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way of eating over their diet that was killing them. can you imagine getting rid of the risk of disease, reversing your disease, protecting yourself of cancer and enjoying it more not less. greg, this is the way i enjoy eating the most. it's the most pleasurable way. the deserts are fantastic. the recipes are gourmet. why not get the best of both worlds, great health and great taste married together? >> yeah, you know what, i just think it's so fascinating. i just read the book and there are tons of recipes in here, but actually in the fuhrman solution package that we've got on offer when people give us that call and gift of support at the $150 level, there are two entire dvds where you not only talk about recipes, you show people how to prepare food, and how you prepare food is really critical. >> that's right. it's a very important part of the program here, that the dvds, the two cooking dvds show you not just my favorite recipes that i want you to learn and use in your life, and how to make them taste, how to really make and do them, but also the food preparation techniques, like how do you prepare the artichoke before you steam it? how do you open a coconut?
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how do you do this? i'm gonna make this really easy for you, fun and easy. and also it's gonna be put into your life in a way that you can really do this. you're not gonna be having to cook four hours a day to make it work. i'm gonna really show you how to make it applicable and practical, too, and the other thing is is that there's really no reason why anybody out there shouldn't pick up the phone right now and make a decision at this point, make the, you know this is a decision you have to make for your life because this comprehensive program is gonna change your life only if you really learn it. so you have to pick up the phone, get off the couch, make the pledge to support the station and change your life. that's all it takes is one decision, one decision that can set you free because i'm saying this right now 'cause i know when people are afraid. they're afraid because changes can be anxiety-provoking, and sometimes this is asking you to make a big change, changing the way i eat, changing the way i think and behave in my life, and changing my view of healthcare and taking charge of my own life and not be responsible for
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somebody else to do it for me. i have to take control of my own life? this can be scary. but i'm saying it's--i know it's scary. i know it maybe tough for you. but the benefits are so huge that you just have to do it. >> you know dr. fuhrman what i love about the package at $150 level, "the fuhrman solution," is that you've kind of thought of everything. from the cooking dvds to the background science to the recipes to the success journal to every little element that somebody's gonna need so they don't feel lost, but one of the fun things is you've just come up, i have your old one, but this is the new refrigerator magnet that you've created now with the wheel, not with the pyramid, and i can't tell you how many times i have faced my refrigerator and seen you in front of my refrigerator and instead of going into the freezer and getting some ice cream, i go in and get a handful of raw almonds and get just as satisfied and feel a whole lot better. this is one of those fun little things, but it actually does help. >> right, well, you're gonna get that refrigerator magnet which has the food plate on it.
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and it's gonna--you're gonna know that how to structure with just one quick look, how to structure your daily meal plan. and you know what? everything supports and reinforces the other, because people need all this information. you know, when you have incomplete inforon, you get incomplete results. when you have comprehensive complete information including thousands of recipes rated by people like you and the ability to communicate about the recipes when you're having a difficulty with it, maybe it doesn't come out that great and you want to figure what did i do wrong in that recipe? well, this is a live program. it changes. it's being able to modify to your particular needs because we're interacting with you holding your hand, keeping you informed and part of our community the whole year and beyond. >> you know, joel, i've got to ask you, it's my impression, of course i'm a big fan of pbs as i know you are. this really couldn't have found a home anywhere else but right here on public broadcasting. >> yeah. >> is that--do you think that's a fair statement? >> i think that it's not only fair, it's obviously--it's clearly obviously that there's
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no way this information could come out of commercial stations. that the value of pbs and the mission of pbs is so important to america. i mean, we literally--it's not just this program, but pbs changes america in what they do. continuing education is what life is all about. you know information changes in life, and we have this, for example the example is this program. the new information on human nutrition that's changed in the last few years. how can we bring this presentation straight to the public without commercial interests, without being affected by political and economic power? but the point is, this is critical. the work of this station is critical, and this information is valuable and critical to america's future. >> now dr. fuhrman, this is a pretty amazing package for only $150. it's exclusive to public broadcasting. it's available to people for $150 gift to the station. it's so overwhelming large with books and dvds and journals
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and the like, but then i think back and go, "wait a minute, dr. fuhrman's been in this business studying this world for over 20 years. it probably takes a big package to do this right. >> that's exactly right, greg. you're absolutely--it's the right size, and don't be overwhelmed by the information. 'cause i make it understandable. and fun to go through. and all the pieces are put together for your benefit. you know, nutritional science has advanced to the point where it gives us an opportunity we didn't have in the past now you have this opportunity to protect yourself. take advantage of it. don't let it slip through your fingers. pick up the phone, make the call, do it now and make the choice because it only is a choice. it's a choice now, and think about this choice for a minute. think about this about the choice you're gonna make right now and what your future self would want you to do 30 years from now, 40 years from now. looking back, if you did make the right choice at this point in your life, and where you would be if you make the wrong choice right now, because this
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can set you up for a completely different life. it's like one of those movies. >> (laughs) >> the person makes the right or the wrong choice in life. well, this is it. pick up the phone, call the station. i don't want to see you with chest cracked open, calling me from an icu saying, "you know, dr. fuhrman, i should have listened to you back then in 2012 or 2013." the point is make the right choice now. it only takes--once you get this package, it'll feed you through it step-by-step, and it'll change your life forever. >> it really is an outstanding package, and it's yours when you make that call or go to our web site. make the call, make the gift of support. it's exclusive to this public television station. now let us return to the final segment of the immunity solution, right here on your public television station. >> we're back with "dr. fuhrman's immunity solution."
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>> thank you. welcome back to the "immunity solution." and this is part three, the fun part of the show where we get to talk about food. as if i wasn't talking about it already, right? now i want you to learn two important new words. words that i made up-- nutritarian and g-bombs. i want you to eat a nutritarian diet. that's a diet that's strives for nutritional excellence. a nutritarian. and my goal is to have you enjoy life to the fullest as a practicing nutritarian. i insist it'll make your life more enjoyable, not just disease resistant. now keep in mind, a vegetarian or a vegan could also be a nutritarian if the diet is designed healthfully. and a person who eats some animal products could also be a nutritarian if their diet is designed healthfully. a nutritarian learns about the most powerful healing foods and
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consumes them regularly. the second word i want you to learn is g-bombs. g-bombs--g, b, o, m, b, s. it's an acronym that helps you remember the super foods you need to eat regularly to drive the immunity solution. these are the foods richest in anticancer phytochemicals that we don't get enough of in the s.a.d.--the standard american diet. foods that contain nutrients essential to the immunity solution. so let's talk about green vegetables first. the consumption of raw greens has been proven to reduce cancer rates in more than 200 separate scientific studies. in each of our cells is a dna sequence called the antioxidant response element. it's like a protective force field around the ship in star trek. your cells have this anticancer
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force field and it's fueled by green vegetables. and the greens that have the most powerful fuel for the cells protective function are-- examples of cruciferous vegetables are-- for example, in a recent medical study, men who ate 28 servings of vegetables a week, decreased their instance of prostate cancer by 33%. however, if they ate just three servings of cruciferous vegetables a week, they decreased the occurrence of prostate cancer by 41%. that's three servings of cruciferous, more powerful than 28 servings of regular vegetables. the more cruciferous vegetables consumed, the lower the rate of cancer. this is particularly true of breast cancer. a recent study showed that the daily intake of cruciferous vegetables decreased breast cancer deaths by 62%, compared to women who did not eat cruciferous vegetables.
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and this radical decrease in deaths from breast cancer is even observed in women who already have a diagnosis of of breast cancer. amazing isn't it? don't you think every person should learn about this and know this? >> yes. >> a group of powerful compounds from cruciferous vegetables that offers this protection is called isothiocyanates or itcs. there are over 120 different types of itcs, and they have different effects on the cell to move carcinogens and repair defects that could lead to cancer. what is fascinating is that these itcs are not in the vegetable yet before you eat it. but as you chew it, the cell wall of the vegetable releases an enzyme called myrosinase that forms the itcs in your mouth before you even swallow. if you chop or blend the veggies well, you will have the same effect to form these compounds. so the better these vegetables are chewed, the better they're chopped or blended, more
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beneficial itcs are released into the body. the next super food i want you to eat is beans. scientists discovered a new potent anticancer compound in this fun to eat food. and the name of this compound is long, actually 26 letters long, and it's so hard to pronounce, so it must be important. it's-- this compound was found to inhibit a key enzyme involved in tumor growth. that's right. when you eat beans regularly they prevent tumors from forming in the body. plus, they're rich in anticancer polyphenols. accordingly, a recent study showed that men who ate beans or legumes regularly had a 40% lower risk of prostate cancer. and numerous studies show beans dramatically cut colon cancer risk, too. a 6-year study tracking over 32,000 individuals found those who ate beans, peas or lentils only twice a week decreased their risk of colon cancer by
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50%. wow! if they cut their chance of colon cancer in half by eating beans twice a week, imagine the benefits of eating beans daily. you may not have any friends left, but at least you won't get cancer. seriously, though, if you do eat beans on a regular basis, your body builds up the bacteria you need to digest them, and you don't get the indigestion and gas. the other fascinating thing about beans is that they're very high in fiber and resistant starch. resistant starch is resistant to being digested and that means that lots of the carbohydrate calories in beans do not get absorbed by the body. they just pass through us, making beans a very weight-loss favorable food. that's right, about half the carb calories in beans do not get absorbed. so beans make you feel full, they stabilize your blood sugar, they protect you against cancer, and they help you lose weight. onions are next. who would have imagined that onions could be so protective against cancer? a multi-country european study
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tracked the consumption of food and cancer and found the one most protective variable for prostate cancer was onions. and the strongest causative factor was animal product consumption, specifically meat and dairy. now if we look at all the studies on prostate cancer we find that tomatoes get all the publicity because they're about a hundred studies showing a protective effect of tomatoes on prostate cancer. now even though there may not be as many studies done on onions and cancer, but if you look at the strength of the effect in those studies, we find that onions have even a stronger, more protective effect than tomatoes do. pooling numerous studies from 37 different countries on onions and cancer, we find between 50% and 88% reduction in the instance of various cancers. and some of the green vegetables, the green cruciferous vegetables, when you cut the onion, it causes a chemical reaction to occur. and the same reaction that creates the acid that makes your eyes burn, is a reaction that forms these organosulfide compounds with their powerful anticancer effects.
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so the point to remember here is that the enzyme is heat sensitive. so to increase the cancer fighting power of onions in your diet, you want to eat some raw onion and chew them very well. if you cook the onion, and then cut it up or blended it, then it won't give off that gas that makes your eyes tear. so you won't produce those anticancer compounds. but if you chop it or blend it first, when it's raw, you can still cook the onion after and maintain most of the benefits because the organosulfide compounds are not to destroyed by cooking. you just have to make sure you chop it up really fine before you cook it so those organosulfide compounds are formed before cooking. do you follow that? >> yes. >> all right, now guess-- who is the king of the cancer fighting all-stars? nope, not lebron james. >> (audience laughs) >> it's mushrooms. mushrooms have three important and unique cancer defenses. first, they contain-- antigen-binding lectins. that means they stick to the
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surfaces of abnormal cells so the body can recognize and attack those cells removal before they become cancerous. fascinating isn't it? >> (audience) yes. >> our immune system has the ability to fully recognize abnormal cells and remove them but only when it becomes fully activated when you eat mushrooms. the second important cancer fighting feature of mushrooms is that they're strong angiogenesis inhibitors. that means these compounds inhibit new blood vessel growth. see in order for a tumor to grow, in order for cells to become cancerous, and spread they have to send out signals that create new blood vessels to grow and feed them with nutrients and oxygen. and mushrooms say, no way. they inhibit the enzymes released by abnormal cells. that promote blood vessel growth thereby restricting the oxygen and nutrients from getting to those cells. so these substances derived from mushrooms starve off tumors and cancers. and the fat on your body is also like a tumor. it secretes hormones that
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stimulates growth of blood vessels also. the fat can't grow without a delivery system of highways that bring it more calories and mushrooms stop that delivery. they won't let fat grow easily on your body either. the third important protective feature of mushrooms is they contain aromatase inhibitors. these compounds prevent the body from making excess estrogen. and they protect the breast tissue from being stimulated from circulating estrogen. now because of this, mushrooms are powerfully protective against breast cancer. it's as if mushrooms are a necessary armor for our immunity system. look, your car needs gas and oil, and your immune system needs greens, onions and mushrooms, or it simply is not going to function normally. so let's move on to berries. i love that berries taste great, they're certainly a great diet and weight loss food. as they're also so low in calories they even have a low glycemic load for a diabetic. but did you know that berries can slow ageing of the berries and prevent dementia? did you know berries have
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powerful anticancer benefits? ellagic acid and anthocyanins are prominent phytochemicals in berries that inhibit the growth of abnormal cells and cancer cells. one recent study gave strawberry concentrates to patients with esophagus cancer and found that the cancers reversed or stopped progressing. amazingly, anticancer potential here is even surprising the researchers involved in these studies who've reported to me that this is a hotbed of recent excitement. what's observed is that we can almost wipe out cancers in animals genetically prone to get the cancers, when a mixture of these particular super foods are put together and fed to these animals. so the last on your g-bombs list right, g, b, o, m, b, s, the last on your list, is seeds. don't forget those seeds every day. numerous studies on seeds and lignans derived from seeds is simply spectacular, and it's important you know about it. i'll just give you the results of two important studies. you'll get the point.
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a double blinded placebo controlled trial with flaxseed was done where they gave women who had breast cancer a flax seed containing muffin each day. and, of course, half the women in the study got a muffin that looked just like that, but didn't have the flaxseeds. and six weeks later, the breast cancer tumors were biopsied and analyzed, and they found significant cancer cell death and regression of cancer proliferation, which means the growth of the cancer, in the group that had the flax. another study on the lignans from seeds studied women who had breast cancer and they tracked the amount of lignans consumed over a 10-year period. you see, lignans are rich in flaxseeds, chia seeds, some other seeds, the women who ate the most lignans which was less than 1 milligram a day had a 71% decrease in breast cancer mortality over that 10-year period. now one teaspoon of flax or chia seeds have about 7 milligrams of lignans, and in the study less than 1 milligram decreased
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breast cancer deaths by over 70%. that's truly amazing. so here's my nutritarian prescription for you. number one-- do you eat some beans every day? you should. i want you to. check that off. it's important. do you eat least a cup of berries and two other fruits a day? are you having three fresh fruits a day? you got to check it off. it's one thing you have to do. it's part of the formula here. now that 1 ounce of raw nuts and seeds, i want an half an ounce from--i want at least a tablespoon of chia seeds or sesame seeds or flaxseeds or hemp seeds, i want at least a tablespoon of those seeds to get the lignans you need. i want some of those nuts and seeds to be some walnuts if possible for the omega-3 fatty acids. have all the seeds and nuts you want, have the types you want, but have some of the hemp, chia, flax, or some walnuts for those mega-3 fatty acids, and
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then have some other nuts and seeds, pistachio nuts, pecans, you know, mac--whatever you want, and i'm gonna give you incredibly great recipe ideas for this, too. one big salad, i want a sign on your refrigerator that says that salad is the main dish. take out a marker, make a nice sign and--at least one of the meal, make the salad as the main dish--a big salad. chop up the veg--the lettuce and the cabbage and the tomatoes and the red onion, put a delicious nut-based dressing on it, make a delicious tasting salad, kiwis or strawberries or cherry tomatoes or sun dried tomatoes in there, make a roasted garlic dressing. one of my favorite dressings has roasted garlic, almonds whipped up a little tomato sauce a little fig vinegar or balsamic vinegar, whipped up, tastes fantastic on a salad. okay, so at least one nice salad every day, and the half a cup of beans, you can dump it right on top of the salad if you want. have at least one double size portion, maybe at night.
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maybe you're having soup and a salad with lunch and a big serving of greens and a fruit bowl for dinner, or a small salad for dinner, but have a serving, maybe with mushrooms or some green vegetable, like asparagus, like broccoli cabbage, artichokes. string beans, broccoli, have a nice serving of cooked greens every day. and don't forget check off on your list, have some mushrooms or onions every day. you goal is to have half a cup of onions a day, and mushrooms you just need a little bit, just a small amount every day, just have some every day on a regular basis. they're tremendously protective. so what happens when you do this? let's look at some people who tried it. consider tom deck from rochester, new york. tom was an overweight food addict and most of his life he weighed 365 pounds. he had high blood pressure and was diabetic for over 40 years. and as a result of this severe out of control diabetes, he had a toe amputated. he developed severe nausea and
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exhaustion and was found to have acute renal failure. he was told he was close to having to be put on dialysis. then he was in bed watching my show, and tom said it was an answer to his prayers and those of his family, and his friends thought he wasn't gonna make it. tom lost 56 pounds in the first five months and amazingly never felt deprived. and he says he enjoyed eating more than any time in his life. and he didn't have to count calories and measure food. remember, he'd been a food addict his whole life. and he never could stick to any diet before. tom was taking 12 prescription medications daily and injecting himself with insulin four times each day. soon his type 2 diabetes was gone, so tom said, "my kidney doctor was practically jumping up and down during my last visit. i was a former food addict, and if i can succeed and enjoy dr. fuhrman's program with all my problems, anybody can. i hope this letter can give help and hope to the millions of people who are searching for an answer. to wrap it up, all my many
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health problems have been a thing of the past. and within a month after starting, i have boundless energy. i weigh less than half of what i used to weigh. and my doctors are all saying what has happened is almost a miracle." it's not a miracle. it just demonstrates the power of modern nutritional science. and it's simply critical that every one of you utilize this information to protect your life. how many of you want this protection? all of you, right? you all do. so the last person i want to mention is augie. augie is 82 years old. he's an 82-year-old nutritarian who's actually still running marathons, even now. he ran the boston marathon three times, and a few months ago, he ran his first 50k-race. 50k, that's a 31-mile race. he ran over 30 miles in 83-degree florida heat and humidity. you imagine that? he usually wins these events
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because he's the only entry in the 80-plus category. and augie's been a nutritive doctor and a nutritarian for years, and he lost about 25 pounds when he first started. and he said he read one of my books about ten times and decided when he retired to make health and fitness his retirement hobby. he now runs about 4 to 8 miles four days a week, and augie said "i don't want the health problems of my standard of american diet friends." look, i'm not saying you need to exercise like augie. but i am demonstrating how active and youthful you can be in your later years. it's a choice you can make right now. do you want your life to be complicated by medical difficulties? or would you rather be fit healthy, and enjoy your life to your fullest? you can enjoy your children and grandchildren. you can pursue your own interests of choice, and not let the sickness and frailty that afflicts, that ruins the lives of other americans, happen to you. your health is your greatest wealth, and you can make the right choice to earn this valuable gift of superior
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health. i hope you make the right choice. whether you're 8 years old and desire fewer infections and want to get rid of your asthma for good, or 80 years old, and just want to travel the world in good health, the immunity solution can give you that potential to live out your life's dreams in good health. i've developed delicious and creative ways of making the healthiest food in the world taste great. plus, your taste buds prefer foods that it gets used to. you can develop a preference for healthy food just as you developed it for the unhealthy stuff. pursue this journey into healthy eating that can be fun pleasurable and open up your life to an entire adventure of new possibilities. the immunity solution can put you in control of your health destiny. i'm wishing you a long and pleasurable life. it can be yours. thank you.
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>> now are you ready to take control of your health destiny so you can enjoy the benefits of a leaner body and more vitality and a longer, happier life just outlined in this inspiring program? then please go to your phone or our web site and show your support for this public television station right now. hello, i'm greg sherwood, and i'm here in the studio for just a few more minutes with the host of the show, "dr. fuhrman's immunity solution", none other than dr. joel fuhrman himself. joel, thanks for bringing your second national pbs program right here. it is such a delight to have you on the network again. >> well, thank you, greg. and i'm so appreciative and so grateful for pbs for giving me this opportunity. it's just been such a thrill and i love pbs and the message and the mission that they're bringing forth with their programming and on this program. and they're allowing me to do it
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on this program. >> it really is a delight to have you here. you know why? because this is the kind of program you're only going to find right here on your pbs station. a station i hope you feel deserves your support. now we've got some wonderful ways to say thank you for your gift of support to this pbs station right now, including a package of exclusive materials that will give you the keys to putting these insights and breakthroughs outlined in "dr. fuhrman's immunity solution" to work for you and your family. starting at the affordable $65 a year membership level, we will thank you with the dvd of this lecture. now the dvd also includes a bonus lecture titled, "disease specific nutritional solutions." now, on the other hand, if you can move up to the $150 level of support, we'll show our appreciation with "the fuhrman solution." this life-changing package includes all the tools and educational information you need to liberate you and your family from the most serious health problems facing americans
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today. in it you're going to find three books. the six dvd incredible immunity library, the one year membership in dr. fuhrman's very popular web site, a brand-new refrigerator magnet, and a six set of six calling cards. it really is an amazing gift package, and get this, the retail value of this package far exceeds the level of your pledge, and it's exclusive to folks who make a call of support to the station right now. now dr. fuhrman, some of the statistics that you shared about the power of simple foods, like mushrooms and beans to reduce cancer, frankly, to me, are nothing short of stunning. but your fuhrman solution package really does outline how foods can really help heal us. >> yeah, well, food is our best medicine. when i think and i hit this point pretty hard, and i think i hit the medical profession pretty hard, too with saying that we've like gone in the wrong direction in medicine in the last 50 years, and we've allowed these diseases to
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explode, but, you know, i thank everybody and appreciate the that america is taking this to heart, and the thousands of physicians who have--this is a wake-up call for them, and they're waking up, and thousands of physicians calling in getting this package, sharing it with patients in their waiting room, telling me the results giving me the feedback of how it's changed their medical practices, and their patients. and the enjoyment they're having with their career because, you know, doctors are--they want to help people, and they've had their hands tied with the wrong type of information. and they're getting the personal reward and satisfaction like i've been, of seeing the patients get well, and they're jumping up and down with excitement, seeing people get well, so i want to thank them, and i want to thank everybody out there who's really working together to support their family, their neighbors, their friends, to really get people healthier. it's all about we're a nation working together, moving in the right direction. >> now we are getting very near


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