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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  September 26, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> reporter: the crash happened after 1:30 this afternoon. it involved ten vehicles. we are told there were four tractor trailers and five cars involved with a tow truck. this all started on 83 northbound. a tractor trailer rear ended another car causing this massive pileup. we know seven people have been taken to the hospital. there was a fuel spill. at this point they are trying to clean that up. it has been contained. pennsylvania state police are investigating this accident. at this point, we know there was a ten-vehicle pileup on 83 northbound. traffic has been backed up all the way to the maryland line. we have been taking some of the back roads. they are also very backed up, at this point. everyone is having a difficult time trying to get northbound in pennsylvania. we'll continue following this developing story. the best way to see the severity from the accident is from the sky.
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complete coverage continues with captain jeff long. what does it look like now they have gotten some of the vehicles out of the roadway there? >> reporter: they have all but one. we wanted to give you a look at the initial point of impact. we can follow that up. you can see burn marks on the road. there is a definite trail of marks where cars were struck as this vehicle moved forward northbound on 83. the interesting thing about this vehicle, this is the vehicle that ended up on top of a car also on top of the tow truck involved. you can see it has a load full of heavy building materials. the load did shift forward. nothing came off. the traffic is backed up to the maryland state line. everybody is forced off to 216 and taking the trail around
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this accident. that's going to be like that until 7:00. the trail is moving slowly. i-83 northbound a parking lot at this point. >> thank you very much. >> we'll keep you updated as we get more details. police commissioner is finally speaking out about the fiery crash in north baltimore that left three people dead, outraging many families. the questions that continue to be asked is was the accident a result of a police pursuit? wjz is live near the scene of the crash in northeast baltimore. we have more on what the commissioner is saying tonight. >> reporter: the commissioner first called it a horrible tragedy. he said he is aware of the details of what happened that night. but he took the opportunity today to explain why the department can't share that information just yet. >> there is some issues i have
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concern with overall with the incident that took place out there. it is disturbing. >> reporter: for the first time police commissioner speaks to wjz about the fiery crash that killed three people early tuesday morning. that's when two suspects were fleeing from police officers who were trying to pull them over after witnessing a possible crime. two suspects died when their honda slammed in a jeep. the jeep's driver survived but critically injured. the family want answers. were they pursuing the suspects. were they following the policy, which allows a chase only after extreme circumstances. police admit they followed them for miles but stopped short of calling it a chase. >> the holes and gaps is that we have not talked to the officers yet. in the state of maryland you have a strong officer bill of rights that gives them a certain amount of time. before we share a lot of that
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information we need to talk to the officers and talk to everyone and build that picture. >> reporter: some family members of the victims are pointing blame. >> who do you hold responsible for this accident? >> police. >> why? >> because they should not have chased the people. i think the police need to be charged with this. charged with three murders and attempted murder. >> reporter: former police commissioner ed norris said the department's pursuit policy is about citizen safety. he says frustration should be directed not at police but the suspects. >> they caused the accident and fatatlities. people need to focus on that and stop pointing the finger at the police department. how about the guys who were trying to get away for -- i don't know what reason. >> reporter: the police commissioner said when their investigation is complete they'll turn that information over to the state attorney's office which will ultimately make the decision whether anything was done wrong by
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officers in this case. and if any charges should be filed. >> police identified the two suspects who died in the crash. more than two dozen people are homeless tonight after fast- moving flames roared through their baltimore county apartment complex. >> investigators are on the scene trying to determine what sparked that fire. chopper 13 was over the scene before 1:00 this afternoon. the fire went to two alarms. crews from both baltimore city fire department and howard county fire department assisted county firefighters. one firefighter suffered minor injuries. the red cross is assisting all people displaced. back to you. >> thank you very much. new information on a shooting investigation in ann arundel county. this car either a mercury or ford is a vehicle of interest
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in the case. earlier this week someone fired shots into a home. no one was struck by the bullets. a child was hit by flying debris. anyone with information should call police. a youth graduate is killed in a helicopter crash in the red sea. he was from california and graduated from the academy in 2001. officials say the crash was not due to any hostile activity. three others on board the helicopter survived. president obama visits prince george's county on a campaign to promote obama care. starting tuesday marylanders can go online to chose health insurance under the affordable care act. the president had an audience today of supporters. >> reporter: a roaring crowd of supporters greets the president in prince george's county. as president obama takes aim as republicans who have been
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shooting holes in obama care. the affordable care act plan intended to see every american insured. >> now you can do it for the cost of your cable bill. probably less than your cell phone bill. >> reporter: while the push back from congressional republicans who want to eliminate funding from the plan as a condition of passing a new budget is causing gridlock in washington, the president ensures the nation the health care act will go forward. >> part of the reason i need your help to make this is because there are so many people out there working to make it fail. once it is working well i guarantee you they will not call it obama care. >> reporter: maryland is in the forefront of the health care transition. you may have seen ads like this one promoting maryland's health care connection. >> everybody in maryland is logging in and taking a looking at prices. >> reporter: the plan takes
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effect january 1st. those who have health care don't have to do anything. patt warren reporting from prince george's county. now back to you. >> you can find a link to the health care website by going to cbs and clicking on past stories. when it comes to the weather this week keeps getting better and better. how are we ever going to top the spell of clear and dry conditions? meteorologist tim williams and bob terry are checking temperatures for us. here's bob. >> it is hard to top this in september. look now we are at 72 degrees. ideal temperature. 48 dew point. 68 ocean city. 72 elocon. 73 d.c. in morning low of 53. today's high 74. today's low 53. that's where it is supposed to be on this date in september. 50 ocean city.
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48 oakland. we had high clouds in the area coming off the ocean. you can see the spin out east bringing clouds in. they i'm clear out later tonight. for the most part another sunny period of weather headed our way. tim has a better look at friday and the weekend. >> it is really not much to talk about. it is much the same as what we have had. high pressure dominating our forecast really stays in control. it allows for dry air to stay in place. what the air will do and what the high will do is keep showers. there is a low pressure system off the coastline. it will keep that away. showers stay at bay off the coast. we'll get a few clouds like we got today. high stays with us. nice conditions stays with us. with the jet stream moving north it will allow temperatures to warm up. 74 today may be closer to 78 by the end of the weekend. we'll have your complete first forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you very much. toy guns, brass knuckles
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and tasers, just a few items the tsa has recovered in the last two weeks at bwi marshall airport. gigi explains the agency is issuing a warning about those items again. >> reporter: in our post 9/11 world there is a long list of things that can not enter the airport. tsa says make sure you check the website or its app to see that you and your bags clear. check your bags and check again. it is a warning tsa has sent to airline passengers for more than a decade. >> people are continuing to bring these items. >> reporter: tsa spokesperson says over the past two to three weeks the agency collected bins fulled of banned items. and they keep coming. >> in most instances there is no malicious intent. at the same time you don't know about the person sitting next to you. whether they see there is a knife available. whether they might decide to
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use it. >> reporter: this week at bwi marshall a man tried to clear security with razors in his shoes. >> we do see people who tried to conceal. >> reporter: passengers have come in with tasers in black and pink. last week at salisbury airport a man brought this gun through a check point. it was fully loaded. >> it is scary. i actually had a little pocket knife one time in my purse by accident and they didn't catch it. >> i keep a stapler in my book bag so i can staple my homework. i didn't want to get stopped. >> reporter: when in doubt passengers should check the agency's app. >> and check the pockets. >> reporter: that is a warning tonight. what do you do if you mistakenly bring something to the airport that's banned? tsa says you have several options. you can put it in a checked bag. you can take it back to your car. or you can just mail it to yourself. that way it will be home when
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you get back. >> thank you very much. tsa says it does not confiscate items. all of them are surrendered by the passengers. a group from the u.s. naval academy recreates iconic war photo. six men stand on either side another group recreates the raising of the flag underwater. members of the swimming and diving team staged this photo. it shows the navy men swimming and diving team at the finest. >> how long did they have to hold their breathe to get it exactly correct. >> they are the swim team. they are professionals. still to come, and the earth moved. a massive sinkhole swallowing trees hole. it is still growing. where is this happening?
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could a mining company be blamed. towsen university taking big steps in the fight against prostate cancer. >> hundreds of trees at lincoln park are on the line. there is a controversy boiling over a proposed gas pipeline. will rain bring an end to the incredible weather? ,,,,,,,,
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mainly clear. 72 degrees in central maryland. first warning weather forecast is coming up. city's largest park could soon have less trees. that has people up in arms tonight. beg plans to replace an aging gas pipeline in the park. >> reporter: that pipeline is part of a 60-mile line from west baltimore county to south baltimore. two miles need to be replaced. it could mean uprooting hundreds of century-old trees. towering trees fill lincoln park but that could be a thing of the past. >> this is very much a natural habitat. >> reporter: bge plans to cut two miles of wooded space to replace a pipeline that serves 90,000 customers. >> we look at equipment that needs to be upgraded or mains and the.
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there may be trees that need to be cleared for the new pipeline. however, we'll be replacing tree where the existing pipeline is. >> reporter: for safety reasons crews can't work too close to the existing pipeline that runs next to a stream. >> there are several proposed routes. one does go through the park. one goes along the outside edge of the park. >> we are very upset about this. we try to save every tree we can. >> reporter: some residents hope the proposed line can be on the outskirts of the park like here on brian cliff road where it would take out fewer trees. >> just off the edge. there is about 20 feet here. >> reporter: bge says they are still looking for the best place for the pipeline. park advocates are hoping hundreds of trees won't fall casualty in the process. a work started on the portion of the line from 70 to security
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boulevard. >> thank you very much. bge confirms it is meeting with residents and members of the friends of falls tomorrow to discuss potential routes for the pipeline. it started here in baltimore. now it is a nationwide event. on sunday hundreds are gather in towsen for the zero prostate cancer challenge. it is all raising money and awareness about an important men's health issue. it is the 7th year for the zero prostate cancer challenge. doctors sanford and chesapeake neurology started the event. now in 34 cities to raise awareness about the disease. >> men don't have to die from this disease. if this disease is diagnosed early in its course, these men will be cured and we'll have less men dieing of prostate cancer. >> reporter: survivors will join the big crowd. at johnny unitas stadium survivors will join the crowd. >> it is important to get
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tested early and detected. if it is detected early there is a 99% chance you'll survive. >> reporter: 150 boy scouts will be here. >> we'll talk to the boys about what this race is about. we encouraged them to look at materials so they come in form and know what they are supporting. >> reporter: this year the challenge has expanded. >> you can be a walker. you can participated and have fun. doug the one-mile fun walk. you can do a 5-k or 10-k. >> reporter: this is expected to be the biggest prostate cancer run ever. over 1400 people already registered. >> it warms your heart. this is what is needed. as part of our continuing community commitment wjz is a proud sponsor of the run. go to cbs and the look for this story.
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>> the weather is going to be perfect. in the 50s mainly sunny. beautiful weather this weekend and for the next six days. temperature wise just pleasant. 72. east winds 9. barometer rising. we'll look at friday and the weekend after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a live look outside it is simply gorgeous. >> sunsetting in about 25 minutes on a beautiful day. a pleasant night again. this weather continues to get better and better. let's take a look at temperatures now. not too many problems with this weather. 72 here. 68 ocean city. 64 oakland. can't complain about this kind of weather. east winds out of the ocean. low pressure off the shore is bringing in clouds from time to time. these are high clouds. not rain-producing clouds. east to northeast wind will be light and not influence the weather. the rest is chilly air coming down from western canada. temperatures in the 30s and
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40s. first snow of the season in western montana and northwest wyoming and eastern idaho last night and tonight. 84 kansas city. 82 minneapolis. there is a wedge of warm air in the middle of the united states. in the east the jet stream dips. temperatures pleasant. 72 detroit and chicago. 72 boston with the winds off the water. 58 degrees now. they are getting breezes from the storm off shore. there is the area of low pressure developing. because of that spin it is bringing winds from the atlantic ocean and bringing clouds into our region. up toward the northwest, the beaches from about cape cod down to jersey maybe delaware and maryland will see higher surf than normal by the latter part of the weekend because of a tight pressure gradient.
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there will be higher surf along the beaches by the latter part of the weekend. front region of high pressure. yes, pleasant dry conditions will continued well into most of next week. northeast winds 5 to 10 knots. bay town 70 degrees. tonight patchy fog. clear to partly cloudy. down to the mid 50s. cooler in the suburban areas. 76 degrees tomorrow. today 74. low clouds burn off. another sunny, beautiful end of the week. the weekend is looking great. >> thank you. still to come tonight on wjz news, tragedy more than a year after the costa concordeia. what was discovered in the ship. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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72 degrees. a few clouds. thank you for staying with wjz. here are the stories people are talking about tonight. with dozens unaccounted for the death toll from a massacre in a upscale mall in kenya is expected to climb. there are concerns the attack could spur similar attacks in the u.s. >> reporter: a massive crater marks the spot where three floors of a nairobi mall collapsed near the end of the deadly siege. fbi agents are in kenya helping forensic teams search for evidence in terror attack. they are trying to get as much information as possible to prevent a similar attack from happening in the u.s. >> i would not say we have incredible evidence that they are planning to do anything in the united states. >> reporter: relatives are burying victim who is died when terrorist fired guns and
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through grenades at shoppers. 67 people are confirmed dead. red cross says dozens more of missing. investigators believe the militants cased the mall months in advanced, even renting a shop inside to stock pile weapons. the leader of the somali terror group sent an internet message confirming his militants launched the four-day assault. he called it a lesson to supporters who didn't want the attack in somalia. the british fugitive dubbed the white widow is wanted in connection with a 2011 terror plot in a kenyon resort. authorities are trying to establish if she played any part of the massacre at west gate mall. >> same islamic extremist group launched more attacks near the
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somali border killing three people. chicago toddler recovering from a gun shot wound to the face is out of the hospital tonight. he was out with his parents watching a basketball game at a south side park when he was struck by a bullet along with 12 other people. the bullet went through his cheek. he'll need plastic surgery. his parents say he is in good spirits. on tuesday police announced the arrest of four suspects of the shooting which they called gain- related. update on breaking news. a major accident shuts down northbound i-83 over the maryland line. these are pictures from crash scene in pennsylvania. ten vehicles were involved in the accident including several trucks. the road remains shut down. traffic is backed up for miles. amazingly there is no word of any fatatlities. hear from drivers stuck in this mess on eyewitness news tonight at 11:00. they are traffic accidents mostly involving young children
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being killed in vehicles backing up. rear view cameras are recommended but not required. as lynn explains, that could soon change. >> reporter: they are suing the federal government to make a change. >> as i was backing up, i felt a lump. a little bump. >> reporter: october 2002 dr. gregg got his car, checked the mirrors, looked over his shoulder and reversed. >> i looked down. there he is. 2-year-old boy blue pajamas holding on to his blanket bleeding profusely from his head. he accidently ran over his son cameron. >> reporter: in 2008 congress passed a law in the child's name requiring the department of transportation do something to prevent backup accidents. two years passed the congressional deadline and
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still no action. they are suing the government calling for mandatory rear view cameras in rear vehicles. >> behind the vehicle are 62 children and not a single one could be seen. >> reporter: never drive a car forwards with the same poor visibility that we have going backwards without a camera. >> reporter: the government said more than 200 people are killed. 18,000 injuries every year in backover crashes. he now has a video system in his suv. he has no blind zone. he says until all cars are required to have rear view cameras more children will suffer the same fate as cameron. >> it is effective. it is available and it is worth a fraction of what i would pay to have my son back. >> reporter: this week the department of transportation recommended new cars have rear view video systems. a mandatory rule is not expected until 2015. back to you. >> the lawsuit is asking the court to direct the department
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of transportation to issue a mandatory rule for rear view cameras in 90 days. ann arundel police arrest four teenagers for allegedly blowing up mailboxes in davidsonville. early this morning they got calls about explosions. while investigating a stopped a it to toyota suv with teens inside. the 17-year-old driver is charged as a juvenile. other three are charged as adults. university of maryland takes it fight to leave the acc without a financial penalty to a north carolina courtroom. lawyers are asking them to bow out of the battle saying it should be decided in maryland. atlantic coast conference is ordering maryland to pay a $52 million exit fee for leaving for the big ten conference. attorneys say that's way too much and filing a counter suit against the acc in maryland. secretary of state john kerry meets with top leaders from iran at the u.n. general
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assembly. it is the highest level talks with the nation in 30 years. >> reporter: secretary of state john kerry met face-to-face with his iran crane counter part foreign minister. top diplomats from five nation's participated in a discussion about iran's nuclear program. the historic meeting in manhattan is an encouraging sign. the u.s. said iran must prove its commitment with actions not just words. >> translator: thousands of these weapons continue to pose the greatest threat to peace. >> reporter: earlier thursday iranian president addressed the united nations. he called on israel to join an international treaty banning the spread of nuclear weapons. >> translator: israel the only
6:36 pm
nonparty to the treaty in this region should join, too, without any further delay. >> reporter: iran is pushing for increased transparency including more inspections as a key part of negotiations. since his election in june he made it clear he is opened to new nuclear negotiations and relieved from international sanctions. time for a quick look at the stories in tomorrow morning's edition to the baltimore sun. a guide to this weekend's baltimore book festival. review of this week's new movies. all the information you need for sunday's raven's game in buffalo against the bills. for those tomorrows and more read tomorrow's baltimore sun. look for the updated forecast from wjz's first warning weather team. arizona farmer is growing pink pumpkins to raise money for breast cancer research. he got the idea after cross pollinating white and red
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pumpkins. he is hoping to raise $25,000 by the end of october in honor of breast cancer awareness month. still to come tonight on wjz eyewitness news wild scene. a scene of arsons set in los angeles system anyone in custody? a baseball fan murdered after a game. what police are saying tonight. more of this great fall weather headed our way. first warning five-day forecast coming up. ,,
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police in los angeles think they may know who set a string of fires overnight a. person of interest is being questioned about the arsons. six fires before set last night all in the same area. most were in trash bins spread to nearby buildings.
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so far the damage is estimated at $20,000. no injuries reported. san francisco police arrest two people in the fatal stabbing of a dodgers fan near at&t park. the crime scene is about half a mile away from the giant's home ballpark. the victim was walking with his father, brother and two other people not far from the ballpark when their group exchanged words with giants fans leaving a nightclub. the exchange turned physical and the victim, jonathan denver, who were wearing a dodgers cap and gear was stabbed to death. denver's father works as a security guard at dodgers stadium. divers find human remains in the wreckage of the ship wrecked costa concordia. search teams have been looking for two passengers missing since the crash. >> reporter: italian divers may have found the two missing passengers from the costa concordia cruise ship disaster. authorities say dna testing will confirm whether the bodies of an indian man and italian
6:42 pm
woman. divers say they found the remains near the center of the ship where they were last scene alive. friends say the woman was celebrating her 50th birthday. the man was a waiter who gave his life jacket to another passenger. 4,000 passenger costa concordia sank off the italian island in january 2012. 32 people died including two americans. for 20 months the ship was stuck on its side. last week an international team successfully turned the 114,000 ton ship upright in the largest salvage operation ever. experts plan to go inside the costa concordia to bring out ship's computers to determine why backup generators failed after the crash. >> captain is still on trial for manslaughter and insists his not the only one responsible. it is a potentially deadly problem. today another person falls on
6:43 pm
train tracks in boston. this surveillance video shows the man walking off the platform and falling down hard on the train tracks. it appears he was knockedden concious. within 20 seconds three people jumped to rescue him. and pull him to safety. scott pelley has a preview of the cbs news tonight. >> reporter: in a new study, airline pilots admit they have fallen asleep in the cockpit. many say when they awoke the other pilot was asleep, as well. we'll have the story tonight on the cbs evening news. here is a look at tonight's closing numbers from wall street. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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we have an update on the five-day forecast and what we can expect tomorrow. >> it is another gorgeous night. temperatures going down in the mid 50s. that's where we start again tomorrow. another day of sunshine and
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blue skies. probably a few less clouds tomorrow than we had today. good bit of sunshine. temperatures go back up in the mid 70s. 76 degrees. dropping down through the 70s before another night of 55 or so. around the mid 50s for your friday. next five days, including the last weekend of september, sending it into bob. >> looks like it will be beautiful. mid 70s eevery day. mid to upper 70s monday and tuesday. plenty sunshine through the entire period. pleasant nights again. no major changes headed our way. >> thank you very much. in louisiana a giant sinkhole continues to grow and displace residents after opening up more than a year- ago. we have the report. >> reporter: it looks like something from a science fiction movie. in louisiana a sinkhole below the swamp is swallowing trees whole and threatening 150 homes. that's why on nearby street janet and gerald are packing the last of their things from the home where they planned to
6:48 pm
live out the rest of their lives. >> it is painful. physically, mentally, emotionally. >> reporter: the swamp went from this to this. a sinkhole the size of 20 football fields. bayou corn sits on a salt dome deep underground. that's where a company built a cavern. part of the cavern wall collapsed taking the ground above wit. the pressure from below is now sending dangerous natural gas bubbling into the air. texas is installing wells to vacuum out the natural gas. bruce martin is vp of operations. >> a lot of residents say they moved to bayou corn to live out the rest of their lives. now they have to flee. what do you say to those people? >> i definitely share and feel their pain. we were surprised as anyone this occurred. >> reporter: they give residents $875 a week for evacuation costs.
6:49 pm
some think that's not enough and filed a class-action lawsuit. >> i doubt i can get this down. >> reporter: they took a buyout and are moving to baton rouge. >> looks like i'm going to be in baton rouge until my time runs out on this earth. >> reporter: the natural setting that drew residents to bayou corn is now driving them away. >> some property owners and residents filed a class action suit against texas brine. still to come tonight, is this the last season for brian roberts in baltimore? >> mark has the latest on orioles fans favorite coming up next in sports. i want you to know stuff i don't. i want you to be kind. i want you to be smart. super smart. i want one thing in a doctor. to speak my language. i don't want you to look at the chart before you say "hi david." quiero que me hagas sentir segura. i want you to be awesome. that's the doctor i want.
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we are still taking baseball. >> yes we are. mark is here with the fan report. >> season about to end. transition talk beginning. four games remain in the orioles season. they might be the final four games of brian roberts. longest tenure player on the team. drafted by baltimore 14 years ago he's played his entire career in orange and black.
6:53 pm
he's been around longer than any other current oriel. in his prime roberts was a fan favorite. twice named all-star. his last four seasons have been plagued by injuries. now 35 years old and his contract up i asked roberts his thoughts on what may be ahead? >> we all think about our future and what that might hold. i don't have any idea at this point. i'm trying to enjoy every day that i have here. i have loved all 14 or 15 years i have been in the orioles organization. hopefully it is not the end. if it is i'm certainly greatful for every day i have had. >> roberts had front row seat to see his successor at 2nd base. the rookie making his major league debut last night. ushered career in with a bang. two hits including that. first big league home run in 9- 4 orioles win over toronto. roberts is designated hitter tonight. with the win last night orioles
6:54 pm
clinched a winning season but no playoffs. gonzales pitches series finale against blue jays at camden yards. they'll face mark burley. first pitch in ten minutes. see it on masn. boston red soxs in town tomorrow for final series of the season. as reigning superbowl champions ravens know when they leave baltimore for a road game there is added incentive in the other cities to knock them down. they do expect a hostile environment in buffalo on sunday. buffalo is a blue collar town with die hard fans. even though the bills struggled for a decade their fans are loud and proud at ralph wilson stadium. i asked joe flacco about life on the road in the nfl and whether it is fans in buffalo, pittsburgh or cleveland or anywhere else he appreciates their passion. >> it is funny to hear the things crazy people say. you have to love it. why is our sport the way it is?
6:55 pm
because you have all those people. i don't mean crazy in a bad way. you have 70,000 of them it is awesome to be on the sideline and have to deal with that. some of things that say the unbelievable. >> ravens running back ray rice is a man of the people. a crowd favorite where ever he goes. rice practiced for a second straight day. he plans to plan sunday after missing last game with a hip injury. stay tuned for the game coming up on sunday. ravens and bills. coverage kicks off at 1:00. after the game post season coverage. we'll have highlights and reaction from the ravens. it is all here sunday on wjz. mary will be with us. >> i,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> pelley: tonight, a breakthrough for peace.
6:59 pm
a deal is reached to avert a u.s. air strike on syria. we'll talk to the secretary of state about that and about the sudden opening that could head off an iranian nuclear bomb. but the united states would plook favorably on relaxing or eliminating the sanctions if the iranians were serious about abandoning their nuclear weapon. is the world getting warmer? on the eve of a major new report on climate change, mark phillips reports a surprising discovery. it's making headlines in britain-- airline pilots admit they'd fallen asleep in the cockpit. we'll talk to captain sully sullenberger. and want a salad with that burger? jim axelrod talks to the c.e.o. of mcdonald's on his bid to make america a healthier place. >> we think we can be part of the solution. captioning sponsored by cbs


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