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tv   Eyewitness News at 4  CBS  April 16, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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the worldwide search for a terrorist. >> in 12 seconds, two bombs changed boston and the nation forever. [ explosion ] >> hi, everybody. i'm mary bubala. >> i'm kai jackson. here's what people are talking about. >> a nervous nation, on high alert, trying to understand and make sense of the deadly terror attack in boston. wjz has complete coverage. vinita nair is in boston. derek valcourt in baltimore. adam may on the attack and we begin with vinita nair live in boston, with what police are learning about the bomb. >> reporter: big investigation here. cbs news can now confirm the name of a second victim. 29-year-old crystal campbell. she was hoping to take a photo of a friend as they crossed the finish line. and that is when the bombs
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detonated. we're also learning about the bombs, how they were constructed, authorities calling them crude but deadly. >> reporter: a law enforcement official tells cbs news, the bombs that exploded near the finish line of the boston marathon, were built and put into place to look like pieces of trash. the devices were put inside pressure cookers and placed inside bag. the pots were packed with nails and small metal pellets. >> we were maybe 10 feet from the explosion. >> reporter: nicholasiani and his wife are among those being treated for shrapnel injuries and pierced ear drums. >> i couldn't hear much. it was a lot of muffled, ringing sounds. >> more than 170 people were hurt. several lost limbs. three people were killed, including 8-year-old martin richards. president obama called the bombings a cowardly act. >> if you want to know who we are, who mark is, how we respond to evil, that's it.
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selflessly, compassionately, unafraid. >> reporter: surveillance cameras like this one nearby the crime scene are proving crucial to investigators. they are using them, combined with any photos they can find nhopes of-- in hopes of catching the suspect. >> reporter: runners took to the scene to pick up their belongings and medals. leah says, despite the attack, she's going to keep competing. >> people aren't going to stop running. in fact, they'll probably be running even more. >> reporter: the area will be closed off, at least until thursday. >> reporter: despite the countless tips they have received, authorities are still telling us, they have no clear suspect. earlier, they had been talking to a saudi man. they each executed a search warrant on his home. we're now being told he -- instead of being a suspect, rather, he was a victim himself. he was a spectator who was hurt when those bombs were detonated. reporting live in boston, vinita nair, back to you.
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>> wjz live coverage continues with derek valcourt, live at orioles park, with more on the increased security presence around the city. derek? >> reporter: this is one place where you are going to see that increased security presence here tonight, as the orioles take on tampa bay. a live look from sky eye chopper 13 as they prepare for potentially huge crowds. as many as 20,000 could turn out tonight for the start of what is a nine-game stretch at home for the orioles. and police say, with huge crowds at a sporting event like this, they aren't taking any chances. [ sirens ] >> reporter: industry police, beefing up their presence, around some of baltimore's critical infrastructure, including buildings, landmarks and major events. police commissioner anthony bats announced it at a news conference, in which he said he has been in touch with federal authorities. >> there's been no credible threats at this time to this area or to the city of baltimore. but it's crucial to talk
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cautious steps. >> reporter: starting today, they will have an increased police presence around transportation, like the bus system and amtrak. citizens can expect to see heavily-armed tactical officers around the city. >> check suspicious activities, check trash cans, check perimeters. you also see our bomb dogs and k-9 areas working, too. >> local officials are asking citizens to be alert and do their part. >> we should never lose focus on the fact that if you see something, you should say something. >> reporter: and a live look from sky eye chopper 13. they are preparing to let the huge crowds in here at oriole park for the start of the game, which gets under way at about 7:00. also tonight, you can expect to see a huge presence of police over at penn station and then at the university of baltimore. where tonight, vice president joe biden will be making an appearance. police say they will already -- they already had planned on
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having a huge presence over there in that area. and tonight, they'll be making sure that presence is even bigger and things are secure, not just there but all over baltimore. we're live at camden yards. derek valcourt, wjz eyewitness news. >> all right, derek, thank you. and hundreds of local runners took part in the boston marathon. many are returning home to maryland today. some late last night. live complete coverage continues right now with adam may. adam? >> reporter: mary, i spent the day talking to numerous people, who were up in maryland, talking about the marathon in boston. since it's been 24 hours, the reality is hitting some of these people. they can't believe how cose they were to this trag -- close they were to this tragedy. >> what do you like about running? >> >> reporter: she has been a competitive runner since track team at university. but memories of her first boston marathon, now tarnished by the terror attack. >> i felt very nauseous. i thought, oh, my go, that
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could have been me. i could have been one of the people injured or helping other people. every timey see it -- time i see it on the news, it brings back memories of being at the finish line i was there. >> reporter: in fact, megan left just minutes earlier. when she and a friend heard the blast. >> we had just said goodbye. i had to get nigh -- my flight. and at first, we were like, they're celebrating the marathon. then we noticed the second one going off and we were like, something is not right. >> reporter: megan and her friends took off in the other direction, escaping harm. they plan to run in boston again. >> we're still going to come together and do events like this. and we're not going to step down. >> you're going to run again? >> yes, i think i will. >> reporter: and that is one thing i have heard from every single person that i've spoken to today about this tragedy. they said that they will go back to boston. and they plan on running this marathon, once again.
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a total. 448 marylander were in boston, running the race. hundreds more there, cheering on the group. we'll hear more at 5:00 and 6:00. back to you. >> adal, thank you. -- adam, thank you. a local teacher is among the victims hurt. vic is here with an update on her condition. >> reporter: erica branock, a teacher at the episcopal church said she received injuries to her legs. they say her sister's legs are broken and her brother-in-law suffered burns. carol downing was running in the marathon. erica, her sister and brother- in-law were all at the finish lane when the bombs went off. erica teaches 2-year-olds-year- olds and the children made a get well card for her and sent it to the hospital. erica was scheduled to undergo a second surgery today. wjz has the latest on the boston mare then bombings.
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three-- they're -- marathon bombings. three are dead. an 8-year-old is one of three killed. it is unclear if this is domestic terrorism or foreign. the fbi confirms, they were in pressure cookers and filled with nails and metal pellets. stay with wjz on air and online for complete coverage of the explosion at the boston marathon. for the latest developments any time, log onto and be sure to watch the cbs evening news tonight at 7:00. scott pelley is in boston with the updates on the terror attack. and wjz, following more breaking news. american airlines flights across the country are now grounded because of computer problems. american asked the federal aviation administration to halt its flights until 5 -- 5:00 tonight. for some airports in dallas, chicago, and miami. they are stopped until 5:30. some passengers are stuck on these manies on the tarmac, -- planes on the tarmac, while
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others can't make reservations. passengers are using social media, to flood the airline with complaints, asking what is going on. american says it working as quickly as possible. a big development in front of city hall. maryland state police arrested the driver of a car. 43-year-old johnny johnson was arrested yesterday and is being held on a quarter million dollars bail. he is charged with vehicle ash homicide in the death of 45- year-old matt herselfle. police say herzel was walking by the car. police also say johnson was speeding and under the influence of drugs at the time of the fatal crash. a new surface tax is causing a stir around baltimore. a fee will be charged for residential and nonprofit properties. the nickname is rain tax. money raised from the tax would be spent on improving storm water runoff systems. and owners will have to pay $21, while single family homeowners will pay $39 for the so-called rain tax. well, no rain around here
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today. it is a bit warmer outside. but there's still more clouds than sun today. wjz has weather and traffic together. meteorologist chelsea ingram is here with a look at live doppler radar. hi, chelsea. >> hi, mary. thanks. there's not even and point in showing you radar. we'll talk temperatures. it is fairly warm out there. around 72 degrees in baltimore. 71 in washington. 74 in hagerstown. there are a few cool spots out there. ocean city. 59 degrees. warmer than we were this time yesterday. around 12 degrees warmer, in fact, than the baltimore area. but that's going to change, especially as we head into the late week and the weekend. we'll enjoy warm air a little longer. that's going to cool us down for the weekend. we'll talk more about that in full forecast. >> all right, chelsea. thank you let's check on the roads with kristy breslin. >> hi, kai. hi, everyone. definitely off to a very slow start out there on the beltway.
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west side inner loop, traffic slows down there, from greenspring to bel air road. only moving at this point about 30 miles an hour. west side inner loop, stop-and- go there. 290 past 70. northbound 95 also seeing significant delays. going well past 195. as far as accidents go, if you're traveling in the harford area. watch for an accident there. thomas run road. accidents also include old stage road. at quarter field around the glen burnie area. and north monfort avenue at north gay in baltimore city. let's take a live look. you can see issue things very busy there. west of york road. and we'll take another live look look. 95 there or 395. this traffic report is brought to you by baltimore hyundai dealers. visit baltimore hyundai back to you. >> kristy, thank you. still ahead on eyewitness news at 4:00. promising new research about the use of tamoxifen in breast cancer patients. don't miss tonight's
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healthwatch report. another fatal accident on charles street in towson. we'll have details. meteorologist chelsea ingram is updating our first warning weather forecast. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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scoish . it is partly sunny. 72 degrees in central maryland. the complete forecast is coming up. virginia tech marks the sixth anniversary of the deadly shooting that left dozens dead. today is the day of the school's annual remembrance. sites of reflection placed around the campus. cadets started the day by doing 32 pushups for each victim of the massacre. in 2007, senior sung we -- seung-hui cho went on a
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shooting spree. a government task force is out, with recommendations, regarding the use of prevent tive medicines to lower the risk of breast cancer. ines ferre introduces us to one woman who took the drug tamoxifen. >> reporter: breast cancer runs in nadine bladda's family. shortly after doctors removed an abnormal lump in her breast nine years ago, she went on the drug tamoxifen, a drug that reduces chances by 50%. >> i felt like i wasn't doing everything i could proactively. >> reporter: according to the u.s. preventions task force, women should find out from their doctors if they have a high risk of getting breast cancer. >> for example, age. race, ethnicity. parity, the age at which a
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woman delivered or had her first born child. >> reporter: if alt risk, they should discuss with the doctor whether tamoxifen are right for them. >> hot flash or menopausal systems. it's associated risk for blood clots. >> reporter: tamoxifen has also been slightly show an increase to risk of uterine cancer. >> reporter: it is also for women between 40 and 70, who have never been diagnosed with breast cancer. >> reporter: nadine finished taking the five-year regiment of tamoxifen and never had serious side effects. now, 53, she thinks she did the right thing. >> i had young kids at the time. and i feel like i really did all that i could do to prevent myself from getting sick. >> reporter: she also exercises and avoids alcohol to further lower her risk. ines ferre, wjz eyewitness news. >> tamoxifen is currently the only risk-reducing breast cancer drug approved for
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premenopausal women. ra laxifen is for post- menopausal women. stocks bounce back after a rough start to the week. all the markets are up on good news about housing. the dow was up 158. the s&p is up 52. nasdaq is up 48. let's go to new york, where alexis christoforous has tonight's cbs money watch update. >> reporter: wall street observed a moment of silence, before the opening bell today. 10 minutes before the start of trading, the floor was quiet, as investors honored victims of monday's explosion at the boston marathon. and when trading got under way, stocks rebounded from their biggest drop of the year, thanks to better-than-expected earnings, including companies like coca cola and johnson & johnson. gold also bounced back from its biggest one-day sell-off in years. it rose to close at $1837.40 an
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ounce. builders broke ground on more than 1 million homes in march. the pace of construction jumped 7%. it's about the fastest pace in five years. the gain was driven by a surge in apartment construction. the building of single family homes jumped. and permits for future construction fell. consumer prices dipped 2 tenths of a percent in marriage. prices declined last month, as the cost of gas slid more than 4%. and food prices were unchanged. that's your money watch. for more, go to in new york, i'm alexis christoforous. baseball and business. the two came together in baltimore. it was the 35th annual lunch with the orioles. and this year, it was more crowded than ever. jazz orioles -- >> reporter: orioles' manager buck showalter was the first. a soldout crowd from the
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business community jammed to the sheraton downtown, for the annual lunch with the orioles. [ applause ] >> reporter: adam jones gets the loudest applause. but the entire team is here, with a player at each table. >> it's a sight to see young guys out of the community and on their day off, come out and sign. it's great. >> reporter: organizers say this, by far, is the largest crowd they have ever had. the greater baltimore committee, or gbc, has held this orioles lunch since 1979. >> this is a way that we can recognize the orioles, thank them for what they do for baltimore and the region. and the vibrancy they bring to us. >> reporter: the afternoon starts with an autograph section. >> i liked chen's. he actually signed it in chinese, which i thought was pretty cool. >> great opportunity to come show our at any point -- support. we love it. >> i remember watching when i was younger. it was a great experience.
4:21 pm
>> reporter: player, current and past, say it was a great way to connect with fans. >> reporter: people are loving the o's right now. >> well, they are. the ball club has really turned the corner, i think. they're going to be a lot like it used to be in my day. >> i'm looking forward to meeting every person in line right now. i don't know how long it will take. >> i think there's 600 of them. >> wow. >> so nice. if you'd like to go to lunch with the orioles next year, tell your boss. tables of 10 start at $750. you could all go in on it as well. >> he's a pitcher. is his arm really going to get tired signing autographs? >> well, he's a lefty. i guess maybe he writes with his right -- >> switches pitches. >> i don't know. coming up at 4:00. stories in devastation of the boston terror attacks. gripping testimony today in the murder trial of a philadelphia abortion doctor. and we're enjoying the typical spring day across the
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region. don't miss your updated first warning forecast. wjz 13 is always on. for the top stories on for instant updates and first warning weather all the time, click
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all right. a live look outside. warmer today, which was nice. i liked that. >> it is. it's not the prettiest day, chelsea. but like mary said, it feels good out there. >> we're in kind of this transitional period, where we get the warmer temperatures that we usually feel during the summertime. but yeah, feels great outside. a lot of people in the 60s to lower 70s across the region. but there are a few spots on the map. for instance, ocean city, around 59 degrees right now. but a lot of lower 70s across the region. a few other cooler spots. 69 in annapolis. also 69 in kent island. and the winds are pretty impressive. they have been picking up throughout the afternoon. so it is a bit breezy now. around 12 miles per hour out of the south in washington. 12 also in patuxent. same thing goes for baltimore.
4:26 pm
pretty impressive in easton, around 17 miles per hour. winds out of the south will continue brings us warmer air. we'll continue to get warmer into tomorrow. and even the next day. here's what's going on satellite and radar. we have this area of rain and clouds. that's associated with low pressure and a cold front. that's not going to -- not going to do too much for us but provide us with a quick shot of a shower or thundershower as we head into the overnight tonight and into tomorrow morning. but it's going to slip right towards our north. let me show you how all of this is going to be playing out on the surface map. that cold front is going to push right over and slip again towards our north. we're going to continue to see this warmer air moving in behind it. and then,ad we head into the weekend, we haveang area that is going to be pushing out toward the east. and it's going to be bringing us much colder temperatures and even wildspread rainfall. we'll be keeping a close eye on that. bay forecast, pitch degrees. that's where the water temperature is right now.
4:27 pm
sunrise, 6:26. sunsets, 7:46. this is for tomorrow, around 5 to 10 knots. that small craft advisory is going to be in effect through late tonight. then we'll be good for tomorrow. overnight, low temperatures around 56 degrees. a chance for a scattered shower, even a thunderstorm. same thing goes, especially for tomorrow morning. temperatures around 72 degrees. we're looking at variable clouds. and again, that chance for a thunderstorm. >> all right. so i'm not watching my -- not washing my car any time soon. >> i wouldn't wash it yet. don't miss tonight's cbs primetime lineup. it is golden boys, and stay tuned for eyewitness news at 11:00. lots more ahead on wjz at 4:30. taking precautions. an outbreak of bacterial meningitis is sweeping through the gay community in west hollywood, florida, or
4:28 pm
california. a group that hit a pasadena teen, killing one. still in shock. the latest at the marathon in boston. eyewitness news at 4:00 cont,,,, for over 75 years people have saved money with... ohhh... ...with geico... ohhh...sorry! director's voice: here we go. from the top. and action for over 75 years people have saved money with gecko so.... director's voice: cut it! ...what...what did i say? gecko? i said gecko? aw... for over 75 years...(laughs. but still trying to keep it contained)
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it's mostly clody. cloudy. hello. thanks for staying with iewns. i'm vic carter. and i'm denise koch. >> one of the victims in boston marathon bombing is 8-year-old martin richards. his sister and mother were also badly hurt. >> reporter: flowers and a candle rest on the richards' family's front porch in dorchester, massachusetts. martin richards was just 8 years old, when a bomb on the street ended his short life. he was standing with his family near the finish line when the explosions went off.
4:32 pm
the boy's mother and sister were badly hurt. in a statement, martin's father, bill richards said, my dear son martin has died from the injuries sustained on the attacks on boston. my wife and daughter are both recovering from serious injuries. we thank our family and friends, those we know and those we have never president for their thoughts and prayers. >> they're your all-american family. >> this a neighbor. >> they used to play outside all the time. kids were outside all the time, having a good time. and it's just a horrendous tragedy. >> reporter: this entire community here in dorchester is in shock. and now martin's friends have to cope with the fact that their classmate is not coming home. >> reporter: andres went to school with martin. they say they'll miss his sense of humor. >> he used to try to make a sad moment into a funny moment. and he used to work to make everybody happy again. but this, he can't. because he's passed away. >> reporter: bill richards scg asks everyone to continue to
4:33 pm
pray for my family as we remember martin. we also ask for your patience and privacy awheeze work to simultaneously grieve and to recover. >> the richard family had just gone to get ice cream before returning to the area near the finish line. well, out of the tragedy and the chaos come the stories of the heroes who ran to help. and kai is in the newsroom, with one special story. kai? >> that's right. witnesses say as soon as the blast happened, the bystanders ran toward the explosion, to help those who were hurt. among the form good samaritans, joanne drowsy. this photo has been buzzing all over social media today. and the response -- andrusee said he didn't -- doesn't want any honors. >> he was there on behalf of his charitable foundation. the scene of the finish
4:34 pm
line, simply described as horrific. medical teams had to act fast, turning tents into emergency rooms. complete coverage continues now with don dollar for wjz. >> reporter: the very moment the bombs went off, hundreds of police, emergency medical techs, and even doctors and nurses, immediately began treating the injured. >> this is like a bomb explosion that we hear about in the news in baghdad or israel or some other tragic points in the world. >> reporter: stations in place for the race, were transformed into triage centers. the injured were stabilized before being transported. doctors say that's what saved many lives. >> some of them were very profound. one woman lost her leg, lots of bleeding. and we took care of the ones we could. >> reporter: dr. adrian wald was volunteering with 30 of her nursing students am. >> they saw some horrific, really awful injuries that we
4:35 pm
weren't prepared for at a marathon. you're looking for certain kinds of injuries. you're not expecting to see a bomb explode. >> reporter: by the time the ambulances begin arriveath emergency rooms, hospital staff number members were -- member were ready. >> the individuals are not completely outside the pail. >> reporter: patients have everything from minor sort of ear drum-type blasts, all the way through to really serious limb injuries and some serious head injuries as well. >> reporter: the boston medical center, 90% of the doctors showed up to treat patients, some showed up straight from the race to help. >> wjz, of course, is closely monitoring the developments. and the search for terrorists. stay with us for complete coverage of the explosion at the boston marathon. for the latest developments any time, log onto and be sure to tune in tonight at 7:00. scott pelley will be in boston with updates on the terror attack. wjz is following breaking news about baltimore speed and
4:36 pm
red light cameras. operations of both camera systems are being temporarily suspended. the city is transitioning to a 92 vendor -- new vendor and in the process, noticed mistakes. one noticed the citations. and the other deals with the posted speed limit. the city is posting its entire system. a lawmaker was struck and killed today in towson. the worker was struck while blowing grass from old willow. the driver was taken from the scene to the hospital along with three passengers. the road was closed. it is now back open. police say charges are pending. one of the teenagers struck has died. now, police are looking for the person who drove the car. derek valcourt has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: police say it was the driver of a dark ford expedition that struck the two teens, killing one of them. >> reporter: robert and fran tool are glad they weren't
4:37 pm
home, when a hit-and-run driver struck two teens, right in front of their mountain road house on friday night. >> i can imagine me walking out during the scene, that boy laying there. >> reporter: one of the teens, 15-year-old sciular marion died monday afternoon. >> i know the family. you know, known them for all my life. and then every time i look out, that's -- i think about it. you know? it's just horrible. >> reporter: police say the car that hit the teens look like this one. a dark ford expedition. they're asking for help, finding it. >> we're looking into possibly that vehicle may have sustained serious damage on the front end passenger's side, specifically around the turn signal, the headlight area, bumper, and possibly even the hood. >> reporter: police know just how dangerous this road is. over the years, too many accidents to count. dozens have died. >> it's horrible on the mountain road. >> the tools among many in this area, who complain about safety. >> it's the most dangerous road i ever knew of.
4:38 pm
>> reporter: police hope someone comes forward with information about the hit-and- run driver. and hope officials are paying attention to the problems on mountain road. >> reporter: sciular marion was a 9th grader at chesapeake high school. school officials say they'll have counselors on hand to help grieving students and staff. at county police headquarters, derek valcourt, wjz eyewitness news. >> the orioles plan to have a moment of silence at the game tonight, in honor of sciular marion. a warning to western maryland residents to be on the lookout for bears. dnr says the bears are just coming out of hibernation and might be on the hunt for food. so they're urging everyone to throw away anything that might smell of food around your home. and they also suggest cleaning your outdoor grill and taking down bird feeders to keep the pairs it from coming too close to your home. it was really a lovely, nice spring warm day out out there. let's take a live look outside. a mix of sun and clouds today. but it was a nice temperature, for me anyway. wjz has weather ask traffic together. bob turk is here with the
4:39 pm
updated numbers from first warning weather. and a few spots had a couple of sprinkles around 9:00, 10:00 this morning. but that did see sunshine. temperatures rebounded nicely. right now, we are at 72 degrees right here. 71 in d.c. 81 with sun there in cumberland. even oakland at 72. the cool spot with the breeze off the ocean. ocean city is only 59. but temperatures right now are running 13 degrees warmer than yesterday. it was a little chilly yesterday. 16 degrees warmer in oakland. 18 degrees warmer in cumberland. to our north and northwest, there are showers to ohio and indiana. most will pass to the north. but we have a chance late tonight and tomorrow, maybe tomorrow morning, of a shower, maybe thunder in some spots. we'll talk about that in a few minutes. vic? >> thank you. let's check in on the roads now with kristy breslin at wjz traffic control. hi, vic. hi, everyone. we're following a lot of accidents there. we had the crash there, thomas run road at eagle view court.
4:40 pm
also following crashes in baltimore city. north gay on monford. old stage roads at quarter field. and the delays seem to be coming at us. on the top side inner loop, we're looking at almost 25 minutes at this point. from stevenson road to perring parkway. on the west side inner loop, watch for brake lights there as well from baltimore national pike, past 70. and northbound 95. no imriewvment -- no improvement. still going to be quite a strugelt for you, from 32 to 895. as far as your overall drive times go, outer loop, 83 to 95. 18 minutes to get through. let's take a live look. as you can see, a lot of volume there on the inner and outer loop, around 70. this traffic report, brought to you by erickson living. for fun, maintenance-free, retirement living. beautiful apartments now open. visit erickson for all the details. back to you. >> thank you, kristy. a volcano eruption in mexico has nearby residents concerned am take a look at the
4:41 pm
ash, erupting out. mexico city. it's located with 19 residents. mexican authorities are keeping a close eye on the emissions. the last eruption was in 2000. but there have been rumblings since then. >> well, straight ahead on wjz's eyewitness news at 4:00. the london marathon will go on as planned this sunday, despite yesterday's attack. will runners be kept safe? mild temperatures return to maryland. can spring showers be looking somewhere? bob turk is updating your first warning forecast coming up. ,,,,
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we have some breaking news to tell you about right now. we're going to go live to captain jeff long in sky eye chopper 13. what's going on, jeff? >> well, denise. this is in the windsor hills area of west baltimore. the entire road here. this is clifton avenue, shut down with crime scene tape. so nobody is getting through there.
4:45 pm
we're being told it's a shooting, an adult male victim. no motive at this time. >> thank you, jeff. there is new information about the bombs used in the boston marathon explosions. they were found in black duffel bags on the ground and appear to have been contained in pressure cookers and set off with a timer. they were shrapnel bombs. three people were killed. and more than 170 wounded by the blast. it is still unclear who was behind the attack. the london marathon is going forward, despite the horrific boston marathon attack, as elizabeth palmer reports for wjz. police and race organizer says they are closely reviewing security measures. >> reporter: the london marathon is due to start just after 9:00 this coming sunday. and thousands of spectators will line the course. but before that, there's another huge public event. rehearsals have already begun for former prime minister marg
4:46 pm
red thatcher's funeral, tomorrow. bill bratton is boston's former police commissioner. >> reporter: i can guarantee, within a few minutes of the event in boston yesterday, brittish police services were on the phone to their colleagues in the united states. and have probably been in constant touch since, trying to identify, is there any potential relationship between the events in boston yesterday and the upcoming events here in britain over the next week? >> reporter: even if there is no hard evidence that london's events are directly threatened, police will take the risk of copycat attacks very seriously. as for the runners, few have been put off. >> i mean, i think we just carry on in, regardless. >> reporter: my had you been serunning sunday, says one tweet. he's worried it will be canceled. i'm worried it will go ahead. but go ahead, it will. while the attacks in boston dominate britain's front pages today, authorities say the
4:47 pm
marathon and the funeral will take place as planned. elizabeth palmer, london. >> the marathon passes through major landmarks. a gruesome case, a philadelphia abortion doctor is on trial, accused of murder. and monique griego has more. >> the doctor is charged with the murder of a 41-year-old woman and seven babies. today, the woman's daughter testified about labor-inducing drugs and painkillers her mother took, waiting for the doctor to to arrive. prosecutors say she died from an accidental overdose. gosnel is accused of unsafe practices with unsafe workers. the fbi says they found nearly 50 frozen fetuses improperly stored in drugs, containers and a freezer, inside goznel's office. >> the fetuses ranged in age from 12 to 24 weeks.
4:48 pm
a meningitis scare in los angeles has many residents concerned. teresa garcia reports, one community is trying to stop the disease from spreading. >> reporter: west hollywood restaurant owner marco capani is worried about the health of his workers. >> most of my staff is coming down to get this job. >> employees are heading down to a local pharmacy that started offering free meningitis vaccines. >> on three. one, two, three. >> reporter: the west hollywood community is on edge, after a gay, 33-year-old lawyer died last week. >> several of my customers were good friends and at his bedside when he passed. >> reporter: health officials are investigating to see if there is a link to an outbreak to bacterial meningitis among gay men, where 22 people have gotten sick and seven have died since 2010. >> we will be doing a fingerprinting exercise on that bacteria to see if it looks like similar to ones other prase places.
4:49 pm
>> reporter: the a.i.d.s. healthcare foundation in los angeles, is offering 10,000 free meningitis vaccinations to anyone who thinks they're at risk. some here waited two hours at this pharmacy to get a shot. >> you know, it's always going to be to do preventive measures with tough like this. >> reporter: bacterial meningitis can spread through close contact, including kissing, sharing food and sex. symptoms usually develop within three to seven days of exposure and include high fever, stifer neck, head and muscle aches and confusion. capani says he's not taking any chances. >> i just want to be on the safe side. >> reporter: health officials are also reaching out to gay groups to raise awareness. in west hollywood, teresa garcia, wjz eyewitness news. >> bacterial meningitis can be cured with antibiotics, if treated quickly. in today's wjz consumer watch, a warning for parents. the popular children's clothing brand, carter's issues a recall.
4:50 pm
it covers 2,000 infant onesies sold. they have a zipper from the foot to the neck and were sold in sizes newborn. the consumer product safety commission says the zipper can come off which is a choking hazard. parents should stop using the clothing immediately. michael jackson's daughter is making big plans for her father's famous neverland ranch. 15-year-old paris jackson said she wants to see neverland ranch become a place where sick children can come to stay to get well. paris and her brother blanket spent time at the estate before their father's death in 2009. paris says she plans to start the new project in a few years. it's been a warm and dry day across maryland. >> but we have showers in the forecast. or do we? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
sunshine and some areas have seen some clouds. but for the most part, turned into a pretty nice afternoon. with milder temperatures than we've seen the last couple of days. yesterday, only in the upper 50s and low 60s.
4:54 pm
normal high now is 65. right now, we're at 72 degrees, just about ideal. south/southeast winds at 12. currently holding steady. humidity at 55%. and the dew point is at 55 degrees. to the west of us, they've had a lot of sun. ber land -- cumberland, 81. sun with a little breeze often the ocean. they are now at 59 degrees. not a great beach day. 70, rock hall. cooler by the bay. 69, rock hall. and annapolis area, 69. and kent island, 70 and 69. 73 up in westminster right now. good deal of sunshine. still have a southeast and south wind most of the day, which is kind of warm temperatures. but we do have a front that will be approaching us, with a chance of scattered shower activity. maybe a thundershower late tonight. this front kind of laying across pennsylvania and northern ohio right now. it will sink further to the south. it will get close to us just to
4:55 pm
the north. still a pretty good batch in ohio. most of this will pass to the north of us. but with seasonal clouds perhaps a seasonal shower tomorrow morning. and perhaps late in the day, we could see a shower or thundershower. kind of a difficult forecast temperature-wise. to the north of this front, it's significantly cooler. south of it, it's quite a bit warmer. once again, when you got that summer, kind of late winter, early spring winter regime. we'll get a little cooler thursday. and a little warmer on friday. then the cold front coming through friday night. a good chance we'll see more shower activity. maybe just steady rain and thunder friday night. and it cool off for the weekend. just like it did last weekend. another cool air mass headed our way for the weekend. so the weekend should be generally sunny. but a little cool for this time of year. northeast winds on the bay at 5 to 10 knots. small craft advisory. late tonight. the bay temp now at 55. sunrise, 6:26. sets, 7:46. tonight, late tonight. maybe a shower moving through the area.
4:56 pm
could be thunder. 56 by morning. tomorrow, back up in the low 70s, just where we are now. but a chance of a shower or thundershower in the morning. and again, we think probably late in the day or tomorrow night. could be another shower threat. so it won't be a perfect 24 hours. but it will be mild spring-like day. >> gardens like those showers. >> april showers bring may flowers. still to come tonight on wjz's eyewitness news. baltimore runners return from the tragedy at the boston marathon. >> i was just thinking, oh, my god. that could have been me. i could have been there. i could have been one of the people. >> i'm adam,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
4:57 pm
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[ male announcer ] volkswagen springtoberfest is here and there's no better time to get a passat. that's the power of german engineering. right now lease one of four volkswagen models for under $200 a month. visit today. coming up next on wjz awns at -- eyewitness news at 5:00. a boston tradition is brought to a halt by two bombs. how investigators are piecing together evidence to catch a terrorist. firsthand accounts we hear from marylandirs who were running in the boston marathon during the blast. check in for more on these stories all the day's breaking news. >> eyewitness news at 5:00 starts now. terror in boston. >> tonight, more on the victims, the bombs. and the search to find out wh


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