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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  September 24, 2013 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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under siege. kenya's military makes a final push against the islamic militants who killed dozens of people inside a nairobi shopping mall. and this morning, there are indications that some of the attackers may have lived in america. president obama could come face-to-face at the u.n., a possible first step in what could be an improved relationship between the two countries. and playoff pirates. after a 21-year drought the pittsburgh pirates clinch a spot in major league baseball's postseason. >> the buccos win it, raise the jolly roger! >> this is the "cbs morning news" for tuesday, september
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>> this is the "cbs morning news" for tuesday, september 24th, 2013. captioning funded by cbs good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm susan mcginnis. the deadly siege at a mall in nairobi, kenya, isn't over yet. and explosion and gunfire were heard this morning as security forces continue their battle with al qaeda-linked terrorists. at least 62 people have been killed in this attack. kenyan officials have said most of the hostages were freed and that they have regained control of the mall. and the kenya foreign minister says as many as three of the militants are from the united states. this morning, al shabaab, the group claiming responsibility for the attack, says the militants are still holding their ground. >> reporter: kenya's government forces say they have gained control of the mall and are vowing to finish and punish the islamic militants who launched saturday's attack. but the battle between the al shabaab fighters and kenyan security forces is now in its fourth day and an unknown number of hostages and fighters remain
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inside the mall. at the united nations general assembly in new york, president obama said he talked with kenya's president by phone. >> for the kenyan people, we stand with them, against the terrible outrage that's occurred. >> reporter: the band of attackers stormed the mall on saturday. they've been described as a multinational collection of fighters from all around the world and it's possible some may have ties to the united states. >> from the information that we have, two or three americans, i think so far -- from the information we have, they're young men. about between maybe 18 and 19. >> reporter: somali origin? >> all somali origin or arab origin. from the u.s., in minnesota and one other place.
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>> reporter: federal officials say they have no confirmation americans were involved. dozens of shoppers were killed and dozens more injured when the assault began. >> but these guys aren't asking for money, asking for what i have. >> reporter: several americans were wounded. elaine dang escaped the massacre. the san diego native moved to nairobi a year ago, two of her friends were killed. >> i just had surgery. i'm okay, i'm very grateful, i realize. >> reporter: al shabaab said the attack is retribution for a kenyan incursion into neighboring somalia in 2011. charlie d'agata joins us from the westgate mall in nairobi. charlie, fill us in on what's happening on the ground there in nairobi this morning. >> reporter: good morning, susan. what's the situation here? well, the situation is changing.
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we're getting information from the kenyan government that they've taken control. the military's taken control of this mall here, sweeping through four floors of it but there was an explosion this morning and that was followed by gunfire. we've seen more soldiers and paramilitary moving into that area. that have widened cordon around the mall. this is still an ongoing siege. we heard earlier this morning, kenyan officials say there may be as many as seven militants still holed up there. they've released most if not all of the hostages, but questions remain about that, too, because we haven't seen any hostages in days. there are more than 60 people unaccounted for. kenyans are wondering where these people are. they've closed the triage. they're not expecting more people or victims or hostages to come out today. and we want to know the fate of
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the militants still inside. as you already heard from the kenyan foreign minister that two or three americans may be involved. we don't have any more information. they haven't provided any evidence to back up those claims but that's really where we stand today. the siege is still ongoing. kenyan forces are trying to flush out the remaining militants and everybody here wants to see where they've gone. >> charlie d'agata in nairobi this morning. thank you for that update. meanwhile, three men with ties to al shabaab have been charged with terrorism in federal court here in new york. two of the men appeared briefly yesterday. lawyers say they are in plea negotiations. all three men are from somalia. prosecutors say they are members an elite al shabaab suicide squad intent on attacking the united states. their lawyers denied the allegations. several al shabaab recruits from this country come from minnesota. dean reynolds is there. >> reporter: the cedar riverside neighborhood of minneapolis is
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called little mogadishu was there condemnation of the actions of the somali-based terrorists of al shabaab. aman is a law sunt. student. >> because of the violence and message, they're really trying to change the makeup of the somali nation. >> reporter: but this community has been described as a jihadist pipeline. this online video released by al shabaab last month featured two americans and this man. >> if you guys only knew how much fun we have over here. it's a real disneyland. >> reporter: it's believed all three died over there. over the last decade, the fbi estimates 20 people left minnesota for mogadishu. >> that's the tip of the iceberg. >> reporter: you think there's far more? >> far more. >> reporter: a local somali leader says the number is more like 60.
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what is the appeal? >> it's not about heaven, it's not about ideology. it's about engaging a young man who is lost. they take him to the mosque. they raise him. they induct him. they blame everything he's complaining about, they blame it on the infidels. they give him a target. >> reporter: he also said that al shabaab doesn't tell the young recruits that their ticket to somalia is only one way and those who return could face execution. and yet the young men continue to head overseas. the last one left two weeks ago. dean reynolds, cbs news, minneapolis. a former fbi agent said he'll plead guilty to leaking classified information to an associated press reporter. he said he provided details to an undercover operation in yemen back in 2012. the investigation into the leak involved the seizure of the associated press phone records.
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he became a suspect when the phone records were examined. he also admitted he possessed child pornography. he'll get 11 years and eight years in prison under a plea deal for both crimes. president obama addresses the united nations general assembly this morning. the impact over iran's nuclear program, one of the key issues at this week's meeting. and the presence of iran's new president gives a potential for progress and a possible get together between the two leaders. vinita nair has more. from the united nations. >> reporter: president obama will address the opening at the u.n. general assembly meeting but it's the possibility of a more intimate talk that is drawing the most attention. iranian president hassan rouhani could meet face-to-face with president obama today. if it happens it will be the first time the leaders of the two countries talked since the iranian revolution in 1979. officials have not ruled out the
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possibility, but say no meeting is scheduled. but iran and the u.s. did agree to official talks later this week, while representatives of both countries are here at the u.n. meetings. secretary of state john kerry will join his iranian counterpart and representatives of five other countries this thursday to talk about iran's nuclear program. president rowhani said he would like his country to improve relations with the outside world. >> so the time is now right for those statements to be matched by kron the key stats by iran. >> reporter: the u.s. has led efforts to impose strong sanctions against iran because of its uranium enrichment program. sanctions which have crippled that nation's economy. syria will also be a topic of conversation here at the united nations with the possibility of sanctions if they refuse to turn over their chemical weapons stockpi stockpiles. reporting live at the united
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nations, vinita nair. back to you. well, a 4-year-old cherokee girl at the center of a high profile custody battle has been returned to the south carolina couple who are trying to adopt her. veronica was handed over to matt and melanie capobianco last night. she had lived with them for the first two years of her life. her father had regained custody in a legal case that went all the way to the supreme court and involved an unusual federal law concerning the adoption of native-american children. well, coming up on the "cbs morning news," a wildfire in southern california forces evacuations. plus, the end of a long strong trip. the beloved vw bus is riding off into history. this is the "cbs morning news." ♪ . this is the "cbs morning news." [ male announcer ] campbell's homestyle.
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a national force spokesman said it's 190 acres and only 5% contained. hundreds of firefighters are battling this blaze. they're getting some help from aircraft and dropping water on the fire. the cause is under investigation. -on-the "cbs moneywatch," the iphone 5 frenzy. plus a final ride for the iconic volkswagen bus. wendy gillette is at the new york stock exchange and more. good morning. asian stocks were lower. tokyo's nikkei lost a fraction. hong kong's hang seng dropped nearly 1%. concerns about the economy and budget battle sends stocks down. on wall street. the dow jones industrials lost nearly 50 points yesterday. the nasdaq composite was down 9 points. bank of america has been ordered to pay $2 million to settle a discrimination suit. a judge with the labor department ruled bank of america applied unfair and inconsistent criteria to black job applicants. the decision affects more than 1100 applicants who were rejected for jobs.
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blackberry once the dominant name in smartphones is selling itself to a group led by its largest shareholder. the deal is worth $4.7 billion. blackberry signed a letter of intent with fairfax financial. blackberry holders will get $9 in cash for each share. it was the introduction of apple's iphone back in 2007 that began the blackberry downturn and the iphone is still going strong. apple said it sold 9 million units of its new top of the line model the iphone 5s. and the less expensive iphone 5c in the first days of its sale. part can be attributed to the decision to launch the new phone in china at the same time in the u.s. and, susan, a symbol of the '60's counterculture movement is going the way of the eight-track player. the last volkswagen van will roll out of assembly line at the end of the year. the van or bus known to fans has
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hauled hippies, a.m. surfers through the era of peace, love and happiness. it was introduced 60 years ago. brazil is the last place that produces the van. production is stopping because the van no longer meets safety requirements. sign of the times, susan. >> very sad. wendy gillette at the new york stock exchange, thanks so much. >> sure. straight ahead in sports, a play at the plate sends one major league team back to the playoffs for the first time in decades. >> the buccos win it, raise the jolly roger! jolly roger! this is humira, adalimumab. this is humira working to help relieve my pain. this is humira helping me through the twists and turns. this is humira helping to protect my joints from further damage. doctors have been prescribing humira for over ten years. humira works by targeting and helping to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to ra symptoms. for many adults, humira is proven to help relieve pain and stop further joint damage.
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. in new york, sunny and 72 degrees. miami, thunderstorms, 88. chicago, sunny and 68. dallas, sunny and 90. los angeles, sunny and 82 degrees. in sports, three games will determine the final two spots in the national league playoff race. washington needing a win and losses by pittsburgh and cincinnati to stay alive. the nationals wouldn't get it. st. louis' carlos beltran breaks a 2-2 tie in the fifth inning with a two-run homer. the cardinals deal the nats a 4-3 loss. well, a win and they're in for the reds and cincinnati gets it done. shin-soo choo delivers a walk-off hit in the bottom of the tenth inning to give the reds a 3-2 win over the mets. and it was the same deal for the pittsburgh pirates. a victory over the cubs would send them to their first postseason appearance since 1992. with the game tied at 1-1 in the ninth inning, starling marte
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puts pittsburgh on top 2-1 in a pinch-hit home run. but in the bottom of the inning the cubs had a shot to tie the score with two outs. >> -- a drop for a hit. and bobbled, mccutchen throws. the runner breaks for the plate. here's the throw. the buccos win it! raise the jolly roger. they waved home. the buccos win their 90th, what a finish, unbelievable! how about that! >> wow, the 2-1 win wins the 21-year playoff drought for the pirates and their long-suffering fans. on "monday night football" it was more of the same for the broncos and peyton manning. he throws three first half touchdown passes and finishes with more than 370 yards as denver beats oakland 37-21. the broncos have now won 14 straight regular season games dating back to last year.
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and here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. washington, d.c., sunny and 76. atlanta, cloudy and 76. st. louis, sunny and 78 degrees. denver, sunny and 79. seattle, mostly cloudy, 62. ♪ well, for the ninth year, former president bill clinton hosts a forum in new york city. it starts today. the clinton global initiative brings together high-profile people to solve global problems. for the first time this year, it's going to be co-hosted by hillary clinton and their daughter chelsea. the former president talked about his wife's possible presidential aspirations with
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for norah o'donnell and charlie rose for "cbs this morning." >> do you think she'd rather be today, she could do both, president or grandmother? >> if you asked her, i think she'd say grandmother. but i have found best not to discuss that issue. >> sounds like chelsea may have influenced you? >> i'm just trying to -- my goal is to live to be a grandfather. it's out of my hands. >> you can see more of charlie and norah's interview with former president clinton later on "cbs this morning." well, president clinton also popped in on "the late show" where david letterman also wanted to talk about hillaries plans. >> if hillary is running for president in 2016.
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good morning i'm -- good morning martty. >> good morning jess. welcome back to studio a. let's take a look at first warning doppler weather radar. it's a clear scan. it is beautiful this morning. the star field is absolutely spectacular. it's a beautiful fall sky. we're going to have clear skies through the day. temperatures now. in many cases in the mid, upper 40s. it's going to be 75 today. >> here's what we've got our yay eye on today. a state legislative panel is -- gun control lay. that legislation goes into
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effect next month. >> city police are investigating a fatal car crash in baltimore's brewer's hill neighborhood last night. police say a 51-year-old man was killed. >> a legally imported coral seized in florida is being sent here to baltimore's national aquarium. the coral will be used as teaching aids in the black tip reef. >> we have breaking news a multicar accident leaves several people dead in north baltimore. news newswjz will be on the scene. >> a star football player injured after a brawl breaks out during a birthday party. the shocking details and what the team is saying today.
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>> the hits hits keep coming for the orioles as they lose a player for a year and possibly longer. ,,,,,, [ woman ] dear chex cereal,
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