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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  October 4, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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terrifying trip, a routine ride to school turns dangerous in baltimore county. >> what caused this bus to over turn injuring children and the the driver. >> i am denise koch. >> i am vick carter. >> a school bus filled with children on its side in a ditch. 6 people were injured. more from investigators tonight. monique. >> reporter: well, this was a single car accident, that according to baltimore county police that school bus some how lost control and crashed into that ditch. frightening moments for parents
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who arrived on green spring avenue to find their child's school bus off the road facing the wrong way 10 feet down in a small creek >> i can't imagine the fear of the parents when they came to pick up their kids from the accident. >> the bus was carrying pikesville participants when it crashed into the ditch. >> whenever one wheel goes off, occasionally you will hear cars slipping off the road. >> reporter: inside the students were tossed around with the main door facing the sky, everyone escaped through a back hatch. >> everyone was mobile and able to get off the bus. >> reporter: now that it is gone, you can see just how big this ditch is. >> really miraculous we didn't have any significant injuries obviously you can see the condition of the bus. >> reporter: investigators are
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looking into the cause. one thing clear is just how lucky these students were. >> i am sure it is terrifying because no seat belts on the bus. maybe that is something they need to take into consideration. >> reporter: and district leaders say the driver of the school bus will be tested for drugalcohol which is standard procedure. they will also be reviewing footage. >> thank you monique. >> police and baltimore county school district are both conducting investigations. one woman killed on route 3, 73-year-old celeste lofton attempted to merge when her car collided with an suv. tensions are high on the gulf coast bracing for tropical storm karen. some effects of the storm are being felt in southeast louisiana this is a look at
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placamines parish. bob has been closely tracking this storm what is the latest. >> latest from the national hurricane center says karen's center of decirculation has been decapitated by strong southwest sheer. we talked about sheer the winds coming from the west a lot of dry air. the winds decreased, down into the mid-40s range pressure hasn't changed it started to become stationary now it has picked up, it will approach the southeast coast by late tomorrow probably around mobile alabama. we will have some rain on it especially monday. you can see the tracks going off to the west, the southeast, some of them don't even get out of georgia or northern florida.
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probably a good chance of it becoming a depression by late inner the day tomorrow. not expecting a major storm out of this, certainly, rain along the gulf coast. what will we deal with for the weekend. that forecast coming up in a few minutes. a man in critical condition after police say he lit himself on fire in washington dc. it happened before 4:30 p.m. in the area of 7th street. police say when they got to the scene a man was fully engulfed. officers and nearby joggers helped put out the flames the man was flown to hospital no word on why he did it. we are learning more tonight about the woman who lead police on a bizarre chase from the white house to the capital. she was shot by agents after she ran into a barricade with her baby in the car. danielle nottingham has new insight. >> law enforcement sources tell cbs news, 9 months before she
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rammed her car into a white house barricade she told connecticut police, president obama had put her home under electronic surveillance and she was communicating with him. she told police she was a prophet and predicted the president would put the city of stanford under a lock down. >> delusional statements president obama was listening to her and communicating and so on. so they are going back over those reports, to see if any of that can enlighten them. >> reporter: she was not armed when she lead police on a high speed chase from the white house to the capital. her 1-year-old daughter was in the backseat. police say they opened fire on carrie because she was using her car as a weapon her daughter is now in protective custody. investigators believe she drove straight here to washington from her home thursday but why she made the four and a half hour trip with her daughter sun clear.
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dr. brian evans said she worked as a hygienist in his office for two years before she was fired last year. >> some times it just doesn't work out there was nothing unusual about her leaving our office. >> reporter: sources tell cbs news she had fallen and hit her head last year and afterwards her behaviour changed. relatives and friends suggest she was battling depression. in washington danielle nottingham wjz eyewitness news. secret service officer and a capital police officer were injured during the chase. they are expected to be okay. government shut down continues tonight and impact on maryland is getting worse. president obama said he wants a temporary spending bill on his desk with no springs attached while house speaker boehner once again pointed his finger at senate democrats. lock heed martin is set to furlough 3,000 workers monday because of the shut down. prince georges county,
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search for two brazen men, look at the surveillance video. one of the suspects hit the salon employee in the head with the gun. one of the men burst into the salon, demanding cash and purses. a major drug operation running out of a home day care. police find drugs and guns inside the howard county house, tonight the owner is facing serious charges. megan explains how the operation stayed secret until now. >> reporter: well, denise, police say an anonymous tip lead them to that day care center where they found a sophisticated marijuana grow-op ration. >> reporter: the past year parents dropped their children off at this licensed day care center but it is what 31-year- old david anderson built underneath the house that has got neighbors in shock. >> we had no idea this was going on. >> reporter: a secret room investigators say was built to
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grow marijuana. >> pretty clear to detectives this was a large scale operation that he was running. >> reporter: that room had special insulation, elaborate electrical system, high intensity lighting and a ventilation system to mask the odour. >> we were concerned when we executed a search warrant at the house and found loaded weapons and ammunition inside the house as well. >> reporter: police say they also found multiple firearms inside this backyard shed, the same backyard where the day care children played. >> one of the kids had gone over there and found the guns who knows what would have happened. >> reporter: neighbors can't believe this was happening here. >> these are mostly young families, and nice people. really surprising and scary to think about. >> reporter: david anderson is charged with manufacturing, production and distribution of marijuana. >> investigators say anderson is likely to face more charges he has been released on $35,000
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bail. megan mccorkell, wjz eyewitness news. >> state officials says the licensed to his fiance. that license has now been suspended. baltimore police target drivers, not following the state's new cell phone laws. they set up a check point tonight they were pulling over drivers using their cell phones behind the wheel and not wearing seat belts this is just the first of many check points planned in the city. >> ravens play sunday, will you be wearing your lucky jersey? if so, you are among the most super city house fans in the -- superstitious fans in the nfl. ravens fans are the most superstitious in the league. we are third for watchings with the same -- watching games with the same people each time. they feel if they fail to follow through it will cause the team to miss a field goal
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or touchdown. >> so what happened last weekend? >> people didn't follow through on their superstitions. multimillion dollar heist how police catch the culprit. >> sir, get back in the car for me now. >> shocking shooting. a soldier opens fire on a police officer, why did he do it? >> road rage controversy. new questions about who is really the victim in this violence crash. the surprising accusations next. >> very warm weekend headed our way and some rain early next week. i am bob turk complete first warning forecast coming up next ,,,,
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>> clear and 72 degrees. complete first warning weather forecast coming up. tornado sirens wailed through eastern nebraska. homes were severely damaged no injuries reported. 3 inches of rain fell in the last 24 hours. more severe weather is expected. dramatic dash cam video from oregon state police as a traffic stop turns into a shoot
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out. police say john van alan struck the officer in the side and fled with his three young children in the car. he was found a half mile down the road dead from a single gunshot wound. he was on a road trip with his children. nine buildings damaged or destroyed during a 3 alarm fire at a california mobile home park. the fire spread from the mobile homes to a 2 storey apartment building, that building was gutted and lost its roof. one firefighter was treated for smoke inhalation no other injuries. shocking information in the new york road rage attack. one of the bikers was an under cover nypd cop. according to our cbs affiliate in new york he stood by and did not stop the attack because he did not want to blow his cover. as mary bubala reports the biker has just turned himself in. >> reporter: law enforcement
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officials tell cbs news reginald chance is the biker who used his helmet to smash the window of the suv. the the caught on tape confrontation began when a mob of motorcycles swarmed the suv on new york's upper west side. the driver took off and ran over a biker. his family has hired a high power attorney to pursue justice for him. >> the suv comes and hits him while his back is turned. >> reporter: both of his legs are broken and his spine severely injured his family says he may be paralyzed for life. >> it tears me up that anyone could think that edwin in any way deserves what happened to him. >> reporter: police say he was operating the motorcycle without a license and hadn't had one since 1999. it is believed he was part of a stunt ride with more than 1,000 other bikers. the group was running red lights the same day of the incident and weaving in and out of on coming traffic. police have not charged the
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driver of the suv whose wife made four 911 calls from their vehicle. on thursday she issued a statement expressing sympathy for the biker but explained her husband was forced to do what he did to protect his family. 15 rider were charged and 55 motorcycles confiscated. one driver is charged with unlawful imprisonment and reckless driving in that incident. tom core bet under fire for his controversial comments on gay marriage they came when hecompared gay marriage to increst. >> there was a cotree verbal comment made by a member of your group. the governor apologized
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saying his words were not intended to offend anyone. he has some of the lowest job approval ratings in the country. recent polls show him trailing two democrats in head to head match ups. a husband and wife were behind the robbery of a $35 million mansion surveillance video shows a masked man entering the home. he tied up the female owner of the mansion and took cash, jewellery and her aston martin the has been recovered the jewellery not located he was an employee of the home's owners. we now have a face to go with the voice. identity of the iphone's virtual assistant siri revealed. >> hello i am susan bennett you probably know me. i am the voice actor who provided the voice for siri. >> she says she recorded all the lines for siri in 2005 it took 4 hours a day for a month her voice was used for the
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first atm. she is also the calming and informative voice in many airports and gps units. some times calming some times not so much. >> the whole thing is remarkable. >> it is. >> as are you. >> how a gps can follow you and all the other cars amazing. a wild technology. techno logical world we live in today. we are at 72 degrees, no wind at all, humidity up, dew points mid-60s. it is a very typical summer night. barometer, 30.05 inches it has risen. 64 ocean city and mid-70s across the region. dc has a record 90 at the airport. we got to 89 degrees. normal high 71. 71 elkton a few upper 60s showing up but mainly around
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the 70-degree mark this late at night. currently winds, moving except down across the southern areas. south wind see that tomorrow. south of us a little rain just beginning to show up in the florida panhandle the track from karen, somewhat now, you kind of shorten as it may reach as far north as south carolina before it dissipates it may not even get to the coast as a tropical storm. really sheered by a lot of west, southwest breezes, a lot of dry air in it, this storm has not increased in fact it has decreased in intensity. to the west of us there is a cold front. shower activity out there. moves in our direction we have two things headed our way some of this tropical moisture may be on monday the front also coming through the area on monday. we do have a chance at least of getting decent rain over the next 7 days weekend will be dominated by a very warm condition, high pressure over the area. there is a look at karen tonight. most activity has displaced
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east, northeast of the scepter and in fact, -- center and in fact it has been really sheered, not increased in intensity. showers this afternoon, north of us, one or two, not too far from philadelphia, one showing up southwest pa you may see clouds but do not expect to see any showers until saturday night ormond. the warm air -- or, monday. the warm air continues. monday our best chance of showers and thunder happens as well. southeast winds only 5 knots, bay temp 70 degrees. today upper 50s to low to mid- 60s very mild conditions a few patchy clouds. warm day tomorrow 86, maybe 87. next 5 days on sunday another hot one. finally cooler temps, rain expected monday. could see heavy showers. early tuesday. 76, 73. cloudy, to partly cloudy, 72 on
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wednesday. have a good weekend. >> thank you bob. check in with gigi barnett tomorrow morning, starting 6:00 a.m. the updated first warning weather forecast. >> ravens about to get their running game in gear. running game in gear. i am ,, [ laughter ] he loves me. he loves me not. he loves me. he loves me not. ♪ he loves me! that's right. [ mom ] warm and flaky in 15, everyone loves pillsbury grands! [ girl ] make dinner pop! so i should probably get the last roll... yeah but i practiced my bassoon. [ mom ] and i listened. [ brother ] i can do this. [ imitates robot ] everyone deserves ooey, gooey, pillsbury cinnamon rolls. make the weekend pop.
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well, mark is off but here is our fan sports report. the team is back on the road this sunday in miami. sports director mark says the answers may take awhile to develop. >> reporter: week to week it is hard to predict what ravens team will we see. in miami come sunday, well, the ravens admit they are a work in progress. part of the ravens preparation for miami has included talk of an attitude adjustment especially for the ravens run game. they say their identity on offence is to run the ball. other teams are determined to keep it that way. >> that much respect they have for our run game everybody is coming to play. we have to match the other team's intensity to want to be effective in the run game. >> through four games ravens find themselves in an unusual spot right near the bottom of the nfl in rushing yardage. joe flacco continues to say he is okay with passing more if that is what it takes.
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back to you. all right thank you mark. don't forget see the ravens and dolphins here on wjz, our live coverage starts sunday afternoon at 1:00 p.m. now the football weekend on wjz kicks off tomorrow morning see navy hosting airforce here on wjz. our live coverage starts at 11:30 a.m. all four playoff series under way in baseball, including two of the orioles division rivals. boston and tampa began this afternoon. red sox broke it open with 5 runs in the 4th inning boston scores 12 unanswered runs and takes game 1, 12-2. game two cardinals pirates st. louis. pittsburgh lost game one but rallied behind pitcher cole. gave up 2 hits in 6 innings.
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pittsburgh wins 7-1 game 3 sunday in pittsburgh. big scores. >> really. >> we will be right back ,,,,,,,
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