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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  July 4, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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a sparkle in the sky. fireworks light you up maryland. >> and police step up security to keep thousands of spectators safe. >> hello, everybody. i'm denise coke. >> and i'm dick carter. celebrating the fourth under a watchful eye. baltimore city police wife up patrols. no sneak has more on how the night went. >> reporter: most of the crowds are already gone. not too long ago, these walkways were packed with people, and among them were a love of baltimore city police
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officer. their job was to keep things safe and they seem to have done that. >> reporter: hundreds of thousands of eyes fixated on the sky over the inner harbor as fireworks lit up the night. >> that was a big one. >> my little kids love watching it. it make mess happy to see them happy. >> reporter: the massive crowds only adding to the excitement and patriotic energy of the show. but mixed in with the clutches of people were hundreds of baltimore city police officers. their job was to keep this celebration violence free. last year, several fights broke out and a 4-year-old was hit by a stray bullet. >> reporter: the security started with these new barriers. >> reporter: all police officer are now in uniform to make sure their presence is known. >> we have the ground forces, and earl support, our police
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helicopter. >> a huge police presence here. they took what happened la year very seriously. >> reporter: for many, the fourth of july is a family tradition. and although a few violent acts tainted la year's celebration, that's not bothering them this year. >> we want to get it back to the way it was. >> reporter: in addition to baltimore's city police, state troopers were also out here. and once again, all in all, so far no major incidents have been reported. >> thank you, monique. around 200,000 people were expected to have attended tonight firework's show. 5 days after a wicked wind storm whipped maryland, thousands remain in the dark. use work to restore power, but patience is wearing thin. tonight, there are also stories of survival from the storm.
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a family barely escaped through a bedroom window when a tree crashed through their house. wjz is live with first morning weather coverage. bob touring is monitoring a heat wave, adding insult to injury. and megan has more on frustrations over repair efforts. >> reporter: bge has restored 90% of its customers' power, but those still in the dark might have to wait through the weekend. >> reporter: this massive tree cashed onto cars. >> it sounded like a train. >> i can't imagine that much of the earth coming up with the trees. >> we're tied -- we're tired of this. >> reporter: and the hum of
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generators is heard throughout arbor drive. >> they keep saying unfortunately, we're all working on it. >> reporter: power lines are underground here, but still the lights are out. neighbors are trying to help neighbors by run extension cords in between houses. in the dark with no ac is not the way doug sypes planned to spend the fourth of july. >> we're hoping to get this power back. >> just hang tight for right now. >> reporter: more than 4200bge crews have worked through the holiday. >> i'm glad they're doing the job. >> reporter: it's that attitude that makes this tough job a little easier. >> when you hear them cheer, it make us feel good. >> reporter: bge warns as they move into neighborhoods, the
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problem is the problems might be complex and could take longer to fix. >> thank you, megan. there are now fewer than 65,000bge customers -- 65,000 bge customers without power. there are also more than 18,000 in baltimore city, and more than 3,000 in howard county. more bad news for those still in the dark. this unrelenting heat is on track to get more intense. bob turk is in the first warning weather center with the latest on tomorrow's sweltering forecast. >> we had thunderstorm activity to the west of us. and even some strong stuff that moved through west virginia. now it's just about gone, southwest of the d.c. area. we haven't seen nothing here luckily, and locally, we didn't see it. really, the baltimore region escaped the rain. temperature-wise now, 86 still this late at night.
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d.c., 89, 70 the to the west. the dew point is really high, up to 73. that makes 86 this time of night feel like 93, even this time of night, 66 in carmelton. looks like tomorrow may be one or two dlees hotter than today, mid to-upper 90s, heat index over 100 at least for the next two to three days. >> you can always check for more complete weather coverage. dozens of metro passengers are stranded in the heat when their train loses power. they also learned that their rescue car lost power. and a driver is under arrest tonight after he crashed into a crab house in south
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baltimore. one man was pinned under the wreckage. he is in shock trauma in serious condition. the car plowed into the front of the sea pride restaurant. the driver was arrested on suspicion of dui. police shoot and kill an armed man outside a restaurant. when he tried to go inside the packed eatery, police shot him. he later died at the hop. no one else was hurt. an alleged south baltimore drug dealer is on the streets -- is off the streets tonight. police found $11,000 in cash, a police scanner, a small arsenal of weapons, and illegal drugs. win big. open less than a month, maryland's largest casino is racketing in cash at rate of $1 million per day. maryland live is bringing in
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more than twice as much as the state's other two casinos. >> reporter: the early numbers have been impressive. they're bringing in $1 million a day in gaming revenue. >> reporter: maryland live casino estimates about 20,000 customers a day are rolling in through their doors. gamblers seem to love it. >> it's always jumping. >> reporter: jumping for joy are the winners, already $169 million paid out to those with luck on their side. several of the luckiest have walked home with $50,000 jackpots. >> one lady who on her very first trip to the casino, she hit on her first couple spins, she didn't understand what happened until we started bring her out the money. >> reporter: after winners were paid, the casino made $28.4 million in less that be one month of operation. >> i hope they keep it up. >> reporter: the state gets
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67%, which means maryland live has already paid more than $19 million in taxes, money that goes to the education trust fund, and that makes it all a little less painful for those who don't win. >> the children are important, education is important. >> we have fun. if it's getting put back in the community, especially the schools and fire department, that's good. >> reporter: and the casino hopes their business gets bigger and better. they'll add another 16,000 machines, an addition entertainment seven ewe, and an additional restaurant. >> and the boom for beyond live casino has meant a 10% drop in revenue for the hollywood casino in perryville. a rare blue lobster caught off the coast of ocean city has a new home tonight. it's toby, right there, making his debut at the national aquarium in washington, d.c. he spent two weeks under
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observation until he was cleared for public december play. his blue pigment is the result of a genetic mutation. it's estimated to happen to one in 2 million lob tearsters. a train derails in chicago, leading to a massive pileup. and a new plop into weather a pim palestinian rep was assassinated. >> and the discovery of the so- called dog particle. >> and more extreme temperatures over the week. i'm bob turk, i'll have your entire forecast coming up. ,,,,
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it is career, 86-degrees in central maryland right now. the complete forecast is coming up. but first, calmer winds and higher humidity are helping firefighters in colorado battle the most destructive wildfire in the state's history. the destructive waldo canyon fire could be contained by the weekend. there are still dozens of wildfires burning across several western states. a train derailment in illinois leads to a major mess as 27 cars went off the tracks. the train was hauling coal from wyoming to wisconsin.
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an overpass also collapsed during the accident. cleanup could take months. the severed head found in a montreal park belongs to a chinese student. it belongs to ju n mei. police have recovered all of lin's remains. researchers in europe say they have found a new particle that could explain the mystery of why the universe exists. the so-called god particle has eluded scientists for decades. but as adam mays reports, they now have evidence it exists. >> reporter: scientists say the universe as we know it may not have forms if not for the existence of a miracle of science called a higgs boson.
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>> i think we have it. >> reporter: the higgs boson was first mentioned by british physicist peter higgs in the 1960s. higgs believed it's these tiny particles that gives things mass. the 83-year-old higgs was in geneva for the announcement. >> my graptions to everybody involved in this tremendous achievement. for mer, it's really an incredible thing that it's happened in my lifetime. >> reporter: the discovery was made within europe's $10 billion a hadron collider that accelerates atomic particles until they reach the speed of light and smash themselves into each other. researchers say they're able to weigh the particle, but many say more evidence is needed to confirm this amazing finding. >> reporter: for now, scientists are celebrating this
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discovery and comparing it to the fist man that landed on the moon. >> researchers say they will know more within the next two or three years. the debate over the test of yassir arafat is being reopened. traces of radioactive material was found on several of his items. doctors said he died from a massive stroke. hundreds of veterans celebrate independence day object uss iowa as it begins a new chapter. ♪ o' er the ramparts we watched ♪ >> the iowa was commissioned at a museum in the port of los angeles. the uss iowa was built in 1942 and served in world war 2 and the korean war. be thankful this group didn't show up at your
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barbecue. they took part in a fourth of july tradition, nathan's hot dog eating contest. wow. competitive eaters chowed down on coney island, and the biggest eater was joey chestnut. he won again, and devoured a world record 6 hot dogs with the buns in 10 minutes. sonya thomas wins the women's division with 45 hot dogs. the prize was $10,000. in sharp contrast, i ate one hot dog for dinner tonight. >> it's just remarkable. >> it is. lets take a look. we lucked out tonight. no shower, no thunderstorms, yes, cumberland, westburg, western washington county, and a bit of northern virginia did
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catch some pretty good thunderstorms. look at temps and conditions. it's still a very warm light. 86, southwest winds at 3, humanity's way up, and the dew point is way up to 73 now. 65% humidity. locally in the 60s where the rain fell, 69. still 89 in washington. 84 ocean city. dew point, way up. tomorrow, that will come back down to the upper 60s. with temperatures expected in the upper 90s again, it will feel like 100 to 1201 in the afternoon. we will likely have a heat advisory for the next couple days in the afternoon. a light southwest breeze is not helping a whole lot. to the west of us, still 93 in minneapolis right now. 89 in chicago. 89 detroit. so these warm temp again will
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be in our region. most of the east is well above normal temperatures. to the north, a lot cooler. we'll begin to see a cooldown. sunday and monday will feel really nice. still ahead, some impulses of energy to the north. some 70s, could create some widely scattered showers and thunder showers. after midnight tonight, primarily south of the renal, this shower activity to the west of us is diminished. another batch hit into western virginia. by tonight, later on, it will be dying out. knot of philadelphia, it will move across jersey. during the day tomorrow, more heat and humidity. less humid on friday, but still very hot. on saturday, a lot of places will get to 100 crows. the record is 101, the airport
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could get to 101. and then thunderstorms cooling down on sunday. warm and humid tonight, 72, will feel like 80 in the city. tomorrow, back up into the upper 90s, human, not as humid as today, but still one or two degrees warmer than this afternoon. if we hit 101, that will tie the record on saturday. 92 on sunday, and then a pleasant 86 on monday. that will be a nice relief. >> check in tomorrow morning for the updated fist warning forecast. and coming up, the orioles display some dazzling defense. we'll have the latest in ,,,,,,,
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a good trip to seth l for the orioles. >> halfway through the season, the orioles have had a full season's worth of roster moves. some have worked. young pitchers can be thrilling and frustrating. chris tillman has been both. called up to start in seattle today, now in his fourth major league season and just 24 years old. would he be thrilling or frustrating? he gave his team a thrill, delivering the best start of his career. pitching into the 9th inning, it was his longest big league outing and allowed just two hits. he's been a project, and the latest work done by the coaching staff seems to be paying off. >> it's been a work in progress for me. in spring that inning, nay were mentioning that they wanted me to work on a couple things.
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peterson came down a couple times, and i got it right. >> adam jones also feeling good after hitting his 20th home run of the season. they hit the midpoint of the season, on pace to win 88 games. the road trip continues tomorrow night in anaheim. the os did the rays no favor. robinson cano drove in the run that put new york on top. the yankees lead by 5 games. the offseason wheeling and dealing in the nba is fast and furious. there is news that one of the league's top stars is changing teams. steve nash has agreed to a trade to the lakers in exchange
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for draft picks. nash picked l.a. to remain close tore his family in phoenix. roger federer is tennis royalty at wimbledon. attending his match, royal prince william and wife kate. match point, federer finishes off michael kusni. he gets djokovic tomorrow. still ahead, missing no more. >> inside this high-flying rescue that reunited a pup with,
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in imon, one dog is lucky to be back home thanks to some extraordinary rescue efforts. daisy went missing two days ago, and was enterally found on a ledge. rescue teams suspended one firefighter from a ladder. daisy was thirsty but otherwise okay. it was truly pandemonium in downtown london. over 100 street performers dressed as pandas and took over tray fall gar square. it was part of the first-ever panda awareness week. there are less than 1600 pandas living in the wild. living in the wild. >> that's a panda ,, i'll have the $4 everyday value slam with... bacon.
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