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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  October 2, 2013 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning. it is wednesday, october 2nd 2013. welcome to "cbs this morning." day 2 of the partial government shutdown and no agreement in sight. the latest from capitol hill and the white house. israel's leader calls iran's new president a wolf in sheep's clothing. we'll ask former secretary of state condoleezza rice if iran can ever be trusted. a veteran goes on trial for the largest charity scam in u.s. history and facebook's sheryl sandberg tells us what she wants the future of high tech to look
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like. but we begin with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> my goodness. they won't even sit down and have a discussion. >> this is a negotiation the republican party is having with themselves. >> they're no closer to getting thing backes up and running. >> tonal thing that everybody in washington can agree on it is not their fault. >> americans across the country are feeling the impact. >> this not how you run a country. >> this government shutdown did not have to happen. >> police removed what they described as a destructive device from the jackson international airport. the airport was shut down and evacuated. >> the guard started going like this, like get back. >> he declared israel will do whatever it takes. >> police pursued them. >> here we go.
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boom. oh. took out two cars. >> leaders say top microsoft investors ro lobbying the bill gates to step down as chairman. >> crew members announced that they knew the ship was sailing into dangerous water. >> pirates in the playoffs for the first time. >> he has a little dog. mark has a weaneriner. have you ever dressed the weaner up. >> have you ever seen it? >> on "cbs this morning." justin beesh being cared up the great wall of china by his bodyguard. when your job includes carrying a teenager up 5,000 steps it might be a good idea to start
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browsing >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" presented by toyota. let's go places. captioning funded by cbs welcome to "cbs this morning." good morning, norah. >> good morning, charlie. >> congress returns to capitol hill for day two of part shall government shutdown. neither side is ready to compromise compromise. >> concern is growing that it could last four weeks. there's another crucial debate over increasing nation's debt limit. nancy cordes is on capitol hill. nancy, good morning. >> reporter: norah and charlie, we cannot find a single member or aide up here to give us a plausible scenario for how this ends quickly. republicans feel they can't back down now without serious concessions and democrats think they have the high ground and don't need to negotiate. >> the joint resolution is not agreed to. >> reporter: house republicans tried to restore funding for three parts of the government tuesday night. the district of columbia national parks, and veterans
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affairs. >> you don't know? that's where rubber meets the road road. >> reporter: but democrats voted it down. they called it a p.r. stunt. >> don't be fooled by what the republicans are doing tonight. just 19 hours ago they closed down the government. >> reporter: house republicans say they'll only house the fund fully if they get a one-year delay, which requires all americans to buy insurance. on tuesday they begged senate democrats to bargain, eight of them even lining up on one side of a long negotiating table. >> we need a senate democrat to join us. >> reporter: but democrats backed by the president refused. >> they shut down the government over an ideological crusade to deny affordable health care insurance to millions of americans. in other words, they demanded ransom just for doing their job.
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>> reporter: how long are you willing to keep the government closed. >> that's a decision we'll have to be forced to made but we're a unified team i'll tell you that. >> reporter: almost. a small group is lashing out. kevin nunez is calling it -- >> there are more choice words i would have for them. you shouldn't go and just take your toys and throw a fit and threaten government shutdown and that's what this strategy is. >> reporter: but right now he is in the distinct minority. more republicans feel that obama care is actually worse for the country than a government shutdown. and so norah and charlie, it only appears that the dynamics of this shutdown will change if there is a huge public bashcklash that forces leaders to get up here and work this out.
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>> nancy, thank you. the shutdown is already affecting president obama's schedule. his trip to asia next week has been cut short. major garrett is at the white house. major, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, norah and charlie. the president has had to cancel visits next week to malaysia and the philippines. other parts have been canceled and as disruptive as they have been, many fear this battle over the shutdown is a prelude to the larger more consequential fight. these are two separate issues. one is funding the government on day-to-day basis. that's to end the shutdown. the other is to provide the legal authority to borrow the money they need to finance nearly $7 trillion in debt and avoid a government default. they now wonder how they'll do that until the government's legal borrowing authority expires on october 17th.
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now, treasury secretary of state jack lew sent a letter to congress yesterday urging congress to raise the debt ceiling because he said he has no more authority to borrow money to avoid default after october 17th. now, the president today here at the white house meeting at noon with top wall street executives to discuss the economic consequences of a potential default and urge them to encourage the lobbyists to increase without delay. the default would affect the economy in a number of ways. it could lower the u.s.'s rating and possibly lead employers who have just begun hiring workers to tighten their belts. as nancy said charlie and norah, there's no agreement and the question here at the white house is how long can the white house hold onto that position of no negotiations at all. >> thank you, major. some of the most visible signs of the government's shutdown are the national parks
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and monuments from the arizona's grand canyon to philadelphia's liberty bell to new york city's statute of liberty. guards are turning away visitors. barriers blocked world war ii memorials yesterday until a group of frustrated veterans - showed up. chip reid has their story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, charlie. a group called honor flight network brings world war ii veterans here to washington at no charge to see the world war ii memorial. yesterday they showed up and were told it was closed but they weren't about to let a shutdown get in their way. a care van of ward war 2 veterans a arrived in the nation's capitol tuesday to visit a memorial built in their honor. >> i've been looking forward to seeing this ever since it has been put up. >> reporter: the men and women in their 80s and 90s traveled more than a thousand miles from mississippi to iowa to see the
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sight in person but this was as close as they could get. >> it meant great deal for me. i an it is paid coming up here for years and i finally made it and you see what i can see. nothing. >> reporter: the memorial is just one of many government-run sites closed to the public after the congress failed to agree. >> we've been instructed as a federal agency to close our facility and our grounds. >> reporter: but these world war ii vets weren't about to be defeated by a temporary fence and a couple of keepout signs. >> i was ready to get out and move them myself. >> with the help of the members of congress the group pushed through barriers and entered the memorial. >> every now and then you have to ask for forgiveness instead of permission. >> reporter: but even as they got to tour the sight, the congress and shutdown is on their minds. >> i'm disgusted with them. get off your -- and do
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something. >> reporter: it's costed $2 million a day and it's expected to cost parks across the nation $76 million a day. charlie and norah? >> great story, chip. thank you. and the long awaited opening of president obama's health care plan had its own issues. they had 3 million visitors in its first 15 hours. they couldn't successfully enroll. at one point the site shut down completely. they're working to fix the problem. the president said glitches and crashes were expected to happen. he compared them to apple's first iphones. israel's president benjamin netanyahu told the u.s. u.n. yesterday he will not let iran have nuclear weapons. >> the only difference between them is this.
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ahmadinejad was a wolf in wolf's clothing. rouhani is a wolf in sheep's clothing. he fooled the world once. now he thinks he can fool it again. you see, rouhani thinks he can have his yellow cake and eat it too. >> netanyahu's warning comes as the u.s. and iran have their first contact in nations. kopd rice is a cbs news contributor. good morning. >> good morning. >> the question is can you believe the iranians and therefore the question is how do you test them? >> you can't believe them or trust them because they have done everything to make sure they can't be trusted. they hid their nuclear program for decades. they have given the international atomic energy agency the runaround. i negotiated myself with the p5
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plus 1. you absolutely can't trust them. you can test them. you can say are you willing to give up your nuclear capabilities fully and verifiably and see if they take the deal. let's say the reason the iranians are here now is because that country is suffering. they're going to want relief from the sanctions before they do anything to deserve it. >> but if you read in netanyahu netanyahu's remarks yesterday to the u.n. he mentioned rouhani many times. didn't even talk about the palestinian conflict. does it suggest that israel is concerned about a thawing of relations between u.s. and iran? >> it suggests to me norah, that the israeli prime minister is duly con served about a rush to deal with iran that might not ultimately deal with iran's nuclear program and that he's sending a warning out there that shouldn't be done. >> let me ask you this. very interesting. we just learned rouhani said
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they tried to set up the meeting between him and president obama five times and then he rejected it. why would he say that. >> he's trying to show at home he rejected. >> why would president obama ask five times? >> that's something iran would expose that, if indeed it's true. >> you've been at that level. don't you worry when somebody asks five times? >> yes, because it makes the american president look. i would hope that through whatever channels we can, this is no way to get off to a good start with the united states. >> we hear you loud and clear on
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trust but verify. in the end do you believe the iranians because of the pressure of sapgss possibly have changed, that that could be a change that could lead to serious negotiations to dismantle? >> i do not think this regime has changed its ambitions. i do thing that this regime realizes that those regimes are perhaps causing the kind of turmoil at home that they cannot tolerate. so by all means test it. but remember you cannot leave the iranians with nuclear capability, leave them with an option for a nuclear weapon later on because you leave them with the ability to reprocess and enrich their uranium. >> i want to turn now what's happening with the shutdown in the foft.government. >> as a citizen, i have to say that this is a pretty ugly sight. i would have hoped our leaders both from the white house and congress could sit in a room and
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say here's what we need to do. it doesn't make sense to talk through the media on these issues. get people in the same room. we have a long history in this country of people being able to reach across the aisle, to sit in the same room and to have the good of the country at heart and we're not seeing that right now and think the americans find it appalling. >> but is the country being held hostage because of their desire to cut obama care? >> there are people with a strong view in in some elements of congress. the person that has a strong view. but certainly if they can get particularly the leadership in congress, which i think wants to get the government going again, they should sit in a room and see if they can't come to a conclusion. let's not have this fire fight across the airwaves instead. >> let ee see if they sit in a room together. thank you.
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jacksonville international airport is reopened this morning after a bomb scare. they said one of the packages had a destructive component. police took at looeft two men into custody, one id side the airport and the other outside. >> he looked like a normal guy, very calm with his hands behind his back. he wasn't putting up a fight. so he just looked like somebody getting arrested. he almost looked a little bit trunk to me. >> one of the suspects he claimed he had a bomb. there morning there are lingering flight cancellations. her father saved her light. manuel bojorquez is in buena vista vista, colorado. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, charlie and norah. gracie johnson is still in the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries.
7:17 am
that is a miracle considering what happened. students gathered last night at the school for a cap dell light vigil. this tragedy makes them more than friends, more than neighbors. >> we're all family here. we're just a big community in the family. >> reporter: 13-year-old gracie johnson was on a hike with her parents, sister and two cousins monday. they planned to be out for a short time to enjoy the sunshine. >> they were out for a short time. they wanted to get back for gracie's tests. >> reporter: 100 boulders started falling over them. officials say her father used his own body to shield her from the slide. a rescuer was amazed to find her aleve. >> he didn't see her at first but heard somebody screaming and saw a hand sticking out of the rocks. when he heard her scream he was
7:18 am
able to start screaming and extract her. >> she suffered a broken leg that required surgery. her physical woulds arends are expected to heal. her parents were coaches at buena vista high school. students there are offering tributes to the family on a makeshift memoir ya. gracie's sister kiowa was 16 years old. her cousins were 10 and 22. >> he would have done the same for any of our children absolutely. >> gracie is not alone. her brother and uncle are with her. they would like to permanently keep it closed. they say heavy rains in this
7:19 am
area have increased the danger for more rock slides. charlie and norah? >> thank you, manuel. time to show you some of this morning's headlines. "the wall street journal" says new york plans action on alleged mortgage violation. that agreement involves banks working were customers to avoid a foreclose. >> the fresno bee says brown signs a revenge porn ban. >> the "washington post" says saturday's navy air force football game may be canceled because of the government shut journey. army's game at boston college is also in limbo. >> "the boston globe" says hormone replacement therapy supported for some. less than 1% of women in their 50s reported any side
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police make arrests in the motorcycle road rage case getting nationwide attention. >> don dahler h is here with new information. >> police say the suv driver who was beaten up may also face charges. we'll hear from one of the bikers. peter greenberg is here with what's happening behind the scenes that could affect your travel. man known for big donations to the political elite now on trial for one of america's largest charity skanls ever. how he's accused of stealing millions from people trying to help ville vette rans. the news is next on "cbs this morning." stay tuned for your local news.
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hello again. i'm jessica kartalija. it is 76 on this wednesday, october 2nd. wjz has weather and traffic together. let's start with chelsea. temperatures sitting on the mild side today. 61 degrees at bwi marshall. still some 50s in western maryland. 54 oakland 52 cumberland. a beautiful day at the beach today. 63 degrees right now in ocean city. we're all be climbing into the mid 80s before it's all said and done. plenty of sunshine in the forecast for today. now let's to sharon at wjz traffic control. >> good morning. this morning's commute also pret ty mild. at least for the moment. we cleared up the accident s on 95. we have one on reisterstown road at old milford mill road. northbound 3 at mcnew road. water main break in the city,
7:27 am
mcdonald. speeds in the 20s on the topside typical for this hour. on 95 watch for minor delays there. there's a look at the west side of the beltway. not so bad at exit 17. another look outside that's 895 approaching the tunnel. this traffic report is brought to you by jiffy lube. you've been need together get your oil change, stop by jiffy lube and knock it off your to do list. the government shutdown is already impacting thousands of maryland workers. mike schuh has the latest at the now-closed fort mchenry. hi, mike. >> reporter: hello, everyone . for the second day the fort here in south baltimore is closed due to all the federal jobs in the u.s. capitol area, 300,000 marylanders are home not earning a paycheck. the shut down is effecting this saturday's scheduled navy/air force game in annapolis. they will decide tomorrow if they can host the game during the shut down.
7:28 am
other facilities effected include fort meade the aberdeen proving ground and the administration. reporting live from the closed fort mchenry i'm mike schuh. three women are behind bars for robbing a bank in baltimore county. alexis chandler, saz fludd and ashley fitz robbed the bank in essex. they implied they had a bomb and took off with cash. sky eye chopper 13 was over the scene as officers caught up with them. a federal judge has denied a request to delay maryland's new gun laws. gun control supportest celebrated another victory with a rally. gun opponents are continuing their battle in court. if you live in anne arundel county and you bought a mega millions lottery ticket check
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this spectacular view is from central minnesota last night. storm chasers took this video of the northern lights. it featured brilliant fall colors, and this was the result of a solar burst a few days ago. the display was so big you could see the northern lights in the southern sky. spectacular. >> unbelievable. >> just gorgeous. >> welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour the man accuse of running the laencht charity scam in american history goes on trial. now he's charged with swindling people out of more than $100 million. prs kierts say he gave money to politicians. and cha na's version of "the
7:31 am
voice" is a huge hit even without adam levine and blake shelton but it's hitting a sour note with the government. we'll show you why. >> we have new developments in the roej rage that happened in new york city. it ended violently in upper manhattan. we're also hearing from the family of a motorcyclist who was run over. don dahler is here, good morning. >> good morning, charlie and norah. the nypd is looking for more suspects. so far the driver of the suv is not facing any charges but on tuesday the new york city police chief commissioner said he did not rule that out. investigation is ongoing. the video has already gotten 4 million hits on youtube. it starts with here where it seems the driver is slowing down in front of the suv.
7:32 am
police say that was deliberate. >> he's been charged with reckless endpanchangermentendangerment. >> reporter: 33-year-old alex ian kwleen and his wife and child were in the suv. >> when you look at the video, you can see he's driving over something. >> the family of the biker jesse says he was seriously injured. >> whatever he did, he got scared. he went and peeled off and pierlized him on the way. >> all his ribs are fractured. his legs are so bradley bruised and he's on a ventilatorer. we believe both of his legs are broken and he may be paralyzed. >> you have to look at the totality of the circumstances and that's what we're doing.
7:33 am
>> whether or not the suv driver ran over the drivers because he felt threatened the situation only escalated. there was a drawn out chase with one biker smashing the window oust the sufs and the other punching a window. that man has turned eded himself in to the police. moments later the drivers grabbed the driver and assaulted him. some of the drivers are part of a group called hollywood stunts which has an annual goal of rideling through times square. >> this particular group did not ask for a permit. we had over 200 calls on sunday about this particular group operating in a reckless manner. >> the suv driver went to the hospital and was released with stifrps. he reached out to him, but so far, no response.
7:34 am
more than 15,000 employees at the federal aviation administration are now on furlough. that's one third of the faa's work force. cbs news travel editor peter greenberg is here. good morning. >> good morning. >> so one third of the faa has been furloughed. should we be concerned about our safety flying? >> it gets down to what is a nonessential employee. the air traffic controllers are work bug those training them are not working. if you close that pipeline, who do you get to stab staff the towers after a certain period of time? >> it does. who's determining the safety checks on pilots. so today, not a problem. it's sort of like saying you have a full tank of gas and you can drive as long as the gas stations are closed. >> what might be suspended? what faa activities.
7:35 am
>> some of the opportunistics suspended are certification programs, nextgen operations. they've been talking about it for three years. if you're not training you can't staff the towers. if you're not certifying the planes are safe when they come out of maintenance, how are you going to get back the air. does this affect all the people who check us through? >> no. the front line people are still working. if grow beyond that you're looking at similar cutbacks where they're not each being processed. >> what if you need a passport? >> you've got a problem as well.
7:36 am
you're going to be waiting. >> thanks pete. >> you bet. prosecutors claim he collected more than $100 million from i do nors across the country. as michelle miller reports, this case could reach all the way into washington's house of power. >> reporter: he went by the name of bobbie thompson. someone with connections to the rich and powerful who could be counted on. but according to federal investigators. , that was thompson thompson's attorney says the group was not a charity and never claimed to be. >> these individuals who donated money donated the money knowing that the money would go to loibing efforts. tll's no deception there very thompson was arrested at this house in portland oregon after a two-man hut.
7:37 am
it took a strange test. he began signing documents as mr. x. they turned to google. they found an fbi wanted poster. cody disappeared in 19784. boenlt min rely heavy hi on eye drops. he had no tear ducts. >> authority i say a fin der print match confirmed their suspicion. even that is dispute by his lawyer i can honest will i tell you his name is john bobby thompson. >> it was said he was working under cover or a government program to create nonprofit
7:38 am
groups furthering u.s. interests. >> i don't believe he was on the run at all. i think he was going to from job from the neblt and i don'tnext and bijob i don't mean next. >> for "cbs this morning," michelle miller new york. >> this that kind of money you wonder who you're donateing to. everything feature everything from data to cooking. why is the government there cracking down on simging show like the voice. that's right. this is an intriguing story. we'll have it for you next on
7:39 am
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you might think a reality singing show on tv wouldn't be controversial, but officials in china have a different way of looking at these types of programs and as seth doane reports, even high ratings are not enough to keep them on the air. >> reporter: china's hottest television show may look familiar. "the voice" of china is modeled after a dutch production with more than 60 spin-offs including the u.s. version. but there's one thing that's dramatically different here, the ratings. the chinese show has drawn up to 46 million viewers a week compared to 14 million in the u.s. >> it's the most popular tv program in china. >> reporter: he works with star media who produces the show.
7:44 am
they let us on their set of shanghai studio. when you look at the audience you have such huge numbers that television producers in the united states would be jealous. >> in fact we're all very, very surprised when we see this number. >> reporter: did it even surprise you that it's so popular? >> yeah, yeah. >> reporter: all of this has garner ed garnered a response by the government. there are 13 singing competition shows here on the air in china. right now four have been cancelled and three suspended buchl chinese regulators did not stop there adding that tv producers should steer clear of extravel against, putting on dazzling packages to provide, quote, more viewing audiences
7:45 am
limiting the number is the latest move. the government removed foreign programs from prime-time. over the last seviers sensors have also krit sated shows. at "the voice" we met a long congress student while. do you think the gocht carevernment cares or would make these suggestions? >> it's possible they want to portray us at more sinful than a western style lifestyle. >> they also steer profit away from the state-run television. some wonder if it's designed to control on screen extrash
7:46 am
against or offscreen. seth doane shanghai. >> i love to hear the government canceled it for low taste and excessive entertainment. can you imagine if that were the standard here in america. >> where a beautiful sunrise at the harbor. a beautiful day. take a look at our current numbers. we are sitting in the 60s here in central maryland. around 61 degrees at bwi marshall. we've got 50s located out in western maryland. 63 degrees in ocean city. a beautiful day at the beach. 86 degrees is your high for today. mostly sunny much of the government's closed again today.
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the president and the new evil dictator of iran they actually chatted on the telephone. >> hello. you have reached the white house. to continue in english, please press or say 1. >> 1. >> press the name you want. >> president obama obama. >> police say the name of the white house department you're trying to reach. >> i didn't get that. >> go to www -- >> representative representative. >> one moment. >> son of a bitch. >> we were just talking about this about voice recognition. >> that was pretty -- >> yeah. you're really cracking up. >> i liked it. smart writers will do that for you. >> all right. some people think washington is
7:52 am
a wild and dangerous place, but you need to go a few miles up the potomac to find the real danger in some of the world's best whitewater rapids. the attraction and the risks of extreme kayaking. that story's ahead right here on "cbs this morning." i just love cherry preserves. is that your favorite? i don't know... i also like strawberry, boysenberry, red raspberry, blackberry sweet orange marmalade apple, pineapple concord grape, apricot, peach, blueberry... [ male announcer ] tim and richard smucker grew up knowing that with so many delicious varieties, it's tough to choose just one favorite. apricot pineapple... [ male announcer ] for five generations with a name like smucker's it has to be good.
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hello again. it's 7:56 on wednesday, october 2nd. wjz has weather and traffic together. let's start with chelsea. hello, everyone. temperatures are going to be mild today. they are in some spots already. around 61 degrees in baltimore 64 in dc. 50s in western maryland. dew point at 56 degrees. you you -- you will notice the humidity up today. today mostly sunny sky with highs in the mid 80s. now the to sharon gibala at wjz traffic control. >> an accident on 70 eastbound at 32. also a problem that is going to be east and westbound wilkins avenue closed between monroe and payson for a building
7:57 am
collapse. northbound 3 at mcnew and south wolf at tims street a water main break. if you're headed out on the beltway speeds still slow on the topside. 22 is your average there. that's a look at the west side there at 70. this traffic report is brought to you by the catholic high school of baltimore. attend their fall open house saturday october 26th. the reality of the government shutdown is setting in in maryland. that means thousands of federal workers are being furloughed. workers are feeling the impact at the social security administration, nasa, fort mcmchenry. this week's end game is in danger of being canceled due to the shut down. please stay with wjz 13, maryland's news station. up next how to average americans feel about the shutdown? a closer look at the dangerous
7:58 am
extreme sport involving white water rapids. news and weath
7:59 am
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it is 8:00 a.m. welcome back to "cbs this morning." fears are growing that the part shall government shutdown could last for weeks. we'll ask a congressman who voted to block obama care how to break the impasse. demand for computer science is skyrocketing. why are so many women not going after those jobs? facebook's sheryl sandberg has some answers. >> and politics is not the only extreme sport on the potomac. kayakers are running a few dangerous miles from the nation's capitol. but first here's today's "eye
8:01 am
opener" at 8:00. >> republicans feel they can't bake down now without serious concessions and the democrats thing they have the high ground and don't need to negotiate. >> the president canceled trips for next week. >> you can say, are you willing to give up your nuclear capability and see if they'll take the deal. >> jacksonville international airport in florida is open this morning after a bomb scare. >> the people under arrest are both bikers and the nypd is looking for more suspects. the suv driver who was beaten up could also face charges. >> limiting the number of the singing competition shows is just the latest move by the government regulatory body that oversees everything broadcast on television here in china. >> the long-awaited opening of president obama's health care program had its own issues.
8:02 am
>> so many people have signed up that the website has crashed. well, i guess they were right. it's not working. >> i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. the part shall government shutdown enters its second day this morning. federal offices and parks and monuments are closed. about 800,000 workers are sitting at home. >> house republicans are trying to get some parts of the government running again but both are in for a prolongs fight. nancy cordes is on capitol hill. >> we have seen no resolution over the past 24 hours. in fact the only develop came last night when the house republicans try to pass three bills restoring funding to parts of the national government. the drem carats voted down all three saying you don't get to cherry pick which stay open which stay closed. republicans might try again today.
8:03 am
there are some house republicans saying it is ooh a bad strategy and not going to do that. right now they're in the distinct minority. the president is going to be talking to business leaders trying to get them on board. they don't feel they need to negotiate. they feel they have the high ground in this standoff. for "cbs this morning," i'm nan says cordes. tell the american people what this is about. what is the fight about to you? what are they doing? >> after so many years they still haven't passed a budget. they're overspending money that we don't have that our children our grandchildren don't have. >> it's frustrating. there used to be more compromise. i want to see spending come down. >> what terrifies me is the take tims. mine what kind of precedent does this set. >> yeah. >> if there's something my
8:04 am
parties disagrees with be it abortion or gun control, et cetera can threaten down the government to get my way? >> both sides are demonizing the other to get the most responsible. i feel like there's no respect between the two sides on this. >> do you guys agree on that? >> yes. >> let me ask you. do they rye expect you in. >> snow no. >> is this the way the national government should be run? >> absolutely not. and the issue, the health care reform act that has been legislated ratified upheld by the u.s. supreme court, while not in perfect form is amenable to be improvable i feel that that law was ram rodded to the american people. >> but is that any reason to shut d the government down? >> i think the people who were elected on that platform are standing by their scruples, and i think that that's perfectly acceptable.
8:05 am
>> obama himself with all due respect was acting like a spoiled child where he saidly not move compromise change give in compromise. >> why should he need to change when it's -- >> but it's been. >> we've had a whole election based on it. >> one at a time. >> congress may not be listening to each other, they may not be listening to you but if they heard you, i don't know exactly what they would hear. it's a try coughny of sounds and that makes this thing so challenging. i'm going to given you the last word. >> i don't think they care what we have to say because i read a statistic recently that says over half of members of congress become lobbyists once they leave both parties so they're more interesting in advancing their own interest and trade groups and other groups that can afford to pay them. so i don't think what we say in
8:06 am
this room is really going to sway them one way or the other. >> oh, i hope you're wrong. let me put it this way, if you're not wrong, i have wasted my life. >> frank luntz is with us now from washington. frank, good morning. is there any sense that the people you interviewed feel like they have any pressure, especially on the group of house republicans who feel they're standing on principle? >> norah, there was a lot of frustration. we held it in the room surrounded by those beautiful paintings. what you did not see much of was the conflict between average americans. the intensity, the bitterness. all it took was two minutes before they got in it with each other and if they can't agree with each other how can they agree po put pressure on washington. they thing they're not listening, washington doesn't care. and the congressmen and senators
8:07 am
who follow me on the show, you should ask them that question. why do so many americans think that washington is totally out of touch? >> frank luntz, thank you. with us now from capitol hill utah congressman jason tay pit. congressman, good morning. >> good morning. >> you heard from those people in that group. what do you say to them who believe that washington doesn't care what they say and is another interesting. >> well, the pigsty that is washington district of columbian't moves forward. what i don't understand is why they will not afwrie to come talk to us who have deep concerns about the fairness of what is obamacare. and that to me is not understand tobl people in my district and across the country. at least come to the table and talk about your differences. the house republicans, that's what we're trying to do.
8:08 am
>> some people say you voted on obama care. that discussion has already been had. i think that's the argument of the president. so you're talking about legislation that has been passed. >> well, but wehat we're concerned about is since that ledge hags has been passed there have been hundreds of exceptions put out there. what we've said is congress should live by the same rules as everybody says. that appears to be an even ground and even playing field given that the president eun lat rakely changed the law since it was passed. >> i heard some say if we're not getting paid you all shouldn't get paid either. things would go quick fehr members of korng weren't getting paid during that ordeal. >> i had a difficult discussion with my wife two days ago. i sent a letter over to the clerk of the house and said hold my paycheck until it's resolved. that's not fun for the chavvitz
8:09 am
family but we'll eventually get done. i'm trying to do the right thing. >> a lot of people aren't following that position but it seems to be very contentious. one of your colleagues devin nunez called you guys lemons. what do you think about that? >> i think we're very united. we were trying to pass bills last night to make sure the military military's paid. that was gone through. we treer trying to make sure that they open up everything. that seems like a reasonable thing to do with this. they have nothing do with obama care, by the way, yet the democrats say we're not going to negotiate. we're not going to talk. we're not going to fund any part of the government. come on. i think you heard the focus
8:10 am
group, come to the table and ask a discuss. >> the house has spoken more than 40 tights to fund obama care. >> yep. >> it is the law of the land and businesses have to comply with the law, right? >> no, businesses don't. they got an exception. that's our issue. the president unilaterally very very special interests. they don't have to. they should have the same right as businesses. that's the way the law is set up but that's not the wait is right now. >> businesses and individuals are already making plans to comply with the law. why not try and change the law, which is the normal process of legislating. lets get passed. members of congress work to change that over time. why not make that tell solution? well, we can't get to solution
8:11 am
until the senate democrats and the president of the united states himself have a discuss on its. it's harlt to believe, isn't it that day afternoon day he'll look people in the eye and say there's nothing to talk about here. well, there is. at least sit down and have the discussion. it is a beautiful start to this october 2nd with temperatures on the mild side. sitting around 63 degrees at bwi marshall. we have some 50s out in western maryland. boy, is it going to be a beautiful day. on the beach 65 degrees right now in ocean city. highs in the mid 80s. a few upper 80s at the inner harbor. mostly sunny skies. facebook paid $1 million for instagram. we'll ask sheryl sandberg about the changes you can expect coming up on "cbs this morning." jaiks
8:12 am
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8:15 am
. the potomac river is one f the most quiet and beautiful parts of washtds, but just 14 miles west of there you could find five class rapids. they're so dangerous only experts can run them. shannon christy in this story for "60 minutes sports" on
8:16 am
showtime. >> for her first run she's rolling with two of the biggest boys in the spofrmt steve fisher is her cameraman and jason beeks is her dad, talking her through the roof to take down the fall. >> there's two little ledges right in the middle. >> reporter: and warning her to stay away from the deadly chute called subway. you want to avoid that. >> reporter: here she goes for her first one. >> i entered the rapids and i thought i was going to be a little bit low where i wanted to enter but the watt wirs taking me where i wanted to go. i thought i was too far right but i was able to get my bow around. oh, that was great. i cannot wait to do it again. >> reporter: there's nothing like that first time. but the race is just days away and she knows she can do it
8:17 am
better. >> now we're just going to charge definitely. >> her enthusiasm is affect out but that doesn't mean they're not dangerous. class five they're extremely violent with high risks and hazards. >> the risks become higher. what distinguishes class 4 from class 5? >> a lot has to do with the consequences of making an error. >> reporter: because it has a spray skirt it's possible to right themselves up. it's called the is ke mow move. it's not an easy move but making it when you have to is the essence of kayaking. >> how many chances are you going to get to make that roll? >> maybe two. >> and then you're probably going to be swimming after that. >> reporter: can you swim in a
8:18 am
class 5 rapids? >> you have a very short time. very short time. >> reporter: short time before what? >> be f you have to get out or you and your boat are going to get swept in a place you didn't intend to go. you're going to get swept into something bad. >> hopefully you don't. but we have all been in situations where you have had to pull your spray skirt and be ejected from the kayak and swim. it's not smlg that's ideal or you want to do, but it does happen. the best of the best swim. >> reporter: two days before the race as our cam are men don lee and chris albert were seth up to record more practice runs they spotted an empty kayak at the bottom of the falls. the kayak was shannons. >> it was too late to save her and it took heroic efforts to recover her body which was pinned under tons of water.
8:19 am
the race was canceled and instead they gathered to mourn her. >> that's really scary. do we know what happened on shannon's run? >> nobody saw the actual accident but we know she came out of the kayak. >> we know she tried to swim without the power of the paddle you're at the mercy of the current and she got swept over this one place where kayakers know never to go. and, in fact the last person who had been swept over that -- >> was the place they were warning her about? >> yes. the subway. >> called the subway? >> subway. there are rock as tt bottom. she was killed almost instantly. >> you look good with an emmy win. >> you can see david's full report.
8:20 am
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8:25 am
in 65,000 schools. ♪ ♪ so, stop just cleaning. start healthing. hello again. it's 8:25 on this wednesday october 2nd. i'm jessica kartalija. wjz has weather and traffic together. let's go to chelsea. good morning, everyone. a beautiful start to the day. around 63 degrees here at bwi. we're in the 50s in western maryland. we are going to be warming up very quickly into the afternoon. highs in the mid 80s. mostly sunny skies. now to sharon gibala at wjz traffic control. >> good morning. it's gotten busy out there . we still have that accident on 70 eastbound at 32. a new one on east and westbound wilkins avenue that has it closed between monroe and pason. a new accident on
8:26 am
harford road at hillen. york at ag birth. an accident at o'donnell at south new kirk. that's a look at a jammed inner and outer loop. this traffic report is brought to you by dr. paul miller. going to the dentist does not have to be a painful situation. talk to dr. paul miller. on tact him at 410-470-4445. jessica, back over to you. >> thank you. thousands of maryland work workers now being furloughed because of the government shutdown. mike schuh has the latest. good morning, mike. >> reporter: good morning . for the second day fort mchenry is closed. it remains so until this shutdown is finished. due to all the federal jobs surrounding the u.s. capitol 300,000 in maryland are home today not earning a paycheck. the shutdown is effecting this
8:27 am
saturday's scheduled navy/air force game in annapolis. they will decide tomorrow if they can host the game. other facilities effected include fort meade the aberdeen proving ground and the social security administration. i'm mike schuh reporting from fort mchenry. back to you. >> thank you. a building collapse in the city is displacing a dozen residents this morning. according to the baltimore sun emergency officials say a three story building partially collapsed on wilkins avenue. the house was vacant but it damaged the structure of the building next to it. the u.s. naval academy sexual assault case moves into the hands of the school's superintendent. mike miller will decide if the men should face court marshall. the victim has filed a lawsuit arguing miller is likely to be bias as superintendent of the school. stay with wjz 13, maryland's
8:28 am
news station. up next, former secretary of state condoleezza rice and sharl sand berg talks about the social media website
8:29 am
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8:30 am
♪ [ female announcer ] for real cinnamon taste that's 90 calories try new fiber one cinnamon coffee cake. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour sheryl sandberg has made it into the field of technology but these days fewer women are following her in that field. we'll ask her what it will take to reverse that. >> rick pitino says positive people always get through adversity. he has advice for people looking for a better life. a team of syrian weapons inspectors is looking for weapon this morning. our cbs news team that has been reporting this morning, elizabeth palmer was the only
8:31 am
american network correspondent in the country at the height of last month's crisis. she was just nominated. clarissa ward won two for reporting from syria. joining us is condoleezza rice, a cbs news contributor. good morning to all of you. >> good morning. >> this is good to have you here. >> yes. good to be here. >> let's start with you, the developments, how they're playing out on the rebels' side especially the push and pull of the rebel part on the opposition? >> i think the rebels are highly skeptical about these developments while the rest of the international community is very excited with the chemical weapons resolution. the rebels and a lot of people who speak for them see the chemical weapons as see essentially as a sigh show. they're wanting to dismantle the convexal weapons is that have killed over 100,000 people in syria. >> elizabeth, what's the challenge for the inspectors that are in there now? >> it looks as if they've got a
8:32 am
pretty good list of what is supposed to be in the stock, so they'll actually go -- fizz look i go into the storage spaces and the research spaces and manufacturing spaces and check off what needs to with taken and destroy destroyed. it's the getting in that's going to be difficult. two of them are hot zones and there're no clear resolution that they'll say we're going to give you safe passage. come on in. it's going be very dangers. >> is there any understanding or believe that they can somehow move somewhere where they will not be destroyed or detected? >> i think it's always a risk but we have to remember that russian credibility on the luchblt russians have the whiphand and they're going to do everything they can to make sure it happens. >> let's talk with you, secretary rice. were you surprised that this agreement to give up the chemical weapons came to quickly
8:33 am
after they were an off-the-cuff remark? >> i have spent a lot of time with vladimir putin. he saw an opening to displace the united states very well in this conflict. he saw an eat to secure russia's re-entry into the middle east since henry kissinger did. he's interested in russia. not in assad or syrian situation. give him credit. he's done a fabulous job of making russia the main story. >> is there a danger for the u.s.? >> while on the issue with the chemical weapons our issues are definitely coincident. we also want to see the chemical weapons dismantled. when it comes to the outcome of the several war in syria rngs our interests are not the same. their interests are in
8:34 am
establishizing the assad regime and getting an outcome that's in their direction. their interests do not, for instance, are not concerned with the fact that the iranians are a dominant factor in 30,000 or so iranian fighters inside syria. we have some common interests around not having al qaeda be a major presence in syria, but we have to be careful because the russians have done a very good job of securing it. >> also i don't think we've been clear what our interests are. our policy we seem to say one thing and kind of do nothing. say one thing, kind of do nothing. we're going to arm the rebels. three month later i'm standing in the weapons area and they don't have be up kiss. >> also to take up your point, thichlk this is a very elegant piece of diplomacy.
8:35 am
in the end syria is giving way chechl cal weapons it was using minimally if at all and they haven't given away any of the main tools they're use in. the rebels that are not being armed are most likely. the people being armed are extremisted. they're using the horrors of conventional weapons against its own people and so when you look at the situation on the ground and you say if you now go to diplomacy, it's going to reflect what's on the ground. who's in the weakest position on the ground? the rebels most co-incident -- >> will they look back and say it was a mistake u.s. not to support them. >> i was in favor of providing weapons to the rebel free army. i think then you had a chance to support nonextremist elements.
8:36 am
when people say there are huge amounts, yes. there were fewer a year ago and fewer from now. i think not acting here was mistake. >> i want to get your take on something. there was a story in the guardian who said most girls can't find syria on a map and you and i have spoken about this. it turns out that the the head of the beirut journal chief, no, times, "washington post," the telegraph are all women. what do you think is the role of women journalist it. s in syria now. what has changed? >> i think the women are really dominating in terms of the syrian coverage we have seen and i think one tiny part of that may be -- people always assume you're a woman in the middle east. it must be so tough. how do you do it?
8:37 am
>> actually it's a tremendous honor to because you're afforded access to other women which our male counterparts are not. you go to the vm and sit down with the women. they know everything that is happening in that village. >> you're absolutely right. >> do you think women are more open to talking to women journalists. >> i know that one of the main advantages is that women are more invisible. i think i can always get through a military check point more easily than a machblt i can melt into a crowd and put on a head scarf and virtually disappear. u afternoon met with the wives. you'd be surprised how much close cloet they rlg have in their own societies and you learn things through the networks you would not other learn. i want to return to one point. i think our lives in the region
8:38 am
whether it is israel tore golf states are also quite concerns particularly the golf states the saudis the uae and others. they went out on a limb with us that assad had to go. and now assad seems to be in a stronger position than he was six months ago and i think that's the problem >> they've been arming the rebels who are not necessarily oural lies. >> we said we're going to leave this to the regional powers. we wants a syria that was for all syrians. >> it's a conversation that we go on and on and on with. >> it's so great to have you. >> it's great moment to have you here. >> thank you. thank you all o. >> condoleezza rice elizabeth palmer, and clarissa ward. speaking of women
8:39 am
what a beautiful start to this wednesday october 2nd. we've got temperatures right right now sitting in the 60s. 63 degrees at bwi. 65 in ocean city. boy, is it going to be a great day at the beach. plenty of sunshine in store for all of us across the state today with highs reaching into the mid 80s. a couple spots in the inner harbor might see some upper 80s out there. have a great day.
8:40 am
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8:41 am
jones. there's a worrying trend regarding education in the u.s. 30 years ago women made up more than a third of graduates with a computer science degree but now only about one-eighth of computer signs grads are female. more than 4,500 women in technology to discuss how that will trend. the keynote speaker is cheryl sandberg facebook's chief on rating officer and author of book "lean in." good morning. >> good moorng thanks for having me. >> why is that mentioned? >> it's tied to typing. this is another example of zwrern stereotypes holding women
8:42 am
and back and our society back. then computer went into the home when pcs were inverted. what kids did on the computer were largely play games. they quickly became something that boys did, not girls, and they moved into the science department. we know this is just a stereo type. you can't see what you can't be. if more women become convinced they can be we will reverse this trend. >> what do you say to the women? what do you want them to know? >> i want the women to know. >> most know that. i am women, hear me roar. especially if a girl sits there. i think she could do it. >> the data says stereotypes hold us back.
8:43 am
the reason they don't go good is because even tells them you bonlt. if you tell them they do well they do better. it bridges together women and tech notgy so they can talk it getting into it. how is it compared to the wage gap? >> the wage grab for women in this country has not moved. 77 on the dollar oven average. consumer science is not only great demand in a higher economy, 25 30 up to 50% more. the wage gap ineverybody it inl getting better. >> is it better or worse than
8:44 am
countries like china and asia and europe and kafts gnat yeah. >> i went to china two weeks ago. what's so mae amazing is no matter wli you went. everywhere in the world boys should be assertive and be liters. everywhere in the world we should be following. we call little girls the bossy. nor norah bossy. instead of calling her bossy she says my little girl has executive leadership skills. >> is there a general attitude in silicon valley about nsa and the snowden disclosures?
8:45 am
>> it's a hard issue and brings up something important to all of us privacy and national security which we false and we came out strongly and said it. the nsa doesn't have any access to our servers and it bus or protohow many timing -- in neverings they requested from us. over the lasts is moj its oi to or 30 dlerthrow. to break out the number between nal as an raese security. we'd like to by more trance sparnlt parent. >> facebook bought instagram. they're going to do
8:46 am
advertisement in instagram. are you going to see -- i'm add advocate ts. i nirng you want to understand the points you look what branlsd clurnt degree on inindustry garage followers. i think people will use it well. >> we're going to instagram you tort. >> live sharon sand berg. individual. hall of fame cocaine rick pitino is in our green room now.
8:47 am
8:48 am
this has been some year for coach rick pitino. in april he led louisville to an ncaa championship. last month he became a member of
8:49 am
the basketball hall of fachl he even had a horse that ran in the kentucky derby. he was very busy. he wrote a book "a one-day contract: how to value every day of your life. good morning, coach pitino. i think you're onto something. you say in a one-day contract he always plays best his final year. you should do what? >> 2 1/2 years ago i thought about coming into this industry. i said i'm going to rebrand myself first of all and stop worrying about the future, stop thinking about the past. and i'm going to work on a one-day contract and that's when i started writing this book trying to get from the night before, the way i prepare for the next day right before going to bed i'm going to get every ounce of perspiration out of my body. if i do that i'm referred for the next day. >> you also said humility is
8:50 am
something you lacked for a lodges time and that's very important. >> >> the sill tixs taught me that. when you face failure, you blame everybody else. in reality you look yourself in the mirror and say why did yacht now succeed. it gets you humble. when you're humble you listen more. you understand what roads to travel. >> for me failure was a lesson. we win as a team. >> failure teaches you more than success? >> i think humility -- i tell my players all the time. there's only one thing that's going to stop you. any time ego gets in the way, you edge greatness out. you get complaisant and stop working. ego kills every coach, every athlete, and it stops them from
8:51 am
reap irtheir potential. >> it's great idea the one-day contract living it to fullest. but you can't coach a team they can you? i mean you've got have strategy. >> it's more maximizing your day. if it's laser sharp focus. i talk about the trap of technology. how -- >> may players admitted the over day -- they're going to understate their hours to me. how much do you deal with social media to me. they say four hours each. one person said the whole day. i said can you imagine if you took two of those hours and got in the gym and worked on your trald? four hours and none of it impacting anybody's lifes you. you go to the dinner table and start takes out their phone. sol we
8:52 am
we don't like that for our team. >> you won't take recruits if they're -- >> they're'll be texting. speaking beyond that beyond pure skill what are you looking for who can take you to your own dreams? i look for somebody that's really hungry to reach his potential. they're willing to pay the price to get there. i'm recruiting my fourth young man from africa. i find they are a dream. their education is so important for them. they're hungry to reach their. i tell anybody from after karm go after them. >> who has the best recruiting season this year? >> kentucky has had the best recruiting class in the history of college basketball and they'll be at preseason number
8:53 am
one. duke will be up there. >> and louisville. thank you, coach. great to see you. "the one-day contract" is on
8:54 am
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♪ [ female announcer ] for real cinnamon taste that's 90 calories try new fiber one cinnamon coffee cake. hello again. i'm jessica kartalija. it's 8:55 on wednesday, october 2nd. let's check with chelsea ingram on the updated conditions from the first warning weather center. good morning everyone. temperatures on the mild side. they'll be warmer by the afternoon. right now around around 63 degrees. 53 degrees in western maryland in oakland. here's what you can expect for this afternoon, a lot of sunshine out there with temperatures in the mid 80s. could see a few spots in the upper 80s at inner harbor. thousands of maryland workers are being furloughed. mike schuh stays on the story. >> reporter: good morning. for the second day fort mchenry is closed. it remains so until the
8:56 am
shutdown is finished. due to the federal jobs surrounding the u.s. capitol 300,000 in maryland are home today not earning a paycheck. it's effecting this saturday's scheduled navy/air force game in annapolis. officials will decide tomorrow if they can host the game. others facilities effected mean fort meade about end deer proving ground and the social security office. three women are behind bars for robbing a bank in baltimore county. they robbed the savings bank in essex friday. they say the women implied they had a bomb and then took off with cash. sky eye chopper 13 was over the scene as officers caught up with them. a federal judge denied a request to delay maryland's gun
8:57 am
laws. gun control supporters celebrated with a victory. the plaintiffs are suing the governor, attorney general and state police. the sexual assault case at the naefl academy moves into the hands of michael miller. he will now decide if the men should face court marshall. the alleged victim has filed a lawsuit arguing miller is like lie to be bias as superintendent of the school. baltimore's hard rock cafe is back open. it reopened in the inner harbor after a multity million can dollar renovation. it includes more memorabilia and a new stage. the grand reopening was for a good cause casey care's foundation, which helps critically ill children and their families. last night's $189 million jackpot was sold in anne arundel county. here's the winning
8:58 am
numbers 7, 10, 30 37, 53, 1 is and 3. this is the second time mega millions jackpot has been won in maryland this year. the winner has 182 days to come forward. stay with wjz maryland's news station. complete news, weather and first warning weather
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