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tv   Eyewitness Noon News  CBS  February 11, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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i'm don scott. >> i'm jessica kartalija. we begin with this day's breaking news. it is in wilmington delaware. a man opened fire inside a crowded courthouse leaving several people dead. alex is live with this. >> reporter: three people are dead including the shooter. police officers inside exchanged fire with the shooter before he reached the metal detectors in the lobby. two women were killed and two officers sustained non-life threatening injuries. details are still coming in. it's not yet clear how the shooting was killed. police could not confirm whether he entered the building targeting a specific person. >> thank you very much. earlier wilmington's mayor said one of the women killed is the shooters estranged wife. the other developing story a major announcement from the
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vatican. for the first time in 6 centuries the pope will resign effective at the end of this month. wjz has complete coverage of the decision. mike schuh is live with reaction from local catholics. first more on the shocking revolution. >> pope benedict xvi delivered the surprising message in a speech to cardinals at the vatican this morning. the 85-year-old said he will step down february 28th because he's simply too old to carry on. the leader said carrying out his duties required, quote both strength of mind and body. the news stunned church leaders around the world. >> i have to be honest, i'm shocked. >> it's the first time a pope has resigned in 600 years. on the streets of europe some people refused to believe it.
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he said it can't be true, it would be too huge for the church for something like this to happen. the pope deserves respect for making such a personal and corageous decision to quit. the pope's resignation sets the time for a replacement. he had big shoes to fill in 2005 when he succeeded john paul, ii. one of his biggest tasks is responding to the priest scandal. today they called it a decision of great importance for the life of the church and said he will dedicate the rest of his life to prayer. >> as you can imagine the pope's announcement sent shock waives around the world.
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our complete coverage continues outside the catholic center downtown. mike schuh has more on what the archbishop of baltimore said. good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon. in short, it come s as a shock. the arch diaces had an arranged news conference within the past hour. arch bishop lori said he was plan -- planning a quiet morning. >> at a news conference the arch diaces of baltimore respected the decision. >> my single task this morning is to request the prayers of the faithful of the arch diaces of baltimore and the prayers of all women and men of goodwill for pope benedict as he concludes his long and loving service to the church. >> earlier after morning mass i shared the news with this person. >> i'm sort of very surprised.
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i guess i'm sort of shocked. i've never heard of a pope resigning. i hope he's okay. you know, things will go on. >> the path way to a new pope is clear. those here said he's no longer of capable of doing the job, it's okay. >> if he's too ill to really bless as he should then i give credit to him for doing that. i have a lot of respect for him. i hope his health gets better. >> reporter: archbishop lori is not eligible to vote. cardinal o'brien, his predecessor was in the roam when the pope made his announcement. i'm mike schuh reporting live from downtown. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. one of the people now charged with selecting a new pope is cardinal edwin o'brien. he served as arch bishop here for 5
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years. $1 million it's the massive reward being offered for the arrest of former lapd officer christopher dorner. edward lawrence reporting for wjz with more on the massive manhunt for the accused serial killer. >> for the first time since the murder started in southern california a reward is being offered for the capture of christopher dorner. >> this group is posting a reward of $1 million for information that will lead to his capture. >> the former lapd officer murdered three people in revenge for being fired in 2008. dorner claims he was fired for reporting a fellow officer for excessive force. charlie back told kcbs he reopened the investigation into that claim. >> if he was to give himself up we would be glad to listen to what he has to say. >> in big bear, california police scaled back the search
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for dorner in the snow. the last clue investigators have of his whereabouts was thursday when officers found his burned pick up truck. the search has shifted to rely on information found into the investigation of dorner. >> help us to find dorner before he's able to kill again. >> dorner's victims are being remembered. a moment of silence at the cal state women's basketball game because monica quan should have been on the bench. >> she had a wonderful smile. that's what everybody remember remembers, her smile. >> dorner murdered quan and her fiance a week ago started his revenge killings. >> quan is the daughter of retired la police captain randall quan who represented dorner in the disciplinary hearing that led to his firing. police are investigating the death of a woman at a clinic.
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the 29-year-old died last week while undergoing an abortion. pro life protestors said the clinic is known for performing late term procedures. the death is still under investigation. there's no information of criminal activity. the clean up tonights for millions in the northeast after a monster snowstorm. more than 200,000 people are still without power after a winter storm dumped up to 3 feet of snow this weekend. train stations and airports are getting back to normal today. in new york crews finally cleared the last disabled car off the long island expressway. a tornado roars through mississippi hitting the university of mississippi campus. they are asking all students to stay away from the university. the twisters are parts of storms that swept through mississippi and louisiana yesterday. more than
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a dozen people are hurt. we had a lot of rain over night followed by fog this morning. our low ceiling is still hovering just over head. we have complete first warning weather coverage for you. marty bass is in the out back and bernadette woods is in the weather center. let's start with bernadette. >> the storms that you just saw across the south are part of the same storm system making its way through here now. this batch of rain has now moved off to the northeast and there's a break in the action. marty is going to talk more about that in a moment. for us right now what we're dealing with, temperatures even with the clouds around are on the rise. 46 degrees in baltimore. that's back above average. we are going to warm up today maybe get a few peaks of sunshine out there too. for a little more on the next couple of days, we'll send it out to marty. >> reporter: good afternoon. the wind just kind of -- this breeze just kicked up behind me here in the out back.
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it's going to get increasingly win i do tonight into tomorrow. we have this big area of low pressure up to the north and east high pressure trying to fill that that gap. we have wind advisories in effect for western maryland. it's going to get gusty here for about a 24 hour period beginning tonight. that sets the stage for another slug of moisture our way. you're looking at first warning doppler weather radar. that is gathering moisture. a big slug of rain headed our way. the question is, what are temperatures going to be doing when that rain comes trucking up the 95 corridor? are we going to see just rain or are we going to see a little bit of snow? it's been a big question. bernadette woods focuses in on those possibilities here shortly in our first warning weather segment. now back inside. >> thank you . still to come on wjz eyewitness news at noon.
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chaos on bourbon street. the latest on a shooting in the heart of mardi gras. >> i don't know what i was thinking writing the chorus for this song. this is in hd and everyone can see our faces and we are not very young. >> the fun and fashion of music's biggest night. we'll show you highlight from the grammys. >> a lot of clouds over head after a very wet morning. meteorologist bernadette woods is updating her first warning weather forecast. complete coverage continues with don scott, jessica kartalija and first warning weather with marty bass and
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it's cloudy and 46 degrees in central maryland. your complete first warning weather forecast is coming up. police are examining cell phone video that captures a shooting in the middle of mardi gras. >> [screams] >> witnesses say a group of people were arguing just before shots range out on bourbon street this weekend. four people were hospitalized with gunshot wounds. no arrests have been made. the bourbon producer, makers mark is going to start watering down their product but they have a good reason to do so.
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the distiller known for its red wax field bottles is reducing their alcohol content to meet rising global demand. the change was first announced in a letter. it was 45% alcohol now it's just 42%. the biggest stars in music gathered for the annual grammy awards. there was a lot of fun. fun made a big splash winning two grammys including best new artist. now last night's highlights. >> my personal favorite as far as performances was justin timberlake. he did this classy number and looked very smashing with his straight comed over hair. it was an epic sunday for justin because it reminded us how talented he is. it's his
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first performance at the grammys since 2009. he did a concert in 2007 which was his last concert and he released a single called mirrors which people are saying is about jessica biel because he's talking at his other half and how this lay lay -- lady is a reflection of him. a nice tribute to her. >> leading up to the grammys we were talking about the dress code. i assume we'll be talking more about the dress code tonight? >> it looked like a lot of people adhered to the dress code. i think the one who took the biggest risk would be j lo. again, she's j lo is we wanted her to take a risk. it looked to me when i saw it in person she had a body suit underneath. it was part of the dress. i don't think that she took any
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risk in showing anything. of course she's the queen of double sided tape. we know that she is from that versache dress. >> we guys don't know anything about double sided tape. >> it work really well. you're going to see incredible moments backstage and on the red carpet from last night all on entertainment tonight. >> than send it -- nancy o dell. thank you very much. it's at 7:30. >> oh, 7:30. still ahead on wjz eyewitness news at noon. a wet and cloudy start our work week. our complete first warning weather forecast is 2 and half minutes
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welcome back. this is the rain making its way out of here. there's more hanging out to the south. we had that rain out there this morning. it's definitely gone with the south western wind bringing in much warmer air. as far as those winds go, they are going to kick up this afternoon and continue through the over night hours. because of that a wind advisory will go into effect later today. the rest of us not quite as high as the winds were friday into saturday. the winds are going to be gusting upwards of 40 miles per hour. it's 46 in
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baltimore. already in the 50s down to our south and east. we are jumping into the 50s this afternoon with 60s down to the south. the cold air is locked up to the west at least for now. we get rid of this front. look what hangs down to the south. that is going to form a new low and move our way wednesday into thursday. it's moving in to marginally cold air. we might see a mix depending on where you are. we get rid of that front here comes that low up from the south. it keeps us on the colder side of things. that's why we're probably going to see some winter weather involved in this through thursday morning before that gets out of here. for today a warm one out there going up to 57 degrees. a few breaks in sunshine through the day. tonight partly cloudy, breezy. tomorrow a breezy day. we're heading up to 48 for our
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. you want to be sure to check back in today at 4:00, 5:00 and
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6:00. pope benedict stepping down complete coverage continues this afternoon. a deadly shooting at a courthouse in delaware. the latest on what sparked the violence there. join us today at 4:00, right after dr. phil. >> please stay with us, your 5 day forecast is next.
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>> reporter: welcome back to eyewitness news at noon. at this time in february when you
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only see saturday at 39, we will call that a 5 day win. become -- back inside. >> thank you very much. thank you for watching wjz 13. i'm just. >> don scott . >> for marty bass, i'm bernadette woods. have a great day everybody. we'll see you back here at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00.
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