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tv   Eyewitness News at 4  CBS  July 2, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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still coping, frustration grows for tens of thousands of marylanders still without power the extra help coming this way. >> hi everybody, i am mary bubala, kai is off. it wasn't just any summer time thunderstormment right now hundred -- thunderstorm. right now hundreds of thousands of people are out of power for the third day and tempers are rising like the temperature. pge crews are working around the clock to remove trees and restore power after friday's damaging storms. 900 crews are arriving from out of state to help remove downed limbs and up rooted trees. those without power are dealing
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with stifling hot homes, and spoiled food. governor o'malley declared a state of emergency damage is extensive. bge crews just responded to baltimore county. our extensive first warning weather coverage continues. mike helgren is on west rogers avenue with more on what bge is saying today. >> reporter: mary there is a definite sense of frustration here you can see what a mess this is. look at the tree down across the road and a tangle of power lines next to it. many people here are going on three days without power and they want answers they want to know when their power is going to go back on. >> from sky eye chopper 13 you can see the downed trees and some of the hundreds of power crews on the way to restore electricity in this dangerous
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heat. the governor declared maryland a disaster area and thousands remain without any electricity. as they have been since friday night. after a quick and devastating straight line winds, ripped through the state. >> we looked out the window and it was so black you couldn't see anything i mean it was really really dark. it was hailing, it was the worst i've seen in years i have never seen a thunderstorm this bad in such a short period of time. >> we have had at least two fatalities attributable to this unprecedented, sudden, hurricane punch without a hurricane warning. >> reporter: huge trees smashed on to cars and homes. >> how grateful i am nothing fell on my house. >> reporter: they have fielded more than 600,000 calls it will be days before all power is restored. >> we are working as hard as we can. you may not see a truck near your home, where you have an outage that doesn't mean they are not down the street, a mile
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away, working on the feeder that feeds power to your house >> i will continue to make it clear to bge the seriousness of this public health situation extreme heat with massive power outages ask a very dangerous and deadly combination. >> reporter: you are looking live here, on rogers avenue. you can see this huge tree, the power of mother nature during this storm. this is just going to take some time to clean up, and power companies say they are doing what they can to get people back but a lot of people here simply can't wait any longer they says the just too hot to be here without electricity and without air conditioning. reporting live mike helgren wjz eyewitness news. >> thank you. here is the very latest from everbge. service to more than 600,000 was cut height of the storm right now just under 40,000 in anne arundel county are out,
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20,000 baltimore county, 61,000 customers in baltimore city, are still without power in this heat. 20,000 prince georges county remain without power all told, across the state, service is out to nearly 211,000 bge customers. well, wjz is live. adam may from baltimore county with more how people are coping there it is tough adam. >> reporter: it is. termers are running short --temperers are running short. this is indicative of the scene right off boll loan that and charles you can see this huge pine tree landed on top of those wires and cut off power to this neighbourhood. >> across baltimore county the sound of generators, and chain saw, echo threw neighbourhoods. >> everywhere we have been all the same branches down trees
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down. trees on houses, trees on cars. >> reporter: jason has been working nonstop in the svelterring heat since saturday morning. >> this is like a hurricane, really bad. >> this was a wild and furious storm. >> reporter: her yard looks like a bomb went off losing a few trees more than 150 feet high. >> oh, my god i couldn't believe it. this one took out that one, and all the way down. >> reporter: and three days after the storm, some roads are still closed like this one here in green spring valley where trees are down sitting on top of power lines some lines broke and landed on the road melting the asphalt. one of thousands without pow era huge limb fell on her neighbors home smashing into the roof and air conditioning unit and snapping lines along the way. >> worried with the holiday coming up we won't get electricity for awhile. >> reporter: many residents losing patience with bge. >> consider wig have downed wires and cannot get in and out
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of our drive way and they are sparking i am frustrated with that i would think they are hazardous. >> reporter: he is not alone. many dangerous wires still on the ground across the area. >> one thing i have heard from a lot of people as i was driving around today where are the bge trucks i have one here they have a public safety person right here to make sure people don't go down this road more utility trucks on the scene just around the corner, and you know what, governments just can't do everything in a situation like this. people, they have drawn their own road closed signs like this. what are people doing in this extreme heat it is hot out here especially on the asphalt, over there kids playing in the sprinkler yep they have water in this neighbourhood that is good news people trying to make the best of the situation but it is one of those circumstances people need patience and patience is wearing thin as temperatures rise. reporting live in towel son area. >> we are at the mercy of the
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power companies we don't know how to hook things like that you just have to wait. psychologically it is helpful if you see a bge truck at least in the vicinity i know lots of folks have not. >> reporter: yeah, it is and nice when you see that truck come through your area, people were waving at the trucks when they came in to the neighbourhood. >> and screaming your address come help me. >> yeah. >> thank you our extensive first warning wealther coverage continues, -- weather coverage continues, wjz live, a look at damage in overly. kevin, that truck you saw that just arrived on scene there? >> reporter: it was just arriving on scene when we got to this neighbourhood and they were slowly creeping around the roads, trying to pinpoint this location. and now they are behind the fullerton elementary school, and they have a guy in a bucket he is going up to check out these wires and this might just mean good news for this neighbourhood live from sky chopper 13. i am captain jeff long.
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>> captain jeff thank you. live first warning weather coverage continues bernadette woods has an explainer of this unusual storm, bern this was ferocious. >> this was one of the worst we have seen as people continue to talk about it we will revisit the storm once again. this is what it looked like on radar a solid line of thunderstorms wiping across the entire state. those bright colors those are where the highest wind gusts were the biggest thing with this storm was how widespread and strong it was. and the term, to cover what happened is called a dorasio is. a widespread, damaging wind storm with sustained wind for a long period of time. we get wind gusts in a thunderstorm when they continue county after county, state after state that is what we mean by long period of time winds, must exceed the severe level they have to be above 58
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miles per hour. for a wrap up of this storm it touched everybody from iowa, straight down to north carolina, so far, 18 deaths reported with this storm, winds in our area over 70 miles per hour, that equates it to hurricane strength storm, and from the mid-atlantic back to the midwest, over 1,000 reports of wind. we want to show you coming back here live, take another look at this street adam was talking about. this isn't even twisting winds so many people get wrapped up in the concept of tornado warnings this is regular severe thunderstorm warnings look what it can do. that is why we try to keep people safe. back to you mary. >> thank you. it is also day three of the clean up for five other east coast states, the storm cut power to millions and nearly two dozen people are dead. our first warning weather coverage continues, danielle nottingham reports for wjz from silver springs. >> reporter: utility crews are racing to get the power back on to more than 2 million
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customers from the east coast to illinois. most lost electricity, during friday's fast moving storm and have gone without for three days of sweltering heat. >> i was in the shower the power went on and off five times and then black. >> cocoa simon also lost her cell phone service. some went to church on monday. >> church had power, bring our cell phone and charge it. >> reporter: it could be several more days before many get their lights turned on. >> frankly, i think most would agree, friday is just not good enough to restore power. work crews started massive clean up in triple digit heat, there isn't much relief many the forecast, temperatures are expected to stay in the 90s. commuting is a nightmare with darkened traffic lights,.
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sizable tree has fallen, and not been removed. >> cocoa simon has an oak tree cutting off her cul-de-sac. >> these people who live here are over 80 years old. >> crews from as far away as oklahoma are arriving in the dc suburb to restore pow inner silver spring -- power, in silver spring maryland, danielle nottingham wjz eyewitness news. stead real and state officials told -- federal and state officials told nonessential employees to stay off the roads and take the day off or work from home. with feel like temperatures in the triple digits again the city is under a code red heat alert people without power and hair conditioning can cool down in one of the city's cooling centers they are open 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., and also have free water for more information on cooling center locations call 311, or log on to if you don't have power, and you know someone who doesn't have power get that information
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to them. wjz now has the latest on severe storms as of right now bge reporting still over 200,000 customers without power, our heat wave continues to make the situation even worse bge will continue work around the clock to restore service to everybody but may be the end of the week before all repairs are actually made. stay with wjz for first warning weather coverage for your updated weather forecast. latest on damage, repairs, outage numbers, log on to how hot will it get today, wjz has weather and traffic together. bob turk with updated numbers. >> very dry compared to the last couple days, especially compared to last week. this is so far the high for today, 93 but the dew point is down to 56 degrees, 86
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temperature oakland, 93 degrees in baltimore, with the dew point at 66, only feels like 91, actually in reverse. so we didn't have triple digit heat indexes today for the rest of the week probably see temperatures going up a little more and some of that extreme heat may sneak in here at least mid-90s however for the rest of the week through thursday more of a chance for thunderstorms, and independence day we could see strong storms once again. >> christy breslin with wjz traffic control. well, if you are travelling in baltimore city, the last report we did receive, is we have over 100 traffic lights out in the area. if you are travelling around the city, police advice you to treat those traffic lights as a four way stop sign. as far as the rest of the region goes north side inner loop, sloping hartford road, west side, brake lights security boulevard and
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northbound, 95, congestion, up to the fort mchenry tunnel. providence road, green acre road, we have a tree blocking the roadway, charles street boll loan that avenue, and a crash ellersy avenue. baltimore national pike slowing. this traffic report is brought to you by the cochrane firm. call 1-800 the firm or visit them online at cochrane back over to you. >> thank you. still ahead, at 4:00 p.m., she is recovering from a severe case of flesh eating bacteria, the important step a georgia grad student takes today. >> new developments in the shooting on the base of fort brag that took the life of a senior soldier. more when we will get relief in your first warning forecast [ dog growls, barks ]
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it is sunny, 93 degrees in central maryland right now, sky chopper 13 live over overly where bge crews are working to restore power. complete first warning forecast is coming up. fire ripped through a multimillion dollar mansion in california, now investigators are trying to figure out how it started. fire marshalls returned today to the beverly hills mansion that went up in flames friday. until recently the home was owned by reality tv star , lisa vanderpump and her husband. flat start to the week on wall street. mixed news from the markets today, the dow is down 9, s&p up 3 s nasdaq up 16. let's go to new york now where we have today's cbs money watch update. >> reporter: investors disappointed by a decline in
4:19 pm
american manufacturing, production at u.s. factories slowed down for the first time in nearly three years, manufacturing is also down in europe. a new report shows unemployment in euro zone countries is at a record 1 1.1%. encouraging sign the u.s. housing market is bouncing back, government data shows construction spending jumped 1% in may, the highest in five months, there is a surge in new home building and construction of commercial real estate is also on the rise. british prosecutors considering criminal charges against barclay's bank, britain's largest financial firm is being fined $453 million for trying to manipulate interest rates. barclay's chairman resigned over the scandal, u.s. authorities are investigating to see if any american laws were broken. u.s. farmers are betting corn will be this year's cash crop, the department of agriculture says more than 96 million-acres of corn were planted in the spring, the most
4:20 pm
since 1937. corn is used in thousands of food products, as well as livestock feed and ethanol that is your money watch for more news head to cbs money in new york,. boys will be boys, right? well, two british boys are in hot water after briefly snatching the olympic flame take a look at this. as the team continued the torch run the boys popped right past security and tried to grab it. the runners refused to hand it over police stepped in a total of 8,000 people will carry the flame to the opening ceremony of the olympic games in london. coming up wjz eyewitness news at 4, coffee lovers, a good reason to grab that second cup of joe. i am ron match the power stays on and business is booming, at this hampden duncan
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donuts. and the slow clean up continues from friday's storms, extensive first warning weather coverage still ahead. ,,,,,, sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering so, i'm walking down the street,
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welcome back. we are live in towel son, we are seeing sights just across every county with trees down everywhere. here is something new to report since we were last on the tree services have just showed up they are going the start chopping down that massive tree that came down behind us and from there, bge will try to get in and restore power the biggest problem with this power outage is turning to the heat this is our sext day in a row with temperatures t -- sixth day in a row with temperatures 90 degrees. temperatures, at least 4, 5, 6 degrees above average really for the rest of the week maybe even more. temps now the only good thing about today humidity was much much lower than it was, recently, 93 now but the dew points, way down to 56, humidity only 28%, 93 actually
4:25 pm
feels like 91, not 100 that is good news, north, northwest winds a breeze at 12, barometer rising 9 points, right now in the state, ocean city, a bit of a breeze, 81, 92 washington and 86 oakland, even some of the mountain areas, have temperatures up 80s a -- upper 80s a little unusual. 90 bel air, 90 westminster, slight breeze off the bay there at 88 degrees. we have a breeze out of the north, northwest, it did bring in drier air, after a few thunder showers, last night, a few spots north and west of town picked up a quarter to maybe a third of an inch. airport officially got not a drop but some areas did see showers and that front moved way down to the south, which kind of hung up across the carolinas, a lot of thunderstorm activity down there. that will stay there temporarily, but the front, will move back to the north as a warm front beginning tomorrow, that means our
4:26 pm
humidity tomorrow will go back up on wednesday it will be back in the heat and humidity and upfront, another front from the northwest, will be crashing into that warm and humid air mass. a chance of a thunder storm tomorrow afternoon yes, probably a better chance on wednesday, july 4th i think at this point the timing is a little hard to say but we may just get the storms done with, by dinner time on wednesday. so that the evening, fireworks, will be okay. hopefully, see how clear it is in the area, we know precipitation it is all well down to the south. there is the heat and humidity once again less humid air tonight moves out and the heat and humidity come back and then that front later in the day or afternoon wednesday. chance of thunderstorms behind that it should dry out just a little bit on thursday and friday, but still stays above normal, south winds, 5 to 10 knots, bay temp around 78 degrees. overnight not as bad as it was
4:27 pm
recently upper 60s to low 70s relatively dry, tomorrow, more humid, another hot one, 93, probably feeling more like about 9 or 97 -- 96 or 97 and a thunderstorm again tomorrow afternoon or tomorrow night. >> all right thank you. don't miss tonight's prime time cbs line up at 10:00 p.m., another episode of hawaii five o then stay tuned for eyewitness news at 11. at 4:30 p.m.,. >> i am mike shoe in southwest baltimore the only dry ice plant in maryland it too is without power. what does that mean when eyewitness news continues. parade of power trucks coming to maryland to help get thousands out of the dark and heat. major clean up is under way to remove dangerous debris, left behind from friday's storm. denise and vic right after this [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway:
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. hello and thanks for staying with eyewitness news, i am denise koch. it is 4:30 p.m., and sunny. >> i am vic carter. three days without air conditioning, fans or lights it is a frustrating reality for thousands of marylanders after friday's monstrous storm. bge restored power to more than 400,000 customers, but little consolation for the 200,000 other people still in the dark. the city is handing out free ice to residents still shocked by the power of the storm. wind gusts up to 70 miles per hour, sent trees slamming into cars and homes killing at least two people. there are 2600 you nilty workers some from as far away
4:32 pm
as texas and canada, out there trying to get power back on. in some cases they can't begin to make repairs because massive trees are still in the way. wjz has extensive first warning weather coverage. adam may is in towel son. but first mike helgren is in baltimore. >> reporter: lightning and strong winds proved a powerful combination, toppling over many of those trees you were talking about and cutting out power to so many people. let's look at video whether it is from the air or ground. this was a huge storm, some of these wind gusts were 70 to 80 miles an hour, the mayor says power is being restored at a slower pace in the city, compared to other parts of the counties, other parts of baltimore she says she is on it and urging patience right now. >> we might be annoyed, frustrated, and hot as heck we can get over that. if we lose a vulnerable citizen because of this heat, we can't
4:33 pm
get over that. >> three heat related deaths because of this record breaking heat that we had going into this storm friday and several other deaths because of some of the wind damage and someone whose boat capsized on the chesapeake. so this storm is already proven deadly and best also to check in on the most vulnerable, elderly neighbors those with medical conditions, because the heat, without air conditioning for many of them their homes are just becoming so warm, and it can really be deadly. reporting live, mike helgren, wjz eyewitness news. first warning weather coverage continues with adam may. >> reporter: vick, this storm had a major impact on businesses across maryland on the negative side you have countless businesses that have lost sales now for three days in a row, restaurant that is have literally had to throw away all their food because they didn't have generators, and on the positive side you have some businesses that have really just been so busy because really, they are maybe
4:34 pm
the only ones open in their neighbourhood here is ron with more on how this is effecting the business money tie. for three days -- community. >> for three days lines at duncan donuts in hampden have looked like this. >> chaos. hectic, very busy no breaks. >> reporter: many neighbourhood convenience stores are closed, coffee lovers are getting their fix here. >> get my coffee, blueberry doughnut, off to camp. >> half of baltimore has been coming in here. long line last three mornings but we will get through it. >> reporter: will brown is the coowner of banksy cafe. the storm dealt him a big blow. >> 12 to $15,000 worth of food that is just a small cafe like me. >> reporter: some deliveries are limited. >> all goods come we deliver. >> you can't do it. >> not today, because all the power is out. >> the massive power outage is
4:35 pm
effecting many gas stations, in the baltimore area. >> well, i am trying to get gas this morning almost on empty and well, i can't. >> will brown's empty feeling will change soon. >> hopefully we will be open tomorrow, no problem, back to normal. >> not mormall here, a hampden business boom summed up in six words. >> power just luckily stayed on. >> you can only imagine how many businesses right now are really hoping the get their power back on really soon let's bring in meteorologist bernadette woods. we have to share a story real quick we workweek ends we were trying to figure out what to eat i drove to four royal farms craving chicken couldn't find it any where, went with a salad instead probably a better choice. >> reporter: and we had to call a couple places to find something open saturday night for dinner a lot of people effected by this >> i want to talk about this situation, now for example we
4:36 pm
have this huge pine tree back here that has fallen down and when you look at this damage bernadette how do you know this is a doracio versus tornado. >> reporter: part of it damage part of it radar. when you talk straight line winds a lot of people get wrapped up, tornado versus straight line wind. when looking at this storm specifically you don't see the massive twisting that you see, with a tornado a lot of times, the top of the trees, will be taken off and in the bark alone you can see much more of a twist on radar, this was a bow line echo is how we refer to it, with the bow line echo when it starts to replace, again you will see all of came in one solid form there wasn't a velocity change. so we got really hit this time, but the winds were coming in a straight direction. the definition of doratio a lot of people talking about this we don't get it all the time
4:37 pm
around here widespread damaging wind storm that lasts a long period of time not just one thunderstorm cell going to knock down a bunch of trees this one traveled all the way from iowa, straight out to the atlantic ocean. it also must exceed winds over 58 miles per hour because that is what we consider our severe level when we get a severe warning we are talking about wind gusts over that criteria in this case, over 70 miles per hour, which equates it to a category one hurricane. with this storm from iowa, jersey, down to carolinas, 18 deaths reported over a thousand reports of wind damage so a lot of people feeling this, not just us. unfortunately a lot of people don't know all those details they are still dealing with all the power outages and this is going to be a story to come throughout the week, because the heat is going to continue on wednesday, unfortunately, once again we have the chance for severe thunderstorms, bob will have more coming up shortly. >> okay thank you. many of those without power are turning to dry ice to keep their food from spoiling but as
4:38 pm
mike found out the only manufacturer of dry ice in maryland is effected by the storms. >> hot and sweaty. >> we are going to take care of as many people as we can. >> reporter: people without power. >> since friday. >> reporter: who have one thing on their minds. >> trying to get ice to go in my refrigerator. >> reporter: not just in, dry ice. >> i think we have about $300 worth of food in our fridge. >> for the holiday spent over $750. >> reporter: they wait as they know just one of these will keep their food safe but there is a problem here, at maryland's only dry ice factory. >> we have no power. >> reporter: the place which helps those without power, is without power. and now they can't make any more ice here. >> i guess, 30, 40 years our power grid here we were hooked into a hospital up the street and never had any issue over the last couple years i don't know if they switched grids or what happened we have been out
4:39 pm
of power here at our location and unable to manufacture. >> reporter: they used to sell ice to bge and state emergency managers would understand the importance what they provide to the public >> i guess we wait in line just like everybody else. >> further down the line everyone is looking for a solution >> i am going to buy a generator. >> when this 10,000 pounds is gone, they hope to get another truck in from delaware at their other plant. back to you on tv hill. our first warning weather coverage continues with mary at wjz with incredible pictures of damage sent by viewers. >> yeah, lots of viewers are sending in photos of damage in their neighbourhoods. viewer david block sent this in from skyline road, towel son, a huge tree on top of the wires, he wrote us this morning said it is still like that as they continue to call bge. debbie in cumberland, tree crashing down on one room cabin
4:40 pm
used by george washington during the revolutionary war. >> huge tree toppled on to a house, so much damage there, they say they lost so much in that house, and the whole neighbourhood and that area, thanks to all the viewer who is sent those in helps us get a feel how widespread the storm was. if you want to send a photo, just come here to click on the link at the top of our home page back to you vic. thank you stay with wjz for first warning weather coverage, the latest on damage, repairoutage numbers, log on to in another day of extreme heat across maryland, wjz has weather and traffic together bob is here with updated numbers, bob. >> more 90s today, but the break today was from humidity we didn't have the humidity, we had last week which was a bonus particularly temperatures right now. look at the dew point way down. last week when we had all these storms dew point low 70s humid air felt like over 100, right
4:41 pm
now at 93 degrees, dew point 56, however, it only feels like 91, in the negative direction, not the positive, so, that was a good thing about today, it was certainly a lot dryer, and a lot more comfortable than the last few days over the next several days, still dealing with the possibility of more thunderstorm activity, scattered tomorrow maybe a better chance, maybe some severe thunderstorms possible, here on wednesday, hopefully, they will be done by 6 or 7 on wednesday evening so we can get through the fireworks out any of nature's fireworks but still running, 6 to 8 or 10 degrees above average, talking low to mid-90s. >> okay bob thank you. let's check on the roads with christy breslin. christy on the highways looked like no problem at all but streets, within the city a little different. >> absolutely vic looking at almost 100 traffic lights out in the city police are advising you if you are at a traffic light treat it as a four way stop sign as far as the rest of
4:42 pm
the roads go northbound 95, having trouble there, kateon to fort mchenry tunnel. 20 minutes southwestern boulevard around to security boulevard, north side inner loop, stop and go charles street hartford road. average speed, 30 miles an hour, downed tree blocking roadway, bologna at charles street a few accidents out there, providence road at green acre in towel son. 39th in the city also north high land at east baltimore a live look as you can see things look to be clearing up well on the west side of the inner loop, baltimore national pike this traffic report is brought by cirque du soleil coming to mariner arena, get your tickets at the box office 410-547-seat or ticket thank you a young boy from australia, works wonders with a ping-pong ball. he is only 9 years old but can
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make a shot from any where his father says he upped the stakes when he noticed toms tall will not. setting up -- talent, setting up expert tricks. >> wow. >> when he gets older beer pong. >> straight ahead on wjz eyewitness news at 4, the slow clean up continues from free day's storms, extensive -- friday's storms extensive coverage coming up [ dog growls, barks ]
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more storm clean up in full force in baltimore county, bge working the restore power to more than 200,000 customers
4:47 pm
still in the dark. in other news around the world japan restarts the first nuclear power plant after the fukushima shut down. last year's devastating earthquake is tsunami that killed 15,000 people damaged fukushima, spewed radiation prompting a shut down. before the disaster japan relied on nuclear energy for 30% of its needs. fort brag soldier who shot and kill add commander is now also dead. 27-year-old rickey elder died of self-inflicted wounds. he shot and killed 42-year-old lieutenant colonel, roy tisdale before turning the gun on himselfa third soldier has been wounded and released from hospital. brag served in iraq and afghanistan. american student in stable condition after suffering a
4:48 pm
violent chimp attack in south africa. he was mauled. the animals attacked when he stepped into a restricted area, officials say it was likely prompted by the chimps trying to protect their territory he under went 6 hours of surgery and suffered injuries over his entire body. after a two month bat it will 24-year-old -- battle, the 24-year-old georgia woman, battling a flesh eating disease has left the hospital. >> reporter: she went outside for the first time in 49 days she entered a rehab fa till ski to further recover he is -- further -- rehab facility, to further recover. she had multiple skin grafts after tissue was removed from her abdomen. >> thank you. the infection began after copeland fell and gashed her left calf on a home made zip in
4:49 pm
georgia. those who consume caffeinated coffee, tea and chocolate are less likely to develop basele cell carcinoma. a study in mice found caffeine blocks formation of skin cancers. mostly sunny, hot. >> bob has the updated first warning weather forecast coming up next ♪
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here is a live lookout side on a very familiar scene, all around baltimore, and ... >> i think that is one of the biggest things with this storm is just how widespread the damage is, when you get tornadoes some times it is isolated but in this case, with straight line winds it came across the entire state. we want to keep you updated on the seen here in towel son behind me a bge truck is trying to assess the situation. hopefully for these folks there is some power in the near future. one of the biggest problems we keep talking about is
4:53 pm
continuance of the heat. we may not be breaking records but this is our sixth day in a row with temperatures in the 90s they will continue. here is bob. >> especially if you don't have air conditioning it is a cumulative effect really very tough to take. please take it easy. let's look at temps now, the only good thing about today's temperatures well, they were kept lower by the low dew point and dryer air. it is 93 but the dew point is down in the 50s. rather than the low 70s instead of feeling like 93, it actually feels like 91 out there. humidity way down to 28%, last week, when we were mid-to upper 90s heat index was 105 to 110. north, northwest winds at 12 a barometer, 299, currently steady, 79 oakland, 81 ocean city, sea breeze kicks in afternoon drops temperature, 92 washington area, and locally temperatures still right around the 90-degree mark but much
4:54 pm
drier air mass. temporarily, looks like winds continue out of the northwest, later they go back to the south that will bring in more humid air and a risk of more scattered clouds in the carolinas, some of that moisture and some of the risk of those thunderstorms will be back here tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow night as well. on wednesday, a front across the northern plains, southern canada will come across the great lakes with all that heat and humidity in place on wednesday, that is july 4th we have a risk of possible, severe thunderstorms here on wednesday afternoon hopefully, it will be done and not that severe and widely scattered clear skies in the entire region, dry air mass, a couple thunderstorms showing up kentucky heading off to the northeast, eventually tomorrow afternoon we may see a few pop up thunderstorms, heat and humidity comes right back. with us at least for a couple
4:55 pm
days wednesday afternoon, the fun comes through, thursday and friday should dry out again, 90s to low 90s for high temperatures south winds, turn at 5 to 10 knots, tonight, not a terrible night, still pretty dry right now, about 70 degrees, overnight tonight, clear and partly cloudy skies tomorrow back up to 93 degrees, but a little more humidity feels like 96, or 97 rather than 91 so difference tomorrow will be additional humidity, which will make it more uncomfortable for everybody involved. >> these thunderstorms every day. >> pretty good chance, tomorrow better chance wednesday. lesser chance. still to come tonight on eyewitness news. >> after the storm, trees are down power is out to thousands of people, around the state. i am mike helgren. the latest efforts, to get the latest efforts, to get things cleaned up and [ male announcer ] are you paying more
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coming up next on wjz eyewitness news at 5:00, frustrating and dangerous after math in storms. thousands spend another day without power. clean up from friday's storms could take weeks. we're assessing the damage from baltimore county. we're talking to frustrated homeowners still dealing with power outagings. is there any relief in
4:59 pm
sight? i'm rochelle richie. >> check in with all the breaking news and more. >> wjz eyewitness news starts right now. hit hard, maryland coax with massive power outages and downed trees. >> it's day three of the clean up, the long road still ahead. >> hi everybody, i'm mary bubala. >> and i'm jessica kartalija. marylanders face the day without power for another night. crews are trying


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