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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  October 4, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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frightening moments for parents that arrived to find their child's school bus off the road overturned, facing the wrong way about ten feet down from the creek. >> i cannot imagine the fear of the parents when the parents, they came to pick up their kids from the accident. >> reporter: the baltimore county police said that the bus was carrying ten middle school students when it somehow lost control and veered off the road, crashing into the ditch. >> it is really miraculous that we didn't have any significant injuries. you can see the condition of the bus. >> reporter: this is what it looks like inside. the ten middle schoolers were thrown about. with the main door, everyone will be scrambling through the back before help arrives. >> they quickly determined that all the occupants of the bus had self-evacuated. >> reporter: five students were rushed to that area. some even went to school. >> it's not the way we wanted
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to start on friday morning or any school day, but it appears that we have been lucky. >> reporter: they are still looking into the cause of the crash. but it appears that at one point all the rails on the right side of the bus dropped off and skidded significantly. it could have been much worse. >> we have extremely luck cay that it appears that they were not seriously hurt. >> again, the cause is still under investigation as the driver of the school bus will be tested for drugs and alcohol. reporting live, wjz eyewitness news. >> all right, thank you very much. the students went into the hospital to gbmc. the investigation is underway. over route 32 and route 3.
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police say that the suv and the sedan collided just before 1:00. a 73-year-old woman was killed. one person in the other vehicle was injured. no word on the cause of the crash. a disturbing sight on the national mall. the man doused himself in gasoline and then set himself on fire. crews were able to put the flames out as the man was flown to the nearby hospital with severe burns to his body. no word on why he did it, but the injuries, they are life threatening. >> new revelations about the woman that rammed the barricade in the white house leading police on a wild chase as she made dilutional comments regarding president obama. danielle nottingham reports from wjz capitol hill. >> reporter: law enforcement tells cbs news nine months before miriam carey rammed her car, she told connecticut police that president obama had put her home under electronic surveillance and that she was communicating with him. carey told police she was a profit and predicted the
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president would put the city of stamford under a lockdown. >> dilutional statements that president obama was listening to her and communicating and so on. and they're going back over those reports that if any of that could enlighten them. >> reporter: carey was not armed when she lead police from a high-speed chase to the capitol. her 1-year-old daughter in the backseat. police say that they opened fire on carey because she was using her car as a weapon. her daughter is now in protective custody. investigators believe that carey drove straight here to washington from her home in stamford on thursday. but why she may the four and a half hour trip with her daughter is still unclear. >> reporter: dr. brian evans in connecticut said that she worked as a hygienist for about two years before being fired last year. >> sometimes it just doesn't work out. there's nothing unusual about her leaving our office. >> reporter: sources tell cbs
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news that carey had fallen and hit her head last year and afterwards her behavior changed. relatives and friends suggest that she was battling depression. in washington, danielle nottingham, wjz eyewitness news. >> a secret service member and the capitol police officer were injured during the chase, but they're expected to be okay. millions of people along the gulf coast are preparing for tropical storm karen that could eventually impact us. beaches along the coast are closed because of the dangerous rip currents. states of emergency are in effect for louisiana, mississippi, and parts of florida. bob is in the first alert morning center tracking the storm right now. bob? >> reporter: it's not a strong storm. it's been torn apart by a loud of dry air. in fact the weather service calls it a very disorganized system. take a look at it as the winds are remaining at 50 miles an hour. it slows down just a bit, moving north-northwest at 7. the actual pressure has come up this afternoon from what it was yesterday. and so it is possible even in
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the next day or so that it could even dissipate before it reaches much of alabama or georgia as of what was left of it, the remanence, some of the moisture may move into our region, but also a cold front out to the west. it'll be hard to tell whether or not they have rain from the cold front or the tropical system. we expect the rain here in the region by monday. the motto as you can see, it is diverged on out to the west of us and the southeast of us. what's left of the system, they probably get hung up with the front as there will be enhanced rainfalls in some places here in the mid atlantic region on monday as we definitely need that rain. temperatures today, a new high just came in. just 3 degrees shy of the record 89 degrees. d.c. got to 90. dulles, that was a record this afternoon. a normal high only at 71 degrees. it may be a while before we see that in the middle of next week. >> okay, bob, thank you. check in with wjz for the first warning coverage. we'll keep you updated on the storm throughout the weekend. a howard county daycare
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center that also serves as a marijuana growing area. mary bubala is live with more. >> reporter: the 31-year-old is charged with manufacturing, producing, and distributing marijuana. an anonymous tip lead them to david anderson's home where they found a room under the house that held a marijuana growing operation. police also found a loaded handgun and ammunition inside the house and more inside the shed out back, vic? >> thank you. a spending bill with no strings attached. that's what president obama wants from house republicans as the government's shutdown is in its fourth day. wjz 5 has complete coverage with linh bui. but first the latest on the
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negotiations from capitol hill. >> reporter: president obama stepped out for lunch at a local sandwich shop, but has no immediate plans to sit down at the table with republicans to end the partial government shutdown. >> i'm happy to have negotiations with the republicans and speaker boehner on a whole range of issues, but we cannot do it with the gun held to the head of the american people. >> reporter: an agitated house speaker john boehner once again pointed the finger at the senate democrats and the white house. >> this is not some kind of a game. the american people don't want their government shutdown and neither do i. >> reporter: they continue to push for legislation to reopen parts of the federal government. including the veterans administrations, the national institute of health, and the parks department. >> we cannot agree on some things like the health care bill. we're trying to put out bills where we can agree. >> reporter: the house will be in session over the weekend to continue to press this strategy.
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the senate democrats are having none of it. >> well this is not the way to run a government. we need to open the entire government. >> some 800,000 federal workers remain off the job and without pay. the house has a bill to get that back pay that the white house democrats do support once the government will be shutting down. on capitol hill, wjz eyewitness news. our complete coverage with linh bui who has spent the day in washington talking to lawmakers and upset federal workers. she jones us live now with more. linh? >> reporter: denise the outrage is building. there was a huge demonstration on capitol hill today. people saying enough is enough. on a hot october day in washington, tensions reached a boiling point. today hundreds rallied on capitol hill. >> you can get these employees back to work, okay? so that they could provide the
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services that they provide for the american people. >> reporter: and then marched across the capitol ground. >> it affects all of us all around the country. that the the government's shutdown is not washington, d.c. it's a country thing. >> reporter: and the federal employees, they cannot go to work as they have been standing outside the senate instead. >> when you have your bills already stacking up on your desk and you have no way to get them, it is very scary. >> they want them to pass the so-called clean continuing resolution to end the shutdown. >> they are arguing about the petty things. they're not actually, well, there's no reason, again, not to just go ahead and pass it. >> reporter: we also spoke to maryland lawmakers who say they are equally frustrated with this government shutdown, but they just don't know when it will end. >> and speaker boehner, they will allow that vote on the house floor, where we are convinced that the votes are there to get the government open and to sit down and negotiate. >> reporter: the congressman has sponsored a bill to give retroactive pay to furloughed workers. >> that will give them some sense of a security to the people who have been basically
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laid off or furloughed, so they will get their back pay once it is all resolved. >> reporter: but frustrated americans, they want it resolved now. >> let the government go back to work. stop the government shutdown. >> reporter: and as long as the government remains shut down, we can expect more protest and rallies, like what we saw today. reporting live in washington, linh bui, wjz eyewitness news. >> all right, thank you. and a new crisis is just around the corner. the treasury secretary jack lui says if the nation's debt limit is not raised by october 17, the country could head back into a recession similar to the one that took place in 2008. the ravens are making their final preparations for the miami dolphins. the team will look for hair first win on the road. sports director marty bass joins us with a look. >> week to week it is difficult
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to forget. the ravens admit they are a work in progress. a part of the raven's preparation for miami has included talk of an attitude adjustment, especially for the ravens and their running game. they say their identity on offense is to run the ball, but they have not been able to do it so far. and other teams, they're determined to keep it that way. >> it is that much respect that they will have for the running game that everybody will come in to play. you know we have to match the other team's intensity when we go out there to want to be effective in the runningback. >> reporter: joe flacco is happy to keep passing. the panel of predictors weigh in on whether or not they will have what it takes to get a win at miami. >> we'll be using the word identity a lot. the ravens are still searching for it as they will struggle a little bit in miami. i don't have them winning this one, 23-20 miami dolphins. >> listen to the defense here that they carry against miami. more than any quarterback in the league, 17 times. that's a big day. ravens, 20-10. >> last week was a huge wake up
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call for the ravens. you can't just show up and expect to win. well the alarm is set for 1:00 p.m. sunday in miami. and i don't think the ravens will hit the snooze button, taking over the dolphins 24-20. >> it won't be easy, but i think the ravens will bounce back from an ugly buffalo game. ravens 23, dolphins 20. >> now, the road games are always challenging. not an easy pick, but i have the ravens beating the dolphins 20-13. we're going to hear from coach john harbaugh coming up in sports. >> okay, mark, thank you. you don't want to miss all the excitements seeing the ravens take on the dolphins sunday at 1:00 right here on wjz. even more football action on wjz this weekend tomorrow morning at 11:30. see air force take on navy in annapolis. that too is right here on wjz. well still to come tonight on wjz eyewitness news taking a big swing at major league baseball. yankee's super star alex rodriguez fighting back against
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his record suspension. due diligence or dirty tricks? i'm pat warren. coming up on eyewitness news, the neurosurgeon said that the irs audit he just went through may have been an administrative calling card. i'm derek valcourt at the detention center where police have rescued someone for sneaking prescription drugs in jail. you may be surprised to learn who it was. i'll explain when eyewitness news continues. and getting ready for a fantastic weekend. stick around for the update on the weather forecast. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's sunny at 84 degrees. now the local defense attorney finds herself on the wrong side of the law and you won't be a-- and you won't believe what she's accused of doing. derek valcourt explains what it has to do with her work as a lawyer. derek? >> she's accusing of helping to sneak drugs for her clients locked in jail. the attorney may now need a good lawyer of her own. the 46-year-old used visits with her locked up clients to discuss their legal cases as an opportunity to sneak drugs to them behind bars. >> earlier this year we received information that the local defense attorney was bringing illegal prescription drugs into the baltimore county
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detention center and distributing them to the clients. the investigation, it showed that that attorney was the one. >> reporter: under the new indictment, she is charged with drug possession and conspiracy with intent to distribute as a part of their investigation. they used prescription kills. >> and she was not the only one. in all authorities have indicted eight other people in connection with the scheme to get prescription drugs into the detention center. among those indicted is the 20- year-old son along with her assistant at the law office and one of their clients. no one answered the door at her phoenix maryland home on friday. the phone calls were not returned. >> the narcotics team is still working on it. it's very much an ongoing investigation, as we need to see where it will lead us. >> reporter: no word on the motive tonight as we reached out to baltimore county state's
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attorney, who declined to comment. wjz eyewitness news. >> thank you. if convicted, the charges will be carrying the possibility of up to 24 years in prison and $50,000 in fines. the former john hopkins director of the pediatrics surgery is suspicious of the timing of the irs audit. he is asking questions. wjz is live as they explain that they think it is tied to the politics. pat? >> reporter: yes, that's right. he tells wjz in a statement that one of the reasons that he is suspicious about the motive behind the audit is because people, they told him to expect it. dr. pen carson, known -- ben carson, now known for making waves. >> yeah, i didn't expect it to go viral. >> reporter: it started with an in your face criticism at a national prayer breakfast this year. >> people are not used to hearing things that make sense come out of washington.
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and so -- so if somebody gets up and it makes sense, people start hyperventilating. >> reporter: whether it said it right there or a coincidence that he was audited. the suggestion that the irs uses their power to influence politics seems farfetched. but then we see this. >> and no government deployed. >> reporter: yeah, they went there. the irs employees in the star trek spoof, part of the $4 million training conference. >> it was a difficult management thing to follow, but in the end, we got it. >> reporter: and then came the admission that the group requested for tax exemption status were red flagged and sidelined for their politics. >> it's the recognition that the trust has been violated. >> reporter: in a statement, dr. carson says when you have the government agency involved in activities that are partisan in nature, it calls into question all of their actions. if they were auditing the insittuation where there was no question about their integrity, this would be ignored. and the february interview may have summed it up. >> the best thing that they could
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possibly do is stop trying to interfere with everybody's life. >> reporter: because the government furloughs, no one from the irs is available to comment. but do keep in mind that the motive behind any audit is difficult to prove. i'm pat warren reporting now, back to you, denise. >> thank you very much, pat. dr. carson has also spoken about the audit on fox news channel. a spectacular sight in australia. they sailed into sydney's harbor today, taking part in war games, celebrating 100 years of the royal australian navy. more than 1 million visitors are expected at the event. >> that's quite a sight. >> yeah, it is. pretty amazing. now, it is spring down there. >> well, i'm not going. are you going? >> no, but it's good to know. all right, a look at the temperatures. it is summer around here, that's for sure. 84 degrees now. dew point did drop down to 61, west northwest winds at 5. barometer holding steady at
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30.01 inches. come back and take a look at the warm weekend. it may be the last warm weekend this year right after this. ,,,
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sunny skies, moving around the beautiful area.
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dulles airport got up to 90 degrees, as did washington nationally right there for them. now, 84 in eastern. out of oakland, 76. 80 in annapolis. most of it along the gulf coast showing rain at this point by tomorrow night. that's when they should see the rain, karen. moving in for the portions here, getting somewhere around that, well, maybe athens, georgia. some of the moisture, however,
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it will be streaming northward along the carolinas into maryland by monday as the front will be coming through the ohio valley as they bring up some of the moisture. we do expect to see that rain on out of this. to the west, heavy snow over parts of wyoming. spreading into the portions here as much as one to two feet in some spots and near blizzard conditions, pretty amazing the record breaking temperatures right there. the upper 20s and the lower 30s. a few scattered showers as you can see those, they will probably be hiding up for the time being. but we will have a warm weekend all across the areas with the pressure building in, continuing in that area. they will be opposing from the west. some of the moisture is moving into the area, expecting to see the rain here on monday,
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lingering on into tuesday. high pressure is very warm. southeast winds around 5. tonight then, it will be back up here. maybe 86, 87, 88 with a lot of sunshine and the relative humidity tomorrow that will be rather uncomfortable for october. not like july or august, but pretty high. >> all right. thank you. still to come tonight on wjz eyewitness news. >> it's a school that will be priding themselves on leadership and loving the ravens, the new meaning of the purple friday that is here. motorcycle mayhem. who started the violent encounter in new york and the high-profile lawyer now on the
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case. getting ready for the preparations along the gulf coast and ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is just before 6:30. good evening, thanks for staying with wjz. those living along the northern gulf coast are getting ready for karen. the storm is expected to hit during the government shutdown while emergency workers are off the job. the coverage begins with marley hall reporting from the beach. >> reporter: the winds are whipping up. the first sign of what's on the way. karen is moving fast, expected to make landfall saturday. forecasters predict karen could bring as many as 10 inches of rain to some areas. >> it'll be a potential beg rain event with some flooding in the low line areas. >> reporter: the wind is picking up here at pensacola beach, but the sky is mostly clear. a hurricane watch is in effect for most of the region. some emergency officials have expressed concerns that they could face problems getting the help to stricken areas because
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of the partial government shutdown. and hundreds of thousands of workers will be on furloughs. that some of those employees by the federal management agency have been called back to help prepare karen. and they are getting ready that the potential evacuation. >> and that they are not in the flood zone for whatever reason and that they will stay, they will decide to stay. >> reporter: the governors of louisiana, mississippi, and florida have all declared states of emergency in advancement of the storm. in pensacola beach, florida, marley hall, wjz eyewitness news. our first morning weather continues with bob turk who is tracking where karen is right now. bob? >> reporter: the gulf of mexico is a warm place, but there's a lot of dry air and sheer that is ripping the storm apart. a very disorganized system right now. winds remain around 50 miles an hour. it's about 230 miles south of the mouth of the mississippi. and moving off to the north- northwest. it has slowed down a little
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bit. only 7 miles per hour. the pressure came up today. we expect it to move on shore around mobile, alabama, somewhere around there, and then become a low somewhere along the georgia, south carolina line by monday night. now some of the moisture is obviously going to reach the mid-atlantic region as a cold front to the west that will be bringing the moisture north. we expect to see rain out of it as we really need rain, believe it or not. we'll look for that here on monday. and add to that, some cooler temperatures finally moving on through. denise? >> all right, thank you, bob. stay with wjz for the first alert morning weather and what to expect and when. baseball super star alex rodriguez is firing back against the major leagues. he's taking his own legal action. mary is live in the newsroom with more on what he's doing. >> reporter: he's suing both major league baseball and the commissioner. he says they are trying to destroy his reputation and career. and they are costing him millions of dollars in salary and in endorsements.
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last month baseball slapped rodriguez with a 211-game suspension for violating the game's drug agreement and labor contract. the suit claims that they are sneering rodriguez's reputation. and he turned a blind eye to the steroid problem in baseball when it benefited the game during the early 1990s and the 2000s. back to you, vic. >> mlb says that the lawsuit is baseless. >> police say that the man who used his motorcycle helmet to smash the window of an suv in new york city is expected to turn himself in. as they report on wjz, celebrity lawyer is fighting for justice for the man who was run over. law enforcement officials tell cbs news that he's the biker who used his helmet to smash the window of the suv. the caught-on-tape confrontation began when a mob of motorcycles swarmed the suv on sunday on new york's upper
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west side. the driver, alexian lein took off and ran over the biker jay mieses. they have hired the high- powered attorney to pursue justice. >> the suv comes and hits him while his back is turned. >> reporter: both the legs are broken and the spine severely injured. the family says he may be paralyzed for life. >> it tears me up that anyone could think that in any way he deserves to have what happened to him. >> reporter: jay mieses was operating the motorcycle without a license and hasn't had one since 1999. it's believed he was a part of the stunt ride with more than 1,000 other bikers. they show the group running red lights the same day of the incident and weaving in and out of the oncoming traffic. police have not charged lein saying that the wife made four 911 calls from their suv. they expressed sympathy, but explained that the husband was forced to do what he did to
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protect his family. in new york, wjz eyewitness news. now, one motorcyclist has been charged with unlawful imprisonment and wreckless driving in that incident. 15 other motorcyclists were charged that day and 55 motorcycles confiscated. the fbi is looking for a group of armed robbers. take a good look as they are wanted for a series of robberies at convenience stores in the baltimore area for the last two months. anyone with information is asked to call the violence task force. in prince george's county, police are looking for two men that held up a nail salon. take a look as they held up the salon at district heights demanding cash and purses. at one point during the robbery, one suspect hits the worker on the head with the head and then kicks her while taking money from her pocket before fleaing the -- fleeing the store. you can find in the baltimore edition of the baltimore suns.
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they gained national attention after changing the way people perceive children. now the group is facing a bigger challenge. finding enough funding to stay alive. a preview of navy's game with air force, which was almost canceled because of the government shutdown. and coverage of the busy weekend at the area high school sports. for ease stories and a lot more, read tomorrow's baltimore suns and look for the updated forecast from the first morning team. football friday at one school is a teaching tool for school leaders. as gigi barnett explains in tonight's school watch, it's a serious lesson with a light- hearted approach. >> come on, let's go, hurry up. >> reporter: rounding up more than 600 students for picture day on the p.e. field takes a blow horn. >> you're doing great. just a couple more minutes. >> reporter: and a little bit of encouragement from hawthorne elementary principal. >> don't forget to smile. >> reporter: but the important
6:37 pm
thing at this middle school isn't the photo. it's the teacher. it's the right color for a purple friday and the right message for the bullying awareness month. >> when people bully, something is happening in their life that they don't like, so they put that stress on other people. >> reporter: students at the school say that they have seen bullying in the hall before, although not much. the purple t-shirts teach them to be leaders, a major theme at the school and to speak up if they see it. >> i don't want anybody to get hurt in between them too. for and so i will just go up to one person and be like joe, you know, nothing is really explained. >> reporter: the shirts were given by the anonymous donor and all parents had to do to give them a t-shirt was to write in and say yes. >> reporter: it's working. it's really working. >> we have many, well, kids getting referrals to the office. and kids, they are giving compliments. we all have compliment jars. >> reporter: many of those compliments are on the purple t-
6:38 pm
shirt. in middle river, i'm gigi barnett, wjz eyewitness news. and as gigi indicated, the parents didn't have to pay for the t-shirts, they were all donated free of charge. stay with wjz. learning lessons from the past. the latest message from pope francis. a chilling crime. a newlywed accused of pushing her husband to the death. the latest twist in the case. more weekend warm for much needed rain. i'll have your five-day forecast up next. wjz 13 is always on. here are the top stories on log on ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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man: that moment. woman: it was a moment that changed my life. i'd been training with my team for months and, now,
6:41 pm
we had been called up for the first time -- the real deal. wildfires were getting dangerously close to homes. at that moment, i got my first taste of just how important the guard is to my community. announcer: see how the guard can be an important part of your life, at the montana newlywed plead not guilty to murder after pushing her husband off the ledge. prosecutors say that the 22- year-old could have walked away after arguing with her husband, at the national park. they say she pushed cody legion son in the back and he fell off the cliff. she is also charged with lying to the investigators. new details released about survivors of the fiery ship wreck in italy and what they went through as they reportedly clung on to the water bottles for hours. desperate to keep themselves
6:42 pm
from drowning. some claimed fishing boats and other vessels ignored their calls for help. 110 african migrants were killed in that wreck, raising questions about the european unions and their immigration policies. pope francis follows the village where they lived in the 13th century. the pope says that they can learn lessons from the past. tina krauss reports for wjz. >> reporter: pope francis drew applause. and even some hugs as they met with followers in the italian town. it's the village where they famously rejected wealth, embracing the life of poverty. pope francis says he wants them to resemble francis' church of the poor. he called on the church to strip themselves of the vanity and pride. saying that we become the
6:43 pm
christians, like nice sweet things, but not real christians. on the day marking that there. the pope -- pope posted a luncheon for the poor. they will be outside the town's cathedral as they called for an end of violence in syria and around the world. for since the election six months ago, pope francis has started to redefine everything. this week he called together the international panel of cardinals to find ways to rid the vatican of bureaucracy. and the bank issued their first ever annual report after facing years of corruption allegations. pope francis, he prayed on friday at the sanctuary where it is believed that they were told to take the broken church and rebuild it. making it clear that he sees that as his mission as well. tina krauss, wjz eyewitness news. >> pope francis is the first
6:44 pm
non-european pope in the 1,300 years and the first ever from latin america. >> scott kelly has a preview of what's coming up next on the cbs evening news. >> we've learned a great deal about the troubled life of the woman that rammed the white house security barrier and lead agents on the fatal chase. we'll have details for you we'll have details for you tonight on the cbs the pain started up the back of my head and wrapped around to the front. i couldn't play my bassoon because of the pressure that i felt throughout my whole head. the blistering and the rash was moving down towards my eye. the doctors at the emergency room recommended that i have it checked out by an eye doctor. there was concern about my eyesight. when i had shingles the music stopped.
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flying into the weekend with the delightful weather under our way. bob turk in the first alert morning center for two days this weekend and then things will begin to change. and it is maybe not quite as hot today. it will be cooling down, closer to normal, 72. with a lot of clouds here on wednesday. vic? >> thanks, bob. she is baltimore's statue of liberty about to get a new home. we'll have more on their big
6:48 pm
move and lady baltimore. it will be a battle monument sitting there at the streets. perched on the top is lady baltimore. she's been there for 200 years, but time and weather has taken a big toll. >> her material is made out of marble, which is very fragile over time. and so all the conditions, they are quite sugary and crumbling away. >> reporter: sot lady will come down -- so the lady will come down tomorrow. and this replica one year in the making will take her place. >> two years ago we restored the whole monument, the column, everything else. at that time we took a mold of lady baltimore in anticipation of one day casting a new one and the replica as we knew it was in bad shape. >> reporter: the lady weighs 2,750 pounds. >> she is one of the earliest
6:49 pm
sculptures in the nation. , so we decided that we needed to rescue her. >> reporter: the iconic statue will be placed in the cage and lowered from the monument. the new home is the maryland historical society. celebrating history and baltimore's statue of liberty. >> people can appreciate for what it is and what it represents. as it is a terrific thing. >> reporter: wjz, eyewitness news. tomorrow's operation to move lady baltimore is scheduled to begin at 7:00 a.m. it'll take several hours. if you want to go downtown and take a look. still to come tonight, ravens look to rise up and win a game on the road. >> mark has the latest for ♪
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♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing good for me around ♪
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♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit tired ♪ ♪ of craving something that i can't have ♪ ♪ turn around barbara ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ ♪ try new fiber one cinnamon coffee cake.
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well, the consensus is thumbs up. >> now, they need to play the game, right? >> yeah, they will get to watch. facing the multiple questions, including the injuries as they hit the road for miami. it'll be nine players listed as questionable. that means it will be a 50/50 chance they'll play. four of those are questionable and receivers and the starting cornerbacks for webb that's in the questionable category. they wrapped up practice here today, knowing that they will leave the comforts of home for the road game still searching
6:53 pm
for their first win away from baltimore this season. maybe it's the crowds in the other stadiums or just the way the team plays. but they prove they could win the road games in the playoffs last season, but they're 0-2 away from home this season. >> if we don't play more on the road, we'll have a problem and we'll need to overcome it. so yeah, we need to come out of the gates. we need to start fast. and we need to overcome whatever adversity we face for the course of the game, but we need to play football and to do it on the road. >> reporter: this road trip will be featuring the big match up with the miami quarterback in his second nfl season for them considering the up and coming qb that he has thrown five touchdown passes for them in four games. the dolphins though, they're coming off their first loss of the season as it was a defeat at new orleans that will be dropping them to 3-1. miami is a flight favorite for them at home over the ravens. see how this will be plague out and see it right here on wjz, ravens, searching for the illusive road victory kickoff that will be coming your way on sunday at 1:00.
6:54 pm
only one team in the raven's division has a winning record right now. believe it or not, the cleveland browns after their thursday night victory over the buffalo bills. a win featuring the fantastic punt return for the touchdown and by the browns, travis benjamin. no one could get them. they won the game, but they lost their quartback. brian hoyer gets his leg twisted when he is tackled early on in the game. he's got a torn ligament in the right knee as he will miss the rest of the season. brandon wheaton has been elevated for the starting qb, a job he lost after hurting his thumb and a big loss for cleveland. cleveland in first place with the record of 3-2. well the weekend in college football will be featuring the military academy match up in annapolis. navy and air force. you can see the game right here on wjz. step away from tomorrow morning at 11:30 kick off. well, baseball's bests are battling it out in october. the playoffs are underway. so far we're seeing a lot of
6:55 pm
lopsided results. pittsburgh responds by beating the cardinals 7-1 today. and that series is even. in the american league. jon lest expert boston red sox will take the field, opening game of their series with tampa bay. they open up for the early lead for them as they hit this one over the wall in the left. he also hit one out, so it was 2-0 rays. then the fly ball, deep to the right center. they thought that the teammate was going to catch it as nobody drops it or bounces over for a double, they'll go on to blow them out 12-2 in the first game of their best of 5 series. there is always tomorrow. >> yeah, a lot of people are speculating, yelling as they got it. and it could be. >>,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:56 pm
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
here is th >> pelley: tonight, she thought the president was spying
6:59 pm
on her. the troubled life of the woman who rammed a white house barrier and led agents on a fatal chase. bob orr has new details. on day four of the government shutdown, anger is growing in washington. >> this isn't some damn game! >> pelley: and out in the country. >> i feel like we've been abandoned. >> pelley: report reports from nancy cordes, anna werner, and mark strassmann. blizzards in the west as tropical storm karen aims at the gulf coast. and steve hartman goes on the road to the place where the debt collector is one of the most popular people in town. >> isn't that crazy? captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. once again, the country is trying to make sense of an irrational act of violence by someone with mental health issues. we may never know for surey miriam


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