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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  July 10, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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traffic. sharon will share it with you after marty's first warning weather. >> i told you i would go to the doppler scan and see if there was anything falling in the area. when i go to the false scan, there is indeed action aloft. that is moisture pretty much hanging over our heads. we go back to the true doppler image, you can see you don't need an umbrella in the area right now. take a look attempts. 68 on tv hill. that 68 will be five degrees cooler than this time yesterday. there are pop-up showers in the forecast. they can't tell you when and where. there is instability around. 85 at lunch on the way to 88. normal 87. a problem and here is sharon gibala. >> just one out there. we have still talking about the fire activity in the city north lynwood avenue is closed because of it. watch for equipment in the road. take north lakewood instead. speeds are looking good above
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the posted speed limit, 60 and 58 on the top and west sides of the beltway. there is 95. no issue there at white marsh boulevard. remember wjz 13 is always on for traffic information log on to anne arundel executive will head to trial after a judge rejects the request to dismiss the charges against him. here is meghan mccorkell. >> reporter: a big win for prosecutors. a judge rules that county executive john leopold will stand trial on four counts of misconduct in office and one count of misuse of taxpayer money. denied, denied, denied. a judge shoots down attempts to dismiss charges against john leopold. he is accused of using his security detail to drive him to
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sexual encounters in public parking lots and spy on political opponents. the county executive maintains his innocence. >> i am confident when the relevant facts are known we will prevail. >> reporter: his lawyers say charges of misconduct are too vague. in the ruling, the judge says the court cannot conclude at this stage that it must be dismissed for being unconstitutionally vague or not providing sufficient notice of what crimes are being charged. >> i don't think the defense had a large hope that they would win on these. >> reporter: a legal analyst says prosecutors are being meticulous. the ruling reveals they shared 90 boxes of evidence with the evidence. >> the discovery seems to be more than what the state normally provides. >> reporter: meantime another legal fight, the aclu threatening to sue for failing
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to release documents. >> there is nothing, no rule, no policy that would prevent them from doing that. >> reporter: police told the aclu many documents could not be released because they may be evidence in the leopold trial. the county executive and his defense attorney refused to comment on the judge's latest ruling. meghan mccorkell, wjz eyewitness news. >> the trial is scheduled to begin accept the 4 -- september the 4th. our heat wave is over but the effects continue. this morning the deaths of 18 marylanders are being blamed on the extreme conditions and the storms that left hundreds without electricity. record temperatures left major damage to local roads and railways. wjz's mike schuh has more on the lasting effects of the heat wave.
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reporter: maryland's crippling heat wave has broken. >> the humidity is up. temperature is down. >> reporter: extreme conditions are taking a toll on the state. eastbound route 50 in bowie buckled under the sun's relentless attack. temporary repairs are on the way. >> the blacktop is a temporary fix. this is concrete. we need to come in at a later date and send out news releases and do a more permanent repair using concrete itself. >> reporter: at reagan, the wheels of a u.s. airways jet got stuck in the soft tarmac after the surface was weakened by the heat. roads are buckled in other states as well. train tracks are warped and the pounding sun has damaged crops. many are grateful for the break. >> we can walk up to the snowball stand and it's pleasant out. >> reporter: state officials are trying to determine the extent of the damage on route
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50. reporting live. don, back to you. >> that section of 50 that buckled is between 197 and 301. baltimore department of public works is asking to conserve water. the water main runs under the train tracks and carries water to howard and anne arundel counties. using a robot, they spotted serious rust damage inside the pipe. further testing will begin in a few hours. the price at the pump is up and aaa predicts we have seen the low for a while. it is 6 cents more than paid last week. turmoil in the middle east is one reason why crude oil prices are going up. aaa expects the prices to continue to rise through the rest of the summer. in d.c., the washington monument may be closed to the public for two more years.
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the historic 555-foot tall building suffered serious damage in last summer's earthquake. scaffolding has to be build around the top of the monument to make further repairs to it. the repairs could cost more than $15 million. the president will visit the swing state of ohio today campaigning on his new effort to extend some of the so-called bush era tax cuts. here is danielle nottingham with the latest. >> reporter: president obama drew an election year battle line over taxes. he wants to extend cuts for middle income americans but thinks those who earn more should pay more. >> let's not hold the vast majority of americans and our entire economy hostage while we debate the merits of another tax cut for the wealthy. >> reporter: the president is calling for a one year extension of the so-called bush era tax cuts for households earning less than a quarter million dollars a year and individuals earning less than $200,000.
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they are due to expire at the end of december. this will cost taxpayers $150 billion in 2013. >> folks like me don't need a tax cut. we can go ahead and go back to the rates that were under bill clinton. >> reporter: republicans say what the president is really doing is raising taxes and they have a different plan. the g.o.p. wants to keep all the bush tax cuts including those for households earning more than a quarter million dollars a year. that will cost taxpayers an additional $850 billion the next 10 years. republican presidential candidate mitt romney says the president's plan is bad policy. >> we have a terrible jobs report last week. now to add a higher tax on job creators and small business is about the worst thing i could imagine to do. >> reporter: count on taxes being a top issue at the presidential debate. at the white house, danielle nottingham, wjz, eyewitness news.
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>> roming is scheduled to appear at a fundraiser in colorado. there is a big story about the preakness winner i will have another. he has been sold for $10 million. he was sold to a horse farm in japan. i will have another was retired after a tendon injury the day before he was to run in the triple crown at belmont. now he will be a career stud at a farm in japan. turning to baseball, major league all stars are preparing to take to the field for the midsummer classic. the all star activities were in kansas city. jose batista squared off in the final and fielder will win the derby for a second time with 12 home runs in the final round. they will join adam jones and jim johnson on the american league squad this evening.
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>> fun to watch the midsummer classic. american league could get home field. that's what it's about. i think baseball stubbed its toe more than once the past decade or so. when somebody came up with make the all star game count, give home field advantage to the winning team, that really does work. >> yeah, especially if you get it. >> i would love to know the stat -- ron, how long have they been doing the all star game meaning something? three, four years the winner gets home field. >> i think it might be a little longer than that. >> five or six. >> i'm not positive. >> i wonder what the record -- how significant that plays into it. you have to wonder, it would be cool tonight. >> absolutely. the game means something, not that it didn't mean anything before -- >> it didn't mean anything.
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>> like i was saying, the game didn't mean a thing before. >> take a look at first warning doppler radar and we will get back to ron. partly sunny. thunderstorm in the area. high of 88 degrees. the thunderstorm in the area, take a look at first warning doppler. i am on the true doppler scan. you can see around the metro, not a lot going on. shower activity is confined south of the region but not exclusively through the day. first warning details about a diminishing chance of moisture and pretty calm and mild conditions as we move through the midweek into the week's end. ronnie we are talking football this morning. >> that's right. international soccer returning to m and p bank stadium. we have two local soccer legends with us this morning to talk about the big game coming up on july 28th. it's all happening when the eyewitness news morning edition rolls on. [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway:
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>> 69 degrees. 90% humidity. calm winds. barometer is at 29.98. western maryland 59. oakland 64. 70 hagerstown. 68 elkan. mid-70s d.c., pax river. 70 in eaton. 72 bel air. 71 rock hall. frontal boundary is slowly but surely moving south and east. an area of low pressure will move the front away from the area. as it goes, the chance of showers diminishes through the day. i am not promising a chance of
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rain. a pop-up shower or thundershower is around primarily south and east. 66 partly cloudy overnight. clouds and sun. 88 will be the high tomorrow. 85 thursday. 78 friday. 88 saturday. 91 on sunday. don, take it away. if you have a race to run, here is sharon gibala. >> it's to the south where we have a first real problem of the morning, an accident reported on 10 southbound at the beltway. there is reported to be an overturned vehicle there. we will try to get you more information. in the meantime, we know that we have fire activity in the city blocking north lynwood avenue closed between east fayette and orleans. take east lakewood instead. speeds on the beltway, no real change 51. 95 still running smoothly as we take a look outside. 95 north of white marsh boulevard. there is another look outside. that one is going to be 95 at 198. this traffic report is brought to you by your toyota dealer.
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for your best deal on a new car, look beyond the day you buy it. now is the time to make the jump to toyota. ed back to you. ron matz good morning. >> good morning, everybody. live at m and t bank stadium. with the rising popularity of soccer, this will be the third international match at m and t bank stadium, saturday july 28th, two weeks from saturday. 1:00 p.m. the hot spur against liverpool. we have two legends of soccer, lincoln phillips, tommy wall. tommy, first of all, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> both guys were members of the baltimore bays, the original bays. you coached at essex community college. >> yes, sir. >> let's talk about baltimore is a hot bed of soccer. >> absolutely. >> back in the day, i played unlimited. i was the top as you can go.
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the competition was so rough because it was all neighborhoods. you didn't want to lose to people you saw every day. it was tough going out there on a sunday. i think the kids below us, the 14, 16-year-old kids watching that competition, then finally seeing the international players, the professionals and i think that is when it started growing and people understanding the game and everything, you know. >> it has grown. that is for sure. lincoln phillips, it's great to see you. >> a pleasure to be on the show. >> lincoln, you coached at howard university and accomplished something that was amazing. >> we were very fortunate to win two ncaa championships. the first one is in 1971. the second one in 1974. the one in 1974 we won. that is still a record that has not been tied. we are fortunate about that. >> let's talk about the
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liverpool team which is like the big european league. >> this team, liverpool, has a great history. they have won more european titles than any premier team. they are an outstanding team with a great history. the game by the way is an afternoon game. the previous games have been in the evening. >> an afternoon game. it's important. the game will be televised in england. that's why it's being played in the afternoon. this is going to be a regular run of the mill friendly. this is a friendly of a different kind. it will be competitive. these are first time two major league english teams playing outside of england. so, it's competitive. they don't want to lose each other at all. >> this is the ravens-steelers of the european league. >> ron? >> yes. >> you know it's like when the
6:19 am
nfl plays one of the first games over in great britain. i don't know who is playing this year but i wonder if they look at it the same way? >> yes, the nfl is playing in britain every year now. do they look on it playing here the same way, soccer. >> yeah, i think so. you find more and more of the american players are playing in major league football in england. so, in england, they get to really respect the american players. so, they are loaning at this game -- looking at this game as one of the top games in the preseason. >> reporter: great to see you, lincoln. tommy, great to see you. >> you too, ron. >> reporter: guys, it's saturday, july 28th, 1:00. how do you say when you start the game, it's not a kick off. >> it's a face off. >> reporter: face off.
6:20 am
1:00 face off. tickets are still available. it's going to be a great, great contest. that's for sure. come out. m and t bank stadium saturday july 28th thanks. appreciate it. done and marty -- don and marty, from the russell street coliseum. >> raven walk. >> yeah, you are right there. >> back to you on tv hill. still to come on wjz -- >> what is it like to light a fire? i will tell you. this is ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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through the years we have seen the difference first responders can make when disaster strikes. with each call they could save a life or lose their own. this morning wjz kai jackson suits up for a rare look at what it's like inside the fire. >> good morning. what is it like to go inside a fire? i will tell you. we are at fire opens training 101. one of the most difficult and potentially deadly jobs in public service. >> nothing like being in a building filled with fire and smoke. >> the reason people become firefighters vary but the ultimate goal is the same. >> look for trapped occupants.
6:24 am
life before property is the most important. >> on a warm day in college park -- >> it will protect your face, neck and ears. >> reporter: the professional firefighters and paramedics association -- >> pull down on the shoulder tab. >> reporter: gives elected leaders a glimpse into their world. it's called fire ops 101. i suit up. we take part in a controlled burn inside a small building wearing breathing apparatus. in all 50 pounds of gear. >> no joke. >> the they -- they knock down a gas fire. >> this is more demanding than i expect. >> reporter: and those not claustrophobic could help with a small space search and rescue. throughout the day, the training takes a toll on the body and brain. >> even lightning. >> reporter: the heat was
6:25 am
unbelievable. much higher, hotter at the top, cooler at the bottom and, again, it gives you an idea of what the firefighter is dealing with when they were inside of a place with the fire, the smoke and the heat. so do public officials, many of whom control the budget needed to hire firefighters and paramedics and purchase the vast amount of equipment needed to do the job. >> you got to see the speed of how fast the fire can develop. if not kept in check with fire sprinklers, they pose a tremendous risk to citizens. >> reporter: kai jackson, wjz, eyewitness news. >> they all made it through the process and there were no injuries. next up this morning, right here on wjz -- >> i'm adam mace. what the suspects said in court. ,,,,,,
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the sun is shining brightly but without the oppressive heat and humidity of last week. sharon last a -- has a hassle. >> first warning doppler radar, we have a frontal boundary to the south. a little bit of moisture along it. i can't say that you won't see a passing shower, even here in the metro with the beautiful sunshine that we took look at. let's take a look attempts. tv hill it's 69 degrees. five degrees cooler than this time yesterday. by lunch 85. high of 87. normal is 87. there could be a pop-up shower around at any time this day but for the most part dry. don, take it away. >> what is wrong on the way to work or summer school, here is sharon gibala. >> we do have an overturned vehicle blocking a lane on route 10. you want to watch for it if you are traveling on route 10 southbound in the area of the
6:31 am
beltway. we understand the right lane is blocked there. an overturned vehicle. also fire activity going on in the city north lynwood avenue slow between east fayette and orleans. take north lakewood. there is your speeds on the beltway. starting to see minor delays on the west side. 13 minute drive time. a look outside at the beltway at 97. sunglasses are needed out there. we are starting to slow down a bit on 95 southbound to the right at white marsh. still tap your breaks between white marsh and 895. your toyota dealer is your car, your deal. now is the time to make the jump to toyota. back to you. >> thank you. at the top of the news, the heat wave is having lasting effects in maryland. health officials blame the heat for 18 deaths in the state including 8 since saturday. conditions are worse by the storm that left hundreds of thousands without power and air- conditioning. the impact of the heat wave is
6:32 am
not over as the record temperatures subside. wjz and mike schuh are live with the continuing impact. good morning, mike. >> reporter: good morning. the concern for people and pets has passed but infrastructure is still high on the list. maryland's crippling heat wave has broken. >> the humidity is up but the temperature is down. >> reporter: but the extreme conditions are taking a toll on the state. eastbound route 50 in bowie, prince george's county buckled under the sun's relentless attack. >> the top is a temporary fix. we have to come in at a later date and do a more permanent repair using concrete itself. >> reporter: at reagan national airport, the wheels of a u.s. airways jet got stuck on the soft tarmac friday after the surface was weakened by the heat. >> after i turned off the air conditioner. [ indiscernible ]
6:33 am
>> reporter: roads are buckled in other states as well. train tracks are warped and the pounding sun has damaged crops. many are grateful for the break. >> we can walk up to the snowball stand today and it's pleasant out. >> reporter: a permanent stretch of roadway for 50 is being engineered. don, back to you. >> the heave wave is being blamed for nearly 50 deaths nationwide. john leopold is accused of misusing his personal police detail for poll and personal purposes. defense attorneys argue the charges of misconduct are too vague. a judge rejected the request to dismiss the charges so leopold's trial will begin september the video of a tourist being beaten has outraged many across this country. four people pled guilty. adam may explains, they mayy escape the most serious charges.
6:34 am
>> reporter: the case involving the humiliating attack of a tourist on st. patrick's day came to a close. four suspects plead guilty. >> i saw the video, i was appalled. >> reporter: according to the defense attorney, warren brown, his client aaron parsons received a sentence of three years in jail with all but one suspended. more than a half million people have seen the video of parsons throwing the first punch. >> he offered an apology to the victim and the city because he knows that he brought disrepute to the city considering this went viral and cast a negative image of the city. >> reporter: the victim in the beating did not appear in the courtroom. prosecutors said that they did reach out to him and he was okay with the plea bargain. other suspects pled guilty. two were sentenced to one year with all but time served. the original charges were much more severe.
6:35 am
>> miss davis used her shoe, high-healed shoe as a weapon during the attack. she was charged with armed robbery because she used it as a blunt force object. >> reporter: in a statement, the state's attorney praised police saying the individuals responsible for this assault were identified and brought to justice in an expeditious manner. originally some were facing a decade in jail but parsons should be out by the end of the year. adam may, wjz eyewitness news. >> a fourth person will be sentenced in december. on the eastern shore police identified the three children that drown at a local swimming hole. they are trying to cool off in a creek over the weekend. investigators now say the two cousins, 12 and 7 and an 11- year-old friend drown in the creek. none of them knew how to swim. now their families are in morning and trying to figure out how to pay for the funeral costs. >> i wish it was me dead instead of him. i love him.
6:36 am
>> the boy's families are asking for a fence to be installed around the creek to prevent it from happening again. a truck flies into a gas station in virginia killing its driver. police say the pickup crossed the median and two lanes of the road before hitting the gas pump. the driver does not survive. the store manager was inside and heard the crash. >> a big sound like some cars hitting or something. when i look, it was in my parking lot. >> emergency crews were called in. the pumps were shut off to prevent a fire. the crash continues to be investigated this morning the end of an era for the baltimore fire department has three fire companies are being shut down for good. derek valcourt breaks it down. >> reporter: black tape covers the number on city truck 10, a sign of loss.
6:37 am
a death in the family. truck 10 is one of three fire companies permanently closed under a major restructuring plan that eliminates the rotating closures forced on the fire department years ago by budget cuts. >> this means that every day, 24 hours a day we know exactly where all of our fire suppression companies are. >> effective today, the fire company of about two dozen firefighters that operates truck 15 in east baltimore and squad 11 near john hopkins are no more. those firefighters have been reassigned to other fire stations and to ensure each community can be covered in an emergency several other fire companies will be relocated to other fire stations. >> i want to reassure the community that when you call 911, you will get the same high level of emergency medical services as well as fire protection. >> reporter: the two companies closed today. truck ten gets a temporary reprieve. they will be responding to calls until october 1. >> we will fight like hell to keep that open forever. >> reporter: from the start, the
6:38 am
firefighters union denounced the plan to permanently close three fire companies saying it will put citizens and firefighters lives at risk. they say during the massive storm the three companies were responsible for 57 calls in just 24 hours. >> that tells me it's out of hand. again, i know that was emergency situations after a storm but when is the next one coming. >> the fire union president says he hasn't given up hope that the closed fire companies can one day be reopened but without city funding. derek valcourt, wjz eyewitness news. >> it bears repeating no firefighters will lose their jobs. three orioles are preparing to take the field in kansas city to represent the american league in the all star game. adam jones sampled some of the famous barbecue during the home run derby. he is joined on the team by jim
6:39 am
johnson and matt wieters. he makes the team for a second straight season. >> it's a huge honor. i feel blessed to be back here this year. it's something to be voted in by the players makes it more of an honor to have that respect. >> the rest of the orioles offense hopes to get a boost after the all star game. >> congratulations to the three birds representing us. it has been in previous years that we had one person on the all star team because every team has to have one person, call it a charity case if you will. not this time. >> no. >> three guys that deserve to be in that lineup. off the charts. honestly is. >> it's all good. >> speaking of all stars, ryan
6:40 am
howard, the philadelphia phillies. this is the home run derby. ryan howard stepping up to the plate for charity. somebody wake up bernadette. sharon gibala has traffic control. control. we have first warning weather ,,
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>> good morning. folks. calm winds, 90% humidity. barometer 29.98. 63 in cumberland. 78 elkan. mid-70s around pax river. 73 ocean city. a stalled frontal boundary gets stalled out of the tennessee valley. as it does, we reduce the rain chance through the day.
6:44 am
calm weather essentially but there could be a pop-up shower or thunderstorm around. nothing severe expected. much of the day for many of us rain free. 66, partly cloudy overnight. tomorrow 85. thursday 78. most pleasant but cloudy friday. saturday 88 with sunshine. saturday sunny and 91. >> thank you. sharon gibala has not been feeling good all morning long so kristy breslin stepped in. >> good morning. traffic roulette here today. we have a couple of accidents out there. if you are traveling southbound route 10 we have an accident at the beltway. that will catch your eye. we have north lynwood closed between east fayette and orleans because of fire activity. if you are traveling 95, no problems in the northbound direction but southbound a minor slow down as you make your approach to white marsh
6:45 am
boulevard. 83 to 95, 60 miles per hour average. this traffic report is brought to you by toyota. toyota has your car and deal. now is the time to jump to toyota to find out how many ways there is to save and buy rate. >> this morning's coffee with ryan howard of the philadelphia phillies. the satellite interview is furnished by state farm. >> please welcome ryan howard to the eyewitness news morning edition. nice to see you. nice to talk to somebody in the national league for a change, you know. [ laughter ] not to mention a philadelphia philly. how are you doing? we know you are on the disabled list right now and nursing the torn achilles. how are you doing with that? >> doing well, doing well. it felt good to be able to come back friday and get a series in under my belt before the break. it feels good.
6:46 am
feels good. it won't be 100%. there will be a little bit of a hitch but good enough to play and contribute the best i can. >> i didn't know you were back. congratulations on that. >> oh, yeah. it was sneak can i. sneak can i, under the radar. >> not so sneaky is the graphic behind you, you are working with state farm on a go to bat that ties into the home run derby. >> an online home run derby that allows people to go online and vote for one of four great charities, boys and girls club or american red cross. all they have to do is go to state farm.comeback slash go to bat and pick one of these four charities. state farm will donate $18,000 once a week for the next ten weeks to each charity. so, every little bit helps. also, fans get a chance to win two tickets to this year's
6:47 am
world series. so, get out there, go to bad. state go to bat and pick your favorite charity. >> i have the web site punched up. once you are there, do you have to virtually swing a bat or do you sign up for the charity. >> you can swing a bat by clicking on whenever charity. >> okay. >> i thought i had a play a video game and be a good virtual hitter? >> i'm sure. maybe that's next year we will try to get the guys on that. >> there is an app in the corner that i am dying to click on in a couple of minutes to see what that is about. tell us about what you look forward to the rest of the season? the orioles are doing so great going into the all star break, better than .5 a 0. everybody around -- better than .500. what do you see for the rest of the season. >> for us personally for the
6:48 am
phillies we had a rough start to the season. what we need to do is completely forget about it. take these days for the all star break, rest, recover, change the mind-set. come back in and get ready for the second half. we need to go out, execute, play with our hair on near, so to speak, is the expression. go out and try to win series and have fun doing it. >> if you can take us behind the ropes, you are a baltimore orioles going into the all star break with this record so far, what is going on in their heads? >> if you are a baltimore orioles what you are going to do, you will go into the break and feel good. you can't team safety. it's one of those things that you have to come out and continue to try to maintain and do better, try to do better than what you did the first half. >> tell us again about go to
6:49 am
bat. state to bat. >> home run derby. state farm go to bat program. go to state farm.comeback slash go to bat and vote for one of the four great charities. >> good luke with the rest of your reason after the all star break. i would love to see orioles phillies -- >> that would be outstanding. >> we could fill the stadium many times over between the two cities. >> all right. thank you. >> i was going to say the travel would be awesome for a world series like that. >> the phillies were in town this year and the crowds were fantastic coming down and having a great time. >> oh, yeah. definitely. >> thank you very much, ryan howard. now playing again for the philadelphia phillies as well as state farm insurance. we will take a break. ,,,,
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7 1/2 before 7:00. delightful day start. our second in a row after the week of intense heat and humidity. feels good outside at the moment. sharon is standing by with traffic -- excuse me, kristy is in for breslin.
6:53 am
>> sharon wasn't feeling good. kristy will be with you in a second. we were talking about the intense week. really intense 2 1/2 weeks if you look deeply at the numbers. first warning doppler radar shower activity to the south. a shower or thundershower around at times. for the most part, for all of us, we have a relatively dry day. a high of 88 degrees. just shy of 70 now. and here is kristy breslin wjz traffic control. >> good morning. we have traffic out there now on the outer loop. if you are traveling on the outer loop, expect 15 minutes there from liberty road to edmonton avenue. a minor delay at 95 southbound at white marsh boulevard. after that it breaks free and you are back to normal speeds. as far as accidents go, southbound 10 at the beltway is blocking the right-hand lane. that will cost you a couple of extra minutes. we have north lynwood closed
6:54 am
between east fayette and orleans because of fire activity. let's take a live look. as you can see, things are building in volume. 95 north of 195 and we will take another live look, traffic on the west side at liberty road. this traffic report is brought to you by lee academy. join them for their open house at their gaithersburg location july 18th at 6:30 p.m. where good cooks become great. the heat wave may be over but the effects are proving deadly and are continuing. the deaths of 18 marylanders are being blamed on the conditions and the storm that left hundreds of thousands of people without tries and air -- electricity. as far as roads go. eastbound 50 in bowie buckled under the sun's attack yesterday. temporary repairs are underway but more work is needed.
6:55 am
that area of route 50 is open to traffic but the state highway administration is trying to determine the extent of damage and what to do next. it appears the case against john leopold will be settled at trial. leopold is accused of misusing his police detail for political and personal purposes. defense attorneys have argued the charges of misconduct in office have been too vague. they made a motion to dismiss. a judge rejected that request and did not dismiss the charges. leopold's trial is scheduled to begin september the 4th. baltimore city department of public works is urging people to begin conserving water due to a po even if shallly dangerous water main. it runs under the tracks in southwest baltimore and carries the water to anne arundel and howard counties. using a robot, serious rust damage was spotted inside the pipe. further testing will begin in a
6:56 am
few hours. it comes from northwest baltimore. and today the four people charged in the videotape beating of a tourist have pled guilty in the attack. two pled guilty to robbery. two others pled guilty to second-degree assault. parsons was sentenced to one year in jail. carter and davis were seven tenned -- sentenced to time served. a big money deal for the preakness winner i will have another. he has been sold for $10 million. the owner says he sold the ber di and preakness winner to a horse farm in japan. i will have another was retired with a tendon injury before he had a chance to run at belmont and perhaps take the triple crown. crown. now he will be a stud on a ,,,,,
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beep-bop-boop-bop boop-beep. [monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds."


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