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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  April 14, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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and their deductibles are disappearing. because nationwide insurance members who add vanishing deductible get $100 off for every year of safe driving. we put members first, because we don't have shareholders. join the nation that hangs up and drives. ♪ nationwide is on your side (indistinct conversations) i think that's why i liked san francisco. i never saw myself living in the place i grew up. you know? yeah. i know. (cup clatters) what about you? where did you grow up? oh, we moved around--
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for dad's work, and then for mom's work... i like to say i grew up in america. yeah. yeah. um... i hate to do this, but i have to run. we have a fresh case. please. i'm glad we were able to do this-- sit down like this. this is nice. you're really easy to talk to, teresa. thanks, bob. (chair scrapes floor) are there any new lines of inquiry on red john? we've had some leads, but... i hate to admit it-- we're kind of stuck. nothing. no. what about jane? i don't think he has anything. (cell phone ringing) but he'd tell you if he did. yeah. yeah, he would. (cell phone continues ringing) okay. well, i'm sure we'll talk. homeland security beckons. okay.
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is it cold in here? yeah. a/c's on the fritz-- it's stuck on cold. they got someone coming in. so i'm not crazy, okay. right. percy, california. incorporated by j.d. percy as a trading post in 1870. trade dried up, but the percy family stayed. they tried to make it work. mm-hmm. it's basically been a tourist town for the past 30 years. but that hasn't been going too great. sorry. it was a "welcome back" gift. very thoughtful, wayne. well, how did you know it was from me? i'm a homicide detective. (telephone ringing in distance) now, hollis percy owned every building. people pay him rent, and he was the bank. that property belongs to his wife-- joanna-- for a few weeks, anyway. well, why only a few weeks? he ran out of money. the wild west show was a last-ditch chance to drum up some cash, but now the whole place is up for sale. they started selling property this year. houses, stores-- people rented for generations and now becoming owners. a lot of money changing hands. there could be motive there. go through all the real estate transactions-- see if anything shakes loose. any usable prints on the gun? doesn't look that way. okay. i'm going to go talk to the family. make sure they take care of this a/c today. that was it? that's all kirkland said. he was just fishing. don't you think it's odd-- homeland security's fascination
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with a california serial killer? everything about bob kirkland is odd. well, yes. just add that to the list. hello there. emmett cook, chief of police. sorry i couldn't be at the crime scene. yeah, why couldn't you be there? something a little more pressing than a murder? i'm agent lisbon, and this is patrick jane. hi. hi. um, actually, i couldn't be there 'cause i was dealing with a fire. quite a mess, uh, third one this year. these, uh, meth labs guys are setting up in empty cabins, uh, the things go... (blows air) kablooey. (blows air) kablooey, indeed. so you've been busy, chief? do you think the drug trade had something to do with hollis percy's murder? i don't see the connection. no. i mean, there could be, but that would be... uh, messy? yes... you could say that. i did. well, i just wanted to stop by and let you know that i am available if cbi needs my help. thank you, b-but that's kind of a conflict of interest.
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you aiding in the investigation of the murder of the man who pays your salary. well, plus you've got some meth dealers to track down. yes. yes, i do. well, if you need anything, just, um... shout. we'll holler. very odd little country welcome. no. there's been no trouble. the last murder in percy was a long time ago. it's safe here. we have good schools. we--we build riding trails and-- and hollis maintained it all beautifully. dad loved this town. but you don't... ian? of course he does. yeah i mean, you know? well, it's not a trick question. no, of course. i just moved back to help with the transition. i was in san francisco working venture capital. it was time to come home. was hollis meeting someone in his office last night? we think the attack took place around 8:00. well, it's possible.
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he kept a lot of late hours the past few years. yeah, he tried everything-- talking to investors, developers, but, you know, towns like this are just dying out. mm. still, he was a futile lord ruling over a town of downtrodden serfs. he must have had someone that hated him. he was respected. ask anyone. what about the sale of the town? was there any friction there? so he had a few critics. could you do me a favor? just grab a piece of paper there-- and a pen-- and write down the name that you just thought of-- just now. write it down. don't show it to each other. (paper rips) (joanna) why? please? (sighs) (chuckles) (pen clicks) (pen clicks, paper crinkles) francisco navarro. and you had the same thought. who is francisco navarro? he runs a wild west show. he's an old friend of the family... and he didn't think we should sell.
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hollis did what he had to do. a bunch of amateurs playing cowboys and indians weren't going to save us no matter what francisco believed. he's pretty dedicated to this place. you think he was angry enough to act on it? like i said... he's dedicated. (cho) that's a nice jacket, mr. navarro. what would you call that... a duster? i'm the medicine man in the show. i'm going right there from here. just answer the question. yes. it's a duster. (flips folder open) are you writing that down? tell me about the wild west show. our program is a fully immersive step back in the 19th century. i oversee 20 performers. we run six days a week. wednesdays and fridays, we stage a medicine man show. (cho) and you're in charge? (paper rustles) which makes this piece on your blog... kind of odd. "killing percy." well, i meant the town of percy, not hollis percy, obviously. yeah. that's some bad timing. yes, it is. it is also the inalienable right of every citizen in the state of california
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to freely speak, write, and publish his sentiments on all subjects. i overreacted-- online. i would never do harm to my friend. but he wasn't your friend. no, he was. but... when he started selling property last year, (sighs) see, that's just giving up on something worth fighting for. he was weak. and he couldn't afford to run the town? which meant your show was gonna get shut down. yeah, and what thanks do i get? i built our program to save percy. tourists came-- just not enough. and then with these cabins exploding up there in the woods, it's getting ugly. where were you last night at 8:00 p.m.? i was in the bar with some of my actors. if you're so dialed into the town, who else had a beef with your friend? i have no idea. look, i gotta go. i have a show to put on. (cho) his alibi relies on the account of a bunch of drunks. real drunks or old-timey pioneer drunks that are getting paid by the hour? well, either way, he could have left the bar at any point, walked 30 yards to hollis' office, and walked out. oh, we're heading to the bar now. all right. we're gonna go meet the police chief. and then rigsby wants to go check out those cabins. the meth lab fires? might be worth looking into, i guess.
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follow close as my magical and mysterious friend... (nugget clanks) mr. golden nugget-- travels a trail of deception (cup clanks) before your very eyes. young man... under which of these humble chalices does the golden nugget reside? that one. hmm? (clicks teeth and sighs) a brave choice, but sadly, it's the wrong one. hey! care to wager again? a buck buys three guesses, but pays 5 if you guess right. i-i believe i-i saw your move. oh, what have we here... (claps hand) a skeptic? please sir, step right up. (chuckles) test my skills. see if you remain unconvinced. don't mind if i do. okay... all right. so the nugget goes in the cup like this. (nugget clanks) and then we move them around like this until... yeah. i can't tell which one it's in. then you continue doing that, but then to do this, don't you need to have a gold nugget? oh. i believe i saw your move there, friend. you did, did you? mm-hmm. you won't mind? not at all. not one little bit. uh, now, come on. what? you know i felt that. felt what? my wallet, please. i beg your pardon? sir. (scoffs) i-i mean, this?
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oh, this. is this it? mm-hmm. i've never seen that in my life. so you're schooled in the craft? yeah, i used to be. i'm a little rusty. mm... mm-hmm. but you know what? worth a shot. (cups clanking) wait a minute! what? where's my gold? i don't know what you're talking about. bro, that thing is real. all right, sir. we will get you your gold back. jane. i don't have your gold. maybe the kid can enlighten you. the ki-- (sighs and whispers) i'm sorry. mm-hmm. here we go, lisbon... (whispers) gossip. two sarsaparillas, please. sure i can't irish those up for ya? oh, would that i could, but we're on the job. oh. are you guys here about the murder? i mean, not that you stand out in your suits or anything, but-- we're with the cbi. (mug thuds) yes. um, can i ask you... do they let you use your real name in this shop?
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i guess. um, i'm lily... mm-hmm. soto. you looked a little spooked just then. did you know hollis? barely. i grew up in jasper-- in the valley. ah. he interviewed me for this job like a year ago. did his employees like him? yeah. yeah, i mean, he tips us out at christmas. he's generous-- too much, probably. mm. well, i imagine that some people bad-mouth him once the booze starts to flow. oh. i mean, you know, people talk. some people weren't happy with the way he was running the town. he kept this place going. yeah, but it's--it's been getting bad for a while. rumor is there's a mall moving in. like, wow, right? but... people are freaking out about these meth labs. some friends were gonna buy the bar, but everybody's moving away. francisco navarro--was he here last night at 8:00 p.m.? yeah. yeah. i mean, he's pretty much here every night. you would be, too, if you drank for free. mm-hmm. is that on? (scoffs) probably not since disco.
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hollis percy overpaid his workers. he hired three bartenders when two would suffice. and yet he's dead. so, do you think his generosity got him killed? i just think it's odd that such a swell guy felt compelled to pay for loyalty. (birds chirping) so the police have no surveillance footage on main street. nope. and we follow up by driving out to the woods. why? timing. an explosion the night before a murder-- doesn't that seem suspicious to you? not really. they're meth labs. they explode. well, let me ask you this. doesn't something look off here? yeah, everything's burned. yeah, but this is not completely torched. feel that. i'm good. it feels like a flame-retardant gel. that's why some of this stuff here survived.
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before this place burned down, someone-- someone sprayed it down-- so that the flames wouldn't spread into a forest fire. so this wasn't an accident? no. okay. then, what was it? so you think it was arson? well, maybe it was a rival gang trying to make a point-- like a territorial thing? yeah, but what kind of drug dealer sprays the place down for safety? i don't know. there might be a connection to hollis' murder here. it's weird. it's almost as if someone mocked these places up to make them look like meth labs. okay, you and cho look into it. (engine turns off) (tools rattling) (toolbox thuds) we're at the door. 30 seconds till we're in. (lock clicks)
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go ahead. say it. then you're supposed to say, "say what?" and then i say, "you think i'm an idiot... for buying van pelt that orchid." you know what? i'm glad i did. 'cause now the ball's in her court.
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i'm gonna be so zen about this. yep, the next move's hers. i'm just gonna be the reed that bends in the breeze. you're still in love with her. but instead of telling her, you bought her a plant. yeah, that's pretty zen, though. right? howdy, fellas. how long are you boys going to be fiddling with those newfangled contraptions there? cbi arson unit, sir. we'll be done shortly. (sighs) look, mr. navarro's kicking my butt-- trying to get the show back up here. we've been shut down all day. hi. i'm ian percy. i'm in charge here. are you gentlemen with the cbi? yes, mr. percy. i'm agent cho. this is agent rigsby. cbi arson unit. arson unit? we're driving up to check out those cabin fires. hitting it bright and early tomorrow morning. oh, it's arson, you think? isn't that-- wasn't it supposed to be some crystal meth mishap? well, fortunately it didn't all burn down. once we get the chemical signature of the burn, we can tell if someone torched it. we'll find our bad guy pretty quick after that. let me know if you need anything from me. in the meantime, i'll let you get back to it.
11:21 pm
(trunk slams shut) (crickets chirping) (clanks) (gasoline splashing) hello, chief. (chief) you got no case. you're wasting your time. so, you saw me carrying a gas can. big deal. besides, you didn't even take your fancy equipment out of the truck. (cho) yeah, there was no fancy equipment. just your guilty conscience. want something to drink? it's a long drive back to sacramento. he knows how this goes. he's a cop. and you're a crook, too, right? that's why you built these phony meth labs-- burned 'em down? and you were trying to scare people away. drive down prices and buy property on the cheap. (sighs) look... even if i did set a couple cabins on fire...
11:22 pm
so what? maybe i like fires. listen, emmett... this isn't hypothetical. right now you're our prime suspect in this murder case. you know what to do. you don't want to be wrapped up in a murder investigation. help yourself out. all right, look, um, the thing is in about three to four years, a new outlet mall is going to open here-- uh, next to percy. so i figure i could hold onto the land till then. then... dump it? but hollis figured it out? and he confronted you? no. hollis was clueless. so what did happen? my colleague here thinks you killed him. so far i can't tell if you have the stones. no--no... no, guys... (chuckles) guys, i'm-- hollis didn't suspect a thing, i'm telling you. he was just some rich... weirdo. they both are. they? who's they? the son? joanna--his wife. uh, two weeks ago, i get a call to the house-- the neighbor heard some screaming. he was drunk.
11:23 pm
and she was out of control-- shrieking. shrieking... about what? (exhales) jane made a lot of red john connections here. it looks like he's building his own time line. it's all on the drive. we printed out some greatest hits. this is good. we could log it into the system. not necessary. so you'll just... take it from here? i will. (door closes, flash drive clicks) he was sober for 20 years. a month ago, he fell off the wagon, and he could be a mean drunk. did he hit you? no. no? okay.
11:24 pm
what could have caused him to start drinking again? well, he had his triggers. but his father's been dead a long time. were there romantic problems? you're sweet. you mean, was hollis sleeping around? or maybe you found out. maybe you argued, and he was drunk, and things got out of control. hollis used to run around. he was fun-- too much fun. but he grew to be faithful. he was terrified of change. a wife knows. if you were married, you'd understand what i was talking about. are you married, agent van pelt? not yet. sounds like fun. mm. i like the police chief for the murder. he's a weasel. real estate records show that cook and some poorly rigged holding company bought properties in town. he had a lot to lose if hollis exposed his scam. (patrick) juicy stuff.
11:25 pm
you have him pegged right as a weasel, but i don't think he's a killer. i think joanna hides it well, but hollis may have been abusive. you're thinking self defense. there is one vexing detail still missing. something in hollis' life changed... a month ago. you mean, to get him drinking again. yeah, exactly. something. we have to figure out what it was. okay. how? well, joanna has no idea or she has no inclination to tell us. nor does anyone else. maybe something in his past re-emerged. that's thin. yeah. that is thin. but you have to start somewhere. hmm. beautiful orchid, grace. well chosen, rigsby. (door hinges creak) (ring thuds) (lily) hey.
11:26 pm
set you up with another sarsaparilla-- on the house? ah. who'd say no to that? i'm gonna get going. agent jane. (beer tap bubbling) see you around. sure thing, mr. percy. mr. percy? very formal. uh, well, you know, it pays to kiss the ring. (mug thuds) so, you cracked your case yet? (swallows) cracked, uh, mm... not likely. no. uh, when does francisco usually show up here? he should be here soon. i heard you clowned kevin pretty good. kevin--the magician. oh, him. yes. wouldn't call him a magician. normally has to be magic involved. (chuckles) yeah. i hear you got real powers. no, i--just a little mind reading and predictions... (mug thuds) that's all. show me. please? okay. how about i tell you what you're gonna have for breakfast tomorrow morning? okay. i'm gonna need a pen, paper, and an envelope.
11:27 pm
mm. (mug thuds) tasty. voila. thank you. (envelope slides) close your eyes. i want you to imagine being in your kitchen tomorrow morning. this is what i like about tending bar-- you meet all kinds. visualize yourself... looking into the cupboard... looking at all the items, thinking about what you're gonna eat. and then you choose which one you want. you got it? yeah. you sure? mm-hmm. okay. (envelope crinkles) done. put it somewhere safe. we'll open it tomorrow. no peeking. oh, i wouldn't dream of it. (chuckles) (francisco) barmaid! shot of whiskey and a beer back. (indistinct conversations)
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♪ what do you need? backup. i don't like it when you say you need backup and nothing's happened yet. nothing to worry about. we're just here to talk. (indistinct conversations continue) uh, do you mind? oh, she didn't have to go anywhere. (mug thuds) i already said my piece, but go ahead. well, we're interested in ancient history-- which seems to be your department-- so it's obvious that we start with you. we want to know about hollis percy's drinking. well, he used to drink and then he stopped. then he started again. you have any idea why? well, who knows what drives any other man? mr. navarro, answer the question. let's try this another way. y-you and hollis used to knock around together-- you're lifelong buddies, huh? yeah, we used to have some fun. well, it seems there was nothing in his current life that would drive him to drink, so i am guessing it was something from his old life that came out out of the woodwork. or someone. tell me-- how far off am i?
11:29 pm
no idea what you're talking about. mm. really? you know what i find sad? the way you're so tucked in the percy family pocket. tucked in their pocket? yeah. like a soiled hankie. (chair slides) (man) you got a problem here, boss? no. no problem. (chair slides) no we're--we're fine. okay? we're good? you are hiding information from the police, though, which is a crime. why would i do that? well, possibly to protect yourself by protecting hollis percy. i'm not sure. what's he talking about? he doesn't know. yes, but you do. you talk a big game about fighting for this town-- fighting for the staff. but the truth is you sold out to hollis a long time ago. so long ago, you probably thought he was your friend-- which is not sad-- that's just stupid. you son of a bitch! (punch lands) maybe we got a problem. (scuffles) (man grunts) (crashes) is this part of the show? no. (grunting) all right, come on, guys. hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,, he could have asked nicely, that's all i was saying. i was there. you want more coffee? no, i'm good.


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