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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  January 1, 2013 7:00am-9:00am EST

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i've been working in weight loss resistance for over 25 years. it is so frustrating to me to see so much struggle and failure out there because people are approaching this all wrong because they're going on a diet. [laughter] now, what's the first thing that you do when you go on a diet? you cheat. right? you cheat. it's not just me, is it? no. the secret behind the virgin diet is that it really isn't a diet. you are challenging your personal chemistry lab to see which foods aren't working for you and which foods are going to support your long-term health, lose the cravings, and yes finally lose the weight. remember, many of my clients lose as much as seven pounds in
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the first seven days just by dropping the seven foods i'm talking about. but for the best possible outcome in the way you look and feel, i want you to pull them out for three weeks. and during those three weeks you can't cheat. you heard me, right? you can't cheat. so let me hear a collective "ah." [audience sighs] isn't it easier when things are black and white, right? when you know exactly what to eat and what not to. and by the way, it's only three weeks. i mean, that's less than the time between credit card bill payments. [laughter] so the reason you can't let any of these foods back in for three weeks is that you have to give your immune system a rest. if you cheat with a certain food, you activate those antibodies all over again and guess what you have to do? yeah, you have to start over.
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so really, you have to stay the course or you're going to defeat the whole purpose of this being a fast, simple plan. now it seems counterintuitive, but when you're reacting negatively to certain foods, your body starts to crave the very food that's hurting you. yeah. because those antibodies are hungry. this is often so strong that it feels like an addiction. i usually see these cravings disappear over the first three to four days which means that for the first few days, you're gonna crave that very food that's hurting you. these cravings mean that your body's reacting to these foods. and that, by the way, is great information because it means you're gonna see big results. and after the first few days, it gets easy; it feels like you've finally broken free from that food prison. so now let's talk about the third food on my list.
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ready? sugar. perfect when we talk about cravings, right? 'cause i find sugar can trigger some big cravings. and really, i'm gonna cut you a little slack because as it turns out, a lot of these sugar cravings are genetics. so you can blame your parents. [laughter] my mom has a major sweet tooth. in fact, when i was growing up my house was loaded with candy and cookies, ice cream, cakes. i was so popular with all the neighborhood. but don't worry if you have a sweet tooth too. you are not doomed. there are ways to work with your genetics so that you are not gonna have to succumb to a lifetime of sugar shock. okay? when you eat a lot of sugar, you basically train your body to need it constantly. but getting rid of it is a lot easier than you think. now, you can somewhat retrain your taste buds and then replace some of those poor choices with
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lots better ones. and also, simple spices help too. so cinnamon is great. you want to use this whenever possible. it's naturally sweet and it helps balance blood sugar. vanilla is naturally sweet too and it helps boost serotonin the brain chemical that makes you crave sugar when it's low. take some almond butter, mix in cinnamon, and slather it on an apple. yum, right? yeah. now take some unsweetened coconut milk, vanilla protein powder, and mix in some raspberries and you can make popsicles out of this. yeah. top berries with coconut milk, put on some sliced almonds, and put on some sliced dark chocolate. [audience mumbling] yeah, you're with me, okay. clearly we have some sweet tooths in the house. make a mocha with chocolate protein powder, espresso, and almond milk. and then you can throw ice in it and now you've got a frappe. yeah, awesome. you're not missing the sugar now, are you? okay, so why is sugar so bad? well, sugar raises insulin and
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cortisol which means the message to your body is, store fat here. remember, food's information? sugar also goes through a harmful process called glycation. now glycation happens when sugar binds to proteins. it doesn't need enzymes to do this, which you typically need to turn sugar into energy. the result is this formation of rogue molecules, like the crust on meat or bread or wrinkles or brown spots. this is inflammation and accelerated aging. sugar equals accelerated aging. but you can literally turn back the hands of time by getting rid of sugar. okay, now i need to dispel a common myth that makes me insane. "it's all natural so it must be okay." [audience groaning] all sugar's natural. so natural sugar is sugar. and all sugar--all sugar-- all sugar is problematic, okay?
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sorry. [laughter] you're not looking at me so friendly anymore. but there's one sugar that is way worse than others: fructose. fructose found in high-fructose corn syrup, those fruit juice concentrates, and agave, which by the way, yes, is higher in fructose than high-fructose corn syrup. uh-huh, yeah. so fructose is worse than other sugars because it goes straight to the liver where it triggers something called lipogenesis which means your body is literally making fat from it. yeah, eek, right? it can create fatty liver disease and its rapid absorption drives up insulin to cause you to store even more fat. you know, it used to be that we saw fatty liver disease in alcoholics.
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now we see it in kids because of the high consumption of soft drinks and things with high-fructose corn syrup. fructose also raises triglycerides more than any other sugar, it glycates more than other sugars, and it literally pokes holes in your small intestine, which can lead to leaky gut. but somehow fructose is thought of as a healthier option. so now you know better, right? do not be fooled again. okay. of course there's one thing worse than sugar: artificial sweeteners. so we created artificial sweeteners so that we could have our cake and eat it too, right? so that we could have our sweets without gaining weight. yet the studies are showing clearly that this is not working, that actually artificial sweeteners can cause you to gain weight. i know. it's, like, what? everything's backwards. in fact, a recent study showed
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that people who drank a diet soda a day gained more weight than people who drank a regular soda daily. >> wow. >> put the diet soda down. [laughter] artificial sweeteners destroy your ability to appreciate the natural sweetness of a blueberry or cinnamon. you start to want increasingly sweeter foods. so if you've been hooked on artificial sweeteners, i'm going to beg you--beg you-- to stop them immediately-- and yes, i mean right now-- and start retraining your taste buds to appreciate the natural sweetness of fruit and nuts and cinnamon and vanilla. now, in addition to those naturally sweet popsicles and those frappes i mentioned, i also have several recipes in my virgin diet book that's gonna make this transition fairly painless. [laughter]
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but if you need to use a sweetener, my favorite is xylitol. it's natural and it actually can help with weight loss because it suppresses a hormone called ghrelin that your stomach produces to tell you you're hungry. and xylitol doesn't cause cavities which is why you'll see it in a lot of different gums and toothpaste and mints. so believe it or not, one of the biggest places people get a load of sugar is at breakfast. after all, most breakfast is dessert. [laughter] it is. look at that muffin. what's that muffin in? that muffin's a cupcake. it's a cupcake, right? so you have your cupcake, your banana, your vanilla latte; that's more sugar than a supersized soda. so i teach people to start the day with a smoothie. and research is clear: people who start the day with a smoothie not only lose more weight, they keep it off. and this is amazing.
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i have this one gal, she didn't listen to anything i told her to do except for one thing: she started the day with a smoothie. and she said with that one change, her day was easier to get through, she had more energy and focus, less cravings, she was more confident from a smoothie. i mean, incredible. now, here's the important thing here. this is not an adult milk shake. this is a smoothie. okay, yes. so i have people start with a high-quality pea rice protein blend--look for something with five grams of sugar or less--i use either chia or freshly ground flaxseeds, unsweetened coconut milk, and frozen organic berries. and now here's the advanced technique. you ready? throw in kale or frozen spinach. and you might be making a little face. but you will not taste it. so it's an easy way to get a couple more servings of veggies in, 'cause most of us are not getting our ten servings of vegetables a day, are we? right? it's an easy way to get it in and not even notice it.
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i do this every single day. i even travel with a blender. you can do this. [laughter] next, i promised you i was going to reveal one of the worst offenders in our diet. that food is corn. corn. corn is the fourth of the seven foods i want you to remove from your diet for three weeks. believe it or not, corn is a major hidden source of sugar. corn. i want to clear something up right off the bat. corn is not a vegetable. it's not a vegetable. it's a grain. it's a grain and a very starchy grain at that. and starches convert to sugar in your body. this actually starts to happen the minute you put it in your mouth. this is probably why we feed cows and pigs corn to fatten them up. okay? so let's think about it. we're feeding cows and pigs corn
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to fatten them up and then we're using popcorn as a diet food. [laughter] are we insane? no. besides corn being a high glycemic starchy food, like soy, it's also another one of the top genetically modified food crops, which means that it is heavily sprayed with pesticides. and genetically modified foods have been linked to infertility, immune problems, accelerated aging, faulty insulin regulation, and changes in major organs and the gastrointestinal system. so if you're eating corn-- hopefully right now you put the corn down. if you're eating corn, there's some simple, delicious alternatives. trade it for quinoa, black beans, or lentils. now if you're using corn tortillas, try a rice tortilla or better yet, use lettuce wraps. and if you're eating corn chips or popcorn, try crudites and either hummus, guacamole, or a black bean and salsa dip.
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i mean, these are all incredible, inexpensive--right-- healthy alternatives that will make your taste buds happy and your waistline happy. very easy. okay, now the fifth food. the fifth of the seven foods i want you to remove is actually one of my favorite foods. and for so many of us, it's our go-to food, especially for breakfast, because it's fast; it's cheap; it's easy to find. but i had to rethink this food because i kept seeing so many people reacting negatively to it on food sensitivity tests. i'm talking about eggs. aww, i know. "oh, now what's she gonna take away?" [laughter] it was hard on me too. you'll hear. i see so many people using hard-boiled eggs as their grab and go breakfast, right? yeah, you probably did it today. adding chopped eggs to their salad, having an egg white omelet-- by the way, egg white omelets-- egg whites are worse for you because they're what's
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triggering that immune response, not the yolks where all the amazing nutrients are. i get you're all kind of bummed. i get it. i felt the same way too. but i tested myself and i discovered that eggs were actually hurting me. and now that i've gone through my gut healing cycle, i can eat them again periodically, but this should not be something you're eating every single day. okay, have that smoothie i just talked about instead and then use things like chicken, wild salmon, grass-fed beef for your clean lean protein sources. so let me tell you about jeff taff. he's nearly 60. he was a professional football player, but after his career, he was left in chronic pain, he had sleep apnea, couldn't really exercise, and he gained weight. but last year, it all came to a head when his father died and he tried to get off some of the medications he was on. his pain and his emotional stress were at an all-time high. so what did he do?
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he ate. he turned to food for comfort, and his weight skyrocketed and his pain intensified. he didn't know that food intolerances could be doing this to him. then he found my plan. and in one week, he said everything got easier. he could do work around the house; he could walk the dog. he lost nine pounds. he's able to take care of his 86-year-old mother-in-law again. for a while there, he was feeling older than she was. now he's starting to feel like himself again, the pro football player self again. and he's getting better every day. and i'll tell you, that's why i do this. it is so gratifying to see success like jeff's. i want you to have that kind of success, to recapture the vitality in your life, to live free of pain and fatigue, and to keep your mind sharp. and you can have this just by following the plan i'm giving you today. this plan is simple,
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and it's only three weeks long. and you'll be amazed at the transformation it will make in the way you look and feel. if you're like most of my clients, you'll probably lose up to seven pounds in the first seven days. that's exciting, yes? yes, yes. thank you. [applause] in the next segment, i'm going to share the final two foods that could be preventing you from losing weight and from looking and feeling your best. worse yet, they can actually be addictive and could be doing more damage inside you than you can imagine. plus, i'm going to give you more simple lateral shifts that you can make to replace these foods with healthier, delicious options so you won't even miss them while the weight falls off. stay with me. thank you. [applause]
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>> welcome back. okay, now in the last segment, we talked about sugar. we're done with sugar? >> all: yes. >> artificial sweeteners, corn and eggs and how they can not only make it hard for you to lose weight; they can make you age faster too. whoo. the only thing we want to do fast in this program is lose weight and feel better, right? yes, yes. [cheers and applause] so get ready to have more energy, say good-bye to joint pain, and have that brain clarity return because i've seen the biggest impact with the elimination of these last two foods. now these last two will probably be the toughest for you to drop as they are the most addictive of the seven i have you pull.
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i saved the best for last. [laughter] and these final two foods? dairy and gluten. [gasps] "don't take my cheese." i can feel it. before i give you the good news that this will be easier than you think, let me first tell you why these two are the big ones. because they can create an opiate-like effect on your brain. i so often hear, "i can't give up my cheese. i can't give up my morning bagel. i'm not giving up my latte. i can't give up that pizza." aha. caught you. [laughter] this is where my manta of "it's just three weeks" of no pizza-- it's just three weeks-- comes in, okay? okay. you all saw it. okay. now i'm going to let you in on my own little secret. i love dairy.
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love it. cheese, oh. lattes with foam. dense cheesecake. yeah. yeah. tart frozen yogurt. bring it on. you with me? [sighs] but at what price? i struggled my whole life with skin problems. i went to so many doctors who told me that diet had nothing to do with it. and i always ten pounds heavier than i wanted to be, despite working out like a fiend and watching everything that i ate which is bad juju for a health and fitness expert. all right? and i had digestive problems painful gas and bloating that seemed to hit at the most inopportune times-- not like there's really a good time for that. [laughter] but i'll tell you, i didn't want to cut out the dairy or gluten. i fought those changes hard. but guess what?
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my lifelong battle with acne over 30 years, ended in a few days when i gave up dairy. my chronic joint pain--i've had five knee surgeries--went down 75% when i gave up gluten. my chronic bloating--just enough to be annoying. but i thought it was "normal" for me 'cause i was aging-- went away when i replaced the eggs with those protein shakes. my only regret: why the heck didn't i do this sooner? i mean... now i'm almost 50 and i look and feel better than i did in my 20s and--what's even better-- with a lot less effort. my food cravings are gone. my weight is stable. i'm two sizes smaller, ten pounds lighter, 10% less body fat than i was in my 20s. you can do this too.
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it's only seven foods for three weeks. just three weeks. think of where you are now and what you're accepting, "tolerating," as just the way things are. if you're tired, if your joints hurt, if you're carrying extra weight, if you're struggling with brain fog and poor memory that's not the way things have to be. with one simple choice to follow this plan, you'll get your energy back, you'll look and feel better, and the weight will finally come off, sometimes in just days. it's that fast. so let's talk about dairy first because there's definitely some misinformation about it out there, isn't there? yes. the first big urban legend is that dairy helps you lose weight. hey, i wish this was true. trust me. but the studies just aren't bearing this out. a study led by dr. walter willett at harvard school of public
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health found that children who drank three servings of skim or 1% milk each day were more prone to becoming overweight than the children who drank fewer servings of milk each day. strike one. now what about skin? remember i told you that my skin cleared up when i dumped the dairy? one of the largest and longest studies of women's health is the nurses' health study, which looked at over 77,000 nurses over 12 years. and guess what they found? those who drank more milk as teenagers had higher rates of severe acne than those who drank less. and here's the big shocker: skim milk was worse than full fat milk. it turns out that when you take the fat out of milk, you're left with more lactose, which is another word for "milk sugar."
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strike two. when i recommend pulling dairy from the diet, the biggest concern i hear is about bone health. now i want you to have strong bones, but i don't want you to do it by relying on dairy. because guess what? that same nurses' health study also showed that those who had the highest milk consumption had the highest risk of bone fractures. strike three. so dairy could make you gain weight, break out, and probably doesn't help your bones stay healthy either. and what's up with the milk mustache? not hot. right? so are you willing to dump the dairy for the next three weeks? >> yes. >> not convincing. [laughter] >> all: yes. >> i'm gonna give you some super simple switches so you won't even miss it. take your milk, trade it for coconut or almond milk. take your yogurt, trade it for
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coconut greek-style yogurt. replace your cream cheese with either hummus or almond butter. now i have a bunch more easy switches just like this in my book the virgin diet. but remember, it's just three weeks. [applause] so let me share a little bit more about the final piece of the puzzle. let's battle the "whole grain goodness" myth. [audience muttering] the seventh and final food for you to lose is gluten. this is a protein found in most grains, especially wheat barley, and rye. but it's also used as a thickening agent and stabilizing ingredient so it can show up in some of the craziest places, like mustard and luncheon meats and beer and msg and salad dressing and most processed foods. all right, so now why is gluten so bad? it can disrupt your digestion by damaging the walls of the small intestine. and when that wall is damaged, it becomes more permeable which,
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you may remember, can lead to leaky gut, food intolerance, immune problems, inflammation, and an inability to absorb nutrients and make b12. what this all adds up to is several different ways gluten is negatively impacting your health, the way you feel, and causing you to gain weight and then struggle to lose it. this is about connecting the dots about the way you look and feel and the foods you're eating. you don't have to suffer with inflamed joints and excess weight. you can get your energy back and protect your brain health. on my plan, you'll know right away which foods you're reacting to and you'll begin to heal fast. i had a client, mary, a few years ago who'd been struggling with achilles tendonitis for a year. for 12 months, mary went to physical therapy three times a week with no real success. i pulled her off gluten, and a few weeks later, her chronic tendonitis was gone.
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can you imagine this change in her life? another big, big issue with gluten is its connection to autoimmune disease. autoimmune disease affects 23.5 million americans. it's thought to be the most common cause of all disease worldwide. and it turns out that gluten could be at the root of it. so if you have a family history of autoimmune disease or you've been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, gluten does not have a place in your diet. and eliminating it could turn your life around if you're suffering with one of these conditions. now, another issue with gluten and all grains for that matter and why i take such offense to this idea of "whole grain goodness" is that they all contain lectins and phytates which are basically antinutrients that can have a hugely negative impact on your
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health. lectins are a type of protein that bind to carbohydrates. they can bind to insulin receptors which creates insulin resistance which means that your blood sugar rides higher, making it harder to burn off fat. they can also bind to your intestinal lining which contributes to altered gut flora causing you to store more calories from the food you eat and, worse yet, store it as fat. lectins can also be associated with leptin resistance. since leptin is the hormone that helps regulate feelings of hunger and fullness, leptin resistance makes you hungrier even when you've had all the food that you need. it also puts you at risk for metabolic syndrome: the triple threat of obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure. these are not the inevitable side effects of aging. these very serious health problems can be tied to gluten. so here's the good news. lighten the mood. okay.
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it was, like, woof. there are some very easy shifts for gluten so you won't miss it. not much, okay? so how do these sound? so instead of pasta, try rice or quinoa pasta or better yet, the vegetable spaghetti squash. okay? instead of tortillas, switch over to rice tortillas or pieces of romaine lettuce. trade your wheat flour or rye flour for almond flour or coconut flour. if you're doing couscous, switch over to quinoa. by the way, have you tried quinoa? love quinoa. it's actually not a grain, it's a seed, and you can cook it with organic chicken broth. it is amazing, awesome. instead of floury pizza crust... [laughter] try a slice of eggplant or portobello mushroom the next three weeks, okay? all right. now, don't all those sound amazing? okay, so they're delicious. they're easy. and i bet you, once you see the difference in your health, you will not want to add gluten back to your diet.
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take it from riva. she's a client of mine in her 60s. she was dealing with inflammation in her joints which she was convinced was arthritis. except now, it's 90% gone. at 5'5" she weighed 170 pounds. she was a yo-yo dieter. she was exhausted and feeling her age. the virgin diet has completely given her her life back. she lost five pounds the first week, has 14 pounds off so far four inches off her waist, five inches off her hips. best of all--and this is the huge takeaway--she loves what she's eating now. she loves the delicious nonprocessed alternatives to the food she had been eating and she feels like she has tons of choices. when she eats out, she has chicken or wild fish. she orders double veggies, no starch-- another mantra we should have: double veggies, no starch. "no, don't bring the bread basket to the table. nope. no, thank you." she's no longer feeling her age.
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in fact, she's feeling better physically and emotionally than she has in years. and her confidence is soaring, and the weight's continuing to fall off. remember, on average, i see my clients lose up to seven pounds in seven days just by pulling out these seven foods i'm telling you about. but that's just really a bonus. after a few weeks, and usually even after just a few days, they report major shifts in their mental clarity, their energy their skin, joint pain, and gastrointestinal health, so much so that once those three weeks is up, they don't want to go back to what they were eating before. i know you can't probably imagine that now. [laughter] but it's what i hear all the time. most often i hear from clients that they don't even miss those seven foods and they'd really rather not eat them anymore because they want to continue to feel this great.
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i believe that most people have no idea what it feels like to feel really great. but once they do, they're hooked on it, and you will be too. so again, those seven foods are: pull out all of these foods. you don't get to pick here. okay? pull out all of these foods 100%, no cheating, for the next 21 days and replace them with the easy lateral shifts i've mentioned. plus there are many more in my book and the other program materials. i give you simple meal plans and dining out ideas to make this so easy to follow. it is not more expensive to eat healthy; it's more expensive to suffer with pain, pay for medications and doctor visits,
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but worst of all, not to be able to live your life full out. [applause] the average person on my plan looks and feels better in days and loses up to seven pounds the first week even if they haven't been able to lose weight in years. i've seen amazing results with my clients when they pull these foods out. it goes way past weight loss. it's transformation. and it's all available to you too. all you need to do is decide to change your life in three weeks. take action, just like they did. you'll have more energy, improved brain clarity and focus, less join pain, more confidence. that's the number one thing i hear from people: more confidence. and you'll be able to live your life to its fullest.
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think about all of the people i've mentioned to you, all of my clients who've had such amazing success and transformed their lives in three weeks. they're not superhuman. they didn't do something you can't do. they just decided to take control of their health, and you can too. you can do this. this is for the rest of your life. once you make this change, you will feel it and benefit from it every day and so will your family and everyone around you. there's no gift more precious than that. i wish you all the joy that comes with true health and vitality. it truly is yours for the taking. so go get it. thank you. [cheers and applause]
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narrator: explore new worlds and new ideas through programs like this, made available for everyone through contributions to your pbs station, from viewers like you. thank you. dr. dyer: you and only you, capital you, are the subject that impacts the burning desire in your imagination. narrator: best-selling author and beloved spiritual teacher dr. wayne dyer, returns to public television with his newest and most astonishing offering yet, wishes fulfilled. dr. dyer: you must be conscious of how you use these words, i am. i am strong. i am well. i am content. even if your senses tell you something different i am. narrator: learn the five wishes fulfilled foundations, five steps to manifesting your deepest
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desires while living from your highest self. dr. dyer: if you would like to accomplish something, you must first expect it of yourself. narrator: join dr. wayne dyer on the joyful journey to create your most extraordinary life when wishes fulfilled airs next. dr. dyer: you are living and feeling as if your future dreams are a present fact. thank you. thank you, wow. ooh. thank you so much. thank you. thank you very much appreciate it. god bless you. i appreciate it so much. oh, thank you, thank you.
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i am wayne dyer and i am well. [applause] in fact, i am perfect health, and, by the time this program is over, you'll have a much clearer understanding of what those words really mean. it's just great to be back on public television. i've been doing public television pledge shows since 1998. my children were raised i have eight of them, and they were raised on public television, little barney things were all over my house for so many years. and of course, i think of public television as one of the great energy systems coming into our homes and i'm proud to be a part of it, to support it, and to help raise money for it. it's our national treasure, and i'd hate to think of what would ever happen if we lost it.
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this show is called wishes fulfilled. it's based on a book that i have just completed. i spent the last year or so in writing it, researching it, living it, practicing it, and have come to a place in my heart where i know that it's really not so much about what you want in terms of what you manifest, it's who you are. you manifest what you become as a human being, and this program is about teaching you to become the highest-consciousness being that you can be, to be aligned with your source, to be aligned with god. and when you are, you become a creator and a co-creator in your life. i'd like to open this program with a poetic offering from samuel taylor coleridge, who wrote the rime of the ancient mariner, and he also wrote a poem that i used earlier in my life, in one of my earlier books, real magic.
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listen to the words and ask yourself if, if they really, if they really mean something to be true for you, if you really believe in what the poet is offering here. he says, what if you slept and what if, in your sleep, you dreamed, and what if in your dream, you went to heaven, and there picked a strange and wonderful flower. and what if, when you awoke, you held that flower in your hand. ah what then the poet asks. do you believe that it's possible to bring something from the world of the formless, from the world of a dream, into the world of the physical. the poet was speaking metaphorically but i am not. this is really a program about applying those words
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in your own reality. most of us were raised to become ordinary, and i'm not putting down ordinary but ordinary is just not good enough for me. ordinary is you go through your life and you fill out the forms, and you pay your taxes, and you do what your parents tell you, and you're honorable, and you're honest and you're a good citizen and then you die. extraordinary is something very, very different. this is about recognizing within yourself that there's something very, very extraordinary that you haven't been trained to believe in, to come to a place where you can apply it and put it into your life. and i want to say to you that i have been working in my life at living an extraordinary life, and so many powerful things have happened to me i'll be sharing with you throughout this program. but more than that, you can go way beyond ordinary.
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you can go way beyond just being average. there's not an average person watching this show. there's not an average person in this room tonight. all of us are extraordinary. we just have to come to believe it. there was a friend of mine, her name was portia nelson. portia passed away a few years back. she lived up in seattle. and she was at a seminar and they ask her to, and they ask everyone, to write on a five-by-seven sheet of paper or card the five chapters of their life. they only wanted to give them five-by-seven cards because they didn't want them to get too wordy. and portia nelson sat down and wrote these words about the five chapters of her life, and i thought i would share them here with you. they're so beautiful. she said, chapter one of my life i walked down the street. there's a deep hole in the sidewalk.
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i fall in. i'm lost. i'm helpless. it isn't my fault and it takes forever to find a way out. chapter two of my life, i walk down the same street. there's a deep hole in the sidewalk. i pretend i don't see it. i fall in again. i can't believe i'm in the same place. it isn't my fault, and it still takes a long time to get out. chapter three of my life, i walk down the same street. there's a deep hole in the sidewalk. i see it there. i still fall in. it's a habit. my eyes are open.
8:08 am
i know where i am. it's my own fault, and i get out immediately. chapter four of my life, i walk down the same street. there's a deep hole in the sidewalk. i walk around it. chapter five of my life, i walk down another street. isn't that great? portia nelson. i walk down another street. and this is another street. look, it's called new street, old street. walking down another street means leaving behind ordinary, and when i use the word ordinary, it has
8:09 am
deep and profound meanings to me. ordinary just simply isn't enough. ordinary is when you want to become average and to fit in. but to get to extraordinary, what you do is you have to consult the invisible place within yourself, and this is called your soul. and your soul, well, i jotted down a few words about the soul, based on a lecture i heard from a great teacher of mine who lived in bulgaria. he was an initiatic science teacher, and his lecture was very profound, and i wrote these words after listening to one of his recorded lectures. he said, the ideal of the soul, the thing it asks for is neither knowledge nor light, nor happiness. the ideal of the soul is space, immensity.
8:10 am
the one thing your soul needs is to be free, free to expand and reach out and to embrace the infinite. yes, the ideal of the soul is infinity. it is miserable when it is circumscribed and restricted. it is a fragment of the universal soul which is infinite. that's what i speak about here in this program. the need to move beyond just fitting in, the need to move past being circumscribed, the soul does not like when you get fenced in, when it is told what to do, when it's told it has limitations, when it's told it can't become that. and so many of us go through our life with these enormous limitations that we've placed upon ourselves
8:11 am
that have been handed to us from the time that we were little boys and little girls. if you look on the screen you'll see something that is very important and powerful to me. i was swimming not too long ago up in minneapolis. i went to see my daughter, tracy. and up and down i would swim the pool, and every time i would look up, i would see this written on the wall, and i thought, as i was preparing to do this program, this is just so important and significant. if you would like to accomplish something, you must first expect it of yourself. and my question to you is what do you expect of yourself? do you expect to be able to perform miracles, to attract into your life the kind of prosperity that you are entitled to? do you expect that you can manifest the kind of relationships that you would like?
8:12 am
in order to be able to have these kinds of expectations for yourself, you have to make a dramatic change a dramatic shift. you must change what's possible for you and what you believe is possible for you, but the question becomes, who am i? here, i've been teaching philosophy for 40 years now, either at the high school level, or junior high school level, or university level, graduate school, and now on stages all over the world and in front of audiences such as this watching at home and here this evening. who are you? and what is real? my teacher in india, his name was nisargadatta maharaj. he was asked the question swami, what is real master, what is real? and his response was, that is real
8:13 am
which never changes. so what part of you is real by that definition? who are you that never changes? so many of us believe that we are our bodies. i don't know about you, but this body that i'm in right now is changing all the time, very fast, as a matter of fact. in fact, i, wayne dyer, the i that is i, have been in many, many bodies since i incarnated for this first time here on this planet, right here, 71 years ago. so i was in a, oh, my goodness, look here. what happened to that body? and there it is, there's another body that i was in, and there's another body. and, oh, there's my brother, dave, and there i am on the right another body. and then i was in look at that haircut. they did it with garden shears in those days but i
8:14 am
lived in foster homes. there i am, look at that hair. can you believe that? is that, is that possible? and then i was in this body, and then i was in this body. and i have been in toddler bodies, baby bodies teenaged bodies macho bodies. moustache bodies. endless bodies i have been in with my little ones and my eight children. and the fact of it is that when you think about it when i was in the 20-year-old body that i was in i really thought it was real. didn't you? i mean even the body that you're in, all of you look at your body and think, well, let's see, i was in a 20-year-old body, and is it real, was it real? well, you believed that it was real, but i've been looking for that 20-year-old body for 50 years now. i can't find it. and the fact of it is, the body that you're in right now is not who you are, because it doesn't meet that fundamental definition of what
8:15 am
is real. what is real is what never changes. the fact is that who you are keeps occupying new bodies every single moment that you are here on this planet. there was a great poet, her name was emily dickinson. i feel like she was, must have been a sister, a soul mate of mine. she once had a poem, she said, holding up a handful of dust, she would reach down and say, this quiet dust was gentlemen and ladies, and lads and girls, was laughter and ability, and sighing and frocks and curls. this passive place, a summer's nimble mansion where bloom and bees fulfilled their oriental circuit, then ceased like these. that's who all of us are if we identify ourselves with
8:16 am
our body. the fact is that everything in this physical universe doesn't meet the definition of what is real. who you are is that soul that i spoke about a few moments ago, that soul that says, i want to expand, i want to be free, i want to go to a place where i understand that who i am is birthless, deathless changeless, and live from that place, because what this involves fundamentally is reprogramming yourself from the belief system that has been your ego, the part of us that has come to believe that who we are is what we have, and who we are is what we do, and who we are is what other people think of us, like our reputation, and who we are is separate from each
8:17 am
other, and most egregiously, who we are is separate from god from our source. and so we've been raised and taken out into the world and said, go out there and prove who you are by achieving, by accumulating, by getting other people to like you. i wrote a book and did a film not too long ago called the shift, and one of the. thank you. and in there, i spoke about and used these words. the direction we take in life is far more important than the place that our ego parks us in this present moment, that who we are is this divine infinite being that keeps occupying new bodies, endlessly, until we leave this body and then move on, and there is no
8:18 am
beginning, there is no end, there is only now, each and every one of us. so the soul, the part of you that is extraordinary the part of you that came into this world and knows, i can be anything, i can do anything, i can accomplish anything that i place my attention on, because if you want to accomplish something, you must first just expect it of yourself, and this means changing around the expectations that you've been conditioned to believe are your dharma, or are your destiny, i am limited, i am not entitled to prosperity i am unable to deal with my physical ailments, i need something else, i need to take pills in order to do
8:19 am
it i need to have somebody else do it for me, that within each and every one of us there is this marvelous knowing that is really and truly god ourselves, each and every one of us. babette davidson: oh i am so glad to have wayne dyer back on pbs. hello, i'm babette davidson and i am so delighted to be with you and sharing this great program and so grateful to have america's most insightful, spiritual person wayne dyer. thank you for being here again. wayne dyer: thank you it's nice to be back. you look so beautiful. babette davidson: oh thank you. i am just so thrilled with this new program. wayne dyer: oh thank you, i am too. babette davidson: it's very exciting, and i always feel like i need this little intensive wayne shot in the arm to kind of keep me on track. wayne dyer: thank you i'm very proud of it. it's something that i spent the last couple of years of my life of being involved in, and i think we got a lot of really, really great things
8:20 am
for people to hear. so stay tuned. babette davidson: absolutely. so we hope that you're going to the phone right now to say thank you to this pbs station for bringing you dr. wayne dyer, and these beautiful ideas. one of the things that you said in that was that ordinary is not good enough. wayne dyer: right. babette davidson: and there is nothing ordinary about you or pbs or these wonderful thank you gifts that you put together. i have shared all the materials in the past with my family and myself, and you really come up with some wonderful things this time. wayne dyer: we absolutely have. we're calling it the big banana. because i have a place on maui and we sort of have a hawaii connection here. so the big banana is a whole collection of wonderful gifts that we're going to be sharing with you and telling you much more about. babette davidson: oh that's great. now one of the things that you said when you went out the very first thing that you said is, "i am well." and i can tell you that, i could feel the emotion in the theatre, i felt it when you said it, those that follow you and read about you, you've had some health
8:21 am
challenges this year. wayne dyer: i have. i had a diagnosis of leukemia a couple of years ago, and i kind of bought into it and was told there were certain restrictions i had to place on my life, and i listened to that. and then i had some miraculous things happen. i had a healing take place with a man named john of god down in brazil. i looked within myself and decided that i am not this body. and my body is going to go through whatever motions i'm going to feed it as well as i possibly can. and inside here, i am well, i am perfect health, and actually, i'm living in a higher level and more energetic level than i've ever lived at in my entire life. so i am well. babette davidson: you are well. i am grateful. so there you go. wayne dyer: thank you. babette davidson: now something else that is new, in addition to those new kid pictures of you those are adorable! wayne dyer: wasn't i was a cute little kid, did you see all that hair? did you see that? i have a little my brillo cream. babette davidson: there was a little bit of hair going on there. speaking of the top of your head, i love the hat, that's new. wayne dyer: i did, well, i picked this up at the
8:22 am
place, one of the things we're talking about a little bit later on in the big banana, is experiencing the miraculous. i took a group of people to lourdes and to assisi and medjugorje and down the streets of lourdes where these great miracles took place back in the 1850s, they were selling these hats. i got one for each one of my children, and i haven't taken it off since. i just love it. babette davidson: that's a wonderful gift and we so appreciate these thank you gifts because they really do make a difference. you share so much of yourself and that's what i appreciate. when i watch one of these programs i feel like i know dr. wayne dyer and he is really going to help my life. and if you feel that way and you appreciate having wayne back on this pbs station, we hope that you will go to the phone right now and make a call and let the station know that this is the type of extraordinary experience that you want on your pbs station. and of course, when you make that call, we're always very grateful. narrator: when you contribute $50 to this station, our thank you gift is
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thank you. dr. dyer: thank you. thank you so much. you're very kind. you're very kind. over the years, i've written many books, 37 of them to be exact. this, what has come to become really clear to me in the last few years of my life is that there really are, there really are two selves within each and every one of us. muktananda called the ego the part of us that has edged god out, e-g-o, edged god out, the false self. and the false self is this part of us that is not authentic. it is, it is the ego. this false self is the part of us that is always trying to, trying to win, trying to own things, trying to prove itself. we send our kids off to school and we tell them,
8:26 am
you know, be ahead of everybody else, win no matter what, and so on. and they have a tendency just to believe that who they are, are these bodies, even though the body they're in is going to change, and you'll never be able to find it again. and then there's within each and every one of us a higher self. and this higher self is is really the soul, it's really the spirit, it's really, it's really god. but these two selves are sort of constantly at they're not at war so much with each other, but there's a, there's this battleground that we have within us. i'll give you an example of it in my own life. somebody on the internet, a guy named watkins, has put out a list, because there's lists for everything, the 100 most spiritually influential people alive, and they put out this list, a hundred people. and they rank from number one to 100.
8:27 am
and i'm on the list. i'm one of the. yeah, thank you. not only am i on the list but i am, according to this list, and they've got all this criteria on how you get on this list, i am the third most spiritually influential person alive. how about that, huh? so the spiritual part of myself, my soul, the higher place within myself says to me, this is not relevant. you're not any better than anybody else, just because somebody has put you on a list. in fact, you shouldn't even be, you shouldn't even know about that list. and perhaps the people who are most spiritually influential aren't even on that list and don't even want to be on the list, because they don't care about those kind of rankings and comparisons and so on.
8:28 am
but then there's the ego over here that says what do you mean, number three? well, what's going on with that? and who are these people who are more spiritually influential than you? and how are you going to take them down? so there's this sort of constant thing about, it shouldn't make any difference, who i am is you know, is the same as everyone else, we all come from the same place, and we all return back to the same place, but then the ego says, let's see, the two people ahead of me on this list, one of them is eckhart tolle but he had oprah. and she's only number eight on the list anyway, so. and he got on there every week, and that's not fair,
8:29 am
so and then there's the dalai lama and i figure eckhart and i maybe can get together and take the dalai lama out of this thing. or maybe i should align with the dalai lama, and anyway. the ego is doing this this number on us. but there's also the part of us that is divine. and this is the place that i'm addressing here in this program. there's a quote from joel goldsmith. joel wrote so many great books. a parenthesis in eternity was one of them. and this is what joel said. he said, then there are those who reach a stage in which they realize the futility of this constant striving and struggling for the things that perish things which, after they are obtained, prove to be shadows. it is at this stage that some persons turn from this seeking for things in the outer realm to a seeking
8:30 am
for them from god. and that's who you tuned into today, on this program. i have left this pursuing things, and money, and fame, and winning, and being better than others. it's taken me awhile, but it has been, it has been a powerful journey. as a matter of fact, i had said to my ex-wife, i said can you imagine, did you ever in your wildest dreams, could you ever have imagined that you would be married to the third most spiritually influential person alive? and she said, i just, she said, they didn't call me when they made that list. and she said also, she said, i don't want to upset you, dear, but you're not in my wildest dreams.
8:31 am
yeah, all right. so moving to this higher place is, is really understanding that in in the second chapter of wishes fulfilled, i call it the higher self, and it gets defined very specifically by this great bulgarian teacher, his name was omraam mikhael aivanhov. and he's, he was teaching what's called the initiatic sciences, and i have had his teachings show up in my life in a very powerful way. i've studied his writing. i've listened to many of his recorded lectures that took place back in the '50s and '60s and '70s and, and i brought a quote of his that i'd like to share with you.
8:32 am
our higher self is perfect, omniscient and almighty, a fragment of god himself, a pure, transparent, luminous quintessence. i love that. i love great writing like that. and that, within each and every one of us, there is a place inside of each and every one of us that is all knowing, that is almighty that is actually a fragment of god. he then went on to say, the creator has planted within every creature a fragment of himself, a spark, a spirit of the same nature of himself. and thanks to this spirit every creature can become a creator. and this means that instead of always waiting for their needs to be satisfied by some external source, human
8:33 am
beings can absolutely look inwardly by means of their own thoughts, their own will, and their own spirit to obtain nourishing, healing elements that they need. this is why he said to all of us, the teaching i bring to you is of the spirit of the creator, and not of matter, a spark, a spark that is in each and every one of us. and this spark i want you to be able to recognize, because that spark, i'd like to see you have it grow from just a tiny little spark, which means you can hardly see it, to a fragment, to a piece, to a larger chunk, if you will to a section, so that this spark within you, that you see up here, is growing and
8:34 am
growing and growing, until it absolutely becomes even more than you imagined. t. s. eliot the great american poet said, we shall not cease from exploration, but at the end of all of our exploring will be to return to the place from which we originated, but to know it for the first time. i paraphrased that, it's off a little. to know it for the first time. i think that t. s. eliot might have been speaking about death, but i'm not. i think that we can come to know this place from which we originated, the place to which we return, all of us by allowing this spark to become something bigger than just an occasional thing where you extend an act of kindness someplace or you have it at the
8:35 am
church, or at the mosque, or at the synagogue on a holy day or a holy observance, that it can become your way of being. there was a great teacher in india his name was vivekananda. vivekananda came to the west as a young teacher, a very profound teacher, and he was asked the question but how do you do this? how do you, how do you access this higher self? how do you make this your reality? and he said these words to his devotees, and i say them to you. he said, in the springtime, go out and observe the blossoms on the fruit trees. he said, the blossoms vanish of themselves as the fruit grows, and so, too, will the lower self, the false self, the ego vanish as the divine grows within you.
8:36 am
it's about allowing yourself to recognize you must have this spark, because this is what you came from, and this is what you'll return to. and as this spark becomes a fragment and becomes a section, and becomes larger and larger, you reach what i call, in wishes fulfilled, the third chapter, the highest self. and what is the highest self? this is the one that's going to surprise you a bit. the highest self is the self that you haven't been trained to believe in. you've been trained to believe in your ordinary awareness. your highest self is where you begin to recognize your connection to your source, to the tao, to the divine, to god. there were three very important teachings that came to me before i put this program together and before i wrote wishes fulfilled.
8:37 am
the first was a, a book by a man named u. s. andersen, u. s. andersen, passed away in 1986 a very profound teacher. and he wrote a book called three magic words, which i have had people tell me you must read. so it's, it's fairly heavy reading but the kind of reading that i love. and there's 12 chapters in the book, and you get to the 12th chapter, and you keep waiting for the three magic words because he doesn't say what they are. and at the end of each chapter, there's a meditation. and in this meditation, you practice and put into the awareness within yourself of recognizing the highest place within yourself. and ultimately, at the very end, he said these words chapter 12, the very end of it. it's called the veil removed.
8:38 am
this is the ineffable secret, the ultimate illumination, the key to peace and power. you are god. those are the three magic words. if you will accept this towering truth, and dare to stand atop this magnificent pinnacle, universal consciousness will be revealed to you from within. god is there. it is he who peers from behind your eyes, who is your own consciousness, who is your very self. you are not just a part of god, you are altogether god, and god is altogether you. now, that's scary stuff for a lot of people. we weren't raised to believe that. i'm not saying that you ought to go out into the world and say, excuse me, but, uh, you know who you're talking to, that i am god. and the reason that we laugh is because we think
8:39 am
of god as the god that we've created in our own image, the god of the ego, the god who's angry. the god who wants special favors, the god who has the ability to heal but withholds it. but there's another word that jesus used in the new testament, and this is the god i speak of, quoting him. god is love. and he that dwelleth in love, dwelleth in me and i in him. god is love, pure unconditional, blissful divine love. that's who you are. the second great teaching was a man named neville. neville goddard, passed away in 1972, lectured over in california particularly in the '40s and '50s and '60s. i read his book, the power of awareness, seven times. i gave it to each one of my children at christmas a couple of years ago. and they called me up and they said, dad, it's great,
8:40 am
but i don't understand it it's a little heavy. and i said, well, then maybe it's part of my dharma to make it a little clearer. and chapter 27, the last chapter of his book the power of awareness, it says this. in all of creation, in all of eternity, in all of the realms of your infinite being, the most wonderful fact is that which is stressed in the first chapter of this book, you are god. you are the i am that i am. you are consciousness. you are the creator. this is the mystery. this is the great secret known by the seers and prophets and mystics throughout the ages. this is the truth that you can never know intellectually. if you want to understand something intellectually what you must do is analyze it, come up with a formula for it, study it, look at other experts about it, and come up to a conclusion.
8:41 am
if you want to understand something spiritually, you must first experience it. you must come to know this within. in the new testament, which i read completely before i wrote wishes fulfilled, jesus is about to be stoned. and he says, why would you stone me? and they say, because you blaspheme, you are a man and you claim to be god. and jesus responds, in his words, is it not written in your laws that i have said, you are gods, all of you. we are all gods. we have within us, not the god that so often we are taught is outside of us but the god that is love, the god that is perfect love, the soul that wants to expand because it is infinite and doesn't want to be restricted. and i came across some great teachings
8:42 am
that were sent to me. they showed up, as we often think they show up as accidents, but you come to realize that there are no accidents in this universe. everything that takes place is, had the pieces moved around by something bigger than all of us. and so it was called the "i am" discourses. and i quote from the "i am" discourses. the first expression of every individual everywhere in the universe, either in spoken word, silent thought or feeling is, i am, recognizing its own conquering divinity. the student, me, you, all of us, endeavoring to understand and apply these mighty, yet simple laws must stand guard more strictly over his thoughts and expression in words or otherwise. for every time you say, i am not, i cannot, i have
8:43 am
not, you are, whether knowingly or unknowingly throttling that great presence within you. these words, i am, i opened up this program with the words, i am well. i am perfect health. and where do you think they came from? what do these words, i am, mean? a very quick retracing of the story of moses. moses, this little baby who was born at a time when the pharaoh had ordered all male children to be drowned in the nile, and moses' mother took this little baby, put him in a basket and floated him down the nile. moses was discovered by the pharaoh's daughter. the pharaoh's daughter raised moses as her own son, and the pharaoh's grandson. but along in his late teen years, he got into a conflict and ended up seeing one of the israelite
8:44 am
slaves being mistreated and he ended up killing him. so moses had to take off because he was afraid for his own life. and he went out into the sinai, and there married zipporah, and had children, and was out as a shepherd. and as the torah tells us as it says in exodus, he comes across a burning bush one day that is not being consumed. and the bush speaks to him. and rather than even misquote this, even a little, i brought from my hotel room. you wouldn't steal the bible, would you, wayne? no i'll put it back. so the bush speaks in exodus, chapter 3, and says, moses, moses, and the first words that moses says
8:45 am
to god are, here i am. then he said, do not draw near here, this place. take off your sandals and your, for your feet, for this place where you stand is holy ground. and god speaks to moses and says, i want you to go to the pharaoh, and i want you to free your people. and moses is going, well, wait, wait, hold on here. who am i, and who are you? moses says to god, who am i, that i should go to the pharaoh, and that i should bring the children of israel out of egypt? so he said i will certainly be with you, and this shall be a sign to you that i have sent you. when you have brought the people out of egypt, you shall serve god on this mountain. then moses says to god, indeed, when i come to the children of israel and i say to them, the god of your fathers has sent me to you, and they say to me, what is his name, what shall i say to them? and god says to moses, i am that i am.
8:46 am
and he said, thus, you shall say to the children of israel, i am has sent me to you. this is my name forever and this is my memorial to all generations. my name is i am that i am. now every single time that you use the words, i am you are citing the name of god, right from the holiest books. and every time you say the words, i am weak, i am poor, i am unlucky, i am unhappy, i am sick, i am unable to attract into my life what you want, you are desecrating the name of god. god did not say, i will be. my name is, i hope things work out well. my name is, maybe things will show up that i wanted,
8:47 am
but possibly not. he said, i am that i am. you must be conscious of how you use these words i am. i am strong. i am well. i am content. even if your senses tell you something different i am. and as we move now into the meat of this program you'll see that putting the words, i am, in front of something into your mind and imagination is a very powerful way to attract into your life, recognizing your own divinity. i am god is not blasphemy. it is your identity. babette davidson: hello i'm babette davidson, and i just think it's remarkable that wayne dyer helps us
8:48 am
think about things in a whole new way, and that's what pbs is all about, a marketplace of ideas and wonderful ideas from wayne dyer. we're so glad to have you with us, dr. dyer. wayne dyer: thank you. babette davidson: thank you so, so much. i have to say i loved the story about you being on the internet list and it's somewhat comforting that someone of your higher place still struggles with ego every once in a while. wayne dyer: well, i don't know how much of a struggle it is, it's kind of a joke. i just did a thing with eckhart tolle, and we streamed all over the country, we had a lot of fun with it. but it's always there there's always this part of us that is wanting to be number one and wanting to be better than someone else and wanting to own things. babette davidson: oh absolutely. i think everyone can, everyone can relate to that. and you want to be, you want to be better than that, we all do. um, speaking of that list though, i saw it on the internet and i thought, oh absolutely, and if they had asked me, i would've put you right up there at number one. wayne dyer: well thank you, thank you. i'm pushing for votes here. babette davidson: you're pushing. you have helped me, i was thinking about all the things you helped inspire me through: the loss of parents and loved ones
8:49 am
and parenting and relationships. wayne dyer: sickness in your family. babette davidson: sickness in my family. you have helped me so much and i have used and shared the thank you gifts in the past so much, i'm so glad you're back. i can't wait to use these and we have a wonderful bunch of gifts this time. wayne dyer: yes, bunches is the right word we're calling it. are you ready for this? babette davidson: i'm ready! wayne dyer: the big banana. babette davidson: i like it! wayne dyer: it's lina that gave me that, that coming from hawaii. babette davidson: the big banana, i love it. wayne dyer: this is big banana. and we're going to pass this around back there. babette davidson: well walk us through what's in the whole bunch. wayne dyer: well, it's really a multimedia library. and when we put this whole program together, i had decided that i really wanted to give something that was equivalent in value if we could possibly do it, to what we're asking people to contribute to uh, to pbs. so what we put together you can see it on the screen here. first of all there's the book, the "wishes fulfilled," book, which i spent the last year, year and a half, of my life working on and writing and practicing.
8:50 am
babette davidson: and i started reading it it's amazing. wayne dyer: thank you. babette davidson: it's amazing. wayne dyer: it's uh, i think it's going to be a life-changing book for a lot of people. it certainly was for me and for my entire family. so we tried to be as specific as we possibly could here, but how to apply, learning how to manifest things into your life. we also have the dvd of the, of this entire show with additional bonus material. now that bonus material is almost a full hour. and uh, it includes interviews, i talked in the beginning, you asked about me about being well, i tell in there, in the bonus material, because we just didn't have enough time with the show, about this remarkable experience i had with this divine healer down in brazil, his name is john of god, who helped me to just overcome this leukemia, or at least the impact of it in my life. so i tell that story, there's a comedian on there, sarah sweet who is very, very funny, she there, who is very, very funny, she warmed up the audience, and an interview with the lady you are going to see in the next segment. so that's the dvd of the entire show, and the bonus material, and we also have a second book, hardcover
8:51 am
brand new book, called "dying to be me," i'm not going to talk too much about it right here because in the next segment, you're going to meet this woman, and she's one of the most remarkable people i've ever seen in my life. if you know anybody in the audience, that would like to benefit from someone who's had an incredible near-death experience and come back, call them and let them know that it's coming up in the next segment. so we have that book, and then we have the seminar which is really, we did this over on maui, you're hearing here a couple of hours on the show that you're watching "wishes fulfilled." this is an entire two full days of going through and this is in great depth, with a lot of humor, a lot of stories, and a lot of involvement. the "secrets of," it's six cds. in addition to that, we have what i think of as, as the coup of this. i think if you've ever had the wish in your life, to go to assisi in italy lourdes in france, and
8:52 am
medjugorje in bosnia, these are places where miracles have taken place. i'm going to talk to you a little bit more about that a little bit later on, but i gave a two-hour lecture in each one of these places. something happens babette when you go to these places, you become inspired. something just almost enters into your consciousness. i gave lectures that i've never given before and i don't think i could ever give again, they were all filmed right there. so that's on there as well, there's four full dvds on there. and then we have the "i am: wishes fulfilled" meditation. you just heard me talking about it in the last segment. this is where they took the actual sounds that are, correspond to the letters in the original hebrew going back into the torah and created a sound that is the same sound as "i am that i am," as god spoke to moses. babette davidson: oh nice. wayne dyer: you can meditate to this, i explain it in the first track on here on how to use it. it's something that i do, my children do, my family does it together and it's one of the most beautiful, profound sounds you've ever seen.
8:53 am
babette davidson: and wayne, i must say, i so appreciate the care that you give in the selection of all of these thank you gifts, and i know how much you love and appreciate the people that follow you and love your work. so thank you for that. wayne dyer: you're very welcome. babette davidson: you're going to hear about that in just a moment, but right now, lina heil is here, with our phone volunteers to encourage you to make that very important call in support of this pbs station. lina? lina heil: hello, i'm lina heil. in the past 22 minutes, you've been exposed to neville goddard, uell andersen; two american philosophers, whom you may be learning about for the very first time. you also heard quotes from the bible, both the old and new testaments, from the great poet, t.s. eliot and the eastern sage, eva canada it all adds up to extraordinary television experience. which you deserve because remember what dr. dyer told us, we are all extraordinary. but what really sets this pbs station apart from all the other stations is this, pbs exists to be a true marketplace of ideas, and as dr. dyer said in the
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you have your choice of wonderful thank you gifts for a contribution to this station. please, call the number on your screen or visit us online. babette davidson: wayne you always bring us the most fascinating people i'm wondering where you find them. and, i'm reading in your book, and neville says in here, "to be transformed, the whole basis of your thoughts must change, but your thoughts cannot change unless you have new ideas." so where do you get those new ideas? wayne dyer: well, these new ideas like everything else all come from one place, from source. i say in the program, and i say it here. there's many bodies in the world, but there's only one mind. and when you open yourself up to the infinite possibilities of who you are, you get infinite numbers of ideas. and the right people begin to show up. i did a program not too long ago, with immaculee ilibagiza another one with dan caro, i mean, these are unbelievable people and so is the lady you're going to see in the next segment coming up to the show anita moorjani, truly one of the most significant people i've ever known in my life.
8:57 am
babette davidson: and only on pbs would you have an entire lecture on television to introduce you to new ideas. wayne dyer: right. babette davidson: the other thing that i love that you always do is you share the most beautiful poetry. and you had a bit you wanted to share with us today. wayne dyer: well, the whole story about moses, back in the torah, 3,300 years ago, elizabeth barrett browning in the 1860s, wrote a poem about that encounter with god, with moses, and the words go like this, she said: "earths crammed with heaven." i just love that line. "earths crammed with heaven. and every burning bush, a fire with god. and those, but only he who sees, takes off his shoes the rest sit round it and pluck blackberries." and what she's saying is you have to see, with a capital "s," and that's when god said to moses take off your sandals this is a holy place. babette davidson: i love that. and it's the people who see and watch pbs and appreciate, are the ones who are gonna be calling, everyone else will be eating blackberries. so we hope that you see and that you're going to
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please call that number on your screen right now, or contribute on our secure website. narrator: when you make a contribution to this station, you have a choice of terrific thank you gifts designed to extend the "wishes fulfilled" experience. call now or pledge online. wayne dyer: and we're back with my bananas. alright, i love these. the big banana, and it's really the multimedia library that we're asking you to consider as a $275 contribution to this public television station. we have the "wishes fulfilled" book, the dvd of this entire show along with bonus material, that is almost an additional hour. that's exclusive, by the way, to pbs, you can't get that anyplace else. we have the "dying to be me" book, which i wanted to tell you a little bit about, anita's going to be interviewed in this segment coming up in the show. she was being wheeled into an emergency room, weighed less than 80 pounds, i mean, a little bit over 80 pounds and was told that these were her last bre


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