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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  July 25, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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we have a couple of problem areas in ball mother city. we have an accident -- in baltimore city. we have an accident at park heights and two closures because of the water main break, fleet street and east lombard at light street. as far as your over all travel times go, on the outer loop from 83 to 95, 61 miles an hour average. let's take a live look. nice and clear 95 just south of route 24. 795 at ownings mills, no problems to report. for the most accurate and update to traffic information you can count on us at here's what people will be talking at today. the first funeral in the colorado theater shooting will be held later today as some survivors find reasons to celebrate life. katie medley gave birth to a son yesterday. she's in the same hospital where her husband, caleb is recovering from a gunshot wound to the head from
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friday 's shooting rampage that killed 12 people. >> she put hugo in caleb's arms and she was holding his hand when the baby was laying with caleb and his blood pressure and his heart rate went up. we know he could hear her. >> also in aurora, bat man stair, christian bail. the actor made a surprise visit to the survivors still in the hospital there while the accused gunman, james holmes is being held without bail. 15 survivors remain in the hospital today. one of them is a university of md m graduate student. petra anderson was hit four times. here's her incredible story. >> petra's -- petra anderson's stories is one miracle. a musician and composer, she was excited about her upcoming
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graduate studies at the university of maryland. now she's in the hospital after being shot four times. >> doctors told us she's not supposed to be alive because of where injury the -- where the injury is. >> the bullet went right through her nose and through her brain. because of a birth defect she doesn't have major damage. it followed the path of that effect, a tiny channel of fluid running through her brain. she can speak and move and like will i to continue her music career. >> it's crazy. i've been in shock. she's a heart core come -- composer. >> it's really sad. i know a lot of people who are grad students. from here i feel for those people. >> anderson's sister made a video asking for donations for her care. >> thank you for standing with
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us letting this joker know he may have intended it as his story but we're taking it back. >> her mother suffering from terminal cancer with just weeks to live is by her side. so far people have donated more than $100,000 for her recovery. >> wjz is always on for you. for a more detailed account go to the shooting in colorado is sparking a national debate on gun control just as a major court ruling here could put thousands more weapons in the hands of marylanders soon. a federal judge has lifted a stay on his ruling, maryland's gun permit law is unconstitutional. that means in 2 weeks marylanders will be able to carry handguns without having to show a good and substantial reason for doing so. we're following some breaking news. wjz has just learned cal rip kin june your's
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mother has -- junior's mother has been reported missing. her lincoln town car was last seen around 8:15. anyone with information on her where abouts or that car is asked to call baltimore city county at 410-307-2020. this morning the search is on for thieves who stole tens of thousands of dollars in cooper wiring in ann arundel school campuses. mike schuh is live with the lateers est -- latest on that. >> reporter: good morning. wjz has been following this copper theft story for months. now the thieves have a new target and it is schools. >> friday night lights may not shine so bright at several ann arundel schools, thieves shimmid up high in the air to rip cooper wiring out of stadium lights. >> people do anything for a
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dollar nowadays. >> thieves stole cooper from mobile classrooms at shiply's choice and high point elementary schools, leaving the school system in the lurch. >> we're working hard to replace it so students can take place in their athletic activities. >> $20,000 in damage. >> this video shows two men ripping cooper guters outside a home. in may this cooper theft suspect held a 4 hour stand off with police holed up inside an an abandoned hospital building. baltimore county has formed a metal theft task force. >> the number of metal theft has more than tripled since 2009. >> police are reviewing tapes hoping to shine a light on these bold ban dates. >> reporter: these thefts occurred between july 7th and
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23rd. reporting live, mike schuh. back to you. >> the school system has ordered new wiring hoping to have the lights back up. while we were sleeping rescue crews were responding to a possible brown -- drowning in laurel. a teenager was seen going into the pond but no one saw him surface. firefighters and medics administered c pshg r. his condition is not -- cpr. his condition is not know. more personnel are in london to protect against a possible terrorist attack. 1,200 additional soldiers arrived yesterday. they are stepping in after a private security firm failed to provide enough personnel to cover the city. antiaircraft missiles have been stations around london. back here it's back to work for the ravens. training camp
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is underway as big names hit the traffic field. >> today is the day that the ravens veterans report to camp and they will be on the practice field tomorrow for the first full squad work out. yesterday was the beginning of training camp, just the quarterbacks and rookies. a lot that's new, including the look of the head coach. he made a facial fashion statement. don't adjust your tv's when you see john harbaugh. >> the sometimes starts -- excitement starts in the summertime. for the players it's time to get back to work. that means long and hot hours for preparation for the new season. they hope they put together a team that's capable of what they've accomplished the last 4 seasons, playoff trips. quarterback joe flacco has been in charge of the offense each of the past four seasons and said the goal remains to go further, to the super bowl, a february goal that begins in the heat of july. >> the guys came back in great
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shape for the most part. a couple guys will learn their lesson the hard way as far as the conditioning tests and practicing at our pace. that's a good thing too. this will come you off quickly. -- this will come off quickly. it's been a good few weeks. >> while the players take the first steps towards a long season we ask you, what are you most excited about as training camp begins? >> i think joe flacco is going to turn it on this year. >> i'm just excited for this season. we almost did it last year. this year we're just a little bit closer. >> purple is the way to go. everybody de serves second chances. we're going to do great and i'm really excited. how is that? >> there are nearly 90 players on the ravens training camp roster, about half of them were on the field yesterday. those quarterbacks and rookies will work out again today before tomorrow's first full squad work out. >> fans will get their first
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chance to see the team in an open practice on august the 4th, saturday after next i believe. a rough night at camden yard for the oriels as fa fall short play -- as they fall short playing the rays. add -- adam jones hits his 23rd homer of the year. chen was pitching for the birds and doing well until brooks conrad steps up to the plate and crushes a homerun to put tampa bay on top 2-1. the oriels lost 3-1. same two teams tonight. the or iels home stand will continue this weekend. saturday and sunday it's on wjz. you can see saturday night's game at 7:00 and sunday afternoon's game at 1:30, both with the oakland a's live on wjz 13. >> so you can go down to the russell street coliseum saturday afternoon and watch soccer, then you can hang out, go see an oriels game. >> how about that? >> that wouldn't be a bad thing
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at all. this raven's training camp is different deal because we're not taking it on the road to westminster. everything happens at the facility in ownings mills. you're going to have the public practices, the first one a week from saturday, at m&t bank stadium. i bet you there's 50,000 people out there. >> i wouldn't bet against you. >> if the weather cooperates. if not , there's still going to be 25,000 people out there. they're going to have those around the area. i know we're doing one at m&t bank stadium, one in annapolis. i'm trooiing -- trying to remember where the others are. the ravens are going around the region. those days are going to be parties that are a ton of fun. >> fans are just wired. september 10th. >> how about that. the clooef
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cleveland browns -- the cleveland browns. monday night football. take a look at the graphic we have. we've got high pressure over the great lakes, totally dominating our weather. today is going to be beautiful. look over to the lower left-hand side of your screen. hot, you bet. today a very comfortable high of 88 degrees. triple digits the next two days. we will be talking about that shortly. on a great morning you're inside but you're at a unique fells point location. take it away. >> reporter: one of the most unique places around. this is brass works. here's the owner cray. >> good morning >> reporter: great to see you again. we have so much stuff to show you. this is so cool when the eyewitness news morning edition rolls on. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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-- den -- denver, colorado in the house this morning. i found out this morning a week from saturday on the 4th of august, m&t bank stadium, the open practice. the next week navy marine core stadium, the next week stevenson university's ball field on ownings mills boulevard. three open practices for the fans. 70 right now, 6 5% humidity. barometer at 29.91. ocean city now 75, 77 packs river, 70 easton, 73 dc, 59 oakland, 61 cumberland, low 70s columbia and rock hall, mid upper 70s annapolis and kent island. high pressure over the
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great lakes runs our show. it's going to be at 100 starting tomorrow until friday night. 88 going to be the high today. sunny, less humid than the past few, just a beautiful afternoon. clear to partly cloudy 66 over night. tomorrow 100 degrees, chance of an afternoon thunderstorm. the same deal on friday. 92, 90 and 90, saturday, sunday and monday with sun. the rush right now with christy breslin, wjz traffic control. >> definitely getting busier out there. our first problem on the beltway. we have a car fire at baltimore national pike. the delay is back to 70. we have the accident at park heights avenue. water main break not making your drive easy if baltimore city this morning -- easy in baltimore city this morning. fleet street and lombard street blocked. things are definitely getting heavy there.
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that's a look at southbound 95 as you make your way towards white march boulevard. this report is brought to you by toyota. toyota has your car and you deal. now @ -- is the time to jump to toyota. don and marty, back to you. straight to ron matz. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that's must ang stadium at steven son university. they're going to have a crowd out there, that's for sure. we're at brass works, fells point, one of the most unique places in baltimore. here is the owner cray. how are you? >> good. how are you? >> reporter: doing great. you opened 40 years ago. how has it been going? >> back then brass was being sold. we started doing brass restoration work. the store evolved out of that. >> reporter: you've been successful to be in business for nearly 40 years.
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we want to show some of the stuff. this is a plaque. >> these are made of cast alluminum up in michigan. they're all custom made and they take a couple weeks. they have 25 different styles and 25 color combinations. >> reporter: when people come into the store what are they going to find? we have so many things here. >> one of the first things that brings people into our store is our restoration business. we've been polishing brass and silver since the day we opened up. when they come in our store they're going to find a wide variety of lamps, shorthand her chandeliers -- and chandeliers. >> reporter: they have how many kinds of door knockers? >> we keep about 30 of them in stock. >> reporter: this of course is one of your post popular.
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>> this is the most popular, particularly in baltimore. >> reporter: i'm sure. we're still working. is that awesome? >> that is great. >> reporter: i got to show you this. things like this also -- >> 5 minutes on my door and somebody would rip it a -- rip it off. >> reporter: you have a lot of vintage signs. tell me about this. >> these are hand painted by an artist in southern maryland. he does these of old store signs, advertising signs. this one is from the old national bo. i shows them -- it shows them together. >> reporter: the folks at brass works do fantastic work. your work is all over baltimore and beyond. >> we've done work for the city of baltimore, the courthouses for john hopkins hospital, for mercy hospital, the smith -- the
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smithsonian. primarily our work is done for the individual homeowner. >> reporter: good to see you. thank s s for joining us. >> thank you very much, ron. >> reporter: our pleasure. guys, that's a wrap. >> there you go. >> reporter: have a great day. we're live in fells point. take care. still to come on eyewitness news. >> the storm knocked out power for thousands for days. now the president of bge sits down with me to defend the company's response to the storm. that's that's coming,,,,
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6:23. many marylands are still cleaning up damage by winds that roared across the state on june 29th. this morning wjz continues its investigation into the storm and the power outages that followed. mary bubala speaks exclusively with the man at the center of that storm, bge's president and ceo. >> good morning. bge president defends his company's response to the storm that left thousands without power for days. >> the storm roars into
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maryland with a crushing blow, rivalling the fiercist of hurricanes stripping power from customers in 30 minutings. es. >> the numbers were climbing past. it was clear it was a storm of historic proportions. >> friday night june 29th bge president and coe is hunked down at home, glued to the radar on his computer. >> it was that scale equivalent to a hurricane but without the warning. >> immediately he directed bge to deploy some 1,200 lineman across the state and called in reenforcements. as the temperatures score -- sore to 100, for some power outages turned todays. >> was there a moment when it was so hot and you knew you had customers out and as vulnerable customers? were you scared? >> i feel the pressure
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personally but i understand how important it is. >> important enough that lawmakers, including governor o'malley called for investigations and possible fines. >> top public officials have rit krit sized bge's response to this storm. what do you say to them? >> i understand they're reacting to the feed back they're hearing. i do understand the need for us to be evaluated. i do believe though that it is inappropriate to simply say a knee jerk reaction, let's punish the utilities. we're working hard to do the best job we can to restore service quickly. we're continuing to make significant investments. >> is it time to take a serious look at power lines? >> today bge has almost 65% of its system underground. we've been puts in lines underground since 1969. we still have 9,500 hundred miles of over head line.
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if we replace 200 miles a year, that's a 50-year project. we need to have an honest conversation about if we do that what's going to be the impact on customers costs. >> do you think that bge's response to the storm was adequate or inadequate? >> given the circumstance with no warning and given the magnitude of the problem this performance compares better than what we did even in hurricane irene. this storm was everywhere. that's what makes it different. that's what makes it difficult. >> he said bge is aggressively hiring lineman but no utility can hire enough staff to handle a storm of that scale. next up this morning right here on wjz. this morning's breaking news. cal and billy rip kin's mother, v ie is
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reporting missing. the latest coming from baltimore county police. >> there's a horrifying new description of what happened during last week's movie theater massacre. the latest details coming up. >> the state highway administration is fighting an invasive plant called the mile a minute weed. how do you fight it? well, you use tiny bige -- bug with a big appetite. i'll explain coming up. >> a serious crash on southbound 95 causing major delays. i'll let you know where. >> actor and play wright john legamo. he joins us on coffee with. we talk about madagascar. he's the voice of the sloth. stay tune d, one of america's with on coffee with. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is 6:30 and the sun is
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up. it is a beautiful day start in the maryland area. christy is in for sharon, marty at first warning weather. >> let's take a look at some temperatures around. it's 70 on tv hill. we've lost 5 degrees since we came on the air at about 4:55. that 70 is 5 degrees cooler than this time yesterday. it's going to be a beautiful day. 84 at lunch on its way to a high in the upper 80s this afternoon. beautiful. what awaits you on the way to work, here is christy breslin, wjz traffic control. >> good morning. major problem problems on southbound 95. we have an accident at the beltway involving a single vehicle and a motorcycle. we have the three right lanes blocked with the delays solid back to white marsh. take route 40 or go to route 1 to a void that delay. if your traveling on the west side of the outer loop, a car fire at baltimore national pike with a delay back to 70.
6:32 am
accidents include west park heights avenue. we still have chaos in the city because of the water main breaks. east lombard at light street two right lanes blocked and fleet street closed. let's go back and take a live look. you can see it's just jammed there on southbound 95 at the beltway. it's back to white marsh boulevard with the delay still building. this traffic report is brought to you by toyota. toyota has your car and your deal. now is the time to jump to toyota to find out how many ways there are to save when you buy right. toyota is moving forward. don, back to you. >> thank you . at the top of the news, the first funeral is set today for the aurora, colorado movie theater massacre. as police wrap up their investigation some survivors are finding reasons to celebrate. here is teresa garcia with the latest for wjz. >> katie medley gave birth to her son tuesday morning. they are in the same hospital where her husband, caleb is recovering
6:33 am
from a gunshot wound to the head. >> baby is doing good. katie is recovering. caleb, he's still in critical condition but he's stabilized. >> the medleys went to see the new bat man movie last friday night in aurora, colorado for their late date before she would deliver their baby. a half hour into the movie caleb was fighting for his life with a gunshot to his eye. on tuesday he got to meet his son. >> she put hugo in caleb's arms and she was holding his hand when the baby was laying with caleb. his blood pressure and his heart rate went up. we know that he could hear her. >> also in the hospital, bat man star christian bail. the actor visited with survivors, including carry rot man who posted this photo to his facebook page. >> we're learning more about what happened inside the theater.
6:34 am
earlyre reports suggested the gunman said nothing. >> off camera he said she would say what are you doing, say stand up. i saw him stand over someone. i see hair and him holding the shirt and boom. james holmes is being held without bail. >> colorado officials say the shooting has prompted a surge in gun sales there. stay with wjz for complete coverage of the tragedy in aurora. for the latest go to this morning the search is underway for thieves who stole tens of thousands of dollars in comer wiring from ann arundel schools. the thieves are responsible for ripping the copper wiring out of stadium lights and mobile classroom buildings. the damage totals up to 20,000. police are reviewing cameras hoping to find who the
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bandits are. family and friends are mourning the loss of a local soldier killed in afghanistan. brandon pepper died saturday. he was a 1999 graduate of ken wood high school. it was his first tour in afghanistan. he also served in iraq. he's been awarded the bronze star, the purple heart and four other metals. we have an update on this morning's breaking news that cal and billy r ip ken's mother was missing over night. she has been found safe. her silver 1998 lincoln town car had last been seen about 8:15 last night. it's not clear where she was found. police are said to be questioning her and talking to her right now. we will bring you the latest when it becomes available. again, found safe as far as we know. the state of maryland has released an invasive pest on purpose. thousands of webles are being unleashed to battle a
6:36 am
destructive weed. here is kai jackson with more on a most unusual strategy. >> this is the problem, it's called the mile a minute weed because of how fast it grows. it's an invasive plant from asia and the state highway administration says it's no friend to maryland's environment. >> they actually look pretty, there's one that has a purple flower that looks nice. >> meet the solution, a tiny multilegged insect commonly known as the weble. the criticers have an appetite for the weeds. workers released the bugs in seven wetlands around the state. >> we're working on suppressing populations of mile a minute weed, invasive wine. we're using a weble. >> the state would like to keep enough round to keep a healthy
6:37 am
weble population. the goal so to maintain a healthy balance. the state says the mile a minute weed reproduces quickly and blocks other plants from getting sunlight. >> it would be costly and time consuming and harmful ful to the environment. >> it can grow as much as 6 inches a day and a single plant can produce some 2,000 seeds. i'm kai jack son reporting. >> the state says this is just an expanded version of it. he played one of television's most memorable are characters. the world is mourning the loss of sherman helmsley. he played in all of the family and in the jefferson's. he started his acting career on broadway. he died yesterday at his home in texas. he was 74 years old.
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back here m&t bank stadium is being transformed into a world class soccer venue. crews have been laying down hundreds of rolls of kentucky blue grass. more than 40,000 tickets have been sold for saturday afternoon when liverpool will take on tottenham. the oriels had a tough night playing the rays downtown. chen would pitch well enough to win but unfortunately the birds would not generate enough offense to make that happen. they only managed three hits, including a homerun from adam jones, his 23rd of the season. the oriels fall to the rays 3-1. same two teams downtown tonight. the oriels home stand continues this weekend. saturday and sunday it will be on wjz. see saturday night's game at 7:00 and sunday afternoon's game at 1:30, both with the a's live on
6:39 am
wjz 13. >> you can go down and watch the soccer game, there's still 35,000 seats left. it's amazing when you sell 40,000 and only 50% full. after that you can watch an oriole's game. next saturday it's the raven's open practice. that was a horrible decision to build camden yards and m&t bank stadium. coming up on coffee with, a true american classic. he's got a -- believe it or not, a reality show that follows his efforts to get his one man show on broadway. he's one of america's great actors, play rights and characters. he's also the voigs -- voice of the sloth on madagascar. stay tuned. sharon gibala has your traffic control. that looks ugly. we've got first warning weather and more coming up next.
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stay with us. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning. 70 degrees right now on tv hill. light breeze out of north. barometer 29.91. 75 ocean city, 77 packs river, 66 elkin, 66 hagueers town, 55 oakland, 66 westminster, the low 70s bel air, columbia and rock hall, 77 an after police and kent -- an after police and kent ie -- an after police and kent island. big -- annapolis and kent island. big dome of high pressure runs the show today. a high of 88. it blow torches tomorrow and friday. finally a
6:44 am
cold front comes in friday night, unfortunately with thunderstorms. that will set us up for a good weekend. 8 l the high today -- 88 the high today. tomorrow pow , we blow torch back to 100. watch for a chance of an afternoon thunderstorm. sail deal on -- same deal on friday but a greater chance because here comes that cold front. we'll drop it down to a comfortable 92 on saturday, 90 sunday, 90 monday. here is christy breslin with wjz traffic control. >> good morning. let's give you an update on the accident at 95 southbound. things are beginning to move. two of the three lanes are reoperate. the accident was -- are reopen. the accident was at the beltway. we have an accident on the west side outer loop at 70 with a delay back to security boulevard. still working on clean up for the accident, park heights avenue. in baltimore city because of that water main
6:45 am
break, east lombard street at light street two right lanes blocked. as far as your travel times go on the outer loop from 85 to 795, 11 minutes to get through. major improvement there, that's 95 southbound at white marsh. this traffic report is brought to you by toyota. to get the best deal on a new car you have to look beyond the day you buy it. visit buy a for all the special offers. don and marty, back to you. thank you. or coffee with sponsor, the maryland science center is giving you a chance to come for a special visit. it's part of the summer of irresponsible science. go to and click on contest and promotions for a chance to win a family four pack of tickets and a one night stay at the near by sher ton. this morning's coffee with -- by the way, the movie is ice age. i don't know why i've said
6:46 am
madagascar. ladies and gentlemen, john leguizamo, welcome to the eyewitness news morning edition. huge round after aplows. bhas going -- applause. what's going on, dude? >> i'm here at nyc, hanging out, waiting for stuff to open up on friday. >> you're excited about this. it's a big deal? >> yeah. it's a documentary about -- it took 3 years to make about my journey with my newest prodway show, ghetto clown and what it took to get it to broadway, the blood, sweat and tears, all the struggles and sacrifices. you create a piece of art that you open is a piece of art and you have to deal with the financing of it and the back stabbing that happening on broadway. >> in all honesty, let's put the cards face up on the table. we have a tremendous resume. you're a renaissance guy, actor,
6:47 am
play wright koe median. you're telling me you have to look behind your shoulder because someone on broadway is going to try to put a knife in your back? >> yeah. dude, we -- i worked on this show for 8 years. we had the theater, we had a contract, we hadn't signed it yet, the investors lined up, millions of dollars, and the day we were supposed to announce the theater tells us they can't give us the theater because there's a minor loophole that they can't cross. it was all a trick because they had another show they were going to make more money on that they wanted in that space even though they had promised it to us and even though we had everything -- aisle telling you -- i'm telling you, it happens. when money enters the whole thing people get greedy and twisted. >> my stage manager jackie just shook her head and let this huge
6:48 am
sigh out. she's been behind the scene of this business for years. it's amazing. >> it happens in the business industry. hollywood is full of it too. nothing is as bad as the music business. that is total gangster. remember shook night hanging vanilla ice out the window saying i wrote the music not you. >> it took how many years from conception to get to broadway? 3 years? >> about 8 years of touring and working on it. i just dedicated myself to that. last year i got on broadway and got a lot of awards and a lot of prizes. it was worth it. >> cool. i got to tell you something, you have out nascared, nascar and i'm a huge nascar fan. that t-shirt, what an advertisement. there you go. how about
6:49 am
this? there's nothing better than that one. >> come on. follow me john leguizamo. what's wrong with that? a little self-promotion is not going to hurt nobody. >> there's nothing wrong with it, that t-shirt just went into the hall of fame. you're a character. the only person who has ever done a better plug on the show was jeff gordan. >> what did he do? >> he was talking about quaker state. i said sorry about your last race, kind of lost your engine. he said if i hadn't had quaker state it would have blown up laps earlier. >> the man knows how to pay his bills. >> this is cool. there will be a lot of showings of this on pbs or just like a one time thing? >> no, they showed a couple, about four or five times. >> so anybody can check their listings and hook up on it?
6:50 am
>> yeah. >> what are you working on right now in the 40 seconds we have left? >> ice age comes out this friday. it should be the funniest of them all. it's already breaking records around the world as the number one movie around the world. i can't believe how lucky i am. >> three of them now. that's cool. >> it is. >> give us the voice for one second. can you? >> that's for you because nobody educational -- nobody else is going to get it this morning. follow me at john leguizamo, the sloth. >> you're the best. good luck on pbs. >> thank you. >> con gratulations. you're the man, brother. >> thank you, brother. >> see you later. check your listings on pbs. that is great. ice age comes out. how do you ignore that? we're taking a break and coming back with wjz traffic control, first warning weather and more. we'll be
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right back.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6 and a half before 7:00. here come your updates from christy and marty. >> i just realized i have to take it out of the moon phase and puts put it in the sun -- and put it in the sun phase. a high temperature of around l -- of around 88. it's going to be sunny, beautiful, less humid than the past two days. over night 66, clear to partly cloudy. tomorrow it's going to blow torch again, talk about 100 degrees. got everything under
6:54 am
control right now. here is christy brez lynn. -- christy breslin. take it away. good morning. things definitely not under control on the roads out there. on the west side outer loop expect 15 minutes. minor delay down towards charles street. southbound 95 we have quite a delay from little gun powder falls to the beltway. park heights avenue an accident. east lombard and light street blocked due to the water main break. things slow 95 south of marsh boulevard. this traffic report is brought to you by the mazda cx 5. cal and billy rip kin's mother was reported missing. mike schuh is live at baltimore county police head quarters. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. a huge scare for the all stars
6:55 am
family as their mother goes missing. baltimore county police say her silver 1998 lincoln town car was last seen at about 8:15 last night. the 74-year-old was missing and plus put out a public notice asking for help to locate her. a short while ago police canceled it saying she had been located in hartford county and police are interviewing her. recaps, violet rip kin has been found and is safe. reporting live from county police head quarters, mike schuh. don, back to you. >> thank you. the search continues for thieves who stole tens of thousands of dollars from ann arundel school campuses in cooper wire. the damage totals up to $20,000 we're told.
6:56 am
police are reviewing tapes hoping to find the bandits in action. 15 of the colorado shooting survivors remain hospitalized this morning. one of them a university of md -- of maryland graduate student. petra anderson was shot four times, including a bullet that went through her face, through her brain. because of a rare birth defect in her brain she doesn't have major damage. she's likely to continue her music career at the performing arts center sometime soon. the shooting in colorado is sparking a national debate about gun control. a federal judge has lifted a stay on his ruling that maryland's gun permit law is unconstitutional. that means in 2 weeks marylanders will be able to carry guns without having to show a good and substantial reason for doing so. stay with wjz,,,,,,,,,,
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