the president. the obama administration is certainly taking notice. campaigning at a church in georgia, rick santorum attacked president obama's decision to give women em employed by some religious institutions free access to contraceptives. santorum is focusing on the president as he looks to a
6:32 am
possible november faceoff. in ohio said the president's environmental views are hurting americans. >> it's not about you or quality of life or jobs. it's about some phony ideal. some phony theology. >> reporter: the campaign took note and came out swinging sunday saying santorum's statement was an attack on the president's faith. >> i can't help but think the remarks are well over the line. it's wrong. >> reporter: santorum wasn't questioning the president's christianity. >> i believe the president is christian. he says he is a christian. i'm talking about his world view. >> reporter: santorum's popularity is surging. polls show him leading romney in michigan. his father was a 3-term governor. in michigan tomorrow for a speech on the economy as he tries to take back the lead. newt gingrich says romney loss
6:33 am
in michigan would be devastating. >> i don't see what he says the next morning. >> reporter: home states are a must win for the candidates. romney the first to be tested on the 28th. >> ron paul got a boost in maine winning one county that delayed caucus. united nations inspectors begin talks about the nuclear program, inspectors focusing on whether iran is working on nuclear weapons. the president denies his country is going after nuclear arms. yesterday, iran announced it will stop oil shipments to britain and france because of the threat of sanctions from them. in greece, five dozen people are under arrest after protesters clashed with police in athens. more than 2000 of them hurled
6:34 am
stones and flairs at police outside of the greek par parliament. leaders get set to discuss a bailout plan which greece needs to avoid bankruptcy. fate of huguely is in the hands of a jury. they made closing arguments saturday. prosecutor claiming huguely beat her to death in a drunken rage. defense attorneys say it was accidental. deliberations start wednesday morning. we promise you the latest on air and on line at baltimore county teenager is dead after falling out of a car, his mother says the highly alcoholic energy drink played a role in her son's death. andrea fujii is live outside of parkville middle where he was a student. >> reporter: good morning. the 13 year old's mother says
6:35 am
he was getting a ride home after sick from drinking 4 loco and opened up a moving car door in order to throw up and that is when he fell in to on coming traffic. chris is devastated to learn the story behind the accident that killed her 13-year-old son, michael. >> he drank one of those energy drinks with alcohol that all the kids seem to think is okay. >> reporter: she says michael drank 4-loco, a fruit flavored energy drink which made the 13 year-old sick to his stomach. his step father drove him home saturday night. he opened the door to the moving car to vomit and fell on to harford road. his friend, ben, was in the car. >> we stopped as fast as possible. we just tried to help him out. he was trying to get up and a car hit him, ran him over. >> reporter: michael was an 8th grader, where friends say
6:36 am
he was extremely popular. >> he was my best friend. >> right when they said he got hit, i started crying and sprinted down here. >> reporter: teenagers created a moil near the accident scene, by night fall sunday, hundreds came out for a candlelight vigil. many had no idea he had been drinking 4 loco. >> his mother hopes other parents and teens learn from michael's death. >> i have lost the only son i'm ever going to have because they wanted to party. it's sad. i don't want to see another family have to go through this. >> the maker of 4 loco stopped putting caffeine in the drink last year. the attorney general is asking for the makers to limit the alcohol content as well. >> thank you very much. grief counselors will be at
6:37 am
parkview for students and staff after the holiday. firefighter is recovering from injuries incurred during a blaze, vacant home going up in flames at east 24th. he is expected to make a full recovery. three people are dead after an avalanche at a popular washington state ski resort. additional slides continue to threaten in that area. >> reporter: it looks like a winter wonderland, but this picturesque mountain was the scene of a deadly avalanche. the king county sheriff's office got word of the slide after noon sunday. it happened near the stevens pass. four of the skiers were shot down a chute for 1500 feet. three of the skiers were buried under the snow. >> reporter: one woman who
6:38 am
survived was using an avalanche rescue system, similar to an air bag, like the one seen in this video. >> it kept her atop of the avalanche and save her life. >> reporter: authorities say several groups were skiing in an out of bounds area on the backside of the mountain. most were able to free themselves from the snow. the area had received 21 inches of snowfall the night before. >> you are skiing at your own risk. i've been told by numerous people, they were experienced skiers, they knew when they were doing. >> reporter: the staff at stevens pass says news of the fatalities hit hard. >> even though it's outside the ski area boundaries, it's hard on the community. >> there could be a high risk for additional flights this season because of a weak bay layer of snow from a dry winter. >> 13 people have died in avalanches in the western u.s. this winter season.
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back here, bwi thurgood set a new record, more than 22 million passengers flew through the airport in 2011. that's up 2% from the year before. airport officials say the numbers mean more than just another new record. >> it means access to baltimore, for the tourists, businesses in baltimore, direct access. >> leading carrier here, southwest, with more than 12 and a half million passengers last year. >> some of the areas brightest students came out this weekend for the wjz black history oratory contest. she is talking about mall come x, a junior at western tech, one of 20 semi finalists who competed at the museum yesterday. kai jackson hosted the contest, part of continuing community
6:40 am
commitment. turning to sports, another career day for mba sensation, germ -- jeremy lin. the nicks win 104-97. anthony could return as early as tonight. dealing with a groin injury for the past few weeks. >> interesting coffee coming up. sports illustrated swimwear issue is out. that's kate upton. i went to the site and punched up swimwear issues. take that picture. that's kate upton. kate is the cover of sports illustrated swimwear issue. that's the victoria secret's
6:41 am
fashion show website, website. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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slight breeze northwest. barometer is at 30.08. we have a relatively mild day's start. temperatures for the most part,
6:45 am
around the metro, south, southeast, never got below freezing overnight. 19 in oaktonment mid upper 30s, dc, packs river and ocean city. 35 columbia. 32 bel air. 36 rock hall. here was the president's day weather we watched over the weekend. exiting offshore, good-bye, see you later. the big story is going to be, amazing warm up, we will have for the next five days. the warm front is going to run weather across the eastern half of the united states. normal daytime high up to 46. mostly sunny, 46 the high this day, relatively clear overnight. 28 the low, tomorrowing calling it sunshine, mixing with high clouds, high of 53 degrees, almost 60 on wednesday. 63 thursday. cold front coming through the area, knocks us back by 11
6:46 am
degrees to 52. knocks us back to 5 degrees above normal. saturday is the 25th day of the month. last weekend is the last weekend in february. spring is one month, one day away. don, take it away. easy moving in annapolis, here is sharon at traffic control. >> we just found a problem, this one popping up on one of the traffic cameras, 290, southbound, jammed there at 175, trying to figure out what is going on south of there. 295 southbound, jam working, 95 southbound would be an although lat. one accident on ridge avenue at park avenue, there is a look at the average speeds on the beltway, 59-61 miles per hour. live look at the topside, problem free there. there is a look at 295, 32, smoothly. once you get to 175, it is backed up, this report is brought by your toyota dealer,
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test drive the reinventedded 2012 camry. it's ready, are you? when we found out we were interviewing kate upton, we figured it would be seating like this, this is a live web cam. we figured it would be a setting like that. >> sunshine, warm temperatures. >> not quite. this morning's coffee with kate upton and mj day, an editor at sports illustrated. kate, mj, welcome to the eye witness news morning edition, how are you? >> good, thank you for having us on. >> you are freezing your tooshes off in vegas. you are dressed for like antarctica. >> i just had someone to go get
6:48 am
more blankets. >> listen, if you were to look at mj and say i'm freezing, you put on a long coat that covered you up, would she knock you off your chair? >> probably. >> i give her anything, not my coat, not today. >> i was like, do you want to share coats? >> no. >> i will give you the cover instead. >> listen, congratulations. my question is, are you having fun with this? >> i'm having so much fun. anyone who is not enjoying being on the cover of sports illustrated is out of their mind. it's an honor, i'm so happy. >> i'm a real fan of yours. i'm so in your corner.
6:49 am
you lack like somebody i could wac up to and say a bunch of us are going to get beers you want to join us. some are having model envy, mj, what do you have to say to them? other than the fact that they will take it. >> why don't i answer that instead so we don't put company versus company. >> go for it, kate. >> i like what sports illustrated represents, it rep accepts women who are fun and happy and confident in their bodies. victoria secret fashion show, i'm not saying it does or don't, but they don't represent that. i feel like enjoying life should be, your number one priority, modeling is your career. if you are starving yourself, you are not enjoying life and i feel sorry for you.
6:50 am
i feel like we are about having fun and about the personality and comes out in the photo. >> we stand for a healthy, sexty body. that's what we strived for, women with curves and fill out bathing suits, athletic body, kate embodies that body. we feel really, really happy about what our cover looks like. if people don't agree with us, that's fine. we are really proud of it. >> i have never seen such like corporate envy here. victoria secret, good folks, my wife won her ravens purple bra and panties this season. i have never seen such envy in all my life. i've been doing this for 35
6:51 am
years. >> i said when i read it, they commented that i looked like a football player's wife. gisele is a football player's wife. i was like, thank you. >> it's a great issue, by the way, not just your cover but all the ladies looked like you had fun, it's become an american tradition, really, just congratulations. kate, you look like the person i can walk up to and a bunch of us are going to knock a quick happy hour back, i don't think i could wac up to gisele and say that. i want to say one more thing from a guy's perspective, you made a statement about natural. i appreciate it. so do a lot of the ladies in this building. take it for what it s. read between the lines and there you
6:52 am
go. >> absolutely. we like approachable natural healthy beauty at sports illustrated. we have it this year. >> get her a coat, will you please? >> someone get me a coat. >> not mine. >> thanks for being with us. you two are delightful, honest and frank. see you again in the future, good luck to you both. >> thank you. >> bye-bye. sports illustrated. >> little vegas weather pay back for being in the sand. >> imagine, live shots from vegas, it's desert freezing out. warmer baltimore right now. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,
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few clouds around right now. sunny, with a high of 46 degrees in the mid-30s now. here is sharon, wjz 13 traffic control. good morning, big problem now on 295, take a look, southbound, is stopped because of an accident. it is right near nsa, reported to be involving an overturned vehicle. all lanes are blocked. 95 southbound as an alternate. watch for another problem, this is an accident in mount airy, at park avenue, that one is blocking all lanes, one person has been transported there by medevac. if you are headed on the beltway, starting to see minor delays topside, 48 miles per hour is your average.
6:56 am
295, 32, everything okay. you will find minor delays on the topside and big delays on 295. this report is brought by volunteers of america. 100% of local donations help people in our area go on line to cars helping teen is dead after falling out of a moving car. 13-year-old michael true luck opened the door to throw up. he fell out and an on coming car hit and killed him. his mother said he was drinking 4 loco at party. fate of george huguely is in the hands of a jury in charlottesville, virginia. the prosecutor broke down in tears describing her final moment ts claiming huguely beat her to death in a drunken rage. defense says it was accidental. defense says it was accidental.
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