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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  September 29, 2013 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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good evening, we begin with breaking news, a fire at the bay bridge is causing a traffic nightmare. take a live look from m d.o.t transportation cameras. all westbound lanes of the bay bridge are closed as well as one eastbound lane. we don't know exactly where the fire is. officials say there is light smoke in the area. stay with us for updates on when the bay bridge lanes will reopen. >> >> time is running out to pass a spending bill and avoid a partial government shut down on tuesday. today, house and senate lawmakers were in the in session. instead, many het the sunday talk show circuit and blamed each other. tara merge pener has more. >> reporter: house republicans are calling on the senate to pass a spending bill. >> we are just asking them in good faith come back and do what is required of democracy
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and that's to negotiate and work with us. >> >> reporter: the latest ties funding for federal agencies with a one-year delay in parts of the affordable care act. president obama and senate democrats say they will not support any spending legislation that cuts into obama care. >> we are not going to pass it because its wrong to do a shut down of the government as an leverage to make a change. >> this is a terrible destructive strategy, totally unnecessary. >> reporter: conservative republicans said obama care is flap and needs to be repealed or fixed. they blame the senate imaginesy leader for the steal mate. >> he has essentially told people "go jump in the lake." he is not willing to compromise or even talk. >> the senate is not expected to meet begin until monday afternoon. 10 hours before a possible shut down of some government
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services. >> >> if there is a shut down, national parks and museum also close. mail carriers, airport screeners and the u.s. military will stay on the job. > syria is accused of using a chemical nerve able on their own people in august. but the president there has denied his involve innocent in that attack and is he edd is he he has officially signed and international agreement to prevent the use of chemical weapons. >> >> police say a man who held a woman hostage was shot and killed. "wjz" is live, more on the suspect and his victim. >> reporter: we now know that the female hostage in this incident had a protective order against the suspect. 34-year-old austin jones.
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police responded to a call for help always of a fight. rush instead, neighbors directed police to this home where they found 34-year-old austin jones had barricaded himself in side of a home if a female hostage, refusing to let her go. officers were called to help negotiate with the suspect. >> one of the officers that was there is trained and is part of the negotiations. he had a dialogue with the suspect. >> reporter: it worked, jones let the woman who had a restraining order against him leave, but he would not make it out alive. police say he made a gesture to indicate he had a gun. that is when he was shot and killed. >> the officer who shot austin jones is now on administrative leave. >> >> the woman woe was held hostage had no reported injuries. >> >> a howard county police officer injured in a head on
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collision overovernight. it happened at 3:45 this morning. driving a police cruiser on washington boulevard when another car crossed the center line and hit the cop car head on. she was taken to shock trauma and list in stable condition. investigators say alcohol was likely a factor in the crash. >> >> a grand opening three months in the making. the city's oldest church welcomed parishioners back inside this weekend. >> trumpets marked the occasion at old st. paul's church in baltimore. >> the place is beautiful. i'm walking in there. they did it right. >> the original st. paul's building was completed back in 1856. >> >> well, talk about a beautiful sunday, take a live look outside. we could say we have been
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spoiled with this great fall weather. meteorologist chelsea ingram is in the first warning weather center. chelsea, a perfect weekend. >> a perfect weekend, we could use a little rain, but it is beautiful. nice sunset, too. take a look at our current temperatures, we topped out at 73 degrees. that's the normal for this time of the year. we are down to 70, cooler in maryland. 59 in oakland. eastern shores, 65 in ocean city. we had some big white puffy clouds out there, but as daytime heat something going on. skies are starting to clear. mostly clear skies heading into the overnight. we are watching a cold front moving into the ohio river valley and tennessee river valley. good news, it will dry out. bringing a little more cloud cover. if you are enjoying this dry weather, the will dissipate and bring us a little more sunshine as we head into tomorrow. that is what we'll be talking about coming up in the exclusive first warning forecast. >> >> great weather for the annual
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baltimore book festival. hundreds of authors and avid readers came out to mountver nan place for readings, book signings and workshops. there were historic walking tours, great music. and hands on activities for the younger fans. >> >> coming up, dramatic rooftop rescues. dozens of people trapped seven stories off the ground. >> >> sifting through the rubble. the late ever on the deadly building collapse in india and the search for survivors. >> >> local physicians are looking to raise money and awareness for prostate cancer. how they teamed up with "wjz" to battle the deadly disease. . ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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look at that beautiful sunset. complete first warning weather forecast coming up. >> >> an update to breaking news we brought you at the top of the show. a traffic nightmare. maryland officials say the fire is under the bridge in a construction area. right now, there are no reports of any injuries. that's the good news. we have a look at the maryland traffic cameras, you can see the backup, all westbound lanes of the bay bridge is closed wells one eastbound lane. stay with us for updates on when the bay bridge will
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reopen. the search for survivors is now over an apartment apartment building collapsed in mumbai, india. the death toll has reached 60 people. officials used special equipment to track people and they are confident no one else is buried in the rubble. the building collapsed early friday morning police have arrested a man who leased part of the basement. they say he was doing construction that might have caused the collapse. >> >> overnight, a stairwell collapsed and a man fell at
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least two stories. 30 people were trapped on the roof. fire crews used a ladder and basket to rescue the people stuck on top of that seven story billing. >> we were having a rooftop party the man who fell is still in the hospital. meantime, the spare well has been reenforced. none of the neighbors were evacuated. >> >> prostate cancer takes the lives of more than 30,000 men each year. today, thousands laced up their shoes. tim reports on the prostate cancer challenge. >> >> reporter: healthy and athletic approach to fighting one of the most deadly diseases in america. prostate cancer. >> we are very passionate about treating men and raising awareness in men because men tend to hide from health issues and at least this can raise
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awareness for the disease. >> zero prostate cancer run premiere series in america. it's a heart felt tight anytime community event. >> my dad this a bought of prostate cancer because he did, i started to get checked when i was younger, i started to get checked at 38 and i diagnosed at 48. it's important for me to stay on top of my health. i'm glad i did. >> this year's races, we are now in 34 cities across the country. very proud to have started here in baltimore. this is our best event ever. we are probably going to have close to 2,000 runners and walkers this year. >> more than 30,000 men die from the disease. fifty-cents of every dollar
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raised is for local research, testing and support. zero tolerance. one dollar and one step at a time towards finding a cure. "wjz" "eyewitness news." >> >> as part of our continuing community commitment. "wjz" is proud sponsor of the zero tolerance prostate cancer challenge run. >> >> in new york city -- . >> the race honors new york firefighter. he just finished his shift and he heard about the first plane hitting the world trade center. he grabbed his gather and ran through for rescue.
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every year, thousands par at this time pate in this event. >> >> pretty typical september day. temperatures around the 70 degrees, outside. take a look at our current dew point at 50. humidity 49%. winds in the east, around eight miles per hour. we'll talk more coming up in your exclusive first warning forecast. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's almost october, but it's still so warm outside. >> it is warm and we are going to get even warmer into the next couple of days, wednesday, we are talking mid-80s in some spots. that's the data that the models are putting out. temperatures pretty typical of september. 70 degrees in baltimore, 59 in oakland, 65 degrees this ocean city, dew points at 50, see humidity is very low. seeing temperatures in the upper 60s to right near 70
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degrees. 68 degrees. right now in westminster. winds have been coming mainly out of the northeast today, so that actually brought in some moisture from the ocean and created some of the big white puffy cumulous clouds. cloud cover dissipating with the daytime heating. now that the sun is starting to set, cloud also get out of the way a few patchy clouds overnight. big picture on satellite and radar, high pressure is in control. that will be the case for pretty much the entire workweek. we have a coastal system trying to form off the coast of cape hatteras and a cool front over the ohio river valley and the tennessee river valley. the coastal storm will not do too much for us. heading through your tuesday, cool front dissipates and high pressure is going to be the big player in the game for the next several days. we are looking at more dry weather. our next rain is not going to come until probably saturday late into your sunday morning.
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more dry weather. if that's what you like. that's what you will get. 70 degrees on the bay, right now, winds out of the east between 5-10 knots. here is what you can extext. clouds around 54 degrees for your low temperature. tomorrow, 75, mix of sun and clouds, average 73 for this time of the year. here's how the next five days -- check this out. 86 degrees. high, wednesday, we'll be warming up. cooling down quickly, heading into the weekend. 81 on thursday. 81 degrees on friday. >> thank you, chelsea. >> >> coming up, record setting day for ravens quarterback joe flacc o, but one he is not proud to hold. mark has highlights and reactions next in sports. ,,,,,
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mark is here with our "wjz" fans sport report, a tough day for ravens fans. >> the nfl is an unpredictable league. the ravens at times can play so well, especially at home. don't they look like an entirely different team on the road sometimes? >> ravens played poorly, again. lots of low lights for joe flacc o, running game. passed off the hands of dixon into the hands of former raven jim lenard. buffalo's interception. the bills would concert that into a touchdown. they have not a lot of touchdowns in two straight games, but buffalo ended that. flacco and the ravens trailing. touchdown pass to tory smith.
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big game for smith. career high 166 receiving yards, ravens down by six and they were down by three with a minute to go. flacco's pass was deflected an picked off. another tough loss on the road, 23-23 the pine. >> we have to get better, a lot of that -- yeah, we have we have young guys, we are going to get better. a lot of that, throwing the ball, if we don't do that, this game will probably -- >> ravens see their record fall to 3-2. still winless on the road. their next game on the road at miami, one week from today. a game you can see here on "wjz." long road that is the baseball season ends for orioles, final game, oh,'s
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unable to repeat the playoff success they had last year. chris davis honored at camden yards. he did not make it through the entire game. he hurt his wrist in the fourth inning. diagnosed as a sprain, he to leave the game. the birds would rally. and here in the 6th inning, now with a 6-5, lead, ryan adds two with a shot to right field. tied with the yankees, -- starting the day tied with texas. with a wild card against toronto, tampa, starts, everyone longoria with a double off the wall. tampa needed those runs. texas also won, a tiebreaker
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with tampa bay -- the season is not over. >> >> the ravens on the road again. hopefully, won't be a streak. >> you don't want to see that. miami is improving, we'll see. >> >> thank you, mark. be sure to tune into cbs. the season premiere of "the mentalist" followed by "wjz" "eyewitness news" at 11:00. in boston, women got to reuse their formal wear by raising money tor a good cause. hundreds lined up in their favorite gowns for the second an all running of the brides maids. a lap around boston common. also the big sister association of greater boston.
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post race, there was an after party so they could keep the clothes on. pittsburgh international festival made a big splash opening weekend. take a look. a 40-foot tall rubber ducky floating down the river, got the party started. this this project has put ducks in ponds around the world. each city builds its own duck based on plans by the dutch artist. pittsburgh's duck is the first in the u.s thanks for joining us thanks for watching "wjz" 13 maryland's news stations, we'll see you again tonight at 11:00.
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