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tv   Eyewitness News at 4  CBS  May 22, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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road to recovery. the search for survivors in moore, oklahoma ends. >> and the cleanup from the massive tornado begins. >> hi, i'm kai jackson. >> and a.m. mary bubala. here's what people are talking about. >> strangers and friends are helping each other sort through the rubble of the ef-5 tornado, which struck moore, oklahoma. the twister killed 24 people, 11 of them children. cleanup is beginning in the town. and volunteers from all over the country are pitching in. wjz is live in moore. let's go to edward lawrence, with the latest. edward? >> we're starting to hear some touching stories of survival, like the people who were inside this building behind me when it came down. and late this afternoon, police started letting residents back into their homes so they can begin to clean up. >> reporter: 15-year-old dalton did you did you havefield --
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dufffield's wrestling team is helping him find things in the rubble. >> it means a lot that they would come out to help with that. we couldn't do it all by ourselves. >> it's banding together. it's more like a family. >> reporter: youth ministers courtney and tai jackson came from amarillo, texas to help clean up. >> they're digging, trying to find the smallest little thing to give them hope or something to show their kids. >> reporter: president obama is visiting moore on sunday. his secretary of homeland, janet napolitano is there today. she said she is impressed with how the community is pulling together. >> to top it all off, i understand high school graduation will occur on time this weekend. >> the twister blew scars into the lobby and leveled into the building. >> this is the first time i've been down here since they pulled me out. >> reporter: clinic supervisor sandy jones said she still can't believe that she and 13 other people survived, after the walls came crashing down on them. >> i really didn't think i'd be talking to you today.
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>> the oklahoma medical examiner's office, says two infants, 4 and 7 months old, were among the 24 people killed. an army of volunteers cleaned up a tornado-damaged cemetery wednesday. they're hoping to have it fully repaired before memorial day weekend. >> reporter: police say by tonight, all of the major roads in this area will be back open. now, the medical examiner says of the victims who died, 15 were women. nine were men. of those, 10 were children. the youngest, just 4 months old. reporting live in moore, oklahoma. edward lawrence. back to you. >> donations are beginning to pour into oklahoma. complete coverage continues. jessica kartalija is live to tell us how moore, oklahoma's most famous resident is helping out. >> reporter: the salvation army is on the ground in oklahoma, helping feed first responders and those affected by the tornado. hot meals and cold drinks are now available. and several small relief camps are popping up in moore, carne
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and shaunie. country music superstar and moore native, toby keith, is there as well with more on how you can help. >> these people are resillient. and they're helping each other out. they're as prepared as anybody. and they'll rebound. but right now, the first thing to do is probably call red cross, salvation army, support that. and they'll get a laundry list together. and we can help to get it started. >> reporter: volunteers from red cross chapters all over the country are also rushing to help those affected by the tornado. if you would like to help, you can find out how by going to or call 1-800-red-cross. back to you. >> as the story in oklahoma continues, stay with wjz and cbs for the latest on the storms, the recovery and people getting involved. an attack near a military barrack in london today leaves a man dead and two suspects in the hospital. britain's prime minister says the attack appears to be terror-
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related. it would happened -- it happened in the neighborhood of wul rick. witnesses say the two men were shot by police. and a number of weapons, including butchers' knives were seen on the street. the suspects were taken to different hospitals. one of the men is in serious condition. a friend of one of the boston bombing suspects is killed by police in orlando, florida. the chechen immigrant was gunned down in his home when a meeting with the fbi and police turned violent. ines ferre reports for wjz. >> 27-year-old ibrahim to tachef was shot and killed this morning, when he lunged with a knife during an interview. he was a friend of boston marathon bombing suspect, tamerlan tsarnaev. >> in the apartment, something went wrong. there were shots fired. he is deceased. and a fairly significant fbi shooting investigation is going on around that. >> reporter: police had spoken
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to to to chef several times about his link to the boston marathon bombers. but law enforcement tells cbs news, this latest focus was on an unsolved triple murder in wal tham, massachusetts. investigators are looking into whether tamerlan and dzokhar are part of that. a friend in orlando says there is no criminal link between totochef and tsarnaev. >> there's no connection. i know this for sure. >> reporter: totochef was a former mixed martial arts instructorful he was arrested after getting into a fight over a parking space. >> one of the fbi averages involved was taken to the hospital with nonlife- threatening injuries. more trouble tonight for the former virginia lacrosse player, convicted in the case of baltimore native, yeardley love. he is being sued over his
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refusal to answer questions from insurance investigators. the company wants to be released from defending huguely, or paying damages in a wrongful death suit brought by love's family. huguely was sentenced to 23 years in prison. the virginia court of appeals will hear huguely's appeal. another surprise jailhouse interview, from convicted murderer, jodi arias. denise is in the newsroom with what arias said. and the jury began deliberating whether to sentence her to life or death. >> arias gave the interview just minutes after the judge in the case lifted an order, barring media interviews. she told a reporter she can't take back what she's done and she wishes she could. arias is convicted of killing her ex-boyfriend, travis alexander. she said her lawyers let her down by not calling more witnesses. so could bolster her claim she was a victim of domestic violence. >> i really want to stress to people that women -- maybe men -- it's rare. but women who are in my
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situation, who are in the situation i was in, that it's so important that they document what they're going through, in case something down the road ever does happen. >> a short time ago, the jury told the judge they can't reach a consensus on the sentence. and the judge sent them back into the jury room to deliberate again. >> the jury was expected to take two days to determine arias's sentence. cross-country drug- smuggling operation is busted in harford county. and more than a dozen people are facing charges. the harford county drug force seized 140 guns and more than $140,000 in cash. a total of 15 people are under arrest. investigators say the drugs were coming in from california. the bust follows a two-year, undercover investigation by the task force. wjz is in harford county. we'll have more on the investigation, coming up new at 5:00 and 6:00. five men from baltimore are killed when a church van crashes on an illinois highway. rochelle ritchie has more on
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the accident and the local victims. >> reporter: well, a very tragic story coming out of illinois, with ties to baltimore. investigators say the driver of that van that overturned should have never been behind the wheel. a white van with smashed windows and a twisted frame sits just off of interstate 70, after spinning out of control and overturning. 11 people were on board the 15- passenger van. six were injured, while five men, all from baltimore, were killed. those victims, 54-year-old emerson baldwin, 53-year-old andrew canada, 42-year-old antony mitchell, 52-year-old mark william, and 29-year-old thomas coleman. >> we had four patients arrive at fayette county hospital after a van rolled over on i-70 eastbound. three patients were transferred nfair condition. -- in fair condition. one to st. louis hospital, two to springfield hospital. and one remained here. >> reporter: police say the driver who survived had a suspended license. the group was returning from a religious event in california.
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illinois state police say the van left the road and repeatedly flipped over. nine people were ejected. >> reporter: the driver of that van was not only ticketed for driving on a suspended license, but also an improper lane change. i'm rochelle ritchie, wjz eyewitness news. >> investigators are still trying to determine why the vehicle ran off the road. an investigation is under way, after a person is hit on 295. sky eye chopper 13 was over the scene, south of monroe street. police say an unidentified person was struck by a vehicle just after 10:00 this morning. it stopped traffic for a time. the person was taken to an area hospital. condition, not known at the time. no word on the vehicle involved or whether the driver will face any charges. a sad day for wjz and our media partner, the baltimore sun. john richard "dick" irwin, a veteran police officer died today from complications from diabetes. his career started 44 years ago
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at the news american. he started his famous police blotter there in 1979. he then wrote for the evening sun and the baltimore sun. his colleagues remember dick irwin as being kind in the newsroom but gruff with police when they would not give him information. he wanted. dick irwin was 76 years old. >> he was, indeed, a gentleman. we'll miss him, without a doubt. it's not hard to believe memorial day weekend is just days away. it is feeling more like late june right now than mid-may. if you're exercising right now, you want to make sure you stay hydrated, even if i catch a bit of shade if you can. >> outside right now, it's sunny, warm and a bit muggy out there. meteorologist tim williams is updating the first warning forecast. hi, tim. >> hello, kai. good afternoon, everyone. these last two days, yesterday and today, would have been great days for the pools to open. unfortunately, things will cool down, heading into the weekend when they actually do. right now, we're at 86 degrees at bwi marshall. 90 in hagerstown.
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that's courtesy of that southwest wind, bringing in warmer temperatures close to the water. 85 in d.c. down on the potomac basin and 84 over toward easton. that 86, well, that's just a little bit less humid and a little bit cooler than this time yesterday. it was actually a little warmer. in the area yesterday. 4 degrees warmer, in fact. we registered temperatures up around 90. what we're going to see over the next few days, a bit of a disturbance moving from the west. there's a front in our direction, triggering ahead of and right alongside of the front, all of these showers and thunderstorms. and they could be moving in our general direction. we'll talk about how that may play into your thursday and the end of your week, coming up in your complete first warning forecast. >> okay, tim. thank you. let's check in on our roads now. here's kristy breslin at traffic control. well, no big surprise here. a lot of activity along northbound 95. beginning at 32, past 100. average speed, still only about 27 miles an hour. the delays on northbound 95
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continue there, from the 895 split past the beltway. actually, up to whitemarsh boulevard. and as far as the beltway itself goes, on the west side inner loop, stop and go there from 895 past 95. top side inner loop, watch for delays on the jones falls expressway, to harford road. and a couple of accidents that have popped up. bel air road at fleet wood. also east joppa at perring parkway. slow on the outer loop of the beltway, from 83 to 95. 31 miles per hour average. and 20 minutes to get through. let's now take a live look. as you can see, a lot of activity there on the beltway, on baltimore national pike. mostly on the inner loop. outer loop is not doing too bad. this is brought to you by bill's carpet, hardwood and laminate, too. call them at 1-877-75-bills. back to you. >> kristy, thank you. an unusual traffic stop on the baltimore beltway. maryland state police stop a man from playing a drum set on the shoulder of the inner loop of 695, between windsor mills
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road and security boulevard. it happened tuesday morning. the man told police he ran out of gas and decided to practice while he waited for help. the man dubbed the beltway drummer, was not cited and continued on his way. >> resourceful, right? >> made use of his time. right? >> made use of his time. >> i guess we know it's not a violation of any traffic laws that we know of. >> correct. >> on drum on the side of the road. strum a guitar. whatnot. start a band. >> there you go. still ahead on wjz's eyewitness news at 4:00. an italian judge makes a decision about prosecuting the captain of that doomed costa concordia. from congress to controversy, to city hall. anthony weiner makes a decision about a potential run for mayor of new york. it is a muggy afternoon, with lots of sunshine. meteorologist tim williams will update our first warning weather forecast. ,,
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it is mostly sunny. 86 degrees in central maryland. the complete first warning weather forecast is coming up. an italian judge orders the captain of the costa concordia cruise ship to stand trial for murder. the vessel hit a jacket reef off the coast of tuscany, 2012, causing the ship to take on water. 32 people were killed. captain francesco schettino is charged with causing the ship wreck and abandoning the thousands. he will stand trial july 9th and faces up to 20 years in prison. a break in the case of an abducted iowa teenager. 15-year-old cath lin shepherd was last seen getting into the pickup truck of a fellow felon. her backpack was just discovered. >> i just want her to be back and okay and alive and found. so she can get back to all of her brothers and her sisters and her family. >> reporter: catera gendle
4:18 pm
misses her friend. 15-year-old caitlin sheppard was abducted monday night, just outside this school, after she and -- and a friend got off the school bus. witnesses say that man, michael clunder, lured her and another girl into his truck. a short time later, a farmer spotted the 12-year-old, who managed to escape. >> she was obviously an amazing little kid. very lucky. and we're very thankful that she's okay. >> a news conference, the iowa dci said the story then took another unusual twist. klunder, the kidnapper, was found dead outside of town. he had killed himself. and cath lin had disappeared. >> this is something we never expect -- never expected. everyone in this city knows everyone. it's just a crying shame. >> reporter: volunteer and police search crews spent hours searching the country side for the missing girl. but no luck. >> our plan at this point is to
4:19 pm
find her alive. but again, as time goes on, that's not, of course, usually a good thing. >> reporter: not good news for cathlynn's cool. >> what we're doing is waiting for an answer, as far as where she is. so we can help heal. >> reporter: and waiting it the hardest part. >> i just get more worried that she's not going to come back. >> according to prison records, klunder is listed on state's prison registry. he was released on a work release in 2011. a wild day on wall street. [ stock bells ringing ] >> reporter: the stocks were up this morning, but dropped this afternoon. let's take a look. the dow is off 80 points. s&p is down 14. and the nasdaq is down 39. let's go to new york right now, where alexis christoforous has tonight's cbs money watch update. >> reporter: the federal reserve took stocks on a roller coaster ride. the market initially rallied after fed chief ben bernanke
4:20 pm
told congress, it's too soon to pull back its stimulus program. but stocks reversed course, after the meeting said some members are in favor of scaling back those effort if the economy shows strong growth. housing continues to be a bright spot for the economy. a trade group said home resales were at a 3 1/2-year high. inventory is still tight. but rising home prices are convincing some people to put their homes on the markets. target says profits sank 29% last quarter. the discount retailer also lowered its annual outlook. target says cold, rainy wet weather put a damper on the spending. target is also blaming the poor results on the higher payroll tax, which may have caused some shoppers to hold back. who are the most powerful women in the world? forbes just released its top 100 list today. topping that list, german chancellor, angella merkel. other ladies you might
4:21 pm
recognize, first lady michelle obama moved up. and media mogul oprah winfrey came in at number 13. in new york, i'm alexis christoforous. ladies, lessen up. the thunder from down under is back in maryland. australia's internationally acclaimed male reviewwill be tomorrow through friday. they'll be live on the morning edition tomorrow here on wjz 13. mary, you can sit back up in your chair. you're looking too intently. >> well, i have to saya -- >> yes. >> we went to don and marty's face much too quickly. they were just getting to the good stuff. then we went to don and marty. not that they were two handsome men. but we could have seen the video a little longer. >> they'll be on. >> yes. >> stick around. coming up on wjz's eyewitness news at 4:00. the sandy hook shooter. the results of his toxicology tests are released. what they reveal. the unofficial start of summer in maryland is just days
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all righty. >> i was waiting for the music. don't we usually have a little music. >> i feel like one of pav log's dogs. unless the music cues me, i can't speak. >> we don't know what to say. we are like robots. >> i don't know. what do you guys think? it's not the prettiest of days. but it's nice and warm. >> feels like summer. >> it really feels like summer. and to your first point. what are you two, shaft or something? do you need a theme song? but is definitely very summer like out there. but temperatures high. the dew point is rising. and what we have out there is a lot of instability. you see out toward our west and moving our general direction, a lot of very bright colors. that is the indication of some thunderstorms thundershowers on the lighter side of that. moving in our general direction. we're not expecting to see
4:26 pm
anything too major. and certainly nothing from that tonight. there is a severe thunderstorm watch tonight. garrett opportunitiy. until 10:00 tonight. and again, it's because of all of the activity moving in. temperatures are reflecting a bit of a southerly flow. and that is heating things up, along with the sun. but the rest of us, for the most part, clear around the area. 70 is your dew point. and again, that is pretty high. considering the temperatures around 86. it's very summer-like pattern. 58% relative humidity. south/southeasterly wind. 29.85, the barometer. here's your temperature. look at that. 90 in hagerstown. cumberland. 76 on the shore. 85 in d.c. 84 in easton. westminster, carroll county, right at 91 degrees. 84 in bel air. 86 in columbia. 81 in rock hall, kent island and annapolis. water temperatures keeping it just a little cooler around the water's edge. here's that south flow, the southerly flow. east winds around the central portion of the state. at 8 miles per hour. a bit of a southwest direction
4:27 pm
from hagerstown. that's why you're seeing these temperatures spiking from washington county over towards carroll county. and this light wind is actually making it a little comfortable out there. just about a 10 to 15-mile-per- hour wind across much of the area. take a look at the brighter material here. from new yorkite rite on down into atlanta. temperatures are in the 80s am then you look back towards chicago. 67 out there. that is the front moving in our direction. cooler air on the western side. warm, humid side, and moist air on the eastern side. that is what is kind of spinning and clashing and creating the potential for those thunderstorms as they're moving in our general direction. now, we haven't seen much severe weather. no tornado outbreaks or anything like that today. as they move here, a lot of that power is going to loses it potent -- potency as it moves over to the mountains on this side. as well as a lot of cloud cover will keep the temperatures from going high tomorrow. while there is potential for damaging winds, small hail, and localized flooding, there is not really -- the more we look
4:28 pm
at this, going to be chance for severe flooding. but we'll keep you posted. cool air is moving in. losing these temperatures heading into the week. and by the weekend, temperatures in the 70s. it's going to be very comfortable and very spring like again. 5:sphrefn is your next high tide at fort mchenry. look for a thunderstorm or thundershower in spots. 68 degrees tonight. then tomorrow, 82. not quite as warm. and the less sun we have, the better chance that we will not have any very strong thunderstorms in the evening. >> right. so we'll just wait and see how the day they plays out. >> and listen to you. thanks, tim. and, kai, sorry. >> yes. don't miss the cbs primetime lineup. it's a two-hour season finale of criminal minds, followed by eyewitness news at 11:00. now, the orioles head out on the roads this memorial day weekend. you can see, saturday and sunday's games against the toronto blue jays. live at 1:00. both days right here on wjz tv. and just ahead on wjz's eyewitness news at 4:30.
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hoping for answers, 12 days since the irs scandal broke. today, the woman in charge of the agents at the center of the probe faces some questions. >> deadly crime spree. new photographs that police show of the shooting scene in tucson, where former congresswoman gabby giffords was critically wounded. nowhere to hide. disturbing details about the lack of shelters at schools in oklahoma. eyewitness news at 4:00 continues with denise and vic, right after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is just past 4:30. 86 degrees. mostly sunny. hello. thanks for staying with eyewitness news. i'm denise koch. >> i'm vic carter. here's what people are tauging about tonight. new details tonight about the elementary schools, destroyed by that massive tornado in oklahoma.
4:33 pm
officials say they were not equipped for the safe room. that is a place where the children could have taken shelter from the powerful winds. elaine quijano reports from moore. >> reporter: ever since a massive tornado devastated moore in 1999. many new school buildings in oklahoma have included safe rooms, reenforce the steel and concrete bunkers. but it's strictly voluntary. and often comes down to money. >> you've had had limited amount of funds that were used in the past for mitigation measures. and when have you limited amount of funds, you set priorities on which schools you do want to ask for. >> reporter: more than 100 safe rooms have been built in oklahoma schools. but none at plaza towers and briarwood elementary school, which were built before people knew how to fortify against tornadoes. struct engineer john joyce said they get new buildings. >> to try to convert to a safe room, i think it probably would
4:34 pm
be just as cost-effective to go ahead and, you know, build a whole new addition. >> reporter: the schools also lacked underground spaces that could function as underground shelters. >> the problem in oklahoma, you have very strong bedrock. making a cellar is difficult. you have to blast that out. and that's not something a lot of people can afford. >> reporter: in 2000, a report by the oklahoma clime talogical survey, warned that many of the schools where students would seek shelter, were not sufficiently reenforced. monday's twister had winds to 210 miles per hour. but buildings are only required to withstand 90-mile-per-hour winds. >> reporter: moore's mayor, glen lewis, said he plans to impose an ordinance this week, to modify building codes to make sure every building in town has a reenforced shelter. stay with wjz and cbs for the latest on the storms, the recovery, and people getting involved.
4:35 pm
>> reporter: an update to a developing story wjz told you about earlier. an attack near a military barrack in london today, leaves one man dead and two suspects in the hospital. government officials say the attack appears to be motivated by radical islam. it happened in the southeast neighborhood of wulwitch, a few blocks from the artillery barracks. two men reportedly attacked another man. witnesses say the two suspects were shot by police and a number of weapons, including butchers' knives were seen on the street. two years after a deadly shatting spree in tucson, arizona, police release new pictures taken at the scene. kai is in the newsroom with more on what the pictures tell us about the rampage that injured former congresswoman, gabby giffords. >> it's clear from these newly released pictures, that police were racing to keep track of pictures and evidence after gunman jared laugh ner -- jared loughner opened fire.
4:36 pm
no pictures of the victim was released. loughner was targeting congresswoman giffords during that spree. she was shot in the head but survived. loughner was sentenced to life in prison in november. >> witnesses at the scene tackled loughner when he stoped to reload his guns. the city state's attorney says he will not retry policarpio espinoza perez for the deaths of three children. a jury deadlocked. however, perez was convicted of conspiracy to commit murder and is serving life with the possibility of parole. the first trial ended in a mistrial. the second ended with a conviction that was later overturned. the irs official who first apologized for her agency, targeting conservative groups, is not answering questions about it. lois lerner took the fifth before congress today. danielle nottingham reports. >> reporter: the irs official
4:37 pm
at the center of the scandal, insists she did nothing wrong. >> i have not violated any irs rules or regulations. and i have not provided false information to this or any other congressional committee. >> reporter: lois lerner heads the irs unit that decides who qualifies for tax-exempt status. two weeks ago, she apologized that her agency had targeted conservative groups. but in front of lawmakers wednesday, she invoked her fifth amendment right not to incriminate herself. >> i've been advised by my council, not -- counsel, not to testify to subject matters related to this hearing. >> reporter: lawmakers were not happy. >> ms. lerner gets to exercise her constitutional rights, but she won't stay here and answer questions about the constitutional rights of thousands of americans who were denied their rights by their actions. >> reporter: once lerner left here, it was her former boss who got slammed with tough questions. >> we want to be able to trust
4:38 pm
the irs. but for this moment, on this day, we need to be able to trust your word. >> at the time i learned about this list, i felt i was taking the appropriate actions and that my course was the proper one. and i still feel that way today. >> reporter: in 2012, then-irs commissioner douglas shulman, testified his agency was not targeting conservative groups. he later received word the inspector general was conducting an investigation and did not inform lawmakers. on capitol hill, danielle nottingham, wjz eyewitness news. >> the committee chair says he may call lois lerner back in front of the committee, saying she waved her fifth amendment right by giving an opening statement. former new york congressman anthony weiner is throwing his back into politics. he was announcing his campaign for the mayor of new york. wiener's political career came crashing down two years ago, when he tweeted a picture of his crotch to several women. a new poll puts wiener in
4:39 pm
second place for the democratic nomination. turning now to our weather in this area, where it's been a warm one out there. if you can stand the near 90- degree heat. it was a nice day to walk or take a bike ride. still, many people in the druid hill park, kept their water handy just in case. take a live look now. sun is shining. and temperatures are not cooling down just yet. wjz is here. bob is here now with the updated numbers. >> the temperatures in the upper, mid-80s. and the high humidity. did feel more like 90 degrees this afternoon. we do have some shower and thunderstorm activity to the west of us. particularly far western maryland. and the mountains out there in west virginia. cumberland. romney out there. most of that activity will stay out there in western maryland. martinsburg, looks like you're getting close to one. hancock, hagerstown, you'll probably see shower activity there as well. east of the blue ridge mountains, really don't expect to see much until tomorrow. and that's our best chance of getting shower and thunderstorm activity. as we will begin to cool down
4:40 pm
eventually, take a look at temperatures right now. can we look at temperatures real quick? maybe? maybe not. okay. there they go. 86 degrees now. 90 up in cumberland and hagerstown. and a cooler 73 at ocean city. only 63 in oakland. temperatures now are running 3 degrees warmer than they were yesterday at this time. but i promise by the weekend, we'll be struggling to get to near event -- near 70 degrees. it's going to get that cool. denise? >> thank you, bob. let's check on the roads with kristy breslin at wjz traffic control. hi, denise. hi, everyone. two accidents along bel air road. first, bel air road at fleetwood avenue. second one bel air at eshedman. other accidents around the city, include north gay street at north patterson. east joppa. also hilton road at dorchester. as far as delays go, they just continue to grow. the top side inner loop, back down from the jones falls expressway, around to perring parkway.
4:41 pm
average speed, only about 25 miles an hour. same situation on the west side inner loop, from 295 over to liberty road. that's really going to be a struggle. and 70 westbound has delays there from 29 over to marriottsville road. let's take a live look. as you can see, a lot of traffic there on the beltway, around baltimore national pike. and the same situation, mostly on the inner loop of the beltway, at dulaney valley road. this traffic report is brought to you by the center for disease control. smoking causes immediate damage to your body. if you or someone you know wants free help, call 1-800- quit-now. back to you. ocean city is partnering with maryland highway officials to launch a pedestrian safety campaign. 22-year-old matthew ches wick was killed in one of two fatal accidents last year. similar pedestrian-related accidents prompted city officials to take action. they say the new campaign will urge visitors to use crosswalks. they are also planning aggressive police enforcement, targeting drivers and pedestrians. straight ahead on wjz's eyewitness news at 4:00.
4:42 pm
>> we were trying so hard to keep them all calm. >> she used her body to shield her students from crashing glass and falling ceilings. hear from a teacher who saved dozens of lives in the moore tornado. held captain in -- captive in the cleveland house. what they're saying to the community today. it's a hot, humid afternoon. am we see thunderstorms this evening? bob is updating your first warning forecast coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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4:44 pm
4:45 pm
when the tornado ripped through an elementary school in moore, oklahoma teachers scrambled to keep their children safe. a pregnant third grade teacher used her body as a shield. vinita nair reports from her
4:46 pm
hospital bed. >> reporter: jennifer dome still struggles to speak. but the love she has for her students extends beyond words. seven were ripped from her, seven in a class of just 20 upon. >> we were trying so hard to just keep them all calm. >> do you remember what you were saying to them? >> that it was okay. and it was going to be okay. >> reporter: within minutes, the tornado tore the school apart. >> so you remember using your body to cover some of the kids? >> i had my arms around two of them. i just kept saying, someone will come for us. >> how did you get out of there? >> i don't know how long we were stuck. and somebody -- finally came and they knew we were there. they knew we were there. so they kept thinking -- they kept digging for us.
4:47 pm
and they got the student right next to me out. i know that. >> reporter: when rescuers pulled jennifer from the rubble, she said all she could do was think of her students. she doesn't consider herself a hero, but she may have to get used to the title. for cbs this morning, vinita nair, moore, oklahoma. >> dome suffered several fractures and multiple lacerations. as the story in oklahoma continues to develop, stay with wjz for the latest on the storms and the recovery and people getting involved. toxicology results are in for the newtown school shooter. mary has the new findings from the newsroom. mary? >> reporter: vic, toxicology tests on 20-year-old adam lanza, find no alcohol, drug or prescription medications in his system. lanza shot and killed 20 first graders and six educators at sandy hook elementary school, before killing himself. it all happened just a week before christmas last year, on december 14th. investigators still haven't
4:48 pm
revealed whether lanza was diagnosed with a disorder or if he was -- if he was supposed to be taking medication. >> a state investigation on the report of the killings is expected to be released this summer. three women rescued from a cleveland house after being held captive for a decade, are doing well. the letter says amanda berry, gina dejesus, and michelle knight are happy and safe. a charity fund has helped the women raise more than $650,000. berry escaped may 6th. that led to the rescue of knight and dejesus. in tonight's healthwatch, british researchers say sharing your bed with a baby is dangerous and increases the risk of sudden infant death syndrome. this is the largest study yet on infant death. >> reporter: victoria shared her bed with all three of her children when they were newborns, including lucy, who is 3 months old. she believes co-sleeping creates an emotional bond between parents and their
4:49 pm
babies. >> i love waking up next to her and she's smiling every morning. >> reporter: now, the largest study, looking at sudden infant death syndrome, finds babies under 3 months old, who -- share the bed with parents are five times more likely to die from s.i.d.s. >> it's not worth the risk. >> reporter: in the u.s., pediatricians advise against not to share a bed. >> here in britain, only parents who smoke or drink are advised not to share a bed with their baby. >> reporter: a campaign advised parents to put babies to sleep on their backs. doctors also recommend putting babies on a firm mattress with no pillows or bumper pads. make sure a baby doesn't get too warm while sleeping, stay current on immunizations, breast-feed if possible, and try to put the baby to sleep with a pacifier. victoria said she's doing what she thinks is best for her family. >> i think you just have to make your own decisions and do
4:50 pm
what is most comfortable for you really. >> reporter: despite the research, victoria plans to keep her daughter as close as possible for as long as she can. in london, lucy mcdonald, for cbs news. >> the research has prompted the british government to ask health experts to review recommendations on bed sharing. some people in portland are dealing with real-life angry birds. a man is seen walking pretty calmly, as they swoop around and into him, hitting him in the head, several times. one group of people came, prepared with hooded sweatshirts as they were attacked. employees in the area say these birds constantly pick on them. they think they're a mama and papa, protecting their nest. we have this kind of story every year about this time. [ laughter ] >> well, you know what? why shouldn't they? it's their space, right? it's their worms, their seeds. if you could stand the heat, today was a beautiful day in our area. >> bob has the updated first warning weather forecast coming
4:51 pm
up next. as the people of oklahoma struggle to recover, wjz urges you to help. donate to the red cross relief efforts. it's community commitment. on wjz. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a warm afternoon. humid, feels like the first week. that's normally what we expect the first week of july. we're at 86 now. dew points, way up there at 70 degrees. humidity, 58%. south/southeast winds at 8. the barometer, holding steady. 29.85 inches. right now, shower and thunderstorm activity in far western maryland. pretty much south of hagerstown. still 90 now. they've dropped showers. only 64 in oakland. ocean city, still has that breeze off the ocean. and this afternoon, they're at 73. everybody else in the mid or upper 80s. locally, really hot up to the negotiate west. for some reason, westminster, coming in at 91 degrees. probably a truck parked next to the thermometers or something. 81, rock hall. kent hall. wircheds out of the south/southeast. but showers near cumberland.
4:55 pm
28 miles per hour. any showers we get tonight, particularly west of us and tomorrow. we'll have very strong, gusty winds. we have storms to the negotiate of us this afternoon. to the west of us, a whole bunch has developed to the mountains of west virginia and portions of virginia. higher elevations really helping to enhance those showers. they're all moving up to the north as you can see. for the time being, we'll probably stay dry. we may see a shower sneak in here later this evening. tomorrow, however, with a front coming through the area, that's when we'll have the best chance of some heavy downpours. could be some gusty winds. and then it turns progressively cooler, friday into the weekend. may only be in the upper 60s for highs this weekend. it's going to get really cool, compared to what we have now. 68 tonight. maybe a shower or thunderstorm approximate n a few spots, mainly west of us. tomorrow, a better chance in the afternoon or evening of showers. and maybe a thunderstorm. could be heavy one. and just plain old rain by tomorrow evening, with a high of 82, back in the upper 50s and low 60s, tomorrow night, with some rain in the air. we actually need the rain. and looks like friday would be
4:56 pm
a lot cooler, only around 70 or 72. then we'll talk about the holiday weekend coming up. which is, of course, a very big weekend for the beach and whatnot. we'll have that forecast for you. looks like definitely temperatures, no more in the 80s. probably only around 60s to the low 70s, max. >> temporarily. >> it will be -- so if you're going to the beach, instead of wearing a bikini, you can wear a sweatshirt. okay? >> that's always a nice choice, actually. >> that's my relative choice of the day. still to come tonight on eyewitness news tonight. the painful cleanup begins. people are now returning to their homes. or what's left of them in moore, oklahoma. following a deadly massive tornado. and wjz has complete coverage. , copd makes it hard to breathe...
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coming up next on wjz eyewitness news at 5:00. 13,000 homes, damaged or flattened. now, people are returning to pick up the pieces of their tornado-ravaged town. five people are killed on an illinois interstate, with connections to baltimore. i'm rochelle ritchie. the tragic story is next. >> an undercover narcotic busts 15 people. i'm christie ileto with the details when wjz returns. check in for more on these stories and all the day's breaking news. >> eyewitness news at 5:00 starts now.


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