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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  October 1, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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this is wjz tv baltimore. >> from the city to the counties to your neighborhood, now it's complete coverage. it's wjz, maryland's news station. >> new in sight, federal agencies closed for business and the first government shut down in nearly two decades. >> the frustration for workers and the immediate impact all over american. >> i'm dick carter. >> and i'm denise koch. >> 24 hours after the government shut down, lawmakers are no closer to a solution. wjz has coverage for you this
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evening as we have all day. complete coverage beginning with meghan mccorkell who has the growing impact of maryland. let's go to the latest from washington dc. danielle notingham has been there all day. >> reporter: the first day of the shutdown is ending as it began, with a stalemate in congress, a new play by republicans and no sign of how all of this will be resolved. >> and the joint resolution is not agreed to. >> reporter: the republican controlled house's latest attempt to approve an emergency spending bill was a nonstarter in the senate. the affordable care act was known as obama care, and all were rejected. the house wants to restore funding to portions of the government, including veteran's affairs and the national parks service. the senate's democratic leadership said no. >> just another whacky idea from the tea party driven republicans. >> reporter: president obama criticized republicans about the
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government shutdown again tuesday, which was also the first day of open enrollment for obama care. the president noted the irony of the day. >> they've shut down a whole bunch of parts of the government but the affordable care act is still open for business. >> reporter: but 800,000 federal workers are shut out of their jobs. >> you're asking me, again, to give up my pay and give up service for the american public. >> reporter: the nation's parks and landmarks are also affected. a group of veterans was turned away from the national world war ii memorial, but some lawmakers moved the barricades and let them in. so while lawmakers talk and talk without much to show for it, americans have fewer peaceful places to escape the dysfunction of washington. the emergency spending bills failed to get the 2/3 majority they needed to pass. now, the house could bring them up again wednesday under a new set of rules. live in washington, danielle
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nottingham, now back to you. >> thank you, danielle. and marylanders of course are already feeling the pain one day into the shutdown. meghan mccorkell is live in baltimore with the noticeable changes. >> reporter: denise, nearly 300,000 federal workers live here in maryland, and tonight, they are facing an uncertain future. workers sent home. >> your hours stop and your paycheck stops right away. >> reporter: services suspended, parks shut down. >> obviously they will not be able to see the fort. >> reporter: events canceled? it's sad. >> reporter: the reality of the government shutdown is setting in here in maryland. >> hey, hey, what do you say! >>reporter: protesters gather to vent frustration. >> this is not how you run a country. that's what they're in there for, and they need to be removed themselves. then they'll understand how it feels to go without money, a paycheck. >> reporter: from the social security administration, nasa
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godard, fort mchenry, even the naval academy, thousands of maryland federal workers are on furlough. the navy football game set to take place here on saturday is also going to be shut down. >> they're bringing guys from walter reid up just to see the game and take advantage of the big hoopla. >> reporter: area businesses rely on football fans. >> i'm going to have a pretty sad saturday. >> reporter: back in baltimore, one bar is trying to ease the pinch for furloughed federal workers. >> happy hour is from 4:00-7:00. federal workers, first free drink on us. >> reporter: many will be just happy to go back to work. and navy officials say a decision about saturday's football game will be made by thursday at noon. reporting live, meghan mccorkell, wjz, eyewitness news. >> thank you very much, meghan. we invite you to stay tuned to complete coverage of the
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government shutdown. there is breaking news at a busy east coast airport. right now, jacksonville international is completely shut down after authorities found two suspicious packages. police say one package was in the airport terminal, and another in a parking garage. the florida times union is reporting police confronted a man who said he had a bomb, and a second man was seen running from the area. at least two men are now in custody. the entire airport has been evacuated. we'll bring you more information as we get it. a major blow to opponents of maryland's new gun control laws tonight. a federal judge has denied two requests to delay the tougher restrictions from taking effect. maryland gun control supporters celebrate another victory with a rally in baltimore tuesday night. gun control opponents who failed to make their case in the state house are continuing their battle in court. today, a federal judge denied two motions to delay the law from taking effect. gun advocates are moving
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forward. >> this is not a ruling on the merits of the arguments. the fat lady hasn't sung. she hasn't even taken the stage yet. >> reporter: activists who brought you gun control don't think she stands a chance. >> they're a waste of everybody's time. but the good news is they're not at all interfering with the effectiveness of the law. >> the governor told wjz he expects the law to stand. >> i believe our law was enacted properly, passes constitutional muster and it's the right thing and common sense thing to do. >> gun advocates aren't finished yet. >> we now have a framework of how we're going to move forward and how the plaintiffs will press their case. >> the plaintiffs are suing the attorney general, lieutenant governor and the state police. they claim it violates the second amendment and also argue marylanders are being denied the right to buy guns because the new licensing process isn't in place. erasing signs of tragedy at the washington navy yard. repairs are set to begin inside
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the building where a gunman killed 12 people. the navy says there is extensive and widespread damage inside building 197 where aaron alexis opened fire september 16th. a colorado based firm is being paid $6.4 million to make safety repairs, assess the damage and come up with a new design. a shocking road rage attack is caught on tape in new york city. a gang of bikers surround an suv, pull the driver out of a car and beat him in front of his family. mary bubala has new developments in the case. >> reporter: a new york city driver was riding in his suv with his wife and two-year-old daughter when police say a mob of bikers surrounded him. one suddenly slowed down causing the driver to clip him. the video shot on a biker's helmet and posted on the internet showed the suv mowing down a motorcyclist and taking off. but police say the driver was only trying to get away after the bikers swerved in front of his car and slashed his tire.
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then a swarm of bikers chased the suv. one of them tried to pull the driver from his range rover before he escaped again. finally, the suv came to a stop and the biker smashed the window. after the cameras were turned off, he was dragged from the range rover and beaten. he received stitches at the hospital. the biker who was run over suffered two broken legs and is on a ventilator. >> my husband got off the bike to help the guy. whatever he did, he was scared, got peeled off and he paralyzed my husband on the way. >> reporter: but motorists say this group has caused trouble before. >> last year, they came in with over 1,000 cyclists to be somewhat disruptive. they wrote on the sidewalk, that sort of thing. >> reporter: police are trying to track down the two bikers shown in this photo. police see they received about 200 complaints about the motorcycle gang's reckless
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behavior. mary bubala, wjz eyewitness news. >> one biker had been charged with reckless endangerment, reckless driving and endangering the welfare of a child. one has turned himself in. three women are behind bars tonight charged with robbing a bank in baltimore county. alessis chandler, ms. flood and ashley fitz, police say robbed a bank in essex friday. they implied they had a bomb and fled with cash, police say. officers caught up with them with skychopper. the hard rock cafe reopened with a multimillion dollar upgrade, and they're rocking hard tonight. wjz is live at the harbor. it's the latest of several innovations to the harbor. >> reporter: the harbor area is constantly growing and so is the hard rock cafe's audience.
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that's why the business is feeling the pressure to grow with both of them. it's a smashing success at the reopening of the hard rock cafe in downtown baltimore. the restaurant known for rock 'n roll, food and fame reopened after a multimillion dollar renovation. it includes new decor and a new stage. >> i think from their perspective, they want to have a great facility along the harbor and be competitive with the other options that are available. >> reporter: philip's seafood is one of those options available. it's a neighboring business to the hard rock, and the maryland restaurant icon had its own renovation in 2011. all of this remodeling is an effort of long-time businesses to keep pace with baltimore's growing harbor area. >> tonight at the hard rock cafe in baltimore, we have a real special performance by imagine dragon. >> hard rock is all about rock 'n roll. >> reporter: the grand opening had a dual purpose. it was also a chance to donate to a good cause. >> we are thrilled to be here
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tonight at the hard rock cafe to benefit casey cares jothe casey cares foundation helps critically ill children and their families. the organization got a check from $10,000 from the hard rock. some ravens and orioles players also attended. when you think of the hard rock, what do you think of? >> great food. great, great food. >> reporter: and the hard rock cafe event went on. in fact, it probably is just wrapping up right now. back to you. >> how was the band? were they good, chai? >> reporter: very good. this band is very popular and all the young people in that area denise know who they are and were out to get their it's graphs, pictures, and, of course, post them on twitter tonight. >> thank you. the hard rock cafe has 139 restaurants in 51 countries. coming up, explosion on campus, a fiery scene and widespread power outage at uc berkeley. is a thief behind the whole thing?
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natural phenomenon boaters, caught in the middle of not one but several water spouts. >> he has a super bowl ring and now expecting a baby. i'm christie ileto with more on how tory smith and his wife are becoming parents. >> the complete forecast is coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,
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incredible video taken by a captain of a boat in florida as he finds himself surrounded by water spouts. that's kevin johnson, when he decided to drive through one of those water spouts. he says the low pressure popped the hatches on his boat, but otherwise he got through unharmed. at one point, five water spots were seen at once. they were packing winds of 70 miles per hour. the power is back on at the university of california berkeley, but not after some anxious moments following an explosion. fire erupted from an electrical vault on campus. the blast happened while crews were trying to restore power. one person was hospitalized. three others suffered minor injuries. it is believed someone stealing
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copper wire at the electrical station caused the explosion. the lone survivor of a deadly rock slide in colorado says her father saved her life. 13-year-old gracie johnson told police her father shielded her as the boulders cascaded down on them on a popular hiking trail. he, along with his wife, daughter, and two relatives from missouri were all killed in the rock slide. volunteers helped recover their bodies today. police in texas hope this shocking video of a home invasion will lead to an arrest. it shows three masked men breaking in and continuing to the bedroom. that's where they're seen attacking the homeowner while he slept. police say he woke up, fought back. they say at one point, he removed the mask of one of the attackers, and their face was caught on camera. police in new new york city say a homeless man went on a stabbing spree on a bike path. one of the victims was a two-year-old boy. police say he was attacked while in his stroller.
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the child was treated and released from the hospital. all five victims are said to have non-life threatening injuries. investigators said the suspect used a half a pair of scissors in the attack. a dramatic rescue on the south of china sea. a rescuer was sent down from a helicopter. he was able to secure the two men, and they were both lifted to safety. officials say several fishing boats went down in the storm. 18 people have been rescued but another 70 remain missing. stellar raven tory smith and his wife tells the world they're pregnant. it went viral. more than 27,000 people have liked it instagram. here's the reaction from his teammates. >> reporter: the announcement went viral. tory smith and his wife chanelle, a school teacher, announced they're expecting. >> super cute, little prego,
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saying everything, they're exciting. >> reporter: the word "we're" on a sheet of paper covers the pasta jar prego. >> bringing a life into the world is a beautiful thing. >> i think he'll be a great father. >> reporter: arthur brown, marlin brown and matt elam chimed in on their teammate's big news. >> i was like, all those women was excited and stuff. i was surprised. it was crazy. >> reporter: this isn't the first time the pair have taken to social media in a creative way. earlier this year, they came up with an msa rap video to get her students ready for the standardized test. the college sweethearts married in june. >> best thing you did in the offseason? >> i guess i get in trouble if i say it wasn't getting married. >> reporter: tory has talked about how he's preparing for father hood, raising his younger siblings. >> i tell people all the time, i
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know how to be a parent, and when that time comes, i'll be good to go. >> reporter: and that time is now with his own baby raven on the way. we don't know the baby's gender or its due date, but baltimore is sending its congratulations. justin tucker is known for his booming kicks, but in this ad for dr pepper, he shows off his booming opera voice. ♪ ♪ the second-year kicker can sing opera in seven different languages. he also dabbles in other varieties of music, including hip hop. during football season, ravens fans want him making beautiful music on the field. i watched the entire video of this. this man is incredible. >> wow. >> he really is. great performer. >> who knew? >> never knew. that's amazing. all right. i can't sing in one language. well, i try.
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63 degrees now, pretty mild night considering we've had some very cool nights recently, up until this week. 63 and the dew point is 58. no winds, humidity 50%. the barometer to 31.0 inches. 67 in ocean city, 55 in oak, and 71 over in dc. 62 now, we did get up to 83 degrees today. 51 this morning. that was normal but this afternoon, whew, 11 degrees above average. the record high in 1966, 41 degrees. right now, very light winds. tomorrow winds out of the west-southwest. maybe some patchy fog and a couple of spots overnight. the cool air is up in canada for the time being. we've just got an area of high pressure that will dominate our weather picture really into the weekend into next week before an actual front with some precip
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may get here on monday. maybe some showers then, and it turns a little cooler. in the meantime, just mild to the north or warm air everywhere up and down the east coast the next several days. jerry not doing much. it weakened tonight. it's moving west at 1 mile-per-hour. expect it to die in the next two or three days in the atlantic. no issue at all. west winds 5-10 knots in the bay. bay temperature around 70. overnight, clear skies for the most part. 56 for a low. probably about 64 in the city. 86 degrees tomorrow with sunny skies all along expected, maybe a few skies expected. 84 on thursday, back to 86 on friday and saturday. clouds and some sun on sunday. 82. maybe a shower or two on monday. denise, vic. >> thank you. coming up, the ravens aren't satisfied where they stand after four games.
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four games. >> mark has,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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well, changes. mark is here with our wjz 13 sports report. >> reaction around the nfl that ozzie newsome has done it again. looks like he's pulled off a good trade. jim harbaugh says he's disappointed in the offensive line. they do something about it in a trade with the jacksonville jaguars. baltimore tackles eugene monroe. the ravens get him pending a physical in exchange for multiple late round draft picks for next year. the need for help on the offensive line was made most offense in the ravens' loss on sunday. joe flacco was hurried and sacked four times. he's been sacked 12 times in four games this season.
11:26 pm
plus, the ravens struggle to establish a running game. bryant mckinney could be out of a job. harbaugh spoke bluntly about the offensive line in his press conference on monday. >> we've got to get better gto work and improve on the things we need to improve, make good decisions and scheme it. we can make game plans better and set things up better in formation to put our guys in position. the running backs could be better about running to the right spot and trusting the offensive line. >> ravens getting ready for a trip to miami to face the dolphins. see the game here on wjz. coverage comes your way sunday at 1:00. baseball playoffs in pittsburgh tonight. first time for the pirates in 21 years. they celebrate with a win over the cincinnati reds in the wildcard game. 6-2, pittsburgh. the pirates face st. louis in the divisional round. college soccer at umbc tonight. the red hot retrievers unbeaten
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so far this season haven't lost a game in nearly a year. 9-0 this season. free against visiting delaware. great chance for the retrievers, but they're denied and would be denied victory on their home turf, losing to delaware in double overtime. 1-0, the final. it's umbc's first defeat since october 10th of last year. opening night for a new hockey season and the defending champion chicago blauks start -- á blackhawks, raising their banner before the game against the washington capitals. chicago picks up where they left off, scoring the opening goal. it's a 6-4 win for chicago over the caps in the opener. i'll be out from owens mills tomorrow to hear from the ravens and check out the new guy on the and check out the new guy on the offensive line i want you coming up from the right hand side. can i play? no! you don't even get football. [ male announcer ] when you've got 100% fiber optic fios,
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if a japanese company has its way, when a user points a tiny camera at a sign or a menu, the words will translate into a language of their choice. the glasses are in a prototype face and hopes to have them ready for visitors at the 2020 olympics. you could call it the last waffle in orlando. the famous ducks in the peabody hotel took their last stroll through the lobby. the ducks have entertained guests the last 27 years. however, the hotel is changing owners so the ducks are being retired. the duck walk tradition will continue at the hotel in memphis where it started.
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