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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  July 27, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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looking to the east it's a beautiful get up and go. looking to the west there should be some trouble headed our way. there's all kind of traffic troubles around. christy is in for sharon, marty at first warning weather. >> here's first warninging dopplar weather radar -- barning -- warning dopplar weather radar. 73 right now on tv hill. that's going to be 3 degrees warmer than too -- this time yesterday. 93 at lunch on its way to a high of 95. it will remain 95 this evening and
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that's when we will see showers and thunderstorms firing up. here is christy breslin at wjz traffic control. >> good morning. we have a new accident near bwi. that accident is stony run at orleans avenue. we still have problems that are continues in baltimore city. east monument closed between wolfe street and patterson park avenue because of that sink hole. take orleans street or madison avenue for that matter. also we have a closure west franklin and park heights remains closed between violet and omen. watch out for that water main break that has two right lanes blocked, east lombard at light street. things are moving along just fine on the west side of the beltway. for instant traffic updates any time you can always count on us at don, back to you. >> thank you
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. here's what people are talking about this morning. the search continuing for the man who kidnapped vie ripken earlier this week. police have new clues in the case. mike schuh is live with the story. good morning, mike. >> reporter: good morning. if there's ever a crime in public one of the first thing police look for is surveillance photos. in this case they have them. >> look, here's the man police say kidnapped vie ripken at gunpoint from the garj -- garage of her home. . >> he was wearing a white shirt, a long white shirt, blue jeans had a hat on. >> he tied her up and forced her into the back of her car. by tuesday night someone at this royal farms spotted ripken and her abductor and called police. it wasn't until wednesday morning ripken was found still tied up, the kidnapper left her inside her car steps from her
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home. >> it's scary. it could happen to anybody. >> business owners putting up fliers of the suspect. >> it's a good picture of him. i think he'll end up getting caught and paying for what he did. >> hopefully they will catch this guy because he's trouble. >> at the iron birds game the abduction had fans on edge. >> it's scary being this close. we don't live far. >> now police say they need the public's help. >> reporter: now, police aren't are saying whether the kidnapper knew that he had cal ripken's mom or not. about 35 minutes after the information was made public that it was cal's mom she was return ared to her neighborhood. -- she was returned to her neighbor. -- to her neighborhood. >> police are offering a $2,000 reward for a conviction in this case. we want to give you a second look at the photos. if you recognize him, you're urged to call aberdeen police at
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410-272-2121. this morning we're hearing voice messages from former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky that he reportedly left for one of his victims. two attorneys have released tapes of what they say sandusky left for the man dubbed as victim number 2. just last september he claims he was the young boy who fellow coach mike mcquery testified seeing in a locker room shower with sandusky in 2001. >> i was just calling to see whether you had any interest in going to the penn state game this saturday. if you could get back at me, let me know i'd preshuate it. when you -- aprish preciate -- appreciate it. give me a call. thanks. love you. >> the attorneys plan to file a civil suit against penn state university. sandusky remains behind bars. today another code red heat
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alert will be in effect. the state health department has confirmed eight more heat related deaths in the state since last week. two people died in baltimore city. maryland has had 31 heat related deaths so far this year. a number of those deaths occurred during the widespread power outages. today the governor sets a deadline for state energy advisors to create a plan to improve maryland's electrical deliverly system. here's monique griego to explain what the governor is seeking. >> the damage caused by the recent storm rivalled that of a hurricane. >> there's branches everywhere. >> tree s crushed cars and took out countless electrical lines. this neighborhood was only part of the customers left powerless for days. >> we're used to it. it happen happens a lot. every time we get a major tomorrow this area goes out. >> the problem led the governor to issue an executive order,
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giving state energy leaders 6 # 0 days to -- 60 days to come up with an improved energy plan. >> what are the best ways we are make our grid more resilient. >> they will look into the cost and how to pay for improving infrastructure and bearing some lines. this week in an exclusive interview bge's president and ceo told wjz the utility already has 65% of its system underground. >> we still have 9,500 miles of over head lines. if we replace 200 miles a year that's a 50 year project. i'm willing to do that. >> residents say they're hoping for any progress. >> give me an idea that you're would -- that you're working on the problem. >> after 60 days that team will send its written recommendations to the governor and some changes could take place immediately. speaking of the governor, we
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should find out today whether a special session will be held to expand gambling here. the newest casino is getting bigger. 7 weeks after opening maryland live has added more than 500 new slot machines and several new electronic table games. construction started on a bar, restaurant and a shop live store for those who don't want to go there and just gamble. ravens training camp has kicked into high gear. the first full time practice. here is mark with more on the team's expectations. >> there were a come l of -- couple of notable no shows on the first day of training camp. nada was out because he had tweaked his hamstring. he's expected to be okay. the bigger mystery is that of offensive lineman bryan mckinney. coach harbaugh said it was a mystery as to why he was not there.
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he said it was personal reasons. harbaugh was going to check in with mckinney's agent to find out the details. those ravens that the fans have come to know and count on were here. that core of players that includes ray lewis, ed read, joe flacco and ray rice. the first official full squad train camp work out to kick off the ravens new championship quest. making the playoffs has become the standard under coach john harbaugh. 4 season ones -- seasons on the job, 4 post season appearances. still no super bowl. having fallen short of that goal many that close call at new england 6 months ago as extra motivation for some ray rents. -- ravens. >> the mood of training camp will be to over come that last game. let's get that out of the the way. >> once it's over it's over. there's nothing you can do to change that.
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this year we have a totally different team. we added some pieces, lost some pieces. >> courtney up shaw wasn't around for the new england loss but will be counted on because terrell suggs is out with an injury. the ravens top draft pick has gained quick notice from his teammates. >> i saw the size of him. i don't know what he's weighing on paper, but he looks like a brick wall to me. i have to talk to him in camp, courtney, look, you're going to hit me a few times but i need a play on monday night. >> day 2 of full squad training camp practice today. that first preseason game now less than 2 weeks away. >> the ravens will hold three public practices away from their complex. the first one will be on august the 4th, saturday after next or a week from tomorrow at m&t bank stadium. the oriels avoid a sweep by topping the rays. chris davis decided to take matters into his
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own hands yesterday. davis lifted the birds offense by driving in four runs. the fourth was a homerun in the 7th. in his previous hit he brought in three runs. the or yerls beat the -- the oriels beat the rays 6-2. their home stand continues this weekend when the oakland a's come to town. tomorrow and sunday it will be on wjz. you can see saturday's game at 7:00 and sunday's game at 1:30 live here on wjz 13. i want to bring ron in real quick and then we'll do a little weather. did coach throw out the ball yesterday? >> reporter: yes, he did. we will be doing a story about it today. >> out of site. that's why we won. the chester street hit man took the mound. >> reporter: he was in the house. that's why the oriels won. i understand from the people there and including wjz video grapher joe smith, it was a moment in time.
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>> i can't wait. >> reporter: we'll bring you the story tonight on eyewitness news at 5:00. >> that's out of sight. it's in the mid 70s right now. it looks prettier than it feels. it's stuffy out there right now. let's take a look real quick at first warning doppler then do the official welcome ron to the show. we have shower activity out to the west. our watch, warning and advisory graphic shows the heat advisory this afternoon. it's only going to feel today like 101 as opposed to yesterday. we have a frontal boundary moving our way with thunderstorms later on. there's the official high of 95. here's the official good morning ron. what's going on, pal? >> reporter: i understand the coach spent several minutes warming up on the sideline before he actually threw the first pitch. >> as he should.
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>> reporter: we're live at the inner harbor this morning. check out behind me, this is fabulous, we're going to be talking raven this morning. baltimore's newest sightseeing boat when the eyewitness news
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good morning. thanks for being us. i expanded the radar out so you can see the clump of showers to the west. it's going to come over the area. right now still 73 on tv hill, 93% humidity. western maryland right now 67 oakland, 71 cumberland, 70s around elkin, 80 dc, 75 packs river and naval air, 77 rock hall, 70 columbia, 76 westminster, 74 in bel air. here's a better view of that shower activity. it's light shower activity to the west. again, it's going to move our way. the bigger feature is is this frontal boundary pressing
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into the area tonight with thunderstorms behind it. 95 going to be the high today, going to feel more like 101. 70 over night. partly sunny, worth a mention not a symbol, spotty thunderstorms tomorrow, 92. getting less humid through the day. 90 sunday through tuesday, 92 wednesday. what awaits you on the way to work? here is christy breslin with wjz traffic control. >> good morning. let's start with the accident in the bwi area, aviation boulevard. we just can't seem to get away from the water main breaks. middle river road we have a water main break there. we have that accident west franklin in baltimore city along with police activity that has park heights avenue closed. that other water main break that we've been
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dealing with and will be dealing with for at least another week rg light street closed -- another week, light street closed. this traffic report is brought to you by toyota and your local toyota dealer. toyota is designed to save you money, built to last. go to bye a for all the special offers. back to you. let's throw it to ron matz. good morning . >> reporter: good morning. happy friday . we're live at the inner harbor talking about baltimore's newest tour boat called raven. that's right, we've got captain dean here and brandon white from water mark cruises. he's director of vessel operations. good to see you. >> good to see you captain, ron. >> reporter: i've been made captain for the day. take note of that. brandon, you launched about a month ago or so? >> about a month and a half ago, yes, sir. >> reporter: tell us about raven p ray
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-- raven. she's a beauty. >> thank you . she's about 99 feet long. we operate for private events and site seeing tours. >> reporter: you had the big launch the other night, the mayor was here. what have thes -- what was that like? >> it was beautiful. the mayjor broke the bottle over the bow. it was a great affair. >> reporter: i broke a bottle in a news room and got in a lot of trouble. you do public tours and a lot of his ri -- history as well. >> that's correct. fan tastastic cruise -- fantastic cruise. we do this ship every day. i encourage you to come down. it's a fantastic trip. take you back almost 200 years, set the stage for what it was like in baltimore. you'll have that same viewpoint, same fuelling that francis scott key would have had and all the other key players at that time. >> reporter: climate controlled
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deck? >> that's right. the lower deck is climate controlled, the upper deck is open to the elements. we have a covered level as well as a sunroof. >> reporter: it's a beauty. water mark cruise ares,s -- cruises, you've been doing this a long time and you have 13 boats? >> that's correct. we have two here, 11 in annapolis. our boat boats can can travel any -- our boats can travel anywhere. >> reporter: i have to bring in captain dean. i brought you over not only to say hi but you are picture of splender. tell us about this. you're in purple. >> this is our uniform. this is what all out of our employees wear for raven purple. >> reporter: we love it. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you very much for coming out this morning. >> reporter: thank you for making me captain for the day. >> thanks for coming. >> reporter: there she is,
6:20 am
raven. >> what is their other boat in baltimore? >> reporter: right behind us there. your other boat is? >> anapolitan 2. >> reporter: excellent . rock and roll, that's for sure. thank you very much. it's raven, baltimore's newest tour boat. come down and check it out. we will check you out monday morning in fells point for manic monday. have a great weekend. see you. >> thank you . still to come on eyewitness news. >> robbed by a mob. it's happening more and more in maryland. i'll show you camera video of one of the latest incidents in baltimore. that's ,,,,,,
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at 6:23 flash mob robberies. we're getting a look at a large mob that swarmed a 711. this crime trend is growing and it's dangerous. >> may 23rd this 711 cameras record as groups of teens walk to the become of the store sfr a free slurpie give away but soon the cameras capture them as dozens begin to steal and pocket items. employees block the door
6:24 am
to stop them from leaving. >> the kids physically struggle to get it and hit the store manager who swings back. many kids dash out the door. witnesses saw it all. >> they started hitting that guy. he couldn't keep getting beat on. he let them out and they just ran. >> after reviewing this video, the baltimore city state's attorney office opted not to pursue criminal charges. >> what happened here is not an isolated incident. it's happening more and more across maryland. >> a similar incident happened last night at this 711 in baltimore county. mobs of teens have eluded several stores like this one, stealing hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise. >> i don't think there's any place immune from flash mobbing. . >> police must adjust to deal with this trend. >> devastating consequences can
6:25 am
occur for civilians. >> a bill to strengthen the punishment failed to pass in the last session. they plan to rebro reintroduce the bill. >> -- reintroduce the bill. next up this morning right here on wjz. >> i'm mike schuh live. want to see a picture of the alleged kidnapper of cal ripken's mom. we'll show them to you next. >> good morning. a disturbing case out of baltimore county. police charge a 36-year-old man with having sex with a 13-year-old boy and allegedly infecting them with hiv. details coming up. >> more mess on baltimore city
6:26 am
streets as crews work to repair a sink hole. that story is next. >> good morning. i'm christy breslin. volume building. i'll let you know all the details. >> lost treasures, it's a new show. it's traveling america. find out how much your collectibles might really be worth. it's kind of like a new take on antique road show with its own twists. some of the weirdest, unique finds on coffee with. stay tuned, it's the ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is 6:30 and still a good looking beginning to this day when you look to the east. there is more rain out to the west. marty will show you on the radar. christy is in for sharon and marty at first warning weather. >> it's good looking but the picture doesn't describe the
6:30 am
feel, it's stuffy. we have shower activity out to the west. it's pressing east. it's very light to say the least. if it makes its way through the mountains, we could see a couple of showers. it's a diminishing chance though i believe. it's 7 73 on tv hill right now. that's 2 degrees warmer than that time yesterday. at lunch 93 on its way to a high of 95. thunderstorms later. you're rush from christy breslin, wjz traffic control. >> good morning. we just can't seem to get away from the water main breaks. we have another one in the middle river area. middle river road at bird river road. we have the accident we're watching aviation boulevard at stony run road. another crash 32 at clarksville pike. the beltway moving well, just a minor slow down on the west side inner loop as you
6:31 am
approach security boulevard. let's take a live look. not a bad drive for you. 895 north of the tunnel. easy drive white marsh boulevard also. this report is brought to you by toyota and you local toyota dealer. for the best deal on a new car you have to look beyond the day you buy it. toyota is designed to save you money today and tomorrow. visit buy a for all the special offers. at the top of the news, the new clues as police continue to search for the man who abducted cap ripken's mother, vie. mike schuh is live with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. when there's a crime police hope there's a usable photo available. in this case, there is. >> take a good look. here's the man police say kidnapped vie ripken at gunpoint from the garage of her home. the camera
6:32 am
captured these imagines. >> he was wearing a white shirt, a long white shirt, blue jeans, had a hat on. >> the suspect tied up vie ripken and forced her into the backseat of her car here. by tuesday night someone at this royal farms spotted ripken and her abductor and called police. it wasn't until wednesday morning ripken was found still tied up. the kidnapper left her inside her car steps from her home. >> it's scary. it could happen to anybody. >> business owners now putting up fliers of the suspect hoping someone recognizes him. >> it's a pretty good picture of him. i think he'll get caught. >> hopefully we catch this guy because he's trouble. >> at the iron birds game at ripken's stadium ms. ripken's abduction had fans on edge. >> it's scary being this close. i mean , we don't live far. >> police say they need the public's help, find the gunman, put him behind bars. >> reporter: during that or
6:33 am
deal, no ransom demand was communicating. reporting live, mike schuh. don, back to you. >> thank you very much. police are offering a $2,000 reward for information leading to a conviction in this case. we want to show you a second look at the man that police are hoping to find after vie ripken's abduction. if you think you recognize the man in these photos contact the aberdeen police department at 410-270-2121. in brooklyn, new york, hundreds of firefighters battle a monster blaze that broke out in an apartment building in the flat bush section yesterday. it quickly went to 6 along-terms. this morning -- 6 alarms. there's no word on a cause. new video showing the fighting and tanks firing in the streets of syria. syria's second largest city, alepo, came
6:34 am
under fire from government forces battling against the president yesterday. in the video members of the free syrian army stand in front of an army tank they destroyed. the conflict has intensified later. a man is out of jail on bail charged with having sex with a young teenager. according to court record he knowingly spread hiv. kai jackson explains an unusual case. >> baltimore county police say 36-year-old steven podles connected with a 13-year-old boy back in february. they met using a mobile phone application. >> they agreed the meet for the purposes of sexual activity. >> police say using the app podles described himself as 30, 6 feet 4 and 200 pounds. he met with a 13-year-old boy and drove to an area where the two had sex.
6:35 am
podles was arrested. according to court documents, he's charged with soliciting a minor, have beening sex with a mie -- having sex with a minor and spreading hiv. >> the parents were unaware of the sexual contact between their son and this man. they found about it and reported it. >> i think you need expert medical testimony. >> attorney byron warn believes the hiv charge could be difficult to prove. it's a misdemeanor crime that carries a $2,500 and a maximum of 3 years in prison. the attorney says there are a number of factors that will be considered in this case. >> the burden is going to be on the state to prove that he transferred hiv and that he did so nothingly. know -- knowingly. >> federal hipa laws could be
6:36 am
an issue in this case. right now podles is out on $75,000 bail. a trail date has been set for october 11th. >> last night wjz contacted podles lawyer who says there's no evidence his client is hiv positive and could have transmitted that to anyone else. growing frustration over this city's crumbling infrastructure. parts of monument street is closed after a sink hole opened up. rochelle richie looks at the problems. >> it's a familiar sound and problem on baltimore city streets. >> they're all messed up. >> the city has had two major issues with its ageing infrastructure, tearing apart the asphalt. >> this is the nature of the ageing infrastructure situation in many large cities, baltimore is not an exception. >> a water main break less than 2 weeks ago and yesterday a 20
6:37 am
feet deep, 2 feet wide and 6 feet long sink hole opening. >> right now we're sending a crew in to do a walk inspection of the large storm drain under the street. >> the city says it's taking the necessary measures to find and fix the problem. so far crews have used a camera to look at the damage, scan water mains to find any other leaks and check the sewer drains to make sure they're in fact. -- in tact. >> it will give us indication of what needs to be done. >> some say that correction will be a temporary fix for a permanent problem. >> they need a better system. all this money, i don't see why it's better. >> funding such a project could take millions and years to complete. >> it could be a while before this street opens again. in baltimore, rochelle richie, wjz eyewitness news. >> only average -- on average there are two to three water main breaks per day in this day. 98 rock is looking for a new
6:38 am
dj. steven smith who was known on the air as stash will not return. this comes days after he was charged with dwi. it was on sunday the 48 year old was driving when he slammed into another car stopped. that car hit another. a beer truck crashes on a maryland interstate leaving the road covered in cases of cargo. police say the semi tractor trailer flipped over on its side and spilled its cargo. the driver did receive a citation. the olympic games kick off in london later today. michael phelps is certainly if -- in the spot light. a sea of reporters and cameras trying to get the thoughts of our local star. this will be the final games for phelps. he's down playing the
6:39 am
hype that comes with going on the stage. >> this is a meet just like every other meet we've swam in. there's a pool, fans, score board and we do what we've trained today. >> his first event in lon ton is the -- london is the 400 meter race. he needs the three more metals to become the most decorated olympian in history. the oriels won against the rays. chris till man took a three hitter into the 7th. chris davis drove in four runs. they topped the rays 6-2 and take one game of the three game series. their home stand will continue this weekend when the oakland a's come to town. sand --
6:40 am
saturday and sunday it will be on wjz. you can see saturday's game at 7:00 and sunday's game at 1:30 right here on wjz. >> the hottest team on baseball, the oakland a's. i've mentioned it a few times before today and it's worth mentioning it again. if you've seen the movie money ball, billy jean still the manager of the oakland a's. the man brad pit played at how oakland started running its rooster to be able to compete with the big markets. i mean, oakland itself -- i know it's a san francisco bay area, but it's not a big city. they needed to be able to figure out how to compete with will recollect a and new york -- compete with la, new york and et cetera. money ball comes to town this weekend. >> yeah. take a look at first warning
6:41 am
dopplar weather radar. whatever their doing is working. we have shower activity out to the west. i'm not sure it's going to make it here. i think it's a diminishing chance. a watch, warning and advisory graphic shows a heat advisory in effect today. cold front comes our way, we will have thunderstorms here this afternoon a high of 95, it's going to feel more like 101. it's a bit cooler than the feeling yesterday, that's for sure. coming up on coffee with, a look at lost treasures and unique pieces of american history people are finding in their homes. stay tuned. chris christy breslin has wjz tv traffic control. we'll be right,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning. thanks for being with us. it's still 73. calm winds. it's warm, humid, stuffy. ocean city, maryland now 72, 73 easton, almost 80 dc, 76 elkin, 75 cumberland, oakland
6:45 am
63, low 70s around greater westminster, close to 80 rock hall, annapolis and kent island. here's a bigger expanded view of the radar. i'm not sure this moisture gets to us. we still have to keep mentioning it. frontal boundary sitting up to the north. that's coming through tonight with thunderstorms. we'll clear it out tomorrow. it's going to be a pretty good afternoon tomorrow. sunday a nice day. 95 today with thunderstorms, it will feel like 101. 70, partly cloudy over night. tomorrow it's worth a mention of maybe a spotty thunderstorm. hot 92 but cooler than the past few days. 90 sunday through tuesday, 92 wednesday. let's go straight to christy breslin at wjz traffic control. >> good morning. we are dealing with a couple of issues along route 32. we have an
6:46 am
accident at clarksville pike. also some downed wires there 32 at liberty road, all lanes blocked. the accident is lingering there at aviation boulevard at stony run road. north point boulevard at old battle grove. delays, southbound 95 just a minor slow down. on the beltway, if you're travelling on that north side outer loop, some slowing over to charles street. let's take a live look. that's not a bad drive. that's 95 at 198. you can a couple cars on the beltway north of security boulevard. this traffic report is brought to you by toyota. toyota has your car and your deal, now is the time to jump to toyota to find out how many ways there are to save when you buy right. core -- our coffee with sponsor, the maryland science center is giving you a chance for a visit.
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go to, click on contest and promotions for a chance to win a family 4 pack of tickets and a one night stay at the near by sheraton. this morning's coffee with is sponsored by the national geographic channel. >> welcome. check you out. >> good morning. >> a legend in the house. >> a legend? >> come on. we call this intense stuff you've done. you have a great resume. you're doing these lost treasures. at first i'm not going to lie to you, i thought somebody else is doing dumpster diving, then i heard it was you and i figured it's a lot more intense. what's the coolest thing you guys have unearthed? >> oh, my gosh. we have unearthed such a wide variety of things from historical significant to the weirdest of the weird. we have people
6:48 am
bringing in locks of willy nelson hair, teeth. there's a lot of history in this country and a lot of weird stuff and it's all cool. >> this works that they bring stuff to you or you go out looking for it? >> well, both. you know, we go out to these different countries. we did 10 countries across the united states. people brain -- bring in these items. sometimes they have a lot of back story. they know exactly what it is. it was passed down from generation to generation. sometimes they bring something in and they go i bought this on e-bay i don't know what it is and it turns out to be the most awesome thing you should imagine. >> what would that be? >> wow. weave had -- we've had everything from bibles from back in the day to guns used during the civil war to time pieces during the start of the railroad to incredible dresses from the
6:49 am
victorian era to tax dermy heads. >> hold on one second. you're obsessed with this pink flamingo head. >> i am. it was pretty cool. >> i'm going to try to find it online while don conducts the next question. >> your episodes are based at museums across the country, correct? >> yeah. they are. that was part of the fun. this country has some really incredible museums. sometimes we forget what we have available to us in our own city. >> the one closest to us is in wilmington, delaware. >> we were there. >> i was dragged there kicking and scratching thinking oh, no. what a fascinating place. >> as a kid we were all drug to museums kicking and screaming and as an adult you're like, oh. you meant last week. >> may i say this. don't take the computer. i just did a search for pink flamingo head.
6:50 am
that's bringing up everything taxidermy. people will stuff anything. >> yep. we saw a lot of it. we had more than just the pink flamingo head. we had all kinds of stuff. we had human skin. >> that's kind of rude. >> is the -- does the pink flamingo head have any value? >> you know, some of the volume is monetary and some of the value is not story. i'm a journalist. i love stories and people. for me -- >> let me ask you this -- go ahead. >> the value we had is in the story. >> give us one of the best stories you heard. >> oh, my gosh. there was a drum that came in the new orleans. it was found after hurricane katrina. it was this really fascinating piece with bones and skin. i was told if i
6:51 am
played it i would actually release the spirits within. we had to take it to a voodoo priest, do all kind of research and back story. it was just a really incredible, incredible piece. a lot of fun and kind of weird. >> what did it have to say to you? >> exactly. i never played it. i was scombar scared it would speak. >> there you go. it sounds like a pretty good watch here. we will check it out. wednesday's at 9 o'clock, national geo. what are your working on now other than this project? >> just sitting around on the beach doing a little bit of surfing. >> not a bad thing. >> down time is good. >> thank s so much for being with us. >> thank you guys. >> we appreciate it. tell your producer -- she's from baltimore, right? >> yes. >> tell her husband to send her
6:52 am
to ben car den. >> that's a famous one. >> we'll talk to you later. >> bye , guys. >> bye-bye. >> pret ty cool. >> i have to admit, i'm intrigued. >> what's the coolest thing you've ever found? >> nothing that i didn't take to the dump like 2 weeks later. it looks good at the moment but doesn't stick. >> all right. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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5 till 7:00. here come your
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updates. >> 95 going to be the high. the mid 70s now. it's going to feel like 101 today. we are going to see showers and thunderstorms around mainly later on this afternoon. here is christy breslin with traffic control. good morning. it's been a morning for accidents. we have that crash at old battle grove. a couple of problems on eastbound 32, an accident at clarksville pike, some downed wires at liberty road. aviation road at stony brook an accident. as far as delays go, the major roadways have been good to us this morning. southbound 95, just a minor delay towards white marsh boulevard. let's take a live look. everything moving along fine on the bethway -- beltway north of security boulevard. this traffic report is brought to you by the mazda cx 5. the search continues for the
6:56 am
man who kidnapped cal ripken's mother. police released two photos of the man they say abducted vie ripken. she was found safe wednesday morning still tied up inside the backseat of her car. police are offering a $2,000 reward for information leading to a conviction. a code red heat alert will into into effect. maryland has had 31 heat related deaths so far this year. stay with wjz 13, maryland's news station. coming up on cbs this morning, mitt romney's over seas trip gets off to a shaky start in london. his comments on the oh him preparations,,,,,,
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