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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  April 30, 2013 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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breaking barriers. after saying he was living a lie, nba veteran jason collins because the first athlete on a major american pro sports team to acknowledge he is gay. mid air collision. two planes crash over california killing a pilot and sending one plane sprawling onto a golf course. >> people are watching out there today will go to space. >> closer to the stars. a private spacecraft completes an important test flight moving one step closer to taking tourists to outer space. the final salute. one last celebration for a select group of veterans who flew into history. this is the "cbs morning news"
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for tuesday, april 30th, 2013. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm vinita nair. jason collins said if he had it his way, someone else would have been the first athlete in a u.s. professional sport to come out as gay. collins, a veteran of 12 seasons in the nba, disclosed he was gay in an article yesterday. he said he had gone to enormous lengths to live a lie. collins is a free agent and says he wants to continue playing and as tara mergener reports, he's receiving support from the hardwood to the white house. >> reporter: nba veteran jason collins opened a lot of eyes when he wrote these words in a "sports illustrated" article. i'm a 34 a-year-old nba center. i'm black and i'm gay and with one sentence he became the first openly gay professional athlete in a major american sport. >> all it takes is one brave person to stand forward and say i'm gay and that's going to open a door for a lot of other
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people. >> reporter: collins writes he made the decision to come out because he was tired of living a lie. it takes an enormous amount of energy to guard such a big secret. i've endured years of misery and gone to enormous lengths to live a lie. i was certain my world would fall apart if anyone knew. president obama phoned collins monday to offer support and congratulate him on having the courage to be open about his sexuality and many of collins' nba colleagues have been supportive as well. >> i think he's going to make a huge impact on a lot of people. most importantly a lot of young people. >> reporter: a former nba player came out after he retired. he said he's proud of collins' decision. >> it's not enough to be neutral. at some point, as a person of great power and influence as an athlete, you either stand for equality or you don't. >> reporter: collins tweeted late monday night that the support he received since
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publishing his story has been inspiration. tara mergener for cbs news, boston. the suspect in the boston marathon bombings has a new high-profile attorney. judy clark is a san diego lawyer specializing in death penalty cases. she has won life sentences instead of the death penalty for unibomber ted kaczynski among others. the boston bombing investigation is focusing on new evidence found on one of the bombs and the widow of the bombing suspect tamerlan tsarnaev. bob orr reports. >> reporter: sources say female dna has been found on a fragment of one of the bombs used in boston. that could have come from a spectator in the crowd or maybe from a clerk who sold the bomb making materials but investigators say it's also possible it could have come from a female accomplice. katherine russell is not a suspect and has not been charged in the plot. but fbi agents met with russell at her parents' rhode island home to collect a dna sample.
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investigators will compare that against the dna found on the bomb remnants to determine if she ever came in contact with the device. russell's family has issued a statement saying they were shocked by the attack. investigators want to question russell to find out if she had any knowledge of her husband's plans. the fbi is also taking a fresh look at tamerlan tsarnaev's six-month trip to russia and dagestan in 2012 to determine if he received training from known terrorists. of particular interest a russian born canadian militant. like tsarnaev, he was a boxer and both men were in dagestan last summer. he was killed there in a shootout between muslim radicals and police in july 2012, just days before tsarnaev returned to the united states. so far investigators do not know if the two men ever met. surviving bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev may have answers but he's not talked to investigators since being read his rights a week ago.
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he remains isolated in a 10x10 foot cell at the federal medical center 40 miles outside of boston. investigators have found that mystery man who the tsarnaev family originally blamed for helping to radicalize tamerlan. the fbi interviewed him and sources say there's no evidence that he's connected to the boston attack. bob orr, cbs news, washington. the lawyers for james holmes say they are considering an an insanity plea. holmes is charged with 160 counts of murder and attempted murder for the attack that left 12 people dead and 70 wounded. he could face the death penalty. last month holmes' lawyers did not enter a plea but in court filings yesterday they indicated they might enter an insanity plea even if holmes objects. federal aviation officials are investigating a mid air collision over southern california that killed one person and injured three others. the two single engine planes
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collided yesterday afternoon at about 3,500 feet north of santa monica. one crashed and burned killing the pilot believed to be the only person onboard. the other landed on a golf course. >> i saw a plane flying low overhead and i was, like, i heard the engine backfiring almost and it landed with no landing gear on the green and ended up spinning out a 360 and landed on that berm right there. >> three people were on that plane that was able to land. they suffered minor injuries. a vigil is planned tonight to remember leila fowler. the 8-year-old california girl was stabbed to death by an intruder on saturday. the quiet and now frightened neighborhood she lived in is on lockdown this morning. no suspects have been named but police are looking for a man with a long gray beard. theresa garcia reports. >> reporter: bernie fowler and crystal walters held hands and at times cried while sheriff's investigators in california offered new details about the murder of their daughter. 8-year-old leila was found stabbed in the family home on
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saturday. >> we will not rest until we capture the responsible person. >> leila's 12-year-old brother told police he saw an intruder in the home around noon. >> he briefly followed this person until the person left the house and that's when he went to check on his sister. >> reporter: leila was pronounced dead from multiple stab wounds at a local hospital. police patrols and parents kept watchful eyes on the children at the elementary school monday. student and staff are in shock and afraid because leila's attacker is still on the loose. >> you never know what kind of people are out there. you could stand next to someone that's done something like that and it scares me. >> reporter: police have contacted all known sex offenders in the area and are conducting interviews. neighbors say leila's death has them being more cautious. >> a lot of us here are used to keeping doors and cars unlocked and i'm sure a lot of families locked their doors and windows for the first time.
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>> reporter: the only description police have of the killer a light skinned man wearing blue pants and a dark shirt. theresa garcia, cbs news, los angeles. a health update on former south african president nelson mandela. this video of mandela was released yesterday. it's been more than three weeks since he was released from a ten-day stay in the hospital for a lung infection. mandela did not talk and appeared weak. he is seated in an arm chair and his head is propped up about i a pillow. nelson mandela is 94 years old. coming up on the "morning news" popular gun buybacks in arizona now come with a catch plus, space tourism gets a lift. spaceship 2 reaches a milestone breaking the speed of sound. this is the "cbs morning news." instead we give you things you can really use -- like a free roll of our new extra soft when you join scott shared values. sign up at
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governor jan brewer signed the bill into law on monday. now cities under a counties holding the buybacks must sell the weapons to federally licensed dealers. supporters say destroying the guns was wasting taxpayer resources. candidates went on the offensive during the debate for the open congressional seat. former governor mark sanford criticized his opponent. democrat elizabeth colbert busch used taxpayer money to travel out of the country. alluding to his affair with an argentine woman. >> when we talk about fiscal spend and protecting the taxpayers, it doesn't mean you take that money we saved and leave the country for a personal purpose. >> i don't think nancy pelosi gives $370,000 expecting her not to vote for speaker. >> the special election is a week from today. on the "cbs moneywatch,"
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americans are spending and a giant leap for space tourism. ashley morrison is here in new york with more on that and more. asian stocks were mixed as the feds two-day meeting gets under way today. nikkei had the best april performance in 20 years while hong kong hang seng added more than half a percent. consumers are opening their wallets and seeing bigger paychecks. the u.s. commerce department reported consumer spending increased 0.2 of a percent in march. income grew by the same amount. analysts say it is a sign that the payroll tax increase has yet to chill spending. more americans are buying homes. the national association of realtors reports pending sales jumped 1.5%. the last time it was that high april of 2010 when the government home buyers tax credit boosted sales. tech companies and economic reports lifted wall street yesterday. dow finished up 106 points while
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the nasdaq gained almost 28. the fda is investigating whether foods with added caffeine are safe. it comes as wrigley debuted a caffeinated product called alert energy gum. the fda is already looking at energy drinks and shots. the only time the fda explicitly gave permission to add caffeine was in the 1950s for sodas. a prototype spacecraft that would ferry tourists into space passed a key test. virgin galactic spaceship 2 had a successful rocket fired flight after being released from the carrier aircraft over the desert. founder richard branson was thrilled. >> it couldn't have gone more smoothly. we just talked to the pilots. they were thinking of saying screw everybody we're going into space. >> virgin galactic plans to reach space by the end of the year. already more than 500 space tourists put a deposit down on
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the $200,000 ticket price. >> why not? it's just 200,000, right? >> i got my ticket. >> ashley morrison in new york. thank you. straight ahead, your tuesday morning weather and in sports, tebow's time is up in the big apple. find out what might be next for the star quarterback. naturals acne cleanser. re's new n® acne medicine from the wintergreen leaf treats breakouts. no parabens or harsh sulfates. for naturally clear skin. [ female announcer ] neutrogena® naturals. find out with venus embrace. every five-bladed stroke gives you 360 degrees of smooth
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85. chicago morning thunderstorms 78. dallas mostly sunny and 86. los angeles morning clouds and 71. and now for a check of today's national forecast. the southwest and four corners are extreme risk for fire today. expect showers and thunderstorms in the upper midwest and plains states and the northeast and southeast stay dry. in sports, the houston rockets escape elimination from the nba playoffs. chandler carson scored 27 points for houston and oklahoma city misses a last-second shot to tie the game. the rockets win 105-103 to avoid a four-game sweep. in the eastern conference, atlanta's josh smith scores 29 points as hawks down the pacers. 10 it-91. the series is tied at two games a piece. the nets will extend their first season in brooklyn for at least one more game. brook lopez scored 28 points as brooklyn topped chicago 110-91.
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the bulls lead the series three games to two. in baseball, milwaukee brews up a batch of offense versus pittsburgh. in the fourth inning, the pitcher smacks a homer to left field and the next batter sends one out to right and in the fifth brewers go back to back again. this time it's carlos gomez and betancourt homering in consecutive at bats. milwaukee win 10-4. tebow time is over in new york. the quarterback was cut by the jets monday. tebow played sparingly in his only season in new york. it's unclear if any nfl team will sign tebow. the canadian football league's montreal team said he can compete for a role as a backup quarterback. when we return, celebrating american heroes. the surviving members of the doolittle tokyo raiders reunite for a final time as they are honored for their historic for a final time as they are honored for their historic mission during world war ii.
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hey, thanks for stopping by. you know, i've followed your character since the first episode.
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. washington, d.c., showers and 64. atlanta, morning fog, 80. st. louis, mostly sunny, 85. denver, evening thunderstorms, 67. seattle, partly sunny and 56. 71 years ago this month 80 men flew into history. they took part in the first bombing raid of japan in the months following the attack on pearl harbor. david martin spoke with the few surviving raiders at a celebration for them in florida. >> reporter: it's easy to spot doolittle's raiders. they're the guys in white hats. take a good look at edward saylor, david thatcher, and richard cole. this is the last time you'll see them together. why did you guys decide to stop doing public reunions? >> if you didn't decide to wind
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it down, you might end up having to plan a reunion and so forth and end up with no people. >> reporter: they're all in their 90s now but in the darkest days of world war ii, they were daring young man that launched the first american attack on tokyo, flying b-25 bombers that were never meant to take off from an aircraft carrier. it's been 71 years. >> we thought they would forget by now. >> not a chance. the line for autographs at this museum in ft. walton beach, florida, was over an hour long. paul and danna flemming, of maryland, took their children out of school to see them. >> drove straight through 16 hours straight to get here for today. >> reporter: to see the doolittle -- >> we drove all night. >> reporter: phyllis green got here early to be at the front of the line. >> i wanted to take the opportunity to see them and thank them for their service. >> reporter: 80 men took off in 16 bombers. 11 were killed or capture.
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13 more lost their lives later in the war.d. 13 more lost their lives later in the war. these three survived the enemy and the actuarial tables but found out being on a pedestal can be tough work. why do you guys keep doing this? you could have begged off years ago. >> people want to hear all about it. >> reporter: they certainly made ramon cruz's day. did you get their autograph? >> yes. >> reporter: it's on here? >> right there. >> reporter: yeah. look at that. there is one other living raider, robert hite, who survived capture by the japanese but he was not well enough to join the others for their last hurrah. a parade past one more cheering crowd, a flyover by a lone b-25. and one final entrance to a banquet in their honor. take a good look. david martin, cbs news, ft. walton beach, florida. coming up after your local
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4 minutes before 5:00 on this last day of april. even worst than yesterday morning. marty is over at first warning weather. >> it's -- i don't disagree with that. take a look out how the day is going to scare away. about as iky as yesterday. that's a word we all learned in college. 56 degrees right now. it's going to 62 at lunch . the high is going to be barely 64. here's what we have our eye on for you today, a ribbon cutting ceremony is cut for the law center at the university of baltimore. >> mcdaniel college in westminster says it has received $6.7 million from the estate of 1981 graduate phillip dorsey.
4:57 am
>> the netflix drama series house of cards has started filming its second season here in this city. >> a surprising announcement, an navy blue angles player coming out saying he's gay. >> the corruption center into the detention center. >> new details in a beating caught on camera outside a baltimore county restaurant. wjz has exclusive interviews with the two people hurt in the attack. >> more news, first warning weather and your first traffic report of the morning in a couple of minutes. ,,,,,,
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