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tv   Eyewitness News at 4  CBS  July 12, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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callous cover-up. an investigation into the penn state sex abuse scandal comes to a shocking close. what they say university officials knew and what is it means for the storied campus. >> here's what people are talking about. the independent investigation into the penn state sex abuse scandal is slamming the most powfort leaders -- powerful leaders at the university. the report says they did nothing to stop jerry sandusky from preying on victims for more than a decade. >> reporter: former fbi director louis freeh puts the flame on top officials forking copy jerry sandusky's child abuse. >> our most sobering and sad finding is the total disregard
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for sandusky's child victims. >> reporter: the athletic director and the legendary coach all knew in 1998 that sandusky was under investigation for sexual mississippi conduct -- misconduct but never did anything to stop him. former coach mike mcqueary reported witnessing sandusky abuse a boy in the shower. >> reporter: they allowed sandusky to retire in 1999 as a valued member of penn state, allowing him to lure more victims. >> reporter: the former coach said he should have done more but insists he never would have taken part in a cover-up. >> reporter: the idea that a sane responsible adult would knowingly cover up for this is
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appalling. >> reporter: some alumni believe the board should not be held accountable. >> i'm outraged and embarrassed by the leadership of my university. >> reporter: lawyers say freeh's report will strengthen any litigation for the university or paterno's estate. all the former penn state officials named in today's report, deny any wrongdoing. but two of them are charged with lying to the grand jury. the board of trustees at penn state is holding a news conference right now, where they are reacting to today's report. here is some of what they had to say. >> let me be absolutely clear. an event like this can never happen again in the penn state university community. people who are in a position to protect children and to confront a predator, including people at the highest levels of responsibility in the
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university, specifically graham spannier, joe paterno, tim curly, and gary schulz, did not put the welfare of children first. >> we'll have much more from the board of trustees' reaction coming up at 5:00 and 6:00. we're following breaking news out of detroit, michigan, where a bomb threat has shut down a major tunnel. this afternoon, someone called in a bomb inside the windsor detroit tunnel. it was closed down immediately and is still closed down to traffic now. the tunnel is an international connection between ontario, canada, and detroit. the bomb squad is investigating. new evidence in the trayvon martin shooting. gigi barnett has more on what it could mean for accused shooter george zimmerman. >> reporter: the documents released today include reports from the fbi and florida police. the evidence includes statements from the zimmerman's former girlfriend, who accused him of domestic violence. and there are views from
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employees about zimmerman bringing the gun he used to kill martin. some officers thought his nose was broken the night of the shooting. but others didn't. however, all officers agreed that simmerman -- zimmerman had cuts on the back of his head that night. he now faces second-degree murder charges. >> gigi. thank you. zimmerman is currently on $1 million bond. a surprise sentencing if are a woman -- for a woman in federal court. the feds say she injected silicone into the buttocks of several clients, including one in baltimore that, left that person hospitalized. mike hellgren has more on why things didn't go as planned for prosecutors. >> reporter: kimberly faces prosecution and a fine. so prosecutors brought out a key witness as they sparred with her defense lawyer, over the appropriate punishment. but he turned on them. >> can you say anything about
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what happened, ma'am? >> reporter: one of kimberly smitherly's people said to go to hell. she pleaded guilty earlier this year for her role in what prosecutors say was a lucrative investigation. injecting silicone, the kind used in furniture polish. >> reporter: but the sentencing went awry, when prosecutors called insteadly's-- smedley's ex-boyfriend. who provided this. they already secured a plea deal with him. in a surprise move, he said he had been tricked by the government and the judge postponed sentencing until later this afternoon. >> i was never surprised by what he had to say. i've known that all along, that ms. freeman was using medical- grade silicone am. >> reporter: some of her clients included strippers. the feds say smedley would inject women up and down the east coast, and falsely told
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them she was using medical- grade silicone. a wjz investigation revealed the dangers of this practice. many had disfigurements. >> did you know what it was? >> no. and i still don't know what this is. >> i almost went into deep depression over this. because i feel like i did this to myself. i feel like i'm one of the lucky ones. >> reporter: prosecutors say one of the strippers was hospitalized when silicone entered her blood. >> reporter: and smedley was not a licensed medical practitioner. they say she would use super glue to hold them in place. >> we'll update you at 5:00 and 6:00. a dog is found clinging to life in a baltimore trash can. this is thor, found severely
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hurt and emaciated. thaimples to the nonprofit barks, he will likely survive his injuries. it is not clear who left him in the trash. but police are investigating. once he is recovered, he will be up for adoption. you can find the link to our story on our website, >> he is precious. . baltimore's fire chief makes a decision, regarding his recent controversial raise. the board of estimates approved a new contract for chief jim clack, which includes a raise of nearly 18% by nearly 2018. the move caused an uproar. well, today, chief clack said if firefighters do not get their raise, he will donate his to the city fire department's fire foundation. a teenager is killed in an overnight crash in howard county. that crash happened in columbia, just after 3:00 a.m. police say 17-year-old 17-year- old shakwan curtis lost control of his car and hit a tree. three other people in that car
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were hurt. police say speed was a factor. adding insult to injury. bge customers who lost power in the recent storm will have a bigger bill next month. vic is in the newsroom with more on the brewing battle. vic? >> well, mary, it may be a small charge, but still causing a world of controversy. some bge customer his to suffer through as many as nine days would you tell us power. now, they're learning policy lets bge charge customers a routine distribution fee. utility is only allowed to charge customers for the first 24 hours of the outage. even though the charge is small, many customers say they're frustrated and upset that they had to pay anything at all. mary, back to you. >> thank you, vic. the public service commission says after the first 24 hours of an outage, bge has to absorb the cost of the storm cleanup. a nice summer day outside. not too hot. just right. let's take a live look outside there. clouds. scattered clouds and skies. how is our weekend shaping up?
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wjz has weather ask traffic together. meteorologist tim williams is here with the updated numbers from first warning weather. >> good afternoon, everybody. it has definitely been a warm afternoon. not unseasonably so. our normal high now is about 88 degrees. take a look at first warning doppler radar. we're at 85. felt a little warmer at times through the day with the help of the sun. most of the rain anywhere is down to our south and southwest. you see that stalled front that has been responsible for some of our shower activity is still along the coastline, down towards the carolinas. and making a sweep toward texas. and another front is trying to push in from the southwest. that would likely bring us the chance of showers tomorrow, late tomorrow night, and through the weekend. take a look at our temperatures however. 85 degrees right now. 77 out toward oakland. the dew point is pretty low at 57. so that 85 right now, feels more like, well, 84 degrees. just one degree lower than the actual temperature. then you see, the temperatures are now starting to change going into this 4:00 hour. we expect to see the
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temperatures climb here over the next few days the and we could be back in the three- digit range coming next week. we'll talk about it coming up in your complete first warning forecast. check in on our roads. here's kristy breslin at wjz traffic control. hi, kristy. >> hi, mary. hi, everyone. traffic not so nice out there. travel on the north side inner loop. heavy traffic from dulaney valley road to loch raven boulevard. also significant delays from 95 to security boulevard. traffic moving at only about 30 miles per hour. also some delays to watch for on the west side outer loop. that's from liberty road to edmondson avenue. and northbound 95, pretty heftdy delay there. to the fort mchenry tunnel. southbound 95, also an accident in that direction at the fort mchenry toll plaza. and a couple of issues around the area. in westminster, an accident there. 140 west. also, traffic lights out to watch out for in the columbia area. washington boulevard, at 175. let's now take a live look as you can see.
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traffic pretty heavy there. northbound 895. begins at potee street and goes to the steel bridge. this traffic report is brought to you by subway. stop in and try the santa fe steak melt. >> five marine veterans are running across the states to raise money for their fellow soldiers. they call themselves the grunt runner. the starting line was in south carolina. ask the run won't be over until they reach ground zero in new york city. that is a total of 641 miles. we caught up with them in baltimore today, as they ran through our city. the run will raise money for the wiewrnded warrior project that helps-- wounded warrior project that helps raise money for injured servicemen. >> good luck to them. >> semper fi. still ahead. missing from capitol hill. what is keeping congressman jesse jackson, jr., from work. and what his father is saying today. fierce flooding and rain
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fills up texas and one roadside rescue. i remember wanting to get there. >> the victim turns into the rescuer. how an injured surgeon's quick thinking helped save a paramedic's life. it is a mild summer afternoon. but could the heat be getting cranked back up? well, tim hinted at it. stay with us. your updated first warning weather forecast is coming up. ,,,,
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it's partly cloudy. 85 degrees in central maryland right now. the complete first warning weather forecast is coming up. it's an incredible airborne rescue in new york city. take a look. two window washers were working 50 feet in the air when they got trapped on a broken scoffalding. they were hanging on by a single cable. the workers were a little
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shaken up but otherwise okay. one balloon ride takes the turn for the worst in arizona. the hot air balloon was carrying five people when it made a crash-landing. gusts carried the balloon, dragging it through the field for several hundred feet. luckily, no one riding in the basket was hurt. a surgeon breaks his leg, hiking in the middle of nowhere. but a mission to save him takes a twist when the doctor actually becomes part of the rescue team for a paramedic. bill whittaker reports for wjz. it began with one fateful misstep at big bear lake. >> reporter: air force doctor jeremy kil burn loves his dog virgil. he loves wilderness hiking with virgil and his best friend, dan grasso. it takes him away from the stress of critical care at the military hospital at nelis air force base in las vegas. >> last week, jeremy, dan and virgil went hiking to remote big bear lake in northern california. they set up camp for the night.
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the next morning, jeremy and virgil went for a walk. >> he was trailing behind me and kind of pushed into my left leg. not very hard. just enough to make me take kind of an unplanned step. >> reporter: a misstep that badly broke his leg at the ankle. >> what options did you have? >> to scream for help. >> i heard him. he called out to me. >> reporter: jeremya's best friend, dan grasso. >> he diagnosed the situation right away. >> i can't put any weight on my ankle, you know, we're going to have to have a chopper come get me. >> the highway patrol circled several times before landing on a rock. tony got out of the helicopter, took off his helmet, put on his medical vest and prepared to climb up the slope toward killgurn and grasso. no one knowing exactly how it happened, whether it was the uneven ground or the lowering of the rotor blades. but suddenly, officer stanley was struck in the head by one
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of the rotor blades. he comes running up the hill and he said, dude, this guy got hit in the head. and i think he might be dead. my brain caught fire. and i just -- wanted to be down there to do what i could to save his life. >> he said, this is your job, this your job. this is what we're going to do. and we'll be fine. and yet trying to position his ankle so he wasn't in excruciating pain, which he was. >> together, they stabilized officer stanley. he alive thanks to jeremy, beth, the pilot and the other campers. >> there wasn't action on my part. >> i think you're too mod -- modest. >> i haven't been accused of that often. >> he said not to call him a hero, just an air force doctor. in other words, a hero. >> one who did a great job. can wall street end up
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losing a five-week losing streak? the dow was actually up right until the closing bell. right now, the dow is down. s&p down 7. nasdaq down 22. let's go to new york, where alison harmelin has tonight's cbs money watch update. wells fargo reached a settlement with the justice department over charges it discriminated on mortgages. investigators found the bank charged higher fees and rates to minority ballers; without admitting to any wrongdoing, the bank agreed to pay $175 million to settle. wells fargo released its report this morning. the labor market is showing a hibit of improvement. the number of people filing for unemployment benefits dropped last week to the lowest level in more than four years. a boost in auto production was part of the reason, making for the third straight decline for jobless claims. cheaper mortgages could help fuel the very gradual recovery in the housing market.
4:20 pm
rates on fixed loans fell again to record lows. freddie mac says the average 30- year mortgage dropped to 3.56%. that's the lowest rate on record. the average 15-year mortgage dropped to 2.68%. and americans may be losing their personal appetite for personal computers. pc sales dropped 11% in the last three months. market researchers say the decline is part of a consumer shift to less expensive tablets and smart phones. for more, check out the headlines at cbs money watch. com. in new york, i'm alice harmelin. what sent a train off its tracks in ohio? the investigation begins. the fighting, bullying on facebook. the social network rolls out new changes to keep users safe. the sun is out today. but is rain on the way to wash out our weekend? find out if our first warping weather forecast. -- warning weather forecast. wjz is always on.
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welcome to eyewitness news on this thursday, july 12th. taking a look at a pretty warm afternoon.
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but not unseasonably so. a lot of green out there, until you start to look down towards the grass, which is in need of a little rain. we hope to get some over the next few days. but nothing severe that is going to bring it our direction. right now, we're being looing -- looking at first doppler radar. there is a high pressure in control of our forecast now. that high, of course, has a clockwise flow around it. that is the dynamic that supports high pressure. and it is going to allow for warm air to be pulled on in here the next few days. we'll stay in the 90-degree range, right on through basically the beginning of next week. then after some very, very strong heat that is building ow out to thest with. -- the west. we could get higher. but the stalled front, the stationary front, extending from the atlantic, back towards texas. back toward houston, is just allowing for storms to ride right along it. some of our neighbors to the south and southwest, are getting substantial rain. 1 in 2 inches. in? localized areas more than that. but we're not going to see most
4:25 pm
of those showers, at least not through today. late tomorrow, we'll start to see some of them moving through the region. clouds, blocking out the sun a little bit. temperatures have been suppressed a little bit. so we're not spiking into that 90-degree range. although some parts of the area have felt like 90 degrees at times today with the heat index. 37% relative humidity. with a low dew point at 57. moisture not too bad out there. humidity levels not too bad. 30.18 is your barometer reading. so that high pressure is still under control. 80s around the state. 79 in ocean city. with the wind from the north and sometimes northeast. that is keeping the cooler air from the ocean on the boardwalk. 91 out in cumberland is the warmest spot on the map, around the immediate metro area. everyone pretty much in that mid- to upper 80 degree range. none of us really topping out at 90 at least just yet. winds coming in from the north. at bwi marshall. again, a bit of that easterly flow, south and southeast wind,
4:26 pm
bringing some of the cooler air off the bay and the ocean, depending on how far east you are. and what we're watch suggest that system, that stalled front, all the way back toward texas, allowing for that shower activity, to stay very close. we are also watching this next front moving from the west. that's going to play into the forecast, heading into the weekend, along with the one to the south. between the two of them, there's a very good chance that we could get showers. maybe even a thunderstorm, late, late tomorrow night. then a chance. 30% chance on saturday and sunday and into monday. sunset today at 8:33. south winds on the bay, 8 to 10 knots. no advisories in effect. 78. partly cloudy and mild. seasonably warm we'll call it. 98. partly sunny and warm. and had is the kind of temperature you can get used to for the foreseeable future. don't mistonight's -- miss tonight's cbs primetime lineup at 10:00. followed immediately by eyewitness news at 11:00. still ahead on eyewitness
4:27 pm
news tonight. dna discovered. new evidence link occupy protestors to a scene. cutting out stress. how it could help multiple complerrosis patients. shark bait. what happens when a fisherman tries to reel in his catch. this naval academy grad is going to be swimming in london. he's training here in baltimore. but there is something about this navy lieutenant you need to know. his story next. >> eyewitness news at 4:00 continues with denise and ,,,,,,
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4:30 pm
thanks for staying with eyewitness news. i'm vic carter. >> and i'm denise koch. here's what we're talking about. questions about where he
4:31 pm
is. danielle nottingham reports for wjz. now his father is speaking out. >> reporter: congressman jesse jackson junior hasn't been seen on capitol hill for a month. his office released a statement from an unnamed doctor, saying the congressman is receiving intensive medical treatment at a residential treatment facility for a mood disorder. >> he is under medical supervision. >> reporter: jackson's father, the reverend jesse jackson, told reporters, he's glad his son isn't in the middle of this daily media speculation. >> you understand the interest? [ inaudible ] >> reporter: information about the nine-term congressman from illinois has been trickling out. first word was the 47-year-old was suffering from exhaustion. then a week later, another statement said his unnamed condition was more serious than originally thought. some of jackson's congressional
4:32 pm
colleagues have called for jackson to be more forthcoming with his constituents. house leaders haven't heard from the congressman but are also facing questions about his absence. >> our prayers and thoughts are with him and his family. >> i think this is an issue between he and his constituents. i just wish him well and hope to see him back soon. >> reporter: congressman jackson has been facing ongoing ethics allegations. ideas that he tried to influence former governor rod blagojevich to appoint him to a vacant senate seat. >> the statement from doctors of the -- was not specific about his disorder. but some say mood disorder may indicate that he is suffering from depression. kai is in the newsroom with the latest. >> reporter: the flight was headed from fort lauderdale to los angeles when it was fierced to make an emergency landing. authorities say there was pressure in the cabin.
4:33 pm
there were 147 people on board the plane, including crewmembers. no injuries were reported. authorities are still investigating why the problem occurred. denise? >> reporter: thank you, kai. the plane was in the air for about an hour, when the pilot noticed a change in pressure. we're learning new details today about a fiery train derailment in ohio. the national transportation safety board now says the train was not going too fast for the conditions. investigators are still on the scene, trying to determine what led to thek. -- the accident. detectives in new york are hoping that dna leads them to a killer. karen brown reports for wjz. eight years after a juilliard student was found dead in upper manhattan, new evidence has emerged in this case. >> reporter: sarah fox was just 21 years old, when he was murdered while jogging in inwood park. her naked body, found in a heavily-wooded area later. among this, a dna sample that
4:34 pm
didn't reach any of the juilliard friends, classmates. that sample was left on the cd she was making. until this week, it was considered a cold clue. now investigators say they found a match, linking it to this subway station in east flatbush. march, occupy wall street protestors. prompting open the gates so strap-hangers could ride for free. the chain those protestors could use for the jar is seen in the video. detectives tested it for dna. and say the samples taken matches the sample from sarah fox's murder scene. this breathes new life. but police sources say it isn't necessarily a direct link to her killer, acknowledging the match could be a coincidence. they've long suspected this man, demetri, is responsible for sarah fox's death. >> i'm not the murderer. people like me are not
4:35 pm
murderers. okay? >> reporter: but police say the dna matches shineman. he has always denied involvement. he said sarah spoke with him from beyond the grave, naming a faculty member. >> reporter: police say they are still working to match that dna evidence to an actual person. they say it doesn't match anyone currently in their database. state police make a big drug bust along the i-95 corridor in maryland. troopers arrest a man near cecil county. authorities recovered more than $100,000 in heroin. the man was initially stopped for following another vehicle too closely. but a search, by a police drug dog, revealed 5,000 packages of street-ready heroin in the car. in tonight's healthwatch, reducing stress, could help patients with multiple
4:36 pm
sclerosis. researchers studied more than 100 patients and found those who took part in a weekly stress-management program, prevented new brain lesions. vic, the social network says it's adding tools to help victims of harassment and bullying report problems and hopefully resolve the problem. teen users will have more options when classifying posts from others. and they'll be given a short survey to rank how serious the issue is. for the worst cases, users will be directed to facebook's suicide chat hotline for other professional help. the new system will also make it easier to distinguish between photos and pictures that just might be embarrassing. vic? >> facebook says the changes will be available to all american users this week. actress kristen chenault with will be on the hit
4:37 pm
episode, the good wife. after being treated by medics on the scene, the 43-year-old was taken to the hospital. she has the recurring role in the upcoming season. it's a summer day. few clouds are hanging around. and the sky is pretty beautiful weatherwise. meteorologist tim williams is here now with the updated numbers from first warning weather. good afternoon, everyone. clouds out there blocking the sun a little bit. we've had a little breeze from the north. between them, we have seen temperatures hovering in the mid-80s, actually. what we're going to see is the temperatures staying around the mid-80s to about 90 degrees for the next few days. this rain is still associated with that stationary front, that stalled front down to our south. it's trying to move into the region. and as high pressure still eases slightly off to the east, it's going to allow more and more of that rain to move into the region. what we're dealing with now is
4:38 pm
85 degrees. 77 in oakland. 86 in elkton. and 79 in ocean city, where the wind has been coming in off the water. high pressure is going to continue to ease off the coast and over into the atlantic. it's going to allow for a little bit of that rain to move in. a chance of rain pretty much each day for the next few. but no washout. we'll talk about how it impacts us coming up. >> thank you, tim. let's check on the roads now with kristy breslin. hi, denise. hi, everyone. it may not be such a quick trip home, if you're traveling on the north side of the beltway. dulaney valley to loch raven boulevard. on the west side inner loop, we have an accident at wilkens avenue. blocking the center lane. it's right in the middle of the delay, stretching from 95 past security boulevard. the west side outer loop, also slow. liberty road over to edmondson avenue. average speed at this point, about 35 miles per hour. and the delay on northbound 95 continues to stretch. it now begins on the beltway on the southwest side and goes
4:39 pm
over to the fort mchenry tunnel. we also have an accident on the fort mchenry side. patterson avenue at alter street. and we have a fuel spill in baltimore city. let's now take a live look. as you can see, that delay has been pretty steady there for the afternoon so far. northbound 895 from potee street, extending over to the steel bridge. this traffic report is brought to you by subway. stop in and try the softy santa fe steak melt. only at subway. only for a limited time. eat fresh. back over to you. >> thank you, kristy. there is an extraordinary man who is training to swim in london. when it's dawn and you're here, you know something about sacrifice.
4:40 pm
lieutenant bradley schneider ran for the naval academy. >> i had to swim harder than anyone else. >> that attitude caught the eye of the discovery network, following his job as a bomb technician. >> what's going to will me down the line. >> reporter: his tour of iraq went well. afghanistan did not. >> i was trying to get a litter to one of our are the casualties. and i stepped on a secondary device. >> reporter: shrapnel flew into his eyes. the last thing he saw was that he still had legs. >> he's been blind for les than a -- less than a year. >> reporter: part of his therapy began here. >> to be able to hop back into the pool and to be good at something, to excel at something, was a nice respite from the rest of the day that was much more of a challenge. >> reporter: so good njust a few months, he became the fastest blind swimmer in the world. >> what about his attitude? >> oh, it's outstanding. >> now he's a contender for the pair olympics in london.
4:41 pm
and get this. exactly one year to the day of losing his site, he will swim in his best event. >> i'm excited about that. being able to compete in london really means that to me, i've conquered my disability. like i have succeeded. >> reporter: he sacrificed his eye sight to clear lanes for others. an unforeseen path, leading to perhaps becoming the fastest paralympian in the pool in london. >> to be able to succeed at this level gives me a lot of confidence moving forward in all of the other aspects in my life. >> reporter: at meadowbrook. >> where i want to understand up is at the top of that podium, with my flag raised. >> wow. >> his coach also runs the swim team at loyola college. he's been named a national paralympic coach and will travel to london for the games. >> i hope he's at the top of the podium, too. >> paralympic games are so
4:42 pm
inspiring. nearly buried alive. olympic countdown. is london ready for the world? inside, last-minute security checks. stay with us. your updated first warning forecast come coming up. [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway:
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looks like a south carolina family is going to need a bigger boat and a bigger net the next time they go fishing. >> oh, jesus christ. >> okay. [ laughter ] the braves family hooked a small fish off their backyard dock in myrtle beach. but they had trouble net being it. that's when a massive bull shark jump out of the water, snapped up their catch and gave them quite a scare as well. >> i was actually kind of scared because i seen it jump. and i was like, oh, my gosh, it could jump up here and get me. because the tide was all the way up. and it was probable three feet below me. >> they had to let it go
4:46 pm
because their boat was too small to to tow it home am. >> good idea. two men are barely alive. one man was quickly freed. but the other was buried up to his neck in mud for about two hours before rescue crews were able to dig them out. both men are expected to be okay. it is still not clear what caused the trench to collapse. heavy rains make it hard on commuters and rescue crews in south texas. gigi barnett has more on the storms and the kinds of problems it made on the road. >> a downpour caused flash flood power outages. this woman was caught driving the southbound on interstate 35 in texas. after she hit some high water near san pedro. witnesses say he she was able to wade her way to safety, moments before her car was swept away by the floodwaters. no one was injured.
4:47 pm
but the san antonio fire department has reported at least 21 high-water rescues. denise, back to you. >> about 5,000 people in san antonio are still without power tonight. a police officer in arizona is under investigation. as kevin keener reports, he is accused of leaving his k-9 partner in a hot car for more than an hour. >> the department of public safety says this canine, named jeg, has been on the force, sniffing out drugs for three years. wednesday, they say his partner, an officer, forgot him in the squad car in the tucson parking lot for more than an hour. >> when he was found, he was obviously overheated with a high temperature. >> reporter: dps says firefighters rush said jeg to a veterinarian in critical condition. the agency would not name the officer responsible but explained the six-year veteran had quickly switched cars to rush to a crash scene and left jeg behind. there was a dps internal investigation, as well as an outside one by police. >> they're officers like we
4:48 pm
are. they're a great asset to us. we treat them as such. >> 9 on your side checked the outside air temperature around noon, when this happened, was at least 97 degrees. >> can it can be a very dangerous situation in a party of minutes. >> reporter: veterinarian jack quick says the temperatures rise quickly in the cars. and canines are especially sensitive to the heat. >> dogs have a totally different cooling meck snism. they don't sweat like you and i do. they have to pant. so they are breathing very confined, hot air all the time, their cool mechanisms go down dramatically. >> reporter: the officers have been placed on administrative leave. meanwhile, the dog is said to be in stable condition tonight. a 9-year-old taking on an adventure with her dad. they made a trek down the crater of one of the world's most active volcanos. locals say at least three people have die at mount yasure in recent years.
4:49 pm
now, molly ambrose's dad is under harsh criticism. >> that's great for the adventurer. but is she ready to be an adventurer? and we were cautioned about pushing those boundaries a bit too far. >> she wants this to be the start of things to come. he hopes to take his daughter molly on more expeditions in the future. with about two weeks to go until the olympics, britain is calling in troops. the british government announcing today that it's sending an extra 3500 soldiers soldiers to guard the games. it comes after the private company admit today may not have enough personnel. the 2012 olympics kicks off in london on july 27th. pluto may not be considered a true planet. but it has more moons than earth. astronomers show a fifth moon, orbiting the dwarf planet. the two newest moons don't have names yet. the other three are called charon, 96 and hydra. cubs bring double the cuteness in china.
4:50 pm
these baby twin pandas are so small, they can fit in the palm of your hand. one is still clasping its giant panda mother and has not been identified. the other is a confirmed male. conservationists have not yet named the pair. >> amazing something that large gives birth to something that teeny. coming up, it's somewhat cloudy outside. so is there rain on the way? >> meteorologist tim williams has the update the weather forecast next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
welcome back. taking a look at die-hards on the driving range. they're hopefully staying hydrated. they're under a shaded tarp. so they're not such die-hards after all. but if you're going to be outside, doing anything. hopefully you're taking it easy as much as you can. it's definitely going to be a warm afternoon. and these temperatures stay with us right on through the foreseeable future. 88 is our normal high. 57 is the dew point. so the air is a little dryer than it has been at other times when we've had temperatures in the 80s and 90-degree range. we'll expect the humidity levels to go up here over the next few days. but this north wind is keeping
4:54 pm
us in the comfortable range right now. 30.18 is the barometer reading. around the state, temperatures ranging from 77 in oakland, to about 87 down toward d.c. 87 in elkton as well. 79 in ocean city. the winds have been coming in off the water and keeping it a little cooler on the boardwalk. 87 in annapolis. 82 in rock hall. 85 in columbia. and 88 in westminster and bel air. winds have been variable, as far as the directions. and the speeds have been pretty light across most of the area. 13-mile-per-hour winds from the southeast in hagerstown. one of the stronger winds out there. just a light please around most of the state. they're coming in off the water down towards ocean city. if you're on the western shores of the bay, coming in offer the water. temperatures along with the cloud cover, or winds along with the cloud cover, keeping our temperatures down a little bit this afternoon. we're still dealing with several dynamics. the stalled stationary front, down to our south, allowing for the rain to stay primarily to our south. but the clouds are still coming in as that front is still so
4:55 pm
close that it's allowing for just little ripples to move along it. then this the front here, this boundary is going to move in here by the end of the weekend. the two of them together are going to give us a better chance of rain as we move into the next few days. the stalled front to our south is going to allow for a chance of a shower maybe late tomorrow night, and then late on saturday. the next front coming in from the west is going to bring us a better chance on sunday. and that will hang around until monday. it's kind of a one-two punch. no washouts for any of your plants. but understand that the high pressure in control of our forecast is going to start easing off to our east. and as it does, it's going to allow for warm, humid air to move on in. temperatures are going to go up to about 90 degrees. humidity levels are going to start climbing. and it's going to feel very, very summer like over the next few days. 8:33 is your sunset time with south winds on the bay. no advisories for boaters this evening. 78 tonight. partly cloudy. otherwise, seasonably warm. overnight low is sketch. 67.
4:56 pm
partly normal. normal high of 88. sounds hot. it's not too bad. >> no. let's keep it just right there. >> okay. we'll do that. still to come on eyewitness news tonight. sentencing surprise. i'm mike hellgren. why things didn't go as planned in court. for a woman accused of illegally injecting other pem here on the block with the first time i saw fios it was absolutely amazing.
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4:59 pm
big time. i'm derek valcourt. i'll explain coming up on eyewitness news. check in for more on these stories and all the day's breaking news. >> eyewitness news at 5:00 starts now. what did they know. top penn state leaders accused of covering up for jerry sandusky. >> the startling discoveries. >> i'm mary bubala. fresh pain for penn state university. a new report says the state's most powerful leaders covered up the child sex abuse scand alt for more than a decade. randall pinkston reports for wjz from philadelphia. >> reporter:


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